10 Facts That Just Might Send You Down a Long Rabbit Hole

There’s almost nothing more exciting than learning about new subjects and then doing a DEEEEP dive into them. It could be history, science, sports, pop culture, politics, etc.

It’s all fair game! And with the Internet, we literally have all the information in the world at our fingertips. That’s why Wikipedia was invented, right? So don’t waste that special opportunity!

Here are 10 facts that might pique your interest and send you down a path of new knowledge.

1. Now, that’s loud!

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2. Trailblazers

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3. Do you have this condition?

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4. Public Enemy #1

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5. Grimalkin

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6. Good use of resources

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7. Give it a shot!

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8. This is so bizarre

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9. Super Women

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10. Yes! Books rule!

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What do you think? You a little more motivated to learn about some new topics after looking over those facts?

I know I am!

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8 Musicians Who Really Don’t like Their Greatest Song

I’ve been at concerts and wondered whether artists die a little inside as they’re forced to perform their biggest hit night after night, even after they’ve grown and matured and moved on as a creator in the intervening years.

I mean…it’s probably hard for Billy Joel to hate Piano Man, since it’s still literally paying dividends, but he’s got to be tired of singing it, right?

Well, it turns out I’m not wrong – these 8 musicians would be thrilled to never hear or sing their greatest hit ever again.

8. Radiohead (Creep)

Thom Yorke called the song “crap” and still refuses to sing it regularly in live performances, while guitarist Jonny Greenwood says he tries to sabotage it when they do trot it out by “hitting the guitar hard – really hard.”

When one fan yelled out requesting it at a Montreal show, Yorke replied, “F*ck off, we’re tired of it.”

So there you go.

7. Flock of Seagulls (I Ran So Far Away)

Frontman Mike Score said on VH1’s 100 Greatest Songs of the 80s that he loathes the song, and performing it.

“Every time I perform live, everyone just wants to hear ‘I Ran.’ I’m sick of it.”

6. Led Zeppelin (Stairway to Heaven)

Robert Plant pledged to donate to an Oregon radio station that refused to play the song, one he refers to as “that bloody wedding song.” The group even avoided a reunion simply because he’d had it with playing that particular song.

“I’d break out in hives if I had to sing that song in every show,” he said in 1988. And when the band played a concert in 2008, he demanded it not be the finale, and also for guitarist Jimmy Page to “restrain himself from turning the song into an even more epic solo-filled noodle.”

I can’t help but giggle a bit at that one.

5. John Cougar Mellencamp (Jack & Diane)

In a 2008 interview, Mellencamp admitted he was “a little weary of those two,” but he does recognize that the song made his career.

“I’ve been able to live on my whims, that’s what Jack and Diane gave me. So I can’t hate them too much.”

4. Madonna (Like a Virgin)

In a 2008 interview, Madonna admitted “I’m not sure I can sing ‘Holiday’ or ‘Like a Virgin’ ever again. I just can’t, unless somebody paid me, like, $30 million or something.”

Just a year later, she said that just hearing the song by happenstance rubs her the wrong way. “For some reason people think that when you go to a restaurant or you are going shopping that you want to hear one of your own songs. It’s usually ‘Like a Virgin,’ and that is the one I don’t want to hear.”

3. Oasis (Wonderwall)

Liam Gallagher praised Oasis’ final album for lacking anything akin to the huge hit, telling MTV “I can’t f*cking stand that f*cking song! Every time I have to sing it I want to gag. You go to America, and they’re like: ‘Are you Mr. Wonderwall?’ You want to chin someone.”

2. Beastie Boys (Fight For Your Right)

They’ve said directly that the song “sucks” (in the liner notes for their 1999 greatest hits album) and dislike it largely because of a lost sense of its intended irony.

“The only thing that upsets me,” says Mike D, “is that we may have reinforced certain values of some people in our audience when our own values were actually totally different.”

1. REM (Shiny Happy People)

The 1991 hit isn’t near and dear to lead singer Michael Stipe’s heart – he said in 1995 “I hate that song,” and even though he’s tempered that statement since, still maintains that it has “limited appeal” and that the entire band agreed to leave it off their Greatest Hits album.


You don’t want to bite the hand that feeds you, but as an artist, I can see how it’s hard to be forced to keep looking back when all you want is to move forward. I know that the first novels I wrote feel like practice tests, now!

Do you think it’s selfish and dumb to hate your “best song?” Let us know in the comments!

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15 People Share What Celebrities They Think Would Be Outed as Serial Killers

First off, I think this would be a great movie. Secondly, who do you think you would pick if you were posed with this question:

“If the headline “Celebrity outed as serial killer” appeared, who would you expect it to be about?

AskReddit users offered up their opinions. I can’t wait to dig into these!

Share your thoughts in the comments!

1. Prime suspect

“It almost pains me to say this because he is one of if not the best actors in the world, but Daniel Day-Lewis. The man protects his privacy extremely well. Doesn’t do a lot of movies (retired now) and stays as clean as possible. He is the prime guy.”

2. No way!

“Bill Murray.

“No one will ever believe you.”

turns to walk away

“You’ll never have the chance to tell them.”

3. Not a good legacy

“I hope that Tom Hanks dies peacefully in his sleep at a grand old age, with an untarnished history and nothing but funny stories about colleagues and strangers he helped and made happy.

And then they go to clear out the basement of his mansion and just find hundreds and hundreds of human heads in various states of decay.”

4. Say it ain’t so

“Carrot Top.”

5. A killer trifecta

“The first names that popped in my head were Tom Cruise, John Travolta, and Jim Carrey.”

6. A disturbed dick…

“Andy Dick… the dude is f*cking disturbed. Oh… he’s also a dick.”

7. I hope not. One of my favorite directors…

“David Fincher. Between Se7en, Zodiac, Mindhunter, and the rest of his entire filmography, he really seems fascinated with compelling serial killers, sociopaths, and psychopaths. The performances of these characters are always unique, captivating, and unnerving.

They have an air of authenticity to them. Fincher makes some great films, and I’m not seriously suggesting the dude’s a serial killer, but he’s probably the only famous person I can think of where, upon being revealed as a serial killer, a common first reaction would be, “…Yeah okay, that explains a lot.”

8. Might not be a stretch?

“Quentin Tarantino… just cause.”

9. It’s all in the eyes

“The Olsen twins. They got some menacing eyes.”

10. I think you’re right on the money

“There’s a distinct lack of female celebrities on this list. I definitely think Tilda Swinton could murder us all one day.”

11. Insane if he wants to

“Nic Cage. Have you seen the memes about the Ghost Rider movies having zero CGI and that it was all him? He can be insane if he wants to.”

12. A true villain

“Elon Musk is one face scar away from being a James Bond villain.”

13. Good old Woody

“Woody Allen. Anyone who marries their wife’s adopted young daughter is seriously creepy.”

14. Look at the track record

“Brad Pitt. If a man can leave both Angelina Jolie AND Jennifer Anniston he’s capable of anything.”

15. Can’t put my finger on it…

“Definitely Katy Perry. Something is off about her.”

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15 Movie Shots That Are so Stunning They Look like Works of Art

The cinematography in a film can make or break a project. The beauty that directors of photography (DPs) are able to capture with a camera can leave a lasting impression on people – sometimes, it’s the imagery more than the plot that sticks with viewers forever.

Folks in the Buzzfeed Community shared the scenes that really took their breath away. Do these do it for you?

1. The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

Photo Credit: Fox Searchlight

2. The Lion King (1994)

Photo Credit: Disney

3. Moulin Rouge! (2001)

Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox

4. Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

Photo Credit: Disney

5. Skyfall (2012)

Photo Credit: Sony

6. Tangled (2010)

Photo Credit: Disney

7. Titanic (1997)

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

8. What Dreams May Come (1998)

Photo Credit: PolyGram

9. Call Me By Your Name (2017)

Photo Credit: Sony

10. The Fall (2008)

Photo Credit: Roadside Attractions

11. Jaws (1975)

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

12. Black Panther (2018)

Photo Credit: Disney

13. Big Fish (2003)

Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures

14. The Great Gatsby (2013)

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

15. Donnie Darko (2001)

Photo Credit: Flower Films

I know I have my own personal favorite scenes that I think are unequaled on the big screen.

Share the scenes that move you in the comments!

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10 Interesting Facts About Steve Buscemi

Steve Buscemi has been in more than 100 movies over the past 30 years; from big-budget films to independent gems, he’s a character actor with a face no one is likely to forget anytime soon.

But even if you’ve seen all of his films and count yourself a super-fan, you might not know these 10 facts about the man himself.

10. His character in Con Air was written just for him.

Garland Greene’s exploits “make the Manson family look like the Partridge family,” and only one actor was fixed in screenwriter Scott Rosenberg’s mind when he was writing the part: Steve Buscemi.

9. He seems to be a bit unlucky.

Buscemi was born on Friday the 13th and, as a child, survived being hit by both a bus and a car (in two separate incidents). He used the settlement money to pay to attend acting school.

8. He doesn’t have any plans to fix his teeth.

That crooked smile might bother some, but for a guy whose made a career playing lowlifes and losers, Buscemi isn’t letting anyone near it.

7. He was part of a comedy duo with Sons of Anarchy‘s Mark Boone, Jr.

In 1984, the two began a part-improv, part-scripted show that The New York Times called “theater in the absurdist vein.”

6. You might be pronouncing his name wrong.

Instead of Boo-shemmy, he’s always said Boo-semmy – but on a recent trip to Sicily, people said it Boo-SHAY-me.”

5. He did not audition to play George Costanza.

This rumor has been around for years, repeated even by Jason Alexander himself, but Buscemi insisted on an episode of The Tonight Show that it’s not true.

“I never did the audition, and I don’t know how to correct it because I don’t know how the internet works.”

4. He narrates the audio tour at the Eastern State Penitentiary.

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The historic Philadelphia prison tour includes a familiar voice, and all because Buscemi fell in love with the history and architecture of the oft-filmed spot during a location scout.

3. He’s aware that his characters often aren’t long for that world.

He’s been shot, stabbed, run through with knives, tossed off a balcony, and fed through a wood chipper, but Buscemi has a sense of humor about all of his deaths – he admits he often reads ahead in scripts to see how he will die.

2. He even has a favorite death.

In the Big Lebowski, his character Donny dies from a heart attack, and its out-of-the-blue nature still tickles Buscemi.

“They thought, ‘Well, Buscemi’s in it, so we’ve gotta kill him,” he joked on The Daily Show.

1. He didn’t believe he was getting the lead role in Boardwalk Empire.

After playing the sidekick, loser, and character actor in every show he ever auditioned for, Buscemi couldn’t quite believe it when Terence Winter offered him the lead in the award-winning Boardwalk Empire.

“When Terry did call me and he said that he and Marty wanted me to play this role, my response was, ‘Terry, I know you’re looking at other actors, and I just appreciate that my name is being thrown in.’ He said, ‘No, Steve, I just said we want you.’ It still didn’t sink in.”


Now you know!

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Post Malone Fans Think He Discovered Ozzy Osbourne After the Two Released a Song Together

Ugh, now I’m depressed.

This story really made me sad for the youth of today. I know that young people don’t always know the entertainers that came before them, but come on – it’s Ozzy Osbourne! The Prince of Darkness!

The singer of arguably the greatest heavy metal band of all time (Black Sabbath) who also had a killer solo career. Not mention The Osbournes?

Let’s run down just a selection of the hits from his solo career: Crazy Train, Mama I’m Coming Home, No More Tears, Mr. Crowley, Over the Mountain, Suicide Solution, I Don’t Know, Miracle Man.

I mean, the hits never stop.

But none of that matters, apparently, because a whole lot of people on the Internet think that singer Post Malone, who is 24 years, “discovered” this fella named Ozzy Osbourne, who is 70 years old, and then the two collaborated on a song together called “Take What You Want.”

A lot of other people, like me, were in complete disbelief that folks didn’t know about the legendary Ozzy and they had to sound off on Twitter.

I guess we should cut these youngsters some slack, but damn, this is pretty disappointing. Study up on your elders, kids! It’s important to know who blazed the trail for those artists you enjoy today.

And Ozzy is a legend. He’s done it all, seen it all, and, to be honest, it’s kind of shocking that he’s still roaming around Planet Earth based on all the insane things he did FOR YEARS.

Oh, here’s the song, by the way.

Shaking my damn head for days over this one…

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Netflix to Start Releasing Weekly Episodes Instead of Dropping Whole Seasons at Once

Are you a Netflix binge-watcher? Well, this might not exactly be welcome news. For almost a decade, Netflix has released their shows all at once, meaning an entire season of a program would be dropped on the same day and viewers were able to watch an entire block of shows on an “opening day” of sorts.

I must admit, I did this with the new season of Mindhunter when it came out in August.

But not anymore, friends. Beginning in October, Netflix will not release all episodes of certain series at once. It will release numerous episodes on a weekly basis instead. With so much competition from other streaming services like Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Disney, Netflix might be changing their release schedules in an attempt to remain more relevant in the market and to create more value.

Photo Credit: Netflix

In other words, if Netflix doesn’t release the entire next season of Stranger Things all at once, the value of the series would probably go up in the public’s eyes.

Think about if HBO dropped an entire season of Game of Thrones or The Sopranos all in one day. Just wouldn’t be the same, would it? You’d lose those endless watercooler conversations about what next week will look like or who’s going to kill who down the road during a season.

Photo Credit: Netflix

So it does make sense that Netflix is going to at least attempt this model to see what happens. In October, Netflix will try the new experiment out by releasing The Great British Baking Show and Rhythm & Flow in this fashion.

Disney+ and Apple TV+ both start streaming in November, so we’ll see how this all plays out. Interesting times to be in the media world!

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Russian Artist Draws Adorable Cartoon Versions of Celebrities

These drawings are spot-on.

Lera Kiryakova is a Russian artist with a unique style and specialty. She draws celebrities in a cartoon fashion, and they are truly one-of-a-kind.

Kiryakova started drawing with pen and ink, but she has moved on to oil, watercolors, markers, and anything else you can imagine – she’s a multi-media gal!

Take a look at these at her work. I think you’ll be impressed.

1. Isn’t that Aquaman?

2. Game of Thrones-style.

3. A little singer you might’ve heard of called Rihanna.

4. Charlie Chaplin has a timeless look.

5. Which house do you belong to?

6. Princess Diana: Like a candle in the wind.

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Lady Di 💔

A post shared by Lera Kiryakova 🌟 Illustrator (@lera_kiryakova) on

7. Kurt Cobain, the king of grunge.

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J❤ is done 🚬 Kurt Cobain

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8. You gotta have a Miss Piggy.

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Готовы рисовать необычные портреты? 🐷 Вот мое финальное задание для нашего марафона «ХУДОЖНИК ПОДЛОЖИЛ СВИНЬЮ». Пора показать все, на что ты способен, сделать последний рывок и выйти на финишную прямую 🏁 новогодней эстафеты. Рисуйте вместе с нами необычные портреты хрюшек, выкладывай работы в Инстаграм с хештегом #художник_подложил_живую_свинью Работы принимаются до 18 декабря. По завершению марафона я лично выберу самую оригинальную хрюшку, а интернет-магазин @do_sketch наградит Вас классным подарком! 🎁

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9. A perfect likeness of Freddie Mercury.

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Don’t stop me now 👑

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10. That’s Eddie Redmayne!

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Done 💫

A post shared by Lera Kiryakova 🌟 Illustrator (@lera_kiryakova) on

11. I’ve heard this guy is pretty smart.

12. This is excellent.

13. Hail to the King, baby!

14. Amy Winehouse. A unique voice gone far too soon.

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Character for Q♣

A post shared by Lera Kiryakova 🌟 Illustrator (@lera_kiryakova) on

15. The greatest Wailer of them all: Bob Marley.

You can see why Kiryakova has racked up 350,000 followers on Instagram. What a talent!

What’s your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments?

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15 Frightfully Funny Jokes About Horror Movies

Do you know what time it is…?

Are you ready for horror movie season?!?! September is officially (but not officially) fall, and that means it’s practically October! We’re so close…

But for some of us, horror season is a year-round obsession. And if you’re like me, you’re gonna love these jokes about all things creepy and scary.

1. Michael Myers is actually a pretty sensitive guy.

2. Chucky, what did you do to yourself?!?!

3. That’s true. Always a researching at the library scene.

4. He needs to get all amped up.

5. The loudmouth always gets it first.

6. Creeping into old age like…

7. You really blew it this time…

8. Both creepy in their own special ways.

9. I’m with you, friend!

10. Poor guy. Maybe that’s why he’s so angry.

11. Let’s head that way, white friends!

12. They’re trying to make you let your guard down.

13. It’s not so easy, okay?

14. I can’t say I agree with you.

15. Ghostface doesn’t have time for that right now.

I’m so excited I could scream for joy.

What are some of your favorite horror movies? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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Take a Look at Photos of the Real Serial Killers in ‘Mindhunter’ and the Actors Who Portrayed Them

The second season on the hit show Mindhunter dropped on Netflix in August and fans are pretty happy about how the new episodes turned out.

The show is based on true events surrounding how the FBI established their behavioral science unit in the 1970s to study serial killers and other murderers. In real life, as in the show, the investigators interviewed serial killers to try to learn how their minds worked, back when “serial killer” was a new concept.

Here are photos of the real-life killers and the actors who portray them in the show.

1. David Berkowitz: “The Son of Sam” – Played by Oliver Cooper

Photo Credit: Netflix

2. Charles Manson – Played by Damon Herriman

Photo Credit: Netflix

3. Charles “Tex” Watson – Played by Christopher Backus

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Away from Manson, Tex Watson’s ambitions were growing. “I decided to call up an old girl friend… Her name was Luella {a pseudonym} and I'd gotten to know her casually while Rich and I were still living at the house on the beach. During the week we were waiting for our army physicals, he'd taken me to see her once and… I felt she'd been especially friendly to me that day. Right now I needed a friend. I got a lover. The first time I hitchhiked over to her apartment I ended up moving in. Luella… didn't have a real job; she kept herself going by dealing a little grass and LSD among her friends – nothing big time but enough to get by. She had an old Hollywood-Spanish apartment with eucalyptus trees all around and a patio that overlooked the driveway to an exclusive private club for professional magicians and entertainment stars. Sometimes we'd sunbathe on the deck, drinking beer and smoking grass while we watched all the big limousines drive up for parties, dumping out beautiful people whom we could never quite recognize. It was an easy life that Luella and I fell into. Combining her contacts with mine, we found we could sell a lot more dope than she'd been doing on her own…" It certainly sounds like Watson thought of himself as a drug dealer. In just a few months, he and ‘Louella’ (real name Rosina Kroner) would aim for a big score, with disastrous effects.

A post shared by Manson Family MTTS (@mansonfamily_mtts) on

Photo Credit: Netflix

4. Dennis Rader: The BTK Killer – Played by Sonny Valicenti

Photo Credit: Netflix

5. William “Junior” Pierce: Played by Michael Filipowich

6. William Henry Hance: Played by Corey Allen

Photo Credit: Instagram,fathergore

7. Elmer Wayne Henley, Jr.: Played by Robert Aramayo 

Photo Credit: Netflix

8. Ed Kemper: Played by Cameron Britton

Photo Credit: Netflix

9. Wayne Williams: Played by Christopher Livingston

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#waynewilliams #theatlantachildmurders

A post shared by Murder Homes (@murderhomes) on

Photo Credit: Netflix

10. Paul Bateson: Played by Morgan Kelly

Photo Credit: Netflix

I don’t know about you, but I’m really hoping that Mindhunter keeps going.

Have you watched season two yet? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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