Feeding Vegetables to Your Dog

Some people believe that dogs should be fed meat-only diets because the current popular belief is that dogs are carnivores. However, the truth is that dogs are able to get nutrition from vegetables as well. Most vegetables are safe for dogs, providing that they are cut into little pieces and that the right vegetables are chosen. With that being said, vegetables should be fed to your dog as occasional snacks and should not replace meals. Dog-Safe Vegetables Carrots: High in fiber, carrots also contain a lot of sugar so if your dog is on the overweight side, you may want

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These Newly-Adopted Animals Should Make You Smile

There’s almost nothing on this planet that makes me happier than seeing a newly-adopted animal that is obviously bursting with joy.

You can tell by their faces that they are relieved and happy to be in a loving home and it’s about as pure as pure gets.

Let’s meet these newly-adopted pets!

1. Already in love.

My friend got her old cat a kitten! They really love each other from aww

2. Oh, I’m sure she’ll be just fine.

This Cat. Perdita. Called "the world’s worst" and "just a jerk" was finally adopted from an animal rescue in Spruce Pine, N.C. "Not for the faint of heart," and doesn’t like hugs, she is not good with kittens, children or dogs, either. She could be so troublesome the shelter agreed to waive the fee from aww

3. A senior dog.

My dad (who’s not a dog person) recently adopted a senior dog while his wife was looking at puppies. "I just couldn’t stand to imagine him alone at that age," he said. Meet his new goodest boi "Rock!" from aww

4. Meet your little sister.

My cat had anxiety issues, so we adopted a little sister for him. from aww

5. Yours forever.

This girl was rescued and we have been fostering her for about 5 months. With a big adoption event for our rescue coming up we decided we couldn’t let her go to someone else and decided to make her our Furever Valentine. She has her quirks but has been an overall great girl for us. from aww

6. Make yourself at home.

Adopted this little guy from a shelter. He ate a ton of food and made himself right at home; I think he likes it here. from aww

7. Hello, Ruby!

Have grown up with cats for the majority of my 31 years on this Earth, but this is the first one I get to call my own. Meet Ruby. from cats

8. A little angel.

Today i adopted Gracie. from aww

9. They make life better.

Life has been a little better with my new gal. from cats

10. He is very handsome.

Went to the pound just to see look. An hour later we left with this handsome gentleman. Meet Murphy from aww

11. All up in the camera.

Say ‘Hi’ to our adopted cutie Billie from aww

12. How adorable.

I’m her eyes and she is my heart . from cats

13. She’s getting adjusted.

Adopted her today! Finally peeking out of the couch. from aww

14. Your new best friend!

Adopted this girl from the Humane Socity from aww

Those photos make my heart sing!

Do you have an adopted pet that you are totally in love with?

Well, don’t be shy! Share some pics in the comments and introduce us to them!

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Make Your Butt Look Like a Corgi Butt Because, Why Not?

There are dog people, and then there are SPECIFIC dog people. The kind of folks that can rattle off their pooch’s pedigree like they’re next in line for some kind of doggy monarchy. These people have to go all in on their favorite breed, and plenty of creators with an abundance of time and imagination are happy to cater to that market.

Enter Etsy user PrincessNuggetShop. They offer a wide variety of Corgi-based products from bathmats to stickers to phone cases. But their biggest hit so far are their leggings that make your butt look like a corgi butt.

What a time to be alive.

Yes, that’ll do.

Okay, interesting angle…

Yep. That’s a corgi butt. And a butt. Checks out.

Oh look! Da butts!

The viral booty sensations go for $53.45 all in and are available only through PrincessNuggetShop, though I wouldn’t personally be too surprised if imitators started popping up.

The trend is spreading all over the internet, with some flabbergasted and others obsessed.

It’s the kind of headline that makes 2020 feel ok after all.

Honestly, what more is there to say than:

One fan loved them so much they made an animation.

But the illustration I want to see is what this twitter user describes:

If you’re wondering whether or not these are the real deal, the reviews seem to say yes.

I mean, this would be pretty much impossible to fake.

So, would you be proud to be seen in Corgi butt leggings? Or would you buy them as a gift for the corgi lover in your life?

Let us know in the comments.

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Are You Scared of Sharks? These 10 Animals Also Cause Death and Destruction.

Steven Spielberg changed our collective psyche when he made Jaws in 1975. Along with creating the summer blockbuster, he also gave the world a fear of sharks!

But film channels, urban legends, and our own paranoia have wrongfully made us fear sharks when there are other threats out there as well. Data shows that the chance of dying thanks to animal encounters stands at one in 1,384,594.

Even so, there are some animals you need to be more careful around. Let’s take a look!

10. Dogs

Data shows that dogs kill up to 28 people in the United States per year.

Dogs aren’t a danger to the general public. In many cases, dogs turn against human owners who have maltreated them.

9. Deer

Photo Credit: Pexels

Sweet, innocent deer?!

Yes, deer are responsible for up to 120 deaths in the United States every year.

To be fair, expansion into their habitat is responsible for many of these deaths. Cities and towns across the country consistently build roads and highways in their habitat, which increases the likelihood of car accidents.

8. Hippos

These adorable mammals can kill humans by biting or sitting on them.

Up to 500 people die in sub-Saharan Africa every year. They also have extremely sharp teeth, so there’s that.

7. Snakes

Snakes are obviously much smaller than sharks, but they kill about 50,000 people every year.

Some species are more toxic than others, and other types of snakes are closer to humans because of expansion into their natural habitat.

6. Snails

Photo Credit: Pexels

The humble freshwater snail isn’t harmful on its own, but 200,000 people die on an annual basis because it carries a parasite called schistosomiasis.

The parasite first invades the body, lays eggs that end up in many tissues, and causes symptoms such as anemia that can cause death in up to 10% of those affected.

5. Lions

We all know to stay away from lions if we see any, but they still kill about 100 humans every year.

Many animals on this list often kill humans by accident, but lions have no problem hunting humans at all.

4. Wolves

Wolves are certainly wild, but they don’t usually kill humans on purpose.

Their sharp teeth are only a danger to humans that actively threaten them.

About 10 people die every year from encountering wolves.

3. Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are small and they exist in almost every part of the world.

They reproduce quickly, suck your blood, and bite you before you even have a chance to fight back.

They also carry diseases such as encephalitis, dengue fever, yellow fever, and malaria.

2. Elephants

These giant mammals are actually gentle and pose no threat to humans as long as they have space and are left alone.

Elephants tend to become afraid when they are confined to tight spaces or mistreated. They will then become scared and see humans as aggressors.

Approximately 100 humans die every year because of elephants.

1. Humans

Photo Credit: Pexels

Yes, humans are the second-deadliest animal on the planet (mosquitoes are actually #1?!?).

But they’re #1 on this list because it’s so unexpected.

Humans kill approximately 475,000 of their fellow brethren every year. Ouch!

What did you think of the animals included on this list? Were you surprised by any of the deadly creatures that kill more people than sharks do on an annual basis?

Share your thoughts in the comments!

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3 Types of Service Dogs and How They Make Huge Differences

At this point, pretty much everyone knows why dogs are the best. They’re loving, they’re loyal, and they’re truly emotional companions that can provide joy to anybody’s life. They also sometimes star in hilarious viral videos. As if all of that wasn’t enough, dogs also possess the incredible ability to be trained to make significant differences in the lives of people all over the world by acting as service dogs. Struggling with a disability, mental illness, or challenging circumstances can feel overwhelming and lonely. Service dogs provide emotional, and sometimes physical, support for those in need when they most need

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Here are Some Photos Of Expert-Level Pet Shaming

I’m gonna go on the record here: pet shaming never gets old. EVER.

That’s why you’re here, because you love it, too.

Let’s all enjoy it together, shall we?!?!

1. Major fail

Photo Credit: The Chive

2. Hitchin’ a ride

Photo Credit: The Chive


Photo Credit: The Chive

4. Oh no!

Photo Credit: The Chive

5. A very aggressive bird

Photo Credit: The Chive

6. Don’t give a sh*t

Photo Credit: The Chive

7. Not an auto feeder anymore

Photo Credit: The Chive

8. Oscar = Bad Kitty

Photo Credit: The Chive

9. Nice move!

Photo Credit: The Chive

10. Can’t read that anymore

Photo Credit: The Chive

11. Party animal

Photo Credit: The Chive

12. Blind but killin’ it

Photo Credit: The Chive

13. OMG

Photo Credit: The Chive

14. That’s not good

Photo Credit: The Chive

15. Why not, huh?

Photo Credit: The Chive

Yay! I needed that…

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Enjoy Some of the Best Dog Tweets from 2019

If I have the choice of spending the day with a dog or a human being, let’s just say it’s not even close. I’m going with a dog all day, every day!

If you clicked on this link, I have a feeling you feel the same way.

Let’s take a look at 15 of the best dog tweets from 2019.

1. Now it’s your turn!

2. Little helper.

3. You gave it a good shot!

4. The look of love.

5. This is amazing.

6. Joke’s on you.

7. Wasn’t prepared for that.

8. That is uncanny.

9. Might be the dog tweet of the year.

10. Back to bed for me.

11. I’m here to help.

12. A beautiful moment.

13. Well, that’s rude.

14. That is very cute.

15. She can barely contain herself.

Do you have some nice pics of your pooches?

Share them with us in the comments, please! We’d love to meet them!

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In 2015, a guide dog in New York…

In 2015, a guide dog in New York was awarded the ASPCA’s “Dog of the Year” award for running in front of an oncoming bus to protect his blind owner, and didn’t leave her side until she received medical attention even though he suffered a broken leg.

Redditors Share Their Most Precious Pet Moments

Give me a good ‘ol pet story and you’ll have me in the palm of your hand. I adore the human/pet dynamic and how they bond with their owners – especially dogs and cats.

And the best stories are always the ones where the pet surprises its owner with their amazinging-ness. Perhaps they had a bad day, or they’re simply chilling with Netflix. Doesn’t matter – when your pet does something that melts your insides to mush, that’s how we know the bond is real and worth it.

Reddit users took to the question, “What is the kindest thing a pet has done for you?” and we picked the top few. Here you go!

10. They know when to say good-bye

My old doge did me a kindness. I had her for 17 years. Got her long before the doge meme became a thing, and while she was difficult as hell (seriously, think twice before getting one of these dogs) she was my lifelong companion and I loved her to death.

She went downhill pretty quickly, and there was one day when I knew that it was time to take her to the vet one last time. I went to work and set about getting the arrangements together to take her in the next day. It was heartbreaking.

I got home, and she was out there in her favorite spot in the yard. Sometime after I’d left for work, she went out there, laid down in the sun, and went to sleep.

She was a good girl.”

9. How to break up any argument

“One time my family was discussing money and we started yelling at each other. It got pretty heated until my dog showed up, barked at us once to get our attention, and then dropped a potato that he dug up in the yard in front of us. He nudged it forward with his nose and gave us this “we good now?” Look. Everyone just started laughing and it calmed everyone down.”

8. Bonding through broken bones

“In late April 2007, I was called by a shelter in Louisville, Kentucky, to ask if I would rescue a dog that they’d picked up. ‘Jet’ was a young male Basset Hound who had been hit by a car and had a shattered leg. I ran the Basset Hound Rescue in Kentucky at the time. Of course I said I would take him. I got him transported down to me and got him to my vet.

There, they said it would cost around $3,000 to pin the leg back together but only $150 to amputate. Because it was a back leg, and he was not your typical deep-chested short-legged Basset, I opted for amputation.It was rough because as the bruising healed from the car accident, it strained against his stitches and I had to take him to the vet and have them keep him overnight while they took all the stitches out and let the wound drain.

We always had a number of foster dogs at our house and we also had a dog of our own who was pretty dominant. One day, about six weeks post amputation, Jeremiah (as I now named him given that he hopped like a bullfrog) was in the kitchen with a couple other dogs when two of the other ones got into a fight around him. Not wanting him injured, I scooped him up and turned to leave the kitchen.

As I was leaving, I hit my foot on the door frame breaking my foot. I ended up in the emergency room and that night came home on crutches. The next day I got up on the couch with a pillow under my leg, as I was told to stay off my feet and keep it elevated. Jeremiah decided he needed to comfort me as I had saved him in the middle of the fight. He struggled for a good 15 to 20 minutes until he was able to pull himself up onto the couch unaided. This was the first time he had gotten on the couch. I had him up for adoption but at that point I couldn’t let him go. I paid his adoption fee and I kept him.”

7. Presents come in living packages

“I was super sick with a kidney infection and hadn’t been able to really get out of bed for the past couple of days. My cat was with me for most of the time. She went out for a bit and when she came back, she jumped up on the foot on my bed and was really still. I knew something was up and sure enough she had a mouse/baby rat in her mouth. I jumped up and ran out of the room, she followed me with it.

My mom’s boyfriend who was also sick came out of their room to see what the commotion was.

He tried to get the mouse from her, but she wasn’t having any of that and clawed him. She went back outside and when she came back in she didn’t bring another gift, but just curled up and went to sleep. Looking back it’s kinda sweet. She brought me a present, tried to make sure that I saw by following me with it, and then fought someone trying to keep it.”

6. They are our healers

“I had a black Labrador called Ben. He was everyone’s best friend and my mum called him her wee shadow. My granny passed away in 2014 after quite a long traumatic few months. We were her carers and there right til the end so after she died home felt like it was in the middle of a storm. I remember going home to wash a few hours before it happened and Ben climbed on to the couch with me and pushed his head into my neck and let me just cry. A few days after she died my mum was sitting at the kitchen table just weeping inconsolably and Ben just walked up quietly and put his head on her lap. When she leaned in he started licking her tears and trying to get at her ears to make her laugh. Without him, I don’t think we would have got through those days. We talk about him all of the time so even though I can’t hold him or go to the river and see him stick his face under water, he’s always with us.He was the very best boy.”

5. Even the stubborn ones show love

“My aunt had this female cat named Gizmo when I was a kid. Gizmo was a savage bitch who had no time or patience for anyone. She spent most of her life outdoors. By choice of course. She had free reign and could come and go as she pleased. She’d come in at night to sleep and be back out again. She had no interest in people at all and chances are if you tried to touch her in any manner she’d f*** you up.

I was probably around 8 years old and I was spending a weekend at my aunts when I got the worst flu I ever had in my f***ing life. It was so bad I still remember it in vivid detail nearly 30 years later. I was sick for days and it was absolute agony.

About a day in I couldn’t take it anymore and I just started wailing. There I was laying on a pull out couch in the den surrounded by buckets, sweating, crying and begging for it to end, and in the house comes Gizmo.

This cat jumped up on the couch and cuddled me and licked me and did everything she could to comfort me. Not just for a little while, but for days. Through the entire ordeal. She stayed right there beside me only leaving to eat and head outside for a couple minutes at a time. She didn’t want anyone else near me either. If anyone got in arms reach of that couch she’d turn on them and chase them out.

I remember my aunt and cousins being amazed. To this day they still bring it up from time to time. That cat never showed an ounce of consideration for a human once before or after this event, but she was bound and determined to stick it out with me until the end and did just that.”

4. When souls collide

“My yellow lab knows me and my emotions to a near psychic level. When I’m stressed, she will come to me, and gently nuzzle her muzzle under my arm. She’ll cuddle up by my side, and just sit with me. It’s the dog version of taking me in her arms, to just hold me.

When I’m in a good mood, she will smile her dog smile, and wag her whole butt. When I’m home, she’s by my side. She understands a sizeable vocabulary, and I swear, she even understands my lame jokes (because I talk my dog like she’s a person). She has a look that’s kindly patronizing, that she’ll give me.

Our souls are intertwined.”

3. They give big smiles and licks to wash away our tears

“We’ve only had my dog (a rescue) for a few months. Despite his large size, this poor pooch is afraid of just about everything and often looks to me for assurance and guidance so usually I’m the one who’s comforting him.

But, just today I came home in a terrible mood. I had just finished crying ten minutes prior and as soon as I open the door this big goof comes galloping towards me with the dopiest smile on his face… Typically he’s a very lazy dog who never wants to play, but instantly he wanted to rough house. We played for a good half an hour chasing each other around and play fighting then afterwards he gave me a good cuddle.

Whether it was intentional or not, I felt a lot better very quickly.”

2. Real life Lassies do exist

“My family had a German shepherd when I was young. She was part of a line of police K9s and was the smartest dog I’ve ever known. One time we were at a remote job site my dad was working at. There was an old abandoned cemetery in a grove of trees a couple hundred yards away. My brother and I were playing near the job site when Cop Girl, our imaginatively named K9, came running over and circling us. There was no mistaking that she wanted us to follow her to the graveyard, but my brother and I were 6 and 8 at the time and too afraid to follow so we went and got our dad. He followed Cop Girl to the woods, and found that my mom had gone to explore the graveyard and twisted her ankle, falling into a bed of fire ants. She was eaten up pretty badly and rushed to the hospital. She had to wear some body wrappings for awhile but came out of it OK. She said she told Cop Girl to get help and without hesitation she had bolted off for us.

So I’d say possibly saving my mom’s life was a pretty kind act.”

1. Dogs will share their favorite things

My dog doesn’t let her toy carrot out of her sight, NEVER ever let anyone touch it etc. She protects it like her life depends on it. Growls, snarks, even bit my mom once when she tried to wash it.

I’ve been going through sh** and I was crying on my bedroom floor, at first she just came and lay next to me (which in and of itself is adorable), and then she brought me her carrot, and at first I didn’t react much cuz I was quite .. busy crying, so she started nudging it at me and poking me with it, got on my lab and put it on my chest and sh** and ffs that made me happy cry even more. Once I took it, she just lay next to me. That was so pure. She gave me what she felt was the most important thing ever and waited for the effect of said important thing she valued. We. Don’t. Deserve. Dogs.”


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Before and After Photos of Dogs Who Got Adopted

It’s wonderful to see the transformation that animals go through after they are adopted and given unconditional love.

In the before photos, you can see how dejected, sad, and depressed these dogs were. But the after pics? A completely different story. A 100% turnaround!

You might want to get a box of tissues because these photos are very sweet.

Here are 16 moving before and after pics of some lucky pooches.

1. Look at her now.

My gorgeous pupper with her puppies before I adopted her and now 3.5 years later from BeforeNAfterAdoption

2. From the streets.

Reddit, meet Anna! She was living on the streets of Italy before my mom brought her to Germany. Now she’s happy and loves her buddy Iluq. from BeforeNAfterAdoption

3. An amazing transformation.

The shelter I volunteer for has incredible before and after’s from BeforeNAfterAdoption

4. Awful “before” photo.

A Korean family rescued this golden from a breeding facility. Went from 15 lbs to a healthy 60 lbs. from BeforeNAfterAdoption

5. Living her best life!

From a severe case of mange and dumpster diving in the streets of San Antonio to 3 months later loving life, growing, and learning sign language! Meet our deaf dog, Rue! from BeforeNAfterAdoption

6. Not scary at all.

No one wanted to adopt him because of his cropped ears and "scary" looking face. He had stopped eating at the pound and was severely underweight. Now Bronco is healthy, always smiling, and loved by everyone he meets. from BeforeNAfterAdoption

7. Spoiled rotten!

Adoption Day vs Today. She has come a long way and is spoiled rotten. from BeforeNAfterAdoption

8. Say hi to Gus Gus.

Gus Gus was saved from the meat trade in China. He just moved into his forever home and now gets to spend his vacations in Tahoe. from BeforeNAfterAdoption

9. You’ve come a long way.

New foster pup Nic, she’s come so far already! (Donation page in comments) from BeforeNAfterAdoption

10. A new lease on life.

Timmy was hit over the head with a blunt object by his racing trainer. After surgery to repair his broken skull, therapy to help him regain proper use of his legs and plenty of TLC he was rehomed and lived everyday to the fullest! from BeforeNAfterAdoption

11. “The love of my life.”

I found her 4years ago, covered in blisters, no hair and starved…who knew she’d be the love of my life. She’s the greatest from BeforeNAfterAdoption

12. Happy as a clam.

Rescued a skeleton and ended up with this sweet girl who is always smiling. from BeforeNAfterAdoption

13. Fluffy, fat, and happy.

Lucia, right after she was rescued from a hoarder. You couldn’t touch her. Curious but terrified. Fast forward 2 years she’s fluffy and fat and happy. ❤ from BeforeNAfterAdoption

14. All settled in.

Rescued Last Night, Settled In 2 Hours Later and Slept With Me All Night from BeforeNAfterAdoption

15. Look at this guy!

Our pug had a hard start to life. Raised by a trucker who couldn’t take care of him and get him the treatment he needed. Then a vet who didn’t diagnose him correctly. Now he’s a healthy stud-muffin! from BeforeNAfterAdoption

16. Dex is a survivor.

This is Dex. He fought for his life after having been left for dead on the streets of Austin. After 10 weeks of being nursed back to health by Pug Rescue Austin, we were lucky enough to adopt him in our loving home. from BeforeNAfterAdoption

That just warms the heart, doesn’t it?

Do you have a pet that you adopted from a shelter?

Share a pic and tell us about them in the comments! We’d love to meet them!

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