An astronomer travelled…

An astronomer travelled to India in 1760 to observe Venus. His ship blew off course, and he missed the date. He stayed in India for 8 years to try again, but the sky was too cloudy. When he returned home, he had been declared dead, his wife remarried, his estate plundered, and his job lost. […]

Actor George C. Scott was…

Actor George C. Scott was nominated and eventually won the Best Actor Oscar for his role in ‘Patton’. He refused to accept the award based on his belief that each performance is unique and actors shouldn’t be in competition with each other. He stayed home and slept through the awards show.

Lewis Fry Richardson derived…

Lewis Fry Richardson derived many of the complex equations needed for weather prediction in the 1920’s. However, the math was so difficult that to predict the weather six hours in advance, it took him six weeks to do the calculations.

19 Memes for People Who Can’t Stand Country Music

I actually really like country music, but I definitely think these memes are hilarious.

But, if you’re not like me, then you need these memes in your life.



2. Stand united!

3. Gotta get off that floor then…

4. The bad music… it BURNS!

5. OMG! This!

6. But will we have sex? That’s the more important question…

7. Classic

8. GTFO!!!

9. That’s because we’re smart

10. Oh snap!

11. Obey!

12. Alright, seal it up boys! Nothing good down there…

13. That fucking song…

14. Pure trash

15. Why does she hate herself?

16. Boom.

17. Ryan Reynolds with the savage response!

18. Let’s get to where we’re going! FASTER!

19. Makes sense…

Now spread these memes far and wide. It’s up to us to save the planet from the scourge of country music!

I’m serious! Do it!

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These Moms All Insisted They Didn’t Want Dogs but Now They’re Totally in Love

My parents refused to get us a family dog when I was a little kid. Buuuuut, they finally caved and we got a dog named Quincy and my mom completely fell in love. And now she likes dogs WAY more than people.

These moms are the same way. They didn’t want dogs for various reasons and are now in love with their pooches.

1. Living like a king

When he was a puppy, my mom refused to even touch him for months. Now, she cooks and gives him sweet potatoes every day. from aww

2. True love

3. Sing her a song

4. On the floor and everything

5. Dance off

6. Pampered

7. Proud mother



10. The love is evident

11. #DogLife

12. A member of the family

13. BFF

14. Lullabies

15. Her new child

True love.

You just can’t deny it…

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20 Professionals Share Huge Red Flags They See That End Marriages

The question was simple: Marriage professionals, what are the red flags that prove a marriage won’t last?

Thousands of professionals chimed in, but these 20 are the best.

Enjoy the craziness that happens on people’s wedding day, most of which lead to divorce.

1. “She was in a mickey mouse tshirt at that time…”

I am/was a wedding photographer: I think you can kind of tell if they are going to stay together forever based on how they handle all the little (and sometimes even big) problems a wedding day can bring.

There was one couple’s story I love to tell. They are not your typical bride and groom, they had their wedding in a forest where you could also go climbing (sorry don’t know what they are called) with a big wooden house and fireplace in front. All vegan food and a lot of friends with lots of dogs. Everything was perfect, except the special dress the bride had have made and painted didn’t arrive in time for the ceremony and she was devastated.

She was in her sweatpants and a mickey mouse tshirt at that time and her soon-to-be-husband took off his suit, put on a big white shirt, stood there in his boxer shorts and just said “well, we have to go” (cause the ceremony-person had to leave an hour later) and she just laughed and went with it. I was in shock but other than it being strange to have hairy man-legs in my wedding photos, taking the pictures was really fun and they were totally relaxed. I’m pretty sure they will be doing well.

2. “We did not get a 5-star review.”

Wedding band guitar player here.

Drunken gorilla-sized groom physically attacked us when we cut off the music after already going over our contracted time an hour. Mother of the groom got into the mix and pulled him back. Bride was in tears. Best man pulled out a Bluetooth speaker and kept the party going. We did not get a 5 star review.

So that was a red flag.

They lasted a few months.

3. “He was absolutely heartbroken.”

And I have to tell this one too…I didn’t need a sixth sense when I heard that on their honeymoon, the bride cheated on the groom, so the grooms parents didn’t want the photos OR the video I had shot. Instead they wanted me to sue her for the remainder of the money they owed me. I told them I was sorry but they signed the contract so they had to pay.

The bride was a total bitch to him all day at the wedding. It was no surprise she did this. He was absolutely heartbroken.

And yes, they sent me a check for the remainder, and I still have all the photos, developed and collecting dust in a pile still in the lab bag I brought them home in. This was in 2003, and I can’t bring myself to throw them away.

The best part? The groom called me two years later to do his wedding photos and video because he was getting married again. I was all set to do it, and then the new fiancé pulled the plug. Turns out she didn’t want any memories of the first wedding being involved. So I was fired as soon as I was hired.

4. “Everyone is drinking. Knocking back shots.”

I am a videographer. Most weddings we video are fairly smooth. Couple is happy. Family cries tears of joy. Lots of laughter. That bit. We did film one wedding that seemed fine right up until the aisle walk.

We video the bride and groom prep. They have two suites—one for the ladies and one for the gentlemen. My partner and I were having an easy time running back and forth. Everyone is drinking. Not light beer either. I mean knocking back shots. Empty bottles everywhere. Offering us rounds too as they go by. Everyone is pretty carefree, upbeat, and ready to party, the bride and groom most of all. This is going to be the easiest wedding we film. Or so we thought.

Now everyone is seated in the ceremony hall. Groom and all his men are up front with the officiant. Bride’s Maids start walking down the aisle. All beautiful. The bride walks in with her father. At this point I’m filming the groom and his reaction. We get a wide shot because we can always zoom in during post. My partner is recording the groom and her father. I see the best man in my viewfinder pull out a flask from his jacket pocket—the rest of the men do the same except Groom.

So this is clearly planned.

The best man speaks loud enough over the music so people turn to him away from the Bride. He raises his glass high and shouts “Here’s to Bride Name, here’s to Groom Name; may you never disagree. But if you do…” He points at the bride with his flask hand and finishes “FUCK YOU, here’s to Groom Name.”

They all drink to their frat boy toast. The best man hands the Groom his flask and he drinks it laughing!!

I have never watched a video more than I have the reaction of the Bride and her father. Jaw dropped speechless. The ceremony went on. And it’s not done. The officiant asks the Bride “do you take Groom yadda yadda…” and she surprisingly, yet weakly, says yes. The officiant asks the same of the Groom and instead of just saying yes, he screams “Fuck da fuck yeah I do!!” Bride just face palms herself in embarrassment.

The look of disgust on her whole family’s face the entire night after that was priceless and highly awkward to film. I could go on with more stories about this wedding, but this just about the bride and groom. Needless to say I think that’s a big red flag.

TL;DR Best man raises his flask as Bride is walking down the aisle and says “here’s to Bride, here’s to Groom, may you never disagree, but if you do, fuck you *pointing at bride* heres to Groom.” All groom’s men drink from flasks including the Groom.

5. “…smashed the cake…”

Photographer here.

I swear that all of the couples that have split up have smashed the cake in their SOs face. None of the nice cake couples have. Just my weird anecdotal experience.

Maybe it’s a sign of respect for each other.

6. “what he wrote was not exactly Shakespeare…”

Former wedding videographer. When doing the letter read the bride at the end said which I quote “well that was fucking stupid”.

I cut that part out in the final video.

Let me clarify what im referring to. The couple reads their letter from their partner prior to the wedding. She just got done reading the grooms letter and was talking about what he wrote.

To be fair, what he wrote was not exactly Shakespeare but still a harsh response.

7. “Our team can hear them yelling at each other half a mile away…”

Wedding videographer here.

Had a couple fly us out to Iceland for their engagement shoot. Now the first couple of days were fine and everything looked okay, but in Iceland, some lodging options aren’t very luxurious. The groom chose to book what was essentially a tiny bunk house (the ones meant for those summer camps) and the bride lost it and complained the whole night.

Next morning things are pretty tense and our team continues the shoot as planned even though it is incredibly awkward. Most of our plans fall through because they start arguing.

In front of a beautiful, solitary glacier.

For two hours.

Our team can hear them yelling at each other half a mile away because there is literally no one else around for miles.

We finish up whatever we could of the last day of the shoot and awkwardly said our goodbyes.

Later on I learn that they broke up a month before the wedding.

8. “…look past his soon to be wife and wink at me…”

Red flag: The groom winking at both my assistant and I during the ceremony.

He was not winking in the sense that he might have been tearing up or had something in his eye but there was a part in the ceremony where the couple sat down and he would lean his head back in his chair look past his soon to be wife and wink at me or look over his left shoulder and wink at my assistant.

It was bizarre.

9. “…biggest sign is the cake cutting.”

Photographer here: to me the biggest sign is the cake cutting. Some people like to smear the cake everywhere as a joke, some people don’t. Usually the couple is in sync about this. They know what the other would like and they don’t smush cake on the others face if they wouldn’t want that.

Sometimes one of them (usually the groom) will force cake all over the others face and embarrass and upset them. I’ve seen this happen a handful of times and all of those relationships that I have kept up with have ended in a divorce.

10. “I think that’s a good indicator…”

Photographer here.

You can tell somewhat based on how the couple treats each other on the wedding day.

If they are respectful toward one another (and toward me) during a day full of stress then I think that’s a good indicator of being able to deal with other problems that may arise during a marriage.

11. “Dad did it anyway, mom smacked him across the face…”

Not a wedding photographer, but my parent’s wedding video is a tell-all story.

At the cake cutting, my mom had specifically asked my dad not to put cake on her face (which is usually a tradition).

Dad did it anyway, mom smacked him across the face, dad said “fuck this” and stormed out of the reception.

They had a twenty year rocky marriage of lies and infidelity, and are finally officially divorced.

They are much better off now. The cake cutting really seems to be a good rule of thumb for a relationship.

12. “…that’s a strong sign of an unbalanced relationship.”

Wedding videographer here. I don’t usually follow the marriage all that closely after the video is delivered, but usually you have a feeling as a neutral 3rd party about whether it’s going to last or not.

While I agree with most of the stuff mentioned here, I’ve found that the microcosm of how the couple feels about each other comes usually comes out during the cake cutting. If they’re drinking then they’ve usually had a few by that point and it’s a moment when everyone is watching you do something potentially awkward with your new SO. When I see a new bride or groom aggressively smush cake into the other’s face I usually feel like that’s a strong sign of an unbalanced relationship. Sometimes they’re both having fun with it and you can tell it’s cool, but most of the time you can tell that the person with cake on their face is either shocked or angry about it.

Again, I don’t have hard data to track results…but that’s the thing that usually informs my opinion about how it’s going to work out.

13. “loved poker, craft beer, cigars, hanging with his rowdy friends, video games…”

Wedding videographer here: I try to get to know both people beforehand, so I can work in their hobbies/unique traits into my product. A big red flag is when one person is clearly trying to change the other.

I had one dude who loved poker, craft beer, cigars, hanging with his rowdy friends, video games, etc. I planned a cool shoot where I had all his friends in an old west saloon, and he sees his bride to be, etc… but she steps in and declares “oh, he won’t be doing any of those things any more.”

Poor bastard just sat there in silence as I awkwardly had to plan them shopping for a Yorkie puppy instead. Half way through post production after the wedding, he called and said he was getting an annulment. I wanted to say “could have told ya so!” But I try to stay neutral.

Green flags are just the opposite. Embracing the other person’s habbits/hobbies/interests, basically not being a controlling freakshow.

14. “They got divorced about a year later.”

Ex wedding photographer.

Typically I saw red flags when the bride or groom is super quiet. I mean silent and just watching.

One instance was a groom who barely said ten words to anyone during the ceremony or reception afterwards. The bride and her mother were extremely loud and excited the entire time. The bride needed everything to be “perfect”. I dropped off the photo bundle with them two weeks later and he was still quiet. She however complained about all of the pictures because the groom wasn’t “smiling enough”. She wanted a discount because I couldn’t make him look happy enough.

They got divorced about a year later. I know because I did his engagement photos with his new fiancée about four years after his first wedding. His engagement photos showed him much happier.

Edit: I stopped doing weddings but I do some portraits and mostly commercial and product work.

He called me for a wedding quote but I had stopped doing them at that point. I do still do portraits so I offered to do engagement photos for him that he was happy with.

15. “Then we had to photoshop a smile onto the groom…”

My husband and I are wedding photographers. We’ve been pretty lucky so far and haven’t had too many crazies. We have stayed friends with a few of the couples and see them regularly.

The one couple we hope we never see again fought the entire wedding day. The couple barely looked at each other, it was so bad. Then we had to photoshop a smile onto the groom a couple of times so he at least looked happy in the ceremony of all things. To describe what he looked like, I would compare him to a Polish meat butcher with transitions lensed glasses. Totally brutal. I have no idea if they are together still but I would say not.

16. “She wanted a cake like a castle…”

Cake artist here. I had a couple come in for a tasting. Appointment was for 7 PM, but he was late. First half hour was just her. She told me they met at a stable where they both kept their horses. Those horses were going to be featured at the wedding as the bride and groom would ride them to the site (a beautiful farm venue.)

She described in detail her self-designed medieval gown, flower wreath in her hair, embroidered shoes like some from a museum: sounded lovely. She wanted a cake like a castle, which was a specialty of mine. The whole wedding would be over the top, but not in a cringey way.

Then he arrives. Barely says Hi to her, sits down and starts telling me about his wedding. He’ll ride in dressed as a riverboat gambler with a frock coat, brocade vest, string tie, big hat, gold pocket watch, and STERLING SILVER SPURS! He’s fine with the castle cake, but wants to incorporate the watch and a pair of mother of pearl handled pistols (picture given).

I had already decided that I was not going to work with them. NO way could I come up with a cake that would work for them. But they were there so I brought out the samples. For the next hour they carried on two entirely separate monologues. They didn’t address each other (or me) and they didn’t listen to each other (or me).

I made no attempt to book them that night, and when they called later in the week I told them their date had been taken. They were living in 2 incompatible and entirely self contained fantasies. I doubt they even made it to the wedding day.

17. “I tried to play “I want to hear bride’s ideas” card…”

Ex wedding photographer here. There were only a couple situations where I had doubts about the couple’s future and one where I was certain.

I met the couple in a cafe to discuss their ideas and my services. The girl was very happy, she was very emotional and interested. The guy, however, was rolling his eyes and grunting at everything and I stop trying to get him involved in the conversation after he ignored me twice. It made the girl very uncomfortable and she was apologetic of his behavior. I don’t know what happened to them, as they apparently chose to reschedule their wedding and didn’t hire me in the end.

I declined shooting a wedding when the person who was going to hire me was the groom’s mom. When I asked her to arrange a meeting with the couple, she said that they didn’t want a wedding (meaning they wanted to elope), and it was her initiative to celebrate it. I tried to play “I want to hear bride’s ideas” card, but she told me the bride has no ideas, she obeys the groom, and the groom obeys mom. So I’ll only talk to the mom. So I declined, I hope the girl is fine – no one deserves a controlling MIL.

Finally, I was a guest and a photographer at my friend’s wedding. The bridesmaid was wearing a short white dress and she was chirping about her side hustle modeling for photos and catalogues, how “her boyfriend saw her in so many wedding dresses he won’t be surprised when she wears one to the wedding” and how “she caught 8 bouquets already, this will be her ninth”.

She talked a lot about wedding planning and stuff, but apparently there hadn’t even been a formal proposal and her boyfriend, who was a guest as well, looked very annoyed and clearly wished he were somewhere else.

Anyway, the bridesmaid started bugging me for photos of her and her boyfriend a week after the wedding, I told her several times that when I start editing the photos, I will do hers first, and by the time I sent her the photos, they were already broken up.

She started dating someone else a month later and got married the next year.

18. “the 8 month pregnant venue coordinator start carrying chairs…”

I used to work in day-of wedding coordination, and I remember 2 couples that I couldn’t wait to hear about the divorce.

When you pay a wedding coordinator, you only pay for the things the coordinator orders/plans (flowers, catering, DJ) + coordinator fees. Anything else couples buy (dresses, gifts, suits, etc) are added. We estimated this to be a $500,000 wedding, easy. Dad paying for all of it.

The bride was a total sweetheart when I met her. The groom seemed quiet, but was very easy going. Always nice to have a sober groom, and he didn’t drink a drop during the day. Then the photographer/videographer left to take some venue shots.

The bride began berating everyone, myself included, on how her perfect day had to be capped out because no one wanted to give her more. My clothes were trashy, the DJ’s computer was a PC, the bar staff we’re wearing red vests and she hates vests. Photographer came back and she was an angel again.

The second was a wedding of a general and pediatric surgeon in the local hospital. Paid for their own beautiful and in-their-means wedding. The bride was seriously amazing. But, there was a mixup day if the wedding. The 200 chairs that we’re supposed to be moved to the 3rd story of the historic building weren’t taken upstairs.

So my boss, the other assistant, and the 8 month pregnant venue coordinator start carrying chairs upstairs. 3 flights.

It wasn’t great.

After the wedding, we had to do it again, but down. The father of the groom started helping us. We begged him to enjoy his son’s day, but he responded that if it were his daughter doing this, he’d be furious. Groom comes by and tells his dad to stop helping the pregnant woman stack chairs.

He looks at the monster that is his son and asked how he’d feel if it was his wife or sister who had to do this. Groom told his dad that maybe if we had applied ourselves a little more, we wouldn’t have been taking out the trash at a successful couples wedding.

Clearly he didn’t know how much his wife was paying us.

19. You could just tell…

I was a wedding photographer for many years in the 00’s.

It was pretty easy to tell which couples were going to last and which ones would soon be divorced.

The main behavior differentiating the two was whether they were on the same team, helping each other and lifting each other up in the face of the inevitable problems and stress that come with weddings. Good couples tackle problems together. Bad couples take sides and fight/blame each other when something goes wrong.

20. Doubting

Wedding Planner here: Red Flags – nerves are normal but when one of the pair start doubting whether they should go through with it waaay before the day, you know something isn’t quite right. Green Flags – they make decisions together and have each other’s backs especially when family can be pressuring.

Honestly, it’s good most of these people figured out quickly that they weren’t right for each other.

Do you really want to spend your life with somebody you don’t like?

No. No you don’t.

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A Study Showed That Younger Siblings Are Funnier Than Older Siblings

I have three older siblings and guess who’s the King of Comedy? This guy, right here. So I’ve known this all along. But now there’s science to back it up!

A British study from YouGov questioned 1,783 adults to assess various personality traits based on birth order. The survey showed that 46% of younger siblings believe that they are the funniest child in their family, while only 36% of oldest siblings report that they are the family clown.

Photo Credit: pxhere

The study also showed that 54% of oldest children believe they bear the most responsibility, compared to 31% of youngest kids. So not only do the young ones get to be hilarious, they also don’t have to worry about as much. Well, isn’t that great?

Some more findings: older siblings feel “more organized” than their little brothers and sisters, and young siblings see themselves as more easygoing than their older counterparts. That makes sense. Again, the younger ones typically don’t have to worry about things compared to the older kids.

Photo Credit: pxhere

A lot of successful comedians just so happen to be the youngest kids in their respective families: Eddie Murphy, Ellen DeGeneres, Jim Carrey, and Steve Martin, to name a few.

What do you think? How does it work in your family?

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15+ Hidden Tattoos You Should Take a Look at

Did you know that 29% of Americans have tattoos? It’s pretty common these days to see people all around us with visible tats, even big pieces like full sleeves.

The artistry on display can be pretty amazing, but not all tattoos are for the public to enjoy – many private people prefer to keep their ink to themselves.

So if you’ve ever been interested in see what’s lying underneath, this is the post for you. Because we’re going to take a look at 19 perfectly hidden tattoos that you might want to try on for yourself sometime.

19. Heard of Project Semicolon? It’s a suicide awareness organization. The tattoo represents a pause to a sentence, but not the end. This is a powerful statement for many who have faced thoughts of suicide before. Learn more about the organization here.

Photo Credit: instagram/emm_godin

18. Inner lip tattoo? Or Wakandan tattoo? Hmmmm…

Photo Credit: instagram/jktat2

17. Armpit area code, so you’ll never forget where you’re from!

Photo Credit: instagram/tattoovasquez

16. Mandalas are so hip these days… especially on yours!

15. PAC-MAN and pizza on your posterior? Perfect!

Photo Credit: instagram/swingneedles

14. A perfectly placed pendant on your breastbone!

13. Love your life with this skull and hearts at the base of your own skull!

12. Paw on the toe because you love your fur baby!

11. The very popular inner-finger mustache!

10. Flock of birds for your upper back!

Photo Credit: instagram/dl_silva_rv_

9. Interactive stick figure tattoos!

8. Cosmic orbs in the mid back will keep your love for the stars safe and sound!

7. A trio of celestial bodies are A-OK with us!

Photo Credit: instagram/ast.beautyyy

6. Always have France on your mind with this Eiffel Tower in the ear!

5. Never grow up – get this Peter Pan shadow on your heel!

Photo Credit: cocollins1994

4. A beautiful bouquet below the collar!

Photo Credit: instagram/kikinoland

3. Always have a floral secret whispering in your ear!

Photo Credit: instagram/kikinoland

2. Make waves! Rock the boat with this tasteful, tiny tat!

Photo Credit: POPSUGAR

1. An Inguz! It’s a rune symbol that represents new beginnings!

Photo Credit: Gothic Life

Alright, which one are you getting?

Inner lip tattoos for everyone?

🙌 👏 🤝

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10 Ghost Tours That Will Seriously Give You the Creeps

I really, really love all things creepy. I’m talking about scary movies, scary books, scary everything.

If you like to dabble in scary tourism, this is just the list for you.

Today we take a look at 10 real-life, creepy tours recommended by the Buzzfeed community that are guaranteed to give you a good scare.

1. The Stanley Hotel – Estes Park, Colorado

“The Stanley Hotel (where The Shining was filmed) offers guided tours, and you can even spend the night in specific rooms that are reported to have ‘higher than usual activity.’ The guide said many people died building the hotel, and their ghosts will often come out to ensure guests are enjoying it.

While on the tour, one of the guides encouraged me to take a picture in this one dark hallway. When I had the film developed, there were two orbs, one on each side of me, clear as could be. So spooky.”

2. The Jennie Wade House – Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

“After taking pictures on the Jennie Wade House tour, a bunch of my friends and I had photos turn out really strangely— there were giant clouds and shadows in weird spots.

At one point, we also heard footsteps upstairs and thought it was the other tour group, but then we found out they were in the basement.

A chain that was blocking off a section began to swing in circles with nobody touching it — scary!”

3. Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum – Las Vegas, Nevada

“Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum is located in a mansion that the state of Nevada deemed haunted after they found a pentagram, human flesh, and streaks of blood in it in the ’70s.

It contains 30 rooms of artifacts from Zak’s personal collection, including an allegedly demonic chair that was used during the Ed and Lorraine Warren exorcisms!”

4. Jack the Ripper Tour – London, England

“Last Halloween, a few friends and I went on the Jack the Ripper guided tour in London. Our host was amazing — she took us on a walk to all the spots where the murders had happened and the victims were found. She had photos and went into a LOT of detail about the killings.

The night itself was freezing cold, which literally added to the chill of everything!”

5. The Waverly Hills Sanatorium – Louisville, Kentucky

“I did an overnight paranormal investigation at the Waverly Hills Sanatorium just for fun, not believing I’d experience anything paranormal. It was life-changing!

I saw and heard things that night that I never thought could happen. It was both terrifying and fascinating.

I’d do it again any day.”

6. Manly Quarantine Station – Sydney, Australia

“Q Station is by far the scariest tour ever!! There’s so much amazing history to the place, which has pitch black buildings, cold spots, and decontamination showers.

Oh, and a couple of jump scares thrown in for good measure!”

7. French Quarter Ghost & Legends Tour – New Orleans, Louisiana

“This tour in the French Quarter of New Orleans is such a fun and interesting tour of all of the crazy happenings down there. It is especially terrifying to go see the Lalaurie Mansion, home of serial killer Madame Lalaurie.

Nic Cage used to own the home but he would never spend the night because of what had happened in it!”

8. The Crescent Hotel – Eureka Springs, Arkansas

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Its National Paranormal Day! 👻 So let's throw it back to 2012 when me and my uncle were into Ghost Hunting and he took us on a road trip from Missouri to the infamous Crescent Hotel located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Honestly, a really beautiful place with a chilling history. The Crescent Hotel is known to be one of the most haunted hotels in America. It was first a resort for the rich that became a hospital for cancer patients. Unfortunately, the "doctor" Norman Baker was running scams and likely performing dangerous experiments on the patients leading to their death. He was found to not have any medical training and was eventually arrested. When we went, we only caught a few orbs (seen in a few of the pics) on the haunted tour and my mom's arm got yanked while she was sleeping. Yes, we stayed overnight! What's crazy is that recently there has been an unearthing of jars filled with body parts. This discovery happened after the recent Ghost Adventures visit in February! Creepy! • • • #nationalparanormalday #Horrorjunkie #GhostHunting #GhostAdventures #EurekaSprings #Arkansas #TheCrescentHotel #MostHaunted #Haunts #Ghosts #Mansion #Roadtrip #Scary #Hotel #Missouri #Travel #GhostTown #Supernatural #Paranormal #Creepy

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“On the Crescent Hotel tour, they talk about many different ghosts that stay in certain rooms and areas.

Plus, they even have a cat ghost!!!”

9. The Sorrel-Weed House Tour – Savannah, Georgia

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“The Sorrel-Weed House Tour is all fun and games until you descend into the basement.

It’s hands down the creepiest place I’ve ever set foot in. I just couldn’t shake the feeling that I was being watched.”

10. The Joshua Ward House Tour – Salem, Massachusetts

“When I went on a tour of the Joshua Ward House — which was once the home of a High Sheriff in the Salem Witch Trials — I was suddenly overwhelmed by a chilling feeling when I was standing by the basement.

The next day, a bruise in the shape of a bite mark from HUMAN TEETH showed up on my ankle!”

Are your bags packed yet?

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