15 Funny ‘Karen’ Memes to Speak to Your Manager About

I feel kind of bad for anyone named Karen right now. Especially if they’re middle aged.

Surely not all Karens are a pain, but the name has come to represent the speak-to-the-manager, anti-vaxxer, essential-oil-facebook-evangelist archetype nonetheless.

Yes, the internet is running wild with Karen memes right now, and here are some of the best:

15. How dare you!

Via the chive

14. We all float…

Via the chive

13. The Karen cannot be appeased

Via the chive

12. A Karen-proof fence

Via the chive

11. She’s gone too far

Via the chive

10. Selective hearing

Via the chive

9. Dead giveaway

Via the chive

8. They will rebuild

Via the chive

7. God himself fears Karen

Via the chive

6. Not today, disease

Via the chive

5. I knew it

Via the chive

4. When your American pride is even bigger than your hair

Via the chive

3. Even the doggos, Karen?

Via the chive


Via the chive

1. Don’t worry, Karen’s got this

Via the chive

What’s your favorite Karen story? And by “favorite” we mean the time when a Karen acted her absolute worst.

Tell us in the comments!

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Ideas That Sounded Pretty Dumb But Were Pulled Off Perfectly

Do you ever get an idea that you think is totally awesoe but you don’t follow through with it because it sounds kind of silly?

Well, don’t listen to the doubters! You can pull it off!

These folks certainly did. Let’s see what they came up with.

1. That is great.

His and hers wedding cake from ATBGE

2. Read the fine print.

Conor McGregor’s suit of "Fuck you" from ATBGE

3. Very cool.

Grasshopper-Shaped locomotives stacked on top of each to create a diner in South Korean. from ATBGE

4. Hey, it worked!

Beaded hair portrait from ATBGE

5. Actually looks pretty cool.

this silica gel bag from ATBGE

6. My heart will go on.

This Titanic blow up slide. from ATBGE

7. Wear them with pride.

These Campbell’s tomato soup shoes I received for Christmas years ago. from ATBGE

8. Won’t miss this car on the street.

This car entirely colored with highlighters from mildlyinteresting

9. Nerd alert!

Brain winter hat. from pics

10. For all the hipsters out there.

This sweater from ATBGE

11. I might need to get this tattoo.

Lenny and Carl Yin Yang tattoo from ATBGE

12. Are you thirsty?

This cockroach cappuccino from ATBGE

Pretty cool, huh?

Have you ever created something like the items above that sounded wild but was pulled off?

Tell us all about it in the comments!

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Funny Memes About Being An Introvert

You can be “social” on the Internet and find your tribe without having to go out in public, or you know, talk when you don’t want to.

Introverts aren’t actually just shy people – they’re people who need to recharge by being alone with a book, television show, a hot bath, or their own thoughts – and if any or all of that describes you, you’re going to enjoy these 12 spot-on memes.

12. What do you want from me?

11. If “peopley” isn’t in the Dictionary, it will be soon.

10. It’s the only logical reaction.

9. Unfortunately you can only control one of those things.

8. The brown part should be even smaller.

7. So…every time I go out?

6. Answer: no one answers the door, only monsters come over unannounced.

5. It’s a delicate balance, this life.

4. The only way to ride.

3. I hope you have an awesome food delivery person.

2. Don’t look at me don’t look at me don’t look at me…

1. Don’t leave me.

I am a total introvert and so is my husband – here’s hoping our boys don’t turn out to be extroverts!

Are you an extrovert or an introvert? How does it affect your daily life?

Let’s talk about it in the comments!

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If You’ve Ever Dealt With a Scorpio, These 15 Tweets Are for You

Scorpios are a unique breed, aren’t they? They’re known to be dramatic, intense, unpredictable, and emotional.

And the people who have dated them, been married to them, or had to deal with them a lot on a daily basis know all of these things to be very true.

So what to do? Put them on blast on Twitter, of course! Here are some funny and accurate tweets about all those Scorpio folks out there.

1. Two sides of the coin.

2. Not even gonna try.

3. Split personality.

4. Build up those life points.

5. Hmmm. Is this a good thing?


7. Is this true?

8. Shock and awe.

9. She really wants to know what they’re gonna do…

10. That’s kind of crazy.

11. Shouldn’t joke about that.

12. Now you’re being ignored.

13. Jekyll and Hyde.

14. Taking it to the extreme.

15. Bit of a control freak…

I’m sorry, Scorpios…but it had to be done.

Everybody out there, we want your feedback!

If you are a Scorpio or maybe if you’ve just had to deal with them in your life, tell us what you think about them. Don’t hold back, now!

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A Collection of the Best 1990s Memes

Growing up in the 1990s didn’t make us special. I’m not mad at these “damn kids today” because they don’t know what dial-up is. I’m thrilled for them. It was horrible. Nobody deserves that.

Nevertheless, it hits some sweet, sweet spot in the brain to let memes transport us back to a time in our history that seems to have been curated entirely by that orange Nickelodeon blob guy.

I wonder what he’s up to. I hope he’s found work. Let’s reminisce with some 90’s memes in his honor.

15. I didn’t even have cable, so even this felt like luxury

14. Nobody ever bought these, they just sort of appeared

13. Seeing this meme is how I learned there’s a Rugrats reboot coming

12. The higher the hair the closer to God

11. This was broken 10 minutes in

10. Back when things were “on” at a “certain time”

9. Give your little brother the bad controller

8. I had two sisters and these were scattered everywhere

7. My heart literally just skipped a beat

6. Then DVDs came along and you’d end up returning them because “they had the black bars”

5. I mean, the world was slightly less on fire

4. It’s impossible to explain now why we thought these would be valuable


2. Bottom right still gives me anxiety

1. Who could forget “tent pants”

Well, realizing how long ago all of this happened makes me think I should probably go join AARP.

While I’m gone, tell me in the comments what your favorite distinctly 90’s thing was.

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Simple Things You Can Buy Online to Get You Offline More Often

The internet just sort of follows us around. It’s still on our computers, but also on our phones, in our TV’s, basically it’s everywhere we look. Unplugging doesn’t come often enough.

The good news is you don’t have to take an expensive trip to some secluded forest to disconnect for a while. Here’s some examples of things you can pick up right now that can provide a fun and easy diversion from the digital. (Click the links in the titles for details.)

15. This DIY comic book kit

Via Uncommon Grounds

14. This vintage Scrabble game

Via Amazon

13. This interactive Lego architecture book

Via Amazon

12. This book of Harry Potter inspired recipes

Via Amazon

11. This relaxing word search collection

Via Amazon

10. This indoor snowball fight game

Via Amazon

9. This home escape room game

Via Amazon

8. A place to quarantine your phones

Via Urban Outfitters

7. This kickass bathtub tray

Via Amazon

6. These empowerment question cards

Via Amazon

5. This book of the month club

Via bookofthemonth.com

4. Good ol’ fashioned Jenga

Via Amazon

3. This quality compendium of crosswords

Via Amazon

2. This detailed adult coloring book

Via Amazon

1. This storable jigsaw puzzle

Via Amazon

And now I’m going to take my own advice and get off the computer for a while.

What’s your favorite way to disconnect? Just put the technology down and really get plugged back in to the real world?

Let us know in the comments!

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Hilarious Memes to Celebrate the Joys of Adulting

When I grew up, I thought I was going to be rich and famous. But it doesn’t usually work like that.

Being an adult can be really liberating, but it can also find new and hilarious ways to disappoint you.

Let’s look at some of those ways now, in the form of memes. Naturally.

14. You don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone

13. Time’s gonna move fast

12. You do make the rules

11. You gotta stay wild

10. You gotta look on the bright side

9. Nobody cares about your BFA

8. The internet is forever

7. You’ll get nostalgic

6. Coffee isn’t always the answer

5. You have to do it EVERY YEAR

4. Laundry doesn’t do itself

3. You gotta set realistic goals

2. It’s hard to keep up

1. You work for beans

What’s the most bittersweet thing about adulthood in your opinion? Or the most adulting moment you’ve had in the past year?

Tell us in the comments!

Then go do your taxes, slacker.

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Make Your Butt Look Like a Corgi Butt Because, Why Not?

There are dog people, and then there are SPECIFIC dog people. The kind of folks that can rattle off their pooch’s pedigree like they’re next in line for some kind of doggy monarchy. These people have to go all in on their favorite breed, and plenty of creators with an abundance of time and imagination are happy to cater to that market.

Enter Etsy user PrincessNuggetShop. They offer a wide variety of Corgi-based products from bathmats to stickers to phone cases. But their biggest hit so far are their leggings that make your butt look like a corgi butt.

What a time to be alive.

Yes, that’ll do.

Okay, interesting angle…

Yep. That’s a corgi butt. And a butt. Checks out.

Oh look! Da butts!

The viral booty sensations go for $53.45 all in and are available only through PrincessNuggetShop, though I wouldn’t personally be too surprised if imitators started popping up.

The trend is spreading all over the internet, with some flabbergasted and others obsessed.

It’s the kind of headline that makes 2020 feel ok after all.

Honestly, what more is there to say than:

One fan loved them so much they made an animation.

But the illustration I want to see is what this twitter user describes:

If you’re wondering whether or not these are the real deal, the reviews seem to say yes.

I mean, this would be pretty much impossible to fake.

So, would you be proud to be seen in Corgi butt leggings? Or would you buy them as a gift for the corgi lover in your life?

Let us know in the comments.

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Men Need to Stop Touching Women’s Waists “To Get Past” in a Crowd

I’m guessing you’ve never had the totally awkward and unnecessary and sometimes infuriating experience of another man grabbing your waste if you’re a man yourself, brushing your lower back, or some combination of both because “it’s crowded” and maybe noisy and they want to get past.

That said, I can promise you that every single woman in your life has.

Men just feel like it’s okay to put their hands on a perfect stranger because she’s a woman, and because they have the flimsiest (and somehow socially acceptable) excuse to do it in certain situations.

General rule of thumb: if you wouldn’t do it or say it to a man you don’t know in public, then don’t do it to a woman.

Don’t catcall, don’t make some kind of borderline inappropriate joke, don’t tell her to smile, and no, don’t grab her waist to get past in a bar, at a concert, or anywhere else.

Instead, idk, try using your brain and your words to tell her that you would like to squeeze past.

Or, like, take a different path that doesn’t bring you into contact with as many female patron’s waists as possible?

Two solid options.

And if you think I’m just being one of those annoying, rigid feminists looking to get offended or pissed off about anything at all, well…then there are a lot of us, because I’m definitely not alone.

Same same!

Ladies, do you agree with me? Do you think this is no big deal?

Men who do this, do you also do it to other men? If the answer is yes and you’re not bisexual, I’m tempted to give you a pass….

Maybe. I need more information, so please explain yourselves in the comments.

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This is How to Quickly Update Your Phone so It Stops Censoring Your Curse Words

You know when you’re really ducking angry about something, and you’re trying to text your friend about it, but your ducking phone won’t stop saying duck because the ducking autocorrect keeps ducking with your text? Well Buzzfeed finally released a guide to a workaround.

Their solution was for iPhone, which we’ll go over first, then I’ll show you how to do the same thing on an Android.

iPhone  – Step 1: Open Settings, go to “General”

iPhone – Step 2: Toward the bottom, click “Keyboard”

iPhone – Step 3: This is what we’re looking for

iPhone – Step 4: Click the top right + to add something

iPhone – Step 5: Tell your phone that you MEAN it when you swear

Android – Step 1: With keyboard open, click the cog on the top right

Via Ben Auxier

Android – Step 2: Now go to “Smart Typing”

Via Ben Auxier

Android – Step 3: “Text Shortcuts”

Via Ben Auxier

Android – Step 4: Click Add to…Add

Via Ben Auxier

Android – Step 5: Ta-da!

Via Ben Auxier

Now go forth. Swear and swear alike.

What’s your best/most cringey autocorrect story? You know where we want you to share it, right?

Let us know in the comments!

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