This Friends’ Onesie Is the Perfect Baby Gift

You could do something boring and helpful like buy your pregnant friends stuff that’s on their baby registries for a shower gift. In fact, you probably should do that…but if you’re looking for something extra and amazing to put into your bag, well, it doesn’t get better than this.

Everyone who is anyone loves the television show Friends, and we need to make sure we pass that adoration onto the next generation, don’t you think?

Enter this Friends onesie, which, y’all. Look.

It features a piece of dialogue that’s from one of the best episodes of the series – the one when Monica gets stung by a jellyfish and Joey and Chandler have to decide who is going to pee on it for her.

“If I had to, I’d pee on any one of you!”

Photo Credit: Etsy

As a parent, I can confirm that there are a lot of bodily fluids involved, most of them smell, and no, your kid is not embarrassed to be sharing any of them (not even when they’re old enough that you think they should be).

So, you might as well have a little fun with it – and let your friends know exactly what they’re getting into ahead of time, if they haven’t already guessed.

I for one, am going to stockpile these for baby showers from now until infinity.

I’m also about to go pull up that scene on YouTube because, like the “PIVOT” episode, it really never gets old.

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You Can Now Turn off Those Awful Autoplay Previews on Netflix

The year 2020 has been pretty shitty so far, but at least one marvelous thing has happened: Netflix will finally stop autoplaying every single preview that you scroll past.

For what feels like ages, Netflix’s autoplay feature has been non-optional. Every single Netflix user has had to deal with the jarring clips that immediately play as soon as you hover over a certain title. You could turn the sound off, but still, it was really annoying. It made trying to find something new to watch that much harder (and it was already pretty hard).

But! Netflix recently announced that “members can now control whether or not they see autoplay previews on Netflix.”

Needless to say, people are so excited that they basically had a party on Twitter about it.

People had a lot of things to say about the good news.

But most importantly, how does one take advantage of this new option and TURN AUTOPLAY PREVIEWS THE HELL OFF?

First, sign into your account. Then click the profile icon in the top right corner to reveal the drop-down menu and select “Manage Profiles.” Click the profile you want to edit.

You’ll see that “Autoplay previews while browsing on all devices” appears as one setting. It’s automatically checked, so you just uncheck it and voila! You can scroll in peace.


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Hilarious Times Things Went Wrong on “Saturday Night Live”

On Saturday Night Live, where improv is welcome and skits are rehearsed until the very last minute, it might seem obvious that things don’t always go as planned.

What’s amazing, though, is how often the skits that go “wrong” end up being the funniest, best-received ones of the night.

Here are 16 examples of things going wrong, but turning out hilariously right in the end, anyway.

16. I remember watching the Close Encounter sketch and laughing right along with Ryan Gosling.

He was trying and failing so hard.

15. After this second failure, I’m not sure he’ll be asked back for awhile.

Some actors just cannot handle the hilarity. 

14. Will Ferrell pulled out the tiniest flip phone ever in Jeffrey’s.

Neither Sean Hayes or Jimmy Fallon could handle it. At all.

13. Even the famously stoic Kate McKinnon could not during this Weekend Update.

The meat apparently smelled really disgusting.

12. It’s not exactly hard to get Bill Hader to break, but Fred Armisen went the extra mile in Short Term Memory Loss Theater.

He improved the bit with the jacket.

11. Jimmy Fallon nearly ruined The Love-ahs with Barbara and Dave

Or did he? Because it might just be better this way.

10. Justin Timberlake had to go to his happy place to stop the laughter in The Barry Gibb Talk Show: Bee Gees Singers.

Just look at his face when he finally looks up.

9. Will Ferrell improvising his Harry Caray was too much for Jeff Goldblum.

We were all confused, but in a good way.

8. The More Cowbell sketch is a beautiful mess.

Jimmy Fallon is all of us.

7. Absolutely no one made it through Debbie Downer: Disney World.

Especially not me.

6. The actors in Cast List were getting creative attempting to hide their giggles.

Will Ferrell as a drama teacher was too much.

5. When Kristen Wiig almost ran Maya Rudolph over in Super Showcase Spokesmodels it was over.

For Bill Hader and the rest of us.

4. None of the actors could keep it together during the Californians sketch.

They were on the verge of breaking character the entire time.

3. Chris Farley was the King, and was super hilarious in Matt Foley: Van Down by the River.

Neither David Spade or Christina Applegate stood a chance.

2. Bill Hader ran Melissa Villasenor into the table during Girlfriend’s Game Night.

Not once, but twice. At least he could hide behind her and laugh.

1. Aidy Bryant’s overzealous wardrobe assistant threw a wrench into the works.

It was so unexpected no one could stop the laughter.


I love it! Behind the scenes stuff is the best at making me laugh.

Do you have favorite outtakes from a show, or more stories like these? Share them with us in the comments!

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‘Baby Snowdas’ Are Popping up and They Are Delightful

It’s winter, so you know that a lot of kids (and some adults) and playing out in the snow and trying to come up with awesome snowmen to impress their friends and neighbors.

Ladies and gentlemen…I present to you…the Baby Snowda!

You knew it had to happen at some point, right?

Here are some that might just inspire you to build your own in your front yard.

1. That is awesome.

2. A night shot.

3. Wearing a sweater and everything.

4. A lil’ green guy.

5. Holding a cup of coffee.

6. Towering above the plains.

7. Made some friends.

8. That is HUGE.

9. Keeping warm.

10. Go ahead and carry that one around with you.

11. I love it!

Those are awesome!

Have you made a Baby Snowda yet? Or any other kind of snow creature?

Share some photos with us in the comments!

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Jennifer Aniston Surprised a Bunch of ‘Friends’ Fans Who Were Visiting Central Perk

Friends is the show that keeps on giving, am I right? It seems like the hit TV show is more popular than ever, even though it’s been off the air for almost 16 years. Especially with all the rumors and innuendo about a possible Friends reunion, people are pretty fired up about the series.

As the debate swirls about whether or not there will be a reunion, Jennifer Aniston decided to have some fun with Friends fans for The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The Ellen show is taped on the Warner Bros. lot where Friends was filmed, and the iconic “Central Perk” coffee house from the show is still there for fans to visit.

Jennifer Aniston decided it would be a fun prank to pop out from behind the couch in Central Perk and scare the daylights out of fans who were visiting. That’ll be a good story to tell their friends and family when they head back home from vacation.

Here are some of the hilarious reactions. Be sure to scroll to the end to watch the video.

Photo Credit: NBC

Photo Credit: NBC

Photo Credit: NBC

Photo Credit: NBC

Enjoy this video of Jennifer Aniston in action scaring fans. It’s a hoot!

Now, wasn’t that delightful! Let’s keep our fingers crossed for that Friends reunion. Hopefully those Hollywood bigwigs will make it happen, and soon.

So what do you think? Will there be a Friends reunion or will they just let the hit show’s legacy stay in the past? Judging by this photo from a few months ago, it looks like it might be ON.

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And now we’re Instagram FRIENDS too. HI INSTAGRAM 👋🏻

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Time will tell…

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Amazon Prime Offers TV Programs for Your Cat

Amazon Prime has a brand new solution if you feel guilty about leaving your pets at home: TV for cats.

This is real.

The streaming service is full of videos to entertain indoor cats, featuring footage of birds, chipmunks, squirrels, and more birds. The service could keep cats from getting bored while you’re at work all day — or you could even throw the TV on for your indoor cat while you’re home.

The videos include such riveting titles as “Movies for Cats – Forest Birds and Chipmunks,” “Songbirds and Squirrels on a Tree,” and “Baby Robin’s Day Out.” The videos mimic the experience of looking out the window, watching the birds and other critters.

The only potential side effect of cat TV? Your cat may end up attempting to hunt your television. This genre gives “reality TV” a whole new meaning.

Photo Credit: Amazon Prime Screenshot

If you don’t have Amazon Prime, your cats can still enjoy the same experience, because YouTube is full of videos for cats for free. In fact, these free videos were the inspiration behind Amazon Prime’s Cat TV service, according to a blog post.

Amazon Fire TV software engineer Sue Kim says her cat Ruby adores these videos.

“I simply leave the video playing when I leave for work, and that occupies Ruby until her nap,” Sue writes. “She also doesn’t get so upset when I leave.”

Dogs would likely enjoy watching cat TV too, especially the shows with squirrels or chipmunks. Bonus: The nature-oriented videos seem pretty darn calming for humans, too!

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Some of the Best Tweets from the 2020 Golden Globes

Did you catch the Golden Globes this year?

They were definitely entertaining – Ricky Gervais really gave all kinds of celebrities and Hollywood in general a major dose of THE ROAST.

Here are some of the funniest tweets about that glorious evening.

1. Bring it on!

2. Yes she does.

3. I’m going with the saint guy.

4. Hahahaha. Very good.

5. Which do you prefer?

6. He’s aged well!

7. She is pretty good.

8. One hot take.

9. Oh yes he did!

10. I enjoyed this, too.

11. I’m sure he would’ve.

12. Seems like it, huh?

I love seeing those Hollywood celebrities get roasted, don’t you?

What did you think of this year’s awards?

Let us know in the comments!

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14 Times Hollywood Age Gaps Were Very Surprising

In real life, people can be with whoever the heck they want – young-young, young-old, it doesn’t matter. In Hollywood, though, age gaps get a little more political. And while Hollywood is notorious for pairing older actors with younger actresses as love interests, some of these movie age gaps – not all of which are even romantic – are really pretty mind-blowing.

And not really in a good way, so be warned.

14. In The Graduate, Dustin Hoffman was 30 years old, playing 21, and being seduced by the seemingly much older Anne Bancroft, who was only 36 irl.

Image Credit: Embassy Pictures

Mrs. Robinson’s daughter, played by Katharine Ross, was 27 – only 9 years younger than Bancroft.

13. In Singin’ in the Rain, Debbie Reynolds was cast when she was 19 years old, while love interest Gene Kelly was 40.

Image Credit: MGM

And yeah, she had to act like she wanted to make out with him.

12. In The Manchurian Candidate, Angela Lansbury played the onscreen mom of Laurence Harvey, who was only three years younger.

Image Credit: United Artists

If that’s not a comment on women’s employability in Hollywood, I don’t know what is.

11. In Carrie, Sissy Spacek was 26 when she played a 16-year-old.

Image Credit: United Artists

The woman who played the gym teacher, Betty Buckley, was only 28.

10. In Magic in the Moonlight, there was a 28-year age gap between onscreen lovers Emma Stone and Colin Firth.

Image Credit: Sony Pictures Classics

Ho-hum, just another sexist day in Hollywood.

9. In Love Actually, Thomas Brodie-Sangster and Keira Knightley were only five years apart.

Image Credit: Universal Pictures

He played a 10-year-old, and she played a married woman. Though this isn’t entirely unrealistic, it’s still crazy to think about.

8. In Forrest Gump, Sally Field and Tom Hanks played mother and son.

Six years earlier they played love interests in Punchline. FYI, she’s 10 years older than him in real life.

7. In Alexander, Angelina Jolie played Colin Farrell’s mother.

Image Credit: Warner Bros.

He was 28, she was 29.

6. In The Hobbit series, Orlando Bloom was actually older than the actor who played his father.

Image Credit: Warner Bros.

Lee Pace is two years his junior. Though they were playing elves, who, admittedly, age strangely.

5. In Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Dick Van Dyke was six months older than Lionel Jeffries, who played his father.

Image Credit: United Artists

I mean, to be fair, Dick Van Dyke was an alien who never really aged.

4. In the Harry Potter series, Shirley Henderson was 35 years old when she started playing Moaning Myrtle.

Image Credit: Warner Bros.

Myrtle was a 14-year-old ghost.

3. In Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, Cher played Meryl Streep’s mom.

Image Credit: Universal Pictures

Meryl is younger, but only by 3 years.

2. In White Christmas, Rosemary Clooney was 26 by the time the movie premiered, while Bing Crosby was 51 – nearly twice her age.

Image Credit: Paramount Pictures

No wonder she wasn’t really into it, blue eyes or not.

1. In Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Sean Connery played Harrison Ford’s father.

Image Credit: Paramount Pictures

There is only a 12-year age gap between the actors.


I really had no idea how old some of these actors are, so there’s that. And wow do I need some better anti-aging products.

Did these surprise you? Are you more savvy than me? Tell us in the comments!

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What Is a Pooh, and Why Is Winnie One?

Winnie the Pooh is, in fact, a bear. He lives in the woods, he eats honey, he loves to sleep, he looks like a bear…all of the signs are there.

So why, then, is he referred to as “the pooh?” And what exactly IS a pooh, anyway?

I have to confess that I never really thought too much about it until someone asked me that question, and then, well, I just had to know the answer.


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To find it we have to travel way back in time to the 1920s when A.A. Milne first published his stories about the Hundred-Acre Wood

When the stories were very first written, Winnie wasn’t Winnie at all – in the original drafts he was Edward Bear. Then, on a visit to the London Zoo, Milne encountered a very friendly black bear who had been named after Winnipeg, Canada.

And thus, Winnie came into being.

But what is Pooh?

Well, Pooh referred originally to a swan.

In the book When We Were Very Young, Milne included a poem explaining how Christopher Robin would feed the swan in the mornings – a swan called “Pooh,” which is “a very fine name for a swan, because if you call him and he doesn’t come (which is a thing swans are good at), then you can pretend that you were just saying ‘Pooh!’ to show him how little you wanted him.”

Then the swan character was shown the door and Edward was renamed; Winnie the Pooh was born.

If that doesn’t satisfy you, A.A. Milne wrote in the first chapter of the first Winnie the Pooh book, “But his arms were so stiff …they stayed up straight into the air for more than a week, and whenever a fly came and settled on his nose he had to blow it off. And I think – but I am not sure – that that is why he is always called Pooh.”

So there’s that too.

The reasoning, of course, doesn’t matter all that much because the name stuck. Winnie the Pooh – or just Pooh – became an icon for children all over the world, and the rest, as they say, is history.

He even has his own holiday (Winnie the Pooh Day is January 18th, if you care to celebrate).

However he came by his name, and however you came to find him, there’s almost no chance you don’t love him – and I would never “pooh”a Winnie the Pooh date with my kids.

Or myself, to be honest.

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Diehard Jeopardy! Fans Created a Database of Almost Every Question Ever Asked on the Show

This is awesome!

Are you a Jeopardy! junkie? Do you tune in religiously to see how folks from around the country will perform under pressure and how wide their knowledge is?

I know I do! I love shouting along as Alex Trebek hosts the iconic show, and I’m always excited to see what the categories will be for the night.

Well, if you’ve ever wanted to take a really deep dive – and I mean really deep – into the show’s quizology, you need to check out a website called the J! Archive. Some diehard Jeopardy! fans created the website, which, as of today, contains a total of 384,440 questions from 36 seasons of the incredibly popular game show. The archive dates back to when Alex Trebek started hosting the show in 1984.

The website was founded 15 years ago by a patent attorney named Robert Schmidt. Since then, Schmidt has had help updating the J! Archive from a small group of hardcore fans of the show.

One of the people involved in the site is a man named Mark Barrett who has spent countless hours watching old VHS tapes of past Jeopardy! episodes in order to update the site (and, we assume, because he likes to). Barrett said that he has about 150 episodes that he taped to go through, but that there could be as many as 1,400 episodes worth of questions that need to be cataloged and added to the site.

Each episode catalogued contains all the important information, such as the date of the episode, the contestants, and, of course, the questions.

Spend some time on the site and give that brain of yours a workout!

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