Kids Who Believed Something Was Totally Normal…Until They Grew Up and Realized It Wasn’t

When we’re young, we live in a bubble that’s largely made up of our family. Our parents, our grandparents, our siblings and cousins answer our questions and show us the way the world works.

We have no reason to question them, and really no avenue to ask questions, even if we wanted to.

Which makes me believe these 16 people, who found out later in live that their families weren’t exactly “normal,” aren’t alone.

16. She’d gone feral.

My family had dinner together at the dining room table six nights a week (we went out once a week together) for the first 15-ish years of my life. Kids set the table and did the dishes. We discussed current events, books, philosophy, etc. We used cloth napkins.

My ex-wife grew up eating huddled around the TV at best. More often than not they’d just find food on their own and take it to their rooms if the family members bothered to come home at all. They also argued constantly. Every family meal I had with her family contained at least two people angrily screaming at one another about something.

She absolutely couldn’t handle my family meals. She tried to pick fights with people constantly and got even more frustrated when nobody would take the bait.

15. That poor kid.

My parents were racist. According to them all money could have been up a N-words butthole. When I was in 4th grade I actually asked a black kid if they did that…

He just stared at me with a blank look on his face and shook his head no

14. The sound I just made.

I remember in year 8 in school we watched a video about mental health. One of the kids said that at a low point he considered suicide. I didn’t think that was a big deal, because I thought about killing myself almost every day. I thought it was normal and everybody did it.

13. Not just in the movies.

Sitting together at the table for meals (especially dinner).

We frequently got McDonald’s, had TV dinners, or had ramen/mac and cheese. I didn’t know until I was an older teen that families actually sat down to talk to each other EVERY DAY because I thought that only happened in shows and movies.

Sitting down at the table makes me uncomfortable, even to this day. Like, I don’t even know how to prep the table.

12. My heart hurts.

I grew up on a farm outside a small town, didn’t realize until I started going to school that running around naked outside often, playing with hatchets and pockets knives,or breaking off pieces of salt lick to suck on, were not normal things.

My parents fostered 2 young girls very close to my age. The things they expected from my parents/thought were normal were so sad. The eldest tried to undress for my dad, he was mortified. They thought they would get in trouble for using soap in the bath. They asked permission to get drinks of water, and to go to the bathroom. They were amazed we weren’t locked in our rooms at night, amazed I had my own room and they had theirs. They didn’t know what bed frames were.

11. An innocent one.

Jesus. I was going to say cutting pickle spears into little triangles to eat alongside your sandwich…

This thread went in a way different direction.

10. I am full of awe, not in a good way.


Over the period of about a year when I was 9-10 years old four different people on the street I lived on died unnatural deaths. The old lady next door electrocuted herself trimming the hedges. One of the neighbor kids I played with accidentally shot himself playing with his father’s gun (in front of his sister), another playmate’s father was a cop and was shot and killed in the line of duty and a 16-year-old girl was raped and murdered in her own house (never solved, even though everybody knew who did it). I also had a cousin I was close to die in a car accident, but he didn’t live on the same street.

So with all that I just assumed that was a normal rate of death. So naturally, I assumed that I was going to die at some point in the near future. Took a few years to get over that.

9. So wholesome.

Building homes for snails and slugs when it rained.

My older brother and I would love to go outside when it rained and collect slugs and snails to put in these little pebble shelters wed make for them in the backyard.

8. All good reasons.

My parents sleeping in separate rooms.

My mom snores like crazy and I understood why my dad would hate that.

Turns out, dad was gay

7. You never think about that.

My parents have what we now know was developmental disorders but was previously known as “being slow”. Think it was second grade when I started doing math for my parents. We went out for shopping or dinner, then I’d check the grocery receipt or tally the tip. In more ways than one I became very independent from my parents at a young age.

I didn’t realize until late high school, interacting with my boyfriend’s family, that normal children don’t speak to their parents like equals. It was, awkward to say the least. It took many years to learn how to be respectful to your elders and not throw my “weight” around. I had thought every kid needed to keep their parents in line.


6. Whatever works.

My parents slept in different beds my whole life. I guess it started when my dad got injured in the army and my mom was afraid of hurting him in her sleep, then he snored, she liked to stay up and read in bed. It just worked. They had a super happy marriage. I remember bringing new friends over and giving them the tour “this is my dad’s room, this is the bathroom, here’s the office and this is my mom’s room”. They would be so confused lol.

My mom still is upset that whenever we went to my grandma’s she made them sleep in the same bed even knowing they never did. They were so used to sleeping alone they stayed up all night worried about keeping each other awake.

I have to add that getting up late at night and looking for one of them only to find them both in the same bed was always awkward.

5. Everyone should use them, though.

Using corn bags.

They’re cotton squares or rounds filled with dried corn. You put them in the microwave for a heating pad and the freezer for an ice pack.

I still use and make them, I just didn’t realize nobody else used them until like… High school lmao

4. Parents are so weird.

Being forced to eat way more than what I could, until my stomach would hurt for hours. Not traumatizing like other stuff in this post, just something I don’t miss.

On a lighter note, walking in stealth mode throughout the whole house all the time because I wanted to be like Pocahontas when she spies on John Smith.

3. It was a different time.

Cracking open cans of beer and pouring them into styrofoam cups.

So my parents could drink while they drove the car.

2. Lots of people!

Talking to you parents and them being affectionate.

What do you mean you play “board games together” and no one yells? You willingly sit down and spend time together????

Dated a girl and the first time I met them, her mom hugged me. Weirded me out plenty. She just sits around the living room doing her own thing while her parents may also be there.

Who even does that????

Turns out, a lot of people.

1. A great lesson.

Shoveling food into your face as quickly as possible while huddled around the TV.

It wasn’t until a sleepover at a friends house that I encountered a family sitting around a dinner table talking about their day.

At the time it made me super uncomfortable but I’ve learned to slow down and appreciate it more with time.

I think we can all think about some strange things about our upbringing, right?

Share your own weird stuff in the comments – we’re here for it!

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People Recall What They Thought Was Normal as a Kid That Wasn’t

If there’s something about kids that’s always charming, it’s how clueless they are. They’re learning all the time, about everything, and no one knows how their little minds really work.

Kids believe all sorts of things, and yeah, they think everything they think is normal – why wouldn’t they?

Looking back, though, these 17 people realize their little brains were working to make sense of a world beyond their comprehension.

17. They’ll always find out.

Opposite but..I had a neighbour who had extremely (and I mean extremely) strict parents.

We were invited to a sleepover of about 5 or 6 girls at one of the other neighbor kid’s place and she was shocked to see that we had candy and popcorn and soda/pop to eat at our disposal after 6pm.

She had no idea. To us, it was normal sleepover snacks but to her it was like looking at Willy Wonka himself. Crazy.

16. That could seem fun?

Having a “path” through the house surrounded by boxes and junk stacked to the ceiling.

I grew up in a hoarder house.

Occasionally us kids would run too fast through the “path” knocking into the sides and the boxes and stuff would collapse on top of us.

15. Bless his heart.

Whispering what I just said back to myself.

Apparently I did it all the time as a kid and never noticed until a couple of friends pointed it out to me.

I would be like “Let’s play Barbies!” and then quietly let’s play Barbies. I have no idea what that was about.

14. His parents never told him?

I smiled with my lips on the inside of my mouth.

I don’t know how I managed to not learn how to smile properly, but I thought I was smiling normally until a kid said “stop smiling like that, you look weird” and I spent a good week looking up pictures of smiles and practicing how to smile

13. What did I just read?

Collecting roadkill and utilizing insects to clean the bones so I could collect them.

12. That’s one way to keep kids safe.

When you went to the sitter everyday, you were to sit on the couch and never move.

Seriously, my brothers, sister and I were forced to sit on the couch with the TV on at the sitters house, while her kids ran around like a bunch of hellions.

When we got a new sitter after moving, all four of us promptly sat on the couch and stayed there. Our new sitter pulled a bunch of toys out and sat in the floor and played with us.

11. He was trying hard.

Sleeping in the display beds at the furniture store.

My parents are divorced and when we were little we’d go week to week at each parent’s house. Well my dad worked at Montgomery Wards and opened the store maybe 3 days a week. That meant he had to be there at 5 am. During his weeks, he’d stuff us in the car in our jammies, and drive us up to “monkey wards” as he called it.

Then we’d all get snug in our own display beds and sleep for another hour and a half.

Once some other employees showed up and it got closer to school hours, he’d get us dressed in the dressing rooms and drive us to school.

He really did love us. And tried hard for us.

10. Definitely bizarre.

Not telling your family when or where you were going or what you were up to or how long you would be gone. I remember as early as 6 I was wandering off to another neighborhood and across a busy road to find playmates. As I got older, I would go to friend’s houses for days on end, still never needing to check with anyone or let anyone know at home I was going.

It didn’t really click until I got my first roommate after college who bugged out and was about to call the cops because I went to my boyfriend’s house, turned my phone off and took a long nap in the middle of the day as he worked nights. We had an argument where I kept saying “I’m an adult, you don’t need to keep track of me” and it took a while for me to understand that even adults check in with each other for safety and they don’t normally just disappear for a few days.

9. Brains can be rude.

Have ‘speed up spells’ where it feels like I just got off a treadmill and my internal monologue is yelling.

Turns out I have epilepsy and was having seizures. Didn’t realize back when I was like 7, but presented with tonic clonics (grand mal) at 15.

Or listen to the air vent and hear music in white noise. This was likely auditory hallucinations, also due to epilepsy.

Stupid brain.

8. What a life.

Wash my two pairs of pants and two sweaters every few days…because they were the only clothes my parent had bought me for school.

Eating canned button mushrooms for lunch because there was nothing else to eat in the house.

Not for a lack of parental funds.

Didn’t realize other kids didn’t live like this until I hit 13-ish.

7. Normal is relative.

My family are not comfortable around each other. Never any touching, kissing or cuddling.

Any physical contact is forced and horribly awkward. No one also talks and any disagreements simmer for years with a grudging resentment.

When I first starting dating my now husband I was shocked his family would just sit close to each other, like their legs would touch on the couch. Like not overly touchy, just normal, but not normal to me.

They also spoke to each other if they were upset. I was quite envious.

6. I think this is fairly normal?

Biting my washcloth in the bath.

5. Tough lessons.

Trusting everything people say to me.

This is an underrated comment. For some reason I think I was born an idealist or something. I was told as a kid that lying is wrong (because I clearly and intentionally lied once) and that we should always tell the truth. So i just thought that everyone told the truth and if someone lied, their feelings would be hurt *immediately* as if somehow the person knew right away.

So I’ve always trusted others 100%. I’ve slowly gotten depressed because thinking everyone else is right makes everything i think wrong. And now i’m trying hard to learn to NOT trust others always.

4. Bless her heart.

Having camping nights. Mom would light candles and make dinner with camping gear. She and I would play games until my bed time huddled up in the living room.

It was because she was crazy poor when she divorced my dad and a few times she couldn’t pay the electricity on time. I thought it was fun.

3. Mother knows best.

My mom HATES lies. She is also very good at telling when someone is lying and everyone knows it. Most people don’t flat out lie to her or around her (it isn’t worth it)…

This resulted in me growing up with the assumption that the vast majority of people normally tell the truth. It wasn’t until college that I found out most people don’t consider lying a big deal and do it fairly regularly…

Which I honestly still find really messed up.

2. He had to pass on the knowledge.

I was trained by my father to believe that a proper salami sandwich has 15-20 pieces of salami on it – imagine my Aunt’s horror when I did that at her house, while she was putting 4-5 pieces on the sandwiches she was making for my cousins.

The story lives on til this day, like 30 years later – no regrets.

1. Way to go, Dad.

Apparently when I was a kid I used to pick up quarters on the street.

My parents didn’t want me doing that so my dad told me to not pick up coins, because people put them in their butts. I didn’t use change for anything until I started driving at 16.

Kids are just the best. Truly.

Did you believe something totally weird as a kid? Share it with us in the comments!

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Check Out These Very Cool Collections That People Have

When I was young, I loved to collect things: matchbooks, baseball cards, hockey cards, all kinds of stuff.

As I’ve gotten older and I’ve moved around the country, I’ve kind of forgotten about my old collecting ways, but these pics kind of got me fired up!

Because these folks have all kinds of awesome collections that made me long for the old days of getting excited about STUFF.

Are you ready to see some totally unique collections? Take a look at these and we’ll see you in the comments!

1. Stay inside and stay out of trouble.

That’s a good life decision!

A year ago, I started staying in and peircing state quarters, instead of going out and getting in trouble. Here is my collection so far. from pics

2. Crows like to return the favor.

That is so cool!

Inspired by an old reddit post. I started feeding bar nuts to these crows that are regural to the patio of a bar I work at. My collection of gifts finally started after 3 months. from pics

3. All the art from all the kids!

I bet he’s a great doctor!

My doctor has a kept all the pictures kids have drawn of him. from mildlyinteresting

4. Now, that is a unique collection.

I’ve never heard of someone collecting pencil sharpeners before.

My grandfather’s pencil sharpener collection i inherited from mildlyinteresting

5. I have some cool rocks, too!

Collecting rocks is awesome!

Perfectly round rocks found on the beach. Bonus: egg rock, triangle, and taco rock. from interestingasfuck

6. Let’s get the whole table filled out.

But you gotta be careful with some of them…

This is my Periodic Table of Elements with actual elements! from mildlyinteresting

7. Lost apple varieties.

You don’t see that every day.

This man’s collection of lost apples varieties. from mildlyinteresting

8. This is totally awesome.

What a cool idea! It’s like an art installation.

Over the past 15 years my dad collected 1,785 bowling balls and built a giant Bowling Ball Pyramid from pics

9. Grandma for the win!

I love the way she displays them.

My grandma with her birdhouse collection from mildlyinteresting

10. Creepy and cool at the same time.

And also very artistic.

The product of 15 years collecting shedded antlers from the woods. from pics

11. This is totally crazy!

I hope they don’t make you count it one day as punishment.

Since the late 80s, my office has been collecting used staples that were removed from documents that needed to be microfilmed/scanned. Here is that collection. from pics

12. How cool!

That’s a clever idea.

Our tire sticker ball turned 6 today from Damnthatsinteresting

Now we’d like to hear from you.

In the comments, please share some photos of the things you like to collect.

Thanks in advance!

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People Showed Off Their Very Unique Collections

I wish I had the space to collect all things I want to, but that’s just not realistic…if I did acquire all the stuff I wanted, I’d need an enormous house…and probably about three or four storage spaces.

But it’s something to shoot for, I guess!

In the meantime, I’ll keep collecting just a little bit here and there…books, records, movie posters, etc.

Hey, it’s fun to collect things that are important to us. And we’re pretty impressed with these unique collections that people were nice enough to share.

Let’s take a look!

1. No games were harmed.

This is totally awesome!

This is my Gameboy mosaic made out of Gameboy games! Note: No games were harmed and all are removable and playable! from gaming

2. From out on the links.

They’re all ugly in their own way.

My (87yo) father’s "ugly" golf ball collection from mildlyinteresting

3. That’s really cool!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen any like this before.

I collect rocks that look like eggs from mildlyinteresting

4. He’s very organized.

And very busy, by the looks of it.

My granddad’s tool collection in his shed from oddlysatisfying

5. I remember these well.

Just don’t eat them, okay?

I collect food shaped erasers! from pics

6. Spoons for days.

Hey, everyone has their thing.

My aunt has a spoon collection that has a tiny spoon collection right above it. from mildlyinteresting

7. Let’s see what he’s been digging up.

All kinds of cool stuff.

My dads little metal detecting museum from mildlyinteresting

8. I bet you’re a stylish dude!

That’s always a good look.

My entire bow tie collection, minus the one I’m wearing now! from CoolCollections

9. A very unique idea.

And I like the way she keeps it organized.

My mom collects sand from beaches all over the world… from pics

10. Vintage cameras are da bomb.

And it looks like you have a great collection going.

A small part of my vintage camera collection. from CoolCollections

11. A gamer for life.

And you have a great wife! (Hey, that rhymed…).

My game collection is finally out of storage! Wife surprised me by building shelves as an anniversary gift today from gaming

12. I love this one!

I’ve been everywhere, man.

My grandfather used all of his hotel/motel keys he received from his job as a traveling salesman and made them into a map of the US from mildlyinteresting

13. Be careful out there on the road.

And remember to check your tires!

A collection of things my local shop has pulled out of flat tires from mildlyinteresting

How cool!

Now we want to hear from you.

Do you have any unique collections?

If so, tell us about them in the comments and share some pics. Thanks!

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People Show off Their Very Unique Collections

I’ve gotten away from collecting a whole bunch of stuff, but I do still like to acquire a few things here and there: mostly records and old movie posters.

But I used to collect TONS OF STUFF when I was a young lad: baseball cards, hockey cards, matchbooks, and a plethora of other cool things.

I guess when you get older and move around, you start to lose stuff along the way. But I think these photos might have renewed my spark in collecting things, because they are pretty awesome.

Let’s take a look!

1. Pieces of history.

Wow! Those are really cool.

Some of my favorite arrowheads. Amazing little pieces of history collected on our private property in southern Arizona. from interestingasfuck

2. Sea glass is quite beautiful.

Look at all those colors.

2 years of collecting sea glass. from mildlyinteresting

3. You’re on your way to big things!

Keep up the great work!

I’m 14 and here is a picture of me and my chess medals from MadeMeSmile

4. I bet you have all the luck in the world.

Send some of that my way!

My four-leaf-clover collection (plus a couple five-leafers in the middle). from mildlyinteresting

5. She’s a real gamer.

And Monopoly is the name of the game.

My girlfriend cleaning her monopoly collection from pics

6. Artifacts from the deep.

There’s a lot of sharks out there in those waters!

My Shark Tooth Collection from mildlyinteresting

7. Sand and dirt collection.

This is a good idea. I like how it’s all displayed, too.

My sand and dirt collection from every place I visit from mildlyinteresting

8. I’m here for this collection!

Rubber duckies for days!

The Airbnb that I’m staying in has a collection of rubber ducks in the bathroom wall from mildlyinteresting

9. You gotta keep your records alphabetized!

Or else you’re gonna be completely lost.

I helped my dad alphabetize his vinyl collection… from oddlysatisfying

10. I didn’t even know they made these.

I’m gonna have to buy some new PEZ dispensers.

My history teacher’s presidential PEZ collection from mildlyinteresting

11. Darn kids! Always up to no good.

Also, some of these look pretty dangerous.

This collection of objects swallowed by children from mildlyinteresting

12. All the way up.

Wow, this is pretty impressive.

Weapons collection from Leeds Armoury, UK from mildlyinteresting

What do you like to collect?

Talk to us in the comments and tell us what’s up!

And share some photos with us, too. Thanks!

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Memes that Might Just Make You Smile

Don’t let the horrors of the world weigh heavy on your heart. There’s always joy to be found, if you take a moment to look.

Let’s turn that frown upside down (or at least give it a shot) with these 10 memes that just might make you smile.

1. Clown school is no joke:

Professional clowning takes creativity and skill.

Image Credit: borgaard88

2. Nice suit, Joe:

Something tells me he’s about to win some big money.

Image Credit: borgaard88

3. Yiiikes:

But relatable, am I right?

Image Credit: borgaard88


It’s not worth it…

Image Credit: borgaard88

5. Nothing cheesy about this:

Lookin’ sharp!

Image Credit: borgaard88

6. Gotta love the commitment on this one:

Who else would you expect to be pressure washing the roof? Batman?

Image Credit: deafkitten

7. The next time you think “I can’t do this”…

Remember this dynamic duo, and find a way to overcome.

Image Credit: deafkitten

8. Remember when?

Phew, so glad to have left all of that behind….wait a minute…

Image Credit: deafkitten

9. Can you not?

Back. Off.

Image Credit: deafkitten

10. Hey now, things can still get better:

Unless you’re watching Riverdale. Then it most certainly will not get better.

Image Credit: deafkitten

Also Tiger King. Tiger King does not get better.

But your day CAN get better. And if not your day, then your week. And if not your week, then your month. And if not your MONTH then your YEAR!

Ok, so hopefully it gets better before then. Let’s focus on the positive.

What’s ONE good thing that’s happened to you lately? Let us know in the comments!

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People Share Completely Legal Things That Make Folks Look Like Really Bad

What I’m doing is LEGAL! I’m not breaking the law!

How many times have you heard that in your life out in public when someone is acting like a total psychopath? Probably more than a few, right?!?!

Human beings sure are weird, and we’re about to get a heaping helping of weirdness from people on AskReddit.

Let’s check out their thoughts on what legal things people can do that make them look like total psychos. Enjoy!

1. No, I’m good.

“Walk into any store and just lay down.

If anyone asks if you need help, tell them you’re fine.

Then, after a minute or so, stand up and go about your business.”

2. Whatever floats your boat.

“Take a stroller/chest carrier with a fake baby in it, proceed as if it is in fact your living child.

Bonus points if you can throw your voice.”

3. Creeping people out.

“Sitting on a park bench as a grown man brushing your dollie’s hair and telling her what a pretty girl she is.”

4. You looked crazy, I’m sure.

“I went on a little hike with my family. We got lost and went on the wrong trail.

Dumped the kids stroller with a big monkey from Ikea in it. Carried my daughter on the shoulders.

Anyway I went back at 18:00 to pick it up and retrieve our car as well. Sweden so its black outside. So I walk with a stroller with a monkey in it in a pitch black trial in the woods.

If someone saw me, they would think i was a psychopath.”

5. Do you need some help?

“Do T-Rex arms while humming quietly to yourself the Jurassic Park song.

When someone looks at you, stare back and start humming louder.”

6. Pretty specific.

“Wearing a pair of whitey tighties on your head so your eyes see out the leg holes and you can feed yourself through the Y-front.”

7. I’m gonna be sick.

“Take a mayonnaise jar, empty its contents, and fill it with vanilla pudding.

Sit down and eat in public.”

8. I’ll try this.

“Eating a burger upside down.

People look at me like I’m crazy but it’s the best way to get the flavor”

9. Perfectly legal.

“Sit on your front porch in a bathing suit and start eating jello with great enthusiasm.

Then begin rubbing it all over your body.

Nothing illegal about it.”

10. Not cool.

“Sitting next to someone on public transport, when there are plenty of other seats where you wouldn’t have to sit next to anyone.”

11. You’re scaring people!

“Taking photos of people on the street, or even on their property.

If you can see them from public locations it’s perfectly legal to photograph them here, but can be creepy as f*ck.

It’s for this reason I don’t do street photography – too easy to be seen as a creeper!”

12. What are you doing?

“My husband likes to go outside and cut the weeds in our lawn with scissors and put them in a small plastic bag because our pet Guinea pigs like to eat them.

A few neighbors have stopped to ask him why he’s cutting his grass with scissors, and he just tells them he’s the new landscaper.”

13. Hmmm…

“Apparently, eating cold spaghetti out of a plastic bag, because my friends constantly give me sh*t for it.

It’s a versatile food container, it will fit wherever you put it in, and the only dish I have to worry about cleaning when it’s done is the fork if I even brought one.

Cold spaghetti for the win.”

14. Uh oh.

“Fill a Windex bottle with Gatorade and drink in public.

One of my friends did this the last day of middle school.
It was funny until a teacher had a full panic attack and both poison control and an ambulance was called.

He was heavily reprimanded and barred from participating in the graduating ceremony once he finally had a chance to explain that it was just blue Gatorade.

It’s a day that lives in infamy only just eclipsed by the hot sauce incident.”

People sure are weird, huh…?

And now we want to get even weirder!

In the comments, tell us about more things that are perfectly legal that you can do but make you look like a psycho.

Please and thank you!

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What Legal Things Make You Look Like a Crazy Person? Here’s What People Had to Say.

Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it looks normal, folks.

We don’t think about it very often, but we’re allowed to do all kinds of wild, weird, and crazy stuff that is totally, 100% legal…but it still makes us look like psychos if we actually do them in public.

Are you ready to get weird?

Let’s see what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. Out on the street.

“There’s a guy in my town that has a portable karaoke machine and casually walks around singing to himself and dancing.

He’s not a busker or entertainer, just in another world.”

2. I live here! I swear!

“Lockpicking the door to your own house because you’ve lost your key.

Did that a few years ago at my old apartment, a few times actually.

Then the hair salon downstairs was broken into one night, back door had the lock picked.

I then quickly became the prime suspect…luckily I was in the next state that night due to a morning funeral, got there a day early because I wasn’t going to be a pallbearer right after a 4 hour drive.

Believe it or not, caskets are  heavy.”

3. Just minding my own business.

“I’m not sure if other people see me this way, but I always feel like a creep when looking straight ahead alone.

I feel like the person in front of my is gonna turn around, see me, and think I’m a creep.

What’s worse is I forcefully look around, but I also feel like that’s weird, and that people will think I’m trying to make it look like I’m not looking at them when I really am.

It’s a weird dynamic.”

4. What are you doing?

“Jogging in place. Anything short of waiting for a light to change and it’s just odd.

In line at the DMV? Jog in place.

Waiting to use the bathroom at Starbucks? Jog in place.

Standing awkwardly in the middle of a full park when you don’t have kids? Jog in place.

Waiting for the hot dog vendor to add relish? Job in place.

Waiting for the waitress to come back with the check? Jog in place.

Standing in an elevator? Jog in place.”

5. I need directions.

“Asking a person for directions like “which way is the forest?” and then going the completely opposite direction.

I didn’t want to go to the forest, my dude!”

6. Gross.

“Empty a chocolate sauce bottle and use it as a water bottle in the gym.

That was tasty.”

7. You look crazy.

“My old landlord’s husband was clearing out a bunch of stuff recently after an operation, and the dude collected medieval weapons that he had to get rid of. Asked me if I wanted one, I said sure it would be pretty sick.

So walking back to the car at 10:30 at night, in pitch black, lit only by streetlights, I discovered there is no way to hold a two-handed axe without looking like a crazy person.”

8. You okay, Mom?

“My mom legit started vacuuming the lawn one day when I was in high school.

Mom… wtf are you doing?”

9. Nothing to see here.

“Talking alone/to yourself.

I do it sometimes when alone but it makes you look like a crazy person if you do it in public.”

10. What’s in the box?

“It’s fine to carry around human bones (*ahem* I mean legal specimens) in creepy looking boxes.

Everyone in my anatomy class was given a box and we took public transit with it while smelling like death.

You could literally see creepy people on the bus move slowly away from us.”

11. I’ll take that!

“Taking somebody’s groceries at the checkout.

They haven’t paid for it yet, so it isn’t theirs”

12. Digging graves?

“Digging at night.

I’ve dug a lot of holes at night. It’s too hot to dig during the day.

But the whole time you are thinking, I probably look conspicuous to the neighbors.”

13. Now, here’s a story.

“This one time my ex girlfriend asked me to pick up her prom dress from a friend. I went to the friends house at around 9 pm and picked up the dress. She gave me no coat hanger or anything so I just carried the dress in my clenched fist.

As I was walking back home through a dark alleyway It occurred to me that my hand is pretty sweaty and the dress might actually start smelling bad from all the sweat of my hand. I wanted to check the situation so I smelled the dress.

As I was standing in the alleyway in the darkness of the night, smelling a red dress that I was gripping in my sweaty hand I saw a woman standing several feet from me, scared sh*tless, reaching for something in her purse (a phone? A pepper spray?).

At that point I became more scared/embarrassed than her and ran off. I assume that to this day she’s telling her friends a story about how she was almost murdered by a dress stealing maniac murderer…”

What do you think?

What perfectly legal things make you look like a crazy person when you do them in public?

Sound off in the comments!

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People Share the Wildest Butterfly Effect Stories From Their Lives

You never know how one supposedly insignificant action or decision in your life can snowball and spin out of control.

And that’s where we get the term “the butterfly effect” from.

I’m sure you’ve experienced something like this in your life at some point. And we’re about to get some wild “butterfly effect” stories from people on AskReddit.

Let’s take a look at what they had to say.

1. Best decision ever.

“4 years ago a kid I barely knew from school invited me to a Six Flags. I was a bit of a loner at the time and I heard rumors about this kid being weird, so I intended to not go.

On the day he wanted me to go, I was feeling extra bored and decided on a whim “why not?”. So I went and met this kid and two of his friends I’ve never met at a Six Flags.

4 years later and that kid is my best friend, and I have 3 other very close friends I met through him. Not only that, but I also met my first girlfriend because of the connections some of my new friends had. It transformed my high school years from being alone to having an amazing group of friends I could do almost anything with.

I intended to ask my best friend to be my best man one day, and I don’t intend on ever getting out of touch with any of them. I’m home from college now, and we are going to have a lot of fun together. Best decision I’ve ever made.”

2. Funny how that works out.

“The older I get, the more I am constantly cognizant of the vast cascade of seemingly insignificant decisions and actions that led me to where I am.

For example, a decision 25 years ago to change a refrigerator light bulb before going out resulted in my being at the “wrong” time and place so as to get mugged, which resulted in my decision to move out of the city I had been living in, which resulted in my meeting my wife, and from there to having all my kids and the whole shebang.

I would have had a different whole shebang had I not changed that lightbulb that afternoon, but the path to the present leads through that (and a thousand other) similarly trivial decisions…”

3. Career fair.

“At a university career fair and just has a long day taking to companies and heading out when I see a Honda booth. Designing cars would be awesome but there is a huge line, it has been a long day, and what are the chances?

But wait! They are giving away hats and shirts and model cars! So I talk to them. A day later I get a callback for an online assessment. I fill that out and don’t hear anything back for a month or so, the I get a call one night saying I was an alternate and someone cancelled last minute so they want to fly me up for on-site interviews.

I go and end up getting and accepting an offer. After graduation I move about 1000 miles away from home for my new job where a few years after I meet my now wife and we have 2 kids. I never would have crossed paths with her otherwise.

So the entire course of my life was shifted because Honda gave away good swag at their career fair booth.”

4. Wow, your parents sound awful.

“My parents dream was to have a “famous child”.

When my older sister’s figure skating career ended in her early twenties, the spotlight shifted to me. I was a fine oboist, and took private voice lessons with intent to audition for the local music faculty (opera?). In any case, there was a lot of pressure, and while I was successful at school and classical music, it was never enough.

At 17, before senior year began, my sister gifted me a kitten. My parents had given her 2 in her senior year and the implication was that it was my turn. When my sister dropped me off, my parents locked me out, saying that if i wanted my own pet I needed my own place.

So I found one – that night. I worked 3 jobs to support myself through senior year and graduated with entrance scholarships to both of the local universities.

I couldnt afford a music degree while living on my own, even with the entrance scholarships. And good thing. Entering the work force showed me how much I love active jobs. 3 years later, I enrolled in college and became an industrial mechanic/millwright, to my parents great shame.

After a few years of this I landed a sweet contract where I work on Saturdays and Sundays but receive a full week’s pay. Although I am a living beacon of disappointment, I comfort myself with my 100k a year job, 2 day workweek, and 2 cats.

Being kicked out over a kitten saved me from wasting years chasing an improbable career just to please my parents.”

5. The film biz.

“My wife got an email from her old colleagues the day we returned home from our honeymoon, asking if she wanted to star in a short film they were doing for fun.

She said sure, and asked if I could come along, as she knew I had an interest in movies, but at the time I worked in life insurance and was miserable.

It was more than an interest- I had always wanted to make films, but never made the right connections with people and didn’t know where to start.

I made friends with the producer of that short film my wife was in, and 11 years later filmmaking and video production is my career. I’ve shot feature films, short films, video for tv and web, and all over the world because of that one email to my wife. Changed our lives!

Oh, and that original short film never got finished.”

6. Old friends.

“I sent a friend from secondary school (who I had a huge crush on) a message saying happy birthday a couple years after we left school. Did the whole ‘we’ll have to catch up soon!’ thing, not expecting much.

He replied with ‘how about Monday?’. I saw him that Monday for a coffee. Next month will be our 6th anniversary. Best thing that ever happened to me.

My friends joke I’m ‘queen of escaping the friend zone’.”

7. Sounds like Jim and Pam.

“I was always super flirty with the girl from HR, but we were always seeing other people / don’t date at work so when she left the company I was bummed. A year or two later a coworker asked me to search my email archives (that was a thing back then) for something he needed.

I ended up stumbling across the “farewell to my work-friends” email from HR girl and she sent it from her personal email address. I reached out to her, we had coffee, then a date, then many dates, then I love yous and I put a ring on it ASAP.

12 years later, extremely happily married, 2 goofy kids, 2 evil cats, and she still puts up with my bullsh*t.”

8. What a story!

“I chose to rearrange the sequence of classes slightly before starting my education. By doing this, I had to commute to a different branch of the school in a different town than the one I was originally signed up for.

On my first day there, I helped a girl who had managed to break both of her arms in a drunken shopping cart accident, I learned later.

This girl, whom I would absolutely never have met had I not changed my classes around, is my wife through 14 years.”

9. Still here.

“My friends took me to mMalaga in Spain for a long weekend to cheer me up after my mum died.

4 years later I’m still here and have never been happier. I owe them everything for that spontaneous trip.”

10. Close call.

“In Afghanistan, wasn’t done with my coffee, so I passed on a trip from one base to another (there was another convoy a few hours later).

Most everyone died who took the 1st convoy. My 2nd cup of coffee wasnt even cold when I found out.”

11. That burns!

“Burned my arm on an extremely hot plate working at a restaurant in NYC.

New manager didn’t like that I told him we were out of towels to hold hot plates, had a vendetta against me.

Six months later, found a reason to fire me.

Friend got me a job working on the set of a low budget movie, met a woman named Dorothy who was key PA.

A full year later I ran into her on the street, she asked if I still worked in production, got me a job on reality tv.

Worked 9 seasons on a renovation show, learning finish carpentry and eventually becoming an on screen carpenter.

New PA on set. Beautiful, sassy, amazing.

Ask her out (was just a key PA at the time)

Two years later we move to New Orleans together, a year later we move back to NYC and have our first child.

Three years later we move to Montreal. Been here for three years.

I now have a wife, two kids, and a successful contracting business all because I burned my arm on a plate ten years ago.”

12. Isn’t that funny?

“Ordered some shirts off the internet, company sent a size too small. Emailed them and they sent the correct size and let me keep the other ones too.

My grandpa’s house was being redone, noticed one of the workers liked a band i did and gave him the shirts that didn’t fit. Years later working and having a smoke break, guy overhears me and a friend discussing a concert we were going to, asked about it and said he had some old shirts I could have. Met up with him after work to hang out. They were my shirts from a couple years before.

We start hanging out and he is dating this girl, she says she has a friend that she thinks would be perfect for me. We hook up. Been married for almost 10 years with 2 kids. All for a few shirts that the company sent me the wrong size for.”

13. The girl with the mohawk.

“I was dating a girl in college. I didnt actually go to college as I was doing an apprenticeship instead.

One day I had a day off midweek and figured I would pop into college to see my old friends and chat to this girl I was dating. At the time I was very I to skateboarding. So I take my skateboard into the building but had to leave it in the reception bit.

As luck would have it a girl saw me (with bleached blond hair and a pink mohawk) place the skateboard and decided she was in love with me. She went to the local skate park after school until eventually she found me. We swapped numbers and now 15 years later we are married with 3 kids.

Also my skateboard was stolen by someone and by the time I made my way out of the college my brother had noticed someone carrying my board and stole it back for me. As I walked out and noticed it was gone my bro came in and asked if I was looking for my board.

It was a wierd day that I had no idea would impact my whole life to this point.”

Do you have any interesting butterfly effect stories that have happened to you?

If so, please share them with us in the comments.

We’d love to hear from you!

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If You Were Able to Stop Time for 20 Minutes a Day, What Would You Do With That Time? Here’s What People Said.

Let’s all be superheroes for a few minutes!

We’re going to play a fun game called “If You Could Stop Time for 20 Minutes a Day, What Would You Do With That Time?”

This is gonna be fun! And…it’s nice to dream about a little bit of extra time since most of us are so darn busy day in and day out.

People on AskReddit talked about what they’d do…let’s see what they had to say.

1. Good plan.

“Whenever I’m in a heated argument, I’ll stop time to think of a good comeback.

If I can’t, just put something in the other person’s mouth and restart time.

Walk away from the chaos.”

2. Take it down a notch.

“Honestly the mornings can be kinda hectic in our house so I’d stop time to enjoy a cup of coffee in peace and quiet.”

3. Take advantage of it!

“As a tennis player I would stop time for milliseconds at a time allowing me to hit perfect shots.

After a couple of years I would perfect this art, slowly establishing myself as a top tier player. This would allow me to dominate tournaments like the U.S. Open, winning me millions in sponsorships and tournament winnings.

Decades later, while going down as the best player of all time, I would cement myself in history. My remaining years would be spent relaxing in exotic places with my supermodel wife.”

4. A little time to relax.

“Exercise, read, cook.

Basically any activity that takes up a huge part of my daily activity so I have more time to relax.”

5. Do I know you?

“Go to an amusement park and swap out children from families in close proximity.

Not to the point where the child becomes lost, but to the point where like 5 or 6 groups of people are looking at each other funny.”

6. Don’t worry about what they think.

“I’d go for a 20 minute jog in the neighborhood without the fear of neighbors seeing fat me trying to run.

Plus I wouldn’t have to worry about cars too I guess.”

7. Mess with ’em a little bit.

“I’d just wander through my neighbors houses and adjust their settings, hide their keys/phones/etc, disconnect their router and leave a suction cup dildo on the bathroom mirror.”

8. Awwwwwww.

“I’d go hug my grandma without her knowing.

Then 20 minutes would be over and she’d be there on her couch playing animal crossing like “I feel so loved right now for some reason!””

9. Quality time.

“Every day at 5:30.

So I could pick up my kid at school without traffic and be able to spend more time with him.”

10. Use it however you want to.

“Does it have to be all at once? If I could split it up, I would walk around the city and apply karma to people.

Litter? I’ll freeze time and throw it back at you.

Refuse to wear a mask? I’ll freeze time and draw a mask on your face with a sharpie.

Being a jerk to the cashier? That $20 in your pocket will find it’s way into the tip jar.”

11. Let it out.

“Scream extremely loudly without worrying about alarming people.

Because the way this year has been…I need me a fat healthy scream to let it all out.”

12. Fix them teeth!

“Go into my dentist office and apply a huge credit to my account so I could finally go and get my teeth fixed!

I wouldn’t even need to do it everyday, just once so I could get them fixed, not have to hurt every time I eat, or worry about another piece of tooth just fracturing away and I could honestly live a happy life for the rest of my life!”

13. People are gonna lose it.

“I;d remove things from people’s hand and place it in their other hand.

I’d swap people’s drinks with ketchup.

I’d flip the tag of everyone’s shirt in the room out.

I’d place things into people’s pockets. Notes that say “meet me at the usual place” and stuff.”

14. The good and the bad.

“20 minutes would be an insane amount of time to do things.

Arrange to visit someone who needs to go away, pause, kidnap, escape, success!

Want a new car, find what you want at a dealer, pause, drive car away and hide it somewhere nearby, change number plates, done.

If you pre-plan 20 minutes is huge! You could over turn governments over a series of weeks, steal millions, own whatever you want, escape almost any situation where death wasn’t certain (e.g falling).

You could be a super hero or villain.”

15. What now?

“I’d pause time without planning ahead.

I’d probably end up spending the whole 20 minutes trying to figure out what to do.”

Okay, folks, now we’d like to hear from you.

In the comments, tell us what YOU would do if you could stop time for 20 minutes every day.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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