These People All Posted Weird and Incorrect Things Online…Also Known as FAILS

Human beings…when will they ever learn…?

It sure seems like they put their feet in their mouth or do something incredibly stupid all the time, doesn’t it?

Well, we can’t make people get any smarter and if we tried we’d fail miserably, so I guess the next best thing we can do is LAUGH AT THEM. Because laughter is the best medicine and we could all use a good laugh right about now.

And these people you’re about to see, they’re gonna provide you with some Grade A, hilarious fails that might make you feel a little bit better about yourself.

1. This is gonna be one hell of a meeting.

Only one person allowed…

Ok…? from facepalm

2. Is this person a chef?

I feel like they might be a chef.

Those fancy names from facepalm

3. You are a LIAR!

And you just got caught.

Hmmm from facepalm

4. Still alive!

Just so you know…you probably could have looked that up very easily.

I’m uncomfortable. from facepalm

5. A DUI is a DUI.

No way around it, buddy.

Test Positive for DUI from facepalm

6. GoldiLion and the Three Dogs.

I remember it well…

Bless, he’s so tired 😂 from facepalm

7. Chicken corn on blue.

One of my favorite dishes.

chicken corn on blue from BoneAppleTea

8. Be gentle with the during meta-pause.

A lot of different emotions going on.

Meta-pause from BoneAppleTea

9. This is so amazing.

How do you not know this? HOW?

suck-shin-cup from BoneAppleTea

10. Gotta delicate that work out.

Be a good delicator!

Delicate. Words of wisdom! from BoneAppleTea

11. Wow…not sure what to say about this one.

Pretty mind-blowing.

In Car Serrated from BoneAppleTea

12. Hahahahaha. Yes! Incredible!

The best kinds of citizens.

Law biting citizens are the best kind of citizens. from BoneAppleTea

Now we want to hear from you!

Have you seen anything on social media lately that really made you laugh

Jokes? Tweets? Memes? Photos?

If so, please share them with us in the comments. Thanks in advance!

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People Who Broke Free From Cults Share Their Stories

I can’t even begin to imagine what people who get involved in cults or were even raised in cults have gone through.

And the ones who have managed to escape definitely have some very interesting stories to tell. So let’s take a peek into a world that most of us will never experience in our entire lives.

Take a look at these disturbing stories from AskReddit users who escaped cults.

1. Doomsday.

“I was in a doomsday cult for 23 years from my age 13 to 36 (1995-2018). Based on its “knowledge” , this world should have “transformed” by now, into the so called “heaven”, and only a bunch of the cult followers should have remained in harmony.

I totally believed everything I heard without questioning ( probably because I was young and naive) and followed their ” Rules and regulations ” to the dot. Like celibacy, food habits, keeping a distance from everyone outside the cult ( even close family members) .. etc.

Finally, when some obvious questions started arising in my mind I felt like fool, and totally lost and betrayed. It took a lot to break free and am still in the process.”

2. Only notice when you’re out.

“I think the funniest thing about living in a cult isn’t what you notice living in it. It’s what you notice once you’re out.

There were some pretty strange things that when you’re long removed from it all you’re like, “Holy sh*t that IS messed up.” When you’re in it it just seems normal. That’s the weirdest part. When you ask what it was like, my first response is to go, “Like any other childhood really…”

And then I think about it and go…hmmmm okay, not quite. It’s funny how accepting minds can be when it’s all you know.”

3. Sucked in.

“I broke away from a cult. I had gotten sucked in during college.

They prey on college kids who are away from home, searching for an identity and desperate for a sense of belonging. At first it was fun. Nonstop activities. People who genuinely wanted me around. Help. Support. It felt good. But it quickly took over. Then the pressure started. Subtle at first.

Give up all other people and activities because they weren’t good for me. Spend all my time and energy with the church. They assigned someone to watch me. To report to. To confess to. At the same time I befriended the cult leader’s wife and spent a lot of time with her. I felt privileged. But I started to see things.

I went to catholic school 13 years and I think that was the best inoculation! Then the whole women’s role thing really got me steamed. I started arguing with the cult leader’s wife about women being equal and I suspect something I said got to her.

Because the cult leader hauled me in to a meeting and talked to me for an hour and by the end he could see I wasn’t going to fall in line and I could finally see him for what he was – a fraud. So he kicked me out. I was banned hard! He was afraid I would infect others.

My good friend had to flee in the dead of night and hide in another state. They hunted him. But me- they never even spoke to me again!”

4. Hard to process.

“It was difficult. 25 years of not knowing how to think for yourself and suddenly having to, is hard to process. Everything was very routine and once I got out of that routine, I didn’t know what to do.

Forced myself to meet new people and figure out what “truth” is. Very happy with who I am now after three years but still learning more about being independent and being open to new ideas and beliefs.

Plus, holidays are AMAZING! I love Halloween and Christmas.”

5. A very hard thing.

“Leaving was one of the hardest things I have done in my life. It took me years to realize the pain I caused my family was actually not my fault.

Also, I felt so alien in the world. I missed the general background that people have, because the world I had lived in was so different. I was trying to fit in, without knowing how to set boundaries to protect myself.”

6. A different perspective.

“I left AA in 2011, after ten years of lies, coercive deception, and being intimidated by extreme fear.

Although many may laugh at AA being considered a cult, It has all ten of the ‘Sam & Tanner’ indicators, that would describe it as such. As Scientology hides behind it being a religion, AA hides behind its structure of anonymity (at all levels).

I was pursued and threatened if I didn’t go back, and other members visited my family, at home, and at their places of work, to tell them I was going to drink, and soon die if I didn’t resume meetings. As AA promotes the image of an ‘altruistic fellowship’ the Police are very wary of getting involved.

It took me over six years to de-program, and even today, I have troubling thoughts from the incidents I witnessed while a member.”

7. Relearning the basics.

“Having to re-learn basic words, definitions, and thought processes.

Oh, Practical Prayer doesn’t take up hours of your time? Circular logic is bullsh*t? Idle hands are NOT the Devil’s playground?

Being a passive-minded, obsessively-clean, hardworking, frugal SHEEP that gives your blood, sweat, tears, time, and MONEY all to the Church DOESN’T make you a contributing member of society?”

8. Mennonite.

“Ex-Mennonite here, from a rather extreme branch of it.

I hate how people idolize Amish and Mennonites and have no idea how f*cked up it all is. The physical, s*xual, and spiritual abuse that is carried out behind walls. The sickening way they treat animals. How they force victims to forgive, and cover up the crimes of their own.

People were so surprised and admiring when those Amish whose school had been shot up “forgave” the sicko who did it. Missing from the commentary was that we are told from when we are very young that the only way to enter heaven is to forgive everyone everything.

And to be doormats for all the violent men in our lives. Whether in or outside the community.”

9. In a bubble.

“Being so completely ignorant of how the world really works was the worst for me.

I lived in a bubble just thinking everything outside the religion didn’t matter, because soon everything will be destroyed and almost everyone would be dead because they were not Jehova’s Witnesses. I had to educate myself when I finally woke up. I read more than 20 books in one year.

Trying to comprehend how the outside world really works. But my life has been full of failures because is not the same in theory than in practice. Maybe one day I’ll get the hang of it and start succeeding.”

10. Eye-opening.

“It was pretty bad. I was 7 when we left, and my childhood was filled with terror, daily beatings, hunger and exhaustion.

When we re-entered the real world, I was like a fish out of water. Straight from a cult into the projects, that was an eye opener.”

11. Was in multiple ones.

“I was in multiple different cults growing up. Evangelical brand, doomsday cults, all extorting money from their members.

One kept me socially isolated for years, exorcised me, designated me to be a surrogate mother to carry the children of everyone in the church who was infertile, despite the fact that pregnancy would kill me, said I was unfit to be married because I’d been r*ped as a child but I still had to give birth as that’s what God demands of women to free them of their sin.

The town I lived in was controlled by the main cult I was in- I couldn’t escape it. Everyone everywhere knew that I wasn’t a good enough believer. They were always feeding information back to my parents and the cult leaders to use against me. Everyone knew everything about me at all times.

In another, I was psychologically tortured, forced to consume rotten food and if I threw up I had to eat the vomit, forced to commit racist acts, and allow the leaders of the cult to s*xually harass me, a child. In the last one, I thought, finally this one is normal, until they tried to kill me.

I’ve been “out” for a year and moved hours away, but one of them managed to find me again. Periodically, they’ll send people I used to know to my town who are just “happening to run into me” when they’re “on outreach”, just so they know I know they’ve still got an iron grip on me.

My older brother used to be being groomed to be a leader in one of them and responsible for facilitating a lot of the abuse because he didn’t have a choice, and me and him are struggling to reconcile and be civil due to this fact.

The trauma is intense and I can barely leave my house a lot of the time, and my memories of my entire life are fragmented because I can’t handle them. The worst part is trying to function.”

12. Had to get away.

“I accepted a job as a traveling salesman once upon a time when I was desperate for income. Had no idea that it was a front for a cult.

We sold waterbeds. But anytime someone would tried to leave the company, management would gaslight you, become mentally abusive and manipulative, and try to use your personal life against you. All the other coworkers were honestly like creepy as f*ck. They all behaved like subservient loyal robots literally.

The cult itself, was centered around the owner. They had subtle wording in their company core values and policies that basically referenced that they were a God, if not the God of humanity. It was weird as f*ck. I was subjected to some really sh*tty situations, and trying to tell my family and friends about it they wouldn’t believe me.

Thought I was a lunatic, it was just a sh*tty job etc. But no, there were death threats, other forms of threats, all sorts of just mind-blowing crap from management, including attempted blackmailing, framing etc. Company meetings consisted of people getting hazed, but they called it “trust building exercises”.

There was also some kind of weird double love triangle going on between some of the coworkers and management. Im pretty sure the coworkers all f*cked each other too. Like you know the movie, whats it called…West World or something, where all the cyborg robot humans were obviously preprogrammed to act and behave a certain way without fault? Thats exactly how my coworkers were.

In the end I realized I had to move across country without warning to get away from them.”

13. Creepy stuff.

“Long long ago when I was a preteen I had to stay with some relatives for a while. These relatives were in a ‘church’ that was run by an openly admitted, formerly imprisoned con man.

I was told I had to go to this ‘church’ too, 3 times a week, or be thrown out of the house with nowhere else to go. Things started off more or less normal-ish and only gradually did it become a fanatical cult.

For the time I was there, I was as sucked in as everyone else and couldn’t see that things were messed up. One Wednesday evening I had a bad tummy flu and was left with the neighbors while everyone else went to the church. Friday night rolls around and I’m still too sick and weak to go.

Sunday morning comes and I’m perfectly healthy, but no longer want to go. Once again I was left at the house, but with instructions to be gone before they returned. I left and have never regretted it.

What made this ‘church’ a cult:

I know of at least one young woman in the congregation that had quietly asked around for help because the ‘leader’ was hitting on her and not taking no for an answer. She soon disappeared and was never heard from or mentioned again. I have no idea if something happened to her, or she just ran but either way it was bad.

At any given time in the last year I was there, at least 3 of the most attractive mid-teen girls lived with the ‘leader’, an unmarried man, with no supervision, and their parents seemed to think this was wonderful.

The ‘leader’ would frequently say one thing and then contradict himself in the next sentence, and no one ever noticed or commented on it.

The ‘leader’ put a great deal of effort into separating his ‘flock’ from friends, family and the community at large. All holidays became ‘satanic’ and the congregation was forbidden to practice anything considered normal for holidays.

Years later when I was grown and married, a friend from childhood contacted me to tell me the cult was being investigated by, I don’t remember now which alphabet agency. I immediately called the number for that agency that was in the phone book, and told them everything I knew. I never heard anything after that, and have no idea what happened.”

How about you?

Have you ever had any experiences with a cult or any kind of extreme religious organization?

If so, please share your stories with us in the comments.

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14 Things That People Consider a Fate Worse Than Death

We don’t like to spend much time thinking about the stuff that would literally make us wish we were dead, but it can be an interesting exercise, if nothing else.

You could also start a list of things to put in your advanced directive, to ensure none of this ever happens to you.

I’m just saying.

14. You have to try to do something worthwhile.

Probably life in prison, just a completely pointless existence.

13. Humans aren’t meant to be alone.

Prolonged solitary confinement.

12. I would have to agree.

I think Metallica summed it up pretty well in One:

Darkness imprisoning me
All that I see
Absolute horror
I cannot live
I cannot die
Trapped in myself
Body my holding cell

Landmine has taken my sight
Taken my speech
Taken my hearing
Taken my arms
Taken my legs
Taken my soul
Left me with life in hell

That’s certainly worse than death.

11. It’s so permanent, though.

Wishing to die but not being allowed to.

10. Coffee won’t fix that.

Severe chronic fatigue to the point where you can’t live your life and barely recognize yourself anymore. You can barely get up to go to the bathroom. You lose all of your friends. Being alive is miserable because even trying to watch a TV show is too hard due to the severe brain fog you’re experiencing. Nothing is enjoyable.

But you’re not going to die. No, you’ll live a long life of being unable to function and dismissed by doctors who tell you graded exercise is the only answer despite that being from one flawed clinical study that was later disproven. You constantly question your sanity because your condition is typically blamed on your mental health. You grieve the loss of yourself. You decide maybe you are to blame, somehow? But you’re so tired you can barely finish a sentence, so therapy is also a struggle.

(Mine finally got better when they found out I had a very large aneurysm in my renal artery and surgically fixed it. They told me it wouldn’t help my fatigue but they were incorrect. The year I spent in bed was terrible. I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome as well, so I’m always dealing with various issues and I’m hyper aware this could happen again and my functioning is not a guarantee. Many folks are not as lucky and never make progress.)

9. Most people just want to be remembered.

Rome used to erase people from history as a punishment worse than death. It was called “damnatio memoriae.”

I think I would be horrified to be condemned to this sentence but I think the worst is probably to live a life of misery by being enslaved and tortured.

8. Yeah that could be awful.

Being eaten alive by an animal.

7. Not the best superpower.

True Immortality

Hear me out. If you were truly immortal, (that is, you could never die under any circumstances), you’d outlive everyone. Even if you got close to someone, they’d be dead in what, to you, would feel like the blink of an eye. Given enough time, I think this has a good, if not 100% chance of driving you insane.

Eventually, you’d outlive the human species. When humans went extinct, you‘d have no one to talk to, forever. Now you would certainly go insane.

Oh, and the worst part is still ahead. In trillions and trillion of years, the universe’s stars will all have exhausted their supply of nuclear fuel, and the universe will reach heat death. Now there is nothing but you on a cold, inert, dead sphere. Now you get to endure this for all eternity.

Sorry for the abject depression.

6. A lot of burn victims say that.

There is a story about a fireman (which I admit, I cannot verify) who received 3rd degree burns over pretty much his entire body.

After almost a decade of pain and skin grafts and looking like something out of a horror film, his doctors asked him if it was worth it.

He replied that he wished he had died that day

5. No one wants to die alone.

Now with Covid going around, old people who are suffering from it and fighting for their lives for 2 or 3 weeks in the hospital, knowing they aren’t getting better, dying slowly without having contact with family or friends because they don’t have a cellphone or etc.

Suffering for weeks and eventually dying seems horrible, not only from Covid but also from cancer,..

4. I really hope this is hypothetical.

Being suicidally depressed for well over a decade, making an amazing recovery and turning your life around, getting a very few good years, then developing early-onset Alzheimers/dementia that makes you believe you’re back in your depressed years for the rest of your life.

3. The world is cruel.


It’s a cancer of the brain stem that mainly affects children. The brain stem controls the most basic functions of life: breathing, heartbeat, etc. (Mike the headless chicken lived on because he still had a brain stem.) As the cancer progresses it takes more and more of the kids’ abilities while keeping their personality and intelligence in tact. Imagine being seven or eight and one day you can walk and the next you can’t.

Or one day you can swallow and the next you can’t. All the while you’re still “all there” in your head so you know everything that’s going on.

DIPG is considered terminal at diagnosis. Neil Armstrong’s young daughter died of it before he went to the moon.

2. Another vote for this one.


I would dig immortality if you couldn’t die from natural causes, but inability to die at all would be unimaginably brutal.

You would outlast all humanity and remain alone for 5-7 billion years until the sun explodes, then you would spend untold billions of years floating through space…. conscious the whole time.

That’s if you don’t get trapped inside some inescapable construct like a canyon, or volcano, or the middle of the ocean, or underground. And you’re stuck there forever while every inch of your body is writhing in pain and is unable to move.

Thats my only fear during immortality. So be smart and not too reckless.

1. Someone has thought about this a lot.

There’s like an infinite amount worse fates. For example, a trickster god just turns you into a sentient rock and drops you off in a wasteland. That’s it forever, your still you you can think and have senses but you cant move because your trapped as a rock.

You just sit there forever staring in to the wastes and try to occupy your self. You cant die, you cant sleep, all you can really do is think. Eventually you’ll be buried and wont be able to tell what time it is.

“Eventually” you would hope to yourself, “the sun will explode and my stony form will be destroyed by the solar fire and end my miserable excuse for an existence.”

Yeah, time to update that will!

I’d like to die with dignity, thanks.

What would you add to this list? Tell us in the comments!

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People Talk About Fates Worse Than Death

We’ve all heard the saying that something is “a fate worse than death,” but have you ever spent any real time thinking about what that might mean for you?

I mean, maybe not, because it’s not all that comforting of a thought, those things that would make dying seem appealing.

These 16 people are thinking about it, though, so I guess we might as well go along for the ride.

16. I never want to find out.

Outliving your child is horrific.

I used to work in a senior center and one of our residents was an old Baptist pastor with the kindest demeanor.

He had three sons and one daughter. The daughter died in her 50s of cancer. All three sons served in Vietnam – one died in combat, another took his life, and another died of cancer due to Agent Orange.

After he told me all this, I (an agnostic myself) asked him how he has been so faithful. He just said “if I didn’t have a reason to believe this would all make sense someday, I would just fall apart”.

That just straight ripped me into pieces.

15. Dying without dignity.

Everything leading up to dying in the ICU.

Families of 85+ year olds with multiple co-morbidities force us to keep “doing everything” to keep people alive far beyond any chance of recovering with any quality of life or dignity.

Ever done CPR on a frail old body that weighs 95 lbs? The feeling of the cartilage and ribs crushing under your hands is something we never forget.

After a few rounds of compressions, you can see a very obvious cavity in the chest that we have smashed into oblivion. And all for what? So the person can die in misery?

Often, these people have written Do Not Resuscitate and Do Not Intubate requests, but the family can override these once the patient is unable to participate in the conversation.

Then we get people 85+ years old with catastrophic strokes. Family decides to “do everything,” so the patient ends up with a trach (hole in the neck) on a ventilator (breathing machine), a PEG tube in the stomach for liquid tube feeding, and resigned to bedrest for the remaining miserable months of their life. They will probably ultimately die of a steady but slow weight loss, horrible infected wounds from prolonged immobility (I have seen bed sores down to the bone and large enough to fit my fist in to), or infection (like pneumonia). All for what?

Then you get the younger ones, but the ones who are far past any sense of recovery. Some of the worst to watch are people with liver failure from alcohol abuse. They go through severe and difficult to manage alcohol withdrawal, in which they are confused, combative, and hallucinating. They are often sedated to the best of our ability and restrained for their own safety. Then come the bleeding problems associated with liver failure. I’ve seen someone go from talking to me and laughing to dying by vomiting all of the blood from their body due to esophageal varices (bleeding arteries in the throat/stomach). It looked like a murder scene, and the the patient was awake and aware she was dying as she bled out in front of us.

So if you talk to anybody who works in critical care, they will often have many examples of things worse than death. We essentially torture people every day. We see that slow, inevitable spiral down. We try our best to be realistic with patients and families, but it often doesn’t work.

14. Too awful to contemplate.

If you kill your child but don’t mean to, like fall asleep while them in the bed and roll on them, or accidentally tripping and… splat.

Or like I recently saw on house where a lady went fucking crazy or some shit and strangled her child because of the voices in her head but when she was cured and found out the baby died she was bawling and shit.

13. That sounds like a living nightmare.

Locked-in syndrome. I’m a healthcare worker (RN) and have seen it a handful of times.

The patient looks at you, and you can tell that they’re in there… but they’re unable to walk, talk, eat, scratch their own a$s, nothing.

12. Survivor’s guilt is real.

Being the only survivor, you carry the guilt of not being able to save everyone

11. Definitely never want to experience this.

Being burned alive.

I saw a guy that was playing with gasoline get burned alive.

The smell and sounds that he made were something I will never forget.

Luckily it only lasted him a few minutes before he passed out. But the next 10 years and hundreds of surgeries were terrible. He said many times we should have let him die.

10. Sleeping is one of my favorite things.

Fatal Familial Insomnia.

9. Make your wishes known now.

Being forced to live in a vegetive state on life support because your friends/family won’t let you go.

8. And wonder why you haven’t.

Seeing everyone close to you die. It makes you wish you died with them.

7. Can’t even imagine.

Being the child in a child sex trafficking situation.

6. Plenty of people survived this. Thank goodness.

Torture or slavery for about 80 years.

5. Being any part of this tbh.

Being the “Middle Piece” in The Human Centipede.

4. That would not be fun.

Being in an Infinite Death loop and no way of escaping.

3. Make it stop.

Separating you from all the living things and putting you into a confined room with a giant mirror and the lights on full brightness 24/7.

2. That would get old.

Locked in a room and forced to watch The View.

At high volume.

All day.

Every day.

1. It definitely would be the worst.

I think that having a child disappear and never knowing what happened is likely the worst thing in the world.

Holding out hope.

Never knowing when it is appropriate to stop looking.

Even when your despair seems too much to bear for even one more day, you know that killing yourself would end any possibility of being reunited.

I need a drink.

That was not at all uplifting! But go ahead and add your answers if you’ve got a different one…

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People Discuss the One Thing Movies Do That Drives Them Nuts

All of us have our quirks. Our pet peeves. The things that get under our skin – and often, those are also things that other people don’t even notice.

So, there’s a chance that what bugs these 18 people when they see it done in a movie won’t even register as annoying to you, but still….maybe they will.

Let’s take a look!

18. Much easier to win that way.

Fight scenes with multiple attackers.

They’re all so polite, waiting for their friends to get their ass kicked before engaging.

In reality you get jumped by everyone at the same time.

17. You’re going to be hungry later!

When people order food in a restaurant and then leave before it arrives.

At least get it to go.

16. The apple. Ha!

College professor here. Pet peeves about how college is depicted:

Every class is in a medieval European-style amphitheater classroom

Professors are all living in giant 6,000 sq ft houses, even if they teach literature or sociology

Professors only address students by their last names, and all students call professors “sir”

Students or professors strolling down the quad with a leather courier bag worth a month’s pay, for some reason always eating an apple


15. Got off lucky.

In fires nobody dies of smoke inhalation.

They’ll be in there for ages, merrily chatting away, coughing, miraculous escape (lifting a burning beam out the way maybe), they get outside and are fine!

Maybe a smudge of soot on the face and a cough then on their merry way.

14. Do not try this at home.

Someone being hit in the head, loses consciousness, and two minutes later getting up as if nothing happened.

13. Don’t we all have bulletproof couches?

Good guy jumps behind some furniture and the bad guys unloads 1000 rounds into it and none of them go through.

What the fuck is that couch made of!?

12. I really don’t think it’s that easy. Thank goodness.

Snapping peoples necks with a quick twisting motion at the jaw.

11. Those guys need better training!

10 trained soldiers with automatic weapons, a couple of snipers and a helicopter gunship are all shooting at the fleeing heroes.

The only thing they manage to hit is the ground just behind their feet.

10. You won’t find me in an air duct.

Gunfire indoors or inside cars and everyone can hear fine afterwards

Big explosions that throw people around but have no shrapnel

Windows that can be jumped through without shredding your skin

People traversing through air ducts

9. I don’t think so.

“I’ve got a plan”

“Great. What is it?”

“No time. Just trust me.”

8. No pancake left behind.

Big breakfasts that no one eats because the characters are in a hurry and running out the door.

Me personally, I’ll be late to whatever for some pancakes/waffles.

7. Tell the story in case you’re about to die.

A: “I have something important to tell you. It’s about the Jones case.”

B: “What’s up? What’d you find?”

A: “Can’t talk now. Meet me tomorrow at 9.”

B: “A! Tell me what’s going on!”

A: “No, not now. Tomorrow at 9.”

A is found murdered the next morning, B is haunted by conversation. Sets off on worldwide mission to solve the murder and uncover the cover-up.

6. There are no other tools.

I think Hollywood only has two sound effects for mechanics shops.

Air impact guns buzzing like a nascar pit stop and some hand ratchets clicking.

In Hollywood you could get a scene of someone working on the international space station and the back ground noise would be a nascar pit stop air gun.

5. Yeah that’s not a thing.

Doctors doing everything in medical settings. Scanning the patient, setting up IV’s, interpreting brain MRI’s.

Nurses who?

Radiographers what?

4. It’s really setting the rest of us up to feel like failures.

Clean houses where there are 3 to 4 chaotic children.

Living spaces in tv and movies are always spotless. That is, unless there’s a plot- or character-specific reason why it’s not.

And they’re usually decorated very well no matter how poor they are.

3. Wild how that happens.

Action movies where the good guy’s car gets rammed or gets in bad wreck and it’s still drivable and the airbag doesn’t deploy.

2. Nerds can’t do that.

Cop looking at blurry CCTV image

Cop: “Can you clean up the image?”

Nerd: “Sure, computer enhance sector theta 6”

crystal clear image appears on screen

Cop: “Oh my god”

1. Are you sure you just don’t have the right guns.

you don’t have unlimited ammo.

Someone must’ve turned on sv_cheats and forgot to turn it off

Some of these I definitely get! Different strokes for different folks.

What would you add to this list? Tell us in the comments!

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A Haunted Carwash Provides a Socially Distant Scare This Halloween

What’s the best thing about Halloween? Dressing up in costume? Trick or treating? Oh, I know—haunted houses!

For many, COVID-19 will be putting a damper on our usual Halloween festivities.

However, in Medina, Ohio you could experience a scare or two, and clean up your car in the process, by visiting this haunted car wash.

The Rainforest Car Wash in Medina, Ohio has made over its usual jungle adventure themed car wash into the haunted car wash of your darkest nightmares.

For just $20, you and your family can go through the carwash while creepily costumed skulk about. If you can survive the jump scares, you will be rewarded with a goodie bag at the end.

Plus, a shiny clean car.

What’s not to love?

Image Credit: Unsplash

This will be the business’s second annual haunted car wash experience, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. The haunted car wash provides safe, socially distant clean fun.

Anthony Bencivenni, Rainforest’s district manager, says,

“Each participant will get to escape from the day-to-day for a little while to enjoy the event from the comfort of their vehicle.

This year has been particularly difficult for many in our community, and in light of that, we feel it’s critical to provide an opportunity for our local families to enjoy special moments, have fun together, and make lasting memories.”

Rainforest Haunted Car Wash

The Haunted Car Wash is coming soon to Rainforest's Medina location! Starting on October 16th, experience the Rainforest a little differently. Every October, we're hauuuunteddd. 🎃 #rfhaunted

Posted by Rainforest Car Wash on Wednesday, 7 October 2020

Carwashes already make me a little claustrophobic. Going through one with a bunch of killer clowns sounds legitimately terrifying!

Still…I’ll try anything once.

You can hide but you can’t run. Drive through the haunted carwash for some spooky, soapy fun!

Have you visited a unique haunted experience like the haunted car wash? Let us know about it in the comments!

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People Who Have Lived in Haunted Houses Talk About Their Experiences

Just to be clear, we’re not talking about the haunted houses you pay to go into during October to be scared, friends.

We’re talking about legit haunted houses where people thought they were being tormented to ghosts, spirits, demons, and anything else that goes bump in the night.

Do you believe in ghosts? Well, maybe you will after reading these posts.

Here’s what folks on AskReddit had to say about their creepy encounters.

1. Away at college.

“I lived in at an old house in Birmingham (UK) when I was at Uni.

I can’t say for certain it was haunted but we got it dirt cheap as no-one wanted to stay there and it was definitely…odd.

I’m fairly certain I saw the old man, I was up late at my desk finishing an essay and got a weird buzzing in my ear. I turned round to see an old mans face grinning at me.

I fell of my chair and through myself across the room falling and subsequently breaking my bedside lamp. I honestly could not stop shaking and stayed up all night chainsmoking.

My housemate, witnessed her bathroom door flying opening and lights flickering.

We all started getting really low and arguing (normal i guess) but we dreaded the house, some of stayed over at others so we could sleep better. Started becoming reclusive.

My other housemate was downstairs (bedroom) she used to wake up to knocks all the time. You could hear it from upstairs, she moved out first.

I’m sure there are other things that I’ve blocked out and I’m sure all these can be rationally explained but we were all very happy when we left. It was sold after we went.”

2. Unexplained.

“Growing up my father saw a home as an investment, so we would typically buy and live in fixer uppers until renovations were done, then sell for a profit after the capital gain tax was no longer in effect.

So, I’ve lived in 10 different residences, nothing newer than 1968. My first house is now 110 years old, was a former bookie joint with a colorful history and I lived there alone for several years and never experienced anything weird there or anywhere else, except for the house I lived in from 8-16 years old.

It was a huge ranch house built in the 1950s, with half of the cellar being a one bedroom apartment with a private entrance and a bar and library. A pretty cool setup. I typically had friends over for sleepovers and we would use the vacant apartment to stay out of my parents hair, most would only stay once, maybe twice because they felt weirded out in the apartment and I would always go to their place after that.

It always felt like someone was right behind you or just out of eyesight watching you. I always avoided being anywhere downstairs unless all the lights were on or someone else was in the room with me. It was just this heavy, uneasy feeling that I have never experienced elsewhere 25 years since.

Other weird experiences there was the night the doorbell rang in the middle of the night and all the pictures fell off the walls in the hallway, and another time everyone in the house awoke at once when we all heard someone running down the same hallway.

We kept in touch with the neighbors next door, and the house has had several different owners since the late 1990s. But they said a few of them asked about the history of the house because of unexplained phenomenon.

My parents current home abuts the property of the place and they have yet to ask the couple the bought it about it. I hope to hear that they feel the same way.”

3. Unsettling.

“When I was 13, I couldn’t sleep one night so I went into my mom’s room to sleep on this loveseat she had. On the ceiling directly above the loveseat was a wooden door to the attic.

I had been lying there for about 10 minutes when I got this really eerie feeling. I looked up to the attic door and I sh*t you not, it was being lifted up from the inside. I repeat, LIFTED UP BY SOMETHING ON THE INSIDE OF THE ATTIC.

Immediately, my 13-year old self shut her eyes. When I opened them, everything was back to normal. I’ve always chalked it up to sleep deprivation, but I don’t really know.

There’s a bunch of other stuff that happened, too. When my sister was one, she would stare at the top of the stairwell and laugh at absolutely nothing. She did this almost 4 times a day. My little ankle biting dog would stand at the edge of my bed, stare at my doorway, and growl for minutes at a time.

One of the showers would turn on at random times during the day. Keep in mind this was an old shower, you had to use a pretty good amount of force to get it to turn on. I would hear footsteps and doors opening and closing when I was alone at home.

Easily the most unsettling experience, though, happened when I was 17. I was just about to fall asleep when I heard a loud voice right in my ear say “HEY!”

Needless to say, I didn’t sleep that night.”

4. Didn’t feel right…

“Growing up I lived in a small house that was built in the 1920’s as a cabin. I NEVER felt right in that house.

I always felt like something was watching me growing up. Something bad. I only felt safer when I was outside. The last time I was alone in that house I was in my 20’s, living away from home but had came back for the day to take care of my parents dogs while they were out of town.

It was night, I only had one light on in the living room where I was and I was petting the two dogs. I was just sitting on the couch, no tv on or anything, just silence. All of a sudden, the dogs turned, looked at each other like they were silently communicating.

One dog walked over and sat in front of my old bedroom door, the other dog stepped in front on me and sat. Everything started crashing around in that room. Its like they were trying to protect me and I took them and ran out. Years later I was told by a medium that my step dad had a demon inside of him.

It would make sense considering his horrible behavior growing up and the other freaky things that happened in the house. Something was there.”

5. This old house.

“My house is around 140 years old.

A couple years ago I was sitting in my room at midnight, reading. I heard footsteps in the hall which I thought were my mom’e. My door was closed and my lights were off (I was reading on my phone) and suddenly the door opened and the lights turned on, but nobody was there and I noticed that my mother was still downstairs because I could hear her talking.

Then I heard my keyboard start having keys pressed but couldn’t see anything. I checked on my monitor a few minutes later and nothing had changed.

That’s the only paranormal experience I’ve had.”

6. Peacefully coexisting.

“I live in a house from 1926, when we dug our pool in the backyard we found the almost fully decomposed head (yes just the head…) of a horse.

That’s not the haunted part just the “this place has more history to it than meets the eye” moment. When my grandma died when I was 14 I decided to try and contact her, for whatever reason. Searched up a yes and no thingy online using a candle.

Didn’t think much of it, whatever I asked didn’t really get answered. Just as I decided to call it quits, the candle spun around and died out, shortly after that a gust of icy wind swept through my living room (has made sure all doors and windows were shut, no ac no source of outside air).

I thought that was weird, opened all the doors to let some warm summer air in. Went back to clean the candle away. Just as I reached for it I thought to myself “what if that was grandma”. Same instant, the landline rings exactly three times. I walk up to get it but the line goes dead after the third ringing.

Usually the phone blinks when someone called and you missed it. But then and there, Nothing. Looked into the missed calls history only to find the last call being four hours ago. I put the phone down with shivers running down my spine, turn around to see all three of my cats sprint out through the door.

They sat outside looking back in the house as if they had been scared by something, wide eyes bushy fur and wouldn’t be moved back inside, clawing at me if I tried to take them inside (until this day they are the sweetest things, wouldn’t bite or scratch or hiss at me). Took me hours later to get them back.

I’m pretty sure my house is haunted by some spirit, but I’m not scared of it anymore. It’s not malevolent and especially when I’m alone at home for multiple days I just kind of converse with it.

For example, was going to bed one night and the bathroom lights flickered ever so slightly. I said “if there’s a spirit here, I will count down from 3 and then you’ll flicker the light”. Sure enough, when I got to 0 and pointed at one light, jt flickered.

Thought it was pretty cool, but it wouldn’t stop. I told it to stop the bullsh*t and it did. Now we just peacefully coexist.”

7. Lightning strike.

“I had one really weird experience, there’s a massive sliding glass door that plainly shows the lake nearby and the balcony where I was sleeping and I couldn’t sleep that night because the thunder was really loud, so I started staring out on the balcony.

And I could’ve sworn there was a figure standing out there on the balcony, then lightning struck somewhere nearby and there was enough light for me to go “Holy sh*t there is something out there!”

And I turn the other way, nothing else really creepy has happened to me though, other people living in that house are another story entirely.”

8. It happened one night.

“I remember one night specifically.

I was in second grade and my room was small and also we’re the entrance to the attic was (never was able to open it no matter how hard we tried.) It was about 1:30ish and I some up so I can go to the bathroom. My bed was next to the wall on one side but next to my bed on the other side was the door which was a sliding door and had a gap on the bottom to see light.

I swing my feet over to get sit up but instead of the floor, I hit the wall. Not thinking much of it and believing I was on the opposite end of the bed I kick to the other side and again my feet hit a wall. At this point, I was starting to panic but not enough to where I still had since to try both ends of the bed and again. Walls.

Once I realize this I look at my hand and try to adjust my sight but nothing it is picked black to the point where I can’t even see my hands. I start kicking at the walls and screaming and crying. Even with as much noise as I was making no one came to get me as no one heard me. I was like this for what felt like hours until.

Finally. I see the light under my door and am able to escape. I get out and go to the bathroom with tears still running down my face. In later years I told my mom about it and she said that she never heard me make any noise at all. I’m 20 almost 21 now and I still remember to this day.

And just as a fact no, I’m still not and have never been claustrophobic.”

9. That’s spooky.

“My old childhood house was haunted.

It was built over an old wheat field and according to the neighbors, some local children would walk into the field and never come out.

I never saw anything, but according to my mom, she would see random children running through the house at night.”

10. The man made of shadows.

“My first house I bought at 23, there was a man made of shadows who lived in the corners of the rooms.

He never faced the room – he faced the wall. I started have intense sleep paralysis several times a night when I moved there – I never had that before that house, and never had it after I left either. I lived there 6 years and basically finally just fled. I only went back for the last of my stuff because my mom made me.

While I lived there, the neighbors acted all weird. The lady across the street thought I was the caretaker for some old woman. I lived alone. I told her so. She called me a liar because they could all see the old woman sitting in the big front window watching them and such, glaring. She was supposedly a grouchy old woman who never waved back, and always glared and looked angry.

That neighbor spread some BS small town gossip about me being mentally handicapped. Another neighbor told everyone that I didn’t actually buy the house, my dad did, and I lived there – again – with the old woman because I wasn’t capable of living alone. Like I lied about the woman to cover my mental handicap?

IDEK. I never, ever, ever saw this supposed old woman. I never thought there was anything in that house with me but the shadow man, and he was in different rooms than the one the neighbors said the lady sat in.

When I finally fled that house, I moved to Cleveland. I got a really nice apartment on the lake. It was golden. I made friends with the lady in the apartment next door. She asked me one day who stays at my apartment when I’m at work. I was like no one, wut? I live alone.

No one but me has keys. It’s an old building and me and the lady share a bathroom vent so she said no, there is someone walking around my apartment during the day when I’m at work. It’s clear as day – she can see my room lights through that shared vent, and there’s no soundproofing in a building that old. She swore for a year that there was someone walking around my apartment when I was at work. I figured she was just hearing things.

I moved again to a townhouse down the street. This was on a corner of the street, and across the street was another townhouse. Neighbors and I would wave back and forth from our porches or dining room windows. It was really close, we were all really friendly. One day, the lady in that other townhouse asked me how my mother is doing.

I was like WTF, fine? (She lives an hour away, and only visited my apartment once for like 30 minutes. We don’t get together much.) Then my neighbor proceeds to tell me about how when “we” first moved in (I live ALONE, ya’ll), they all thought we were b*tches because my “mom” was so unfriendly.

Sat in the dining room window all day glaring, wouldn’t wave back at them when they walked outside or past her on the sidewalk – like right under the window, mind – they could tap the window as they walked by, like right by her nose where she sat, they were that close.

I tried to explain that I live alone. Neighbor didn’t believe me. So I dragged her into my place and demanded to know where this second person was sleeping. Where her things were. Where SHE was. Etc.

Neighbor never came into my home again after that, but she and her husband would mention offhand now and then that the old lady “mom” was still in my place, they saw her that morning, etc.

I bought my next house two years later and moved about a mile away. I’d been there a week when my new neighbor knocked on my door (it was snowing) and asked if I knew the old lady in the driveway between our houses. I was like wut?

He said that there was an old lady in the driveway between our houses a few minutes ago, and it was snowing, and they thought she must live with me, like my senile mom or something. They were about to call the cops, but wanted to check first in case she just wandered outside. I told them to call the cops, because I live alone.

That was the last time anyone ever saw her. My actual mom visited a few days later, I told her the story, and she went around my house shouting at the “old lady” to leave me alone.

Like, it was weird – my mom is not that kind of person, doesn’t believe in that kind of things, etc., but people have been telling me for years and multiple houses that the old woman lives with me. After my mom shouted all over the house, she seemed to be gone. It’s been 4 years since anyone saw her, and I’ve moved again.

My current house is 202 years old, and quiet.”

11. The haunting.

“The house that I lived in last year was haunted.

I no longer live there and I am a lot more into cleansing and protection now, so I no longer experience any of this, which honestly makes it even weirder.

I lived in a 5 bedroom house with 4 other people, my boyfriend, his cousin, my best friend and her boyfriend. We started realizing immediately that the house was a bit off in terms of energy, but we always put it up to the fact that this many people living together can do that to an environment.

Me and my best friend were the first ones to start experiencing things. Cupboards would be wide open in the mornings, drawers too. A kite on our wall would blow around randomly. We’d see shadows in the corner of our eye constantly. We’ve heard huge bangs on the walls and something even strummed a string on my boyfriends guitar in the middle of the night.

My boyfriend and I were also very active sleep talkers at the time. I would record us every night on a sleep recording app so we could listen again later. We would always act super disoriented and confused, like we were learning how to speak words again. It was really weird and I still have all the recordings.

My best friend and I put two and two together that there were 2 main spirits in the house. Both male, they tend to stay in different areas of the house. The more malicious one was upstairs while the more playful one was in the kitchen.

But we do think that we heard the two spirits conversing a few nights before moving out. It was just my best friend and I and we were home alone. We heard two male voices approach the door and chat with each other. My dog was barking up a storm and freaking out. We waited about 5 minutes until we opened the door to see who it was, thinking it was my boyfriend and a friend of his.

There was nobody outside our door, not even our motion sensor light was on. We had heard the voices right before opening the door. My boyfriend was a 20 minute drive away, and it was 2 in the morning. Edit: I wanna add that ever since we moved, I’ve been sleeping with selenite and tourmaline by our bedside.

We rarely , if ever, sleep talk now. Not sure what to do with that information…”

Now we want to hear from you.

Have you ever lived in a haunted house? Or maybe been in one?

Tell us about your experiences in the comments! Thanks!

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People Discuss the Biggest Bullets They Ever Dodged in Their Lives

Life can be a game of inches…

Sometimes that can be taken literally, and other times figuratively.

But the fact is that we’ve all dodged a bullet or two in our lives. And, based on the company you keep, you might have even been in WAY more stickier situations than most folks out there.

As my Dad used to say, “nothing good happens after midnight.” It turns out he was pretty much right about that.

What’s the biggest bullet you’ve ever dodged?

Let’s see what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. Good thing you found that.

“I found a carbon monoxide detector in our garage, brand new, unopened one day.

I thought, this isn’t doing us any good here, so I took it to the basement and hooked it up.

2 days later it went off as our furnace got clogged with something and our basement filled up with fumes. We evacuated and the fire department came and blew out the house with some big fans.

Then some guy came on an emergency service call and fixed our furnace.

My wife, 3 kids, dog, and I may have all died if I hadn’t hooked that thing up.”

2. Cult-like.

“My dad had died recently, I realized my crush didn’t have the slightest sympathy for me, and my academic performance was crumbling.

One day after an exam I broke in tears and some dude from my department (Computer Science) approached and comforted me. He invited me to some amazing help group that was “changing his life”. The only downside is that it was expensive as f*ck, “but it’s totally worth it”. I had some savings and took some days to decide if I enter.

Before I could give an answer, I got H1N1 (yep, that was in 2009) and fell in bed for two weeks, then I got varicella and fell another two weeks. By then the group thing had faded and I lost contact with the dude.

I found out later that the d*mn group was a cult-like LGAT scam. Everyone who entered (a big chunk of the CS department) wasted lots of money and f*cked up their lives at different levels. Many took long time to recover, some of them are still nuts.

Of course the most damaged were the emotionally weakened… just like me at that point. Big bullet dodged.”

3. On the road.

“I was in my teens, riding as a passenger in my grandmother’s car.

I heard a little high pitched scraping noise on the car roof briefly. Looked out behind us and there’s a tree about a meter and a half wide down on the road behind us.

The scrape was the tips of the outer branches making contact before the trunk didn’t quite kill us.”

4. Scary.

“A couple of years ago I went camping with my parents.

My dad was setting up the camper on blocks while it was still attached to the back hitch. I was talking with my dad while he was removing the hitch and casually had my hand on the edge of the truck bed.

I moved my hand to gesture something, and about 2 seconds later the camper fell off the blocks and fell onto the truck bed.”

5. Motorcycle accident.

“Approaching an intersection late at night on my motorcycle.

Didn’t see the massive patch of sand that had somehow been spread out across the road. Went to brake, rear wheel locked and I slid into the intersection. Came to a stop in the middle of the first lane.

Saw something big and white out of the corner of my vision. Was a truck. Gassed it just a bit to get out of the way, and the bike was clipped a couple inches behind my body, hard enough for the muffler to be pushed up against the chain.

Impact threw me over the handlebars. Time slowed down while I was in the air and I remember thinking “it’s taking a really long time to hit the ground.”

Flew completely over two lanes of traffic and landed on my hands and feet in the middle of the intersection with cars traveling in opposite directions on either side of me.

Stood up. No sliding, not a scratch on me. Helmet never touched the ground.”

6. Creep.

“Used to flirt with this guy at work. He was a single dad, I’m a single mom (though his kids are much older).

He was always asking about my kids and once, I ran into him at Target when they were with me and he was super nice to both of them. My daughter even asked me why I didn’t date him when he was so nice and he seemed like he liked me.

When I saw him at work the next day, he asked me to come hang out with him sometime soon. I didn’t give him a solid yes because I really don’t think dating someone you work with is a good idea, but he was winning me over.

A few months after that I go into work and he’s suddenly being escorted from the building by security. Turns out he was rooted out in an FBI sting for soliciting underage girls in chat rooms – he even used his work computer for a lot of his activity.

He was sending videos of himself rubbing one out to girls as young as eleven (or so he thought). My daughter was close to that age. He was convicted on fivr or six counts (I forget) and all I can think about is my obviously horrible taste in men.”

7. Good timing.

“4th grade I rode my bike home everyday.

This day I decided I was gonna wait outside to ask a girl out. It took 5 min. As I got home I saw 3 dudes hauling *ss out of my house into a white van.

Our house was robbed. Of I had gotten home earlier they may have robbed my house as I was eating my daily bowl of frosted flakes.”

8. Drugged.

“I was 27, too old, really, for the college bar I was in.

But it was walking distance to my apartment. And it was Thursday might and the well drinks were four hot bucks. So I ordered a cheap shi*ty well drink and then went to go smoke a cigarette outside.

Everybody says that getting Roofied isn’t a thing. That it’s women who can’t handle their liquor. Bullsh*t. I came back in, finished that one watered-down ladies’- night drink…and suddenly I couldn’t stand up. My legs were just useless.

My roommate at the time saw two guys trying to haul me out of the bar. (I vaguely remember this.) She screamed at the bouncer not to let them take me, then fireman-carried my *ss a mile home and put me to bed. Terri, you da real MVP.”

9. Mother Nature.

“A lightning strike.

I was 16ish and my mom was naaaaagging me to take the dinner scraps out to the backyard to toss in the compost bin. I asked if it could wait till the next day, a storm was rolling in and I really didn’t feel like getting caught in it.

I argued (read: I whined) with her for only a few moments when we heard a huge BOOM and felt the house shake. The house illuminated in that moment, a huge flash of light and sound, silencing us. We gingerly open the sliding glass door and look in the backyard.

Lightning struck the house/ground right by the house. Right where I would have been standing if I was dumping scraps in the compost bin.

The ground was scorched, and all I did was triumphantly announce “SEE? PROCRASTINATION SAVES THE DAY”.”

10. Very lucky.

“I once woke up in a house that was on fire.

We were all up until about 4 am drinking. The fire started in a wall around 6 am, so everybody was totally passed out.

By the time a random passerby kicked the door in and woke us up, the smoke was so thick I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face.

We all nearly died, so I’d say that qualifies as dodging a bullet.”

11. WOW.

“Was supposed to be at meeting in the World Trade Center on Sept 11, 2001.

Decided on the weekend to travel home and cancelled the meetings.

If I hadn’t I would have been right there when the planes hit.”

12. Could have had a different life.

“Me, at 16, started dating a girl who would go on to be my long term high school gf. She was about 1 year younger.

We were toxic, but I thought she was hot and we took each others virginity. At the time we started dating, she was about 5’2″, maybe 90 lbs soaking wet. Fast forward to when I was 17, getting ready to leave for the service in a couple months.

GF turns up pregnant, had stopped taking birth control because she wanted my baby. Literally was going to marry her because her father threatened me. She miscarried the baby about 2 months into it.

Called off the wedding and wound up leaving for the service. I broke it off with her 6 weeks later. She is now about 350 lbs and has 5 kids (with 3 different dads).

Major sigh of relief.”

13. Close call.

“I was 8 and when i went to stay with my dad on the weekend visits, i would sleep in his camper.

The door was broken and you had to stick a knife in it and pry it open. Being only 8 I wasn’t strong enough to open it by myself no matter how hard I tried. and had to get my dad to do it.

One weekend I stayed with my dad and went to a family members party. Being Mexicans, the party went on thru the night. About midnight or so he came and asked me if I was ready to go home. He said he would drop me off so I could get some sleep but i was having a good time and opted to stay.

A couple hours later he came and got me and we headed home to see the camper fully engulfed in flames. My grandma was outside and had burns all over her hands and forearms and a big one on her scalp from trying to get inside.

She was sure I was still in there and was sobbing hysterically when we pulled up.”

Okay, now it’s your turn.

What are some of the scariest bullets that you’ve ever dodged?

Tell us your stories in the comments!

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Interesting Science Experiments That Happened Totally by Accident

Ever since Breaking Bad made science cool again, the internet can’t get enough homegrown science experiments.

What’s even more thrilling is when science happens irl without any real reason, rhyme, or planning.

Especially when they’re less volatile than Coke and Mentos volcanoes.

Here are 14 mildly interesting science experiments that happened in real life completely by accident.

1. At-home jewelry

I’m going to start buying marbles in bulk instead of browsing Tiffany & Co.

This is what happens when you heat an ordinary marble over a flame then immediately drop it into cold water from mildlyinteresting

2. This perfectly polished coconut

Ever seen something so orb-like before?

This is what happens when you polish a coconut from mildlyinteresting

3. Primary colors!

Ugh, it’s just so pretty.

What happens when you put M&Ms in a dish of water. Diffusion force barriers from mildlyinteresting

4. When lightning strikes

That’s a seriously sick pattern.

This Is What Happens When Lightning Strikes A Flag On A Golf Course from interestingasfuck

5. Editing inception

Taking a negative of a negative feels like you’re diving into some crazy alternate universe.

This is what happens if you take a negative picture of a negative screen. from mildlyinteresting

6. Extreme cooking

Cooking under bitingly cold conditions certainly presents its challenges.

This is what happens to food in Antartica at -94°F/-70°C from interestingasfuck

7. Now that’s what I call optics

Look at how the light bends!

Apparently this is what happens when light passes through the blinds and hits my trash can… from mildlyinteresting

8. So inky

This is real art.

What happens when wood is burnt with high voltage from mildlyinteresting

9. Well, this one makes sense

Gummy bears melt – who knew?

this is what happens when you leave a pack of gummy bears in an 105 degree car. from mildlyinteresting

10. I’m scared

They’re going to come after us. With the amount of french fries we’ve all eaten, no one is safe.

What happens when you leave potatoes in the cellar for 6 months from mildlyinteresting

11. A perfect beat

This queen did a real good job.

A friend of mine is a drag queen. This is what happened last night when he took off his makeup. from mildlyinteresting

12. This new kind of ice art

Who needs a swan sculpture when you could have this?

What happens when water freezes on a spinning wheel. from mildlyinteresting

13. Goth McDonalds

I’m so ready for this gothic upgrade. Make this my next order. Even if it tastes bad.

This is what happens when you microwave McDonalds fries for 30 minutes (instead of 30 seconds). from mildlyinteresting

14. A vintage tomato

This is probably what food is supposed to look like.

Modern tomato vs one grown from 150yo seeds from mildlyinteresting

Well, that was kind of cool! Looks like science is happening all around us – all the time.

What’s your favorite accidental science experiment? Share with us in the comments below!

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People Talk About Where They’d Go if They Could Teleport Themselves Only Once

Are you ready to get weird, friends?!?!

Admit it, you’ve probably thought about teleporting before…but where do you go?

And, if you can only do it once, you better make it worth it, if you know what I’m saying.

Let’s get freaky-deaky with some folks on AskReddit who talked about where they’d teleport to if they could only do it once.

1. Sound kinda nice.

“I’d wait until I get mixed into some horror movie bullsh*t and then at the most climactic part of it I would just teleport to the Bahamas or something.”

2. What are you doing here?

“Mars, just to really confuse future astronauts.”

3. Not a bad idea.

“The closest planet that can support human life, but already has peaceful inhabitants.

And it would welcome an alien invader and not treat them the same way our planet would.”

4. An experiment.

“I would let scientists study me. Teleport anywhere they want, but have a massive amount of equipment recording everything humanly possibly on both ends of the jump.

I’d want humanity to have a chance at reproducing it.

This could be the most monumental boost to science in our lifetime.”

5. This is a good answer.

“To the road next to mine.

I just missed the ice cream man but I can hear his jingle there but I’m too drunk to drive and too unfit to run.”

6. Wow. Sad.

“I’d go back to when I was 6.

Keep my dad from leaving the house that day with whatever means I had.

He was hit by a train that day. I miss him.”

7. Getting back would be a problem.

“Probably 48°52.6′S 123°23.6′W. It is, as far as I know, the most remote point in any of our oceans (as far as distance from nearest land goes).

I’d want to just tread water for a bit, as far from land as I could ever possibly be. As small and insignificant as I could possibly be.

The only catch is that the post said I can only teleport once, so getting back would be a problem. I’d have to save this for a deathbed teleportation.

There’s something peaceful about the idea of just sinking into the black and becoming a precious resource for an environment that would otherwise be alien to me as a human.”

8. Love from abroad.

“To visit my girlfriend I haven’t seen since she left to study abroad last December that lives across the country from me.

She has high risk family so I can’t fly to see her either.”

9. Going to warn them.

“To another planet that is inhabited by other friendly beings.

I’d tell them, “Stay away from Earth. It is a total sh*tshow and you won’t like it. Seriously, too many problems and really no desire to fix them.”

10. The perfect crime.

“I would plan a bank heist, grab as much money as possible and teleport to another country.”

11. Find the answers.

“Area 51, for sure!

I’m dead curious to know what’s inside.”

12. Petra.

“I’ve wanted to see Petra in Jordan ever since I saw a picture of it in a 4th grade textbook, but I get really bad motion sickness in cars.

You can’t just fly/train into Petra, though. You’ve got to be driven there, and the drive does not look like a straight and easy highway.

I’d get there the regular way and then teleport home so that I could enjoy my time there knowing I wouldn’t have to experience the sickness a second time.”

13. We want the truth!

“Inside Disney’s vault.

I wanna know if those rumors of Walt Disney’s head being frozen are true.”

14. Good reasons.


I’m learning the language and I also really like a girl there.”

15. Take me home.

“Back home.

I moved from UK to USA 2 years ago and due to immigration restrictions, financial limitations and then covid (in that order).

I haven’t been able to go back home and see my family. So I would go see them.”

16. We found something…

“To Mars, to the highest point of Mt.Olympus.

When they finally do find my corpse, it is going to be the surprise of the millennia.”

How about you?

Where would you teleport to if you could only do it once?

Let us know what you think in the comments!


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