Enjoy These Funny Tweets from Some Hysterical Ladies

We say this all the time, but we need to repeat it because it’s so true: the ladies on Twitter are absolutely hysterical.

And here are 15 more that you’ll probably start following after you scroll through these tweets.

Get ready to LOL!

1. That is amazing.

2. Mom is quite crafty.

3. Had to do it.

4. Looks like a cat burrito.

5. I’m freakin’ out!

6. Why is that?

7. Yeah, that’s kinda weird.

8. That cat is a movie star.

9. That is a terrible idea.

10. That’s a great question…

11. Isn’t that always how it works?

12. You deserve a new home.

13. Obviously you’re not part of a power couple.

14. God did indeed grow up.

15. He probably does…

Keep making us laugh, ladies!

We can’t get enough of it!

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WOOP Is a Research-Backed Method to Help You Achieve Your Goals

All of us could use a little boost when it comes to hitting the goals we set for ourselves, right? A lot of folks out there have tried all different kinds of plans and methods to motivate themselves, but it’s just not easy.

Luckily, there is one that is backed up by research, and you might want to consider implementing it into your own life.

It’s called WOOP, which stands for wish, outcome, obstacle, plan. It’s a mental strategy meant to help you realize and achieve your goals. It’s also been called “mental contrasting.”

Here are the four, easy-to-follow steps to WOOP.

1. Identify your wish.

Your wish or goal could be something big like getting a new job or something small(ish), like going to the gym four or five days a week.


2. Identify the best possible outcome if that wish came true.

Ask yourself how you would feel if you achieved that goal. What would the best possible outcome be from the situation? If a new job would relieve the stress in your life, maybe feeling calmer in your everyday life would be the best outcome.

Roman Cab

3. Recognize the obstacles that currently keep you from achieving that goal. 

Ask yourself this question: what is holding you back from achieving your goal? And, in turn, from feeling the best possible outcome? Maybe you don’t feel like you’re good enough for a new job? Maybe you don’t have any connections that could land you an interview for that new gig?

Manon a Job Interview

4. Make a plan to reach the goal.

How can you start to overcome these obstacles? Maybe you could start emailing or reaching out to a few people every week to make the connections you need to get your foot in the door at a new company. Maybe you can completely re-do your resume and send it out to all your friends and former co-workers, expressing your interest in getting a new job. You should also ask yourself, “What’s the worst that could happen?” to try to put your fears to rest.


As I mentioned earlier, WOOP doesn’t have to be for huge, momentous decisions. You can use this method for smaller things, like cleaning your house or exercising more. The folks behind WOOP say that it can “support all areas of behavior change. It is for people who feel stuck and don’t know what to do. It is also for people whose lives seem just fine but who feel they can do better. And it is for people who face a particular challenge or transition.”

And the research doesn’t lie. Study participants who followed WOOP doubled the amount of exercise they did over a four-month period. They ate 30% more fruits and vegetables over a two-year period. And WOOP helped people with diabetes improve their self-care.

And those are just a few examples of how it was effective.

What do you think about WOOP? Have you tried it? Did it work for you? Maybe you have some other methods for reaching your goals?

Tell us what works for you in the comments!

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These History Memes Just Might Teach You Something

For some reason, a lot of kids don’t like history in middle and high school. Personally, I think it has something to do with so many history teachers at those levels being coaches who do the bare minimum in the classroom…but that might just be my own experience talking.

I’m someone who grew to love history in college and beyond, so I love to see the interesting bits finding new, awestruck minds on the internet.

To that end, here are 16 history memes that just might teach you something new today!

16. Here are you still hungry?

Image Credit: Imgur

15. The cleverness. It burns.

Image Credit: Imgur

14. Yes, let’s do that insanity.

Image Credit: Imgur

13. Yes. This is the collective expression on France’s face.

Image Credit: Imgur

12. Until you end up there yourself. Womp womp.

Image Credit: Imgur

11. Spoiler alert…it’s not the army.

Image Credit: Imgur

10. A more accurate depiction I have not seen.

Image Credit: Imgur

9. I need more for my collection.

Image Credit: Imgur

8. It’s always the season.

Image Credit: Imgur

7. This just made me laugh for real. The bread would be a lot more pleasant.

Image Credit: Imgur

6. It’s always the barbarians. Dammit.

Image Credit: Imgur

5. You’d best rethink that strategy.

Image Credit: Imgur

4. Yep, it’s just that creepy.

Image Credit: Imgur

3. At least have the sense to look ashamed.

Image Credit: Imgur

2. With their own stick. Damn.

Image Credit: Imgur

1. This wins best photoshop award.

Image Credit: Imgur

I can’t say for sure that I learned anything new, but these memes definitely never get old.

How about you? Did you learn something? Share it with us in the comments!

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These Encouraging Photos Show How the Fire-Ravaged Australian Bush Is Already Coming Back

As fires continue to ravage Australia, two photographers on the New South Wales Central Coast have taken some hopeful images of rejuvenation.

Ventured out into the fire grounds today to capture some images of how the Aussie bush responds to fire, and the way it…

Posted by Murray Lowe on Monday, January 6, 2020

Mary Voorwinde and a friend saw how one ravaged area was already showing signs of new growth in Kulnura, New South Wales.

Fires came within miles of Voorwinde’s own Central Coast home, so the discovery inspired her to take her camera into the woods where she took some fantastic images of flowers growing around burnt tree trunks. Then she shared the images to show her fellow Australians and others that new life had arrived.

Another photographer, Murray Lowe, also saw young flowers and plants emerging through the char. He posted his shots on Facebook, to the amazement of tens of thousands of users. “Life bursts forth after the fires…,” he wrote.

Nature at it's best after a severe scorching …….. Image No 2

Posted by Murray Lowe on Tuesday, January 7, 2020

His photos have been liked more than 28,000 times with over 6,000 shares. Just when things seem so bleak, colors come back to brighten the scene.

“Nature at it’s best after a severe scorching…”

So many commented too, joyful at seeing such pretty flowers. “Amazing,” people wrote.

Posted by Murray Lowe on Friday, January 10, 2020

These areas were likely among the first to burn so regrowth at this point is entirely possible. Unfortunately, fires are still burning and destroying forestland, and though greenery may grow back, animals killed in the flames will never come back. And for species that are already vulnerable, this may be the final straw. We just don’t know.

But we can see a little bit of the future – and it certainly looking green.

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People Talk About the Purchases They Claim Did Buy Them Happiness

Money might not buy happiness, but it can buy you stuff like a steak dinner, sheets with high thread counts, movie tickets, and other experiences that are decidedly happy-making.

I mean, those things might not show you the meaning of life or anything, but they can make you smile for more than a little while.

According to these Redditors, here are 16 more things that challenge that old adage – and come close to sending it packing for good.

16. Aw, using the opportunity to burn your brother?

Multiplayer videogames. Doesn’t bring happiness to my brother though, probably because he sucks.

15. Dark, but I imagine true.


14. Well, to each his or her own.

I have a collection of dildos and magic: the gathering cards that says otherwise

13. Can confirm.

Divorce administration costs.

12. Knowing that you can do it probably made you as happy as the thing.

My PlayStation. Parents didn’t have the money to get me one so that was the first thing I ever worked for.

11. Freedom makes everyone happy.

Ask any teenager, regardless of how they got the money, if they were happier when they got their first car.

10. My own noise-canceling headphones bring me joy on the regular.

Headphones for my kids’ tablets. The quiet is beautiful.

9. Companionship is priceless.

My kitty cat. Best £30 I will ever spend in my life. She has brought me 11 years of utter joy thus far.

8. I’d say that definitely counts.

I’m happy I don’t have to stress about paying the bills or buying food. Does that count?

7. You can’t put a price on a good night’s sleep.

My meds which help me sleep well and get up in the morning. While the night pills are cheap, the morning meds are pricey.

6. Good sheets really are worth it.

A really good mattress with high thread-count sheets.

If you’ve always had one you can’t appreciate how wonderful it is, but if you lived with crappy foam mattresses all your life, the change to your quality of sleep (and life in general) is highly noticeable.

5. Houseplants bring a little cheer all year long.

I paid off my debts, upgraded my apartment, and bought a shit load of house plants. Now I’m more or less worry free and can focus on spending money on making a business which will hopefully buy my freedom from a full time job

4. Today’s society definitely demands it, for most.

Money has gotten me to concerts, restaurants, to a stable life, it gives a lack of stress from the times where bills couldn’t be paid, amusement parks, new clothes, comforts in life, staying in nice hotels, treating others to nice things, buying things that I wanted without worry, getting more music equipment or any other expensive hobbies, being able to afford vacations, shall I go on?

I definitely am happier when I have money vs when I don’t, and the happiest points in my life have been when I had money to spare. Plenty of times I have been fucking broke and hated every second of it, and I got no enjoyment from life because there is nothing more than stress just to pay the fucking bills…I couldn’t go to restaurants with friends, I couldn’t go to concerts, and I couldn’t afford anything new…all I get to do is stress and hope there is enough for food the next month…

Money absolutely brings happiness, maybe not 100 years ago when having a farm and family is what mattered, but when you live in today’s society it is the only way to be happy. Otherwise it’s just never-ending stress and boredom.

3. The gift that keeps on giving.

My guitars and guitar gear. And it never seems to wear off.

2. Tools also make my husband happy because they make his life easier.

1986 Mazda RX7 that I’ve used for track days, autocross and, the occasional car meet/cruise. I absolutely love driving it, it’s one of my dream cars and I’ll keep it as long as possible.

Gaming PC and various games. I’ve had a group of friends for over 12 years now thanks to meeting on Lineage 2 and Ragnarok. They’re the best friends I’ve ever had and, I wish I could find people like them in person(meeting them is not possible as they all live elsewhere in the world).

All the tools I have in my garage and home that keep me from having to pay an outrageous price for a “pro” to fix… No scheduling that I have to work around, no worrying about leaving my home unlocked or taking days off from work, no dealing with shady people. Yeah I might hurt myself and get frustrated while doing it, but I’m saving money that I can spend elsewhere more enjoyable.

1. It’s pretty darn close.

I bought trips. Money can’t buy happiness but it can buy airplane tickets and that is almost the same. 🙂

I’ve definitely got to second some of these things (and also add books – they’re like traveling for a nominal price!), and want to pick up a few of the others.

What would you add to the list? Have you used money to buy something that made you incredibly happy? Share it with us in the comments!

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Tweets That Prove Being an Adult Is Totally Bogus

Being an adult really isn’t that much fun. I hate to break it to you young folks out there, but it’s the truth.

The bills pile up, your back starts to hurt, your hair falls out…what’s the deal?

I think the people behind these tweets probably agree with what I’m saying…

1. I can’t deal with this right now.

2. Now I get it…

3. Well, that’s depressing.

4. Maybe they have a life coach?

5. I’ve been up for hours.

6. Get me out of here.

7. Now what do I do?

8. Me, too, brother.

9. What were you thinking?!?!

10. I’ll get right back to you.

11. Aren’t we all…?

12. That’s a lot of stuff.

13. Might as well.

14. Thanks a lot, ouija board…

15. Funny how things change, isn’t it?

How’s the adult life treating you?

Tell us all about it in the comments. We’re here to listen, friends…

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Funny Tweets About Being in Your Early 20s

The early 20s period of life is  full of trials and tribulations and figuring out what your next steps will be.

It can be confusing, amusing, and even a little ridiculous.

If you’ve been there, these tweets will probably look pretty familiar.

1. Can’t wait for Installment 24!

2. Ain’t life grand?

3. You might want to wait a while.

4. Way to go!

5. Can I see your ID?

6. Let’s meld it all together.

7. You’re the f*cking child.

8. Still failing!

9. Wherever you go, there you are.

10. Opposite ends of the spectrum.

Do you remember your early 20s? Hell, maybe you’re still in your early 20s.

Tell us about this interesting time in your life in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!

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10 Humorous Tweets About Having the Flu

While being sick is no reason to laugh, we’re going to make some exceptions for this article.

Yes, having the flu really sucks, but maybe we can all laugh at it to relieve the pain a little bit.

Laugh at these tweets, take some pills, go back to bed, and call me in the morning. Trust me, I’m a doctor.


2. It’s going to be very romantic.

3. Oh, now you’re sick?

4. Thanks for the reminder.

5. Be a good parent.

6. Comes to a standstill.

7. A big F.U.

8. A total breakdown in the system.

9. I’m really not sure…

10. Being stung from all sides.

Avoid the flu this winter!

Get your flu shot and stay healthy out there!

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This Husky Was Abandoned Because of Her “Weird” Eyes – Now She’s a Big Hit Online

How could a person get rid of a pooch that is clearly a one-in-a-million beauty? Yes, this pup named Jubilee does have some crazy eyes, but that’s what makes her special, right?

A shelter in New Jersey called Husky House shared a sad Facebook post about Jubilee’s story. The post said:

“My name is Jubilee. I’m a 4 year old female husky who has been with Husky House for a long time. I came from a “breeder” who couldn’t sell me because he said I was “weird” looking. Huskies are majestic looking dogs and I don’t know why I don’t look like them.

I wish I was beautiful so someone would want me to be their dog.

I like other dogs, but I don’t like cats. I love people, but I’m a little shy because people mostly laugh at the way I look.

Doesn’t anyone want a funny looking husky? I wish I had a family of my own who could love me even though I’m not pretty.”

My name is Jubilee. I’m a 4 year old female husky who has been with Husky House for a long time. I came from a “breeder”…

Posted by Husky House on Tuesday, January 14, 2020

As you can imagine, such an unusual-looking dog caught the attention of all kinds of folks on social media, and Jubilee became an overnight sensation. The post was shared more than 5,000 times, as word quickly spread about this unique Husky looking for a permanent home.

And then, the news came: Jubilee had found her forever home! Here’s a Facebook post with the great news:

UPDATE – Thanks to everyone who shared Jubilee’s story. She has found her forever home with previous Husky House…

Posted by Husky House on Tuesday, January 14, 2020

This story just warms my heart. I’m glad that Jubilee will be in a loving home for the rest of her days!

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Oscar Mayer Is Hiring People to Drive the Wienermobile, so It’s Time to Update Your Resumes!

Do you have your resume up to date? If not, you better start punching those keys on the keyboard because this might just be your dream job.

View this post on Instagram

Got to see the #OscarMayer #Wienermobile

A post shared by 💯Team Bentley Flying Spur💯 (@well_2_do_4me) on

Oscar Mayer recently announced that they are looking for twelve people to drive their iconic Wienermobiles around the country this year. The job listing reads as follows:

“Have you always dreamed of working with hot dogs? Well, look no further. All of your hot dog dreams just came true. We could say ‘drivers wanted,’ but what we really mean is WIENERMOBILE navigators ready to deliver unlimited joy to thousands of people every single day.”

Damn right you’ll be bringing people joy. Folks see that Wienermobile come around the corner, and they lose their shit. You’ll be A LEGEND wherever you go. The job is a one-year assignment with salary and benefits, during which you’ll be traversing the highways and byways of America in a 27-foot wiener on wheels.

Need I say more?

Those who are chosen to fill these illustrious positions will also attend a two-week training session called “Hot Dog High” where you’ll learn how to drive the Wienermobile, you’ll pick your official Hotdogger name (the possibilities are endless), and you’ll learn the ins and outs of the business.

Has there ever been a more desirable job on this planet? I don’t think so.

I just put my application in…I suggest you do the same, my friends. The deadline to apply is January 31, 2020, so don’t blow it! You can do this! We can do this!

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