13 People Who Weren’t Pleased That Their Widowed Parents Started Dating Again

Losing a parent is one of the hardest events a person can go through in life. But this opens up a new question for your surviving parent: how soon is it okay to love someone again?

The answer is different for everybody, but the decision to date again can really upset a child.

It takes some folks time to adjust… while others never cozy up to the idea.

These 13 people share their stories… and, well, you’ll see…

1. I mean, this is understandable. But… it’s not your life.

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2. Just tell him no. But if she sticks around…

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3. Sorry to see this…

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4. Sounds like something was up…

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5. Yeah, that’s PLENTY of time to grieve. You gotta get over this. Sorry.

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6. Totally fine to have these feelings, but he needs to live his life.

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7. Not a thing you’ll ever probably know, so why worry about it?

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8. She wasn’t his property. She needs to be able to move on. Period.

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9. Sounds like this isn’t the reason you’re sad…

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10. Ouch.

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11. I mean, two years is a decent chunk of time. Best to just roll with it.

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12. Finally! A healthy take!

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13. Wait… it has been FIFTEEN YEARS?!? GET OVER IT!!!!!

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The end for some doesn’t need to be the end for others.

Have you dealt with a situation like this? How did you respond?

Let us know in the comments!

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10+ Couples Explain Why They’ve Had Such Long Engagements

Why do some people rush into marriage? You’re going to spend THE REST OF YOUR DAMN LIVES together, so why not just ease into it?

That what some couples thing. They’ve waited for YEARS AND YEAR to tie the knot. However, sometimes it can be a sign of trouble in the relationship.

If your partner is making you wait and wait without setting any sort of date, then something might be up.

1. Probably doesn’t…

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2. Forever alone…

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3. Time to get some therapy!

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4. Then don’t get married. Easy!

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5. To each their own…

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6. Well, that’s just lazy…

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7. I mean, in some states it’s already official!

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8. Nothing wrong with planning and getting costs together…

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9. Yeah, this is really common. Why not just do it at the court house and then have a fun party at your house?

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10. Good! Love it when couples are on the same page!

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11. Probably won’t happen if that’s your attitude…

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12. Then time to have a conversation…

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13. Well, at least you’re similar!

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What do you think? Should people be engaged for however long they want or is there a time to put up or shut up?

Sound off in the comments!

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A Bot Wrote a Hilarious ‘John Wick’ Script and People Are Loving It

What if a computer wrote a screenplay? Have you ever asked yourself that question?

More specifically though… have you ever asked: what if a bot wrote John Wick?

You haven’t asked yourself EITHER of those questions? Well, you’re in luck because somebody on the internet did and then made it happen.

Keaton Patti is the genius behind many “bot-written” scripts that he’s posted on Twitter, and to say he’s killing it at the bot-written script game is an understatement.

That title! I’m official in love with this bot.

Photo Credit: Twitter/KeatonPatti

“You are out of horse, Mr. Dog!” Classic Wick.

Photo Credit: Twitter/KeatonPatti

So… what do you think? Are we at the point where bots should replace humans?

The answer is a resounding yes! At least from Keaton.

He even has visuals!

What more could you ask for Keanu? Get on that shit!

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People with Social Anxiety Will Laugh out Loud at These Tweets

Do you have social anxiety? If so, I sympathize with you…but you should also laugh at it once in a while! Might as well, right?

1. Hurry up!

2. Assume the worst…

3. Anxiety thru and thru…

4. It’s not nothing…

5. Open up!

6. It’s always about you…

7. It all means something…

8. Probably dying…

9. But what DID it mean?!?!

10. Must be nice…

11. Always fun to pre-game!

12. Just give me a minute… or thirty…

13. ALL of this!

14. Ditto.

All you Pokémon trainers out there… that last one is for you.

And for you who have no idea what I’m talking about… let that linger for a while…

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I’m Going to Laugh While I Read These 14 Tweets. Will You Join Me?

Welcome to my post about funny tweets. There’s 14 of them, so shall we just start reading them now?

We shall!

1. I can see this…

2. For those Mariah stans only…

3. Less. Is. More.

4. Oh snap….

5. This is gonna hurt.

6. This haunts me quite a bit

7. Trash loves trash

8. At least she’s honest…

9. I like it! More!

10. I’m listening…

11. Just the bare necessities…

12. GIMME!

13. Oh…. I get it!

14. Pokémon coming at ya with the funny…

Well, I don’t know about you, but I enjoyed that quite a bit!

Come back for more of all of that sometime soon!

Until then… toodles!

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Married Couples Confess: We Haven’t Consummated Our Marriage yet

This is quite strange…

So, what if this happened to you…

You save your virginity for your marriage and then, on your wedding night… nothing happens.

Not only that, nothing happens for a week, a month or more!

Would you be surprised to find out how many people have NOT consummated their marriage after getting married?

Get ready to read some craziness!

19. There’s always annulments…

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18. Sounds like you had sex before though, so…?

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17. This really sucks.

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16. I’ll tell you what’s going to happen: divorce.

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15. Time to talk to your SO!

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14. Ummm, that’s not how it works…

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13. Okay, this is a happy ending! Finally!

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12. Haha, yeah, you really should.

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11. I would be!

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10. Well, I honestly can’t say I blame him…

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9. That’s a LONG time to wait.

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8. It really shouldn’t be a fight. There’s something wrong.

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7. Go. To. Therapy.

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6. Some men do have low sex drives…

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5. Okay, NOT the same thing!

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4. Talk to somebody about it. You have to get past this.

Photo Credit: Whisper

3. Yes. She will. Get ON it.

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2. Yeah, it would be nice.

Photo Credit: Whisper

1. Never think that!

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A wedding night situation wouldn’t be a big deal for me because there’s no reality where I would marry someone and wouldn’t have slept with them.

But if a couple weeks went by and I was getting rejected… time to get an annulment!

Sorry, not sorry.

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13 People Share Their Most Awkward Make out Stories

You ever lock lips with somebody who you’re excited to be making out with… and something super cringy happens?

You’re not alone. These 13 couples had some super awkward moments when things were just heating up…

1. Hahaha… friends are the best…

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2. How exactly does that even happen? Was he sucking your nose?!

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3. Yeah, that sucks…

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5. Science nerds be like…

Photo Credit: Whisper

6. Moving waaaaaayyyy too fast…

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7. Ghosts LOVE to watch…

Photo Credit: Whisper

8. Snack time!

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9. This… seems… odd…

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10. HA! Classic.

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11. Well, what did you expect?!

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12. “Chuckles! Get out of here!”

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13. But how….

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Oh yeah, those were embarrassing for sure.

But hey, you got to kiss, so it’s not all THAT bad, right? Right?!?

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Keep These Savage Responses to Texts from Exes in Mind Next Time an Old Flame Gets in Touch

The art of the text that is a total burn needs to be perfected over time. It doesn’t happen overnight.

Listen, breaking up and moving on sucks usually, but sometimes you get an opportunity to just completely own the other person and it is DEEPLY satisfying.

These folks know what I’m talking about!!

1. Oh do you now???

Photo Credit: Instagram

2. Garbage is as garbage does…

Photo Credit: Instagram

3. Well, YEAH!

Photo Credit: Instagram

4. Completely dead

Photo Credit: Instagram

5. Zigaziga ahhhhhhh

Photo Credit: Instagram

6. Not to Starbucks nor anywhere else!

Photo Credit: Instagram

7. Chop chop…

Photo Credit: Instagram

8. Mom things…

Photo Credit: Instagram

9. LOL…

Photo Credit: Instagram

10. And NO

Photo Credit: Instagram

11. In a galaxy far, far away…

Photo Credit: Instagram

12. Oh no! Not the mom jokes!

Photo Credit: Instagram

13. How close?

Photo Credit: Instagram

Key fact from all of these… move on fam! Asap.

Lingering is for suckers!

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10+ Memes About Morning and Not-Morning People That Should Look Familiar

Are you a morning person? A snoozer? A coffee addict? Or maybe it depends on the day.

Regardless of where you fall on the sleepy-scale… here are 14 memes to get your day started!

1. We all hate the “Early Riser”

Photo Credit: Pinterest, Mabel Mora

2. Because most of us are “The Snoozer”

Photo Credit: Imgflip

3. And let’s face it… ain’t nobody the “Beauty Queen”

Photo Credit: Saying Images

4. And how many “Coffee Addicts” we got out there?

Photo Credit: Bustle

5. Yes, most of us are “The Walking Dead”

Photo Credit: Pinterest, Angie Alzola

6. And it’s okay to be grumpy. Because mornings SUCK!

Photo Credit: Elite Readers

7. Why do we have problems waking up? Wonder why…

Photo Credit: Somecards

8. The horror!!!

Photo Credit: Somecards

9. I prefer fantasy over reality…

Photo Credit: Shareology

10. Decisions, decisions…

Photo Credit: Shareology

11. Daylight Savings Time is the WORST!

Photo Credit: Somecards

12. Yeah… how?!?!?!?

13. Savage

Photo Credit: Shareology

14. We’re all tired fam…

Photo Credit: Somecards

Have a great day!

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13 Reasons Why Single Life Is Actually the Best Thing Ever

Let’s be honest for a moment… relationships…kind of suck.

And let’s be honest for another moment: sex is NOT something we need a relationship to get. In fact, it’s not even super complicated for a single person to find a hookup these days…just look on Tinder.

So today we’re going to take a look at some reasons being single is fantastic. Perhaps the best thing ever.

13. Diagonal Sleeping

The bed is all yours, and you can sleep on it however you damn well please. True story, there are a lot of couples who sleep in separate beds anyway, so if you’re in a relationship and you want to try separate sleeping, you’re definitely not alone.

12. Your Netflix is Your Netflix

No waiting to catch up on that series together. No screwing with your viewing algorithm. Yeah, you can create separate users, but nobody does. Your Netflix belongs entirely and solely to you.

11. Eat Wherever You Want and Whenever You Want

Feel like Mexican food tonight? Great! Go have that. And you’ll never get into that conversation where somebody doesn’t know what they want to eat, but they know what they don’t want to eat. Because that is a fresh hell we’ve all experienced and never want to again.

10. No. More. Crazy. Families.

No creepy uncles. No overbearing mothers. No politically inappropriate dads. They’re all gone – at least, all the ones that don’t belong to you.

Ahhhh, doesn’t that feel good?

9. Remember Your Friends and Family? Now You Do!

Being single means that you can actually spend time with the people who will always be there for you. Use that single time to strengthen the fuck out of those relationships, because you need them far more than you need an SO.

8. Holidays = Vacation

No more driving in a car 14 hours to the suburbs outside of Cleveland to stay in a childhood bedroom that smells like old dolls and broken dreams. Not at all like your childhood bedroom, which smells like awesome memories…

You can go anywhere you damn well choose during the holiday season, so do it!

7. Anxiety Be Gone!

Worrying about what someone else is thinking and doing is fucking exhausting. And then there’s where you are in your relationship. Are things cool? Are they just okay?

You don’t have worry about any of that shit anymore. So take that sigh of relief. You’ve earned it.

6. Take It To The Bank

No more dinners or movies that you didn’t want to spend money on in the first place. The less you spend on somebody else, the more you can save or spend on you. And it adds up quickly.

That’s just math, folks.

5. No Permission Needed

Your schedule is your own, and you don’t need to juggle it around another person’s life.

Maybe you want to watch TV tonight. Maybe you want to go play trivia with your friends. Maybe you want to go on that mountain bike ride.

Whatever it is you want to do, you determine the when, where and how much.

4. The Decor Is Yours

Did your SO have some weird toy collection they had to put up in a very visible place that absolutely horrified you?

Well, yeah, that’s not happening anymore. Because you’re single, and you’re not weird like that!

3. Also, the Radio Is Yours

Driving in the car has never felt freer now that you can tune in to whatever the fuck you want.

Sing it loud and sing it proud. Because you chose it. Naturally.

2. You. You. You.

Spend time with you! Focus on you! Do whatever the fuck you want.

Listen, ultimately we’re all we’ve got in this world. So if we’re not good with ourselves, we’re not going to be good with somebody else. And being alone is not a bad thing at all.

And if you want to find somebody to be with, well, focus on yourself and get that train humming along the tracks smoothly. If you do, odds are that you’ll meet somebody moving just as smoothly who you can ride or die with.

1. No Need to Clean For Two

Things used to get dirtier twice as fast. No longer.

Now you’re responsible for only the messes you make. So yeah, you don’t have to treat another adult like a child. Which is, ya know, a nice thing.

Btw, we know you can read a lot of stories these days, so we’re really thankful you chose Humans of Tumblr.

I guess what I’m saying is… you rock!

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