These Funny Reusable Grocery Bags Help the Environment and Will Make You Laugh

We should all take reusable bags with us to the grocery store when we go shopping. But instead of those bland, humorless bags you’ve been toting around, consider some of these funny bags made by the clever, artsy people on Etsy for your shopping needs.

Here are 10 that I think you might want cause they’re awesome. If you feel the same, you can buy directly from the links underneath the photos of the bags.

Happy shopping!

1. Make no mistake.

Photo Credit: Etsy

2. All kinds of healthy shit…

Photo Credit: Etsy

3. Ouch!

Photo Credit: Etsy

4. Booyah.

Photo Credit: Etsy

5. N’ Shit…

Photo Credit: Etsy

6. Sounds like a plan!

Photo Credit: Etsy

7. Not in love just yet.

Photo Credit: Etsy

8. Organic, healthy food.

Photo Credit: Etsy

9. You should know the difference.

Photo Credit: Etsy

10. Don’t mess with this one…

Photo Credit: Etsy

Aren’t those great? Here are a bunch of other awesome bags you can buy from Etsy!

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‘The Far Side’ Is Now Online and New Comics Are on the Way

My dad’s favorite cartoon is The Far Side. For every Christmas since I can remember, my mom got him a new desk calendar for his desk at work, and since he retired, one for his desk at home.

And every Christmas since 1995, I’ve listened to him lament that the calendar wrapped under the tree is no longer The Far Side.

Nothing compares (though Pearls Before Swine is close, he says).

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Now my dad, and others like him, have reason to celebrate – Gary Larson and his cartoons are returning.

In the early fall, a cryptic update appeared on Larson’s website, one that hinted at something new in the works for the fans who had been crying into their lesser comics for over two decades.

Then, the announcement: the irreverent, single-panel cartoons will now be available online for the first time.

And there will be new material! It’s not just gonna be archived strips – Larson plans to revisit his world of anthropomorphic cows and science run amok, at least once in a while.

Part of the reason for Larson’s decision is that he hates seeing scanned, illegal versions of his work on the web, and part is that he feels the resolution on new computer screens won’t leave out any of his intentional nuance.

Though there will be new work on the site, Larson told the New York Times that readers shouldn’t expect any regular postings.

“I’m not ‘back,’ at least in the sense I think you’re asking. Returning to the world of deadlines isn’t exactly on my to-do list.”

All writers have a love/hate relationship with deadlines, so I can surely relate – and hope to one day be in a position to set my own, leisurely schedule as well.

That said, it seems we can expect at least some new artwork to float around in the new year. Until then, enjoy the revolving library of content on the website, like daily posts and themed collections.

Oh, happy day – for my dad, and everyone else in the world who gets a second chance to experience firsthand brilliance.

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15 Friends Who Got Tattooed Together

Getting a tattoo is a serious commitment. Getting a matching tattoo with your friend is pretty hardcore.

But, when you know, you know. And sometimes matching ink is the best way to say, “I love you, man!” Here are 15 examples of tattooed friends…let’s hope they don’t have any big arguments anytime soon.

1. Tiny little hearts.

2. Nice detail on these.

3. A single rose.

4. Matching Minor Threat tattoos!

5. I pinky swear…

6. Fill it up.

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#matchingtattoos from today #bfftattoo

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7. Happy little avocados.

8. Best friends forever.

9. Cheers to you!

10. A friendly journey.

11. These are nice.

12. Around the world.

13. Mom and son tattoo.

14. Do you recognize these?

15. Happy little clouds.

Do any of you readers out there have matching tattoos with a friend? Or maybe with a significant other?

If so, show us some photos in the comments!

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Enjoy These Cool Facts About Music of All Kinds

I’ve been a music lover since I was pretty young. My brother, who is nine years older than I am, got me into all the good stuff from a very young age: AC/DC, The Ramones, The Sex Pistols, etc.

Since then, it’s been a love affair with finding cool, new (and old) music to sink my teeth into, and seeing live bands when I get the chance.

Let’s take a look at 10 really cool music facts to get our day started the right way!

1. Sudden savant syndrome.

Photo Credit: did you know?

Source 1 Source 2

2. I wish there was video of this.

Photo Credit: did you know?

Source 1 Source 2 Source 3

3. A lot of time wasted.

Photo Credit: did you know?

Source 1 Source 2

4. They were trailblazers in many ways.

Photo Credit: did you know

Source 1 Source 2

5. The cut up technique.

Photo Credit: did you know?

Source 1 Source 2

6. The Lizard King.

Photo Credit: did you know?

Source 1 Source 2

7. Two musical geniuses.

Photo Credit: did you know?

Source 1 Source 2 Source 3

8. Helping out the fans.

Photo Credit: did you know?


9. Don’t change a thing.

Photo Credit: did you know?

Source 1 Source 2

10. A little history lesson.

Photo Credit: did you know?


Pretty cool facts, huh?

Who are some of your favorite bands and musicians? Share them with us in the comments!

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A Lighting Artist Explains His Job, and It Is Pretty Darn Cool

Animated films are a lot of fun, but most people don’t realize that it takes boatloads of creatives to really pull it off. One of those behind-the-scenes jobs in animation that you’ve probably never heard of before: lighting artist.

Like Dan O’Brien. He’s a lighting artist who has contributed to some really cute scenes. But how exactly?

O’Brien went on Twitter to explain what his job is because most people just don’t know what lighting artists do. He shared some illustrations before and after his involvement so we can see exactly what he contributes for ourselves. Check out his thread:

As you can see, the scene on the left looks half-finished, while the scene on the right looks three-dimensional and has a clear mood.

It’s easy to forget that O’Brien was working on a spy film when looking at the art on the left. On the right, we really feel the tension as police sirens pop.

Softer, moodier lighting also helps us see objects and facial expressions more clearly.

You can really see what adding the lighting effects does – without them, the scenes don’t look real at all. The light adds drama, context, and emotion that just isn’t there beforehand.

Of course, O’Brien wants us to know that it takes a team to truly make a good scene great.

Animated films feature contributions from all kinds of talented artists. That’s why they take so long to make – an animated movie can take many thousands of man-hours of work, distributed among an enormous team of different types of animators.

Now that we’ve learned a little about the people behind our favorite scenes we can better appreciate their work!

What surprised you the most about the before and after shots? The comments section is open and ready for your musings.

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Vinyl Record Sales Surpassed CDs Last Year for the First Time in Decades

As someone who has collected vinyl since high school, I think this is awesome. Don’t get me wrong, I like CDs and cassettes too (I don’t currently have any 8-tracks), but I prefer vinyl records.

I just honestly believe they sound the best out of all formats.

In 2019, people bought $224 million worth of vinyl records. This was the first time since 1986 that vinyl outsold CDs.

That’s a long time for a medium to spend on the outs before it stages a takeover from its replacement format, don’t you think?

Vinyl has been competing with CDs, cassettes, and now with digital music for many years, but a resurgence in the popularity of records along with annual events like Record Store Day have made vinyl a hot commodity again over the past several years. Records have gone from practically obsolete, to objects of desire once again.

In the week that ended on December 26, 2019, 1.243 million vinyl albums were sold – the first time that’s happened since Nielsen began tracking music data in 1991.

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Recent arrivals to the shop! Lots of jazz!

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And it isn’t one generation that’s making up a bulk of the vinyl sales; Millennials and Generation Z folks are just as likely to buy records as Baby Boomers and Generation X’ers. Plus, people are buying records from artists across many generations. Currently, some of the biggest-selling vinyl artists are Harry Styles, Billie Eilish, The Beatles, and Queen.

Just for fun, I’d like to include some of my favorite record stores across the country. Check these folks out online or in-person if you’re in the area!

Creme Tangerine Records in Costa Mesa, California.

Premium Sound in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Love Garden Sounds in Lawrence, Kansas.

Go buy some records!

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In 2003, a woman found a stolen…

In 2003, a woman found a stolen painting worth $1 million in the trash on a NYC curb. She felt it “had power” and took it without knowing its origin or value. She spent 4 years researching it and discovered it’d been stolen in 1987. She got a $15,000 reward plus a % of its […]

This Man Turns Discarded Christmas Trees Into Canes for Veterans

You always see a ton of discarded Christmas trees dragged out onto driveways to be hauled off by garbage trucks after the holidays. I’ve never really thought about what comes next for this near-endless supply of trees, but I suppose they just decompose in the dump, releasing CO2 back into the atmosphere.


That’s not what happens to (some of) the trees in Copperas Cove, Texas, however. One local man has found a creative and important use for some of these old trees.

Jamie Willis is an Army veteran, and he’s asking people to send their old Christmas trees his way because he turns the trees into canes for fellow veterans who need mobility aids – and for other folks who require canes as well.

I'm happy you like the cane. Thanks for sharing your picture brother.

Posted by Canes For Veterans Central Texas on Thursday, March 30, 2017

Willis’ cause is called Canes for Veterans Central Texas and he’s made about 200 canes so far. Willis said, “The whole process, it’s just done off donations. I make the canes myself. Everything’s done out of pocket.”

This is the second year that Jamie Willis has reached out for tree donations, and he has been overwhelmed with this year’s response. He said, “It’s been an outpouring of donations this year, more than I ever thought I would get. Home Depot flooded me with trees, they’re sending me 400, and the rest of the community will be giving me about another 100 trees.”

Posted by Canes For Veterans Central Texas on Saturday, January 4, 2020

Willis said he usually takes an entire day to make one cane. He got the idea to start making his own because the one he was given by Veterans Affairs kept collapsing on him, and he didn’t trust it. So he reached out to an organization in Florida called Free Canes for Veterans.

The man behind that organization, Army veteran Oscar Morris, told Willis they didn’t have any more canes and instead taught Willis how to make his own. Willis then asked if he could branch off of that organization and start his own canes-for-veterans nonprofit in Texas, and Morris gave him his blessing.

Mr. Paul Miles and cane #209 standing tall. Another veteran brother who I met while at a local tire shop. And after talking with him we were honored to make him a cane. Much love and respect go out to you sir.

Posted by Canes For Veterans Central Texas on Thursday, August 8, 2019

Morris said that Jamie Willis is the fifth veteran to start their own branch of Free Canes for Veterans. Great work by all!

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This Artist Imagines Fantastical Animals Living in the Real World

Art can make us think, push us out of our comfort zone, challenge us, please us, and connect us. In some cases, like Yee Chong’s adorable illustrations of fantastical animals living as pets, it can utterly delight us.

Below are 12 of my favorite images (I just want them to pop off the page so I can snuggle them, for real!), but you can check out everything she does if you follow her Instagram!

12. I can haz some dinner?

11. He sees you trying to leave.

10. This one is my favorite.

9. That face!

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Yamper. #pokemonswordshield #yamper

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8. You just said awwwwww, didn’t you?

7. He fits he sits!

6. You couldn’t even be mad at him!

5. No one likes a bath!

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Instafloof #floofy #wet #fox

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4. That’s not the kind of table food he wants and you know it!

3. What, am I not supposed to play with it?

2. Reporting for duty!

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Swiper no swiping! x3 #swiper #fox #doratheexplorer

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1. So cozy!


So freaking adorable – it’s fun to live in a fantasy world now and then, no?

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Postal Service Releases New Stamps Benefiting Veterans With PTSD

One thing that our divided nation can all get together to support is helping out our veterans. And even though the task may seem daunting to many of us, one easy way we can all help out is by purchasing these new stamps the United States Postal Service has put out to benefit military veterans suffering from Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Sales of the stamps (which cost 65 cents and will cover the cost of a piece of first-class mail) will benefit the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, which oversees the National Center for PTSD.

The photo of the plant sprouting from ground surrounded by dead leaves on the stamp was taken by Mark Laita. The USPS says the image on the stamp is meant to “symbolize the PTSD healing process, growth and hope.”

The USPS explained the motivation behind the stamp:

“With this semipostal stamp, the U.S. Postal Service will raise funds to help treat those impacted by post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Tens of millions of Americans will experience PTSD in their lifetimes. Today, the nation is increasingly dedicated to compassionately treating this mental health issue.

Many kinds of trauma can lead people to experience persistent symptoms such as intrusive thoughts, nightmares, and difficulty sleeping. Depression, anxiety, and fear can also occur. Though these symptoms may initially interrupt one’s daily life, for most people they typically dissipate over time. However, if these problems continue for more than a month, PTSD may have developed.”

Go to your local post office to pick up these stamps or you can order them online HERE. Your money will go to a great cause.

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