Women Share Stories of Times Complete Strangers Saved The Day

Many times in society, throughout the world, women feel as though they are unsafe when they’re walking anywhere alone.

With countless stories in the media, such as those part of the #MeToo and Times Up movements, have shined a light onto sexual assault and harassment–we truly get a sense of the dangers some women have when around men who can’t take “no for an answer.” If you ask any woman, anywhere in the world, if they’ve ever felt unsafe when walking alone–I guarantee you they’ll have a story (or five) of times they were followed, cat-called, or harassed by a man. But, instead of sharing stories that make you fear for your own safety, women have begun sharing stories of how women–mostly complete strangers–have saved them, helped them, or kept them away from attackers and stalkers in public.

Facebook user Alexis Tyler shared three Tumblr posts about women who had strangers help them out when they were being followed or harassed.

Each story shows the bravery of the women who saw another woman in danger and the gratefulness of the women who received protection from someone they had never even met before.

People on Facebook felt inspired to share their own stories of strangers who had saved them and their thankfulness.

Photo Credit: Facebook

God Bless the women of the world who say something when they see something–you make us all feel a little more safe in this dark, cruel world.

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Powerful Twitter Thread Explains Why You Shouldn’t Always Wait for Your Friends to Ask for Help

With all of the conversations surrounding mental health and mental illnesses being on the forefront, there are many people who are sharing their powerful advice about helping your friends and family who are struggling.

Many believe that if a friend asks for help, that is your cue to step up and be by their side to support them. But, there are some who believe that if a friend is in need, and you’re aware of this, you shouldn’t wait for them to ask for help. Sometimes, many who are suffering don’t feel as though they should ask for help–or, that they’re worthy of having you help and support them. Instead, sometimes, you should try and help them without being asked or requested.

One writer’s Twitter thread showcased the powerful meaning behind “stepping up” as a friend when someone you love is in need.

Sheila O’Malley was going through a hard time after her dad passed away. She was unable to unpack her new apartment because she was suffering and grieving for such a long period of time–as many of us do when we lose someone close to us.

Note: this article was originally published by our friends at Woke Sloth. Tweets are from Sheila O’Malley which you can follow here: @sheilakathleen

Her friend, David, decided to step up without Sheila asking and rallied his friends together.

He took the risk to help out his struggling friend.

And they delivered.

They also made sure to keep their judgments to themselves and be there solely to support their friend.

Sometimes, people don’t feel comfortable asking for help and when this happens, taking the risk to help them anyway can change their world.


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Remember That the Bell-Ringing Shame Nun Septa Unella from “Game of Thrones?” She’s a Smokeshow in Real Life.

Because the people on Game of Thrones are not real and are actually played by a special subset of superior humanity called “actors” and “actresses,” the impression the show may have given you of Septa Unella is not actually reflected in her daily life.

The smallfolk are dirty, so very dirty.

Photo Credit: HBO

Unlike the dour Septa Unella, all actresses are gorgeous, with pretty much no exceptions. That’s a great example of sexism, since John C. Reilly is a famous actor and he looks like a mountain goat. But the point here is that Septa Unella is a beautiful woman when going by her human name, Hannah Waddingham.

She’s not constantly following Queen Cersei around ringing a bell to call the peasants’ attention to her sins, and she’s not always wearing a baggy habit.

Photo Credit: Twitter, @hanwaddingham

As the Daily Caller writes in words that are much more frank and weird than necessary: “The Actress Who Plays Septa Unella in ‘Game of Thrones’ Is Actually A GORGEOUS SMOKESHOW.” Nice, real classy. (They should have gone with Lord of Bones, right?)

Photo Credit: Twitter, @hanwaddingham

It just goes to show you can never judge an actor’s appearance based solely on a role they played.

Photo Credit: Twitter, @hanwaddingham

Who knew?

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Fans Share the Moment They Were Disappointed by Meeting a Celebrity They Admired

They say you should never meet your heroes, because you’ll end up disappointed. That’s because we tend to build up the people we admire to lofty heights that they probably won’t live up to. They’re only people, after all, and they can be total jerks just like anyone else.

Here are a few fans who decided to share their bad celebrity encounters online:

Tommy Lee Jones

“I used to work at Starbucks in San Antonio and Tommy Lee Jones has a home there. He strolled into my store one day. He was a dick. He argued with us about a syrup charge and then complained about his drink. We offered to remake it, but he left grumbling and being an overall dick.

I know he has that reputation, but I honestly didn’t really believe it until I interacted with him. One of the customers asked for his autograph and he told her to fuck herself.”

George Lopez



“I met Rhianna while I was stationed in Japan on the US George Washington (aircraft carrier). I was actually assigned to follow her group around, take pictures and provide assistance for anything. She wasn’t miserable really, just sort of disinterested and snobby the whole time and blatantly ignored the poor officer who was trying to lead her tour and give her the info on the ship.

She didn’t even perform for us so I have no idea why she was there. She signed autographs lazily on the mess decks for about 30 minutes and then left. Later she tweeted about how dirty our ship was…”


“deadmau5 once gave me a solid cussing when I refused to let him into the vip area at a major festival.

Why? He was carrying a lot of expensive photography equipment, wanting to enter a restricted area without an escort from the press team.

Also, I didn’t know what he looked like without the helmet. So most of the cussing was in the line of “don’t you know who the fuck I am?!” and “I’m your motherfucking headline artist.”

Rob Gronkowski

“I was on a family vacation and Rob Gronkowski would not stop hitting on me. He had a hurt leg and was in a cast so I went from the pool area to the beach area and he actually asked my mother where I was. She convinced him not to follow me onto the beach, but gave him my room number. Of course he called.

I didn’t know who he really was at the time or what an idiot he is, but we met up in a public area. He actually used “Are you from Ireland, ’cause you’ve got me Dublin?” on me and that’s when I said I had a family dinner.”

Toby Keith

“Toby Keith. I think he’s a fuckwad.

I was in the Marine Corps (infantry) and deployed to Iraq for the majority of the year in 2006, in the Al Anbar province, and our company was in a smaller town for a base/FOB – we were nowhere near the amenities of an air base. 2nd deployment for me, never had a USO visit or celebrity meeting, they usually don’t like to get out to the nasty parts of the country. Well, we end up getting Toby Keith coming in to where our Battalion HQ is, so the day of a lot of the patrols get rerouted to the base he was going to fly into, which was joint Marines/Navy (Navy had some boats that they would occasionally take up and down the Euphrates or on the lake above the dam (no reason for that, there weren’t any issues up there, it was just joyriding).

Anyway, the people who actually wanted to meet him/get an autograph are all waiting, I’m assigned to help direct the entourage from the helipad when it comes in. We’ve got an hour once he lands, and I can hear my company XO trying to get it organized so that everyone can meet him, shake his hand, get an autograph. Then one of the Navy higher ups asks if he wants to go for a ride on the lake in a SURC (Small unit riverine craft) boat, and he says sure. So all of the sudden the XO gets told to group everyone in groups of 5 and they basically do an assembly line where Toby gets in the middle for one picture, then on to the next group. Doesn’t meet a single person, doesn’t shake a hand, doesn’t sign anything.

Spends 30 minutes of his hour riding a fucking boat with field grade officers, then leaves.

While I was pissed at the leadership of the Navy for deciding to spend half his trip on a boat ride with maybe 10 service members while the rest just went back to what they were doing, I was and still am far more livid at Toby Keith.

That piece of shit made his millions with that stupid boot in your ass song and profits with how much he supports the military, but when it can down to it, he decided to accept a boat ride invitation instead of spending any time at all with the enlisted guys in the combat zone.
FUCK Toby Keith.”

Drew Carey

“I was a Drew Carey fan, now I think Drew Carey is a dick.
I was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio. After graduating college I moved to the “big city” of Cleveland, Ohio. This was around the height of popularity for The Drew Carey show. He did a great job portraying himself as this Midwest, holsome, good guy rube. There were all these stories about him showing up in Cleveland bars and buying the entire place drinks, etc,etc. everyone in that city Loved him (Or at least his image)and his tv show.

About this time he booked a stint doing a stand up routine in Vegas . The local radio stations were all over promoting the local “hero’s” act.. Part of all this promotion was giving a lucky caller round trip airfair, hotel and tickets to the Vegas show complete with a meet and greet. I was the lucky caller! The entire trip was great except for that “meet and greet” part.

Someone should have told me the rules! I was unaware that introducing yourself to a celebrity at a meet and greet was a faux pas ..
Let me set the scene. An entire Bar was rented out for his cast and crew along with a couple “winners” like me. Nice place, very dark and trendy. I was in my early 20’s and oddly enough, a little nervous about meeting a celebrity and more looking forward to hanging out after enjoying way too many free drinks and pretty girls.

I brought a gift for Drew, because I’m from Ohio and that’s what we do. So I walk into this club with a custom made glass paperweight that encapsulated a 24k gold Cleveland coin.. and who is the first person I see? You guessed it.. Drew Carey sitting at the first table .. I don’t know if I was star struck or what because I didn’t notice his company or anything else really, at first.. so in my mind I just thought “let’s say hello, give him his gift and get on with the party! I walked right up to Drew and introduced myself, told him I won the contest, loved his show and presented him a gift and thanked him…. That’s when the stuff got weird.. my introduction and comments were literally less than 30 seconds and I turned to walk away toward the bar.. I began to hear and notice things as I turned.. I noticed Drew was with what appeared to be 4 prostitutes, there are things on the table that I recognized from my fraternity house and I hear some of the staff saying “he Didn’t talk to Drew!!” Behind me .. was his entire persona bullcrap? I look back and see Drew throwing the paperweight and yelling to his mussel guys “That one!!” That was it, 3 minutes into my Vegas night of free drinks and trying to hook up with C list celebrities, I was thrown out on my ass.. he even had the people that talked to me thrown out for good measure! What a dick.

It was years ago, but I still can’t stand to see him on television.”

Sylvester Stallone

“I worked as a waiter at the Pacific Grill restaurant at the Four Seasons Maui in 1993ish -1996ish. At the time, the hotel was voted by Condé Nast magazine as the #1 hotel in the world. We regularly had celebrities as guests.

A real ass. Much shorter and tinier in person than I expected. His entourage were rude jerks as well, very demanding, entitled asses. When I tried to take his order, one of his cronies butted in and acted as if I broke a rule by speaking directly to him. They made several unusual food requests and had the attitude of ‘you know who we are, right?’ I felt like they did their best to make sure I felt like it was such an honor to serve him and I was lucky to be demeaned by them. Heard a rumor after he checked out that he left a turd in the shower of his hotel room. I was a fan of his movies and never viewed them the same after.”

Anthony Daniels

“My father was a curator in Edinburgh (Scotland, UK) when I was growing up and I was fortunate to meet a few ‘celebs’ who opened exhibitions for him.

The absolute worst was Anthony Daniels, a.k.a. C3PO from Star Wars. He opened an exhibition called ‘The Art of Star Wars’ and was a rude, egotistical prima donna.

When my father tried introducing us to him he flat-out refused on the grounds that he was “preparing for his performance” (i.e. reading a very short speech) and virtually shoved us out of the room. Later, once this scintillating and arduous ‘performance’ was over, he declared it was “Time for [the official] photos!” and clapped his hands at the guests like he was a school teacher and we were rowdy pupils. He herded us into place and physically repositioned some people, quite literally pushing them around. We were all holding little exhibition guides that had his image on the cover and he walked around adjusting each and every one so that his face was visible. Only then could the photos proceed.
What an utter arse! I’m a huge Star Wars fan and now every time C3PO is on screen all I can think is “wanker.” 🙁

My father theorised that because Daniels is seldom recognised, what with the full-body robot costume, he acts like a complete prima donna to compensate. I think there’s something in that.

Funnily enough, a few years earlier my father had an exhibition on Star Trekthat was opened by Mr ‘Scotty’ Scott himself, James Doohan (as well as the lady who played Deeanna Troy in The Next Generation). Mr Doohan could not have been more polite, gracious and kind. A really lovely man, a proper gentleman. Funny too.

To put Mr Daniels’ behaviour into perspective, my father has met and worked with a lot of famous people over the years, from Joni Mitchell and Sean Connery to ex-British Prime Ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, the Princess Royal Princess Anne (who according to his colleagues was quite taken with him), Her Majesty the Queen (who’s regularly drafted in to open things) and the Dalai Lama. He says that without a doubt the most difficult and obnoxious person he ever had to deal with was Anthony Daniels.”

Lauren Hutton

“I grew up in NYC (Manhattan), so I saw and met and hung out with a lot of famous people. But the worst was LAUREN HUTTON. She was a model / wannabe actress. I was working at a Godiva store that had a small cafe with cake and ice cream. My dad had a crush on her, so I was extra nice. I don’t ask for autographs, but I figured as she was done I’d ask for my dad.
She ordered a hot chocolate. Easy, right? I made it and brought it to her table. Not good enough — she wanted it literally boiling when I put it down. I smiled, apologized, heated it and brought it back with heat bubbles on top.
Again, not good enough. I boiled the damn thing until it literally burned my hand boiling over and finally, FINALLY, it was ok.
I took care of my 2nd degree burn until I had to ring her up (she had to wait a while for the hot chocolate to cool before drinking it, which drove me nuts. Why did she need it brought boiling only to wait while it cooled? This was long before cellphones and she didn’t have a book, simply stared out the window).
I don’t remember the exact amount, but she had me break a hundred dollar bill and there were coins, a few singles, and a five, plus some twenties. She dropped the coins on my burned hand and left. I wanted to punch her by that point.
So, instead of her autograph, I had a burn on my hand which, over 20 years later, is faded but still there. Thanks, LAUREN HUTTON.”

Ron Perlman

“The first movie I ever saw Ron Perlman in was his role as Hellboy.
I absolutely loved that movie and thought Ron was the shit.
One day, my parents and I were taking a vacation, and we decided to spend the day at Santa Monica pier in Los Angeles. What to our surprise, we were in one of the parking lots, getting ready to go to the pier, when my dad spies Mr. Perlman standing next to a car.
My dad was also a huge fan of Ron, and decided he would brave a confrontation to ask for a simple picture and maybe an autograph from him.

As my dad approached, Mr. Perlman’s face screwed up into a powerful scowl, eyeballing my dad as he snaked past a few cars. My dad approached Mr. Perlman and asked him for his autograph.
Mr. Perlman simply lowered his shades to look my dad right in the eye and said two simple words:

“Fuck off.”

That was it. He then turned around and went back to doing whatever it was he was doing before my dad approached.

Now, I get that celebrities are often hassled, berated, and approached by fans all the time for photos and autographs and what have you, and this can get tiresome and irritating; I get it. But it’s also kind of something you generally have to expect from being a celebrity.

But that does not call for rudeness. A simple “Hey, I’m sorry, but notnow, I’m kind of busy” would have sufficed.

This guy was huge to me and my dad. We both loved him for the roles he played, we thought he was a fantastic actor.

Now I guess we know why most of his characters are jack-asses. Because he himself is one.”

Matthew Broderick

“Yes, Matthew Broderick .

I had seen him in Nice Work if You Can Get It, and upon leaving the theater? An adorable, very small boy (who must’ve been about seven) very politely asked him to sign his program …as “Ferris Bueller, please”.

Broderick gave that child such a cold, blow off dismissal , and THEN turned his back on him, shouting “no”!

Every parent there was SO offended… and about a third of the fans hoping for an autograph?

Simply dropped their programs, and walked off ….shaking their heads Broderick’s revolting rude behavior.

Also: I ran into Ken Follet once, at a castle hotel in Ireland. I love his books, but??

Well….omg, he’s the most self absorbed, loud , rude boor… when he is drunk ! He made the waiters loose their minds! He behaved like an emperor!

And the whole castle was blabbing about it for days afterwards….”

Bruce Willis

“Bruce Willis. Ugh! What a jackass that man is.

The movie Hostage was being filmed in several locations of Azusa Canyon. I was a member of a non-profit charity organization that had a sizable, gated lot at the base of the canyon. Our location was perfect for many production crews, as they could leave all of their equipment safely stored overnight. The lot was rented quite often for that purpose.

During filming, Mr. Willis would come and go through the lot, where his trailer was also located. Occasionally, a member of the organization would approach him to greet him or ask for a quick pic. Each and every time, without fail, Mr. Willis would stare the person down and, quite often, say something to them that included his obviously well-rehearsed f-bombs.

One instance in particular: I was arriving with one of the senior members of the organization for an early morning meeting. We, after clearing the massive security detail to get into our own lot, parked the car and proceeded to walk towards the entrance of the building. Like any normal human being in a social situation, we wished a good morning to people that we happened to be passing. Honestly, I didn’t even realize who it was until he turned his head in our direction and said “Fuck you!”

Obviously, someone peed in his Wheaties. With that attitude, I’m not surprised they did.”

Chris Brown

“Second-hand story: Singer Chris Brown is really as bad as the media stories you’ve heard (battery, for example). He’s from Tappahanock in the, roughly, Richmond, Virginia, area (Richmond is the closest airport as well). When our daughter and her friend were little they ran across him while he was shooting hoops with his cousin. She said Chris Brown treated them rudely and was a total jerk.

A few years later when she was older and able to fly on her own, she said she was in the TSA line behind Chris Brown and commented he was still a jerk. I have no respect for the self-entitled or bullies—ESPECIALLY people who are both. If I find we are in the same space, I’ll push back, and push back hard. I’m not going to take anyone’s bullshit. I don’t treat people that way: I won’t give ANYONE permission to treat me that way either. And watch out if I see you treating someone else that way and I’m within earshot.

I ask them WTF are you doing speaking to them/treating them that way? How about you try to treat me that way? Or how about if I treat YOU that way. MF. They bring out the Xena, Warrior Princess in me. My motto: May you ever be the benevolent ruler of your domain that is your life: Allow no other to rule over it. (See what happens when you get me started on bullies!

I have NO patience for them after having put up for decades—but no longer—from a parent who is—still, and always will be—one.) “The meek shall inherit the earth is really “The not self-entitled shall” … it doesn’t mean we have to put up and shut up when someone’s abusing our kindness, consideration and generosity. PFFT!!”

Wesley Snipes

“I used to wait tables at Planet Hollywood in Orlando. One day Wesley Snipes and his family came in. The manager told me and another waiter to serve just him and his family, no other customers. There was like 10 of them, kids, grandma, etc….

Anyway, we served them for about 2 hours, they got their meal fully comped so they didn’t pay anything for the food, and left me and the other waiter a massive tip. Guess how much…. ZERO. Nothing, not one dollar, and they got well over $200 of free food.”

Emma Roberts

“I was an extra in a movie starring Emma Roberts. She’s incredibly immature and childish. The whole time on set she clung to the male actors and spewed out drivel. She sounded like an 11 year old girl attempting to talk like how she imagined a sorority girl would talk.
Before filming, I ran into her in the back while looking for the bathroom.

She walked out of a door and I didn’t know who she was, just thought it was some blonde extra. I asked her if she knew where the bathroom was and she looked at me in disgust and said “I don’t know…” And rolled her eyes. The door to the bathroom ended up being on the other side of the door she just came out of. I’ll never forgive you Emma Roberts.”


“Used to work for a limo company and we’ve driven many celebrities. Beyoncé was a total bitch to our driver; he asked her and her mom “so how was your stay in Alaska?” To which her mom cleared her throat and said “ha uh yeah she doesn’t speak to the help”. She’s not even that talented I don’t know where she gets her sense of entitlement from.”

Sarah Michelle Gellar


Justin Bieber

“This is super obvious, but both in my acting career and working a side job in entertainment news, Bieber was the worst. Travels in a pack of bodyguards, never speaks to anyone but them. I literally had a conversation with that little prick through his bodyguard as a translator. I would say something to him, bodyguard would repeat it to bieber, bieber would answer to his bodyguard, and the bodyguard would repeat it to me. ALL IN ENGLISH. What a big loose cunt.”

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An Accidental Text to a Wrong Number Changed a Sick Boy’s Life

Wrong numbers are a part of life. Every so often you’ll either send something to the wrong number, or get something that was meant for someone else. Generally speaking, the whole matter is put to bed with a simple “Sorry, wrong number” message. Once in a blue moon, you might end up having a short conversation with the person at the other end.

But, one girl got literally the greatest response when she texted the wrong number about an opinion on a dress. Syd was trying to text a friend of hers while trying on a gorgeous dress in a store for her feedback because you know…

She sent two full-length photos to her “friend,” which, turned out to be a complete stranger.

Photo Credit: Twitter

Instead of getting no response, this husband answered Syd with a kind, genuine message indicating that his wife wasn’t home to ask, but he did ask his kids and they think she looks great.

Photo Credit: Twitter

He even sent a photo of 5/6 of his kids giving Syd a thumbs up.

Photo Credit: Twitter

Seriously, how can you not love this response? It’s a “restoring faith in humanity” kind of answer. There are still some kind/sweet people in this garbage world. Of course, the situation went viral on Twitter after Syd’s friend Mandi published it online.

Photo Credit: Twitter,bbymandi

Photo Credit: Twitter,girl__jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter,CarlieNicole09

Photo Credit: Twitter,WoahItsHaleeey

Photo Credit: Twitter,WholesomeMeme

Photo Credit: Twitter,BrantTylerr

After the tweet went viral and the husband’s children became “Twitter famous,” this dad responded that one of their children (who wasn’t pictured) is fighting Leukemia and is currently undergoing chemotherapy. Someone else posted the GoFundMe link that the family has set up to help their son.

Photo Credit: Twitter,TristarHomeTeam

Photo Credit: Twitter,__Hegde

And, Twitter raised over $1,000 to help this family.

Photo Credit: Twitter,TristarHomeTeam

Photo Credit: Twitter,TristarHomeTeam

The kind of pure you need, today and every day.

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15 Epic Fails That Made for Some Truly Hilarious Tweets

Are you a fan of Jimmy Fallon’s hashtag game? If not, you’re missing out, because they are absolutely hilarious.

Fallon recently asked viewers to share some of the funniest fails they’ve ever observed/been part of, and they did not disappoint.

#1. That’s what liquor does.

Photo Credit: NBC

#2. Legendary.

Photo Credit: Twitter

#3. What a show stealer!

Photo Credit: Twitter

#4. The soundest sleeper ever?

Photo Credit: Twitter

#5. That dog knew what was up.

Photo Credit: NBC

#6. You do you.

Photo Credit: Twitter

#7. Ummm, dad?

Photo Credit: NBC

#8. Was dad drunk?

Photo Credit: Twitter

#9. Who’s Chad?!

Photo Credit: Twitter

#10. Keep your eyes peeled for both!

Photo Credit: Twitter

#11. He’s a keeper.

Photo Credit: NBC

#12. When you know you look good.

Photo Credit: Twitter

#13. Dream lover.

Photo Credit: Twitter

#14. Oh, that ain’t right…

Photo Credit: Twitter

#15. It’s party time!

Photo Credit: Twitter

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Trans Woman Finds Love with Man Who Turned Her Down When She Was Living as a Boy

Erin Anderson and Jared Norris are a strange case of love at first sight — it kind of took a few years to all work itself out.

That’s because Erin, a 22-year-old trans woman, initially approached her Facebook crush, Jared, while she was still living as a boy.

Photo Credit: Facebook, Erin Anderson

“While still living (as a) a boy, I messaged Jared on Facebook saying, ‘Hey, what’s up,’” Erin recalls, according to Lad Bible. “I knew of him and added him on Facebook because he was cute. But he was having no part of it and didn’t seem interested at all, so I decided not to try anymore with him.”

However, that wasn’t the end of the story for these two. Their paths crossed again once Erin had undergone two years of hormone replacement therapy and breast augmentation.

“It was two years later when he liked one of my pictures on Instagram,” she says. “By that time I had come out as trans and a woman. I decided I was going to be upfront, so I sent him a message with my number and within five minutes, I got a message from him and we started talking. The next day was my birthday, I hung out with him and a week later we were dating officially on Facebook and have been together ever since.”

Jared’s willingness to be honest and open about Erin’s identity with his family and friends is one of the reasons that their relationship is so successful.

“Prior to dating Jared, I had been seeing people but nothing serious came about because they were afraid to tell their family or friends,” Erin says.”They would tell me they really liked me but couldn’t risk their family knowing I was trans and that was what hurt the most. But Jared didn’t fear that, he told his family that I was trans and everything, he doesn’t care what other people think.”

The two have been very open about their relationship on social media, and have even made a video openly discussing why dating trans people shouldn’t be stigmatized. According to Jared, the videos and social media posts have prompted a slew of negative and regressive responses.

“It wasn’t really well known that I was dating a trans woman at first, but when everyone found out, it was a big shocker,” Jared says. “I received a lot of death threats online with one guy saying ‘I will beat you up f*** ‘ which kind of sucked and was depressing. It’s always the same rigmarole things like ‘I hate you,’ ‘You’re disgusting,’ ‘You’re dating a dude’ and other comments.”

Photo Credit: Facebook, Erin Anderson

However, the couple also says that they’ve received many loving and encouraging messages from people who were inspired by what they had to say.

“After getting all these death threats we talked about it and decided to ignore everybody, whether they are sending love or hate,” Jared adds. “Thankfully I had some messages encouraging us and telling us to ignore the haters.

“It reminds us that people like that are not worth our time.”

This article was first published by our partners at Woke Sloth

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This Muslim dad’s response to his daughter wanting to remove her hijab is pure gold

Lamyaa is a 17-year-old high school student from Pennsylvania who wears a traditional hijab as required by her Muslim faith.

Recently, she was participating in a group chat with some friends when the subject of Donald Trump came up. “I personally had very strong views considering the presidency did impact me because I am an Arab, Muslim woman,” she told BuzzFeed News.

After Lamyaa criticized Trump’s policies, a “friend of a friend” in the group chat started spewing hate speech. He commented that she “couldn’t take that scarf off or [her] dad would beat” her. Oh, he also called her a bitch.

Photo Credit: Twitter

Most of us would’ve taken this opportunity to furiously unleash an ALL CAPS tirade against this bigot. Lamyaa instead used it as an opportunity to educate. First, she reached out to her dad, who lives in Saudi Arabia, and asked him about potentially removing her hijab. This was his wonderful, moving response:

Photo Credit: Twitter

“Sweetheart that’s not my decision to make,” he wrote. “That’s no man’s decision to make. If it’s what you feel like you want to do, go ahead. I’ll support you no matter what.”

The teen later explained she doesn’t actually plan to remove her hijab.

And Twitter is fully supportive.

Photo Credit: Twitter, cassiiealvarado

And many are praising her dad for being the greatest of all time.

Photo Credit: Twitter, LorraineE_C

This story was first published on Someecards

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7 Fun Facts to Share with Your Friends

Read them, enjoy them, share them. You need these 7 facts in your life.

That is all.

1. Guardians

Photo Credit: did you know?

2. Time to book a trip

Photo Credit: did you know?

3. I like this idea

Photo Credit: did you know?

4. Finger fumbler

Photo Credit: did you know?

5. Dolly is the best

Photo Credit: did you know?

6. Chicago is freezing

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7. Concerts make you happy

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Teacher Grades with Memes and Her Students Love It

A great teacher can make even the most boring subjects seem like thrill rides, whereas the worst teacher could make a class about roller coasters feel like a painful slog through the mud. School is a place where we form some of our best and worst memories throughout our childhoods. In reality, a lot of this rests on the shoulders of our teachers.

Ainee Fatima is a 27-year-old English and Media Studies teacher from Illinois who decided to shake things up for her class of seniors by introducing memes into the classroom. Instead of writing notes throughout her students’ papers or tests, she speaks to them in a language they all understand.

Immediately, people needed to know more about this hip grading system. And Fatima was happy to share:

Photo Credit: Twitter: axfxq

Photo Credit: Twitter: axfxq

Photo Credit: Twitter: axfxq

Photo Credit: Twitter: axfxq

Photo Credit: Twitter: axfxq

While some people were understandably skeptical, Twitter users have responded with overwhelming support – even chipping in a few memes of their own.

In an interview with The Daily Dot, Fatima said that, “It’s sometimes important for teachers to meet their students at their level…Including pop-culture and media in their curriculum will get your content and instruction across way farther than sticking to age-old content.”

“It might seem silly,” she went on to say, “but just having those few kids try a little harder made my day! I have striven to be the teacher I needed when I was in school.”

So, what do you think of Fatima’s unorthodox grading system?

The post Teacher Grades with Memes and Her Students Love It appeared first on UberFacts.