Classic TV Theme Songs That’ll Trigger Any Millennial’s Childhood Nostalgia

Once in a while, my brain will randomly remember the opening song for Sonic Adventure 2 – and then I can’t get it out of my head for a full week. Moments from childhood have a way with sticking around like that.

Here are 14 classic TV theme songs that are sure to bring back any Millennial’s most buried childhood memories.

1. Sister, Sister

Tia and Tamera truly are the GOATs for this one. Seriously, they didn’t have to turn it out like this.

2. Animaniacs

This absolutely wild cartoon defined my entire personality for a good five years.

3. Doug

Those catchy whistles are the mark of a true musical genius.

4. Malcolm in the Middle

I still can’t believe Bryan Cranston was in this show.

5. Hey Arnold!

Helga was the ultimate role model. That was girl who really knew how to stand up for herself and own her power. I, too, aim to endearingly call the object of my desire “football head.”

6. Zoom

I felt like I reached another plane of existence every time I watched Zoom

7. As Told By Ginger

This show got me through the roughest parts of my adolescence.

8. Rocko’s Modern Life

Rocko was an absolute fashion icon. Seriously, look at those sick prints.

9. Nick News

Fun fact – Linda Ellerbee used to visit and talk at my middle school!

10. Cow and Chicken

This show was weird beyond belief, but that’s exactly what made it true art.

11. Captain Planet

We could really use this team to fight climate change.

12. Gullah Gullah Island

This cleared my skin and cured my depression.

13. Clueless, the TV show

Ever realize that the lead actress in the TV show and the lead actress in the movie are two completely different people? Yeah, me neither.

14. Baywatch

I’m haunted by the late-night reruns of this one.

At the end of the day, a little bit of nostalgia is good for the soul. Moreover, it helps provide some distraction from the absolute mess that’s going on right now. Some escapism sure does a lot for the psyche. For example, why should I worry about my water bill when I can just reruns of As Told By Ginger? Now, that’s another level of problem solving!

What are some of your favorite TV theme songs from back in the day?

Share with us in the comments below!

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Wholesome ‘Great British Bake Off’ Tweets That’ll Brighten up Your Day

Few things are better than watching a dozen bakers bring their creations to life under a tent in the British countryside.

The Great British Bake Off presents the perfect escape from our devastating reality.

Here are 13 wholesome tweets from the amazing show across the pond that’ll just brighten up your day.

1. Happy Halloween?

That’s one way to get a little spooky for the fall season.

2. That’s better than expected!

This Freddie Mercury didn’t turn out so bad.

3. Really – he looks great

He’s putting Rami Malek to shame.

4. This

When I saw that during the first episode, I screeched. What a way to start your season.

5. The purest thing ever

I mean, come on. Look at this.

6. It’s the only bad thing about show

Everyone is so pleasant and supportive. It’s torture to see them leave.

7. Awkward

Well, now there’s a giant target on her back.

8. Turn and face the strange…


9. Great collab!

A rare photo where these two music titans look like they’re actually getting along

10. Just pure insanity

Cakes that look like people, political satire, the near-destruction of one of music’s greatest icons – what more could you want out of a season premiere?

11. This can’t be real

Does this cake look more like Tom DeLonge or Steve Buscemi? Or does Steve Buscemi actually look like Tom Delonge…

12. Hello there

The angel from my nightmare. Yeah, this is pretty nightmarish.

13. Truly shocking

I very much cannot process the shape of his head.

Well, that took an interesting turn. Who knew that the folks behind The Great British Bake Off could be so sadistic? I’d give points for creativity, though.

What are some of your favorite moments from The Great British Bake Off? Share with us in the comments below!

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What’s the Best TV Show That Was Canceled After One Season? Here’s What People Said.

For me, it would have to be Freaks and Geeks.

If you haven’t seen it, it’s a show about teenagers in the early 1980s in suburban Detroit. It really was a great show and it launched the careers of so many people, including James Franco, Seth Rogen, Linda Cardellini, and others.

And, sadly, it was canceled after only one season…

So let’s hear about some more!

AskReddit users shared their favorite shows that were canceled after only one season.

1. Flopped in the U.S.


It’s a crime tv show about an immortal medical examiner

Incredibly good show, but i think it flopped in the US and therefore never got a second season.”

2. Heard of this one?


Such a cool concept of 2 timelines, where in one his wife died, the other his son. Used both “realities” to solve crimes.

Just felt like they could have done so much more with another season or two.”

3. Almost Human.

“I liked Almost Human.

Who doesn’t like robot cops?

I enjoyed this show so much and then blammo, it’s gone.

Karl Urban was great in it.”

4. Here are a few to check out.

“Jericho (It was canceled after season one, but super-fans pushed for another season and got a few more episodes)


Terra Nova.”

5. Yes!

“Freaks and Geeks.

I saw it on Netflix for the first time and was absolutely dumbfounded that it just ended.

Definitely one of the best shows I’ve ever watched. I couldn’t believe and still can’t believe they didn’t continue it.”

6. A classic in the making.


It only had 13 episodes, which coincidentally is also the number of people who watched it.

But it really was a classic in the making.”

7. A ’90s hit.

“My So-Called Life.

This show had me wearing my hair tucked behind one ear for all of 6th grade because I thought it looked so cool and sophisticated.”

8. Undergrads.


Early 2000s sitcom about freshmen in college.

Luckily a kickstarter was funded for a follow-up movie!”

9. Comedy classic.

“Police Squad!

Of course it came back years later in movie form as The Naked Gun.

But it counts!”

10. This was a good one.

“Eerie, Indiana.

They had so much potential for more stories in that universe.”

11. Sounds cool.

“Harper’s Island.

Not sure if this only aired in Canada or USA too.

It was like a season-long horror movie with characters getting picked off 1 per episode.

I was a kid when it aired and loved the suspense each week.”

12. Bruce Campbell!

“The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.

I loved that whole show! I watched them as they aired when I was a kid and was so heartbroken they canceled it.

My parents still bring up my reaction from time to time. I basically threw a fit.”

13. Never heard of it.


It was written by the same person who wrote Gilmore Girls and had the same smart, fast-paced humor.”

14. Interesting…

“Kings (2009)

A show on NBC that was a modern-day take on David and Goliath.

It starred Ian McShane as the Goliath King Saul character, Christopher Egan as the David character, Susanna Thompson as a compelling matriarch, and Sebastian Stan as a gay prince.”

15. Good Omens.

“Good Omens.

I mean, I know there was only one season because Terry died before a second book could be made, but it still doesn’t make the disappointment go away when you finish the final episode…”

16. Right up my alley.

“I’m gonna say Everything Sucks!

It was a Netflix Original that didn’t make it past the first season, but I thought it was pretty great.

It’s very similar to Freaks and Geeks (which is funny since they only got one season too) except it was set in 1990s instead of the 1980s.”

17. Selfie.

“Selfie. The one with Karen Gillan.

The premise is simple, a bubble headed social media addict realizes during a business trip that her life is a mess due to her addiction and seeks help from a guy opposite to her.

The show started being dumb, but as the episodes went by, it became entertaining.

Sadly the showrunners burned the character’s development by rushing the plot and it got cancelled before premiering the last few episodes.”

18. Missed this one.

“Pan Am it was actually a really good show from what aired.

A period drama that worked really well. I don’t even think the full season aired to be honest.”

19. Horror series.

“The River.

It wasn’t necessarily the best show but I really enjoyed it. Was a really good jump scare horror that I enjoyed and wanted to know the answers in Season 2.

Now I’ll never know and I’m sad.”

20. Whoa!

“Anyone remember Now and Again from the 90s?

John Goodman gets hit by a train and his consciousness is transplanted into Eric Close, a super-human government prototype in a program run by Dennis Haysbert.

They’re using him to fight terrorism, he’s secretly trying to reconnect with his family. It was nominated for a bunch of Emmys, but I heard it was too expensive to continue.

The only season ended in a huge cliffhanger. I’m still sad about it!”

Now it’s your turn!

In the comments, tell us what you think is the best show that was canceled after only one season.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Predictions From ‘The Simpsons’ That Actually Came True

Who needs astrology when you can rely on The Simpsons?

The 31 season-strong animated sitcom has accurately predicted the future so many times, that we might as well call Matt Groening an oracle. Still, it’s no less shocking when an old episode from the 90’s ends up manifesting irl in 2020.

Here are 12 times that The Simpsons ended up predicting the future – for like the thousandth time.

1. We all know this one

You know how Donald Trump is president? Yeah, The Simpsons saw that one coming from like a mile away.

Also… LOOK AT THAT CAMPAIGN SIGN!!! That’s almost the damn font!

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

2. JCPenney’s bankruptcy

This episode predicted JCPenney going out of business 14 years ago. JCPenney filed for bankruptcy in 2020.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

3. Lady Gaga flying in the air

Gaga and Simpsons writers were on the save wavelength here. This episode and the pop legend’s Superbowl performance have strikingly similar choreography.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

4. Well, that’s depressing

The Amazon’s been disappearing for a while, but this one hits different after the 2019 wildfires.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

5. Now that’s what I call electoral fraud

The Simpsons was way ahead of the game when it came to 2016’s election hacking debacle.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

6. This mutant fish

This 1990 episode accurately shows some of the scariest effects of climate change. Three-eyed fish have since been found in a reservoir near a power plant in Argentina.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

7. Tiger attack

These two big cat trainers based on the duo Siegfried and Roy were attacked by their tigers, which is exactly what happened in 2003.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

8. Greece’s economic collapse

This joke that aired in 2013 wasn’t too far-fetched, considering Greece defaulted on its debt only two years later.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

9. The smart watch

The prototype here looks pretty crazy, but it’s become pretty standard to have phone on your wrist nowadays.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

10. Disney’s acquisitions

This episode from 1998 had a punchline that was a long time coming. Disney finally bought Fox Studios in 2019.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

11. Ebola

Only Coronavirus could make this joke more triggering.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

12. The Game of Thrones finale

Talk about a premonition. Maybe GoT fans wouldn’t have been caught off guard by Daenerys’ 360-degree turn if they’d gotten a sneak peek in this Simpsons episode.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

Is it socially acceptable to just start treating The Simpsons like the news? At this point, I feel like it’s an accurate source of information.

What’s your favorite Simpsons prediction that actually came true? Let us know in the comments below!

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People Discuss What They Think Folks Will Be Nostalgic for in the Year 2060

It’s hard to believe that people will be nostalgic for ANYTHING that’s going on in the world right now, but you never know…

I’m sure people in 1980 thought the world was going to Hell in a handbasket, but 40 years later, 1980 probably looks pretty decent to some people…

But what will people be nostalgic for in the year 2060?

Here’s what people had to say on AskReddit.

1. Privacy.

“Privacy and the ability to go somewhere without seeing 75 cameras all the time.

Went to the beach today and no one was in the water except for me and my friend. Everyone else was waiting for “golden hour” in their dry beachwear.”

2. In-person.

“Playing physical games with friends.

Going to friends’ houses to play basketball/soccer and a few video games, and then have a sleep over.

Socializing to the extent even the youngest here have experienced.”

3. Remember when…

“The short period of time in 2020 when most of us got to spend some time at home with our families, traffic was bearable, people in the supermarkets were asked to keep distance.

As an introvert, I’m gonna miss it for sure.

As a doctor, not so much.”

4. Hang on to it!

“Physical media so you don’t have to micropay for every movie you feel like watching.

When the DVDs and Blu-Rays are no longer in the stores, there will be no reason for streaming services to charge a flat rate.”

5. That’s depressing.


Cars will be 100% automated and it will be illegal to drive your own car on roadways unless you have a special license, because it’s so dangerous.

There will be amusement parks where you can drive a car all by yourself.”

6. Show me the money.

“Paper and metal currency.

Virtual money, wire transfers, alternative finance models, blockchain money will be a norm I anticipate.

It is coming faster than we think.”

7. I really hope not.

“The golden days before covid-25 when you just had to wear a mask instead of a full hazmat suit…”

8. Scary stuff ahead?

“Contemporary weather patterns and jet streams.

Lack of mass migration and climate change refugees.

Clean beaches. Peace in India.”

9. Off the grid no more.

“Being able to go “off the grid” for a weekend.

I may have been the only student my senior year of high school and first few weeks of college not to have a cell phone (Out 200+ person freshman engineering 101 intro class, 5 of us didn’t have a cell phone, and the other 4 were from mainland China.

I was the only one who had the access to phones that would work on American cell phone networks but simply didn’t own one) and then had a pay-as-you-go phone mostly for emergencies for the next two years.

It wasn’t until the summer between my sophomore and junior year that I got a phone on a plan, and that was bc I needed it for a job with “on-call” shifts. Even now, I’m on one of the smaller carriers, so when I go camping for a weekend, I’m frequently out of cell phone range when I’m not on the interstate.”

10. Scary to think about.


They were already slowly being replaced by self checkouts, and now covid has put a rush on it.”

11. Not much faith…

“Large animals.

Rhinos, elephants, orangutans, giraffes. I have little faith that we won’t destroy the world.

Looking at the old onesies from our kids pajamas that we packed in a box showing safari animals will become as extinct as dinosaurs, but more painful…”

12. Bleak.


Most people fail to realize what is happening in industry. They are blaming other people and countries, but the truth is, along aside the technical revolution of phones has been the technical revolution of industry.

Industrial level stepper motors and servos have become so cheap, along side multi core 64 bit control boards, which are so cheap they are essentially disposable, that entire swaths of the labor pool have already been replaced by computers.

The issue here is these incredible control boards are continuing to get better and cheaper, and the software is getting better. Every day the march of technology continues, the closer it comes to replacing Jobs we traditionally think as irreplaceable.

Computers don’t need a break, they rarely make a mistake, and they are cheaper than your labor. We are <10yr from massive disruption in some of the largest employment vectors, like transportation, that is going to put a lot of people out of work.”

13. No!

“Barnes and Noble.

They’re the last major chain bookstore, and they’re not doing well. The one where I am is going out of business after 20 years.

There will not be a bookstore in my city. (I’m in a suburb to LA, so not the middle of nowhere.).”

14. You’re being watched…

“Someone already said privacy, so I’m gonna go for freedom, it’s basically the same but it’s the effect of the lack of privacy.

People change when they know they are being watched.

This is already happening and will only get worse with time and technological improvement.”

15. Look into the sky.

“The night sky.

By that time, Musk, Bezos, and god knows who else, will have hundreds of thousands of satellites in orbit.

Our cities will have doubled in size, and urban sprawl will cause further light pollution. Stargazing will be something future generations will only hear stories about…”

Now we want to hear from all the readers out there.

In the comments, tell us what you think people will be nostalgic for in 40 years.

Please and thank you!

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People Talk About Things They Were Into Before They Became “Cool”

You’ve heard people brag (or humblebrag) about being into certain things before they hit the mainstream.

Movies, music, artists, etc. People always like to make sure that everyone out there knows that they were into it WAYYYYYY before it got popular.

But some people really were into stuff before everyone else knew about it.

What were you into before it was cool?

Here’s what folks on AskReddit had to say about this.

1. Snapchat.

“Snapchat. I downloaded it when it was in its early stages..and then deleted the app shortly after because none of my friends were on it.

I still have people asking me how I got my username.


2. Wow!

“I went to a bar a long time ago (illegally- I was below drinking age) to see this punk band play. I liked it enough that I shelled out for one of their cassettes (pre-CD).

The band was Green Day.”

3. Rock star.

“I got stoned with John Mayer in a college town before he put out a CD. He was playing the blues at a club in front of 100 people and i only caught the last song.

We got high and he gave me a cd and wrote on it…. few weeks later I put the cd in and quickly tossed it out.

So I was early adopter of John Mayer playing the blues, AND throwing out his trash studio albums.”

4. Vinyl.

“I was into vinyl before it made a comeback.

And since nobody in the ’90s or early 2000s wanted their records anymore, I basically got 500+ records for free or nearly free.”

5. Potterhead.

“I was reading Harry Potter from like, day one. I remember how this happened so clearly. My dads birthday landed on the same day day that the book was released in the US, September 1, 1998, and we got him a gift certificate to Barnes and Noble, among a few other things.

The very next day, my dad and I went to Barnes and Noble. He picked two books, one was a New York Mets coffee table book and the other was the newly released Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone, which he handed to me.

There were stacks and stacks of them on a display table right at the front of the store. He mentioned that he had read an article about how good the book was a few weeks prior, and that it would be releasing in the US soon. We were in the store for all of five minutes.

I read the first two chapters on the way home, and was immediately hooked. I swear I read that book a dozen times before going to the midnight release of Chamber of Secrets the following year.”

6. Awesome!

“Saw Metallica for my first concert in 1985 on the Ride The Lightning tour in Austin Texas.”

7. Interesting.

“Donald Glover.

He was part of a comedy group called Derrick Comedy that was absolutely hilarious.”

8. Eminem.

“I once did a Google search for Eminem and it came back with zero results.

I was an editor at All music at the time and emailed my higher ups to tell them he needed a listing ASAP.”

9. Old school.

“I was chugging Pabst Blue Ribbon years before it became the go-to hipster brew.”

10. Back in the day.


This account is rather recent but I discovered the platform in its infancy. It had less stuff back then but the discussions were better.

And then, mainstream caught up.”

11. DMB.

“When I started college in 1993, the first real big party I went to was a sorority party with a band. I was there before they went on, and when I saw they had a saxophone set up on stage, I (having played alto sax in hs) set my beer down on the stage in front of where the sax player would be.

They wound up being really good live, and a few weeks later the Dave Matthews Band first album came out, and I bought it first day.

I’ll never forget taking that cd home at Christmas break and playing it for high school friends who said “WHAT THE F*CK IS THIS SH*T?” The next year they all apologized because they were all into them once they got popular.

I saw them a few times, but after they got super big I really didn’t like any of their new material and quit listening to them. The last time I saw them I remember seeing Daisy Fuentes outside the theater interviewing people after the show and had a feeling they were about to be a big MTV band.

However, from time to time I’ll hear an old tune of theirs and will remember when I thought they were very cool.”

12. Get with it!

“Adult coloring.

I never liked drawing but loved coloring, so as I grew up I would seek out all kinds of coloring books. I loved how calming it was, and I would often color with my grandparents so I created a lot of fond memories there.

I got made fun of a lot for my hobby until it suddenly became cool in the last few years.”

13. Good stuff.

“Tito’s Vodka.

I was living in Austin before it went nationwide and after moving back to the Midwest, it took a couple years for the mass release before it really took off.”

14. Cool Mom!

“My white suburban mom did yoga back in the 1970’s when it was considered “a hippy thing”.”

15. Crazy.

“I was out for the night back when I was 17/18/19. A friend and I went to a good pub in Oxfordshire where we thought we’d have a chance to pick up some girls.

Ended up getting drunk, taking an E and listening to the band who were pretty good. After their set we popped out of the pub for a quick joint.

The band walked over and asked for a toke. Ended up spending the rest of the evening In the back of their van smoking weed and drinking.

Turned out that the band was an unknown indie/rock group called Radiohead. A couple of weeks later Creep went international.

Been a fan ever since.”

Now we want to hear from you.

What were you into to before it became really popular?

Talk to us in the comments!

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People Share the Interesting, Dark Facts About People’s Favorite Cartoons

If you think cartoons are all rainbows and sunshine, think again, friend.

There is some pretty dark and disturbing material embedded in those seemingly innocent and fun TV shows and movies that might surprise you…or even shock you.

Let’s get weird with folks from AskReddit.

1. That’s a little weird.

“There was a Smurfs PSA that was made for UNICEF.

I believe where their entire village is carpet bombed.

It. Was. Nuts.”

2. Don’t tell me that!

“Ren and Stimpy was an absolute nightmare for the people who worked on it. John K ordered them not to make the same face twice. Pretty, but it was hell for the workers because they were constantly drawing things.

John K was a nightmare boss. One of the producers had a sign on his wall labeled “John’s knees” and invited people to kick it. By the time he left it was reduced to a hole.

They made several episodes that were just the animators ranting about how much of an *sshole that John K was.”

3. Great idea!

“The pilot of The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy called “Trepanation of the Skull and You” tells kids that because of a mistake in evolution our skulls are too small for our brains, and that you should drill a hole in your skull as to grant the brain more space.

Which is then followed by Billy doing exactly that.

The whole thing looks like some cursed forgotten video tape.”

4. Creepy.

“Some of the earliest versions of Little Red Riding Hood end with the wolf raping Red and then eating her.

The literal moral of the story was for girls to not trust strangers.”

5. Whoa!

“The creator of Skeletor was inspired by a corpse in a haunted house that he was 100% sure was real.

Turned out he was right.”

6. Awful.

“The studio had to get someone else to sing “Soon You’ll Come Home” in All Dogs go to Heaven because the voice actor, Judith Barsi, had such a traumatic home life because of an abusive, alcoholic father that she couldn’t sing the song without having a breakdown.

She and her mother were murdered by him before the movie was released in a double-murder/suicide. She was only 10.

She was also the voice of Ducky from Land Before Time. Her tombstone reads, “Yep! Yep! Yep!””

7. Poor Donald.

“Donald Duck fought in WWII and has PTSD.

In an episode he wakes up and thinks he is in a Japanese mine field and he is in a lot of WWII cartoons.”

8. Creepy.

“Sleeping Beauty is only 14 years old in the original story and Prince Charming is around 30.”

9. Witchcraft?

“Adventure Time is full of occult references

My favorite one is in the episode “All The Little People” in which Magic Man says “Do what thoust will be the whole piece of law” which is taken from Aleister Crowley’s “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.””

10. Apocalyptic.

“The premise of Adventure Time is actually really dark.

Its the aftermath of a literal nuclear war that killed most of humanity and caused evil mutants like The Litch to wreak havoc on the planet.”

11. Oh, no!

“There was a Tom & Jerry episode where Tom dies and goes to heaven.

While waiting in the line of counter they show a wet sack with baby kittens inside it coming out and running towards train. Ticket counter guy notices it and says ” what some people won’t do”.

He’s talking about old times when people use to tie up small kittens in the sack and let them drown in river.”

12. Let’s eat!

“In the Peppa Pig universe, characters eating each other is slightly acknowledged when a couple of the characters are stranded on an island.”

13. Not good.

“The Carmen Sandiego reboot is animated by Top Draw Animation.

They’re a sweatshop and they fired an animator for asking for minimum wage compensation.”

14. Nuclear fallout.

“Bikini Bottom is called so because of the Bikini Atoll.

In the 1940s and ’50s, the US held nuclear tests there.

All the characters on SpongeBob SquarePants are like this because they’re radioactive creatures.”

15. Makes sense.

“The reason Mickey and other characters where white gloves is because it allows their hands to be seen better.

This is a reference to actors when they did black face they wore white gloves so the audience could see their hands and fingers moving.”

Do you know any weird or dark facts about cartoons?

If so, please share them with us in the comments.

We’d love to hear from you!

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‘Pride and Prejudice’ Jokes That Fans Will Truly Love

There are people in the world who still hate on Jane Austen and Pride and Prejudice, but if you as me, it mostly just smacks of either envy or somehow thinking it makes you cool and superior to not like the thing everyone else enjoys.

Because the story, the characters, and the adaptations have endured for so long, there’s really no arguing they don’t have merit!

There are also ample jokes, which of course means you’ve made it, and we really love these 16.

16. I don’t think Jane did, either.

They existed only in her mind.

15. With less costuming, sadly.

I love that the GIF is Colin Firth.

14. I don’t know why this made me laugh so hard.

But here we are.

13. It helps more than you would have thought, too.

Especially when you are out of other options.

12. That first one is slaying me.

But…I agree with them all.

11. They don’t want any of that.

Not the first time around, anyway.

10. Talk about playing to your audience.

Or your customers, I guess.

9. Proof that some things about romance were better back then.

But no, not most things.

8. The magic of a good book.

It’s like an old friend and a new lover at the same time.

7. Take note authors and filmmakers everywhere.

It works every single time.

6. How did he suppose that would go over?

Ah, right. He’s Darcy.

5. I don’t know about sexier, but…

There’s definitely something about it that gets you going.

4. Why is this so scarily accurate though.

The Office is just so relatable.

3. Give me more of it, please.

I will watch it all day long.

2. I mean how dare.

This cracks me up.

1. Our expectations are high.

Great, even, one might say.

I’m a fan of the story, and now I’m a fan of these 16 jokesters. Ha!

What’s your favorite P&P funny? Share it with us in the comments!

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Funny Memes for All the True Crime Lovers Out There

I am a true crime FANATIC.

I love true crime books, movies, TV show, you name it. And it’s been a thing for me since I was a little kid and found a book that my older brother left on the coffee table about different serial killers. I actually still have the book and I flip through it sometimes to remember the good old days…

So, yes, the way I turned out is definitely his fault.

But I’m not alone! You’re here, so you’re obviously just as deranged as I am!

And to celebrate our morbid interests, let’s enjoy these true crime memes together!

1. I’m in!

I mean, can I get in on this conversation?

Photo Credit: pleated-jeans

2. Now, isn’t that interesting?

A good way to pass the time.

Photo Credit: pleated-jeans

3. Do you think it worked?

She might’ve just fallen in love with you.

Photo Credit: pleated-jeans

4. Winning people over with that knowledge.

At least…well…maybe…?

Photo Credit: pleated-jeans

5. Sleep tight.

The fake stuff scares you more, for some reason.

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6. Bring joy into my life!

That’s more like it!

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7. Sorry, we can’t be friends.

We gave it a shot, though.

Photo Credit: pleated-jeans

8. This is what “busy” means.

Gotta get those crime programs in.

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9. I know what’s going on here.

And so do you!

Photo Credit: pleated-jeans

10. I find that very disturbing.

And maybe we should question our friendship.

Photo Credit: pleated-jeans

11. You’re not gonna sleep tonight.

And you know it!

Photo Credit: pleated-jeans

12. Uh oh!

That’s Jeffrey Dahmer, by the way.

Photo Credit: pleated-jeans

13. Ahhhh. Isn’t this nice?

Goodnight, Jason Voorhees.

Photo Credit: pleated-jeans

14. Sounds like someone I know.

Don’t say that out loud!

Photo Credit: pleated-jeans

Are you a big true crime fan?

If so, tell us about your favorite creepy TV shows, movies, book, etc. in the comments!

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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A Filmmaker Showed How Green Screens Work With Before/After Photos

If you are a fan of movies and television, you are probably familiar with green screens and you might not even know it.

A green screen is a backdrop that is most commonly used with a filmmaker or photographer plans to superimpose an image into the frame.

Often, the actors are filmed walking and interacting in front of the backdrop, and the special effect is added after the fact.

Many of us are so used to green screen technology these days that it can be easy to forget just how impressive it really is.

Recently, Ian Hubert shared a few stills from his current project that uses a green screen. As a filmmaker and visual artist, Ian is no stranger to the process.

Photo by Ian Hubertz.

Ian is currently working on the web series Dynamo Dream, and he is using green screens in a truly creative way.

The show is described as a “sci-fi/fantasy/cute web series,” and it definitely makes sense that the team would be adding a lot of special effects after the shots are filmed.

Photo by Ian Hubertz.

In fact, fans of the genre are really excited about the work that Ian and his team have produced.

Photo by Ian Hubertz.

Ian uses a program called Blender for video editing, and his tutorials are some of the most widely shared out there.

In a recent interview with Rokoko, Ian elaborated on what makes this technology so special:

“What I am really excited about is that it is like a new way of filmmaking.

I hadn’t really realized how much of my workflow was based around just avoiding having to do legit character animation.

When I’m working on a scene now, I can just throw the Smartsuit on and animate all the characters.”

Pretty damn cool.

Let’s have one more look at the before/after.

Photo by Ian Hubertz.

What do you think about Ian’s skills and the use of green screens in general?

Let us know in the comments!

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