The Unflattering Dog Photo Challenge is What You Need to See Right Now

There are few things that make me smile more than seeing dogs act like total goofs.

And, while they’re usually pretty photogenic, you have to admit that when dog owners catch their pooches unaware and the pics aren’t exactly flattering, it results in hilarity.

And we’re really in luck today, because all of these folks participated in the Unflattering Dog Challenge and posted hilarious photos that their dogs would probably be pretty embarrassed about…but we love ’em anyway!

Let’s take a look!

1. Lu is derpin’ for days.

And lookin’ good doing it!

2. These are good snapshots.

And they made me laugh!

3. Captured at the perfect moment.

Open wide for the camera!

4. Hahahaha. I love this!

Let the wind blow through your hair!

5. That is not very lady-like!

Maggie Mae is at it again.

6. Don’t take a picture of me when I’m getting a bath!

Now you’re gonna be in trouble.

7. This photo is totally EPIC.

I might need to frame this and put it above my fireplace.

8. That’s a good boy!

I think you won. No question about it.

9. Make yourself at home.

Are you sure you’re comfortable? Do you need anything?

10. Two snoozing dogs.

They sure do live the good life, don’t they?

11. Don’t choke on it!

He better be careful with that thing…

12. Looks like he really tied one on last night…

And he’s paying the price today.

How about you?

Do you have any funny and unflattering photos of your pets?

If so, please share them with us in the comments. Thanks!

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Take a Look at These Funny “Problems” With Having a Dog

Dogs. They’re the worst, right?

You adopt one thinking they’re so adorable and before you know it your whole LIFE is revolving around these puppers.

I mean, where do they get off? Invading our sleep and our free time, our relationships, our memes – they’re out of control!

Here are the top ten problems with having a dog and why they should be stopped.

10. They’re always chewing something

And you’ll never ever find out what it is.

Via: Someecards

9. They’re after your snackies

Once you pop, the barks don’t stop.

Via: Someecards

8. They’re so needy

When do pets become petulant?

Via: Someecards

7. They won’t stay off the couch

Look at all the adorable fur you left here!

Via: Someecards

6. They just look at you all day

Like they love you or something. It’s creepy.

Via: Someecards

5. They take your turkey

And not just on Thanksgiving.

Via: Someecards

4. They’re always preening

And for some reason they want you to be around for it?

Via: Someecards

3. They have no sense of priorities

What exactly are you guarding, guard dog?

Via: Someecards

2. They fill your phone up

Not even the cloud can be trusted with these beauties.

Via: Someecards

1. They’re master guilt-trippers

Look into those judging eyes and tell me you can withstand them.

Via: Someecards

In conclusion, these are the reasons that dogs are the bestest ever. That’s why I started writing this, right? I honestly don’t remember now. I’m just staring at widdle paws.

What’s the best/worst thing about having a dog?

Tell us in the comments.

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Memes That Pay Tribute to Doggos

There’s only one thing better than having a dog: having more than one dog. Dogs are just sort of these endless fountains of joy. And also fur. They’re fur fountains that bring us happiness, and thus we must pay tribute to them with our memes.

Here are fourteen such memes to make your heart go squeal.

14. A fair warning

Oh I am VERY aware of dog, don’t you worry.

Via: Someecards

13. Trick questions

Get this pupper on Doggo Jeopardy.

Via: Someecards

12. A slice of happiness

I’d take a piece of that.

Via: Someecards

11. Rules are rules

“Why must you do this every time I’m about my business, Greg?”

Via: Someecards

10. That’s the stuff

Why this rips me to the very core.

Via: Someecards

9. Flood of joy

10/10, would drown here, heckin good way to die.

Via: Someecards

8. I’m a pupper person

If you ain’t got the boi, ya don’t bring me joy.

Via: Someecards

7. So long, salon

What wizardry is this?!

Via: Someecards

6. Join us, join us, join us…

Where do I sign up for this program?

Via: Someecards

5. Growing up

There’s um…there’s something in my eye.

Via: Someecards

4. The final countdown

Ok, you actually just blew my mind.

Via: Someecards

3. Shifting blame

Is this the Taco Bell dog?

Via: Someecards

2. Go fetch

When you’re mid-poop and you realize you’ve run out.

Via: Someecards

1. Up we go

That dog is very patient but has clearly seen enough today.

Via: Someecards

We don’t deserve dogs. But don’t tell them that. I’d really like to keep ’em anyway.

What’s your favorite thing about doggos?

Tell us in the comments.

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Get Your Bark on With These Wonderful Dog Memes!

Dogs, dogs, everywhere there are dogs.

Do you ever find yourself singing this in your head to the theme of that famous song “Signs”?

Of course you do, you’re only human! And I do it, too!

And we do it because we have DOGS on our minds ALL DAY LONG. It’s only natural, because dogs are one of the greatest things we get to enjoy in our lives. They bring us so much joy and can brighten even the darkest day that we might have on any given day.

So what do you say that we honor our furry friends with some funny and adorable memes, okay?!?! Let’s get it started!

1. A very judgmental pooch.

This look says it all…

2. I’ve never seen this before.

But I’d sure like to!

3. I want this dog in my life.

And I want it NOW.

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PLEASE READ @doggomemes_daily Important announcement – please read. First of all we want to thank you for 175k follows and all the love and support you have shown to us through our journey. For most of you our page is to lighten up the day with funny and wholesome memes, but not everyone seems to be on the same page and we have unfortunately received countless of reports lately. Even tho all of our content is family friendly, some of our memes were removed anyway and the account is under a risk of deletion. Since we don't want to lose all of this, our community, we've decided to make a second page as a backup and post there too. Please follow our backup @doggomemes_daily just in case. And thank you again ❤ #lovedogs #doggo #dogmeme #dogmemes #doggomeme #dog #dogsofinstagram #pet #petsofinstagram #petstagram #doglover #puppies #puppiesofinstagram #adoptdontshop #dogstagram #dogs #dogsdaily #dogsdayout #dogmemes #doggomemes #memesdailyish

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4. Immediately in a good mood.

It works every time.

5. Awww. Loyal pup.

They really are the best.

6. You earned yourself a job.

You gotta love it!

7. A very unique pooch!

The unicorn dog!

8. Ummmm, did you find it?

This has to be the place!

9. Thank the gaming doggo.

It works!

10. I can do that tongue thing.

You’re hired!

11. What kind of monster would do this?

But we’re glad she is still here and helping others!

12. It sure does!

What a great smile.

13. Pop quiz, hotshot.

This is the kind of quiz I would like to take.

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#doggomemes #doggomeme #dogmemes #dogmeme #doggo

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Those were great! And now we want to hear from you!

Share a photo of your furry best friend in the comments with us.

And tell us a little bit about them as well.

We can’t wait to meet all these guys and gals!

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Funny Dog Memes to Get Your Day Headed in the Right Direction

I heard someone say once that you should never, under any circumstances, ignore your dog or ever treat them badly because WE are the most important things in their lives.

They can’t wait for us to get home when we leave, they light up with excitement every single time they see us, and we should do the same for them!

Because, sadly, they’re not here for very long so we should do everything in our power to make their lives as enjoyable as possible. What I’m trying to say is that it’s all about the love, baby.

So give your pups a squeeze for us and enjoy these great memes!

1. I hope that’s not the case!

I think they’re just giving us kisses.

2. Pick your gift.

They’re sweet AND smart.

3. Really? Right now you have to do this?

Gee, thanks a lot.

4. I support this 100%.

I hope this dog runs for President.

5. You knew that was gonna happen.

I’m jealous!

6. Awwww. Cute.

He still loves it!

7. This is perfect.

That’s really all you need.

8. He sure does.

And we all agree!

9. Not a fan of this thing.

Get rid of it!

10. Call the dog advice hotline if you need to.

They really do great work.

11. You’re not fooling them.

But nice try…

12. Put on that smiley face.

You can vent when work is over.

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13. I feel you, buddy.

It’s pretty exhausting out there.

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2020 mood

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Will you do us a big favor?

In the comments, share a photo of your pooch and tell us a little bit about them.

We love meeting as many new pups as possible!

Thanks in advance!

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How To Stop Dogs From Licking Their Paws Excessively?

It’s a fact of life that dogs lick their paws, but when does it become an issue? You might notice your pup grooming himself from time to time. This is a natural behavior in cats and dogs. But sometimes the licking behavior can go into overdrive, which can be a sign of a health problem. For various reasons, some dog licking, chewing, and scratching behaviors can end up becoming compulsive, which can be a major cause of concern. For that reason, it is important to know why your dog is licking their paws and to know when it’s something to

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Funny Posts for All the Animal Lovers Out There

Hey, all you animal lovers, we have a sneaking suspicion that these tweets are gonna be right up your alley.

Why, you ask?

Because they’re all adorable, funny, and they’ll reinforce what all of us already know: our pets are the best part of our lives! But you already knew that, right?

Of course, you did! Now enjoy these tweets!

1. Who can take you seriously?

Your cat might want to look into buying some boots…just an idea…

2. This is really wonderful.

And I think you’re going to agree with me.

3. What is this life?

What does it all mean?

4. Why are you such a weirdo?

Care to explain yourself?

5. You just made a new friend!

This is the wholesome content I needed today.

6. We’re here! But take your time!

Does this look familiar?

7. This is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

I want to adopt this cat!

8. Well, at least the cat likes it.

As for the dog…I think we know the answer to that.

9. Don’t you roll your eyes with me!

You’re gonna get it now!

10. That is one crazy-looking cat.

And yes, it does look like Adam Driver.

11. Hahahahaha. Oh my…

This is something you don’t see every day.

12. I love how the cat scampers away at the end.

Pretty much sums it up, huh?

How about you?

Do you have any pets in your home?

If the answer is YES, please share some photos with us and introduce them to the world!

We can’t wait to meet all of them!

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Enjoy These Hilarious Tweets About Animals

We have a treat for you today!

I’m talking about some of the most quality animal tweets that I’ve seen in quite some time. Once you scroll through these great posts, I think you’ll have no choice but to agree with me…

Just trust me on this one, okay?

Take a few moments to yourself and enjoy these animal tweets!

1. Hahahaha. Wow. This is impressive.

You could see him all the way from space!

2. You know where this is going, don’t you?

It was a hit song back in the day, okay?

3. They might be re-enacting that scene from Dirty Dancing.

Could be the case, right?

4. I needed to see this. I DID.

I think you probably did, too.

5. I had to look twice at that one.

How about you?

6. I found this video to be very relaxing.

It really soothed my soul…

7. I think we all do.

And they sure do love it!

8. Is all of this for me?

One day it will all be hers…

9. Now this is some good stuff!

More of this, please!

10. I think this is a good idea.

We’re tearing down old statues anyway, right?

11. This dog is a true ARTIST.

It’s her time to shine.

12. That’s a very confident cat.

The dogs know who is really in power here.

13. There he is!

We were all very worried about you!

14. Not stuck, just enjoying the view.

So don’t be alarmed.

I can’t get enough of those animals!

And now it’s your turn!

In the comments, share some photos and some funny stories about your own cats, dogs, gerbils, birds, etc.

We can’t wait to meet YOUR pets.

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Let’s Meet the Adorable Dog With Mickey Mouse Ears

Here’s something I think everyone is gonna love!

Everyone seems to be fighting and arguing online and in-person about a whole bunch of issues right now, so we’re gonna spread some happiness and kindness in the form of a dog with Mickey Mouse ears!

Goma is an adorable pooch who lives in Japan and has gained quite a following online because of her ears that resemble a certain Disney character who we all know and love.

And in case you were wondering, her name, Goma, translates to “Sesame”. Is that cuteness overload, or what? I think you know the answer to that question.

Enjoy these adorable pics!

1. Get a load of her!

This is beyond cute.

2. Getting outside.

And enjoying a little bit of nature.

3. Ready to go for a stroll?

By the way, can we mention her EARS again?

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お出かけ〜🚙🐶💕 ・ 箱根に行ってきたよ✨ まずは芦ノ湖クルーズ🛳 ペットは300円🐶 お天気も良く風が気持ち良かったよ😊 ・ 水族館はゴマも一緒に入れたけど顔出しNGなのでゴマ的にはあまり見えていなかったかな😅 ・ ロープウェイも乗りたかったけど🚙大渋滞で移動に時間がかかり乗りそびれました💔 ・ サービスエリアでソフトクリーム🍦😋 ・ ゴマとのお出かけはやっぱり楽しい〜🐶💗😄 ・ #箱根 #芦ノ湖 #一泊旅行 #マルパピ#まるぱぴ#マルチーズ#パピヨン#犬#イヌ#わんこ#ふわもこ#小型犬#ミックス犬#mix#Mix#ゴマ#GOMA#dog#Maltese #papillon #犬バカ#親バカ#いぬすたぐらむ#MickeyMouseミッキー犬#koala#pokemon#犬との暮らし

A post shared by まるぱぴ ゴマ (@marupgoma_c) on

4. Smile nice and big!

She’s very photogenic.

5. When she was just a pup.

Very cute.

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・ #代々木公園 #渋谷

A post shared by まるぱぴ ゴマ (@marupgoma_c) on

6. Getting ready for Halloween.

Well, I think you’re gonna nail your costume.

7. Which one should I choose?

Let’s play a little game.

8. Hanging out with a friend.

Looks like a good time!

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🎒✨🎒 ・ 新しいリュック(@winsun.japan)が届きました💕 母の誕生日にピュア子にもプレゼントしました🎁✨ ・ ゴマ3.3キロ🐶 ピュア子2.3キロ🐶 リュック自体も軽くてコンパクトで小型犬にジャストサイズ👍❣ ・ ゴマとピュア子おそろい✨ 一緒にお出かけしようね😊🐶💗 ・ #winsun #ウインサン #リュックタイプペットキャリー #ずっと一緒 #世界中のわんこが幸せでありますように #マルパピ#まるぱぴ#マルチーズ#パピヨン#犬#わんこ#ふわもこ#小型犬#ミックス犬#mix#Mix#ゴマ#GOMA#dog#Maltese #papillon #犬バカ部#親バカ部#Mickey#ミッキー犬#koala#pokemon#犬との暮らし

A post shared by まるぱぴ ゴマ (@marupgoma_c) on

9. I wouldn’t be able to resist petting her if I saw her on the street.

I don’t think you would either…let’s be honest.

10. All kinds of treats!

You must have been a good girl.

11. You’re already a big star!

We’ll be following all your adventures on Instagram.

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◆「MY♡DOG創刊号 うちのコ表紙ver.」 世界で1つのうちのコが表紙になれる雑誌❣ (@pecomydog_official) ・ このたび機会があってゴマがMY♡DOG創刊号のトライアルに参加し表紙になりました🐶✨ ・ この雑誌が届いた時、大きなサイズの表紙になったゴマを見て感激😍💕✨ 思わず「かわいい〜🤣💗」と叫んでしまいました🤣笑 日頃はスマホのサイズでしかゴマの写真を見ていないので、こんなに大きな表紙になったゴマはインパクト大でとっても嬉しかった😆💝 ・ MY♡DOGはうちの子を表紙にできる新しいカタチの雑誌です📘✨ 世界で一つ✨ みんなもぜひ😆👍✨ ・ #pecomydog #pecomydog世界にひとつだけのうちのコ表紙 #pecomydog創刊号おめでとう #PR

A post shared by まるぱぴ ゴマ (@marupgoma_c) on

Isn’t she adorable?

Sure she is!

Now we want to meet your pups!

Share a pic with us in the comments and introduce us to your furry friends!

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Dogs Enjoy Pooping in Weird Positions and Here’s the Proof

You know you’ve seen it before: the sad eyes, the occasional whimper, the nervous look on its face.

I’m talking about when you take your dog out for a walk and he or she stares at you while they poop…and hopefully this is happening outside and not in the house, just to be clear.

But a lot of pooches out there like to take doing their business to the next level, and who can blame them? Maybe they want to stick out and let the other dogs in the neighborhood who is really in charge…or something like that.

One thing’s for sure, these dogs all have unique pooping styles. Let’s take a look!

1. A huge photobomb!

Thanks a lot…

Posted by Jordanna Bond on Saturday, May 9, 2020

2. Gettin’ all the way up there…

Well, that’s different.

Posted by Ashley Emmell on Saturday, May 9, 2020

3. Very proud of himself.

Did it on the stump and everything!

Posted by Izzy Chetwynd on Saturday, May 9, 2020

4. What’s going on here?!?!

Can anyone explain this to me?

Posted by Avigayil Spero on Saturday, May 9, 2020

5. All the way out in the water.

This dog has its own style. No doubt about it.

Posted by Courtney Crisp on Saturday, May 9, 2020

6. Are you comfortable?

Because that really doesn’t look comfortable…

Posted by Alexa R. Zajac on Saturday, May 9, 2020

7. Climbing a tree backward.

That is just plain weird.

Posted by Nicole Marie on Saturday, May 9, 2020

8. Don’t do that!

What do you think you’re doing?!?!

Posted by Christina Medeiros on Saturday, May 9, 2020

9. Among the rocks.

Very specific tastes with this one.

Posted by Kylie Lynn Beecher on Saturday, May 9, 2020

10. Leg up when you poop, huh?

You don’t see that every day.

Posted by Allie Cameron on Saturday, May 9, 2020

11. Do go inside the house!

Also, what are you doing? Some kind of weird yoga pose?

Posted by Brandon Romero on Saturday, May 9, 2020

Okay, now we want to hear from you!

In the comments, tell us how your dog does its business.

And if you got some pics, let’s see the proof!

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