People Discuss the Nicest Celebrities They’ve Dealt With at Their Jobs

I know that celebrities seem like they have it all, but I think one aspect of their lives that would be kind of a nightmare would be dealing with people in their everyday lives.

I know, I know, they signed up for it once they decided to become an actor/singer/etc., but it’s gotta get old to have people always bothering you and wanting a photo with you when you’re just trying to have dinner with your family or go to the grocery store.

But still, people do like to hear stories about their encounters with bigwigs in ordinary situations.

AskReddit users talked about dealing with celebrities at their jobs.

Let’s see what they had to say.

1. It was her.

“Amanda Seyfried came into the coffee shop I used to work in.

I made her a coffee and she even complimented me on it!

When I asked if it was her, she said, ‘No but I get that a lot.’

Two days later she posted a photo on Instagram where she was obviously in the same small town.

It was totally her.”

2. Sir Ian.

“I was working at a theatre café trying to get through the usual rush before the show started when I realized I was serving Sir Ian McKellen!

I kept my cool and was disappointed to learn that the guy who was in the bar with me didn’t know who he was!

We both loved Ian’s Ugg boots though.”

3. Please don’t.

“I met Morgan Freeman when he came to my work (a symphony hall) for a show.

He was so nice, he was asking me all these questions about my life, and his voice sounded even better in person.

I held it together pretty well but as I was walking away I said to my coworker (too loudly) “omg I’m gonna pee my pants.”

And he tapped my shoulder and said “please don’t.””

4. We miss him.

“Robin Williams was in town for a performance and was having an issue with his computer.

He brought it in for repair and spent the time waiting hanging out with us, taking pictures, cracking jokes and talking to us.”

5. Hmmm…

“Several years ago I worked at a nice, sit down pizza restaurant.

One night Miley Cyrus (Party in the USA era) and her whole family came in.

I waited on them. When it was time to bring out their pizza I put it on the table and said, “It’s a pizza party in the USA!”

She did not find it as amusing as my coworkers did.”

6. That was nice.

“I used to work at an oil company where we dispatched over a radio…

A driver was delivering to Ben Affleck’s house and mentioned that it was my birthday.

Ben got up into the cab of the truck and got on the radio to wish me a happy birthday!”

7. Big mug.

“This happened to a girl I work with but still awesome.

Nick Offerman came into the coffee shop we work at and ordered a large coffee.

When she gave him the mug he looked at her and said ” that’s a satisfyingly large mug” did his awesome laugh and sat down giggling at the mug.”

8. Maybe they’re just normal folks.

“I was working at a restaurant when Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel came in.

They were so nice and actually tried to help us bus their table!”

9. Funny.

“I was a barista at the time, and Brad Garrett (from Finding Nemo, Everybody Loves Raymond) came in.

It was a busy cafe and I had TONS of fun with customers there, while trying to be as efficient as possible.

I also had THE COOLEST eyeglasses ever at the time, they were rectangle with triangle shaped arms made of stainless steel.

It’s important that you know how cool these were (R.I.P. ?). Anyways, Brad comes over to watch me make his beverage. We make some small talk, and now Brad is wearing my glasses and impersonating me. ” I am a fancy barista, look at how cool I am with my weird glasses…” he says.

So I immediately shot back, in my most Brad Garrett-y voice: ” oh look, I’m Brad Garrett, I’m SOOOO funny and I’m a giant human” (said while walking around like Shrek). He laughed. I laughed. He even came back the next day asking where I was!

It’s the friendship that never was, but always should have been.”

10. Not a shocker.

“Taylor Swift came into the store I work in while she was in Westerly, Rhode Island and completely ignored all the workers and customers.

Her very attractive body guard was pleasant and chatted with us though!”

11. Oops.

“I work at a Starbucks drive thru and one day Kevin Bacon came through! He was wearing a beanie and sunglasses (at night ?) and I wasn’t 100% sure it was him so I decided to test it.

Right before he was gonna drive away I said “have a nice night, Kevin!” He said thank you very politely, then as if remembering he didn’t want to be recognized he mumbled “sh*t” and drove away.”

12. That voice, though.

“My mom, my sisters, and I were visiting Philadelphia on July 4, 2006. We went to the hotel penthouse to play a board game.

While we were playing, my mom realized that Lionel Richie was across the room and was being interviewed for the July 4 festivities. She was so excited that she stopped playing the game and started whispering her responses to anything Richie said as if they were having a conversation.

When he finished the interview, he walked by and my mom introduced herself. He was extremely pleasant, warm and friendly. He said to my mom, “Very nice to meet you, ma’am.” He then turned to my sisters and me and said, “You guys probably don’t know me. You probably know Nicole.”

I said, “No, we don’t go to school around here, so probably not.” He just stared at me, smiled, and gave my mom a hug. Once he left, my twin sister said, “No, you idiot, Nicole Richie. She’s on TV.” I said, “Oh, yeah, sure.” I still wasn’t sure who she was until I looked her up later.

In any case, Lionel Richie was very kind, and even though my mom apologized profusely for “bothering” him, he assured her that he always liked meeting fans and their families.”

13. That’s a weird comment.

“My family own a Mexican restaurant on the south side of Chicago. One day three men come in and talk about the charity work being done in the area. I nod along and go about serving them. One gentlemen in particular looked especially familiar but I couldn’t place him.

Eventually, they ask me about The Shawshank Redemption, if I have ever seen the movie. I said no. They point to one of the men, not the one who looked familiar, and said he was in the film. I shrug and say, “that’s cool”. All this while the one who looks familiar refuses to make direct eye contact with me, like he was shy. I almost said that he looked familiar but I didn’t want to bother them while they ate.

Eventually they finished and left, but not without telling me not to get knocked up at a young age. Later that day I tell my older brother about the encounter. He pulls up pictures of the cast. The shy gentleman who I recognized – Tim Robbins. Thanks for the life advice, Tim Robbins, 12 years later and I’m still not knocked up.”

How about you?

Have you ever had to deal with any celebrities at your job or out in public?

Tell us about your experiences in the comments.


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What’s Something That You Can’t Understand the Popularity Of? Here’s What People Said.

Maybe I’m just getting way too old, but whenever I turn on the radio or flip channels on TV, a lot of the really popular stuff on there just…confuses me.

This especially goes for rap music. I love the stuff I grew up on: Ice T, NWA, Ice Cube, Cypress Hill, etc.

But when I hear current, HUGELY POPULAR rap artists…I don’t get it. At all.

I guess we all have those kinds of things, right?

People on AskReddit admitted what they just don’t understand the popularity of. Let’s take a look.

1. Same here.

“I don’t really understand influencers.

Like why do they have such big followings?

Why do people obsess over these random people who make their lives look better just for social media?

I don’t get it.”

2. Weird.

“Toddlers and Tiaras.

Why is there a bikini competition?

Why are we forcing kids to participate in these terrible pageants just for the entertainment of adult viewers?”

3. Ugh.

“Prosperity Gospel.

Literally allowing people like Kenneth Copland and Paula White to rake in their money while spitting all over their supposedly sacred Bible.”

4. It’s a mystery.

“TV evangelists.

I have nothing against religion, but why would anyone follow these guys to the point that they would be willing to give them money?

I just can’t wrap my head around why these guys are so rich.”

5. It ain’t reality.

“Celebrity worship.

I really don’t understand why people are so obsessed with celebrities to the point of following every single thing they do in their lives.

What do people get out of idolizing some rich people who probably don’t even care about you?”

6. Keep it to yourself.

“Taking videos of yourself crying and posting it online.

Also don’t understand the people who sympathize with them.”

7. Am I hallucinating?

“The Masked Singer.

I just don’t get it…

I saw that show for the first time in the hospital, in the early hours of the morning, hopped up on painkiller and half awake while waiting for an MRI.

Sat there groggily wondering why there were people in fur suits on a reality show and wondering if I was hallucinating or something.”

8. Bizarre.

“Politician worship.

It is puzzling to me that people will show up at a political rally and scream like they are at a Rolling Stones concert.

Not sure when this all started but it is very weird to me.”

9. Not doing it for you.

“I’m mostly a metalhead. I like some rap. I like even less county, but still some.

I can’t get my head around country rap. My brother goes bananas for it and it’s awful to me.

I haven’t heard anything from the genre that I would consider innovative, thought provoking, or even halfway challenging.

I’m not trying to be a super smart guy here, I don’t have the time to type the pants on head stupid things I listen to when I’m in the mood for the auditory equivalent of Spam and eggs.

But what’s cool about music is you can find people pushing the boundaries in any genre, but country rap reeks of complacency to me.”

10. It is a big hit…

“The Bachelor/The Bachelorette.

I have no idea why the most forward-thinking and progressive people I know regularly tune in to literal objectification every week.”

11. Yes!

“The Kardashians.

I have a theory.

They initially got popular because of their TV show. Now, every one on the internet seems to dislike them BUT, in disliking them, people still don’t stop talking about them.

Now when they keep talking about them, they get more popular.”

12. Odd…

“Why anyone cares about the British Royal Family.

They are just a bunch a rich people.”

13. I don’t get it.

“Beyoncé, and how talking in a non-positive way about her is sacrilegious.

I once said she was overrated on Instagram and I received literal death threats.”

14. Too much work.

“Night clubs.

Loud, sticky, claustrophobic. You can’t talk, just drink and dance, which I’m awful at. After 30 mins I’m ready to leave, and I wouldn’t even enjoy it for that short period of time.

I actually feel like I’ve missed out on something that sooo many people love, but you like what you like, and I HATE clubs!”

15. I’m feeling this one!

“Modern hip-hop, trap, mumble rap.

I honestly can’t get into the half-asleep triplet delivery of rappers nowadays, sh*t hit so much better back in the day.”

Okay, now we want to hear from you.

In the comments, tell us what YOU don’t understand the popularity of.

Thanks a lot!

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Behind-the-Scenes Photos From Movie Sets That Show Another Side of Hollywood

Have you ever watched a scene from a blockbuster film and said to yourself, “Wow, that looks expensive!” As it turns out, you’re likely right, but sometimes a little extra creativity can go a long way and also be easy on the budget.

What actually happens on Hollywood sets is totally different from what we’ve been led to imagine.

Here are 12 revealing behind-the-scenes photos that show just how far filmmakers will go to get that perfect effect.

1. Whack-a-Doctor

Here’s a cheeky shot of David Tennant hiding out in a Dalek on the set of Doctor Who.

Image Credit: the CHIVE

2. The not so glamorous life

It go so cold while shooting for Little Women that Emma Watson had to stock up on heating pads – and even had a few of them tucked away in her costume.

Image Credit: the CHIVE

3. For those bad hair days

This is just one small step that Henry Cavill has to go through while prepping for his role in The Witcher.

Image Credit: the CHIVE

4. Class photo time

Here’s an entire pack of unmasked Judoons (from Doctor Who) taking a break in between shots.

Image Credit: the CHIVE

5. Check out those aerodynamics

This photo of Odette Annable as Supergirl sure explains a lot about how superheroes look so graceful while flying onscreen.

Image Credit: the CHIVE

6. Stunt magic

Alicia Vikander did a lot of her own stunts in Tomb Raider, which just proves how much of a bad*ss she really is.

Image Credit: the CHIVE

7. Just a quick makeup test

Charlize Theron momentarily got a chance to experience life as a mouth-breather on the set of Bombshell.

Image Credit: the CHIVE

8. Mini-Matt Damon

Designers on the set of Downsizing actually created this gigantic legal document for Matt Damon to sign.

Image Credit: the CHIVE

9. Those quarantine gains

Who knew it took this many people to help suit up Chris Hemsworth in the Thor fat suit?

Image Credit: the CHIVE

10. Don’t let it go to your head

Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland might’ve had some insane special effects, but the actual set during filming was pretty mundane.

Image Credit: the CHIVE

11. Hitching a ride

Director Joe Russo gives star Tom Holland a lift on the set of Cherry. Talk about A-lister treatment!

Image Credit: the CHIVE

12. Nebula needs a day off

This is what Nebula’s face looks like at the end of the day… This accurately represents the 2020 mood.

Image Credit: the CHIVE

Hollywood stars and celebrities: as it turns out, (barring all the millions of dollars, international fame, and glory) they’re just like us! Looks like creating a big-budget film is not as glamorous as the folks in Tinsel Town might want you to think.

What are some of your favorite behind-the-scenes photos? Share them in the comments!

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Behind-the-Scenes Glimpses at Hollywood That Show the Reality of How Movies Are Made

Film professionals make their jobs look pretty simple, and that’s exactly why they’re the unsung rockstars of 2020. What really separates the wheat from the chaff, though, is going that extra mile to make movie magic happen.

Sometimes, that means using pretty unorthodox methods to get exactly what they want.

Here are 11 fascinating behind-the-scenes photos that show exactly what it takes to make a real Hollywood movie.

1. Take five

The actors in Guardians of the Galaxy passed break time by playing some games of ping pong. Nothing like healthy competition to keep everyone on their toes.

Image Credit: theCHIVE

2. That’s a lot of gear

The Avengers: Endgame team sure had to deal with a lot of CGI tech to wrap up the blockbuster franchise.

Image Credit: theCHIVE

3. Customary stunt double appreciation post

Gal Gadot shows her gratitude for stunt woman Christiaan Bettridge for performing some of the craziest scenes in Wonder Woman 1984.

Image Credit: theCHIVE

4. Terrifying

Yeah, so that’s what Dumbo actually looks like… As if that isn’t the most casually horrifying revelation ever…

Image Credit: theCHIVE

5. That’s dedication

Here’s how Danielle Radcliffe recorded that crazy underwater line in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire during the Triwizard Tournament.

Image Credit: theCHIVE

6. The power of the blue screen

This shot from Detective Pikachu is a clear reminder of just how dedicated to the scene that actors have to be.

Image Credit: theCHIVE

7. A relaxing read

English actor Nicholas Hoult found a special way to kick back while filming Mad Max: Fury Road.

Image Credit: theCHIVE

8. Wow

This is an actual photo from the set of The Call of the Wild. It’s seriously a miracle that these actors don’t end up breaking during every scene.

Image Credit: theCHIVE

9. Kudos to the makeup team

The actors of Sherlock took turns trying out this uncanny mold of Benedict Cumberbatch’s face.

Image Credit: theCHIVE

10. The ultimate set prop

Looks like the pink umbrella was the most popular kid in school here.

Image Credit: theCHIVE

11. That’s one way to cool off

Academy Award-winning makeup artists Bill Corso gave Ryan Reynolds a little extra shine on the set of Deadpool.

Image Credit: theCHIVE

Some of those photos were truly revealing. The level of dedication these professionals have to their craft is truly amazing. It’s also incredible how the most unglamorous methods can end up producing a spectacular, awe-inspiring effect.

What’s your favorite behind-the-scenes secret from Hollywood sets? Share with us in the comments below!

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“The Leftorium” and Other Businesses From “The Simpsons” We Wish Actually Existed

When Ned Flanders opened his store The Leftorium in season three of The Simpsons, it totally bombed.

The episode is literally called “When Flanders Failed.”

But I think Flanders’s idea to open a store for left-handed individuals is actually really cool. Sure, it only serves a certain demographic of the population, but that’s better than letting that demographic go without items made to fit their needs.

But let’s not stop there. In addition to the Leftorium, here are 9 Other Simpsons businesses I wish actually existed.

1. One of the most progressive bars in Springfield

Personally, I prefer their sister club, Eve & Eve.

Image Credit: Fox

2. We’re going to Disney Park!

Err, sorry, I mean…Diz-Nee.

Image Credit: Fox

3. It just makes sense

I hope there’s an air conditioner store out there that really uses this name.

4. I want to go to there

And buy all the LOTR plushies!

Image Credit: Fox

5. Yum!

If this store existed in real life, there would be a line out the DOOR.

Image Credit: Fox

6. Me neither!

Can we talk about Yogurt Nook?

Image Credit: Fox

7. I wouldn’t go in there…

One party I’m glad not to be invited to.

Image Credit: Fox

8. THE Leftorium

Flander’s quit his job to open this store. It was his dream.

Image Credit: Fox

9. Are you hair, God?

It’s me, Margret Simpson.

Image Credit: Fox

10. Well, I hope so

Otherwise we have a real problem.

Image Credit: Fox

Ok, so maybe “Donner’s Party Supplies” goes a bit too far for real life, but it’s just so darn morbid and clever.

What’s in a name? Well, quite a bit if you’re running a business. So, if you’re running a hair salon, or a law firm, or even a specialty store for left-handed individuals, I’d consider rebranding. Because these business names are gold.

Which business would you like to see tuned into a real life operation? Let us know in the comments.

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“Much Ado About Muffins” and Other Funny Signs From “The Simpsons”

You’ve heard it before…the devil is in the details.

You know you’re experiencing a solid piece of art/entertainment when you start to notice the clever, little details.

In this case, we’re talking about all the various signs and businesses that the creators of The Simpsons dreamt into existence.

Some of these names are extremely obvious puns while others may have flown right over your head as a kid. Either way, we hope you enjoy these 9 signs from the Simpsons you might have missed.

1. You can give it your best shot

But there’s no guarantee you’ll save any money.

Image Credit: Fox

2. Ok, so a bit on the nose

But, we all know what they’re referencing.

Image Credit: Fox

3. Flint?


Image Credit: Fox

4. This one really got me

Too real. Tooooo real.

Image Credit: Fox

5. Looks like fun

Shall we?

Image Credit: Fox

6. This actually seems problematic at best

But d*mn, now I’m hungry.

Image Credit: Fox

7. Humans are chums.


8. That’s the other guy’s name!

If you want, I can go in and buy you folks some clothes? Tis the season.


Image Credit: Fox

9. Do they have any banana nut?

The last taste of sweets is sweetest last.

That last one is my absolute favorite. How could you NOT want a Shakespearean muffin?

Also, Marge and Homer look so fancy and joyful here! This is not a look we get to see often, and it’s lovely.

I honestly don’t remember any of these from the episodes I watched as a kid, so it’s delightful to scroll through them as an adult and experience them as my parents probably did.

Which business name is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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For Fans of “Friends”, This Advent Calendar Is a Must-Have Filled With Keepsakes

There are shows we like, ones that win awards, ones that come and go, and ones that we miss for a minute but not for long.

Then there are shows that become a part of the public consciousness, that embed themselves in society in a way that means they’re never coming loose, no matter how much time has passed.

Older examples include I Love Lucy, Newhart, and Cheers, with more recent standouts like Seinfeld and, of course, Friends.

Image Credit: Amazon

If you’re a superfan of Friends or know someone who is, this advent calendar couldn’t be a more perfect present.

There are 25 pockets to open as you count down the days to Christmas, and at the end of it, you’ll end up with 40 keepsakes and trinkets like themed ornaments and recipe cards inspired by the show, to keep for as long as you have the calendar.

Image Credit: Amazon

There’s even a special Holiday Armadillo surprise, and you’re going to love it.

The calendar will set you back $29.99, but you might want to give it a preorder if you’re really wanting it for this year.

Right now, it’s even on sale on Amazon for $18 bucks – not bad!

Image Credit: Amazon

I mean, look at how cool this is!

Image Credit: Amazon

If this isn’t enough, and you want to shower someone with an all-Friends holiday, check out this Friends: The Official Cookbook, too.

With the Friends reunion show delayed indefinitely, this is pretty much the best way to celebrate (and mourn) that I’ve seen.

I’m definitely going to have to nab a couple of these for friends I know would love it.

What a deal, am I right?

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People Share the Bad Encounters They’ve Had With Celebrities

I worked on movies and TV sets for quite a few years, but I gotta say that most of the celebrities I had personal interactions with seemed pretty cool and somewhat normal. But, as you know, people who are rich and powerful can often be…difficult…and some of them are just straight-up *ssholes.

I guess we can’t really blame some celebrities for being frustrated in public (or even online). You have people coming at you all the time from different directions wanting something, anything, from you.

So I can see how certain famous people get irritated and lash out. I’m not saying it’s appropriate or acceptable, but I guess until you’re in that position, you just really don’t know how you’d act or react to people. I plan on finding out very soon when I get famous from either my dancing or my modeling.

But back to the folks who are ALREADY famous…

Are you ready to hear about some regular, everyday folks who had unpleasant experiences with celebrities?

Let’s see what these folks on TikTok had to say. I can’t wait to see what happened!

1. Kendall Jenner.


#stitch with @bloatflygirl #celebritybeef #foryou #fyp #kendalljenner #kyliejenner #storytime

♬ Elevator Music – Bohoman

2. Leonardo DiCaprio.


#stitch with @bloatflygirl celeb beef by proxy? #fyp #fypシ #storytime #celebritybeef #WellDone #WeWinTogether #ShowUpShowOff

♬ Elevator Music – Bohoman

3. Bill Murray.


#stitch with @bloatflygirl #fyp #billmurray #celebritybeef #funny #storytime #funnystory #truestory

♬ Elevator Music – Bohoman

4. Tyra Banks.


#stitch with @bloatflygirl #greenscreen #celebritybeef #tyrabanks

♬ Elevator Music – Bohoman

5. Jake T. Austin.


#stitch with @bloatflygirl #celebritybeef #jaketaustin #selenagomez #wizardsofwaverlyplace #halloween #storytime #z100

♬ Elevator Music – Bohoman

6. Peyton Manning.


#stitch with @bloatflygirl #celebritybeef Big baller, $0.00 tip. #peytonmanning I got stiffed, not in the fun way.

♬ Elevator Music – Bohoman

7. Anna Kendrick.


#stitch with @bloatflygirl #celebritybeef #annakendrick #rude #why #millennial #mom #over30 #hilarious #women #idkwhy #pitchperfect 🤷🏼‍♀️

♬ Elevator Music – Bohoman

8. Ariana Grande.


#stitch with @bloatflygirl i actually hated her for years until I got over it and now I’m a fan lmao #celebrity #celebritybeef #beef #fyp

♬ Elevator Music – Bohoman

9. Lebron James.


#stitch with @bloatflygirl my celebrity beef? Lebron James…. #Lebron #lebronjames #celebritybeef #nba #lakers #losangeleslakers #qharris8

♬ Elevator Music – Bohoman

10. Debby Ryan.


#stitch with @bloatflygirl #celebrity #celebritybeef #fyp #foryoupage #celebritytiktok

♬ Elevator Music – Bohoman

11. Jonathan Cheban.


#stitch with @bloatflygirl my fave story #kardashian #foodgod #celebritybeef

♬ Elevator Music – Bohoman

12. Niall Horan.


I love my random celeb beef #onedirection#niallhoran#louistomlinson#harrystyles#liampayne#zaynmalik#WellDone#celebritybeef#WeWinTogether#fyp

♬ Elevator Music – Bohoman

So… how about those encounters, eh? Are you shocked? Dismayed?

We want to hear from you. Have you ever had a bad encounter with a celeb? Or a good one? Or just an average one that left you underwhelmed?

Tell us your stories in the comments.


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Did You Ever Wonder How Much Collateral Damage There Was on “Mythbusters?”

There’s a good chance that Mythbusters was a regular part of your world in the 2000s – especially if you were any kind of nerd. They were like, as cool as people who were really into science would ever really be.

They blew stuff up, shot stuff, dropped stuff, and otherwise made giant messes all in the name of proving what things we believed just because were actually true or possible.

Did you ever stop to wonder, though, how much stuff got blown up and dropped and shot in the near vicinity?

If you didn’t, let me tell you – you’re going to love that you’re about to find out.

You know things are crazy when they have to start an episode with an apology…

Image Credit: Tumblr

Because a cannonball went through someone’s house.


Image Credit: Tumblr

Then there was the time they wanted to see if they could actually blow someone’s socks off.

Which, yanno… sounds REALLY dangerous.

Image Credit: Tumblr

And they got banned from like, an entire city (and then some).

Image Credit: Tumblr

So what we’re learning today, my friends, is that science is cool, that you should apologize when your experiments go awry, and if you’re going to test any kind of explosives, you should probably have some kind of expert on hand.

But mostly, that science is cool.

Don’t you forget that, y’all, but definitely go back and watching some old episodes of Mythbusters. Now you can make up all of the sordid behind-the-scenes details and know for sure you’re not that far off!

What do you think about this? Should Mythbusters have attempted these or just left well enough alone?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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