Check out These Funny Jokes About ‘Stranger Things’

The third season of Stranger Things is already a massive hit and almost everyone on the planet has binged watched the show. So now that you’ve seen it, you need some jokes to help you digest everything that happened in the new episodes!

There are some Season 3 spoilers below, so if you haven’t watched yet and you don’t want to ruin it, here’s your chance to turn back!

1. Accurate

2. On point

3. The mindflayer

4. Max

5. She found out

6. Broke!

7. LOL

8. Plenty of time

9. Sneakin’ out

10. That’s right

11. Three inches

12. I can hear that

13. Oh, Billy

14. What happened?

15. Flirting

Who’s ready for Season 4?

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