Hilarious Jokes About the Misery of This Pandemic

Hey there…

Here we go again

Yes, it’s another installment of jokes about the pandemic. And do you want to know why? BECAUSE THIS THING IS STILL HERE SEVEN MONTHS LATER.

And it really doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere for a while, does it?

It’s sad, but true. But we have to deal with it and get through it, right?

And one of the  ways we can do that is with humor.

So, without further ado, enjoy another installment of jokes about this crazy time in world history…and remember to wear your mask when you go out in public!

1. Are you guys okay?

Now I’m depressed, too…

2. Hahahaha. Burn!

You showed them!

3. You’re doing good work.

No, make that GREAT work!

4. Doesn’t seem realistic, does it?

That’s not gonna happen!

5. Jack might have overreacted just a bit.

I mean, the whole thing with the axe? C’mon, bro…

6. No way around it.

Just wear it and keep your mouth shut. Okay?

7. The new normal.

Okay, I’ve had enough for today.

8. That did not work out very well.

What the hell is going on out there?

9. They’re working for me, too.

Been ordering all kinds of stuff!

10. This is very true.

Covid got snubbed!

11. You did your best.

And maybe Mr. Newton would be proud of you.

12. I’m pretty over it…

Not gonna lie…


In the comments, talk to us and give us a life update.

How are you doing? How are you holding up?

Thanks! And please stay safe and healthy out there!

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Three Theories on Why Humans Have Chins

There’s a good chance that you’ve never spent any time considering the bony protrusion at the bottom of your face. I mean, it’s there, you don’t really have to take care of it, if you’re between the pimples and chin hairs seasons of your life, so what’s to consider?

Now that you are thinking about it, though, let me tell you this –  we are the only animal, including our closest relatives, like chimps, and our ancestors, like Neanderthals, to have an outward sloping “chin.”

Image Credit: Pixabay

It’s weird, right?

What’s even weirder is that, though theories abound, no one really knows why.

There are more than a few scientists who find this question fascinating, and each is out to untangle the mystery – like Zaneta Thayer, at the University of Colorado.

“That is what makes the appearance of chins in anatomically modern humans so interesting.

It implies there was some sort of behavioral or dietary shift between Neanderthals and anatomically modern humans that caused the chin to form.”

There are actually three main theories as to why we might have developed chins.

The first theory is that it may have developed to make chewing our food easier.

Image Credit: Pixabay

Most people dismiss this theory, because as we’ve evolved, our food has grown softer, not harder to manage, overall. Also, if we did need more bone in order to chew our food, it would make more sense to put it on the inner wall of the jaw, near the tongue, like chimps.

The second theory scientists argue is that our chin must have evolved to assist us with language, because we do have, by quite a stretch, the most extensive speech ability of any of the primates.

But again, the theory is largely dismissed for a simple reason – we don’t require much force to speak, so there’s really no reason a chin would have developed for that reason. Also, if we did, it would be most helpful inside and closer to our tongue, same as chewing support.

So, onto theory number three – it has something to do with sexual selection.

Like, our chins are akin to big orangutan faces or immense antlers or some other feature that primates find titillating. It’s been proven that those animals with the bigger and better whatever are considered more desirable when mates are being selected, and their superior genes are passed on.

Image Credit: Pixabay

Duke University professor James Pampush argues against this one, too, because both sexes, of course, have chins.

He points out…

“If it’s an adaptation for sexual selection then we are the only mammal that has the same in both sexes.”

Pampush, and most others, have admitted that we simply don’t know why we have chins, and he says that “anyone who tells you they do know is lying.”

Most believe that it could have something to do with our faces getting smaller over time, meaning a chin would be what’s called a “non-adaptive trait,” explained biologists Stephen J Gould and Richard Lewotin back in 1979.

Non-adaptive traits are traits that are a by-product of a change happening elsewhere – that our chins could exist only as a result of another evolutionary change that has a function and purpose.

Who would have thought chins were so controversial and strange?

Something to think about the next time you’re checking out your pretty anatomically modern human face in the mirror.

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Expert Explains the Real Differences Between Generic and Name-Brand Drugs

A lot of us don’t know what the actual difference between generic and name-brand prescription medications is. While we might buy generic drugs to save a few dollars, there’s always a question creeping in the backs of our minds: do they really work as well as name-brand?

Recently Buzzfeed spoke to Dr. Joshua Brown, a pharmacist and drug safety researcher for the Department of Pharmaceutical Outcomes & Policy at the University of Florida College of Pharmacy and the Center for Drug Evaluation & Safety.

First, he explains how generic and name-brand drugs are different from one another:

A generic version of a name brand drug is a ‘copycat’ product that includes the same active ingredient, but might look different in appearance and may contain other ingredients that are different from those in the original.

Photo by Kendal on Unsplash

That makes sense: name-brand Tylenol and the Target brand of Tylenol have the same main ingredient, though they may contain other ingredients that differ. Got it.

He compares the medications to Oreos:

It is similar to when you buy ‘off-brand’ Oreos or the ‘store brand’ paper towels.

These products are meant to be more affordable, near perfect copies of the name brand.

Of course, when it comes to Oreos, there’s no substitute in my view and some growing evidence suggests this may be true for many generic products.

He also explained that we usually don’t see generic drugs out on the shelves until a full 20 years after a name-brand drug has debuted.

Typically, medications get a 20-year patent, which allows pharmaceutical companies to recoup the huge costs of developing new drugs.

Once those 20 years are up, other manufacturers can begin to make copies of these drugs.

There are also different kinds of generic drugs: “authorized generics,” where the company will opt to make their own generic version of a medication, and regular generics.

Authorized generics are usually identical to the name-brand drug.

Dr. Brown also explains that there’s also one big reason why there aren’t generic versions of every name-brand drug: litigation.

Companies who own the brand sue for patent infringement to delay generics being approved.

There are also instances where brand companies simply pay off generic companies to not make a generic version.

Also, as I mentioned before, different parts of a product can be patented, including the active ingredient, the formulation, the chemical synthesis to make the active ingredient, and so on.

Furthermore, making a certain drug may just be too complicated and generic companies might not want to take the risk.

While generic drugs have the same active ingredient as the name-brand, they don’t have to have the same amount of that ingredient.

This is called being ‘bioequivalent’ to the name brand product.

The generic product must deliver the active ingredient into the blood system between 80% and 125% of the name brand product.

A study by the FDA found that most are within +/- 5%.

Dr. Brown shares that generic drugs make up 90% of the prescriptions that patients receive, which is pretty impressive.

Ultimately, he says that if you’re deciding between name-brand and generic, there are two key reasons to go for name-brand: for drugs that have narrow therapeutic indices and could cause serious consequences if they aren’t taken correctly.

Narrow therapeutic indices are drugs that, if you change the dose — even a small amount — it can change the safety or effectiveness profile substantially.

While complex generic product is broadly defined by the FDA as drugs that have complex formulations.

Because most drugs do not fit into these two categories, they are less of a concern when it comes to choosing between the generic version or name brand.

Well, there you have it! It turns out there are some pretty key differences between generic and name-brand drugs.

Luckily, it doesn’t seem like those differences matter too much unless you are taking a few key medications.

What did you think about this information Does it change how you’ll buy your medications? Let us know in the comments!

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Here are the ‘Do’s and Don’t’s’ From the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic

We’ve been here before as far as pandemics go—exactly 100 years ago. But have we learned anything since then?

From 1918 to early 1920, the world was held captive by a virus known as H1N1, or the Spanish Flu. Like COVID-19, it spread across the globe within a matter of months. When it was all said and done, 500 million people—about a third of the world’s population—had been infected, and approximately 50 million people died.

COVID-19 is a different virus, but the story of its spread is quite similar; people even had the same arguments about wearing masks and social distancing that we have today. The evidence is in this “Do’s and Don’t’s” lists from the 1918 pandemic that appeared on Twitter and immediately went viral.

The most important things on the list—wearing a mask, washing your hands, and avoiding crowds—are things we’re supposed to be doing today. But even 100 years ago, we had to plead with people to heed this advice and listen to scientists.

Most people complied, but a lot didn’t; there were four waves of the disease before the pandemic ended in April 1920.

Had they done what they were supposed to do, there’s no doubt that the infection and death tolls would have been lower, and the pandemic would have ended earlier.

We’re still relatively new to COVID-19, and we can still mitigate the damage. While there’s no way of eradicating COVID-19, we can pay attention to science and keep ourselves and others safe.

You know what they say: “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

Are you doing all you can to keep yourself and others healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic? Let us know in the comments below!

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An Arthritis Drug Might Make Gluten Safe for Celiac Patients

You probably know someone who eats “gluten free.” It’s become something of a fad, with even people who have no medical reason to eschew gluten sure that doing so makes them “feel better.”

And you know, everyone can decide for themselves what they do and do not want to eat.

For people with celiac disease, though, ingesting gluten can have some very real, and extremely uncomfortable, gastrointestinal effects. With gluten sneaking its way into tons of products – including those that claim to be gluten free – relief could be a huge deal for so many.

A case study that was published in Annals of Internal Medicine detailed a male patient who was treated with Tofacitinib, a medication used for people with rheumatoid arthritis and alopecia. When he returned for a followup appointment, doctors found that his celiac disease had gone into remission.

Normally, celiac patients have to avoid gluten for the rest of their lives in order to stop long-term damage to the mucosa in their digestive tracts, but his man found he could eat and tolerate it with no trouble after going on the Tofacitinib.

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Special thanks to @theallergychef for this beautiful graphic! I often see clients who are continuing to have symptoms even after they think they’ve removed gluten from their diet! This is such a great reminder that gluten can be found in the most uncommon of places! 😱 Need help searching for the gluten in your kiddos diet? I’m now accepting clients into my 6-week comprehensive course designed for individuals new to gluten-free eating! Apply for my program using the link in my bio 🤗 #celiacdiet #celiacdiseaseawareness #glutenfreefoods #glutenfreemeals #glutenfreekids #glutenfreesnacks #glutenfreegirl #glutenfreenutrition #glutenfreefamily #celiacsafe #celiaclife #celiacfriendly #celiacdisease #glutenfreefood #glutenfreeeats #glutenfreecooking #glutenfree #glutenfreelife #momhelp #celiacmom #glutenfreemom #glutenfreemomma #celicfamily #familynutrition #momnutrition #familymealplanning #glutenfreeme #wheatallergy #momlifebestlife #momlife

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The patient, who was seen at the University Hospitals Leuven, Belgium, had previously been controlling his celiac disease with a gluten-free diet. Then, he began a regimen of Tofacitinib to treat his alopecia. The medication inhibits enzymes associated with worsening severity of rheumatoid arthritis, mainly, though it has previously been used to treat certain bowel diseases.

His celiac disease showed complete histologic and serologic remission, even after he returned to eating a normal diet that included regular gluten.

The results are promising, though they need to be replicated on a larger scale before gluten lovers everywhere can rejoice. The drug also has side effects that would need to be considered before doctors prescribed it to celiac patients en masse.

Still, hope is on the horizon, and sometimes, that’s all you need.

Well, that and to be able to eat garlic bread with your spaghetti.

Am I right?

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The Canadian Version of the Invisibility Cloak Is Here

Whenever the question “what superpower would you like to have?” comes up, there’s always at least one person who wants to be invisible. With a generation (plus) of kids lusting after Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak among us, I have to guess that still applies with kids today.

I mean sure, you might hear and see some things you wish you hadn’t, but Harry also got some seriously good and fun use out of his.

If you’re hoping to grab an invisibility cloak – or in this case, a shield – of your own, well, listen up.

The tech is called Quantum Stealth, and was developed by Canadian camouflage design company Hyperstealth. The material is as thin as paper, inexpensive, and requires no power source, which is pretty amazing.

It’s not as good as Harry’s magical tech, but honestly, it does a pretty good job concealing stuff.

To make it work, they utilize the same approach as lenticular lenses, which is used in those paintings that appear 3D if you look at it a certain way.

The material bends light in a way that makes only things very close, or very far away, visible -so any object or person behind it at a middle distance becomes invisible. It can bend light from mid- and near-ultraviolet to infrared, and once you add in the fact that cameras largely don’t work outside the visible light spectrum, the effects of the tech are even more remarkable on film.

Since it does distort the background, though, people would know something was being hidden, just not what.

The idea uses Snell’s law, a well-known and straightforward physics principle that basically says that every material has a specific refractive index, a quantity related to the speed of light in that material compared to the speed of light in a vacuum.

You can see it at home using a glass of water and a spoon, since the latter will appear bent to the naked eye.

Basically, when light moves between two materials, the angle at which it is moving will change depending on the refractive index – this new tech is basically constructing a blindspot.

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📌Görünmezlik pelerini! 📌Kanada’da bir şirkette kuantum görünmezlik adını verdiği bu teknolojiyi üretti. 📌“Quantum Stealth, herhangi bir ortamda, herhangi bir mevsimde, günün veya gecenin herhangi bir saatinde, başka hiçbir kamuflajın sağlayamayacağı bir gizlilik vaat ediyormuş. 📌Hyperstealth CEO'su, son dokuz yıldır bu teknoloji üzerinde çalıştıklarını ifade etmiş. 🎥 by Hyperstealth #herkeseeğitimplatformu #herkeseeğitim #educationforeveryone #görünmezlik #görünmezlikpelerini #quantumstealth #quantum #stealth #Hyperstealth #fizik #physic #science #sciencetech #bilim #optik #optic #optical #evdekal #stayhome #learn #teknoloji #technology #life #security #güvenlik

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Hyperstealth’s Guy Cramer has been working on the tech since 2010, and recently filed 4 patents related to the project.

He’s also published a series of videos on how it works, and it’s pretty crazy to watch.

I’m not quite smart enough to understand how this works, but I’m certainly fascinated!

Do you need this for your life? Are you going to wait until something better comes along? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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People Share Reasons (Besides the Obvious) About Why They Like Wearing Masks in Public

We’re all dealing with some serious sh*t at this moment in history.

None of us expected this to happen at the beginning of 2020, but here we are and we have to deal with it in the best way possible.

And that means WEARING A MASK when you go out in public.

Yes, it’s hot. Yes, it can fog up your glasses. Oh well! It’s not a big deal and you’re helping out yourself, your family, and complete strangers who you come into contact with.

But what are some OTHER reasons that people like wearing masks in public?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say.

1. Not as awkward.

“It makes negotiations and awkward conversations at work so much easier!

They can’t read my face nearly as well, so I feel way more confident.

I love it.”

2. What am I thinking?

“I never realized how much emotions I unintentionally show when not wearing a mask.

Now people can’t tell what I’m thinking.”

3. Time to shine.

“I’m in the military and have to shave.

I also have to wear a mask at all times on base.

So I’m growing a goatee.

Suck it, big brother.”

4. From a dentist.

“A few of my patients said it covers their bad teeth and they feel like they can laugh and smile more with other people without feeling self-conscious.”

5. Covering it up.

“My teeth suck.

This whole mask thing has been just fantastic.”

6. Fighting allergies.

“I have terrible seasonal allergies and can’t breathe through my nose very well because I’m constantly congested.

Wearing a mask makes me feel less embarrassed to breathe through my mouth!”

7. I love this!

“My sister bought me a black mask that reads, “Spaceballs the Facemask.”

When I wear it out in public people look at me and smile. Some laugh and tell me how much they love my face mask.

It makes people happy, and considering the depressing times we need more happiness in the world.”

8. Problem: solved!

“Out in public, I often think of funny things, which causes me to smile slightly.

Before masks, if I ever made accidental eye contact with anyone during those times, they thought I was smiling at them and would smile back, or approach and try to socialize with me.

Well, I’m an extreme introvert and I hate that. Now, with masks, no one can see me smile–so that problem is solved! I’m actually going out more because of it.”

9. Anxiety.

“I have bad social anxiety and don’t speak much in public.

I’m also an opinionated b*tch.

Now I can make comments I’m public without being like “everyone heard that, they know it was you, they want you to shut up”.”

10. Just like Maverick.

“I get to pretend like I’m a fighter pilot when I pull it off and let it dangle once I get back to the safety of my car.”

11. Get to work.

“I like hiding my face so I can focus on my work easier…

If that makes sense…

I started wearing a work hat with the mask and I really like it.”

12. A real game-changer.

“Not having to smell people’s coffee breath, and people not having to smell my cigarette breath.”

13. Have a good time with it.

“I can make funny faces, talk to myself and sing and if no one is around, no one will notice.

I just love it.”

14. No one can see…

“I talk a lot in my head and sometimes accidentally mouth what I’m saying so people probably think I’m crazy but with the masks no one knows.”

15. You do you.

“I don’t have to pretend to smile at people at work.

I can get away with my usual expression of angry boredom.”

16. Mindin’ my own business.

“I don’t have to overthink whether the random people I see are acquaintances and whether i should say hi or not…

Or really i dont have to say hi to anyone whether im sure i know them or not…

I can just mind my own business and not care about anyone…”

How about you?

What are some other reasons that you don’t mind wearing a mask when you head out in public?

Tell us what you think in the comments!

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People Share Other Reasons Why They Like Wearing Masks in Public

We know why we should be wearing masks right now when we head outside and we’re around other people.

The scientific evidence shows that the best way to prevent the spread of this virus that is ravaging our country right now is to wear a mask.

No problem, I say! It’s not my favorite thing in the world to do, but we all need to make small sacrifices if we want to get back to normal.

But are there OTHER reasons why people like to wear masks when they go out in public…?

Let’s see what folks on AskReddit had to say.

1. Hey, that’s good!

“I had a dentist appointment before going to the grocery store the other day, no one could tell if I was drooling from being numb.

Alternatively, if I’m listening to music no one can tell if I’m mouthing the lyrics to all the good bits.”

2. Took care of that.

“My nose was running the other day it was incredibly embarrassing but I remembered nobody could tell because I was at a CVS with a mask on.”

3. Pretty funny.

“I used to smile at people when I passed them in public and it would make them smile back at me.

Now I still smile because I forget that a mask is covering my face. When I walk away I always remember and think that the person thinks I was staring at them.

I think that’s pretty funny so I enjoy wearing a mask out in public.”

4. Just look at my eyes.

“My mouth has a natural frown. It doesn’t reflect my mood, but I got “What’s the matter?” comments a lot.

Now I’m old, and it just looks cranky.

Look at my eyes, it’s all good.”

5. Self-conscious.

“I’m really uncomfortable and self-conscious of my face, especially the lower half.

Honestly I wouldn’t mind wearing a mask in public all the time, even if/when this passes.”

6. There you go!

“It covers my adult acne.

And wearing a mask has actually helped mine go away a bit because I touch my face less and don’t wear any makeup where the mask covers.

I only have one pimple on my jawline right now (for the first time in YEARS) and no one can even see it because it’s covered.

I may honestly continue wearing a mask long after all this is over.”

7. Mutter as much as you want!

“I can freely mutter to myself without fear of people seeing my lips moving…”

8. Likes what it does for him.

“Makes me look more masculine, it hides my face which in insecure about and makes my jaw seem more sharp and pronounced.

It also brings more attention to my eyes which I’m more confident about.”

9. And, there’s this.

“I like to pretend I’m an off duty ninja.”

10. Time to hide.

“I’m an introvert, so it’s like getting to hide in plain sight.”

11. No more smiles.

“I love not having to smile.

I can finally wear and conceal my neutral I-hate-everyone-and-everything face.

It’s great.”

12. Really comes in handy.

“I work in retail and I love not having to fake smile at customers.”

13. Enough with the small talk.

“People are less likely to recognize me at the Trader Joe’s my sister worked at, and I don’t have to partake in small talk I’m not interested in.

I love Trader Joe’s, just hate being distracted from my mission.”

14. I know that person!

“It’s so much easier to tell if I’ve already talked to someone. It normally takes me a while to “memorize” a persons face but now I can just be like…

“Oh that person has a green mask with polka dots. I saw them yesterday.”

They’re also really cute and I was actually thinking of buying one before all this started.”

15. Fashionable.

“I get to wear and show off the cute, hand-made masks my wife has learned how to sew! I’ve got a fox one and a bee one so far.

I absolutely love them and her.”

How about you?

What are some of the reasons YOU like to wear a mask in public?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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Science Memes That Will Make You Smart…Maybe

Science. What is it, exactly?

And how the heck does it work? Does it want to be my friend? And can it make me rich, somehow? These are the questions we’ll be exploring today on our journey through the cosmos of science memes.

Come aboard our ship of the imagination, and cruise the dank depths of human knowledge.

10. Breathe free

This is why Plankton on Spongebob is always struggling so much.

9. K

I think we might be putting a little too much pressure on this one little letter.

8. Hot take

I may not be the smartest, but you’re an absolute zero.

7. Stellar work

Another star’s career ruined by chemicals. Sad.

6. Genetic love

I’m going to plant a seed of affection.

5. Quantum of solace

If you think you understand it, you’re wrong.

4. Fun guy

Don’t you leave him behind, you monster.

3. Bright ideas

You made this? I made this.

2. Tough work

I mean, sure, they’re experts who have dedicated their lives to studying these things, but I also saw a Facebook meme, so.

1. The hard truths

The laws of nature are tough but fair.

I feel smarter already! But in all seriousness – please listen to experts when they tell you science stuff. Please? Before we ruin everything forever? Thanks.

What’s your favorite science fact?

Tell us in the comments.

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The (Possibly) True Story of the Fastest Moving Manmade Object Ever That’s in Space…Maybe

Science nerds are some of the most interesting people, mostly because they usually have an innate curiosity about how the world works, and they love exploring new questions and ideas.

Recently, one person wondered what the record for the fastest-moving manmade object is… and then decided to research the topic until they found the answer.

Because why not? It can be really fun to dig around online and in books until you fully understand a topic or event.

It turns out the fastest object is a manhole cover that was launched via nuclear detonation, and that manhole cover can travel very, very quickly.

You might not even believe just how fast it can go!

Photo Credit: Cheezburger

Funnily enough, the manhole cover was traveling at such a high speed that it didn’t get caught in our orbit, which means it’s still out there.

It’s pretty wild to imagine that a manhole cover is just rocketing around in space, probably getting faster and faster in the process.

Photo Credit: Cheezburger

If you haven’t figured it out yet, this thing was moving really, really fast.

Photo Credit: Cheezburger

Like… super fast. It’s impossible to overstate this fact.

Photo Credit: Cheezburger

In fact, it’s going to so fast that one person theorized it could even anger some aliens if they encounter it.

Photo Credit: Cheezburger

It is pretty amazing to think that such an everyday item could be launched into space and travel that quickly!

Don’t forget to share this one with your friends, especially your friend who love space facts.

Which part is totally unbelievable for you? Let us know in the comments!

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