Donnie Wahlberg Gave an IHOP Server a $2,020 Tip

If you’ve spent any time in your life waiting tables, you know what a rollercoaster trying to estimate your monthly income can be – mostly because, no matter how good you are at your job or how many shifts you work, you can never predict what sort of tips folks are going to end up leaving you.

And (in America, at least) servers live off their tips, not the $2 and change they get paid per hour otherwise.

So, I imagine that this woman’s day was significantly improved on New Year’s Day, when Donnie Wahlberg and his wife, Jenny McCarthy, sat down in her section.

Jenny posted a picture of the receipt, with this caption:

“…starting 2020 off like the amazing man he is.”

People are loving the gesture – ad rightfully so. We all know that a little kindness goes a long way!

On the receipt, Wahlberg wrote “Happy New Year” and “2020 Tip Challenge.”

I hope you’re having a great start to the year yourself, and that if your income depends on other people, there are more with the means out there who want to rise to this challenge themselves.

Spread the love when you’ve got plenty to go around, my friends!

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15 Creepy Mysteries That Might Never Be Solved

There are so many unsolved mysteries out there that it can be hard to keep up with them. Luckily, we have online forums where people fill us in on the creepy tales and stories we should read up on if we want to scare the sh*t out of each other.

Here are 15 scary unsolved mysteries that might never be solved. Click on the links in the titles to read more about these topics.

These answers come to us from the Buzzfeed Community.

1. The disappearance of Bobby Dunbar.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

“I just find it crazy that we’ll never quite know if the kid who was returned to the Dunbars was really their son or the son of another woman who they won against in court. If that wasn’t Bobby, what happened to Bobby? And if it was Bobby, why did he seem so confused about it?”

2. The Somerton Man.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

“The dude from Australia! The Somerton Man! He was found on the beach, dead. All signs pointed to poisoning but they didn’t find anything in the tox report. All the tags in his clothes were cut out, there was no way of identifying him. Then they found a line from a book in his pocket or something. They say he could have been a spy but we’ll probably never know.”

3. The Yuba County Five.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

“Five young men went missing in California after seemingly being chased up a mountain in their car. Months later, four of their five bodies were found malnourished, but the fifth has never been found. People think since the men were mentally challenged they were targeted or that the 5th man murdered them, but that theory seems unlikely.”

4. The death of Rebecca Zahau.

“She was found bound and hanged naked off the balcony of her boyfriend’s beachside mansion. There was a mysterious message written in black paint on her bedroom door reading, “She saved him. Can you save her?”

5. The death of the Black Dahlia.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

“This one is obviously super well known but the fact that no one knows who the killer is is wild and what was done to her was so brutal and creepy.”

6. The disappearance of Timmothy Pitzen.

“Everyone needs to read this case, it is nuts. Amy Fry-Pitzen checked her 6-year-old son out of school and three days later her body was found in a hotel where she had died of apparent suicide. A note was found next to her saying that Timmothy was safe with people who would care for him and he would never be found. They have never been able to find him, or any remains of him.”

7. Australia’s Mr. Cruel.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

“Many people have seen the police sketch of the modified balaclava that he wore in one of the kidnappings (the one with white stitches to conceal any potential identifying markers — super creepy!), but his crime spree and its sudden stop is haunting. Its unsolved nature adds more to its overall creepiness.”

8. The 1962 Alcatraz prison break.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

“Along with their friend Allen West, they planned to dig a hole using spoons into their cell walls and climb up the walls onto the roof. Using loads of raincoats they also planned to take all their belongings and make a raft and swim away. West never made it as his hole was too small, but the others have still not been found. There are many weird things involved in this story — someone claiming to be Clarence wrote a letter to the police a few years back stating he is alive and that he would tell them where he is if they didn’t arrest him and that the other two have died.”

9. The Lane Bryant murders.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

“It happened on a Saturday morning in the southern suburbs of Chicago. A person walked into the store, held people hostage for a short time, and murdered everyone in there. The person got away and was never found. A manager, who wasn’t even scheduled to come in that day, called 911 and just said, ‘Lane Bryant, hurry.’ One person survived the shooting but the person has not been identified. They’re not even sure if the killer was a man or a woman. The 911 call is super chilling.”

10. The disappearance of Susy Tomassi.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

“Susy was 73 years old with slight dementia. She owned a restaurant called The Quilted Giraffe with her husband and was known for walking from the restaurant to other stores. One day, she was seen on camera walking away from her restaurant and literally just vanished. Nobody knows what happened. They recently released a video of a person they believe to be Susy, walking through some store alleys and getting into a white pickup truck the exact time she went missing.”

11. The death of Gareth Williams.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

“The spy in the duffel bag. His naked remains were found in a duffel bag, padlocked from the outside, in the bath of a safe house. No forensic evidence was found that pointed towards it being an accident, and the key to the padlock was found underneath his body. The official cause of death was ‘probably an accident’ but a KGB agent claims he was killed by the Russian SVR.”

12. The fate of the Sodder children.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

“The whole case is quite the rabbit hole with so many lies and cover-ups and unanswered questions. Someone out there has answers! It’s been over 70 years, so if the children survived, they’ve probably passed on now. But I’m still so curious about what happened!”

13. The incident at Dyatlov Pass.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

“Nine experienced trekkers were found dead. There was no sign of foul play, but most of them were missing clothes, some of them had extreme injuries, and the tents were ripped open from the inside. It happened over 50 years ago and to this day is still unsolved!”

14. The death of JonBenét Ramsey.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

“ARE WE EVER GOING TO FIND OUT WHO DID IT?! Did the mom write the ransom? Why was the random note written at the house? Why did JonBenét have pineapple in her stomach? Who gave her the pineapple? How did the DNA on her clothing get there, who does the DNA belong to? Was she being abused? WHY DOES HER BROTHER SOUND SO CREEPY AND WHY DOES HE SMILE SO MUCH?! Someone in that family is guilty of something. Darnit! It still keeps me up at night.”

15. The disappearance of Amy Bradley.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

“She disappeared on a cruise ship and there were rumors that she was trafficked. They found a photo of a really similar looking woman on an escort site!”

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People Share True Facts That Sound Fake

There have been several times while plotting books when I discarded an idea because it sounded too outlandish…even though, in some cases, it was historically true.

In that vein, Redditors thought it would be fun to share facts that are truly hard to believe, and I bet at least a few of these are going to blow your mind!

15. This isn’t really surprising, if you think about it.

Death rates in boxing exploded after the introduction of the boxing glove. Almost nobody ever died bare knuckle boxing because head punches often resulted in broken hands, so nobody used them.

14. A man-eater.

The Champawat Tiger was a female Bengal tiger responsible for an estimated 430 deaths in Nepal and India, (listed in the Guinness Book of World Records and Wikipedia) More people than died in the U.S. in the last 100 years from, snakes, bears, wolves, and spider fatalities combined.

13. I’m going to need video of this.

President Lyndon B. Johnson owned an Amphibious car, the Amphicar, and used it to scare guests by driving them into his lake screaming about brake failure.

12. Let’s get on activating that, hmm?

Humans have the gene to, and are capable of hibernation. It’s just not active

11. This is not actually surprising.

There was once a war between Honduras and El Salvador started by a soccer game.

10. It’s Australia. There’s any number of things that could have happened to him.

Australia once lost a prime minister. as in straight up couldn’t find him. and they have yet to find him.

9. Wait, why?

Saudi Arabia imports camels from Australia.

8. That’s gotta be uncomfortable.

Wombat poop is square. Go ahead, google it. *edit: yes, cube-shaped.

7. A desert is just a desolate, arid environment.

My friend doesn’t trust me with these things now that I’ve told her that Antarctica is the world’s largest desert. She still doesn’t believe it.

6. I’m sure that’s pretty.

It rains diamonds on Saturn, and Jupiter.

5. In case you want to hate corporations a little bit more.

There is a little town in Mexico called Chamula where shamans started using Coca Cola in their religious rituals to heal worshippers. Pepsi heard about this and began giving commissions to shamans if they recommended Pepsi instead, so then Coca Cola did the same and there are now rival religious groups based on which soft drink they use.

4. Crazy or innovative? You decide.

In the 1950’s Popular Mechanics published a story about a former artillery Sergeant who attempted to invent a personal delivery system similar to what Amazon intends to create with drones. Except he used modified artillery shells. He actually got a hold of an M116 howitzer which he fired modified shells over a small town in upstate New York.

The shells were hollowed out inside and a parachute would automatically deploy as it approached the target. The problem was the shells weighed twenty pounds and if the parachute did not deploy that meant a twenty pound shell would come crashing down from the sky and wreck someone’s house or possibly kill someone in the street. As the Sergeant tested the device and was utterly convinced it was a way of the future he offered to sell a solution installing expensive iron plating on the roofs of people’s homes and heavy protective armor for navigating the streets.

This Sargent’s story had become an inside joke among people who market modern electronics and virus software. Create a problem that is unnecessary and then sell people an expensive and completely impractical solution.

3. I fail to see how this could be a bad thing.

Thanks to a botched burglary attempt at the Émancé Nature Reserve (about an hour outside Paris) in the 1970’s, there is now a feral Wallaby population in France.

2. And they were Nazis.

The founding of Adidas and Puma.

Rudolf “Rudi” Dassler and Adolf “Adi” Dassler were born into a German family, and Adi eventually began to produce athletic shoes. Rudi joined his younger brother’s company, and everything went swimmingly… for a while.

Eventually, both brothers joined the Nazi Party and turned on each other. Rudi formed “Rudas,” now known as Puma. And Adi formed “Adidas,” now known as Adidas.

The first time I heard this story, I was convinced it was fake.

1. He might be an alien.

In the hockey world, some of the numbers that Wayne Gretzky put up are mind-boggling. He scored nearly 3,000 points, nobody else even has 2,000. He has more assists than anyone else does points. He recorded 4 seasons with at least 200 PTS, nobody else has ever scored 200 in a season, though Lemieux came close. Rarely do we see a 50 goal scorer anymore, Gretzky set the record with 50 goals in a mere 39 games. So many other records that just make you say “wow.” No wonder he’s known simply as “The Great One.”

Do you have something you would add to the list? Share it in the comments!

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People Shared Random Life Hacks on TikTok and Things Got Pretty Wild

Is TikTok sweeping the nation, or is it just me? It seems like every time I turn around, people are talking about the social media platform in one way or another.

While it’s good for funny videos (and great pet videos), people are also using it for surprising life hacks. Here are some rather interesting ones from TikTok.

We’d like to add that we haven’t tried any of these out ourselves, so we’re not sure if they actually work…

1. That’s a much better water fountain.

@curt_walkerI thought everyone knew this 🤷🏼‍♂️😂 #lifehacks #sowholesome #notsoordinary #foryourpage #fyp #waterbottle♬ original sound – chrxtxn

2. Pump up the volume.

@bbygirlll__#explorepage #howto #explore #lifehacks #iphones♬ Valentino – 24KGoldn

3. Listen to Granny. Always.

@rosssmithGranny’s life hacks episode 1 #reuserecycle #mytype #TransformUrDorm #petbff #lifehacks #crafts♬ original sound – rosssmith

4. Not dried out anymore.

@g.westttTry this it works!! 🤯 #lifehacks #foryou♬ original sound – firememesg

5. Next time you have leftover pizza.

@nateandgranPizza box life hacks #fyp #viral #foryoupage #share #duet♬ original sound – nateandgran

6. This will come in handy.

@jonathanblogsHave you ever tried this? It actually works! #lifehacks #diy♬ original sound – jonathanblogs

7. Treat yourself!

@blossomWould you try this? 😳💗 [Full video on YouTube: Blossom] #lifehacks #diy♬ Find U Again (feat. Camila Cabello) – Mark Ronson

8. For all you students out there.

@jmclipEasy hacks #makeitawesome #justrealized #foryourpage #fyp #lifehack #dontgetcaught♬ Wii store – hugenonce

9. Get rid of those pesky bones.

@shrtctsPinch, twist and pull for maximum chicken wing meat. #lifehacks #chickenwings♬ Chicken Dance Song – Chicken Dance Song

10. You definitely need this in your life.

@jackalegLife hack: How to get butter at the bottom of the popcorn rather than just the top 🤪🍿 #foryou♬ Absolutejake is a great TikTok page –

Do you the 4-1-1 on some awesome TikTok videos?

Share them with us in the comments! Don’t keep them all to yourself!

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Toucans Are Really Weird and People Are Sharing Facts About Them on Tumblr

Birds totally freak me out. They’re a little too smart, their beaks a tad too sharp…they’re just too much like dinosaurs for my liking.

That said, I have no trouble admitting that they’re interesting, and fun facts are business, so…here are some things you probably didn’t know about toucans.

You’re going to be glad you read through these, I promise.

First, this Tumblr thread that just can’t get over how big their beaks really are (and also, how they sleep omg).

Then, let’s move on to the fact that their beaks are used as cooling mechanisms. What even?

Toucan’s bill has a network of blood vessels and expand them to cool down its body temperature — just like the elephants use their big ears from r/Awwducational

Who doesn’t love babies? ONLY MONSTERS.

Toucans have a courtship ritual that involves throwing and catching berries to each other with their beaks from Awwducational

Baby Toucan Bird from interestingasfuck

This is why they can fly with that enormous beak:

Image Credit: Blogspot

Seriously, that’s so weird!

An X-rayed toucan’s beak from interestingasfuck

Here’s a bonus photo of this “opportunistic omnivore” actually fishing. Sometimes I guess you just get a hankering for meat!

Image Credit: Wikipedia

I promised weird and random, and did I deliver, or what?

Did we leave anything out? Are you enamored with toucans now? Tell us about it below!

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People Share Why They’re Still Married, Even Though They’re Not in Love With Their Partners

Relationships can be very tough. They are a lot of work and when you’re in one, you go through many phases and emotions. In short, it’s a bit like a roller coaster ride but with your emotions and very slow.

And sometimes, you fall out of love with someone but you stay with them anyway.

Folks on AskReddit shared their stories about why they stuck with people even though they weren’t in love with them anymore.

1. So I stay…

“I honestly don’t know. Because it’s been more than 25 years and it’s just easier to live as roommates than to go my own way, even though in a lot of ways that would be easier.

Additionally, she would be royally fucked in so many ways. No real income, no place to really go. She wouldn’t be able to afford a nice place. I’d be perfectly fine but she’d be in a world of hurt. I don’t necessarily love her but I don’t hate her enough to do that to her.

So I stay.”

2. Sounds like a disaster.

“She had me convinced everything was either normal or my fault. Then she cheated and is playing the victim because I read some of her messages after I found out she lied. Now it takes a year to divorce where I live so technically still married for a year… Anyone reading this for personal reasons…Just get out.”

3. We don’t mesh.

“We have a special needs daughter, who doesn’t talk. Until she’s able to tell me that something happened and she can understand more complex ideas and situations, there’s no way I’m putting her in someone else’s hands.

My husband and I just don’t mesh, he doesn’t like me and I don’t like him. For the most part we can get along and even have fun doing things together with our daughter. But we haven’t been intimate in years. We’re both in our late 30’s. And we reasonably don’t have family to help.

Although once she starts going to school full time, I believe I will have more options to do something financially productive with my time.”

4. Manipulation.

“I’m thankfully not in this relationship anymore, but out of fear that he’d do something to hurt himself. He threatened to do it when I first brought up that I wasn’t happy in the relationship, and he became incredibly manipulative.”

5. Feeling guilty.

“I was the one super in love. I don’t think he was. Once every 4 or 5 months, we’d have some sort of discussion. The last time, it was that he didn’t know if what we had was love. I should have seen that as a warning. But I convinced him to stay with me after an hour discussion.

I think he felt guilty. I stayed with him through suicide attempts, drug induced psychosis, and moved countries for him. I imagine he felt an incredible amount of guilt, and stayed with me because of that. I think he cared for my well being maybe. But he wasn’t in love. And it’s painfully obvious now that I’m out of the relationship.”

6. Together they’ll stay…

“My brother can’t stand his wife, hasn’t really been in love with her since about a year before their wedding. He talks about divorce to me when we’re alone but he’ll never do it. He thinks he’ll never meet anyone else being 32 with no social life. Plus there’s a strong possibility she might kill herself if they broke up, or at least attempt it. So together they’ll stay. I just hope they don’t bring kids in to it.”

7. Terrified to leave.

“I was in a pretty bad relationship when I was younger. I stayed because I thought nobody else would love me. He was incredibly abusive and would remind all the time that if I left nobody would ever care about me or love me like he does.

I was just so terrified to leave, what if he was right? It’s been almost ten years since that relationship and I’m happy to report that he was wrong, although it’s taken a lot of work to realize that and I still have fleeting moments of doubt.”

8. Building a life together…even if it’s ugly.

“Years back I was in a relationship with a woman who abused me physically, sexually and otherwise. And I did not love her, not for the last year or so when the abuse got bad. So why did I stay if it was so bad?

Well, unfortunately—and this is true for abusive relationship as well as for mundane loveless relationships—people get wound up together and then it becomes very difficult to imagine your life without them, even if it’s not a good life. I guess people are better at surviving the current hardship than breaking away into the unknown. There’s a lot more to my story, and everyone story has its own details.

But I think that’s the basic answer. You build a life with someone, it gets hard to throw that life away.”

9. Mutually beneficial.

“Neither of us experience attraction but we still care deeply for each other. He’s my best friend!

Also the marriage was mutually beneficial.”

10. Jackpot! Maybe not…

“In my first relationship I thought I had scored the jackpot. I was young and he was young and jacked and smart. He over glorified himself and I just couldn’t see that. I looked up to him as a god, mainly because he kept saying I was bad at my studies and cooking and basically everything that I love to do.

I thought I would never get someone better so thus I stayed. I thought I loved him, I thought that was what love was, but I was just proud that I had gotten someone “so amazing.” I was stupid.”

11. Makes sense.

“I loved her dog.”

12. Fear and loathing.

“I’m no longer with them. But was with her for 8 years. I never loved her but stayed because of a combination of self loathing and she relied on me for everything so I was afraid of what would happen if I left.

Also financially I couldn’t live on my own. But I bit the bullet anyway because I can figure out the rest and staying with her was only stunting her ability to learn how to be an adult.”

13. Finally came to your senses.

“I was afraid he’d kill himself because he was so depressed so I waited till he was a bit better mentally.

The second was more of a roller-coaster. I waited 5 months before breaking up because so many things came up. I didn’t want him to think I was obsessed with the number 3 so I couldn’t break up after 3 months. Then it was summer break so I couldn’t see him and i wanted to do it in person. Then his birthday. Then Christmas! I finally broke up in Jan….. And then get back in April because I genuinely fell for him again. We lasted 3 years before I realized I was the only one putting any effort into staying in the relationship and finally broke it off for good.”

14. Ready to be single…

“I love but I’m not in love with my girlfriend anymore. We moved in together too soon. I knew better and did it anyway.

We are completely incompatible living together I’m angry everyday at tons of stuff. But I’m not gonna throw her out cause I do care so I’m helping her save to get her own place and we are playing couple in the interim but I am so ready to live alone and be single again.”

15. Taking care of her.

“She’d probably be homeless. I’ve been trying to help her become more independent and responsible so I can find a clean exit strategy. Interestingly if she had those qualities maybe there would still be some attraction. No one wants an adult child to take care of.”

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Ford Created a Noise-Cancelling Kennel to Protect Dogs From Fireworks Noise

I hate to see how upset and nervous dogs get while fireworks are blasting away on the Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve (and sometimes on other occasions depending on where you live).

The loud bangs can scare dogs badly and sometimes it seems like nothing will calm them back down. Well, hopefully that will change if/when this prototype noise-cancelling dog kennel from Ford hits the market.

The car company took noise-cancelling technology from their cars and put it into the dog kennel prototype. According to reports, “The kennel, like many high-end headphones, is outfitted with microphones that detect loud noises and cue the speakers to pipe in sound-canceling frequencies.” Ford says that noise is reduced to a level that ensures dogs won’t become upset.

For now, Ford’s people are saying that they built the kennel to show customers how the noise-cancelling technologies in their cars can be used in everyday life. But Anthony Ireson, director of marketing and communications for Ford Europe, said, “If there’s enough interest, we’ll explore the technology.”

It seems like a lot of people are really into the idea of buying this kind of kennel for their dogs.

We love our pets like family, so it’s only natural that a product designed to help ease their fears and anxiety would eventually hit the market.

Here’s a video showing the kennel in action.

Hopefully, this prototype will become available to the public to purchase sooner than later.

What do you think? Would you buy one of these for your pooch?

Let us know in the comments!

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15 People Share Their Small Town’s Most Recent Scandals

I lived in a small town until I was 10 years old when my family moved away, and I remember that everyone there seemed to know everyone else’s business.

Because that’s how it works in small towns. A lot of gossip, a lot of drama – and when a scandal hits, everyone knows about it.

Here are the latest small town scandals according to AskReddit users.

1. A criminal from the big city.

“A few days ago, Amber Alert sent out an emergency message about a fellow in a green car who had stabbed his girlfriend and stolen their baby out of San Jose, which is 3 hours north of us. Lo and behold, the guy was caught right at our own downtown gas station when the kidnapper accidently locked the baby and his keys in his car, which drew attention to him.

A good samaritan from an entirely different town, (a tourist), put the puzzle together, and put the guy in a headlock until the authorities arrived.”

2. On the loose.

“My small town includes a pretty large zoo and a tapir has recently escaped and is still at large.”

3. Holy sh*t.

“The school gym teacher was fired after being caught masturbating in the equipment room (he was caught by two students). A few days later he killed himself. Everyone is a bit shaken up about it.”

4. He seems really smart.

“A substitute teacher at the high school started smoking a joint in class in front of students.”

5. An epidemic.

“Terrible heroin epidemic. Brother’s best friend who was fairly close to our family overdosed a few days ago. My brother only has maybe 2 childhood friends left because of this.”

6. Damn kids…

“We don’t know who but someone has been going around egging random cars and throwing full water bottles at people’s windshields…”

7. That’s pretty bad.

“Our newly elected mayor (who is a school teacher as well) caused a head-on car crash injuring 2 small children in the other car. She was found to be drunk and it was 330 pm on a weekday. The kicker: she wasn’t charged with a crime (as of yet) but she did resign after “considerable thought.””

8. Meth lab?

“A vacant house exploded and no one is sure what caused it.”

9. Naked bandits.

“My grandparents small town has had a recent outbreak of teenagers riding horses through the middle of downtown, while wearing nothing but facemasks. It has happened a total of three times now, always different kids, always different horses.”

10. This is amazing.

“I left my small town years ago but I was home over thanksgiving and got an earful.

The local grocery store was renovated/expanded after 30 years and now “everything’s moved and you can’t find nothing”.

I was home for four days and literally every new social interaction with people in town involved the goddam grocery store and how awful it is now.

Spoiler: it actually looks quite nice and they hang signs over the aisles telling you where things are. You know, like a grocery store.”

11. Banned!

“The guy thats been trolling our town’s community Facebook page finally got banned. LOL.”

12. Oh My God.

“Not really recent, but the owner of the petting zoo turned out to be a serial murderer and buried 2 corpses under the goat enclosure. A lot of kids volunteer there and walked over them unknowingly. He murdered the couple, and used their house, car and money.”

13. Always the same.

“The scandal in my town is always the same… Someone is sleeping with someone else’s husband… Or the 50 year old dating the 18 year old…”

14. Kissin’ cousins.

“Two cousins just got married. The families all knew when they started dating and didn’t say a word until they were in a committed relationship. They went ahead with it. Wasn’t even very distant.”

15. Not a big fan.

“A married resource officer (aka cop that’s at the school all day) messed around with a married teacher. Both had kids, the teacher was fired, and the cop was pulled off of that duty. Nothing that interesting in its own, but it’s been the talk of the town for about a month.

This is the same town where everyone stares at you if they don’t recognize you. Dealt with that the first 2-3 years I lived here, just constant fucking staredowns lol. Population is less than 700.

I hate small towns.”

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These Films Would Have Totally Different Plots If You Removed a Single Letter From Their Titles

Someone on Reddit asked: if you removed a single letter from a film title, how would that change the plot?

If you’re in the mood for random, well, these 14 Redditors bring it in spades.

14. That IS sad.

Aging Bull

The sad story of an elderly bovine

13. Sounds like the perfect plot for a sequel.

Dude, Here’s My Car. After a crazy night, Ashton Kutcher and Sean William Scott decide to leave their place, only to find that the car is exactly where they had parked it the previous day.

12. Sounds like a snoozefest.

Casio Royale

Almost 3 hours of nothing but piano and synthesizer performances.

11. This is GOLD.

Cath Me if you Can. An aging Leo is stuck in a retirement home, and spends his day evading the nurses’ attempts to locate him and apply his catheter.

10. Too much like reality, methinks.

Irates of the Caribbean.

A family with anger issues takes a vacation to various caribbean islands and wreak havoc as everything causes them to throw a raging fit.

9. Well isn’t that a nice little fit.

Mr. & Mrs. Sith

A force wielding husband and wife try to get along in modern day Milwaukee.

8. Oh em gee stahp.

28 Ays Later: The Fonz Strikes Back

7. I could actually see this working.

Land Before Tim – A retrospective about the world before the birth of Tim.

6. Those are fairly odd details, but okay.

Sven Samurai – A poor village under attack by bandits recruits Sven, a recently retired Ikea cashier, as a samurai to help them defend themselves.

5. Coming soon to Discovery.

Tar Wars. The story of the intense rivalry between road work contractors.

4. Or, you know. What the rest of us were thinking.

A New Hoe

Luke Skywalker gets a new tool for farming.

3. Oscar-worthy, for sure.

Need for seed. Old farmer travels the land in search for seeds to save his farm and lives of his hungry family.

2. Take my money.

Finding Neo

A Matrix franchise reboot

1. A story of accepting your gas?

One With The Wind – A man finally accepts and learns to live with the wind

I’m not sure I would be clever enough to come up with something like this, even if had days to think about it!

What would your contribution be? Hit us with it in the comments!

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People Are Sharing the Dumbest Thing Anyone Ever Said to Them

I actually remember the dumbest thing someone ever said to me, and how it kind of stunned me into silence for a good thirty seconds. There’s no way to respond to some comments, truly, that isn’t incredulous or flat-out rude.

Me? I just nodded and smiled.

These people have some pretty amazingly terrible stories of their own, and thankfully, someone thought to ask for them on Twitter.

Yay for us!

15. I promise her credentials are better than yours.

14. That’s not going to work out in her favor.

13. That’s not something you forget.

12. Just keep digging that hole deeper.

11. I need to hear the reasoning behind this.

10. I’m guessing this happens a lot.

9. I literally have no comment.

8. I would have struggled not to slap this person.

7. He picked the wrong lady.

6. It’s literally his name.

5. Well, that proves it then.

4. Why didn’t we think of that?

3. Oddly enough, it’s possible.

2. Yeahhhhhh that’s not how science works.

1. Pretty sure Canadians would take issue with this comment.


Mine was an actress – I complimented her on her ability to play two characters on a single show, saying that I could always tell which character she was playing when she came onscreen, even before she spoke.

Her reply, with a furrowed brow: “Do you mean right now?”

We were in an interview setting, soooooo. Yeah.

What’s your story? I know you have one!

The post People Are Sharing the Dumbest Thing Anyone Ever Said to Them appeared first on UberFacts.