People Say That These Things Haven’t Aged Very Well

One of the most fun parts of life is how we are completely unable to guess, for the most part, the things that are going to not only catch on with people, but endure.

Our world is constantly changing, updating, and the people who live in it are adapting as well as we can (some faster than others), so that’s probably why these 12 things haven’t aged well.

At all.

12. Pop culture references are always risky.

Sex and the City.

There’s legit an episode where Samantha encourages someone to go to a party because ‘Harvey Weinstein will be there’.


Plus everyone is whiny and crap.

11. Yeah, don’t say that.

In my country, parents use(d) to tell their children “eat all of your food or there will be bad weather tomorrow” (to avoid leftovers).

Today we have overweight children and a climate crisis…

10. She’s always right.

My “not needing” to buy new underwear for 10 years.

I didn’t know cotton breaks down!

Now I have to admit to my wife she was right

9. This is so full of awkward cringe.

I exchanged emails with a few of my elementary school teachers when they left the school mid-way through the year.

I emailed my favorite teacher often, and I’d ask him about how the new school he was at was etc.

A few years later, I found out he was jailed for child molestation. 13 year old me sent an email to him asking how prison was at the time.

My siblings never let me forget.

8. It’s a sad story, really.

Kony 2012.

Anyone else remember that?

The dude ended up getting arrested for being naked in public.

7. The cast might be cursed.


Well, the teacher in charge of Glee Club isn’t nearly the great teacher he was made out to be. His behavior around the kids was creepy (inappropriate dance routines, pressuring them into wearing less clothes than they were comfortable with (worse, because the girl had an eating disorder and was very insecure about her body), that sort of thing). His relationship with a fellow teacher was portrayed as ‘relationship goals’, but was in fact not that healthy either.

Then there were a few comments about bisexuality that really wouldn’t fly today, and they weren’t shown to be ignorant either.

And there was an episode about a school shooting, that didn’t go over well, one might consider it tone deaf, what with how quickly everyone got over the scare (there was no actual shooting).

Finally, in the first season, Quinn, the cheerleader, was pregnant. She was big on saving yourself until marriage, and had convinced her boyfriend the baby was his, through some biologically impossible idea. What actually happened, was that another jock got her drunk and slept with her. It was never addressed how shady that was, especially with her being president of the abstinence club and already having a BF, so it was clear he wouldn’t stand a chance with her sober.

Said jock was played by Mark Salling, and was portrayed as being very into sex. That feels a bit weird, knowing now that he was arrested for possessing kiddie p and killed himself before it could go to trial.

6. We’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg.

Unvaccinated kids.

5. The face I’m making just thinking about it.

The “Special barbecue sauce” scene from The Cosby show.

4. That’s a metaphor if I’ve ever seen one.

The large American flag (made in China) on the town green’s flagpole.

It was less than 2 months old and already in tatters.

3. Little did he know…

My comment from a few years ago on a YouTube video where I said “How could a virus take down an economy? Lol”

Damn that comment aged poorly.

2. Anything with Bill Cosby.

Bill Cosby wrote a book titled Come On People.

So, yeah…

1. We’re all chuckling at that one.

Teachers saying you would not walk around with a calculator in your pocket.

Or the entire teaching style of teaching kids to memorize stuff they could look up in five seconds.

A few teachers understand students have access to the internet and instead teach them better ways to utilize the tools and creative thinking and problem solving

but sadly it seems most teachers still just teach kids to memorize stuff they can look up in five seconds

I’m sure I could think of a bunch more things to put on this list if I had the time!

What would you add? Tell us in the comments!

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People Talk About the Craziest Things They’ve Ever Seen Go Down at Parties

When I think about the stupid things that my friends and I did when we were young and, well, stupid, it’s kind of incredible that none of us got hurt really bad…or worse.

But what did we know? We were young and living in the moment!

But that was then and this is now. These days I’m usually in bed by 10 p.m. or maybe 10:15 if it’s been a wild night.

But right now we’re gonna take a trip back in time and have some fun!

Here are some crazy party stories from AskReddit users.

1. Jeez…

“Went to some girls house party who made the mistake of saying, when everyone was robbing her dad’s stuff: “Ok everyone can take just one item”

Obviously that didn’t go well her house got obliterated. She got kicked out by her parents not long after the party and ended up on her*in.

Very sad story and nobody knows for 100% certain but whenever we reminisce about it, my friends and I are pretty sure it’s that house party that sparked her downward spiral as she was a well educated girl and quite well off before that situation happened.

She also ended up on Kilroy (an old British talkshow) talking about the dangers of her*in and homelessness years later.”

2. Gross party trick.

“Drinking with a bunch of friends, one guys is smashed and spills his full drink all over the floor.

He grabs the mop from the closet and starts mopping it up while the rest of us give him a hard time for wasting alcohol.

Takes the mop, lifts it above his head and wrings it out into his mouth…”

3. Fight!

“So this was actually a neighboring party in college but we saw the chaos happen in real time. It was Halloween weekend and a friend and I were on his back porch having a cigarette and shooting the breeze when suddenly we heard glass break from the neighbor’s house.

A guy dressed as a ninja turtle was now fighting a guy dressed as a zombie in the side yard as others tried to stop them. A girl dressed as a fairy was crying and saying she didn’t cheat on the ninja turtle guy and it was a misunderstanding.

We just stood there watching this unfold and then someone yelled about the cops being on their way. Everyone panicked and scattered, some people demanded that we let them hide in my friend’s house. He said no and we both went inside. Later, we got the whole story from one of the guys who lived there.

Ninja turtle guy thought his gf was cheating with zombie guy and decided to pick a fight. He shoved him into a door that had a glass pane and busted it (which was what we heard) and then the fight spilled into the side yard. It was so bizarre to watch two people in Halloween costumes beating the sh*t out of each other.”

4. Time to go.

“A girl I know broke up with her boyfriend at a party. He was soooo mad(and drunk), that he took both his hands and formed a hammer , and smashed through the windows. Next thing you know, he is on his knee’s, pissing blood, with both of his arteries severed.

One dude that kept his sh*t together, teared his shirt apart, and tied both his arms, and carried him like a potato sack in his car, and flew to the hospital. He saved his life, in front of our eyes.

We were like twenty people who saw this, and nobody, but this guy, did anything, we all stood there like idiots.”

5. That’s weird.

“Host and their boyfriend having s*x in the middle of the room and everyone else just sitting around watching tv and not really that bothered.”

6. A quick recovery.

“My first ever week at uni a guy in our flat passed out in his boxers & socks after swigging tequila & Southern comfort straight from the bottle for an hour.

He was fully gone & couldn’t even stand or drink water.

We put him to bed, then not 10 mins later he knocked at my door fully dressed & apologized for ‘the incident yesterday’ & said he’d be more careful with his drinking. Just the speed of his recovery was honestly completely crazy.

He did then disappear all night as far as I’m aware but it remains a mystery to me what happened.”

7. Kids are dumb.

“I was at a party in high school and 30 or so people had all crammed themselves into the dining room. They had moved everything out of it and were using it as a makeshift dance floor.

This one song comes on that just goes “JUMP, JUMP, JUMP!!!” Everyone starts jumping in unison and all of a sudden the whole center of the f*cking floor caves in. Not just a little hole but like a 10×10 section just crushes inward and sends all of them smashing into one another.

I was in the kitchen, laughed my* off, and promptly peaced the f*ck out to avoid whatever fallout came. Another time I was a party with probably 75 to 100 people there. The house had a backyard that led straight into a hiking area / nature park kinda thing. Cops showed up and everybody goes scattering into the woods in the middle of the night.

A small group of people I kinda knew all kinda grouped up as we descend into the pitch black forest. We keep going for a bit and stop to kinda listen to what’s going on cause there were a bunch of other groups all around us, and we had seen police with flashlights poking around. One of the girls in the group I’m in sits on a cactus and screams and from above us we hear “shut the f*ck up”.

One dude had climbed like 30 feet up a tree and was just bear hugging the trunk holding on. As im picking the needles out of this girls but another groups comes running past us and tells us the neighbors had started shooting at them with bb guns and they were gonna grab some rocks and f*ck up their house…

Kids are dumb. I was dumb.”

8. Good catch!

“It was towards the end of the night and one guy was asleep on a living room chair, legs over one arm and leaning back against the other arm.

He woke up just as he was about to vomit and his friend literally dove in to catch the vomit with his hands (we didn’t want to mess the house being underage drinkers).

That wasn’t the crazy bit though… sleepy guy had caught his own vomit in his hand and said “it’s okay, I got this” and scooped it back into his mouth, swallowed it, then went back to sleep.

It’s been over 10 years since it happened and I will never forget watching that.”

9. Didn’t even notice.

“At my first rager, I didn’t drink but I smoked a considerable amount so I was very very high. Two popular girls from my high school who only knew me because I sat next to them in physics class approached me in the beginning of the night before I got high, and we chatted for a bit.

There was an NBA game going on during the party, and I was wearing a jersey of one of the teams playing. Most of the party was gathered around in the living room watching the game. That one single room was packed with about 100 people, so it was very hectic.

The team I wore a jersey of lost the game, so both because i was upset by that and in anticipation that i might be a center of attention because of what I was wearing, I decided to leave at that point, even though it was only about 12:30 AM.

As I was waking out, one of the popular girls, who I could tell was more drunk than the last time I saw her, approached me and asked where I was going to which I responded that i was leaving. She then stopped me and asked me if I ever considered her one of my friends. I knew in my head that the answer was no, but my extremely high self did not know how to answer the question, so I said “I guess.” Then I walked away.

I later found out the next day that that girl had a broken nose. I asked around to see what happened and one of my friends who saw what happened was confused because apparently I was there when it happened. I had no idea what he was talking about so I told him to explain.

Apparently, as I was turning around to leave, she came in to kiss me, obviously missed my face, and fell straight into the ground and smashed her face. I was so high that I didn’t even notice.”

10. Sounds like fun!

“We got so drunk once we took turns vomiting in a hollowed out stump in the backyard until it was full.”

11. Ouch.

“I remember being at a party and pointing out to a friend how clean a glass door was that it didn’t even look like a door was there. Not even two minutes later a guy dove through the door thinking there wasn’t a door there.

Blood everywhere, stitches were needed but he just rinsed himself off at the sink, threw some duct tape on the wounds, and partied on.”

12. PDA to the extreme.

“Field party when I was in high school there was a loud cheer going on about 50 feet away. Instantly I figured two drunks fighting.

Wandered over and some girl was lying on her back with her skirt hiked right up and some dude’s face was buried deep into her.

Even with the cheering and hollering he kept going and she didn’t care that everyone was watching.”

13. Became a legend that night.

“In college, our fraternity held an annual, massive outdoor rager outside of town on some farmland. 1500+ people show up, from a private school with an undergrad enrollment at the time around 12,000.

Extreme drunkenness ensues. One of the fellas has his High School Buddy come into town just for this party, and this guy is having the time of his life. At one point he gets encouraged, by a couple other guys who do the same, to streak through the party. Of course, their timing of the streak coincided with officers from 4 different law enforcement agencies (3 cities & 1 county) arriving to bust up the fun.

Like kicking over an anthill, full of entitled, know-it-all, drunken ants. People are scattering, and HSB gets nabbed, naked, by a couple cops. He gets cuffed with hands behind his back, and then the cops put some boxer shorts on him to cover the naughty bits. Don’t know where the boxers came from. Of course, the crazy fire drill is still ongoing, with college kids, cops, and escaping cars tearing through the fields trying to get out of Dodge.

So, the cops who arrested HSB turn from him to arrest another guy running by, and HSB sees his chance. He takes the opportunity to run into the crowd of escaping co-partiers. I, at this point, had my Jeep full of people and as I’m plowing through a field toward the highway, my headlights illuminate a figure that we pass: you guessed it, HSB, in boxers, hands cuffed behind his back, legs pumping hard.

Me, looking to my friend with a lengthy criminal history in the passenger seat: Did you see… Friend: Nope. Me: Should we… Friend: Nope.

So, I am ashamed to say, I did not stop to save our hero. But the story doesn’t end there. I learn later that night at a house party where we regrouped that HSB was picked up on the highway by a fraternity brother and his girlfriend who gave him a ride back to their house. Still in boxers, still cuffed.

When they got to the house, girlfriend called our university police department and tells them, “gee, I don’t know how to say this, and please don’t tell my parents I called you, but my boyfriend and I got a little kinky, and I put hand cuffs on him, and now I’ve lost the keys, and is there any way you guys could help us?”

Our university police department sent a couple officers over, and girlfriend answers the door in her nightie, with HSB in his boxers. Officers tease her and him, uncuff him, tell those naughty kids to be more careful, and leave. 20 minutes later they’re back, sirens blaring.

Fraternity brother opens the door, and when they demand to see the guy who they have now learned was arrested by one of their brothers in blue, he tells them he doesn’t know what they’re talking about. They threaten to ticket all the cars on the block for illegal parking.

He tells them that he parks in the garage and to go f*ck themselves. HSB shows up at the after party, still wearing only the boxers. The next day HSB returns to his own college across the country, after becoming a legend at ours.”

How about you?

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen at a party in your whole life?

Talk to us in the comments and give us all the details!

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People Share the Moment They Realized They Were Being Total Jerks

We all have times in our lives that we look back at and cringe a little bit.

Times when we weren’t especially nice to other people or maybe we felt overwhelmed by life and lashed out at someone.

So what was a moment when you realized you were being a jerk?

Here’s what people on AskReddit had to say about this.

1. Sounded snobby.

“Years ago I went into a Hot Topic and as I was at the register, the girl working started telling me about all the new Metallica shirts they had gotten.

For some reason, I told her I wasn’t really into wearing band shirts anymore, which was mostly true, and even though I didn’t mean to, it came out sounding really snobbish.

At the time, I thought her reaction was kinda strange, even accounting for my accidental condescension. Shortly after I left the store I remembered I was wearing a NIN shirt.”

2. Oh no!

“I was driving down a road and a lot of people were honking and yelling at me on the street.

I got angry and flipped a bunch of people off and honked back.

At the end of the street I saw a one way sign and realized I was going in the wrong direction.”

3. Still feel awful.

“In early high school, late 90’s, so if you got a girls number it was the house number- I called a girls house and her dad answered.

She was out, but I noticed his speech was a bit slow and slurred. Next day at school I mentioned I had called, and asked if her dad had been drinking….well turns out he didn’t drink much since his stroke.

Still feel awful about that!”

4. You got called out.

“I was drunk at a pub and shouted for the band to play Free Bird.

They stopped in the middle of the song they were playing, started up Free Bird and called me up on stage to sing it.

I froze, forgot all the lyrics and made an absolute *ss of myself.

Props to that band though.”

5. Shame.

“I was making fun of an old guy I’d seen outside our school at a basketball tournament to some friends in the locker room. He looked and talked like Farmer Fran from the Waterboy.

Turned out to be the dad of one of the guys I was talking to. Still can’t even think of that movie without it bringing up endless amounts of shame.”

6. Sorry about that.

“At my former job my boss was looking out the window and saw this guy get out of his car and head towards out front door.

Boss says out loud “oh man, look at this toothless redneck.”

Co-worker says “that’s my father-in-law”.

Boss told me later “that’ll teach me “ and facepalmed.

Co-worker wasn’t mad, he agreed FIL looked like a hick.”

7. Harsh treatment.

“”Broke up” with my first girlfriend who was really attached to me, just by ignoring her.

I feel so bad.

I was just a kid but that was a harsh treatment.”

8. Oof.

““What’s your name?” I asked.


[Trying to be playful.] “Oh cool, like ‘Sarah-with-a-lisp.”

“I have a lisp. My name is Sarah.”


9. Never too late to change…

“When I realized the reason I’ve lost so many friends is that I’m so sh*tty at getting back to people.”

10. That was rude.

“Someone I hadn’t talked to in years came up to me and started telling me about how they haven’t been doing that good lately and that they found out they have cancer.

Well… I was at work and only half paying attention so after he stopped talking I said “That’s good.”

Haven’t seen him since.”

11. Brutal.

“8th grade. Speech class.

A kid had been absent a few days, and when he came back, I started razzing him a bit. We were friendly, but not friends, so I felt okay kidding around, claiming he was just pretending to be sick to get out of class, that sort of thing. Nothing really mean, though.

He took it for a bit, then turned, looked me dead in the eyes, and said in the flattest voice “No, my mother died.”

And turned back around.

If God had struck me dead with a bolt of lightning, when I stood before him at the Pearly Gates, I’d have said “Yeah, fair enough…””

12. Not cool.

“I was in the Army, making fun of a guy, said he couldn’t even get a medal for something in the special Olympics.

He then pointed out his daughter was in the special Olympics.

I profusely apologized, and he accepted, but it still keeps me awake at night.”

13. A sad story.

“My friend group tried to stay close after high school but we all fell out of touch as you do as everyone forged their own path in life. Well, mine led me down a path of depression, anxiety, and failure.

So every year or so they would hold a get together to reconnect and hang out. I attended a couple of these, but as time went on and my downward spiral got worse I stopped responding to calls, texts, invites, etc. because I thought that no one would want to hang out with this version of me.

I was invited to two weddings which I didn’t even respond to because of this negative loop, and then when my best friend from that group was diagnosed with cancer I couldn’t even bring myself to face him, I tried to go to his funeral but couldn’t enter the building because I felt that I didn’t deserve to be there.

Finally a few months ago the parents of one my friends saw me at work and wanted to talk to me. They told me that my friend group was really broken up that I ignored all of their attempts to reach out to me.

It was then that I realized that in all of my stress about being miserable to be around, I had become an *sshole to those who tried to care about me.”

Have you ever had a moment like this before?

If so, please tell us all about it in the comments.

We’d love to hear from you. Thanks!

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People Discuss Their Worst Movie Theater Experiences

Have you ever had a really bad experience at the movies?

A time that was so bad it made you never want to go back?

Well, we’re about to read a whole bunch of stories from folks who had really bad movie theater experiences.

Are you ready?

Let’s dive into some stories from AskReddit users about their worst movie theater experiences.

1. Take it outside.

“Was watching Aquaman with my sister and there was a couple behind us. The girl was clearly unaware of superhero films.

During the fight scenes she asked him very loudly where Ironman was. And when it was the intermission, she asked him angrily when Spiderman was making an appearance.

Turns out she was into Tom Holland and her boyfriend told her he was in Aquaman to get her to come along. They fought for a while.”

2. Sounds like a great film.

“Saw Cats.

My friend group decided that we’d see it as a joke and Jesus Christ I swear we left within the first five minutes.

We wanted to gouge out our eyes.”

3. Not a pleasant viewing experience.

“I was watching “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street” with my mum and sister. To make the movie viewable to most audiences, my city’s censor board had cut off scenes.

So all the throat slashing was cut off and it was annoying as hell. They replaced those scenes with random shots from the same scene. So the lip syncing was off at most places. They didn’t even show any blood.

And sitting a little away from us was a group of young teens who got annoyed every time a song began. They would tut and make sounds and ask things like “why are there so many songs” or “another song?” and my sister at one time was so frustrated that she yelled back saying “It’s called a musical for a reason.””

4. At least you got paid off.

“It was in the middle of the movie, people starting yelling at some guy for sneezing to loud and the person above me turned around too fast and spilled a bunch of pop on my head.

I finished the movie and they guy gave me money to get something because he felt bad.

Best worst day ever.”

5. Are you still together?

“First time at the cinema with my boyfriend – he talked more to the stranger next to him than to me – before, during AND after the movie.

Sh*tty experience for me… If I hadn’t been in a foreign country I would’ve gotten up and left before the movie even started!”

6. Oops!

“I was on a first date with a guy I really liked. Towards the last quarter of the movie, I had to pee very badly.

So I get up and start trotting towards the exit, but when I’m halfway across the theatre, LITERALLY FRONT ROW CENTRE, the heel of one of my shoes broke.

I went sprawling face first onto the floor. In front of the ENTIRE (pretty packed) movie theatre. There was no second date.”

7. Uncomfortable.

“As a teen, I went on a double date with this guy who kept asking me out. My sister’s BF insisted that he’s really a nice guy when you get to know him.

We saw “Shampoo” the Warren Beatty film. It was really raunchy and inappropriate for teens. Adults were walking out indignantly with their young children (you guessed it, there were no warnings then or rating system).

I was mortified because he kept laughing at the worst times, and slapping his knees and all that. My sis and I wanted to leave, so we ended up leaving early.

Needless to say, I never went out with this guy again.”


“Once I went to a movie with my sister and my friend. We were seated next to a woman and her ex-husband.

She spent almost the entire movie complaining to him about how he never posted anything on Facebook about her anymore, and that he always tagged his new girlfriend in his posts. The poor guy stayed pretty quiet the entire time while she cried and whined.

I’m not surprised he divorced her.”

9. Fire hazard.

“Years back sitting in the theater and saw a flicker of light off to my right in the row behind me. Guy had tossed his cigarette butt and it rapidly took off in the theater floor litter.

Everyone got out OK but it was exciting for a bit.

Seems weird now but people used to smoke everywhere.”

10. What is wrong with people?

“I was in a movie theater once with my family and little nephew and we were watching Monsters Inc.

Around 20 minutes into the movie, we started hearing some strange noises that were reminiscent of moans. We tried to ignore it but they became louder and I got up to see what was happening when someone yelled “OH GOD YES”.

Needless to say when I got down there I discovered a man and a woman, engaging in s*xual intercourse in the middle of a children’s movie.

Mike and Sully did not approve and we never visited the theater again…”

11. Drive-in.

“I was 15 and dating a guy whose family collected vintage cars and drove them in parades etc. He picked me up in a Model T pickup truck.

It was cool and exciting. He took me to the drive-in where we watched Deliverance. Midway through the movie, my date absolutely freaked out, went hysterical, thrashed around and finally jumped out of the vehicle, leaving me totally confused and clueless.

I’m like “WHAT??” and he finally gasped out “SPIDER!” Yeah, first date was last date…”

12. Total bummer.

“It was my first time in a movie theatre (not counting those crappy ones that schools say are movies) and I was with my friends. It was a new film and we were all really pumped to see it.

Well… Turns out it was a 3D movie and we had to wear those glasses. Which is fine, except for one flaw… I wore glasses myself and those 3D ones did not fit so I had to sit in a movie theatre with one hand holding my glasses up to see the actual screen.

Then someone bumped into me while I was holding a Slushee (I think) and it spilled. Aaaaand then there was a thunderstorm so the power went out for half an hour.”

Okay, now it’s time for YOU to entertain US.

In the comments, share your absolute worst movie theater experience.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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People Talk About What Needs to Stop Being Romanticized

Things always look better through rose-colored glasses.

You know that’s the truth!

Some things just seem to get better with time…even if they really don’t deserve it. And we’re about to get an earful about what people think about this!

AskReddit users talked about things they think should stop being romanticized. Let’s take a look.

1. In reality…


There’s nothing romantic about not showering for three days and forgetting what it’s like to be able to feel things.”

2. Don’t be a creep.


When a person says they are not interested in you, walk away. They are not playing hard to get. They are not pretending. They are not sending mixed-messages.

Don’t follow them around. Don’t call/message/email them. Don’t “accidently” run into them at different places. Don’t make them socialize with you.

No matter how hard Hollywood tries to sell it, there is nothing romantic about a guy who can’t take rejection or understand and accept the word “no”.”

3. Too much work.


The people at my job seem to make it a contest of who sacrifices more for their job. Who works the most overtime? Who does things off the clock for work more? Etc.

It’s bullsh*t.

I have a life and a family I want to prioritize.”

4. It’s not real life.

“Many romance stories focus on a male character who is ‘broken’ and is ‘fixed’ by the female protagonist.

Women craft a relationship standard from this – a man cannot be for her if he is not damaged.”

5. Not fun for everyone.

“High school.

There is so much more bullsh*t in high school but the media decides to romanticize one TEENSY part of it.

Take it from a high schooler, romance is such a tiny part of it that it’s barely even recognized anymore.”

6. So true.


I am thankful I never made it such a habit that it ever became a problem, but between the commercials urging you to buy beer and liquor, the movies and television that treat binges as always fun and always s*x-filled, and the general cultural passivity with it (the fact I can drink with my parents no problem but will likely never, EVER smoke weed with them) is just painfully misleading.

I think of the people who truly struggle with alcoholism and how much it must pain them to watch TV or even just be out anywhere it is served. Maybe someone with that sort of perspective here can correct or enlighten me, but it just seems like a very difficult world to recover from alcohol dependency.

To clarify, I’m not anti-drinking. I used to drink on a weekly basis, whereas now it’s on special occasions only. Idk, so many things about it just don’t appeal to me anymore.

The emotional and relational problems…the trauma drunk behavior can bring, the wake-up headaches that make your head feel split in half, the vast amount of car accidents and fatalities inebriation causes, the numbing of your emotions (for better or worse), the amount of weight it makes you gain, the number of people who feel they cannot have fun without it.

To me it’s legitimately tragic just how much society encourages us, whether culturally or economically, to drink. I would argue cigarettes in the same vain, however I think society has generally embraced the anti-cigarettes mantra much more in recent years, though it’s still bad.”

7. Toxic.

“”Struggle love” or whatever you wanna call toxic relationships that slowly suck the life out of you and ruin your mental health. Relationships are not the misery olympics where you get a gold medal in the end if you put up with the most bullsh*t.

Your partner should make you happy at least 95% of the time, if it’s the opposite then you need to get the hell out of there instead of endlessly trying to ‘make it work’.

There’s nothing romantic or glamorous about wasting the only life you have with a loser who lies, cheats, uses, and abuses you.”

8. Not a good life.

“The Mafia.

Media makes them out to be bad*sses who are making money hand over fist.

Go watch Donnie Brasco and Al Pachino’s character. A life-long mafioso who drives a sh*tty car, has an average at-best apartment, and is constantly wondering if he’s going to get killed every day he wakes up.

Who the hell would want that life? But, a lot of these guys are Neanderthal morons who only know crime.”

9. Bad boys.

“The whole concept of “bad boys”.

Why is manipulative and abusive portrayed as hot? If anyone abuses you in any way, it’s not hot, it’s a serious problem.

For some reason, many movie/book plots overly romanticize the concept and it’s sick. Same thing goes for Stockholm Syndrome.”

10. Enough of this.

“The tortured artist.

I hate the idea of “only those that suffer can make great art”. Yes, there are people who have a rough life and make amazing things but that is a small percentage of people who actually get noticed. You can be smart, passionate, sincere, dedicated, or creative and make amazing art.

If we promote the idea that true art only comes from people who have suffered then that promotes the idea of self inflicting suffering while detracting from those who have made really amazing art but haven’t “truly suffered” for it.”

11. Yikes.

“Public marriage proposals, where the other party is basically shamed into accepting.

I heard someone on a podcast years ago telling their story about being proposed to on a cruise ship in front of hundreds. She said she leaned in, kissed the man, whispered in his ear “no but keep smiling”.”

12. Stay home.

“Working while sick.

JUST STOP! It’s not tough of you. You’re not taking one for the team. You’re probably about to take the whole team out.

I get it. Some workplaces have punitive policies for taking sick days (scary sidenote: like every single hospital I’ve ever worked). Some of us can’t afford not to work that shift.

But those are policy questions we should be pushing back on as soon as this administration is in the history books and we can finally get back to boring policy making again.”

13. Glamour and glitz.

“Celebrities. Fake people living fake, manufactured lives, yet the media insists that we care what they think, what they wear, who they’re voting for, who they’re f*cking.

All because they were born with some genetic gift, or born into the right family, or some other twist of fate thrust them into the limelight. It used to just be Hollywood types.

Now we have this whole generation of insta models, reality stars, and other “influencers” whose only contribution to society is their shameless self promoting bullsh*t. And people eat it up.

Meanwhile we have skyrocketing rates of teen depression and suicide because kids are bombarded with these impossible standards of beauty and popularity in their formative years.”

Now we’d like to get your thoughts.

In your opinion, what do people need to stop romanticizing?

Tell us what you think in the comments!

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What’s Your Happiest Memory? Here’s How People Responded.

Life sure is beautiful

Yes, there is a lot of pain and many peaks and valleys, but there is so much to be thankful for and so many great memories that it really is a gift.

And most of us have a lot of great memories from years gone by.

Let’s get happy with people on AskReddit.

1. Family is everything.

“The day I met every one of my baby siblings. I’m the oldest male of 11. Life was a b*tch.

I was the only abused child but we all had it rough. The only thing that ever kept me going was my siblings.

Each and everyone of them changed my life the first day they were born and I held them.”

2. School days.

“I always loved elementary school.

Specifically after school, my mom and I would walk across the street from my school to go to the cafe near by. I would do my homework or she would read to my brothers and I, it was just a nice way to wind down after school.”

3. The last night.

“The last night before me and my childhood friend group parted ways.

It was the night before most of us left our country to go to school
on different continents.

We all went our separate ways within the next few days and we still try our best to keep in touch but it’s heartbreaking.

But we spent that entire night reminiscing and laughing so hard. I swear I haven’t laughed or been as happy since that night.”

4. A lot of fun.

“Band trips to football games and on trips for contests.

It was so much fun.”

5. Pure joy.

“I have a memory of chasing my little sister around the house, she was like 2 and we were laughing so hard.

Pure joy!

I do like to think that the happiest is yet to come, and that is merely the happiest so far.”

6. Up in the air.

“Jumping into my grandfather’s arms and he threw me into the air.

He died when I was young, so this is my only memory of him, but it makes me so happy I have it.”

7. Missing Mom.

“I think my happiest memory was when I was in 6th grade. My mom was very sick from cancer, but she put up a good fight for 2 years.

She told me one night when I was having a fit, that we could go to Disney world in Florida. And while she was doing that, she was also calming me down by patting my back and rubbing my head.

That was probably the happiest memory of her, because shortly after that her cancer went really downhill, and she ended up passing away about 7 months later.

I miss her every day, and i know she can see the man that I’ve become today. Miss you mom.”

8. A great concert.

“My dad, who sadly passed away a few year back, took me to see Fleetwood Mac in DC.

It was an obstructed view of the stage but I could actually see backstage, and watching Christine McVie and Stevie Nicks running around was so cool.

So yeah, eating a Mr. Goodbar with my dad seeing Lindsay Buckingham rock out is something I’ll cherish forever!”

9. Weekend trip.

“When I studied abroad in South Korea, my new friends and I went on a weekend trip to Busan.

We drank a lot, ate delicious food, danced and sang, got lost walking to temples, even jumped off a waterfall.

But best of all, we laughed a lot together.”

10. The world made sense.

“When I held my niece for the first time, the world finally seemed to make sense.

I know that sounds a bit dramatic, but these past couple years have been really, indescribably difficult.

She kept me going though despite having just been born and being about 1,000 miles away.”

11. A huge meeting.

“Meeting my biological parents they showed me what a mothers hug really feels like and how stupid a dad joke really is.

These are things my adoptive parents never did glad to say I don’t miss them because I now live with my real mom and dad.”

12. Lessons from Dad.

“My Dad teaching me how to maintain and fix my car.

I miss doing stuff like that with him so much, sadly he now has Alzheimer’s and only recognizes me on good days.”

13. Great times.

“I remember being very young and my Grandfather teaching me to play Go Fish and Old Maid card games on the back porch.

He was a really kind soul.

I also remember catching waves with my Dad and naming them all sorts of crazy things on the Jersey shore.”

What’s your happiest memory?

Share your stories with us in the comments!

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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People Discuss the Businesses They’ll Never Buy From Again

I’ve been wracking my brain trying to think of a business that I felt was so terrible that I’d never go back or spend money on again and I just can’t really think of any.

There are definitely tons of places where I would never spend my money in the first place, but I don’t think I’ve had such a bad experience somewhere that I vowed “never again”…

But these folks sure have…

AskReddit users opened up and revealed the brands, stores, and restaurants that they’ll never spend money on again.

1. Not gonna do that again.


I will NEVER step foot on one of their buses again. Every single time I’ve rode with them, something catastrophic happens.

From buses breaking down to felons getting arrested mid-trip, I think it’s safe to say I’ve had enough.”

2. Sketchy.

“Wells Fargo.

Fake Accounts scandal

Auto Loan insurance scandal

Mortgage Loan scandal #1 (changing customer terms)

Mortgage Loan scandal #2 (2008)

PPP Loan scandal.”

3. Not satisfied.

“Never again restaurant was Jamie Oliver’s Italian.

Bloody awful menu, completely pretentious trite.

I think they all closed down.”

4. The friendly skies.

“Spirit Airlines.

The one time my family has flown Spirit there was a crushed taco salad in the pull-down desk, and the whole plane smelled vaguely like baby powder.”

5. Waste of money.

“Smokey Bones.

I ordered a “loaded nachos” from them recently. It arrived. It was basically a pile of plain corn chips with maybe a tablespoon of cheese sauce.

It included several tiny tablespoon portions of salsa, tomatoes, jalapeños, and sour cream. This was $13.00! Total waste of money.

I will never order from them again!”

6. Avoid at all costs.

“American buffets.

Ryan’s, Golden Corral, Old Country Buffet, etc…

I worked at one. Trust me. Do not.”

7. Brilliant!

“Soon after she left me in 1998, my ex wife wanted to meet for a post mortem conversation. I suggested we meet at Pizzeria Uno.

About 20 minutes into our agonizing conversation, she looked around and said: “Wait. You hate Pizzeria Uno.” I replied: “I sure do. I’m not going to ruin a place that I like with terrible memories. I’m never entering a Pizzeria Uno again.”

And I haven’t.”

8. Best Buy.

“Best Buy. I bought a washer and dryer there, and I paid for installation.

The guy came out, installed them, turned them on, and left. The washer started flooding my laundry room within minutes. I called them back, and they said they couldn’t come back to fix it. They’re just bring me a new washer in a few days.

New washer comes, gets installed, and again the guy leaves (even though I asked him not to). Again, it floods my laundry room. Again, they won’t come back even though it’s just a few minutes later. They said they’d bring a new one in a few days, but I said f*ck it.

I told them to take the washer and dryer back, and I’d purchase them elsewhere. It took them a whole week to come back and get them, and even then only after I threatened to put them outside.

When they finally took them back, I got a refund….of one cent. One. F*cking. Cent. I had to spend hours on the phone with them to get the full refund amount. Then, they didn’t refund me for the hoses (which they took back) and the installation (you know, that flooded my laundry room twice). It was another few hours on the phone to get them to give me that money back too.

Bought a new washer and dryer at Costco later. Came the next day, installed in minutes (for free), and worked great. Was even cheaper than Best Buy.

Seriously, f*ck Best Buy.”

9. Bad experience.

“Long Horn Steak House.

Reason: all but 2 people in our party (of 15 people) got horrid food poisoning. Mine was so bad that I threw out my back from vomiting and retching, and couldn’t take pain medicine without throwing it up.

So I couldn’t sleep because of having intense stomach and back pain that lasted a week.”

10. Not good.

“Skullcandy headphones.

Bought a pair once, they broke, got them replaced, they broke, got them replaced, they broke, gave up.

Didn’t do anything out of the ordinary with them, I’d pull them apart a bit to place them.over my head and SNAP, two pieces…”

11. Stranded.

“Yellow Cab. The driver ran out of gas on Hwy 59 in Houston at 3:00 in the morning which is a major road in a not so good area.

He left my friend and I on the side of the road for an hour while he walked to get gas twice since it still am didn’t start after the first trip. In the midst of all this I called Yellow Cab multiple times asking for another vehicle to pick us up only to be hung up on.

After we finally got to my apartment he requested full payment. I said f*ck you and offered $20 and that was all he was getting. Ended up getting into a massive cussing argument with this guy before he finally took the money and left.

I haven’t, nor will I ever use them again.”

12. Haven’t forgotten.

“Pottery Barn.

My wife was pregnant with our first child, so full nesting mode engaged. We ordered a chair for the kids room/nursery/whatever the f*ck it’s called, a nice glider with an ottoman, perfect, in theory, for 3am feedings. We ordered it at around 5 months out.

Everything was on track until 3 weeks from delivery date. We had called many times to confirm since shipping was delayed, but still on track for the due date. They told us it was now back-ordered for 6 months. These things happen, but there’s no way they found out about a 6 month delay 3 weeks from delivery on a 9 month lead.

It was a sh*t show! My wife, now fully in the grasp of preggers-crazy went ballistic. We got in cancelled and found another one from some similar place (restoration hardware?) it came in time.

Ok, then Pottery Barn’s ottoman shows up! What else came was a charge for the ottoman. Now we start fight 2 so they would refund our money and retrieve the ottoman. Kid turned 2 months old before it got cleared up.

My wife still flips the store off every time we drive by. This was 8 years ago.”

13. That’s pretty gross.

“I ordered a different type of gravy at Cracker Barrel, and they brought it out to me still in a plastic pouch with microwaving instructions on it.

I know things are prepackaged and reheated in a lot of places, but to not even bother dishing it up?”

14. Dude, you’re NOT getting a Dell.

“Dell, for laptops anyway. They have this devious little feature: the charging cable has a thin data wire inside that tells the computer the charger is from Dell.

If you plug in a charger that does not have this, even if the voltage is correct, the computer will throttle the CPU way down by sending false overheating signals, and will only increase the battery charge if the machine is off. To make this way worse, that data pin wears out and breaks very easily, and even if your charger still works, which it often does, it is borderline unusable. Since you can only get a replacement from dell, replacement chargers are unusually expensive.

This “feature” cannot be turned off in any intended way. There is a program you can use to bypass it by disabling the specific type of thermal cpu throttling they use, but that only works on intel cpus.

If you have an amd, tough luck, and even if you dont you shouldn’t have to disable hardware safety features using 3rd party software just to use hardware that is perfectly functional except for one unnecessary part that is designed to break.”

Alright, friends, now we want to hear from you.

In the comments, tell us about the brands, stories, and other things that you’ve vowed to never spend money on again.

We look forward to hearing your stories!

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People Talk About What Kind of Food People Only Pretend to Like

Oh! I know my answer to this question!

Ethiopian food. It seems to be all the rage among the hipsters in the city I live in. I’ve tried it twice at two different restaurants but I’m just not feeling it. At all.

Now, to be fair, I probably should give it another shot because it’s been several years, but the memories still haunt me, so I’ve been wary of going back…

AskReddit users opened up about what foods they think people only pretend to like.

1. Local fare.

“Anything that’s classified as a “local delicacy”.

There’s usually a reason it’s remained local.

And yes, I am Scandinavian, how’d you guess?”

2. Nope.

“Some of the Jello salads out there. Green Jello with carrots (and sometimes raisins) is an abomination.

Also, whatever the hell my mom used to make with cottage cheese and orange jello.

My family had this weird notion that if you put healthy stuff in Jello that it was a side dish and not a dessert. Nope, you just ruined two foods by making unnatural combinations with them.

Mom never did come across a Jello recipe that she thought was a bad idea though.”

3. Never heard of it.


We eat this on Christmas on my dad’s side of the family and everyone hates how it tastes, but it’s an important part of our family history. His ancestors had to eat it to survive famine, and it’s a way of keeping the memory of their sacrifices alive and showing respect to them.

Having it with a table full of absolutely delightful cooking also serves as a reminder of what we do have, and makes us more aware of what we should be thankful for. We do drown it in mustard and cream sauce though.”

4. Eat up!


Seriously, it’s intestines sorta cleaned and cooked.

That’s it.”

5. Not normal.

“Gefilte fish.

I refuse to believe anyone under the age of 80 enjoys this food.

It’s not normal.”

6. Thoughts?

“I have the soap gene for cilantro, so I had my fiancé try a bit (raw) to tell me what it tasted like.

Does it really just taste like grass for people without my curse?”

7. Gross.

“Limburger cheese.

It smells and tastes like sweaty feet.”

8. What?!?!

“Tonic water.

It’s like angry poison water.

Shy would anyone drink that on purpose?”

9. Hmmmm…


I spend quite some time in the Philippines and I never saw one person actively ENJOYING the food but eating it because cheap and easy to get.”

10. Come on, now…

“Grape Nuts.

If I wanted that texture and no flavor I would go outside and chew on gravel.”

11. Not a fan.


I’d like some salt paste please for $100 a scoop…”

12. Marmite.


There’s literally a series of adverts made by the company where the whole premise is ‘This sh*t tastes so terrible that even the slightest scraping will make you vomit.’

They’re not even pretending anymore. It’s not a food as much as it is an inter-office dare to see just what nasty bullsh*t they can convince people to eat.”

13. Keep it away from me.

“Anything rose or floral flavored.

I wanted a cake, not a cake that smells like flowers and taste like soap.”

14. I get it…but…

“Everybody gonna say oysters and even though I love oysters I get what they mean. They’re the texture of a thick loogey. They taste like saltwater and algae that’s marinated an old piece of discarded bubble gum.

But I love them! I love them so much! I love them with horseradish, lemon juice and hot sauces. They’re mostly just a vector for those flavors I guess. But I’d never really argue with a person who hates on them.

They’re objectively correct. I’ve just eaten so many things at this point, whacked off my taste buds so much, made them numb with fire and acid, that I’ve evolved to some twisted realm of flavor where culinary cenobites make me genuinely enjoy some clearly disgusting meal.”

15. Doesn’t sound great.

“The food my nephew makes.

It’s too salty and its always made out of Play-Doh.”

Okay, you know the drill…

Now we want to hear from you!

In the comments, tell us what foods you think people only pretend to like. Please and thank you!

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What Food Do Folks Pretend to Like? 16 People Responded.

Are foods out there that people only pretend to like?

Maybe it’s because it’s all the rage at the moment, maybe it’s extremely hip, or maybe people are just too afraid to speak out against it.

Whatever the case, it does seem like there’s a lot of this going around…or at least people think there is.

Let’s see what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. Code for “not good.”

“Everything I eat at Rosh Hashanah.

Chopped liver, gefilte fish, kugel (noodles with cottage cheese and raisins).

Everything is described as an “acquired taste,” which is code for “not good.””

2. No thank you.

“Liver and pig’s feet.

I eat all types of food.

I eat sushi, caviar, oysters, beef heart, tongue, etc but those two foods in particular have a certain taste that just broadcasts what they are, and it isn’t positive.”

3. I’m being poisoned!

“Those bitter gross leafs in some salads.

Those are weeds, not food.

Healthy doesn’t mean it needs to taste like poison.”

4. Get that outta here!


You all pretend to like them because they’re cute but in reality they ruin whatever they are on.

Leave my cupcake alone with your glittery crunchy nasty bullsh*t.”

5. Like shoe leather.

“Well done steak.

It destroys the flavor and texture,.

You may as well just save yourself some money and buy chicken instead.”

6. Uh uh…

“Miracle Whip

To quote Kyle Kinane, “mayonnaise doesn’t go bad, it just becomes Miracle Whip. That extra tang in there, you know what that is? Patience.””

7. Not a fan.

“Fruit cake.

Do people actually eat that?

I feel like it work better as a doorstop.

8. Take that back!


It tastes like a syrup version of black licorice.

Ewww, god no.”

9. Not feeling it.

“Coconut Water.

If I wanted to drink taint sweat I would just collect my own.

10. Not for me!


Sure, I’d love a sandpaper salad!”

11. That’s one way to put it.

“Cottage cheese.

It’s the Devil’s yeast infection.”

12. I guess it is kind of gross…


It’s literally bitter, chewy, fibrous water.


13. Is it all a conspiracy?

“Candy Corn?

There is a conspiracy that in the 1880’s “Big Sugar” had found a way to sell their low grade sugar by mixing it with edible wax and selling it to children called “candy corn”

if someone “Likes” candy corn they are alien who is trying to “fit in” with humanity, cause people weren’t suppose to like candy other than as fake gag food.”

14. Overpriced.

“Really fancy wines.

I feel like once yet hit anything over USD 40 per bottle, all wines are just about the same levels of good.”

15. Rusty nails.

“Uni(sea urchin).

Tastes like rusty nails and explodes said rusty nail juice in your mouth like a boba.

Chefs talk about how they love it and I think people say they like it to get foodie cred.”

16. Very bitter.

“IPA beer.

Especially when the brewery prides itself on how hoppy it is.

That just means it’ll be so bitter you’ll barely be able to get it past your lips.”

Now we want to hear from all of you out there!

In the comments, tell us what foods you think people only pretend to like.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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People Share Their Opinions About What Never Stopped Being Cool

Some things are cool and they always have been.

Bruce Springsteen. The Ramones. Martin Scorsese. Converse All-Stars. Also a whole lot of little things in life, too!

It’s just the way it is!

So let’s learn about some more eternally cool stuff.

AskReddit users talked about what was, is, and always shall be cool.

1. Nice and wholesome.

“Being the guy out of the group that waits for you when you have to stop and tie your shoe.

I LOVE that guy!”

2. Kindness.

“Being the type of person who is kind without trying to get recognized for it.

My whole family tries to be this way. As a kid, there were always strange people by the house……I asked my parents when I got a little older why they had a bunch of whacky friends.

They were nice to everyone unless you gave them a reason not to be. That lead to all the strangers and outcasts that were always dumped on by *ssholes feeling like they had a home and a friend.

I try to live by the same code because “normal” is nothing more than a setting on the dryer.”

3. That’s right.

“Sticking up for people in need.

I went to school with a mentally challenged girl from preschool through high school. She always said hi to me and I would ask her how she was, almost every single day.

One day in middle school she started walking across the street without looking and got hit by a car. She wasnt badly injured, just a few scrapes and bruises. Well a couple weeks after that she was trying to cross the street to get to school but the traffic was bad and she was scared to try to cross.

I had just parked my car and started walking to the school. I heard her yell my name from across the street and start waving. I yelled back and asked if she was ok. She asked if I would help her cross the street. I didn’t think anything of it and just kinda started walking across the street and stopped traffic.

I got to the side she was on and took her hand and I helped her across the street. She said thank you many times and we went about our day. I never thought it was a big deal but it must have been to her because throughout the rest of our school years she would randomly tell me thank you for helping her across the street.”

4. The best.

“Tony Hawk.

I’m not even into skateboarding and I think he’s cool.”

5. I agree.

“Finding money.

On the ground, in a pair of pants.

Doesn’t matter. Finding money is always cool.”

6. All ages.

“For me it’d be LEGO.

It sparks a joy in most/all people, no matter the age.”

7. Better with age.

“Bob Ross and Mister Rogers get cooler with age.

Both MUCH cooler now than when I was a kid.

They are never going to hit maximum coolness.

They’ll just keep expanding.”

8. Be gentle about it.

“A gentle but witty comeback.”

9. The good stuff.

“A cold beer after a long day of work.

Pizza and beer after helping someone move.

Makes an average beer, average pizza, taste Godly.”

10. Lookin’ sharp.

“Leather jackets.

I wouldn’t mind having one if I could pull it off.”

11. A classic look.

“Jeans, a white t-shirt and some black boots.”

12. Darn right!

“Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, and Dolly Parton.”

13. American icon.

“Converse will be cool until the end of time.

This is the hill I will die on.”

14. Skate or die!


It’s still absolutely awesome to watch and super fun to practice.”

15. Pretty awesome.

“Electric guitar.

The Les Paul is like 60 years old and still cool.”

What do you think has never gone out of style and will always be cool?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Please and thank you!

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