It’s Time to Look at Cute Dog Memes to Brighten Your Day

If I’m having a bad day, I always know what will cheer me up in a hurry.


I just can’t get enough of them! They’re called “man’s best friend” for a reason, you know?

Let’s look at some funny and wholesome dog posts that we think will make your day just a little bit brighter.


1. This is great!

Have you ever seen a better meme?

Photo Credit: pleated-jeans

2. Fat dog in a little coat.

Time to lose some pounds, buddy.

Photo Credit: pleated-jeans

3. Oh, poor Mike…

Also, what a funny name for a dog.

Photo Credit: pleated-jeans

4. You need to smile!

It’s good for you!

Photo Credit: pleated-jeans

5. That’s what airdropping should be used for.

Don’t you agree?

Photo Credit: pleated-jeans

6. Very regal and stylish.

When does the show start?

Photo Credit: pleated-jeans

7. I love this little guy!

He looks kinda wild and crazy.

Photo Credit: pleated-jeans

8. Psshhhht, look at all these people.

The most judgmental dog on the planet.

Photo Credit: pleated-jeans

9. Welcome home!

I’ve been waiting for you!

Photo Credit: pleated-jeans

10. It was ME they were talking about.

That’s a good feeling.

Photo Credit: pleated-jeans

11. I’m definitely NOT a bad boy.

I’m more the refined, classy type. Can’t you tell?

Photo Credit: pleated-jeans

12. This is pretty trippy.

I’m starting to freak out!!!!

Photo Credit: pleated-jeans

13. This is the dog you need to blame from now on.

Finally, we have some evidence that this really happens!

Photo Credit: pleated-jeans

Like I said, I can’t get enough!

Now we’d like to hear from all of you out there in Internet-Land. In the comments, share a photo of your beloved pooch and introduce us to them.

We’d love to hear from you! Please and thank you!

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People Who Are Acting Like Idiots During the Current Lockdown

What’s going on right now is terrible, tragic, and infuriating.

And people who are acting selfish and refusing to accept what’s going on are just making things worse, in my humble opinion.

I understand that people are frustrated, but buying into conspiracy theories and showing a huge lack of regard and compassion for your fellow citizens is NOT a good way to vent.

In fact, it’s pretty disrespectful.

Here are some examples of people who are really behaving badly during the current crisis.

Have a laugh at these folks and in the meantime, try to stay positive out there!

1. This guy seems pretty cool.

By the way, DO NOT listen to him.

…I’m just trying not to catch a virus but ok from insanepeoplefacebook

2. Sorry to rain on your parade.

The whole wedding planning process with her is gonna be a real hoot.

Bridezillas dress shopping > Employees health and safety from bridezillas

3. This is totally out of control.

Some people…I tell ya…

“Friend” is really upset she had to cancel her European vacation for the pandemic. from insanepeoplefacebook

4. Gotta love these folks.

Bleach or a vaccine? You decide!

Shoot ‘er up my veins 🥴 from insanepeoplefacebook

5. A real bleeding heart.

What an asshole.

Their kids just faced a terrible loss but should forget that and get jobs!!!!!!!! from insanepeoplefacebook

6. That’s why you don’t HOARD items.

Karma is a bitch.

Hypocrite can’t return toilet paper and uses daughter as guilt from insanepeoplefacebook

7. You can do it anywhere!

So go do it at home!

8. Now we’re never going to meet.

It really blows my mind that some people think this is all fake.

I’m never trying dating apps again from facepalm

9. Never heard of Photoshop, I see…

Think before you comment, people…

Did she look at the picture at all??? from facepalm

10. This is totally “peak Karen.”

Way to set a good example.

Peak Karen from facepalm

11. The future looks bright.

Way to go, young people!

12. Just stay home!

Apparently, people can’t follow these rules.

I don’t say this too often, but a lot of people out there are total morons, aren’t they?


It really makes you shake your head…

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Oddly Relatable Things That We All Do

Our brains are largely a mystery. Why do we do the things we do? How come I always have to walk to the rhythm of the music I’m listening to? Why do I feel compelled to tell my cat she is a cat 40 times a day? We can’t know. There’s just no way to know. These strangely relatable idiosyncrasies are as fascinating as they are frustrating, but at least we have the solidarity of knowing we’re not alone in experiencing them.

That’s what this list is all about. The psychological phenomenons for which there have not been names…until now.

14. The Sleep Gamble

On the one hand, my livelihood. On the other hand, this pillow.

13. Remote Self-Control

The path of power must be traced.

12. Schrodinger’s Sleep

I am both “up” and “not up” until an outside observer makes their presence known.

11. Aquaman Syndrome

I know you can see me…I know you can feel me.

10. The Block Walk

The stakes have never been higher.

9. The Drowsy Dilemma

Mustn’t let my body know that it’s awake.

8. Borrowed Time

I win this round, clock!

Via: Buzzfeed

7. Music Appreciation Theory

Gotta focus on what matters.

6. Untethering Bliss

I am held back no longer.

5. Daylight Losing Time

Cause it’s nine in the afternoon
Your eyes are the size of the moon

4. Deja Viewed

What is the nature of truth?

3. Deep Cover

There are secrets upon secrets, lies upon lies.

2. Hot Pocket Tenancies

Gotta keep everything under wraps.

1. Blue Collar Gangsta Syndrome

It just feels so good.

If you find yourself suffering from any of these conditions, don’t consult a physician, they’ve got better things to do. You’re fine. Go look at some more memes.

What’s a weirdly relatable compulsion you have?

Tell us about it in the comments.

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Funny Posts About Being Addicted to Online Shopping

There’s no need to lie to us…

We’re not looking over your bank statements and we don’t have a shared checking account with you.

So just level with us…

You’ve been doing a lot of online shopping and spending a lot of money, haven’t you?

We’re not here to judge, we actually just want you to know that you’re not alone in your addiction.

We’re online shopping fanatics, too! So let’s embrace it and enjoy these funny memes about our…condition.

1. You’ll spend the next three days like this…

Just waiting…staring out the window…

Photo Credit: someecards

2. I can’t stop!

It really is an addiction.

Photo Credit: someecards

3. I say this to myself all the time.

It’s just so true, you know?

Photo Credit: someecards

4. I do this for my mental health.

Makes sense, right?

Photo Credit: someecards


It’s all your fault!

Photo Credit: someecards

6. Your new best friend.

You know this look.

Photo Credit: someecards

7. Has it shipped yet???

And you’ll check back every five minutes or so.

8. It all makes sense to me.

You just HAVE to do it that way.

Photo Credit: someecards

9. Always a big letdown.

Dammit…it happened again.

Photo Credit: someecards

10. Hmmm, not so sure about this.

Maybe I should start over again…

Photo Credit: someecards

11. That would be nice.

Doctor, may I speak freely?

Photo Credit: someecards

12. Happy birthday!

Wait, it’s not my birthday…

Photo Credit: someecards

Okay, that was a lot of fun, but I need to get back to my online shopping!

But before you leave, talk to us in the comments.

Tell us what you’ve been spending your cold hard cash on while online shopping!

We’d love to hear from you!

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If You’re Addicted to Shopping Online, These Memes Are for You

I have a confession I need to get off my chest: I’ve developed a little bit of a problem with online shopping since this whole lockdown started.

It’s not like I’m buying anything expensive or crazy, but still, I find myself constantly hitting BUY on records, used books, and some other stuff I like to collect.

And I don’t think I’m alone in this fetish right now, am I?

Here are some funny memes about being maybe just a wee bit addicted to online shopping.

Let’s take a look.

1. They’re going above and beyond.

What would we do without Amazon right now?

Photo Credit: someecards

2. It makes every day an adventure!

What the hell just showed up at my door?

Photo Credit: someecards

3. And now, we wait…

Admit it, you’ve been doing this.

Photo Credit: someecards

4. In the comfort of your own home.

Isn’t that nice and relaxing?

Photo Credit: someecards

5. Rolling the dice…

At least you can ship them back for free.

Photo Credit: someecards

6. He can’t know about these things.

It’s best to keep him in the dark.

Photo Credit: someecards

7. Sure…something like that.

This is gonna be a good one!

Photo Credit: someecards

8. A rule to live by.

Let’s see if we can do this on the cheap.

Photo Credit: someecards

9. A never-ending barrage of ads.

Okay, enough with the toilet seats!

Photo Credit: someecards

10. This isn’t good.

How did I mess up this bad?!?!

Photo Credit: someecards

11. Livin’ the glamorous life.

At least in theory…

Photo Credit: someecards

12. I don’t know if I can make it.


Photo Credit: someecards

13. Pretty much the only thing keeping me going right now.

Let’s just be honest about it.

Photo Credit: someecards

Are you feeling these memes, or what?

I think I know the answer to that question…

Okay, now we want to hear from you in the comments.

Tell us what (and how much) you’ve been buying online during this lockdown.

Let’s compare notes!

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Funny Memes We Think Will Put You in a Good Mood

Many of us could use a little mental boost right now, correct? A little something to shake the cobwebs out of our heads and to make us LAUGH.

Because, as all of us know, laughing is very important and it helps us relieve our stress. And there’s a lot of stress going on these days…

Here are 14 funny memes that we think will do you some good. Enjoy!

1. Run for it!

I did this CONSTANTLY.

Photo Credit: pleated-jeans

2. A pain like no other.

Part of the fun of summer!

Photo Credit: pleated-jeans

3. I feel this one deep in my soul.

Scalding hot shower for hours.

Photo Credit: pleated-jeans

4. I don’t like getting stuck on that side.

Because this is what happens…

Photo Credit: pleated-jeans

5. Perfectly sums it all up.

This is life.

Photo Credit: pleated-jeans

6. Dear God, why did I do that?

You’ll never recover from the embarrassment.

Photo Credit: pleated-jeans

7. Oh, no, you don’t!

That’s enough happiness for now.

Photo Credit: pleated-jeans

8. Definitely getting mixed signals.

Which way should you go?

Photo Credit: pleated-jeans

9. Hahahaha. So good.

Don’t mess with Sam Jackson, even if he has Alzheimer’s.

Photo Credit: pleated-jeans

10. An ancient ritual.

The holding of the hair while your friend pukes.

Photo Credit: pleated-jeans

11. I hope no one sees me…

Because this has to be done.

Photo Credit: pleated-jeans

12. I did my part!

I just hope the boss noticed…

Photo Credit: pleated-jeans

13. Ummm, sure…

My online shopping problem is out of control right now.

Photo Credit: pleated-jeans

14. Can’t wait to do this again.

Hang in there, everyone!

Photo Credit: pleated-jeans

Okay, that did the trick! Now I feel a lot better since I got some big laughs out of the way!

How about you? Have you seen anything really funny lately that you’d like to show us? In the comments, please share an amusing tweet, joke, meme, photo, story, etc.


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We Firmly Believe That These Posts Are a Laugh-Riot

You gotta love all the hilarious memes, tweets, and other posts out there because even though they appear simple on the surface, they bring a lot of laughter and smiles into our lives.

Sometimes, it’s a little joke or something totally absurd that gets us out a bad mood and breaks the tension in our lives.

And we think these posts are just as good as any we’ve seen before!

So put away all your work materials for a few minutes and take a little time to treat yourself to some big laughs.


1. This is life for many people right now.

Is it for you?

Photo Credit: someecards

2. Decisions, decisions…

Which path will you choose?

Photo Credit: someecards

3. A double-edged sword.

The root cause of all your problems.

Photo Credit: someecards

4. You’re clearly a health nut.

And a role model!

Photo Credit: someecards

5. Hanging on by a string.

You might want to fix that very soon.

Photo Credit: someecards

6. Cleary a witch.

Execute her!

Photo Credit: someecards

7. I’ll start tomorrow.

But first…this cake must be eaten.

Photo Credit: someecards

8. Okay, I took your advice.

Now what do I do?

Photo Credit: someecards

9. Always a fun game!

Look at how excited he is!

Photo Credit: someecards

10. This kid is a legend in my book.

Not so sure what his parents think, though…

Photo Credit: someecards

11. Desperate times call for desperate measures.


12. Just a quick power nap.

You might’ve gone a little bit overboard.

Photo Credit: someecards

I found those posts to be extra funny and I hope you did, as well.

Have you seen anything lately that really made you LOL and that you wanted to share with other people?

Well, here’s your chance.

Let us have it in the comments!

Heck, post as many funny things in the comments as you want.

Thanks and have a great day!

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If You’re Working From Home, These Posts Will Look Very Familiar

I’ve been working from home for a while now, so the current crisis hasn’t really changed my routine at all, but for many, many people out there, this has been a major adjustment.

And it’s easier for some folks than it is for others, there’s no doubt about that.

Whether you’re thriving or just barely surviving while working from home, we think you’ll find these tweets are very hilarious AND accurate.

1. Really packing on the pounds.

Don’t worry about it! We all are!

Photo Credit: someecards

2. Please, don’t let there be any messages in there…

My fingers are crossed…

Photo Credit: someecards

3. There’s a lot of this going around right now.

And, wouldn’t you know it, you can do this at home!

Photo Credit: someecards

4. Why are you looking at me like that?

What I’m wearing is perfectly acceptable.

Photo Credit: someecards

5. How dare you…

But, if you must know…

Photo Credit: someecards

6. I’ve been making this face a lot lately.

And I’m sure you have, too…

Photo Credit: someecards

7. You’ve offended me.

It’ll be done sometime in 2022.

Photo Credit: someecards

8. I can’t handle this right now!

On the verge of an emotional breakdown.

Photo Credit: someecards

9. You’re the funniest person of all time!

This is how you get on the good side of your boss.

Photo Credit: someecards

10. Run for it!

You have to keep that a secret.

Photo Credit: someecards

11. If you must have the occasional in-person meeting.

This is a great life hack.

Photo Credit: someecards

12. Oh shit…

You better hurry up!

Photo Credit: someecards

Do those memes look familiar, or what?

Now we want to hear from all the readers out there.

How are you holding up while working from home?

Is it driving you nuts, or do you actually like it?

Talk to us in the comments, we’d love to hear from you!

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Funny Posts About the Trials and Tribulations of Working From Home

Some of us are having a decent time working from home, while other folks are…let’s say, struggling a little bit with this arrangement.

Hey, there’s no doubt that it can be hard to get into a productive routine when you’re suddenly forced to work in a space with partners, kids, and all the other distractions that come with being at home all the time.

The fact is, we don’t have a choice right now, so you better learn how to at least tolerate it for a while.

But, in the meantime, why don’t we all enjoy these hilarious memes and tweets about the reality of our situation right now…

1. Gotta try to keep it together…

But are you sober enough…?

Photo Credit: someecards

2. Well, that didn’t take long.

Nice effort, though!

Photo Credit: someecards

3. I’m gonna get so much done!

Oh, wait a second…

Photo Credit: someecards

4. First things first.

Even on Zoom, I don’t like you.

Photo Credit: someecards

5. You have to reward yourself.

And it sounds like you’re doing it the right way!

6. Funny how that works.

How much drinking, I mean working, are you getting done every day?

Photo Credit: someecards

7. Oops! Didn’t mean to do that!

I look like I’ve been living in the jungle for years.

Photo Credit: someecards

8. That doesn’t sound like a very good idea.

Let’s skip the Skype, okay?

Photo Credit: someecards

9. This meme is THE REAL DEAL.

All of it, am I right?

Photo Credit: someecards

10. It’s getting lonely in here.

That pigeon is now my only friend in the world.

Photo Credit: someecards

11. Why are they making me do this?!?!

Might as well plaster on the makeup.

12. You can at least pretend for a little while.

Appearances are everything.

Photo Credit: someecards

Those posts definitely ring true, if you ask me.

We’d love to hear from all the readers out there about how they’re handling this working at home situation.

In the comments tell us how you feel about it?

Do you love it? Loathe it? Let us know!

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