Cool Images From the Days of Fast Food Past

I know that kids today love going to McDonald’s and Chick Fil A and everything, but hear me out – those places are nowhere near as awesome as the iterations we visited as kids.

The outdoor playground at McDonald’s, full of metal stairs that could cut open a skull and bars that effectively imprisoned kids, all of the toys we worked so hard to collect – it was a special time.

And these 16 images are going to bring it all rushing back.

16. He looks so friendly.

That’s how clowns suck you in.

Image Credit: Cheezburger

15. The Beanie Baby craze!

Would this even have been a list without it?

Image Credit: Cheezburger

14. These were some of the best.

Not better than the Smurfs, though.

Image Credit: Cheezburger

13. The disposable bibs, yes.

The McDonald’s by me is actually bringing them back.

Image Credit: Cheezburger

12. Who on EARTH thought these were a good idea?

Their first foray into “healthy” eating.

Image Credit: Cheezburger

11. I am not sorry the smoking thing is over.

I bet this ashtray would go for big bucks on Ebay, though.

Image Credit: Cheezburger

10. The kid jail!

I bet our parents loved seeing us in there.

Image Credit: Cheezburger

9. Our parents wanted these more than we did.

And they were so mad when we inevitably broke them.

Image Credit: Cheezburger

8. Oh, how I wanted these!

I can still feel the yearning all these years later.

Image Credit: Cheezburger

7. Not as good as the outdoor ones, though.

You will not change my mind on this.

Image Credit: Cheezburger

6. These were some of the creepiest.

Too like Roger Rabbit.

Image Credit: Cheezburger

5. Because we had to have something to do when our parents were taking forever.

It wasn’t because it took too long to get our food, that’s for sure.

Image Credit: Cheezburger

4. These were so meta.

And nobody even knew what that meant.

Image Credit: Cheezburger

3. Their Halloween toys were always the best.

I could never get them all, though. Which was probably by design.

Image Credit: Cheezburger

2. More toys of McDonald’s food…

…sold at McDonald’s.

Image Credit: Cheezburger

1. Back when their ice cream machines weren’t always broken.

And those twists, man. Those were the stuff.

Image Credit: Cheezburger

Ahhh, can you smell the nostalgia? I can!

Which one of these gave you the biggest smile? Share with us in the comments!

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People Talk About Things They Were Into Before They Became “Cool”

You’ve heard people brag (or humblebrag) about being into certain things before they hit the mainstream.

Movies, music, artists, etc. People always like to make sure that everyone out there knows that they were into it WAYYYYYY before it got popular.

But some people really were into stuff before everyone else knew about it.

What were you into before it was cool?

Here’s what folks on AskReddit had to say about this.

1. Snapchat.

“Snapchat. I downloaded it when it was in its early stages..and then deleted the app shortly after because none of my friends were on it.

I still have people asking me how I got my username.


2. Wow!

“I went to a bar a long time ago (illegally- I was below drinking age) to see this punk band play. I liked it enough that I shelled out for one of their cassettes (pre-CD).

The band was Green Day.”

3. Rock star.

“I got stoned with John Mayer in a college town before he put out a CD. He was playing the blues at a club in front of 100 people and i only caught the last song.

We got high and he gave me a cd and wrote on it…. few weeks later I put the cd in and quickly tossed it out.

So I was early adopter of John Mayer playing the blues, AND throwing out his trash studio albums.”

4. Vinyl.

“I was into vinyl before it made a comeback.

And since nobody in the ’90s or early 2000s wanted their records anymore, I basically got 500+ records for free or nearly free.”

5. Potterhead.

“I was reading Harry Potter from like, day one. I remember how this happened so clearly. My dads birthday landed on the same day day that the book was released in the US, September 1, 1998, and we got him a gift certificate to Barnes and Noble, among a few other things.

The very next day, my dad and I went to Barnes and Noble. He picked two books, one was a New York Mets coffee table book and the other was the newly released Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone, which he handed to me.

There were stacks and stacks of them on a display table right at the front of the store. He mentioned that he had read an article about how good the book was a few weeks prior, and that it would be releasing in the US soon. We were in the store for all of five minutes.

I read the first two chapters on the way home, and was immediately hooked. I swear I read that book a dozen times before going to the midnight release of Chamber of Secrets the following year.”

6. Awesome!

“Saw Metallica for my first concert in 1985 on the Ride The Lightning tour in Austin Texas.”

7. Interesting.

“Donald Glover.

He was part of a comedy group called Derrick Comedy that was absolutely hilarious.”

8. Eminem.

“I once did a Google search for Eminem and it came back with zero results.

I was an editor at All music at the time and emailed my higher ups to tell them he needed a listing ASAP.”

9. Old school.

“I was chugging Pabst Blue Ribbon years before it became the go-to hipster brew.”

10. Back in the day.


This account is rather recent but I discovered the platform in its infancy. It had less stuff back then but the discussions were better.

And then, mainstream caught up.”

11. DMB.

“When I started college in 1993, the first real big party I went to was a sorority party with a band. I was there before they went on, and when I saw they had a saxophone set up on stage, I (having played alto sax in hs) set my beer down on the stage in front of where the sax player would be.

They wound up being really good live, and a few weeks later the Dave Matthews Band first album came out, and I bought it first day.

I’ll never forget taking that cd home at Christmas break and playing it for high school friends who said “WHAT THE F*CK IS THIS SH*T?” The next year they all apologized because they were all into them once they got popular.

I saw them a few times, but after they got super big I really didn’t like any of their new material and quit listening to them. The last time I saw them I remember seeing Daisy Fuentes outside the theater interviewing people after the show and had a feeling they were about to be a big MTV band.

However, from time to time I’ll hear an old tune of theirs and will remember when I thought they were very cool.”

12. Get with it!

“Adult coloring.

I never liked drawing but loved coloring, so as I grew up I would seek out all kinds of coloring books. I loved how calming it was, and I would often color with my grandparents so I created a lot of fond memories there.

I got made fun of a lot for my hobby until it suddenly became cool in the last few years.”

13. Good stuff.

“Tito’s Vodka.

I was living in Austin before it went nationwide and after moving back to the Midwest, it took a couple years for the mass release before it really took off.”

14. Cool Mom!

“My white suburban mom did yoga back in the 1970’s when it was considered “a hippy thing”.”

15. Crazy.

“I was out for the night back when I was 17/18/19. A friend and I went to a good pub in Oxfordshire where we thought we’d have a chance to pick up some girls.

Ended up getting drunk, taking an E and listening to the band who were pretty good. After their set we popped out of the pub for a quick joint.

The band walked over and asked for a toke. Ended up spending the rest of the evening In the back of their van smoking weed and drinking.

Turned out that the band was an unknown indie/rock group called Radiohead. A couple of weeks later Creep went international.

Been a fan ever since.”

Now we want to hear from you.

What were you into to before it became really popular?

Talk to us in the comments!

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Did Pilgrims Land at Plymouth Rock Because Their Beer Supplies Were Dwindling?

Here’s a story about the founding of our country that they don’t (but should) teach you in high school – beer (or lack thereof) played a role in the choice to make Plymouth Rock the first landing place for English settlers in the New World.

First, let me dispel the notion that the proper Separatists were getting sloshed as they made their way across the Atlantic, though. In order to make long ocean crossings, people and shipping companies had to figure out how to store water. People can’t live without it, of course, but as we all know, water that sits, stagnant and without modern ways to seal and store it, quickly grew stagnant and prone to water-borne bacteria.

Not good.

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English below! 🪓 HOLZFASS. Es gab Zeiten in denen mangels Alternativen jedes Bier im Holzfass gelagert wurde. Mittlerweile ist es etwas Besonderes, da deutlich teurer als Lagerung im Edelstahltank. Es gibt aber Stile wie z. B. das belgische Sauerbier Geuze, für die es unerlässlich ist. Eine besonders beeindruckende Sammlung kann man bei @brouwerij_boon bewundern. 🤩🍻 . . . WOODEN BARREL. There's been times in which every beer got conditioned in wooden barrels. Simply because there weren't any alternatives. Nowadays barrel aged beers are something special, because stainless steel is much cheaper and easier to handle. Some styles like the Belgian sour beer Geuze, though, require wooden barrels. @brouwerij_boon has an impressive collection. 🤩🍻 . . . Foto von Mai 2019. #boon #brouwerijboon #brouwerij #beer #bier #craftbeer #geuze #lambic #kriek #lambiek #fasslagerung #barrelagedbeer #beerbarrels #barrels #fass #fässer #bierfass #bierfässer #belgien #brauerei #bierwissen #bierinfo #bierfakt #belgien #belgischesbier #toerdegeuze #toerdegeuze2019

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People had realized for quite some time, though, that alcohol eats bacteria, and so weak beer, known as ship’s beer, kept everyone hydrated on long crossings. It had a much lower alcohol content than what we drink today, and there was also “small beer,” which had almost no alcohol in it. The latter was handed out to every passenger – even children – a quart per day.

Fun Fact: Ship’s crossings also led to the invention of IPA’s – India Pale Ale’s were born from the need to make beer that would be good after the LONG journey from England to India, and brewmasters found the answer in extra hops.

When people came home from service in India, they didn’t want that weak-a$s pale ale served ’round the local pub – they wanted that good INDIA pale ale.

Back in 1620, though, the Mayflower’s crossing was not without trouble. There were originally two ships, but when one began taking on water early in the journey, all of the passengers (and presumably their rations) were transferred to the sturdy Mayflower.

By the time they mitigated that trouble, storm season was upon them, and rough seas delayed their trip by about two months. November is obviously not the ideal time to arrive in New England. The cold weather meant that planting crops would have to wait, and rations from the ship would have to last.

The captain and others aboard did realize that the bit of land in Plymouth wasn’t even the one the colonists had been authorized to populate, but….the beer.

Stores were running low, and so the captain decided to dock the ship and canvas the new land. He sent the passengers and their servants aground to find drinkable water (so they could make more beer) and the crew remained on the vessel, keeping the remaining beer stores for themselves.

One passenger, William Bradford, complained that the passengers “were hastened ashore and made to drink water, that the seamen might have the more beer.”

Another early colonist reported that no one liked the water in the New World, writing “I dare not prefere it before good beere.”

So, there you have it. The fact that beer played a role in the choice of Plymouth Rock as a landing port is not a tall tale, and honestly, I think we could make the case that beer is this country’s founding beverage.

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Check Out the Secret Diary Written on the Floorboards of a French Castle

History is full of amazing people living lives we can hardly believe, and that’s only for the tiny, tiny percentage of humans we actually know something about.

So whenever a “secret diary” is uncovered and we have another chance to peer into the past, I am here for it – and I didn’t know it until now, but that goes double for diaries written on the floor of a French castle.

Basically, this 18th century tradesman took the classic and never underrated advice to hide your valuables under the floorboards super literally.

A few years ago, the owners of a 19th century chateau near the French-Swiss border were renovating (as one does), and when they pulled open the original floors, they discovered that the undersides were covered in writings – over 72 entries of a diary, written by the carpenter who helped build the original structure.

His name was Joachim Martin. He lived in a nearby rural settlement called Les Crottes, and between 1880-1881, he unburdened himself of some seriously hot and disturbing local gossip. Which might sound frivolous and unimportant, but we have a serious dearth of records of what common life looked like through the majority of history.

These floorboards, to many historians, are complete gems.

Several of the passages describe multiple affairs in the village, because apparently everyone had a mistress. He confesses to knowing about at least four infanticides – all of the babies were love children of his friend’s – as well as where the bodies were buried.

I mean, there was no real birth control, but still. Yikes.

Joachim never told a soul about the tiny corpses under the stables because “he’s my old childhood friend, and his mother is my father’s mistress.”

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Sur les bords du lac de Serre-Poinçon se dresse le château de Picomtal. Au début des années 2000, les nouveaux propriétaires y effectuent des travaux. Ils découvrent des lignes serrées d'écriture, derrière les planchers qu’ils sont en train de démonter. Cent vingt ans plus tôt, au début des années 1880, Joachim Martin, le menuisier, s’est confié, au verso des planches qui composent le parquet posé dans toutes les pièces. L’homme sait qu’il ne sera lu longtemps qu’après sa mort. Il raconte sa vie, celle de sa famille, celles de ses voisins, les ragots qui courent, les histoires de fesses, les mœurs quotidiennes du village, l'histoire avec un grand H, des histoires avec un petit h, décrivant ainsi une société d'individus confrontée au progrès économique mais aussi à l’avènement de la République. Un témoignage rare d'un Français d'alors et d'en bas. "Le plancher de Joachim", sous la direction de @joboudon paru en @folio_livres collection Histoire. #librairie #librairesarlesiens #bookshop #bookseller #livrestagram #bookstagram #bookaddict #livreaddict #livreaddiction #booklover #bookstagrammer #bookoftheday #histoire #histoires #viequotidienne #dixneuviemesiecle #menuisier #joachimmartin #picomtal #leplancherdejoachim #jacquesolivierboudon #passionhistoire #troisiemerepublique #artisanat #sousleplancher #histoiredesmoeurs

A post shared by Librairie Actes Sud Arles (@librairieactessud) on

Okay then.

Also, the clergy in town was full of randy perverts, which, nowadays, I guess really isn’t all that surprising.

Joachim accused the village priest of seducing half of the husbands in the village, and also said the abbot, one Abbot Lagier, was a “pig” who “should be hanged.” Apparently he forced the women of the village to detail not only how often, but what sort of sex they were having with their husbands, supposedly so he could ensure they weren’t using any perverted positions.

A classic case of takes one to know one, I suppose.

In addition to the local gossip, since the journal entries were written during the years immediately preceding the French Revolution, there’s also a pretty interesting look into how the commoners in the area felt about corruption in the Church and in the State.

Perhaps my favorite thing about Joachim is that he seemed to be aware that his words would one day be found and read – something that would have undoubtedly seemed exciting to a man of his station. In one of the entries he addresses us, the future readers of his self-published gossip rag.

“Happy Mortal. When you read this, I shall be no more. My story is short and sincere and frank, because none but you shall see my writing.”

He guessed right; the original hardwood floors of a French chateau have endured through time and trials, and I don’t know about you, but I sure would like to light candle for Joachim – the new patron saint of gossip-mongers everywhere.

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This Corned Beef Sandwich Made an Illicit Trip Into Space

This tale begins with astronaut John Young. The 9th person to walk on the moon, Young enjoyed the longest career of any astronaut before – or after – him at NASA, flying 6 space missions in over 42 years of service.

Yeah. I know.

He flew his first mission in 1985, the 3rd Gemini mission. He and fellow astronaut Gus Grissom named their craft “Molly Brown,” after the Unsinkable Molly Brown, and when NASA suggested that they change it – no need to worry about crashing into the sea, after all – they said fine, they would call it “Titanic” instead.

The “Molly Brown” was the last crew-named spacecraft to lift off on NASA’s watch.

What NASA officials didn’t know was that Young wasn’t done causing trouble in 1985. Not even close.

Before the flight, Young’s friend Walter Schirra gave him a corned beef sandwich, and Young decided to stick it in his pocket and take it along.

You know, just to see what would happen.

He surprised Grissom with it, and his partner took a few bites before the sandwich started to fall apart.

NASA wasn’t happy, because the crumbs from the sandwich could have caused trouble with the ship’s mechanics, though everything turned out fine.

At least, they did until Congress got wind of the situation – they were upset because taxpayer money had been spent on “official food” that was supposed to be evaluated.

Image Credit: NASA

Spoiler alert: a few bites of cold corned beef did not spoil anyone’s appetite.

Young was reprimanded, NASA implemented new rules as far as what astronauts could bring on flights, and Young was reportedly peeved that his stupid sandwich got more attention than all of the hard work and achievements of the men on board.

I guess that’s what you get when you fly by the seat of your corned beef-laden pants.

He died in 2018 at the ripe old age of 87.

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How One Tumblr Thread Implodes the Conservative Image of Humans Past

People have this idea that all, or at least most, past humans were super prim, proper, and conservative.

Though this isn’t true, so many people believe it’s true that authors, filmmakers, and artists of all sorts are basically unable to write the truth because what’s real would generally read as anachronous to the average person.

Not sure what I mean? This Tumblr thread, which begins with the real fact that “Tiffany” was a common name in the late middle ages.

Image Credit: Cheezburger

Then, we get the news that nipple rings were a thing in the Victorian age.

Image Credit: Cheezburger

I was with them on the Vikings until “freeform rap battles.”

*runs to Google*

Image Credit: Cheezburger

Disposable eating utensils? Check.

Massive trade networks? Check. Check.

Image Credit: Cheezburger

Honestly, all of these sound like better ideas than what actually happened in the last 3 seasons of Game of Thrones.

Image Credit: Cheezburger

As an ancient historian, none of this shocks me and I wish more people knew the truth!

Image Credit: Cheezburger

History is definitely weirder than you think.

Image Credit: Cheezburger

I love each and every one of these facts, y’all!

How many of them surprised you? Any?

Western education has a long way to go, don’t you think?

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A Scotch Whiskey Was Salvaged From an 80-Year-Old Shipwreck and Then Went up for Auction

I bet you didn’t know there’s a whole category of booze known as “sunken scotch,” and it’s all been recovered from the cargo holds of wrecked ships.

Pretty cool, you have to admit, and the prices these casks and flasks fetch at auction is no joke.

The latest find, which was dredged up from the wreck of the S.S. Politician – an infamous, WWII-era vessel that ran aground on its way to Jamaica – was carrying around 28,000 cases of whiskey.

The wreckage was discovered along the rocky Outer Hebrides, and once official salvage attempts had ceased, islanders descended on the bones looking for prizes among the carnage.

The practice is technically illegal in the U.K., but I mean…most of us would consider it more criminal to leave whiskey languishing, no one to enjoy it forever.

The “rescue” of said whiskey, and the subsequent hijinks to evade paying taxes on it, has even been immortalized in books and film (Whisky Galore, 1947), with a recent remake making headlines at the Edinburgh Film Festival, as well.

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Whisky Galore! Two surviving bottles from the shipwrecked SS Politician which ran aground off Eriskay in the Outer Hebrides in 1941. Thousands of bottles were 'recovered' by Islanders who's whisky supplies had dried up due to war time rationing and the story of which was turned into a book by Compton Mackenzie and later, a cult Ealing Studio comedy. Great story, great film! 😊 . . . . #whiskygalore #whisky #whiskylover #lovewhisky #singlemalt #lovescotland #eriskay #outerhebrides #sspolitician #visitouterhebrides #scottishculture #hebrides #visitscotland #whiskyphotography #productphotography #nikonphotography #nikonpro #commercialphotography #thisisscotland #advertisingphotography #elexiroflife #angelsshare #cultfilm #scottishfilm

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The latest bottle up for sale at the Grand Whisky Auction was recovered by George Currie, a deep sea repairman who was working, at the time, on a subsea cable off the Hebridean coast. He and a team of divers recovered a VAT69, Ballentine’s, and four bottles of a brand that no longer exists, Gibbey’s.

Two bottles of similarly aged bottles from the SS Politician fetched over 12,000 pounds at auction in 2013.

Remember, though, that whiskey ages in barrels, not bottles, so it’s not as if bottled scotch on the bottom of the sea is any older, essentially, than another bottle of booze aged a decade or so in a barrel.

Basically, however it tasted 80 years ago is pretty much how it will taste today.

The offering does come with a diving helmet, bricks from the ship, and an original movie poster from the 2016 remake of Whisky Galore.

Just something to consider, if you’re thinking of taking a secondhand plunge.

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Code Words That Industries Use and Don’t Want People to Know About

Have you ever heard a term and thought, “what are these people talking about?”

Yeah, me too. And that’s why I’m writing this today. Because certain industries have these code words that they use to trick us… and I’m just not one for many secrets.

Today we’ll be looking at 12 code words used by select fields that you never knew until now.

Let’s go!

12. Pucker Factor

Photo Credit: iStock

When shizz gets real on the battlefield… how much “pucker factor” is how much you have to clench your cheeks IF you don’t want to, well… shizz yourself.

Pucker up, buttercup!

11. Birth Control Glasses

You know those REALLY ugly glasses that the military gives out?

Yeah, those will prevent you from having any sex.

Thus… birth control glasses!

10. Yoda Conditions

Photo Credit: Alvin Alexander

When computer programmers basically just reverse the terms of expression… a condition Yoda it is.

The graphic above illustrates a situation like this. When the terms are reversed, it can mean something completely opposite or even unrelated.

9. P.O.O.H.

Photo Credit: Disney/YouTube

No, this isn’t about the charming literary character with a proclivity for honey.

But… when there’s not enough honey (oil) in the hole… it’s time to pull out.

Or… “Pull Out Of Hole”

8. Suck. Squeeze. Bang. Blow.

Photo Credit: iStock

I’d tell you to get your mind out of the gutter, but there’s no way this wasn’t conceived by a naughty mind.

A four-stroke engine (stroke…heh) goes through these stages in its power cycle.

Of course there are other names for these stages, and here they are: intake (suck), compression (squeeze), combustion and power stroke (bang), and exhaust (blow).

That was satisfying!

7. Crop Dusting

Photo Credit: iStock

This one is hilarious because we ALL knew this happened.

It’s when flight attendants silently rip a fart while they walk down the aisle.

Yep! Knew it!

6. Bury The Hatchet

Photo Credit: iStock

This one is actually terrifying, because it involves mistakes in medicine.

When a surgeon leaves one of their instruments inside somebody during a surgery… and they need to just make peace with that fact… that’s burying the hatchet.


5. Penguin Diagram

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

This one is funny because it’s based on a joke.

The story goes that physicist John Ellis lost a bet and had to include the word “penguin” somewhere in a paper of his.

Thus “penguin diagrams” was born to describe interactions between quantum particles.

Not a bad way to lose a bet!

4. Refuctoring

Photo Credit: iStock

If you’re a computer programmer, or any employee of any company, the last thing you want to do is get replaced by somebody else.

This is where programmers have a big advantage over other people because they can make their code almost impossible to understand. And if it’s impossible to understand… nobody can maintain it.

If nobody can maintain it… a programmer can’t be fired otherwise the whole project is in jeopardy.

3. Angel Lust

Photo Credit: iStock

So there’s this thing called mortuary sciences, which basically means what happens to people after they’re dead. So that’s fun.

One of the more unexpected things that happens when somebody dies is that the electrical activity in their body does NOT stop.

And so, you get things like corpse erections. Yes, that actually happens.

The solution? Wait for it to die down.


2. Deceptionist

Photo Credit: iStock

Some people who answer the phones are there to help. But not the deceptionists. Their job is to prevent people from reaching their bosses.

I wonder if

1. “Cum” Folder

Photo Credit: iStock

Pronounced “cume” … this one has to do with kid’s school records or cumulative records.

Yeah, we don’t know why they shortened it either. But I guess we all have a sense of humor.

So… any of those that you knew? Anything particular shocking?

Let us know in the comments!

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Italians Are Bringing Back Plague-Era “Wine Windows” During These Times

Florence, Italy, is a gorgeous city. The architecture is stunning, and there are so many great details in the design.

One of these details is the buchetta del vino, or wine window. Historically, wealthy Italians who owned vineyards would sell their wine to customers right through the window.

The wine windows were especially useful during the plague. They allowed proprietors to continue to sell their wine while minimizing their chances of getting the plague while doing so.

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A fiumi, grazie. 🍷 #winewindow #firenze

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Florence and Tuscany are filled with hundreds of these windows… and they’re definitely having a bit of a moment right now during the coronavirus pandemic.

Seriously, people are thrilled to have this option, and the windows are pretty cute.

In addition to ordering and receiving wine, customers are able to request cocktails and other drinks.

People are even able to get their to-go coffee and tea this way!

If you’re looking for to-go gelato, don’t worry: the wine window will provide.

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Gelato nella buchetta del vino! 🍨✨

A post shared by Eat With This Architect (@thisarchitecteats) on

If you find yourself in Florence, there’s even a map of every buchetta del vino so you can see them all.

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Wine window #florence #winewindow #bell

A post shared by Mami Sakamoto (@mamisakamoto1) on

While travel isn’t really in the cards for most of us right now, especially international travel at that, it’s nice knowing that the windows exist (and that Italians are able to enjoy them).

Hopefully, one day soon the rest of us will be able to visit Florence and delight in the windows as well.

What do you think of these wine windows? Would you like to see something similar in your own city?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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