10 People Who Love Their Career, Even If Their Parents Disapprove

We all love our parents, but let’s face it: they can be really judgy sometimes.

“Why do you have to have those tattoos?”

“Why aren’t you in grad school by now?”

“Is that really what you’re gonna do the rest of your life?”

I’m grateful that, although my parents certainly don’t stop asking these questions, they still support my choices at the end of the day.

These 10 people, however, aren’t as lucky.

1. Well, that’s a fucked up reason. Jeezus…

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2. Those are SUCH different fields. Choose wisely…

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3. I mean… he may be proven right, but why not try it first?

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4. Because he’s not happy with his own life. Otherwise he wouldn’t be focusing on yours.

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5. Yeah, can’t argue with that.

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6. Boom! Artist!

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7. Yeah, what does dad know anyway?!

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8. You might gain lots of money if you save….

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9. Omg… don’t do this to yourself!

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10. Do. What. You. Love.

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Parents… keep your nose out of your kids adult business.

Love them. Period. End of story. That’s it.

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15 of the Most Unbelievably Scary Things People Have Actually Seen

Have you ever experienced something incredibly creepy, but nobody believed you when you told them about it? Maybe you saw a ghost, or a UFO, or something else weird enough to raise suspicions.

These AskReddit users shared their scariest experiences that no one believes for some reason. Except me. I believe you.

1. The tackle box

“Alright, buckle in.

My neighbor was dying of a heart condition about 6 years ago. He knew he was, so he was giving away his valuables to people he trusted with them. Neighbor gave me his tackle box. He loved to fish. I would see him come home from fishing every day and he’d just sit on his porch and skin fish.

I just put the tackle box in my closet and didn’t really do anything with it since I don’t fish. Anyways, soon after, he passed away in his home. Exactly a week after that, I woke up to the tackle box at the foot of my bed. Weird, but my stepdad likes to dick around, figured it was him, so I put it back. The next morning, I wake up, it’s at the foot of my bed again.

So, I ask my stepdad what the deal was, and he had no idea what I was talking about. To test this, I put the tackle box in a spot that he wouldn’t find, nor would he attempt to get it. Under my bed, all the way in the back against the wall, and I put stuff in front of it to conceal it. Next morning, nothing. Okay, I guess it was him.

Didn’t give it much thought after that. 3 days pass, I wake up one morning and there it is, at the foot of my bed. Fuck. Now i’m starting to freak out. So I did what any rational person would and I went fishing with it. After I went fishing, I put the tackle box away, and it hasn’t moved since then. It’s still there.”

2. Very strange

“Just after high school, maybe six months or so after 9-11, I was a van driver who drove the meals for meals on wheels to the place where they get packaged up and taken for home delivery. Anyway the delivery van only had am/fm radio and I was listening to 92.5 fm, when all of a sudden the station cuts out and a transmition that I can only describe as an American version of a numbers station began playing.

It was seemingly random numbers followed by a long period of the same phrase repeated over and over again. The phrase was “they took the crosstown bus”, over and over again. None of the other drivers heard it but man was it creepy to hear. Eventually the regular radio station came back on and they never mentioned anything about it.”

3. Vanished

“This happened to me last year and I fully understand why no one believed me because it sounds ridiculous.

Every morning, I need to wake up at 5 am to get the 5:30 bus to the train station to go to university. I had to be there by 8 am, but I like to get there half an hour early.

To get to the bus stop, I have to walk down this bike path and under this bridge to get to this quiet backstreet road. There is fuck all light on the bike path. This street is dead quiet. The right side of the road is a continuation of the bike path, and the left is a normal footpath with a long green hedge.

One morning, I was standing there waiting for a bus and this old women comes walking out from under the bridge. I didn’t see her at first because as I said it was pitch black on the bike path. She crosses the road and walks up to me. She asked me if I knew where X road was. I turned to point in the direction of the road she was looking for. I turned back and she was gone.

This old women who was walking at a snails pace dissapeared within 3 seconds.”

4. Intruder

“The scariest thing i saw was at the age of 16, I woke up early in the morning (4:30-5-ish AM) me and some friends were supposed to go on a roadtrip for the weekend (we had a long af ride to one of the stops we wanted to visit, and didn’t wanna be there too late) i look out my window and it’s still a kinda dark outside, i walk downstairs and see wet footprints all over the house, and suddenly a big man (Like 6’7”. i was around 6’1” at the time) just bolt past me and out the front door.

Not really creepy, but i shat at least 5 bricks and bolted upstairs to my dad.

Nothing got stolen, but things were scattered all over the house.”

5. Spirits

“Fishing on Lake Minnewanka in Banff national park with a good freind. About 50 feet from shore.

Around 8:30 pm I see glowing red eyes. Up in the trees. Like …. red… like predator i guess. I do a double – take… they are gone.

I decide not to say anything, maybe I’m trippin. Did just smoke up. Nope. 5 mins later my buddy says “I just seen some glowing red eyes up in the top of those trees.”

I feel goosebumps. “Yup, I saw them too”.

We look back and they are gone. We decide to aim the boat towards the shoreline. It’s not dark yet but sun is going down. We saw nothing. No owls, no goats in the trails. We didn’t get off the boat but we had a good look around.
When I ask him about it (this was around 10 years ago) he just says he doesn’t want to talk about it.

I can’t blame him. But after all these years I’ve never heard or seen anything like those glowing red eyes, 30 – 40 feet up in the trees. Staring at us.

I copied and pasted this next part, I knew nothing about the history when we went fishing there..

“For more than 100 centuries, people hunted and camped along the original shores of Lake Minnewanka. The Stoney people called it “Minn-waki” or “Lake of the Spirits”. They respected and feared this lake for its resident spirits. The Early Europeans called it Devil’s Lake.”

I used to go camping there. I do not any more. Mostly because it’s bear country for most of the summer. But yeah also because of those bright red eyes. I will never forget that. Most surreal thing I’ve ever seen.”

6. Missing time

“I used to have a buddy that lived in the same neighborhood, a few streets over. One night we were having a couple of beers in his backyard while playing cards. I had some things to do the next morning so just before 10 I said my good-byes and shoved off.

It was a short walk (MAYBE 15 minutes door-to-door) so I never drove. Anyway, it was a nice night… uneventful trip. But when I got home, my roommate was coming out the front door, coffee in hand, and dressed for work. He gave me a funny look and said he thought I was asleep since my truck was in the driveway. I told him where I’d been and asked why he was going in to work at night.

That’s when he kind of laughed and asked if I was drunk. We stared at each other for a minute and then he told me it was just after 5 IN THE MORNING and he was going in just like he usually did.

In my entire life, I’d never felt more confused than I did in that moment. I could tell he was dead serious but I KNEW I had just left my friend’s house.

I checked my phone and sure enough… 5-something in the AM. My roommate left for work. I paced circles in the living room for a bit then called the friend whose house I’d just left. He groggily answered and confirmed I’d left at ten the previous evening.

I have no idea what happened during those 7 hours of my life and it gives me chills to think about it all these years later. I wasn’t drunk, I wasn’t tired, no one could have slipped anything in either of the two Coors lights I’d had…no known medical conditions that would have caused me to blackout, and nothing has happened like it since.

I just don’t know what happened to that time.”

7. Help!

“I was walking to class from the dining hall on my campus when I saw a lady yelling for help and banging on a window of a nearby building.

Lots of people were walking past but I was the only one who seemed to acknowledge it. I went to the window to help and she told me she was locked in a room in the building and that she needed me to come in and open the door.

Now, I have no idea the layout of this building and where she was located. So I decided to call campus security for help despite her pleading with me not to call them and to just let her out. I call them and when I hear them coming I go to greet them so I can take them to the window.

I leave for maybe a maximum of fifteen seconds and when I return with campus security she is gone. We can’t see her at the window and campus security goes inside to double check and sure enough there is no trace of her.

Campus security definitely thought I was crazy and I’m sure my professor thought I was full of shit when I explained to him why I was late. No one seems to believe me that this happened but I swear it did.”

8. “It changed the way I look at things”

“About 8 years ago now I was taking a drive out to Kansas from the east coast. I was with a friend and we were going out to see her grandparents. Once we were about 2 hours from the grandparents house my friend starts outlining standard operating procedures of “seeing things” in and around her family’s home.

She seemed a bit panicky when going over everything but I managed to calm her down. I’m skeptical of everything and assured her that the things she had seen when she was a small child were just manufactured in her imagination. She insisted that the entire family had seen these “things” with the exception of her grandparents.

2 hours later, we arrive in Kansas and I’m ready to fall over because of the length of time the last leg of the trip took. We are welcomed and grandmother takes me to a back bedroom and just as she about to close the door; she stops, says “maybe you shouldn’t stay in this room” and escorts me to another room. Ok, that was a little strange but whatever, I’m tired.

Fast forward to night #2 at the grandparents home. It’s around 11pm and my friend is crashed out on the couch watching tv. I’m in an adjacent bedroom from which I can see her laying on the couch. I nod off for the night and wake up to a old grey man that bared a resemblance to the grandfather but was not the grandfather standing with his back to me in the doorway looking at my friend sleeping on the couch.

I decided I was going to get up and confront the old grey man and something slammed me back into the bed. I tried to get up several more times with the same result. Each time I was slammed back into the bed a voice would repeat “put a seal on the door”

Finally, I snapped to it’s 3 am and everything was normal. I must have been sleeping. It was a dream. No old grey man and my friend was fast asleep. So I start pacing around the room trying to decide how I feel about what had just happened. I glance over to my friend her eyes are open and she says “you seen it”. I say, “get in the car, I can’t be here right now.”

We spend the next 4 hours sitting in a Walmart parking lot talking about the history of her experiences in that house and comparing to my own. Ok, my nerves are not on fire anymore and we are heading back to the grandparents home. We arrive and they are waiting for us inside. I tell them exactly what happened to me and I get “yeah, that’s strange.

We usually do seal our doors with a prayer at night but with all the excitement we just must have forgotten. All the children have mentioned stories of things but we have never seen them. We are sorry you had to go through that”.

I’m really not sure what I seen or experienced that night but when I tell people they get that look of skepticism. It’s obvious they don’t believe me. My conclusion is that the experience was indistinguishable from reality in the moment. I don’t know what that means but it changed the way I look at things.”

9. Stabbing attempt

“This was 4 years ago. As I was walking on the sidewalk on a busy afternoon, I saw a suspicious boy/man about 18 yo. He was 10 meters away and walking what it looked like towards me. I kept my eyes on him despite the fact that he wasn’t looking directly at me, his eyes were roaming jumping from an object to an object.

As we approached one another, half a meter away from each other he takes out a knife and tries to stab me in my left side. He wasn’t really fast, so I easily dodged it and immediately turn to see who is he, or if he is trying to stab me again. To my surprise he continues walking and after couple of meters he stopes turns around smiles and gives me thumbs up, then he continues walking in the opposite direction.

Till this day I don’t know who he was, what he wanted and even my family doesn’t believe me, because “if someone wanted to stab you, you can‘t stop him. You aren’t experienced enough to dodge it like that” and something of that kind.”

10. Weird

“Didn’t see it but heard it. My friends and I got a cheap set of walkie-talkies from Walmart and were playing around with them in the middle of the day. There’s a bit of silence as we’re trying to figure out the volume and out of nowhere there’s a male voice saying “mayday mayday mayday” that comes through all of our walkie talkies and it definitely sounds like it from one of those aircraft headsets. We try to answer back but there’s no response. I called non emergency but they said there weren’t any reports of distressed aircraft or ships and even if there were, they couldn’t do anything about it.

Alternatively, a couple months later I saw a plane with an engine on fire go over my campus but apparently no one else did.”

11. I swear it’s true

“When I was 7 or 8, I would have a reoccurring nightmare that one of my dolls came to life, played with me, and then would try to pull me into my closet with her. I’d follow her into the closet at first, but then she’d show me this little door at the back of the closet, and my heart would start to race. I don’t know what it was about that door, but I knew something bad would happen if I went through it.

I’d start to struggle and try to pull away, but the doll was too strong and would start pulling me through the door. At this point in the dream, I’d always wake up screaming. The worst part was I had night terrors, so sometimes I’d wake up standing next to my closet. Every night before bed, I’d make my parents make sure there wasn’t a little door at the back of my closet. There never was.

Anyway, I was talking to my mom the other day and this dream came up. I’m laughing about it and how ridiculously paranoid I was about dolls and that closet, but my mom gets really quiet. She tells me the creepy part of that dream wasn’t the doll; it was the fact that there used to be a little door at the back of the closet, but when I was one year old, they remodeled the house and put a wall where the door used to be. There’s no way I could have remembered that door, but years later, I kept dreaming about it.

None of my friends believe this story, but I swear it’s true.”

12. On the stump

“I grew up on a 2 acre home with plenty of trees and room for an 8 yr old to run around. Our house also was heated in winter by a wood fireplace, so we would periodically cut down one of our own trees to save money. Well for about 2 years, there was a stump less then a foot tall near the house, and at least once a day, without fail, I would see someone standing on the stump.

Usually it was out of the corner of my eye, but once or twice I looked directly at him. I always looked away quickly, cuz it startled me and he was gone, but my sister says she experienced the same thing. Nothing ever came of it though.”

13. Adam

“Growing up, I had a friend named Adam. He was never able to come out during the day, only right before all of us kids had to go home for the evening.

Adam lived a few houses over, in a house with an overgrown yard. I met his parents once. They were very strange, didn’t smile, and obviously didn’t want me there.

I remember Adam telling me that he was sick, that’s why he couldn’t play that much. He was a small boy, pale with dark hair.

Eventually, Adam stopped showing up all together. And I eventually moved on, though I do remember going to his house a couple times to see if he could come play, and his dad just gave me this look before closing the door in my face.

Later in life, I asked my sister if she remembered him. She doesn’t, and according to my parents – that house was empty the entire time we lived there.

I don’t know who Adam was, I don’t know why I so vividly remember him and his parents. As far as I can tell, he wasn’t real – and yet I have perfect memories of him and his parents.”

14. Who’s there?

“I woke up to something, it sounded like a door shutting. At first I thought it was a dream because I could hear it in the dream as I was waking up, kinda like when someone calls your name when you’re dreaming. But then I looked at my cat, his hair was completely standing up and he was beaming at my bedroom door.

This was the moment when I got really scared bc i know animals can pick up on that shit and I thought he might know somethings wrong. My cat doesn’t do this type of thing unless a dog is in the room.

So I looked over at the door and the only way I can describe it is it looked like it was swaying, slowly, like it was breathing, like someone was standing on the other side of it trying to hear if I was awake. This swaying was accompanied by a shadow. *I don’t mean a supernatural shadow, but it looked like the shadow of a person behind the door.

I was paralyzed in fear. I lied there for 5 minutes naked watching this door away. I considered yelling and trying to scare them away but I was terrified someone might respond. I legitimately thought this was the moment where I will have to defend myself or be killed.

I don’t own a gun but after 10 minutes or so I mustered up the courage to check every room in the house. I fucking checked every corner too. But there was no one there.

I don’t know what happened, but my evolutionary traits kicked in and I completely believed someone was outside my door.”

15. An angel

“This makes me sound fucking crazy but anyways:

It was a warm summer morning back when I was a kid. I was standing in our hallway, putting on my shoes when I randomly peeked into our living room and saw a see-through male figure surrounded by rainbow coloured light standing right in the middle of the living room. He was reading a book and didn’t seem to notice me.

I thought it was weird but I didn’t feel scared or anything. It felt like the room was filled with a warm, loving energy if that makes sense. I kinda just shrugged it off and went about my day, probably because I was too young to really understand what I’d seen. A few days later when my mom tucked me into bed she read me a bedtime story about a kid who meets an angel or something like that, don’t remember the story exactly but what is interesting is the authors description of what that angel looked like.

It was exactly the same as the strange rainbow man I had seen in our living room a couple of days before. It even said that angels will often visit humans surrounded by a strong, rainbow coloured lightening and manifest themselves while reading a book*.*

I casually blurted out:”Oh, I’ve seen an angel then!” and my mom was like:”You have? That’s great!” and we didn’t talk more about that for a while until one day where I randomly asked my mom if I could see a picture of my grandad who died unexpectedly while my mom was pregnant with me.

She found an old family album and we looked through pictures of my parents’ wedding that happened exactly one year before I was born. There was a picture of three or four people sitting together, laughing and having a great time at the party. I immediately pointed out the guy who sat in the middle and said:”How funny! He looks just like the angel I saw!!” and my moms face turned white as a ghost. She was just about to tell me that this was indeed my deceased grandfather who I never got to meet. I’m very convinced it was him visiting me.”

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Astronomers Were Baffled by a Mystery Signal For 17 Years. The Culprit? A Staff Microwave

It’s 2019 and people are finally starting to admit that aliens are probably in our midst. “People” meaning, for example, The New York Times. But scientists and laypeople have been observing unexplainable phenomena for practically forever. Or in one case, practically unexplainable phenomena that turned out to be…definitely not aliens at all. Instead, the weirdness was coming from a way less exciting source: a microwave oven.

Astronomers at a famous Australian telescope called “The Dish” received strange signals from an unknown source for 17 years. 17 years! The signals would always come in once or twice each year. Known as perytons, they were detected “within five kilometers” of the observatory.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

When the scientists first detected the signals in 1998, they assumed they were coming from the atmosphere, possibly from lightning strikes.

But then, in 2015, they installed a new receiver to monitor the interference. It detected strong signals at 2.4 GHz – the signature of a microwave oven.

Yep, that 17-year-old mystery turned out to originate from the staff kitchen.

Upon further study, the astronomers discovered that the microwave generates interference only if the door is opened after it’s been set to heat. The signals were rare, because they only happened when the telescope was pointed right at the microwave oven while a staff member happened to open the door halfway through eating up their lunch.

So, yeah. Not the most exciting discovery, but a pretty unforgettable story.

Dr. Emily Petroff is the astronomer who finally figured out the source of the perytons.

“Didn’t swear, but definitely wasn’t quiet when the data came through,” she tweeted.

It should be noted that Dr. Petroff and the other astronomers weren’t really searching for aliens, but that’s the conclusion many people might jump to upon mention of “mysterious signals.”

It seems the lab has made some improvements to their microwaving technology since then:

Aliens… Hot pockets… Same thing.

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3 Terrifying Short Stories That’ll Give You Chills

In the mood to read something really terrifying? And it won’t even take you that long!

Here are 3 scary stories that will take you less than 10 minutes to read.

Get ready to be frightened!

A Deal With The Devil – Part 1

Photo Credit: Imgur

Part 2

Photo Credit: Imgur

Part 3

Photo Credit: Imgur

Part 4

Photo Credit: Imgur

Pretty creepy, right?

Now on to the next scary story…


Photo Credit: Imgur

Part 1

Photo Credit: Imgur

Part 2

Photo Credit: Imgur

Part 3

Photo Credit: Imgur

Alright, now for the last tale…

I’m a Guardian Demon

Photo Credit: Imgur

Part 1

Photo Credit: Imgur

Part 2

Photo Credit: Imgur

Good night…

Sleep tight…

Don’t let the nightmare bite…

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15 Perfectly Odd Photos That’ll Have You Looking Twice

Seriously, it’s hard to believe that these aren’t Photoshopped. They’re just too perfect.

Have a look and you’ll agree.


Photo Credit: Reddit


Photo Credit: Reddit


Photo Credit: Imgur


Photo Credit: Imgur


Photo Credit: Imgur


Photo Credit: Imgur


Photo Credit: Reddit


Photo Credit: Reddit


Photo Credit: Reddit


Photo Credit: Reddit


Photo Credit: Reddit


Photo Credit: Reddit


Photo Credit: Reddit


Photo Credit: Reddit


Photo Credit: Reddit

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Gamora Putting on Lipstick Is the Galactic Meme We Didn’t Know We Needed

Actress Zoe Saldana most recently graced theaters everywhere as the character Gamora in Avengers: Endgame. She recently posted the following video of her putting on her character’s lipstick…


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#nofilter 😂#Gamora #becauseshesworthit

A post shared by Zoe Saldana (@zoesaldana) on

You know, as you do.

The internet saw you Zoe. And they made it a mood.

Lettuce begin…

That’s so money…

That is snot funny…

You can’t do that on television!

The same shit again avocado?!

What else do they have to do?

Ain’t broccoli’s fault your digestive system can’t handle fiber…

You’re a god damned monster!

Who invited you parsley?

You ready to get turnt?

It’s out time now, fam!

That sour spinach smell, tho…

Mood officially achieved!

Maybe next week Chris Pratt will comb his hair…

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Tampons Vs Pads: 20 Women Discuss Which Is Better

I’m hardly an expert on feminine care, but I know that whenever I’m in that aisle with my wife, the number of options is mind-boggling.

That said, even I know that there are two main options: pads and tampons. Every woman has a preference, and these 20 women weren’t afraid to discuss it.

1. TSS is no joke.

Photo Credit: Whisper

2. Well, that’s one reason why no tampons.

Photo Credit: Whisper

3. She’s not wrong!

Photo Credit: Whisper

4. Another common thing women say…

Photo Credit: Whisper

5. Why are women so afraid of tampons?

Photo Credit: Whisper

6. Some women actually do wear both…

Photo Credit: Whisper

7. Fair point!

Photo Credit: Whisper

8. Lots of people are with you!

Photo Credit: Whisper

9. Interesting…

Photo Credit: Whisper

10. Oh jeezus…

Photo Credit: Whisper

11. But why?

Photo Credit: Whisper

12. Ouch!

Photo Credit: Whisper

13. Maybe pull it out sooner?

Photo Credit: Whisper

14. I can see the first, but didn’t realize the second part was a thing…

Photo Credit: Whisper

15. That’s a BIG pad!

Photo Credit: Whisper

16. Well, at least she’s honest!

Photo Credit: Whisper

17. Secrets…

Photo Credit: Whisper

18. Right? I was thinking the same thing.

Photo Credit: Whisper

19. Everybody’s got their reasons…

Photo Credit: Whisper

20. This is true for something, but not others…

Photo Credit: Whisper

So… what is it? Tampons or pads?

Share this article and ask your friends!

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Zambian Nurse Makes Deathbed Confession Claiming She Switched Thousands of Newborn Babies

“I wish to confess my sins before God and before all the affected people especially those who were giving birth at UTH during my service. If you were born in UTH between the years of 1983 and 1995 chances are your parents may not be your biological parents. I developed a habit of swapping newly born babies just for fun.”

Image Credit: Pixabay

So begins the confession of nurse Elizabeth Bwalya Mwewa, as reported by the Zambian Observer.  Mwewa, who is dying of terminal cancer, estimates the number of babies she switched at around 5000.

“Take a good look at your siblings. If, for example, everyone is light and you are dark… you are that child and I am really sorry for that. I have caused many mothers to breastfeed children who are not theirs biologically. I don’t want to go to hell for that.”

Image Credit: Pixabay

The story is quite sensational, and it turns out that’s because it’s (probably) not true. First of all, for her claim to be true she would have had to swap a baby every day for 13 years – quite a feat for no one to notice.

Second, a preliminary investigation found no midwife by that name ever existing, and the picture that accompanied the article in the paper was of a Zimbabwean nurse now living in Ohio with a different name.

Local authorities will continue investigating the matter regardless, though they don’t expect to find any proof that the woman’s claims are real.

Image Credit: Pixabay

So, while Mwewa – whoever she really is – may not go to hell for swapping babies, she might want to get on repenting for the outlandish lies that sent a tidal wave of panic through thousands of families.

I imagine that’s gonna take a lot of Hail Marys to erase.

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“The Simpsons” Accurately Predicted the End of “Games of Thrones” Years Ago (Among Other Things)

Game of Thrones is over, and most of the show’s fans are incredibly disappointed. Naturally, a lot of them have turned to other shows and the internet to try to find some kind of closure.

*spoilers* You have been warned.

One of the most shocking/frustrating moments of the last season was the second-to-last episode, The Bells. In a fit of somewhat inexplicable rage, Daenerys Stormborn and her dragon, Drogon, completely torch King’s Landing even after the citizens of the city had already surrendered. Dani goes on to slaughter thousands of innocent men, women, and children, along with her entire character arc.

The insane thing is, this carnage was predicted by The Simpsons back in 2017! It’s as if the show’s creators knew this was coming.

In this episode, “Serfsons” you’ll see Marge, Homer, Bart, and Lisa looking down over their city dressed in medieval clothing.

“Look,” says Bart, pointing out the massive red dragon burning down the city, “the dragon is burning our village.”

“I love our life,” Homer says.

Easy for Homer to say. He’s a cartoon! When this GoT episode aired we were all like, “I hate my life!” No? Just me?

Anyway, moving on. After the showed aired, Twitter immediately clapped back:

It seems The Simpsons have a knack for predicting the future. 18 times, actually! Like when the US beat Sweden in curling at the Olympic games (Episode “Boy Meets Curl”) and the Siegfried and Roy tiger attack (Episode “$pringfield”).

Check out a bunch of other things The Simpsons got right:

Pretty interesting…

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This Samsung AI Can Create a Fake Video of You From Just One Photo

Samsung researchers have developed a new software that requires just a single source image to create “living portraits” using just one photo of a person’s face.

Photo Credit: Egor Zakharov

The program works by using a dataset of multiple talking head videos featuring people with a wide variety of facial features. Researchers then trained the program to identify the “landmark” features of those faces: the eyes, the shape of the mouth, and their noses. Instead of pasting one face onto another and using the expressions of a specific person (which is what most deepfakes currently do), the new program uses common human facial expressions to puppeteer a new face on its own. It even works on the Mona Lisa!

Hopefully, they don’t figure out how to make the hair look real… or else.

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