Weird DIY Home Projects That’ll Make You Scratch Your Head

If my predictions turn out to be true, you’re going to look at these photos, shake your head, and say WHYYYYYYYYYY? at the top of your lungs.

Because what you’re about to see if, quite frankly, weird and disturbing.

We’re about to dive into the world of strange DIY home projects that pretty much exist for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

BUT, at least they are funny, which is all we can really ask for. Hey, we can’t control what other folks do, all we can do is choose to make fun of it or not. And that’s what we’re good at here!

Take a look at these odd DIY projects and it’s probably a good idea that you DON’T try these at home.

Let’s see what happened…

1. That’s a little strange.

Who thought this was a good idea?

Found on r/mildlyinteresting thought it belonged here from DiWHY

2. Gross and weird.

That’s all I can really say about that.

Incognito barefoot "shoes" from DiWHY

3. Don’t misplace it ever again!

Seems a little bit extreme, don’t you think?

A woman on my timeline has a "remote stick", because her family loses the TV remote so often. from DiWHY

4. Denim stairs for days.

Those must be hard to keep clean.

Good lord. from DiWHY

5. Just so it FEELS like there might be some sunlight coming through.

Very bizarre…

These window reflections are painted on. from DiWHY

6. Yes, those are dishes in the yard.

And no, I don’t know why.

This Great Wall of China from DiWHY

7. Do you think that works?

I have a hard time believing this is effective.

Must be a dentist’s car. from DiWHY

8. That looks very classy.

Don’t you agree?

STOP-Don’t throw out your old power strip! from DiWHY

9. And now your apartment is haunted!

Are you happy now?

My girlfriend made some flower pots. These are now in our apartment. from DiWHY

10. Doesn’t look very comfortable.

Have a seat!

Guitar stool on my local marketplace from DiWHY

11. I kind of think this is awesome.

But also totally weird.

DiWHY fence – Van was cheaper than wood? from DiWHY

12. More denim.

I just can’t imagine this would be a good thing.

The Jouch from DiWHY

13. Quite a mailbox.

I wonder if it still has power…

This mailbox from DiWHY

14. But whyyyyyyyyyy?

You can’t unsee this one…

Okay, now it’s your turn!

In the comments, tell us about any weird or funny DIY projects that you’ve seen.

Or maybe that you’ve even done yourself!

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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People Share the Scientific Facts They Really Wish Weren’t True

Believing in science is important, and when a fact is irrefutable, researched, and peer-reviewed, we should all accept that it’s true.

That doesn’t mean we have to like it, though.

Here are 17 people who have a beef with one scientific fact or another, and their reasons are pretty darn good.

17. We have no idea what’s down there.

The fact that 80% of the ocean is unexplored.

All of that vast ocean… and we have no idea what’s in it.

16. Well that’s terrible.

Pandas often have twins, but usually the mother can only manage to care for one, so the other is abandoned.

Giant panda cubs can’t even open their eyes until they’re 6 weeks old, and can’t move around until they’re 3 months.

Poor little guys.

15. We won’t be around to see it either way.

The universe was theorized to either slam back together after many more billions of years and possibly create a new Big Bang, or just die by expanding away from everything else and getting colder and colder until atom basically stop moving.

I think its called the Big Chill. Guess which one sounds worse. You pick the Big Chill? Well thats the one scientists believe is the one thats gonna happen.

14. The face I am making right now.

Otters are not as nice as the look.

Male otters sometimes hold pups ransom to force their mothers to give up some of their food

They kill for fun, like a bunch of sociopaths,

One of them grabbed a baby harbor seal (with their fangs) and raped it to death.

11 percent of sea otters found dead on the California coast from 1998 to 2001 were killed, at least in part, by trauma associated with mating.

Also, they are necrophiles.

13. Makes you feel safe, doesn’t it.

Carbon fiber is extremely strong, but only when forces are applied in the direction of the fibers. If you apply the force perpendicular to the fibers, a carbon fiber will split easily.

So you either have to figure out where the forces will be and position the fibers of a carbon fiber part in that direction or settle for a sometimes weaker metal part, which can withstand forces in all directions.

12. Females always getting the short end of the stick.

Felines (and some other animals) have barbed penises which make intercourse extremely painful for females. Females will even try to escape because it causes so much pain.

Unfortunately the spikes are necessary to stimulate ovulation, so it’s unavoidable for reproduction.

11. It’s simple math.

Bigger people, be it taller or fatter are more likely to develop cancer than someone smaller. If anyone doesn’t know what cancer actually is it’s what happens when a cell divides incorrectly and it begins to reproduce at very high speeds.

The more cells someone has the more likely they are to develop cancer. This is not taking any exposure to a substance that can cause cancer into consideration.

10. I would very much never like to find out.

That you can get a blockage in your bowels and die crapping out of your mouth.

9. We so want it to be possible.

That nothing can go faster than the speed of light. I sucks because it make space exploration like in SciFi impossible. And yes I know that there might be ways around it or stuff like wormholes but right now they aren’t really possible.

There is tons of cool stuff we might be able to do in the future. Send seed ships to other solar system. Make generation ship to closer ones. Colonise and terraforming the solar system. Make drone exploration ship.

But actually go from system to system like in star wars, star trek and a million other show. Not an option and might very well never be.

8. We should be more careful.

Materials that are really useful, but extremely harmful.

Asbestos is an amazing material, if it didn’t cause cancer then freakin everything should be made of it. Lightweight, strong for its density, entirely fireproof, and extremely carcinogenic.

Lead paint and leaded gasoline is just plain better, real shame lead is so poisonous because otherwise you’d never want to use the lead-free versions of those things.

Carbon nanotubes, while not something that currently has practical application, probably never will because like asbestos they cause cancer. It is outstanding what that stuff is capable of, but breathing in broken material will absolutely give you cancer.

I’m sure there are some others I’m forgetting.

7. There are ways to deal with it.

Trauma stays with you for the rest of your life.

There are ways to help overcome it but it never truly leaves and will always keep affecting you to a degree.

6. That sounds unpleasant for all involved.

Animals, like Hamsters, have more babies then their bodies (nipples) can feed.

In order to save the others from competing with each other, the mother will eat any additional young, alive.

5. Really? That’s the thing?

Friction does not depend on surface area but instead on normal force on that surface and friction coefficient.

Drives me mad. If I could ask god one thing it’d be to change this.

4. Not-so-fun facts.

“Increasing number of people are unknowingly spreading HIV because they don’t get regular STI check ups”

– Doctors when I get STI check ups.

3. That sounds terrible.

There have been only 3 people who had died out of the earth.

They were the crew of the Soyuz 11. There have been recorded details about the mission, mostly graphic.

You know something was very serious when even the USSR doesn’t even bother covering it.

Yep, even the USA learned about it the second they heard about it.

2. But only if you’re not blind.

That being blind is akin to trying to watch the back of your head, you simply can’t, blind people don’t see black, they literally see nothing.

It’s a terrifying thought.

1. This really is the worst.

Things that taste good are bad for you.

In 1948, the Framingham Heart Study enrolled more than 5,000 residents of Framingham, Massachusetts, to participate in a long-term study of risk factors for heart disease. (Very long term—the study is now enrolling the grandchildren of the original volunteers.)

It and subsequent ambitious and painstaking epidemiological studies have shown that one’s risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, certain kinds of cancer and other health problems increases in a dose-dependent manner upon exposure to delicious food.

Steak, salty French fries, eggs Benedict, triple-fudge brownies with whipped cream—turns out they’re killers. Sure, some tasty things are healthy—blueberries, snow peas, nuts and maybe even (oh, please) red wine.

But on balance, human taste preferences evolved during times of scarcity, when it made sense for our hunter-gatherer ancestors to gorge on as much salt and fat and sugar as possible. In the age of Hostess pies and sedentary lifestyles, those cravings aren’t so adaptive.

Me? Why can’t time travel actually work? I have things to do.

What would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments!

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Hilarious Memes for Looking and Laughing and Sharing

If you printed out all the memes on the internet and stacked them on top of each other…scientists estimate that that would be a stupid waste of time. Because there are so many memes, you see. And also printers are finicky.

Here are some memes you can just look at on your screen. For laughing.

15. The master plan

Looks like life’s gonna be a real scream.

Via: Someecards

14. Checked out

“How much of that stuff did I smoke?”

Via: Someecards

13. Killing the mood

You start feeling like maybe you’re gonna be the subject of the next episode.

Via: Someecards

12. Whoop-de-doodle-doo

What do you even have to be stressed about, you are a chicken.

Via: Someecards

11. Perfect vision

Let me frame the situation a little differently.

Via: Someecards

10. Heat waves

Burning on the edges, frozen in the middle.

Via: Someecards

9. Food for thought

Visions of sugarplums dance in my head.

Via: Someecards

8. Start your engines

I swear these machines are just lonely and want our attention.

Via: Someecards

7. Work it out

Hey for all I know, I’m doing the same.

Via: Someecards

6. Hopes and prayers

Against all odds, the tail wags eternal.

Via: Someecards

5. Get over IT

Just a couple of brothers clownin’ around.

Via: Someecards

4. I’m on a roll

I’m sorry you have to see me like this.

Via: Someecards

3. Show me the dough

How can something so delicious do me wrong?

Via: Someecards

2. That’s a stretch

A morning in vs a night out.

Via: Someecards

1. The American way

This is me and I will never apologize for it.

Via: Someecards

Man, I sure am glad I have both these eyes in my head or I’d have never seen all those great memes. Thanks, eyes. You’re the real MVPs.

What’s your favorite place to find memes?

Tell us in the comments.

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Funny Tweets to Improve Your Day

I bet you didn’t know that there are over 5,000 tweets sent out every single second. It’s impossible to wrap my head around that number of tweets. That means that there was a new oooooonnnneee NOW.

And NOW.

And NOW.

And now and now and now andnowandnowandNOW.

And juuuuuuust now.


…and now.

You know what, this is getting exhausted, let’s just look at some of the ones that caught our eye recently.

10. What a morning

I mean, technically it’s a bar. Call it a Pavlovian response.

9. Gimme yum yums

Mmm, yes, interesting, curly fries, please do go on.

8. The truth comes out

Speak from the truest part of yourself.

7. Stuck in the middle

Just like this hot pocket, I’m ice cold on the inside.

6. No you don’t

The only place I’m driving you is crazy.

5. Consumed by thought

It’s really been eating me up.

4. I see dead people

If that’s what the afterlife is I hope I never die.

3. Avoidant joys

Sorry for explaining that. Thank you. Sorry.

2. Shrinkage

The hot stuff doesn’t leave you feeling like hot stuff.

1. Oh, dip

Don’t forget fruitlessly half-trying to clean up the crumbs.

There are so very many tweets, and so little time. We’ll never be able to keep up with all of the clever things people are saying on the platform, but at least we’ve found a few gems among the deluge to enjoy.

Who are your favorite people to follow on Twitter?

Tell us who you think we should be following in the comments.

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Orchid and More Words With Surprisingly Risqué Origins

Unless you’re an etymologist, I highly doubt you spend your days thinking about the history and evolution of language.

With bills to pay, errands to run, and work to get done we don’t all have the time to consider how and why our language has evolved over the centuries.

However, some words are worth taking the time to investigate. You’d be surprised at which ordinary, every day words actually have a naughty history.

They may seem innocent enough but these 9 words each have a risqué origin that might leave you blushing.

1. Patridge

Image Credit: Unsplash

You might be familiar with a partridge in a pear tree or even the Partridge Family, but did you know the word partridge comes from the Greek word perdesthai, meaning “to break wind”?

This references the whirring sound its wings make when it takes to the skies.

Think about that the next time you’re singing 12 Days of Christmas.

2. Gymnasium

Image Credit: Unsplash

When you read the word gymnasium you might recall memories from your younger years of dodging balls, enduring the Presidential Fitness Test, or enjoying a pep rally.

What probably doesn’t come to mind is… nudity.

Gymnasium comes from the Greek gumnazeinwhich means to exercise or play sports in the nude.

According to National Geographic, we’re not sure exactly why the Greeks were so keen on letting it all hang out, but it probably had to do with the Mediterranean climate and an abundance of body confidence.

3. Porcelain

Image Credit: Pexels

What could be naughty about porcelain? It’s so delicate and dignified.

Porcelain in and of itself is not a naughty word, as it translates simply to “cowrie shell.” Cowrie shells (remember “puka” shell necklaces?) are small, delicate and pretty.

However, the shell’s name in Italian is from porcella meaning “young sow,” or “young pig.” It is thought the shells were named for their resemblance to a cow/pig’s outer genitals.

Not so dignified now, huh?

4. Mastodon

Image Credit: Snappy Goat

Mastodons are the ancestor of our modern day elephant. These large beasts roamed North and Central America during the late Miocene period up to their extinction 10,000-11,000 years ago.

In Greek, masto translates to “breast” and odon translates to “tooth,” so mastodon really means “breast-tooth.”

It was Georges Cuvier, a 19th century French naturalist who coined the name in 1817, after discovering nipple-like projections on fossils of the mammal’s molars.

5. Punk

Image Credit: Unsplash

When you read the word punk, you might imagine a band of rock and roll music artists or a group of their leather-clad fans thrashing in a most pit.

Though it describes a particular genre of music and style, the word punk originally meant something was “worthless” or a “worthless person” of a “criminal” background.

It was also used to describe female prostitutes, as seen in Shakespeare’s Alls Well that Ends Well.

6. Musk

Image Credit: Pixabay

According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, musk comes from the Sanskrit word muṣka, which translates to “testicle.”

You’ve probably heard of “man musk,” in reference to a particular smell associated with the male of the species (whether it’s a good smell or not is up to you). But did you know male musk deer actually secrete musk in the form of a reddish-brown substance? (gag!)

It’s produced in a gland that was originally thought to look like a scrotum, although it is not directly tied to reproduction.

7. Forlorn

Image Credit: Pexels

We all experience lows in our life, but to be forlorn is to be more than just sad.

According to, forlorn means to feel desolate, unhappy, lonely, or despairing.

Forlorn comes from Old English loren, meaning “to lose” or to be “depraved of.”

Those who are forlorn are destitute and godforsaken, abandoned by those they love.

And it’s hard to bounce back from a place like that.

8. Pasta Alla Puttanesca

Image Credit: Unsplash

Pasta alla puttanesca is a delicious Italian dish consisting of anchovies, olives, tomatoes, capers, and pasta. You may recognize it as the dish the Baudelaire orphans cooked up for Count Olaf in the first book of A Series of Unfortunate Events, but did you know the word puttanesca literally translates to “in the style of a prostitute”?

Some have theorized that courtesans and sex workers used the dish to lure in potential customers, or that it was a simple dish to cook up between services.

However, Italians use the word puttana like Americans might use “sh^t,” she the real origin of the name is most likely that someone just threw together whatever sh^t was on hand and called it dinner.

9. Orchid

Image Credit: Unsplash

I know what you’re thinking, but no, the origin of orchid is not related to the female anatomy. The name actually comes from the Greek orkhis, which literally translates to “testicle.” Yet another word whose origins are associated with male genitalia.

The orchid was named so for the shape of it’s root which resembles a testicle. The more you know!

Aren’t words fun?

My personal favorite of these saucy origins is pasta alla puttanesca. I can’t wait to see the look on my mother’s face the next time we have dinner and I tell her I’ve made pasta “in the style of a prostitute.”

Do you have a favorite world of indecent origin? Let us know in the comments!

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People Share the Scariest Things They’ve Ever Seen in Their Lives

The world can be a scary place.

One minute you can be walking down the street minding your own business and the next minute you witness a horrible accident or you find yourself in the middle of a sketchy situation.

I’m not trying to get you to barricade your doors and hide inside your houses, but it is important to be aware of your surroundings because it’s wild out there.

Let’s get scary with AskReddit users.

1. This is terrible.

“Junior high school. Was supposed to meet my buddy Nick at the swimming pool.

He didn’t show, so I walked the three blocks to his house to yell at him. His mom let me in and I walked up to his room and opened the door.

Found him hanging from a belt tied to his ceiling fan.”

2. A bad accident.

“Making the long drive home from the lake house, and following behind a tractor trailer* on the highway, in the middle of nowhere way up in the Canadian Rockies .

We round a bend, and out of nowhere a small car coming the other way far too fast for the bend loses control and hits the tractor trailer head on at highway speeds.

Big cloud of car parts explodes into the air, the small car spins violently into the ditch. Instinctively I jump out and run to the small car, shouting at another motorist to call 911. Get to the small car, and there’s basically nothing left of the front – the engine was sitting on the other side of the highway.

I look in what’s left of the car and can’t find the driver. Confused, I look around, and see him in the ditch. I run over, check his carotid pulse, but nothing.

I step back and it’s only then that I realize that his arm is missing. His leg is missing. His other leg is pointing completely the wrong way at the hip and is bent in a number of horrific angles.

They shut the highway down for 8 hours investigating the scene. The image of his mangled body hasn’t faded though.”

3. SuperDad.

“My friend and I got lost in downtown KC while on our way to a concert. We had pulled over and were looking at the directions. Across the street was a very high steep hill with a sidewalk.

I suddenly see a a little girl in a toy car start rolling down the hill toward oncoming traffic. A man is right behind, presumably the father, doesn’t notice immediately. In a matter of seconds this little girl is flying down the hill and her father is sprinting after her.

My friend I are holding our breath horrified at what we are seeing. The road at the base of the hill is bustling with cars. Suddenly, the father launches himself in the air (think superman flying) and catches the handle of the car. It was absolutely insane and terrifying.

But also an incredibly powerful moment. The father gave no thought to his injuries just dove to save his daughter.”

4. Gruesome.

“I was downtown getting eating pizza with my roommate and outside the restaurant, a man attacked a woman and bit her in the face.

He ran off and she ran inside of the restaurant to get help. I could see that he had taken a chunk out of her face and it was just gruesome.”

5. This is bad.

“Worked at a boat and jet ski rental business during the summer. Season was winding down so we only had 2-3 rentals a day at this point, so days were pretty quiet and uneventful.

Some Korean kids, early twenties, take 3 jet skis out for an hour. Normal sh*t, had to constantly tell them to keep the skis away from each other and slow the f*ck down near shore and docks.

I was on my phone during the last ten minutes of their rental, could hear the jet skis buzzing in the background. All of sudden I hear a this and no buzzing. I look out and immediately yell at my coworker to call our boss. I hopped on a spare jet ski and rushed out there.

They had hit each other going around top speed and completely ripped one ski in half. I see one guy with almost no teeth and a swelling face, blood f*cking everywhere. Two others in the water next to him. I pull the guy with the face on to my ski and start screaming at my coworker to call 911.

Guy had broken every bone in his face and lost all but two teeth. I had blood all over me. The other guy broke his leg in three places and had a hole the size of a golf ball through his foot.

We got them back to the dock, EMTs arrived and I had to spend the next three hours pulling the ruined skis out of the water and cleaning a lot of blood.”

6. Terrifying.

“Was at an NFL game sitting up in the nose bleeds.

It was pouring down rain so most of our section had cleared out, but my buddies and I decided to stick it out because we were broke college kids and knew this was probably the only chance we had to see our team.

There were a group of drunk kids behind us (probably high schoolers or freshmen in college) who decided to climb over the seats to get down rather than taking the stairs. One of them slipped and went tumbling down at least 10-15 rows, just bouncing off of seats.

He landed in the first row right where the railing was. We all thought he was going to go flying over the edge to the bottle bowl. It was the most terrifying 7 seconds of my life.”

7. Saw it as a kid.

“Watched an old warbird fighter jet slam into a restaurant and burst into flames while attending an airshow. I was quite young, so I have only a couple mental images from that day, but the emotions attached to each of those images are enduring.

One image, the strongest, is a sea of legs, all running in confusion. Being little, that was my perspective. The emotion was pure terror. I thought my folks had lost me (years later, they said they never lost sight of me), and the pandemonium coupled with being lost scared the heck out of me.

The other image is a column of pitch black smoke. From my vantage point, it appeared to be coming from the top of the control tower. The emotion there was puzzlement, wondering why this big tall building was on fire.”

8. Didn’t see that coming.

“I was eating dinner at a Ruby Tuesday’s with my girlfriend one night, when this guy walked in all casual from the back, didn’t think much of it when a cop rushed in behind him and told him to “Drop to the f*cking ground!”

With his gun drawn as he started to run right by our table another group of officers rushed in and tackled him to the ground and we witnessed them confiscating a gun from him as we were eating our appetizers.

Definitely the scariest dinner I’ve ever had.”

9. A bloody scene.

“I grew up in a pretty small, rural community. Like, no lie, the entire county only has one stop light and 3/4’s of the streets in the county seat are one way.

It’s very much an “everyone knows you and your business” kind of place. So on the day in question, the high school and middle school kids were already on the bus (i was in middle school) and we were circling around the one way streets headed to the funnel of our county’s only stop light so we could eventually get to the elementary school.

As we were waiting to inch closer to the light, we pulled up to the end of a small cross street that had the only 3 bars in town just in time for me to look to my left out the window to see one of my classmate’s dad shoot a man in the face with a double barrel shotgun from maybe 4ft away.

Guy was standing on the sidewalk against the white wall of a small restaurant across from the bars and my friend’s dad was standing on the curb of the same bit of sidewalk. Blew his head about completely off and i will never in my life forget that man’s skull and brains dripping down that white wall on an otherwise beautiful fall afternoon.

After he shot the guy, friend’s dad just turned and sat down on the curb with gun next to him, lit a cigarette, and waited for the cops to show up. I was the only person to actually watch him pull the trigger, everyone else didn’t turn until they heard the blast.

My bus driver got on the radio and called it in but couldn’t move the bus out of the way because of the stoplight bottleneck and one way streets. So a bus of about 20 middle and high school students got a front row seat to a mostly headless corpse for almost 15 minutes while we waited for emergency crews to bust through traffic to the scene and get it moving enough that our bus could finally pull away.”

10. Be careful when riding bikes.

“I was visiting NYC and my friend and I were trying to rent bikes, but they were all gone.

This couple was going back to Europe the next day and they really wanted to go on a bike ride, but they only had one bike. I gave them the one I was going to rent and they were so happy. The excitement on their faces made my day.

My friend and I go to another bike rack like 1/4 of the mile away and get two bikes. As we were riding down the path we hear sirens and a sh*t ton of people are huddled in an area with a garbage truck like 10 feet away.

Apparently the brakes on the rented bikes didn’t work and this person got hit by a garbage truck. There was a trail of blood like 10 feet long and the person on the ground was seizing very badly.

As we got closer, the guy from earlier was hysterical and the person on the ground was his wife. The same couple we made so happy by giving our bikes to them had their lives change forver in an instant.

Honestly, the scene of the accident made it very clear she wasn’t going to survive. It was really bad.

That has f*cked with me for awhile because that was supposed to be MY bike. I was supposed to get the bike with the non-functioning brakes. In what was an act of kindness on my part was the demise of that beautiful couple.

What would have happened if I never gave my bike away? Would I have gotten hit by that garbage truck?”

11. Can’t unsee that.

“Came upon a car accident and went to help. Upside down car with wheels still spinning.

Dude crawls out of back seat with blood everywhere. He looks up at me and his eye is hanging out by the nerve and rolling around his cheek.

Got him clear. Professionals came. I left.”

12. Scary stuff.

“Was walking back to my family’s car after my great grandmother’s funeral. Not exactly casual but it was a quiet sunny afternoon and she had basically died of old age.

We were about 40 yards from our car when we heard the loud snap of wood breaking to our left.

To our horror, a large dump truck had just barreled over a small tree and was heading down a hill directly towards our cars with no one behind the wheel. Two of my younger brothers were already running to our minivan to get the “good seats” and were close to it’s path. I still remember the screams of my parents and uncles/aunts as everyone realized what was happening within a few seconds.

Amazingly no one was hurt. My brothers stopped in their tracks and the truck missed our car but absolutely crushed my grandpas car right behind it and multiple gravestones across the road before finally coming to a stop.

We would later find out the driver had forgotten to engage the e-brake when parking. One of the scariest, most surreal moments of my life for sure.”

13. Saved just in time.

“A wired patient running down a hallway naked, screaming that he was going to kill me before being stopped by a hospital guard.”

14. That’s crazy.

“I left work for lunch walking to a restaurant just 2 blocks away. As I rounded the corner a car accident happens right in front of me.

A lady walking just 10 feet in front of me is hit and pinned between the car and a building.

She was conscious and mad as hell.

Despite her legs being obviously broken she let loose a stream of verbal abuse on the driver about her shoes, her dress, her phone, everything except her injuries.

It was surreal.”

How about you?

What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever seen?

Talk to us in the comments!

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People Who Work in Remote Locations Share the Scariest Things They’ve Seen

It takes a special kind of person to work a job that requires them to be out in remote locations, far away from other people…and far away from any kind of help, should they need it.

But there are a ton of these kinds of jobs out there, and the people who work them sometimes encounter some pretty weird stuff.

Are you ready to get spooked?

Let’s check out some creepy stories from AskReddit users.

1. A ritual?

“I do a lot of work out in the woods. Creepiest thing was finding some headless doves.

I also found sticks arranged in circles and paint on the trees in the same spot. Not sure if it was part of a ritual or not, but that’s what I saw.”

2. Hell no.

“I worked night shift at a prison for years.

The one thing that really creeps you out is when a hit is put on someone in the middle of the night.

Inmate’s code says it is kept as quiet as possible. No one says a d*mn word. The only thing you’ll hear are grunts and moans from the victims. Then, it goes and stays silent. If you hear it happening, it’s already too late to stop it. It’ll be over before you pull your keys out.

Occasionally, if someone needs medical attention the first sign we got was an inmate approaching the bars saying they need to go to medical (and are usually bleeding all nonchalant.)

The creepy ones are where no one shows up. All you get is grunts of pain and that’s it.”


“I used to work out in the woods in Florida a lot. Creepiest thing would be this day we were working near Big Cypress, tromping thru the brush all day. At the end of the day my coworker and I do a quick drive thru of some of the property and realize the place was absolutely infested with water moccasins.

We had been unknowingly essentially walking around a giant water moccasin pit all day. That one kinda f*cked me up.”

4. Ugh.

“I was a field geologist in the Outback about 12 hours north of Adelaide. One day I was driving the truck and saw what looked like a flagpole sticking up in the middle of nowhere.

I wasn’t anywhere near a farm or anywhere else that people would be, so I decided to drive over and check it out. It was a dead dog fully impaled on a spike. Like, from *ss to mouth.

Took some pictures and had my boss call the cops, but for the rest of the assignment I was freaked out that some maniac was out there with me.”

5. Out at sea.

“I’m in the Navy and work on aircraft carriers. A girl sadly hung herself in one of the spaces right near where me and my shop slept.

One person swore he saw her sitting in the chair as he was getting undressed one day and ran screaming out of the berthing.

I waited about a week to go into the space where she hung herself and when I did I heard the loudest screeching noise I had ever heard in my life. I quickly turned around and got the f*ck out of there.

The system connected to where she slept didn’t work at all for the next two weeks or so to. The systems break a lot so it was pretty coincidental that it happened just as she did this.”

6. Voices.

“When I was in college I interned with the Forest Service.

A lot of the time I just spent patrolling hiking trails. Right near Grandfather Mountain I thought I heard someone yelling for help but my supervisor told me to ignore it.

Apparently someone went missing in the area in the 1960s and was never found and people would hear that voice all the time. I heard it twice more after that and it always creeped me out.”

7. Shook.

“I work for a power company restoring power after a storm.

Was working when a lady came up complaining that her power went out. We explained to her thats why we were there and she should have power back soon. She said, “oh good, my son went down in the basement and now I can’t find him”.

I went with her with a flashlight down the road to a run down house that was partially caved in. She walked inside and I went to follow. As soon as I walked into the door she disappeared from my sight and I called for her multiple times. No one responded so I ran back to our work truck to call for help.

A man that was living on her street called to me asking whats wrong and I told him the situation. He looked at me with a cold stare and said a mom and her son died in that house 4 years ago. I’m still shook to this day.”

8. Remote areas…

“Biologist, lots of time in remote areas:

Meth labs. Often tucked away in absentee landowner property. Usually some POS RV.

Meth houses. Homes that were clearly abandoned >40 years ago but clearly occupied within the last 5, if not currently. I got curious a few times and poked around inside, but didn’t push too much because they would have heard me in the brush long before I got inside the house. I’d see drug stuff, junk food, mattresses drug in on the floor. Think of the row houses in Hamsterdam in the Wire.

Two of my colleagues have found dead bodies. They were all illegal immigrants crossing north into the US. Most accidents, one was a gunshot. I’ve been in areas with unsolved murders, I just tread lightly with the locals (think of the Ozark tv show).

More sad than creepy, but abandoned graveyards. Dozens of them. Locals try to keep up but there is a natural progression of decline and neglect until they’re outright forgotten. It’s sad to see a bunch of graves of kids from ~1900 that all died within a few weeks of each other. More anti-vaxxers ought to see those.

I got shot at once.

I stumbled into a herd of feral hogs, at night, in really tall cattails. That was more frightening than the snakes, alligators, etc. I couldn’t see them but they were freaking out that I was there.

I’ve seen a few “shrines” of pagans or whatever, but they’re pretty harmless and don’t leave any permanent damage to anything. No harm no foul.

A guy in the front yard of his trailer house, deep in the woods in a swamp, sh*tting in a 5 gallon bucket. Very awkward eye contact.”

9. Middle of nowhere.

“I used to be a delivery driver, but for a supermarket in the U.K.

A lot of our customers were in the middle of nowhere, and my last delivery of the night was a new customer I’d never been to before. I was already running late from all my previous deliveries and I was still trying to find this house at 10:30pm, even though my shift was supposed to finish at 10pm.

I’m driving around the narrowest of country roads with nothing surrounding me but dark fields and hedgerows, looking for anything that might be a driveway. I hadn’t seen another car or person for miles. Then all of a sudden I hear a loud thud on the side of my van, like something was thrown at it.

No trees or anything else around for something to fall from, and I remember it specifically hitting the side. I looked in my mirrors and out the window but there was nothing around me. Then it happened again… another thud on the side of my van.

I drove back to the supermarket so fast and told my manager that I couldn’t find the place (I had spent 30 mins looking to be fair), there was no house where the listed address/postcode took me.”

10. Whoa.

“This story still haunts me.

I worked as the county historic preservationist in southern Appalachia, working on the buildings and properties the county owned. One of the “benefits” included with my job was living on-site at one of the historic properties. The historic house was an imposing brick mansion built in the 1810s and I lived in a small caretakers house about 20 feet away.

This was in the backwoods, so to deter trespassing and vandalism the county had built an 8 foot tall fence around the entire 5 acre parcel and put barbed wire on top of the fence. I mention this all just to show it was basically impossible for anyone, or anything, to jump or climb over the fencing and onto the property.

One night, after working late at another property, I pulled up to my entrance gate, let myself in, locked it behind me and then drove the 100 yards down the gravel road to my house. There were no lights on the property so I could only see by my headlights.

As I turned my car around the corner of one of the outbuildings and parked it, my lights shown on a thing that I still have a hard time describing effectively. It was the size of a deer, but with long spindly legs and long shaggy hair. Almost like a taller Maned Wolf, if you’ve ever seen pictures of one of those. That alone shook me as there was no way something of that size should’ve been able to get through, or over my fencing.

What follows is absolutely true: I got out of my car to get a better look at what the hell the thing was and as I opened the door and got out, the thing took off running away: not on four legs, but on two! I literally watched this thing raise it’s back up, stand at full height on its back legs and sprint away.

I absolutely freaked out at that point, grabbed my maglight and my shotgun from inside and tried to find the thing again. There was no trace. No tracks or anything; I have no idea how it got in OR out of my property.

I didn’t sleep at all that night, just sat on my couch with my shotgun watching my front door, hoping that whatever I saw didn’t come back and burst in. I cannot explain what the hell I saw that night but it still raises the hair on my neck every time I think about it.”

11. Alarm bells.

“I used to do salmon spawning surveys, which involved walking up streams looking for fish. Some of the streams are quite remote and/or inaccessible on timber land, and you don’t really expect to see any other person when you’re out there.

As a naturally smile-y, friendly, small feminine woman, I’ve learned to be wary of people 100% of the time in the field. I actively try to avoid running into people when I’m alone in remote places.

One of the survey locations is close to a highway. To get to it, I had to park at a pullout, follow a river downstream to a flagged trail, hike over a ridge to meet up with an old logging road on private timber land. I walked along the logging road for about 100 m before peeling off into the woods (very thick second growth Douglas fir reprod), where game trails eventually lead to the stream at the base of the hill slope.

I came here during spring to survey steelhead, but this stream was also a survey location for other types of salmon during the fall. The game trails off of the logging road were flagged by previous surveyors, and multiple routes were marked.

This made it kind of confusing, and not all routes actually led to the stream. Some just petered out once the vegetation got too thick. Another led to a cliff face overlooking the riverbed. Lots of faint trails.

One day I turned off into the woods one of the survey flags tied around a branch at the side of the road. I followed some pink flagging heading south along the hillside. I noticed the trail seemed freshly turned up, and figured maybe a bear clambered through recently since the time I was there last (2 weeks previously).

The trail led to a small claustrophobic clearing, and the ground was freshly torn up in the shape of a circle. Seemed strange. I was looking for elk tracks but didn’t see any. Then I noticed an assortment of bones scattered around the edges of the clearing. These weren’t there before. Everything was dead silent, and something about it was setting me on edge.

I poked around the bones a bit, trying to piece together this scene. I noticed another slight path, which strayed from my main route, veering to the right from the clearing. I walked a bit down that way, and gazed ahead trying to see if this path was flagged. It was densely packed with trees. A subtle movement caught the corner of my eye ahead and to the right as I walked — I turned my head to look past the trees and saw the silhouette of a large shelter maybe about 50-75 feet from the clearing.

It was surrounded by what looked to be jugs and bones. Tons of plastic jugs. Light shapes of bones on the ground. The lighting made seeing anything else impossible. Everything was so, so quiet.

I left in a hurry, off the trail, without trying to get a better look, without getting to the stream. The alarm bells in my brain were screaming.”

12. Eerie.

“I worked in a store once in a really small town that was always absolutely dead, a customer every hour or so, shifts all alone too which I’m sure wasn’t even legal but hey.

Anyway it’s a dark evening and I’m sat on reddit as usual when I hear the door open. I look up and see the back of a man as he begins walking down the first aisle towards the tin foods and he appears to be talking to someone on the phone, I think nothing of it and go back to reddit.

All of a sudden I get this intense smell of soil and earth, I look up and the mans approaching the counter and he’s wearing some kind of overalls and his face and long grey hair and body is just covered in dirt. That’s when I notice he isn’t on the phone at all and is just talking to himself in this absolutely bizarre tone, he sounded like a cartoon elf or something, he’s just sort of murmuring and doing this really weird hehee sort of laugh.

I’m just frozen solid, as he’s stood at the counter in front of me thinking I’m about to be killed when a policeman storms through the door, he asks if I’m ok to which I don’t respond because i’m just in a complete state of what the f*ck is happening.

He tells the man to come outside to which he starts murmuring gibberish and saying the words legal over and over again. They come grab the man and put him in the back of the police car and that’s the last I ever heard of it.

I have no idea who he was, what was going on but I have never been so afraid of another person before, you know when you just sense a bad bad situation. So grateful the police showed up when they did.”

Now we want to hear from you.

And we want creepy stories!

Whether you worked out in the middle of nowhere or not, share your scariest experiences with us in the comments.

Please and thank you!

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Hospital Workers Discuss Regrets They’ve Heard From Dying Patients

I’d like to think that when my time is up, I’ll have no regrets.

But I guess you never really know what that will be like until you reach the end of the road, right? I think that we can all agree that listening to people talk about regrets when they’re close to passing away has to be very hard…

Let’s take a look at these stories from folks on AskReddit.

1. Needed more time.

“I worked as an oncology nurse right out of nursing school. I was barely 21 years old.

Had a patient about my age who was dying of lung cancer. A few hours before he died I sat with him and he was telling me how much he wished that he would have had more time-to maybe fall in love, marry, have kids. He was so young.

He asked me to call his parents and he died shortly after they arrived. It was awful. His regrets were more about the life not lived. Many older patients had some interesting life stories and most wanted to tell them before they died.

Most were at peace with the life they lived. Many regretted working so much and not spending enough time with family.”

2. Cover up your skin!

“I was a hospice nurse. One of my elderly patients had skin cancer, a huge malignant melanoma on the side of his neck that was growing rapidly.

He had been a farmer all his life and never married. One night we were talking and I asked him if there was anything he wished he had done differently in his life, and he thought about it a minute and said he wished he had worn a hat when he was farming.

I wish he did too.”

3. I’m sorry I can’t help you.

“There was an old man. I’d play cards with him.

We’d talk about working on the farm we had. He was a nice guy. He figured out I was being physically abused. His health started declining and he couldn’t play cards or get out of bed. The last time I saw him.

He said he was sorry he wasn’t younger and that he couldn’t help me. Almost 25 yrs ago and I still remember him.”

4. Not yet.

“”Not yet! I can’t die yet. I still have so much growing to do. I want to see my children and grandchildren grow up…”

I am a physician trainee who has done a decent amount of palliative care. I have been privileged to hear many stories and be part of many deaths, but I still can’t explain why it is that certain lines remain with me and hit me so much harder.

The gentleman who told me the line above was in his late 60s-early 70s. It made me reflect on how I view patients in this age group – yes, much older than myself, but still with growing and living to do.”

5. A love story.

“I think of a woman in her 50s I met early on in my training.

She and her female partner had never married – partly due to laws, partly because it had never seemed important. When she was diagnosed with metastatic pancreatic cancer, they regretted never making that step.

I attended their small wedding in the hospital. She died a few days later.”

6. Heartbreaking.

“I had a patient who I was in the room with when her doctor explained she only had a few weeks to live. I knew her well, spent quite a bit of time talking to her up to the news.

The days that followed, she seemed to have accepted she was dying. She lived this beautiful, independent, and successful life, maybe not money successful, but just plain happy.

Anyways when I was helping her to the tub on day 10 since receiving the news, she just broke down crying and couldn’t stop crying about how much she wished she didn’t put her dog down b/c they could have died together.

Come to find out her dog was on his death bed too. I guess she put her dog down a few days before going into the hospital, she knew her life was over so she put him down first. She hated herself for it and for the fact she blew the opportunity for them to spend their last moments together. Really heartbreaking to watch, to hear that unfold.

She passed early in the morning two days later. I took a couple of mental health days off after she passed and spent some time looking up dogs to adopt and new jobs to apply for.”

7. Over a boy.

“I had a 17 year old girl that came in on a Tylenol overdose.

I normally don’t listen or really even get invested with patients because it’s usually the same faces on a loop but she kept trying to strike up a conversation and eventually I relented and she told me how stupid she was and it was over a boy and where she was going to go to college and what she wanted to do and basically her life story.

I left and she was stable in the ER. Next day I came in and asked if she went home or if she was in an inpatient unit. They told me she died a few hours after my shift.

It’s been like 5 years and thinking about it I start crying like a baby. I don’t cry. I think the last time I cried other than this was my grand pa passing but even that I can discuss without crying now.

Her death is the only thing that completely breaks me down.”

8. Different regrets.

“Top regret was not spending time with family and/or lost time due to a family feud.

Probably number two was wasting their life with their spouse (for various reasons) when they could have possibly been with someone they loved/met a soul mate.

Number three was usually not accomplishing a bucket list item such as living in a foreign country.”

9. This is horrible.

“27 year old male who tried to end his life, died from the injuries. I still remember it clearly, he told me his entire life story. I didn’t sleep for a few days after hearing it and sometimes it still haunts me to this day.

He was bullied in middle school straight until the end of high school. He had mild Aspergers and was quite intelligent but because of his looks and weird mannerisms he was picked on.

Then it got worse.

The girls would make him drink out of the toilet, the guys would chokehold him until he passed out or tied him up inside the gym and woke up alone after school ended, only to go home and get beaten by his parents for being late.

The girls would often make up fake accusations and he’d be suspended, only to be beaten up by parents once more. The guys would steal his clothes and toss them in the dumpster only for him to go crawling in it while naked.

The girls would replace his lunch with rotten food or feces, the guys would pelt him with rocks. It was just unf*cking believable.

He finished high school but just barely, dropped out of college and left home to go into the service industry but it only got worse for him there as he couldn’t do well with stress.

He had his own issues, said he was one of those incels and his only reason for living was so that others could abuse him to make themselves feel better. Told me he tried to end it because he was tired of it and also financially broken by then (this was around 2008 mind you).

He said he wish he stood up for himself from the start, perhaps things would have turned out differently for him.

He passed away a few days later while I was off shift. We all knew inside that he wasn’t going to make it from the start given his injuries, but I still listened to the story and it haunts me to this day.

I hope he’s at peace now.”

10. Didn’t get the surgery.

“I remember of this 40 year old patient that I had was dying from breast cancer that spread throughout her body. She was diagnosed with breast cancer 10 years earlier and had a mastectomy.

The doctor recommended for her to have a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction due to high risk of recurrence of cancer. She said that she wanted to keep her breast (a real breast rather than an implant) incase she remarries and will be somewhat whole.

She regretted not getting the bilateral mastectomy. If she did, she would not gotten cancer in her remaining breast and dying at such a young age. The patient never ended up marrying after all.

A week later, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I instantly told the doctor that I want a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction. I also had an aggressive form of cancer.

My doctor kept pushing a lumpectomy which I probably would’ve gotten before I have heard how much she regretted her decision. I feel that she actually saved my life sharing and opening up with her regret of all time.”

11. A better father…

“He wished he had been a better father to his daughter.

He wished they had reconnected. His dementia prevented him from remembering they had reconnected years before and that she visited often.

I wish I could have made him aware that he had accomplished his last wish. But he died not really understanding that.”

12. What they didn’t get to do.

“I’m a hospice social worker, so I have the honor of getting to listen to peoples’ life stories, including favorite memories and regrets. Most regrets center around what they didn’t get to do, like never traveling to Italy when their family was originally from Naples.

Some regret not getting specific education – wanting to go to college but never doing it. Some regret their choice in partner, especially when alcohol/drug abuse was involved, or cheating. Many express a sadness that looks a lot like regret if they are estranged from family. And some have anticipatory grief from knowing they will miss a milestone, like the birth of a grandchild.

Some regret not taking better care of their health (people with COPD who regret ever having a cigarette). In general life is long and time smooths some of the rough edges, so people tend to focus on the good.”

13. More time.

“I work in a hospital. Whenever someone is at the end of their life, they always just want to be with their loved ones.

Any regrets I’ve heard is always family related. They wanted more time with the people they love. Most people are at peace with things though.

People also tend to wish they took their health seriously.”

14. Frank.

“He was one of my first patients as a nursing student, named Frank. He was 92.

After knowing him a few days, he disclosed to me his regret was outliving everyone he loved.. that he and his wife hadn’t had kids, and he was “all that was left” and that he wanted to see his wife again.

I wasn’t sure how to respond , so I just listened… and it made me realize how living so long isn’t great if everyone you love is gone.

He passed away later that week, and while I distinctly recall some of my classmates being upset, I felt relief for him. I knew he was where he wanted to be. I’ve had many patients since, but you tend to remember your first ones.”

Have you ever heard any last words from someone?

Patients? Friends? Loved ones?

Please share your stories with us in the comments.

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People Share Three Words of Advice They’d Give to Their 18-Year-Old Selves

To be young again…

When a lot of us are 18-years-old, we think we know everything and we believe we know how the future is going to work out for us.

Of course, the older you get, the more you realize you didn’t really have much of a clue at all. So what would you say to your 18-year-old self if you could go back in time and give three words of advice?

This is the tweet that got the ball rolling.

Let’s see how people responded!

1. Oh, Jason…

Young love…jeez…

2. You can do it!

This is coming from Bill James, a great writer!

3. It’s a good thing.

And everyone can use it at one point or another.

4. That would have been nice.

If you could just do it over again…

5. It’ll all work out the way it’s supposed to.

So don’t sweat the small stuff.

6. Put the bottle down.

It’ll catch up with you at some point.

7. Don’t EVER give up.

Always keep moving forward.

8. It’s not for everyone.

But it is a good idea for other people…

9. Get out of that house!

Sometimes, you just gotta go.

10. Just say NO.

It’s usually a pretty bad idea for most folks.

11. If it’s a bad situation, get out of it.

And don’t look back.

12. Don’t get involved in online drama.

It’s not worth it.

13. You have certain gifts for a reason.

Use them wisely!

Now we want to hear from you.

If you could go back in time and give your 18-year-old self only three words of advice, what would they be?

Tell us what you think in the comments. Thanks!

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What Three Words of Advice Would You Give to Your 18-Year-Old Self? Here’s How People Responded.

Do you remember what you were like when you were 18?

I was pretty sure things would flow very smoothly and I’d be well on my way to…well, I don’t know what exactly, but I was sure I’d be on the fast track to something.

But, as you know, life has a funny way of working out and, for me, it’s taken many turns and detours that I couldn’t have seen coming.

It’s all good, but I still wish I could go back in time and give my 18-year-old self some advice to make things a little bit easier, which I’m sure a lot of you do, too.

This tweet was thrown out to folks and it got them thinking…

So let’s see how they responded!

1. It doesn’t always work out.

Sad, but true.

2. This is great advice.

We could all use a little bit more cash in the bank.

3. You got this!

And don’t let anyone tell you any differently.

4. Get out of bad relationships as soon as possible.

They’ll just get worse.

5. Make the move.

It’ll be good for you.

6. Definitely not for everyone.

If you know it’s true for you, just don’t do it.

7. It ruins many lives.

And it costs a fortune.

8. Things will look up.

So keep moving forward.

9. Get that degree!

And get out into the world!

10. This is very important.

Help each other out.

11. Always trust your gut.

Believe in yourself.

12. You don’t always have to be in a huge hurry.

Good things come to those who wait.

How about you?

What would you tell your 18-year-old self if you could go back in time?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments. Thanks!

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