How to Improve Your Gaming Experience at Home

Playing games is a fun way to relax, and is something you can do with friends online for a virtual catch-up. When you are isolating at home, gaming can be your connection to the outside world and relieve your boredom. However, low-quality internet, slow speeds, and inferior technology can make your gaming experience more stressful than it should be. If you are looking to enhance your gameplay for these long spent days at home, consider these tips: Upgrade Your Computer Games are constantly improving as technology evolves, but your computer might not be keeping up. Improvements might be as simple

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Is Your Photoshop Scratch Disk Full? Here’s Why and How You Can Fix It

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most useful editing software available. In fact, there’s a reason why many people equate the term ‘Photoshopping’ with image editing in general. But what happens when your Photoshop scratch disk is full and errors begin to appear? Not everyone is sure of how to respond. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know. Wait – What’s The ‘Scratch Disk?’ For those unfamiliar with this term, you likely have a far different image in your head than what a scratch disk actually is.

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The Basket App Tells You the Best Place to Buy Your Groceries

If your house is like mine, you’ve watched your grocery bill go up, up, and up some more as everyone has been forced to eat, work, sleep, and play at home more often than not.

It’s more important to most of us than ever, then, and the Basket app is here to make sure you’re getting the very best deal for your money.

If you download the app and the sign up/log in, you can choose all of the nearby grocery stores that you’re willing to visit for your shopping trip. You add your items to one basket, then the app will show you the cost of the items at each store, but will also compare the total price of your basket depending on location.

Image Credit:

So, if you want to visit more than one store to get all of the best deals, you can.

Or if you want to go for the cheapest overall basket, you can do that too – though you’ll want to take into consideration how far you have to go to shop, too (if you’re not ordering online, all the time at this point).

Image Credit:

The prices are submitted by other Basket users, by scanning products in the store or entering prices manually in the app.

Prices could change, items could be out of stock by the time you order, etc – nothing is perfect.

Image Credit:

That said, this app makes things way easier than running around town, not knowing which stores have the best deals until you get there to see them in person.

No matter how you choose to shop, the Basket app gives you all of the information you need to make the most informed decision possible, and if you ask me, that’s pretty cool.

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Funny Before-And-After Photos From Extremely Literal Photoshop Artists

Everyone has their “thing,” and in the world today, finding a way to stand out definitely isn’t easy. And while some people choose to do that by being the very best at their chosen hobby or profession, others like this guy who is a Photoshop master, decide to go a bit of a different way.

For instance, James Fridman has chosen to use his stellar skills to do extremely literal Photoshops of the requests he gets – and below are 15 hilarious examples.

15. They do look happier.

Can’t say for sure behind the masks, though.

14. Breaking ALL the rules!

That makes someone a bad boy, right?

13. He’s…not wrong.

I don’t think this is what she meant, though.

12. I guess he should have been more specific.

He makes a dashing deer, though.

11. Idk if she approved this close up.

You need to be more specific I say!

10. Done and done.

The disembodied arms are killing me, though.

9. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

Isn’t efficiency amazing?

8. The dog is way cute.

Not saying her boyfriend is ugly, but…

7. That’s exactly what would happen!

You have to think these things through!

6. Wait until you see it.

Her mom still isn’t going to frame this one.

5. Why would you want to do such a thing??


4. Actions have consequences, you know.

Those poor plants.

3. That is hilarious.

But not at all attractive.

2. I don’t know if he nailed the “more classy” request.

But they’re not in the background anymore.

1. The hands don’t look awkward anymore.

There are other things to explain now, though.


This guy’s images are just too funny!

Which one did you think was the best? Share with us in the comments!

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Hilarious Photoshops That Are the Most Literal Things We’ve Seen Lately

Photoshop is addictive, to think we could create the perfect image, could scrub anything out or in that would make us or the image as a whole look better.

We should have learned by now, though, that any such requests given to Photoshop master Jamie Fridman would be met with extremely literal responses – they’re hilarious, and honestly, full of social commentary if you want to look below the surface!

13. Why are these creepy?

Nothing Jamie could do about that, I suppose.

12. That is one cute dog.

As long as we get to keep him in, I’m good.

11. Painfully accurate.

At least it was just in the imagination!

10. She should have defined “cool.”

Although he admittedly took it to extremes.

9. Stretching the interpretation of the term “people.”

But I see what he did there.

8. They’re wearing protective gear, too.

Very important.

7. He must be from Texas.

Or just a really big fan of Yellowstone.

6. Man, this took some skill.

I love it.

5. This is amazing.

It’s also funny, so gold star.

4. Well that was simple.

I want to see their reactions. Lol.

3. It looks like something out of a Tim Burton movie.

I mean that in a good way, obviously.

2. Notoriety comes at a price, you know.

But he probably meant VISITING a museum I guess.

1. Both of these pictures are downright hilarious.

I can’t decide which I like the best.

These actually made me think a little bit. How about you?

Which of them hit you just right? Tell us in the comments!

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Totally Free Things You Should Be Taking Advantage of Online

People love free stuff. If there is one universal truth about humanity, this is it – but there are times when not everyone knows about the cool free stuff out there just waiting for the picking!

If you’re into it, these 14 Redditors are giving us a head’s up on some freebies available online.

14. I had no idea this worked on dog prescriptions!


If you haven’t seen the depressing commercials, this is an app that gives you discounts on prescription medications.

My dog has epilepsy and I save about $200 a month on his pills.

13. That’s quite an endorsement.

Image Credit: Stackoverflow

Stackoverflow because I wouldn’t be a developer without it.

One of the most helpful things I’ve ever found.

12. A tip for everyone.

Image Credit: Have I Been Pwned is a website that checks through a database of breaches to see if any account associated with your email has been compromised.

being pwned is pretty common, especially if you use the same email for many websites. There is no need to be concerned if you have been pwned multiple times; almost all will be from mass data breaches and it is unlikely you will ever be targeted specifically. However, it is a good idea to close accounts you no longer use and to change the passwords on accounts you use regularly

11. Definitely going to bookmark this one!

Image Credit: The Noun Project has a wide selection of icons. I use them for presentations!

15. For the GenXers in the house.

Image Credit: OldGamesDownload

Free old computer games.

Some good ones from my childhood:


The Incredible Machine (1&2)

Need For Speed (Hot Pursuit 1&2, Underground 1&2, Most Wanted, Carbon)

Tony Hawk (Pro Skater 2&3&4, Underground 1&2)

Simpsons Hit and Run

Final Fantasy

Baldurs Gate

The Lord of the Rings

9. Taxes should NOT be that hard.

Image Credit: Turbotaxsucksass

It’s created by Hasan Minhaj with a list of websites to file free taxes with direct links instead of misleading users to paying.

Hasan Minhaj talks about it in his Patriot Act Volume 6 episode “Why Doing Taxes Is So Hard”

8. You can never have enough of these.

Image Credit: Unsplash – free (SUPER high quality) photographs, I also use as reference for sketches/artwork.

7. This should work!

Image Credit: Forest App

If you’re a student or are really trying to stay focused at work there’s and app called Forest: Stay Focused.

It’s a free app that’s available as an extension on Google Chrome or the Apple AppStore.

Basically, you plant a tree, set a time limit and you can only go on the sites that you’ve added to the whitelist or your tree will die.

It’s designed to stop you from always being in social media while you’re supposed to be studying or doing something productive.

6. Music from anywhere you want.

Image Credit:

I bring to you, my friend.

Radio stations from around the globe. Just spin it a bit and click where you want to get a list of radio stations from that country. Great for people who like foreign music, language learners, or people looking to reconnect with something “back home”.

5. They have television shows, too!

Image Credit: TubiTV

Tubi TV.

It has a ton of movies. Not exactly box office hits but its got movies and they change every month.

I’ve watched movies like Fury and Airplane! on there. Best part is you can get it in phone laptop, and Ps4 as far as i know of.

100% free, 100% recommend

4. Like a garage sale on the internet.

Image Credit: Freecycle

The Freecycle Network.

A free to sign-up/nonprofit website that helps people give away free stuff that they don’t need to people who need it in their local town/neighborhood.

Their goal is to promote re-use of goods that would otherwise go into landfills.

3. These are awesome.

Image Credit: EdX


Its completely free online courses (usually 2-6 weeks per course) taught by professors from top notch universities from all over the world (Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Oxford). It’s just like taking classes from a university (with assignments, lectures to watch, etc.) and the courses are varied and interesting.

Another online use people don’t think about is LIBRARIES. Go to your local library, get a card, and you get a huge selection of books right on your phone, Kindle, laptop, etc. You check out the books online and you get them on your device for 3 weeks usually. The book then deletes itself, but you can check the book back out if need be. It’s completely free.

2. Free audiobooks ftw.

Image Credit: Overdrive

Libby is an app you can use to borrow audiobooks and ebooks for free as long as you have a library card (also free).

1. Who doesn’t love that?

Image Credit: Khan Academy

Khan academy.

It’s free, free knowledge!

Definitely going to put these to good use, how about you?

If you’ve got any tips to add, please do so in the comments!

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The Canadian Version of the Invisibility Cloak Is Here

Whenever the question “what superpower would you like to have?” comes up, there’s always at least one person who wants to be invisible. With a generation (plus) of kids lusting after Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak among us, I have to guess that still applies with kids today.

I mean sure, you might hear and see some things you wish you hadn’t, but Harry also got some seriously good and fun use out of his.

If you’re hoping to grab an invisibility cloak – or in this case, a shield – of your own, well, listen up.

The tech is called Quantum Stealth, and was developed by Canadian camouflage design company Hyperstealth. The material is as thin as paper, inexpensive, and requires no power source, which is pretty amazing.

It’s not as good as Harry’s magical tech, but honestly, it does a pretty good job concealing stuff.

To make it work, they utilize the same approach as lenticular lenses, which is used in those paintings that appear 3D if you look at it a certain way.

The material bends light in a way that makes only things very close, or very far away, visible -so any object or person behind it at a middle distance becomes invisible. It can bend light from mid- and near-ultraviolet to infrared, and once you add in the fact that cameras largely don’t work outside the visible light spectrum, the effects of the tech are even more remarkable on film.

Since it does distort the background, though, people would know something was being hidden, just not what.

The idea uses Snell’s law, a well-known and straightforward physics principle that basically says that every material has a specific refractive index, a quantity related to the speed of light in that material compared to the speed of light in a vacuum.

You can see it at home using a glass of water and a spoon, since the latter will appear bent to the naked eye.

Basically, when light moves between two materials, the angle at which it is moving will change depending on the refractive index – this new tech is basically constructing a blindspot.

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📌Görünmezlik pelerini! 📌Kanada’da bir şirkette kuantum görünmezlik adını verdiği bu teknolojiyi üretti. 📌“Quantum Stealth, herhangi bir ortamda, herhangi bir mevsimde, günün veya gecenin herhangi bir saatinde, başka hiçbir kamuflajın sağlayamayacağı bir gizlilik vaat ediyormuş. 📌Hyperstealth CEO'su, son dokuz yıldır bu teknoloji üzerinde çalıştıklarını ifade etmiş. 🎥 by Hyperstealth #herkeseeğitimplatformu #herkeseeğitim #educationforeveryone #görünmezlik #görünmezlikpelerini #quantumstealth #quantum #stealth #Hyperstealth #fizik #physic #science #sciencetech #bilim #optik #optic #optical #evdekal #stayhome #learn #teknoloji #technology #life #security #güvenlik

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Hyperstealth’s Guy Cramer has been working on the tech since 2010, and recently filed 4 patents related to the project.

He’s also published a series of videos on how it works, and it’s pretty crazy to watch.

I’m not quite smart enough to understand how this works, but I’m certainly fascinated!

Do you need this for your life? Are you going to wait until something better comes along? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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People Share What They Miss About the 2000-2009 Internet

The Internet changes so often that things that were so cutting-edge and fresh even a few years ago now look dated and kind of stale.

So let’s go ALLLLLL the way back to the glorious years of 2000-2009 and take an awesome trip down memory lane, okay?!?!

People on AskReddit got all nostalgic about what they miss from the Internet days of 2000-2009.

I think some of these responses will bring back some good memories.

1. Send me a message.

“MSN Messenger.

Oh I miss MSN so much. The customization, the silliness, the lack of uniformity. I still have hours’ worth of RPing saved in text form from MSN. Modern messengers are awkward and clunky in comparison.

Plus I loved that you could save your own animated emotes – I raided the animated pixel art section of DeviantArt for good ones, and I still have them in a folder.

Better than emoji and having to wrangle with Unicode to make sure ‘glomp-squish-until-he-goes-grey’ is worth putting in…”

2. Looks cool now!

“The amateur looking websites with a million fonts and colours.

Blink tags!!!!

Web 1.0 is my favourite web design style.”

3. AIM.

“Just AIM in general.

Doing homework and chatting to friends.

Yeah you can text them but it’s easier to get work done and still be “talking” to multiple people.”

4. The old days.

“I miss old YouTube.

Before every channel was a brand, and every video had 10 ads in it. When you could just follow the wormhole of just random videos for hours and hours.

Now everything is so corporate, and kid friendly.”

5. I don’t get it.

“The lack of influencers.

I still cannot believe this is a full time, well paying job for so many people.”

6. It was a special treat.

“I miss that you weren’t expected to always be available to people.

You’d log on like once a week maybe twice and check your messages on Myspace or check your email or use AIM and then you’d get off and live your life and nobody seemed offended that you couldn’t get to their message right away.

Now, god forbid you don’t feel like conversing on messenger but you want to scroll on your phone or repost things. You also have to get back to people faster or they get offended.

You also should remove the option of your messages being shown as “read” or “seen” or else you are going to get more messages or offend someone.

I can’t even deactivate my facebook for my own mental health without people I don’t even talk to later asking me in person if I blocked them.

Um? I don’t even talk to you, what did you do that would make me block you??”

7. Too many ads.

“I didn’t have to see a pop up ad on every single video, webpage, forum, blog and webcomic.

People just did things to do things, not because you could become an influencer or whatever and make money off of it.

I am glad there is a place for those things and people who do them, but I miss the simplicity.”

8. It was wide open.

“That wild west feeling where everybody just seemed to have their own website.

YouTube was just another video hosting website and Facebook wasn’t full of people just sharing news stories. People made their own, sh*tty websites from scratch with God awful color schemes and GIFs everywhere.

And I loved it. None of this Wix template bullsh*t.”


“The overall lack of monetization.

People didn’t understand you could make money off of the internet yet, so it was essentially ran by nerds and not corporations.”

10. All of this.

“Almost no clickbait

Napster + WinAmp… It really whips the Llamas *ss

Memes had wit… And were profound and funny

Not having to consent to Cookies.”

11. Ha! So true.

“Facebook was a college thing instead of a platform for crazy racist aunts and uncles.”

12. A good way to find music.

“It was the golden age of the music blog.

Tons of good active ones, many of which catered to a specific niche, and they all competed to find the next big thing.

I discovered so many great artists and songs simply by hopping from blog to blog, and searching among them on Hype Machine.

Nowadays, a few big ones have essentially become the Rolling Stone and Entertainment Weekly of the internet and they’re afraid to go out on a limb and champion new artists, while subsequently propping up overrated stuff.”

13. It used to be different.

“I genuinely miss when things on the internet were not a reflection of themselves.

Everyone’s internet version of themselves was an obnoxious, eccentric, exaggerated version of themselves. You’d read things on line and genuinely just think “it’s the internet whatever.”

Then at some point, all of a sudden online behavior became a real reflection of who you are. I’m not talking about threatening people and other forms of violence. I more mean making a crude joke, or saying ridiculous things for the sake of being ridiculous.

Nowadays, your twitter or instagram is a pure reflection of who you are. It’s created this delusion for kids that celebs on instagram are always perfect and beautiful. And it’s also made individual tweets or interactions be entire descriptions of your character.

I understand wanting to hold people accountable, it was just a really strange transition. I genuinely remember registering for things online and using all false information, because “WHO WOULD POSSIBLY USE THEIR REAL NAME ON THE WEB?”

Now it’s the opposite. Online life is part of real life.”

What do you miss most from this era of the Internet?

Tell us what you think in the comments.

We’d love to hear what you have to say!

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