Celebrities Who Nailed Their TikToks

Anyone can make an amazing TikTok video that could take off, making them an instant celebrity.

That said, there are also some people who are already celebrities who can, on occasion, turn in some pretty hilarious TikTok content – and these 13 videos are definitely worth sharing.

13. David Henrie orchestrated a mini-reunion.

Wizards of Waverly Place for life.


Oh ya know. Just a wizard, a wolf and a Harper trying to smile without moving our cheeks. #wowp #disney #wizard #werewolf

♬ original sound – David Henrie

12. Debby Ryan imagining fashion week as different characters.

The looks, the dream of being in public. Here for it.


the president said to make a tiktok… #whatidwear

♬ Stunnin’ (feat. Harm Franklin) – Curtis Waters

11. Lil Yachty just sharing a vibe.

We could all use some secondhand vibe these days.



♬ original sound – lilyachty

10. Miley Cyrus teased some new music.

I’m not sure what all else is going on here, though.



♬ original sound – Miley Cyrus

9. Truth or dare is never a waste of time.

Especially when you find out something cool in the process.


#truthordare #greenscreen the Calvin Klein logo imprinted on my skin from my undies how cool is that

♬ original sound – Troye Sivan

8. Charli D’Amelio showed off some new makeup and stuff.

It’s weird but I can’t stop watching?


♬ Be Happy but its sad – LLusion

7. It’s always a good time for a dance party.

Especially if Vanessa Hudgens is coming!


♬ Catch The Beat (feat. Cakes Da Killa) [Derrick’s Black Catcher Vocal] – Honey Dijon

6. Girl, TikTok is on all our minds.

What else is there to do, really?


every single day…

♬ original sound – Sad Boy Josh

5. People having TikTok fun with kids is my favorite.

They are teaching us the way of the world.


@kittysquad345 teaching me the tiktok ways 😝❤

♬ Say So – Doja Cat

4. Gordon Ramsey judging people’s food hacks is peak hilarity.

He’s all of us, but with more expertise.


Wagyu shouldn’t be in a bag…..#ramsayreacts #duet with @buoyboys #fyp

♬ Ameno hatsune miku – Birb

3. Lizzo says she’s practicing…

I think she’s just showing off, though.


POV I been working on this TikTok all day and I ask u to watch me

♬ Crisis – Jasiah

2. Kevin McHale doing a Mi Han dance.

What more do you need to know?


#duet with @awa_de_horchata_uwu I’m a PROFESSIONAL

♬ Mi Pan Su Sus – .

1. Ashley Tisdale critiquing herself.

It’s honestly giving me life.


#duet with @liamjalba Omg this is amazing ☺

♬ Hold On – Chord Overstreet


I’m here for all of these, y’all – I just love it.

Which celebrity TikTok is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

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People Revise Song Lyrics for Jimmy Fallon, Hoping to Capture the Reality of 2020

Sometimes, night show host Jimmy Fallon asks his audience on Twitter to help him really nail a hashtag, and I’ve got to say, those are some of my favorite episodes. Regular people, it turns out, are pretty funny.

And listen, the best way to deal with 2020 is to laugh. I think.

Enter these 13 hilariously revised song lyrics that honestly capture the day.

13. If only we could all say this.

Things might be the slightest bit better.

12. That’s like…a whole version.

Commitment is impressive.

11. This is kind of brilliant.

I want to hear it outside my head.

10. Preach, sir.

A song for our times.

9. You gotta keep dancing.

No question there.

8. This should remain a hit forever.

Said the introvert.

7. I certainly do.

Theme of the summer!

6. If they had, maybe they would have saved their marriage.

Or maybe not. Could go either way, really.

5. Why is it always a Rick?

Also, always the frat boys.

4. “Like” might be a strong word.

The rest of it is spot on, though.

3. It’s the last line that really makes it.

Details, people.

2. Still less creepy than the original.

Don’t @ me.

1. Don’t you just love the oldies?

They really are the goodies.

One day I’m going to win one of these hashtag games!

What would you have added to the hilarity? Tell us in the comments!

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People Discuss What They Think Are the Best Moments in Film History

When discussing films, the possibilities about what are the best moments in the history of cinema are pretty much endless, depending on who you’re talking to.

You could go in a million different directions: silent film, Japanese, French, gangsters, period pieces, 1960s, the list goes on and on!

What do you think is the most epic moment in the history of cinema?

Let’s see what AskReddit users had to say.

1. A great one!

“The graveyard scene in The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

I’ve shown my kids a movie every Friday night since my oldest was 3 (11 now), and that’s our favorite. I can pull it up at any random time and everyone will stop what they are doing and silently watch it.

Eli Wallach as Tuco is the greatest anti-hero and one of the greatest performances in film history.”

2. Pretty amazing.

“Historically speaking, I think when everything is suddenly in color in “The Wizard of Oz,” after the first few scenes were in sepia.

That technology was revolutionary for the time.”

3. I remember it well. 

“The point where you’re introduced to the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park.

A turning point of CGI in movies along side the amazing score.

Still gives me goose bumps.”

4. A classic.

“12 Angry Men.

Juror 8 puts Juror 3’s coat on for him.

It means so much in context with the rest of the movie that just this small act of kindness can have that much of an impact on someone’s life.

It’s really beautiful.”

5. I love the smell of napalm…

“The Flight of the Valkyries scene from Apocalypse Now.

Kilgore’s air calvary taking Charlie’s point.”

6. Back in time!

“Back to the Future.

George punching Biff.

George kissing Lorraine and saving Marty from non-existence.

Marty successfully returning to 1985 just as Doc hooks up the lightning cable.

The Doc reveals he was wearing a bullet proof vest.

“Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need….roads”

The DeLorean flies into the camera – the END.

The whole end of the movie is one air-punch moment after another.”

7. What a great movie.

“Shawshank Redemption.

Spoiler ahead.

The way it is hyped that Andy might have committed suicide, it’s raining, its thunderous, he doesn’t come out the next day.

And then, we find out that he actually escaped.”

8. Unforgettable.

“”Get away from her you b*tch!”

Ellen Ripley to the Queen Alien

Smashed it.”

9. Solid.


Russell Crowe revealing himself as Maximus to Commodus in the arena was pretty legit.”

10. Powerful.

“Oskar Schindler, at the end of the film, realizing that he could’ve saved more Jews.

And Itzhak Stern and others telling him “He who saves a single life, saves the world entire.”

11. Intense.

“The opening of Saving Private Ryan.

Probably the most effective part of that scene is at the very beginning — the camera holds on several faces aboard the landing craft, leading the audience to believe these would be the protagonists, the main cast members.

Then you see one of them get nailed right in the forehead by enemy fire as soon as the doors open. Now you don’t know who is going to live or die, except for maybe Tom Hanks.”

12. Indiana Jones to the rescue.

“The angels coming out of the Ark of the Covenant looking beautiful and sublime, but then turning into terrifying beings that burn the Nazis to death in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Because the Nazis are evil.”

13. Goosebumps.

“The Lion King (1994).

When Simba is making his way up Pride Rock after defeating Scar and the Hyenas.

Incredibly powerful moment, and I still get goosebumps every time I watch that scene.”

14. Creepy stuff.

“The “What’s in the Box” scene from Seven.

I still have not rewatched that movie as the reveal was so epic I knew I could never feel that way about it again.”

15. Epic!

“The car chase from The Blues Brothers.

It’s a hundred and six miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it’s dark and we’re wearing sunglasses.”

16. Good memories.

“For me it’s the Millennium Falcon blasting out of the fireball of the second Death Star in Return of the Jedi.

I was 10 and I wanted to jump and run around the theater screaming in triumph right along with Lando and Nien Numb.”

17. Never gets old.

“Roy Scheider in Jaws.

A half burned cigarette hanging on his lip while chumming the water to entice the shark, then says “We’re gonna need a bigger boat” just after the shark momentarily pops his head from the water.”

Okay, film buffs, now we want to hear from you!

What are some of your favorite moments in cinema history?

Talk to us in the comments! Thanks!

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People Reinforce the Idea That You Should Never Meet Your Heroes

As a person who has met more than my fair share of famous, infamous, and slightly-more-notable-than-average folks, I have to say that the adage “you should never meet your heroes” is mostly true.

As in, far more people have been disappointing or just meh than the other way around.

These 17 people have some stories of their own, and they’ll probably convince you to steer clear of your own heroes, should you ever get the chance.

17. You can’t judge a book by it’s cover.

While I was working at an airport, I met Sting. I thought he was gonna be cool but he was kind of a d%ck. The opposite can be true also. I met Robbie Williams (of Take That) who I’d always thought seemed kind of a d%ck but he was one of the nicest people I’ve ever met.

16. Oh man that’s rough.

I was dying to meet Jason Momoa and I finally got the chance to at an after party for a indie movie he was in. It was at a small venue in LA with some bands playing.

Jason walked in and few people started talking to him; once they passed I bought a beer and approached him. I gave him the beer and asked how his night was. He was kinda drunk already from the look of it, but he pounded the beer without saying anything. I wasn’t too sure what to think so I got more to the point and asked if it would be cool to get a pic. He leaned into my face and said, “Tonight isn’t about that. Tonight is about me.” and walked away.

Not even 5 minutes later he was taking pics with some other people across the venue and signing some autographs.

Aquaman owes me a beer damn it.

15. I actually love this story.

I met Kareem Abdul-Jabbar at an airport. I asked to take a picture and at first he seemed really unhappy about it. I asked what he was reading and it was a Sherlock Holmes novel. I loved those so we chatted about it some and then he mentioned he had written one about Holmes’ brother.

I felt like I was really bothering him so I’d keep trying to leave him alone but every time I started to leave he’d ask a question so we kept chatting. Just a really quiet dude I guess. Was nice after the picture though.

14. That is terrible advice.

John Stockton told me I shouldn’t eat so much bread when I met him when I was a little kid.

13. This is a sad state of affairs.

Scottie pippin is hands down the biggest turd ever. I grew up in the suburbs he lived in and every time I saw him he was just such an a$shole. He was a hero growing up and he ended up being complete garbage.

12. She has a good father though.

When I was in 2nd grade, I thought Bob Feller (pitcher from the Indians back in the day) was the greatest thing ever. I read about him constantly. When Cleveland opened it’s new Jacob’s Field stadium, he was there signing autographs all day. I went to the exhibition game with my dad.

Around 10pm we were walking to our car in the lot, and my dad notices Bob Feller is like ten feet away walking with some guy. He’s like – Do you want to ask him for an autograph? So I go over there, this tiny little white haired blonde girl, and I was like “Excuse me Mr. Feller, can I have your autograph?”

He turns to me and is like “God damnit, no. I’ve been signing autographs all day, I’m not signing another one, jesus christ.”

I didn’t know what to do so I just kinda froze and walked back to my dad and teared up. My dad was so sad because he knew he was my hero, so he took the paper from me and was like “Mr. Feller would you reconsider? She’s 8, she reads about you every night, you’re her hero.” He was like “Give me the god damn paper!” Signed his name real quick, and my dad thanked him so much and walked back to me to give it to me. He was like “Here honey!”

Loud enough for Feller to hear (which was an accident lol), I was like “i dont want it anymore.”

After telling that story here and there I found out apparently he is a huge di*k and has a reputation for being constantly nasty. Oh well.

11. That awkward moment when…

Quite a few years back my dad took my brother and I up to San Francisco for a day trip to pier 39. Turns out Jeremy Bulloch (the original Boba Fett) was doing some kind of meet up thing that no one turned up for, except for us. My dad is a huge star wars nerd after having grown up in its heyday, so naturally he was a bit nervous meeting his hero.

From memory, the encounter went pretty well, but I’ll always remember the moment it got awkward.

“You were always my favorite character man, even if you only got like ten minutes of screentime”

“I’m sure I had a bit more than that..”

10. There is something so innocent about this story.

One of my earliest memories was meeting Batman. I was probably 3 or 4 and I remember my mom taking me to this big event and it was crazy and awesome. The Batmobile was there and we got to sit in it. I remember I had a picture of Batman and Robin signed. Best day ever!

I’m 30 now and recently brought it up to my mom. I asked where it was we went that time. She explained to me that it was just a local grocery store promotion, Batman and Robin were just some old fat middle aged guys with a beat up old corvette that had cardboard “mods” attached to it.

Apparently it was a pretty embarrassing display… I always remembered how amazing that day was but now that I know the truth it kinda ruined it.

9. This is one amazing story.

I was a huge Pistons fan growing up, and my family had season tickets. For season ticket holders you get these sick privileges like being able to go to the tunnel sometimes after games, pregame meet n greets, whatever.

Anyway, one day, some of the Bad Boys were in the arena- the back to back champions. Total Detroit legends. I worshipped them, Isaiah Thomas especially. Keep in mind this was in the second wave of Pistons greatness in the mid 2000s, so to have both iterations of great Pistons teams was unthinkable to me.

Anyway I’m in the tunnel. I got a sh*tload of autographs on this hat that I don’t think I have anymore, Ben Wallace, Rip Hamilton, what have you. Then, an older guy starts walking down, and people are going kinda nuts. It’s one of the Bad Boys. I definitely recognize his face, but I really could only know Isaiah Thomas and Bill Lambeer.

So I go “Who is that?”

And this older teeanged kid (in retrospect he was like twelve) goes “Oh, that’s Joe Dumars.”

So I go “Mister Dumars! Mister Dumars! Can I please have an autograph?” (being polite was procedure, if you weren’t polite they wouldn’t give you anything)

and the guy turns to me, looks me dead in the eyes, and in front of everyone (in my mind like 400 people, in all likelihood it was about 60) and goes:

“Bitch, I’m Rick Mahorn!”

and then the twelve year old goes “Mr. Mahorn, may I have an autograph?” which Rick Mahorn grants him.

TO THE DAY I got an autograph from every single bad boy, EXCEPT Rick Mahorn.

8. It’s always the ones who shouldn’t be that are.

Not my heroes by any means but by far the biggest a$sholes I’ve met in the music industry were Puddle of Mudd.

They couldn’t even play their own songs during sound check without f**king up. And they would fire any crew that looked them in the eyes.

Also Chris Daughtery. I was his runner and asked for an autograph for my aunt who is a huge fan and he just laughed at me.

7. Well that was a ride.

In January 2002, I was invited as a guest to a 101st Airborne reunion as I was writing my masters thesis on the correct way to implement television and movie content in the classroom and I’d chosen the HBO “Band of Brothers” series as an example for a typical high school American History class.

One of my sources was a local man who I’d met through the local war museum and he invited me to come with him to the reunion. “Wild” Bill Guarnere and Edward “Babe” Heffron BOTH happened to attend. I rushed back to the hotel and got my copy of their book “Brothers in Battle, Best of Friends”.

I stood near their table for several minutes, waiting for a break in the conversation, then spoke up. I introduced myself, why I was there, and asked if I could get them to sign my copy of their book.

Bill Guarnere was not pleased to be bothered by a fan and got very mad at me, telling me to “f**k off”. I was super-disappointed and apologized.

Two weeks later, I received a new signed copy of their book along with a signed copy of “Band of Brothers” by Stephen Ambrose. Included was a letter from Ambrose (but signed by the two veterans as well) explaining that Bill and the other members of Easy Company were not in good moods that day because many of them had just found out that Carwood Lipton had passed away less than a month ago. They apologized and thanked me for being understanding

This gesture from Ambrose and the two men has become more and more meaningful over the years as they have all since passed, Ambrose died less than year after the incident.

6. It kind of ruins the whole thing.

I met Michael from The Bachelor (Australia) at a local club called Blackbird.

He wasn’t a “smooth talking but sweet” player like they portrayed him on TV, he was just a drunk dude sleazing on every girl in the venue (With very little success too).

I also met Deadmau5 while bartending and he was a complete wanker. He was so rude to all the staff and other patrons my manager asked his entire entourage to leave. It was really sad for me because I absolutely love his music.

5. Not shockers.

I have a lot of friends that swim and they’ve always said Ryan Lochte is a complete douche.

A few of them met Michael phelps and an apparently he was a condescending a&hole.

4. Neither of those surprise me.

Played blackjack with Michael Phelps who was a drunken sloppy mess and an a$shole. Also, Pete Rose, who was funny and awesome.

Phelps was at the Harrah’s casino in New Orleans during super bowl weekend and Rose was on a random Vegas trip at the Palms 6-7 years ago.

3. A+ work on the aunt’s part, though.

I went to an event with “Salem” from Sabrina the Teenage Witch as the special guest when I was like seven. It turns out, there were multiple Salem cat-actors. For some reason, this really devastated me. After that, I’d always try to point out the inaccuracies of the cats within a scene…

To make me feel better, my aunt got the producers of Wishbone to write and confirm that Wishbone was a single dog, actually named Soccer. This did make me feel better, and Wishbone is a universally better show.

2. That’s just mean.

I met one of the artists from ZZ Top at a super nice hotel in Louisville. Wasn’t a big deal to me but was to my cousin.

My cousin asked, “I’m sorry to bother you, but may I get an autograph? I’m a really big fan!”

The one Z replied “Sure thing, let me run up to my room really quickly and get the rest of the guys.”

We watched him go up to the room and waited for a little over an hour. My cousin cried.

F*ck that Z in particular.

1. He’s just a bit aged, I suppose.

I met Buzz Aldrin working on a promo for Axe Body Spray when they did that Apollo “Go Into Space” contest thing.

He was insanely nice… but listening to him talking to his assistants and the Axe people as well as the director of the promo between takes… he seemed a bit… disconnected from his words.

I have no idea what his schedule was like or what else he was going on but… being the main audio guy I had a clear feed of everything he was saying… and it all just sounded mildly confused.

Still, got to shake hands with a guy who’s been on the freakin moon so, you know, that was really freaking awesome!

We should say that our “heroes” are under no obligation to be fabulous to everyone they meet, but still – it can be disappointing.

Do you have a story to add? Share it with us in the comments!

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People Who Wish They’d Listened and Never Met Their Hero

Meeting a “hero,” whether that person is a huge celebrity or just awesome in your eyes for some reason, is a little like playing roulette, and listen – even if you win, it might not have been worth the risk.

They say if you really look up to and admire someone you should never meet them, and based on these 14 stories, I gotta say this sounds like pretty great advice.

14. Have seen this, can confirm.

Went to a Comic Con and the dude who played Spike from Buffy The Vampire Slayer got absolutely slated by everyone there, including guest celebs.


He was charging his fans £20 for what was meant to be a free talk. He was the only guest there who did this and then charged £50 for autographs.


13. What a complete douchebag.

I was a huge fan of Ryan Cabrera through college. His voice is mediocre at best, and his melodies are simple but catchy. Despite this, I really identified with his lyrics when going through a really bad breakup that spun me off into destructive behavior during the second half of college. Always came back to his music and it eventually got me out.

Fast forward to 2016, and Ryan’s out on tour, I was able to see him perform live for the first time in my life and got the opportunity to meet him after the show. I had rehearsed what I was going to say about how his music kept me going through my darkest times…and he completely brushed me off to hit on my friends.

Haven’t listened to his music since.

12. Not Bill Nye!

Apparently he’s an a**hole that stiffs delivery drivers.

It was in another similar thread.

11. I’d be salty, too.

When I was still in high school my best friend, his older sister and I “met” Adrian Peterson, future Hall of Fame running back for the Minnesota Vikings. And it SUCKED. We all happened to be walking into a mall in the suburbs of Minneapolis at the same time, and he was walking right in front of us.

My buddy and I got all excited, and I made eye contact with him so I knew that he knew we recognized him, but before we could say “Hey Mr. Peterson, big fans,” he held the door open for my friend’s sister, checked out her a$$ and whistled at her, then closed the door right in my friend and I’s faces. Didn’t even want to say anything to him after that. This was 6-7 years ago now and I’m still salty about it.

10. A nice little story.

Back in the mid 90s my old man found a huge 2 metre python in our backyard. He called Australia Zoo and spoke to Steve Irwin on the phone (this was before he really became famous) about how to get rid of it because I was only a toddler at the time and could swallow me whole.

Apparently Steve was super excited even though it was through a phone call and went on about how the python was king of its domain and we shouldn’t disturb it. He talked my Dad into letting it be but about a week later the neighbors came home to find the python on their deck, so they ended up getting it relocated anyway.

Not sure how relevant that is but yeah that’s my Steve Irwin story.

9. If you want your tip, keep your mouth shut.

This was back in the 90s my mom was a waitress at a restaurant and the town we lived in was a frequent sight for filming movies and TV shows, and one day, my mom waited on a table and realized it was Anthony Hopkins with his agent sitting at table ordering breakfast.

After she took their drink order (silence of the lambs was still new). So in the kitchen all of her co-workers were squealing like little girls and dared my mother when taking their breakfast order if he wanted a side of fava beans and a nice chianti. But she chickened out worrying she’d bother him.

She must have done the right thing because he left a 40% tip and wrote on the check excellent food and service.

While he was in town, he ate breakfast there almost everyday, and everyone was just too chicken to be a fan girl about him lol.

8. This makes me sad.

Buzz Aldrin

He was attending a senior design presentation at my school and was basically the guest of honor and got his own little speech. I was really hype because I love space and everything surrounding it. He’s a nice guy but the sad truth is that he’s closer now to just being a senile old man.

A couple times he just kinda stopped talking and forgot where he was. One of the people he brought basically had the job of keeping him on track and had to cut him off a few times because he kept rambling off topic. Really sad to see such an impressive man reduced to that

7. I don’t understand this attitude.

I met Billy Corgan once when he had his side band Zwan.

He was a complete jerk to everyone and acted like he didn’t want to be there (HIS show.)

It forever changed my perception of him.

6. Looks like it’s confirmed.

My wife went to a Pumpkins reunion show years ago.

She said the show was solid but Corgan made the whole crowd roll their eyes when he actually thanked himself at the end of the show.

What a 24-carat wanker.

5. That’s an awkward moment.

I’m not sure how many of you guys are Australians but I met Ben Cousins a couple of years ago while out in Northbridge and the dude was meth-d out of his mind.

Felt so bad to see the bloke in that state, especially with all the hope we all had as his career was finishing up.

4. This is a terrible story. Ugh!

When I was in 2nd grade, I thought Bob Feller (pitcher from the Indians back in the day) was the greatest thing ever. I read about him constantly. When Cleveland opened it’s new Jacob’s Field stadium, he was there signing autographs all day. I went to the exhibition game with my dad.

Around 10pm we were walking to our car in the lot, and my dad notices Bob Feller is like ten feet away walking with some guy. He’s like – Do you want to ask him for an autograph? So I go over there, this tiny little white haired blonde girl, and I was like “Excuse me Mr. Feller, can I have your autograph?”

He turns to me and is like “God damnit, no. I’ve been signing autographs all day, I’m not signing another one, jesus christ.”

I didn’t know what to do so I just kinda froze and walked back to my dad and teared up. My dad was so sad because he knew he was my hero, so he took the paper from me and was like “Mr. Feller would you reconsider? She’s 8, she reads about you every night, you’re her hero.” He was like “Give me the god damn paper!” Signed his name real quick, and my dad thanked him so much and walked back to me to give it to me. He was like “Here honey!”

Loud enough for Feller to hear (which was an accident lol), I was like “i dont want it anymore.”

After telling that story here and there I found out apparently he is a huge dick and has a reputation for being constantly nasty. Oh well.

3. This comment about Chris Pratt hasn’t aged well.

Every celebrity with a social media account except for Chris Pratt and Tom Hanks.

2. A memory that will last a lifetime.

Wasn’t really my hero, but I met Billy Mays awhile back when he was visiting a local Giant Eagle grocery store for some reason or another. I think they had the money for him to come in and plug some product in-store.

Anyway, my mom worked at this particular Giant Eagle and she met him before I came into work. She had him sign an autograph for me before begging him to do her a favor.

That favor was charging in my direction down an aisle shouting “CLEAN YOUR ROOM, MANGIYKO”. Funny and a great memory thinking back on it, but I nearly shat my pants at the time.

1. There are good people, too!

My dad met a relation of Steven Fry’s (Qi) who at the time was/is my absolute hero for his narrations of the Harry Potter audio books. I am dyslexic and couldn’t read them myself so I used to just listen to him read them over and over again.

Anyway my dad got chatting with this relation and the topic turned to family and to Stephen and then how much he meant to me.

About a month later I received the Order of the Phoenix cd box set signed to me by Stephen. I still cherish it. Sure it’s not me meeting my hero but him taking the time to do that shows all about how great a man he is.

Most of the celebs I’ve met have been mildly disappointing or just kind of meh, except for Joshua Jackson who was obviously amazing.

If you’ve got a story like this, please share it – good or bad – in the comments!

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10 Times Dolly Parton Proved That She’s Simply Amazing

I’ve been a Dolly Parton fan since the day I was born.

Our country music queen truly has it all – charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent. Her kindness, intelligence, and wit truly know no bounds. Still, there are some folks who need convincing that the blonde bombshell is a freaking icon.

Here are 10 iconic times that Dolly Parton proved she that she’s too good for this world. Without a doubt, these are some stacked memes that will truly honor this Tennessee-bred national treasure.

1. She uses her platform for good

Parton voiced her support for the Black Lives Matter movement by saying:

“Do we think our little white asses are the only ones that matter? No!”

And we love her for it.

2. She makes her own memes

Age is nothing but a number – Dolly Parton is sharp as a thumbtack on Instagram. She knows how stay relevant with all the memes.

View this post on Instagram

Get you a woman who can do it all 😉

A post shared by Dolly Parton (@dollyparton) on

3. She’s got that it factor

You just can’t deny that there’s something special about Dolly Parton. Even when she’s just rehearsing, her talent has the power to move the folks that witness it.

4. She knows how to work a crowd

Seriously, few people know how to give an awards speech with charm that matches Dolly Parton’s.

Photo Credit: ABC

5. She calls out unfair criticism like it is

Time and time again, Dolly Parton has faced harsh judgement for her appearance. Truly, she walked so Elle Woods could run.

Photo Credit: CBS

6. She’s super confident

The haters really better back off. Dolly has no time for them.

Photo Credit: ABC

7. She has a filthy sense of humor

This joke actually made me LOL.

Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox / Via YouTube

8. She’s super supportive of other artists

As a seasoned musician who’s learned the ins and outs of the industry, Dolly knows just how hard it is to catch a break and keep the momentum going. That’s why she cheered on like a proud mom when Three 6 Mafia won the Grammy over her.

Photo Credit: ABC

9. She sticks up for her work

Think about it – if Dolly hadn’t stayed true to her values, we might’ve never heard Whitney Houston’s rendition of “I Will Always Love You.”

Photo Credit: NBC

10. Her relationship with her husband is hilarious

Dolly Parton and Carl Dean have been married for 54 years, and they’re totally comfortable messing with each other like this. If that isn’t love, I don’t know what is.

Photo Credit: NBC

When the going gets tough, we can always count on Dolly Parton to get us through national crises.

She truly has the power to people from all different walks of life. She’s seriously just that good.

What are some of your favorite Dolly Parton moments? Share with us in the comments below!

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Why Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Iconic Collars Were So Special

You may have thought that Justice Ginsburg was just a stylish lady, and enjoyed standing out from her mostly-male coworkers on the bench with her bright white, decorative collars.

Or maybe you assumed she had her reasons, figured they had nothing to do with vanity, but have never remembered to sit and Google the meaning behind them when you got home.

Now that she’s passed, let’s spend a little time just ruminating on her unique brilliance though, shall we?

In her early days, Ginsburg wore traditional lace jabots, but as her career progressed, so did her choices in neckwear. Town and Country magazine says RBG “jazzed up her black robes with some truly dazzling neckwear” for years, and it may not just have been about fashion – it was likely more of a political statement, from time to time.

Harper’s Bazaar reported that Ginsburg “has worn the same sparkling Banana Republic bib necklace as a sartorial way to express her disapproval” since 2012. If you watch closely, you can see her pull it out whenever she disagreed with a Supreme Court decision – perhaps most famously, she wore it the day after Donald Trump was elected as President.

She once told Katie Couric that it “looked fitting for dissents.”

In 2019, Banana Republic reissued the original collar and donated half of the proceeds to the ACLU Women’s Rights Project in honor of Ginsburg’s life work.

“The Notorious Necklace is a re-issue of Banana Republic’s original design from 2012,” said Banana Republic in an email. “As a brand co-founded by a woman, empowerment has always been a part of our DNA and it was a great opportunity to benefit the advancement of women’s right as a continuation of our brand commitment to champion equality.”

Ginsburg also had other “dissent collars” in her collection, though, as well as a “majority opinion collar” – a shiny yellow and rose floral design – a replica of Placido Domingo’s black and white “Stiffelio” collar, and a lacy white piece purchased in Cape Town, South Africa.

In her first official portrait with Justice Brett Kavanaugh, RBG wore a Stella & Dot necklace that Town and Country called “a cross between a feathered wing and spiky armor,” which seemed to state her disapproval of the new justice’s confirmation.

When she first joined the court, Ginsburg told The Washington Post that “the standard robe is made for a man because it has a place for the shirt to show, and the tie. So Sandra Day O’Connor and I thought it would be appropriate if we included as part of our robe something typical of a woman. So, I have many, many collars.”

Image Credit: Steve Petteway

Collars that clearly meant something to RBG, but also, could mean something to anyone else looking up to her for advice, guidance, or hope in the direction of the court in the future.

If I know one thing for sure, Ruth Bader Ginsburg memory – and her choice in dissenting fashion – will continue to bless this nation for a long time.

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What’s the Best TV Show That Was Canceled After One Season? Here’s What People Said.

For me, it would have to be Freaks and Geeks.

If you haven’t seen it, it’s a show about teenagers in the early 1980s in suburban Detroit. It really was a great show and it launched the careers of so many people, including James Franco, Seth Rogen, Linda Cardellini, and others.

And, sadly, it was canceled after only one season…

So let’s hear about some more!

AskReddit users shared their favorite shows that were canceled after only one season.

1. Flopped in the U.S.


It’s a crime tv show about an immortal medical examiner

Incredibly good show, but i think it flopped in the US and therefore never got a second season.”

2. Heard of this one?


Such a cool concept of 2 timelines, where in one his wife died, the other his son. Used both “realities” to solve crimes.

Just felt like they could have done so much more with another season or two.”

3. Almost Human.

“I liked Almost Human.

Who doesn’t like robot cops?

I enjoyed this show so much and then blammo, it’s gone.

Karl Urban was great in it.”

4. Here are a few to check out.

“Jericho (It was canceled after season one, but super-fans pushed for another season and got a few more episodes)


Terra Nova.”

5. Yes!

“Freaks and Geeks.

I saw it on Netflix for the first time and was absolutely dumbfounded that it just ended.

Definitely one of the best shows I’ve ever watched. I couldn’t believe and still can’t believe they didn’t continue it.”

6. A classic in the making.


It only had 13 episodes, which coincidentally is also the number of people who watched it.

But it really was a classic in the making.”

7. A ’90s hit.

“My So-Called Life.

This show had me wearing my hair tucked behind one ear for all of 6th grade because I thought it looked so cool and sophisticated.”

8. Undergrads.


Early 2000s sitcom about freshmen in college.

Luckily a kickstarter was funded for a follow-up movie!”

9. Comedy classic.

“Police Squad!

Of course it came back years later in movie form as The Naked Gun.

But it counts!”

10. This was a good one.

“Eerie, Indiana.

They had so much potential for more stories in that universe.”

11. Sounds cool.

“Harper’s Island.

Not sure if this only aired in Canada or USA too.

It was like a season-long horror movie with characters getting picked off 1 per episode.

I was a kid when it aired and loved the suspense each week.”

12. Bruce Campbell!

“The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.

I loved that whole show! I watched them as they aired when I was a kid and was so heartbroken they canceled it.

My parents still bring up my reaction from time to time. I basically threw a fit.”

13. Never heard of it.


It was written by the same person who wrote Gilmore Girls and had the same smart, fast-paced humor.”

14. Interesting…

“Kings (2009)

A show on NBC that was a modern-day take on David and Goliath.

It starred Ian McShane as the Goliath King Saul character, Christopher Egan as the David character, Susanna Thompson as a compelling matriarch, and Sebastian Stan as a gay prince.”

15. Good Omens.

“Good Omens.

I mean, I know there was only one season because Terry died before a second book could be made, but it still doesn’t make the disappointment go away when you finish the final episode…”

16. Right up my alley.

“I’m gonna say Everything Sucks!

It was a Netflix Original that didn’t make it past the first season, but I thought it was pretty great.

It’s very similar to Freaks and Geeks (which is funny since they only got one season too) except it was set in 1990s instead of the 1980s.”

17. Selfie.

“Selfie. The one with Karen Gillan.

The premise is simple, a bubble headed social media addict realizes during a business trip that her life is a mess due to her addiction and seeks help from a guy opposite to her.

The show started being dumb, but as the episodes went by, it became entertaining.

Sadly the showrunners burned the character’s development by rushing the plot and it got cancelled before premiering the last few episodes.”

18. Missed this one.

“Pan Am it was actually a really good show from what aired.

A period drama that worked really well. I don’t even think the full season aired to be honest.”

19. Horror series.

“The River.

It wasn’t necessarily the best show but I really enjoyed it. Was a really good jump scare horror that I enjoyed and wanted to know the answers in Season 2.

Now I’ll never know and I’m sad.”

20. Whoa!

“Anyone remember Now and Again from the 90s?

John Goodman gets hit by a train and his consciousness is transplanted into Eric Close, a super-human government prototype in a program run by Dennis Haysbert.

They’re using him to fight terrorism, he’s secretly trying to reconnect with his family. It was nominated for a bunch of Emmys, but I heard it was too expensive to continue.

The only season ended in a huge cliffhanger. I’m still sad about it!”

Now it’s your turn!

In the comments, tell us what you think is the best show that was canceled after only one season.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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People Discuss What They Think Folks Will Be Nostalgic for in the Year 2060

It’s hard to believe that people will be nostalgic for ANYTHING that’s going on in the world right now, but you never know…

I’m sure people in 1980 thought the world was going to Hell in a handbasket, but 40 years later, 1980 probably looks pretty decent to some people…

But what will people be nostalgic for in the year 2060?

Here’s what people had to say on AskReddit.

1. Privacy.

“Privacy and the ability to go somewhere without seeing 75 cameras all the time.

Went to the beach today and no one was in the water except for me and my friend. Everyone else was waiting for “golden hour” in their dry beachwear.”

2. In-person.

“Playing physical games with friends.

Going to friends’ houses to play basketball/soccer and a few video games, and then have a sleep over.

Socializing to the extent even the youngest here have experienced.”

3. Remember when…

“The short period of time in 2020 when most of us got to spend some time at home with our families, traffic was bearable, people in the supermarkets were asked to keep distance.

As an introvert, I’m gonna miss it for sure.

As a doctor, not so much.”

4. Hang on to it!

“Physical media so you don’t have to micropay for every movie you feel like watching.

When the DVDs and Blu-Rays are no longer in the stores, there will be no reason for streaming services to charge a flat rate.”

5. That’s depressing.


Cars will be 100% automated and it will be illegal to drive your own car on roadways unless you have a special license, because it’s so dangerous.

There will be amusement parks where you can drive a car all by yourself.”

6. Show me the money.

“Paper and metal currency.

Virtual money, wire transfers, alternative finance models, blockchain money will be a norm I anticipate.

It is coming faster than we think.”

7. I really hope not.

“The golden days before covid-25 when you just had to wear a mask instead of a full hazmat suit…”

8. Scary stuff ahead?

“Contemporary weather patterns and jet streams.

Lack of mass migration and climate change refugees.

Clean beaches. Peace in India.”

9. Off the grid no more.

“Being able to go “off the grid” for a weekend.

I may have been the only student my senior year of high school and first few weeks of college not to have a cell phone (Out 200+ person freshman engineering 101 intro class, 5 of us didn’t have a cell phone, and the other 4 were from mainland China.

I was the only one who had the access to phones that would work on American cell phone networks but simply didn’t own one) and then had a pay-as-you-go phone mostly for emergencies for the next two years.

It wasn’t until the summer between my sophomore and junior year that I got a phone on a plan, and that was bc I needed it for a job with “on-call” shifts. Even now, I’m on one of the smaller carriers, so when I go camping for a weekend, I’m frequently out of cell phone range when I’m not on the interstate.”

10. Scary to think about.


They were already slowly being replaced by self checkouts, and now covid has put a rush on it.”

11. Not much faith…

“Large animals.

Rhinos, elephants, orangutans, giraffes. I have little faith that we won’t destroy the world.

Looking at the old onesies from our kids pajamas that we packed in a box showing safari animals will become as extinct as dinosaurs, but more painful…”

12. Bleak.


Most people fail to realize what is happening in industry. They are blaming other people and countries, but the truth is, along aside the technical revolution of phones has been the technical revolution of industry.

Industrial level stepper motors and servos have become so cheap, along side multi core 64 bit control boards, which are so cheap they are essentially disposable, that entire swaths of the labor pool have already been replaced by computers.

The issue here is these incredible control boards are continuing to get better and cheaper, and the software is getting better. Every day the march of technology continues, the closer it comes to replacing Jobs we traditionally think as irreplaceable.

Computers don’t need a break, they rarely make a mistake, and they are cheaper than your labor. We are <10yr from massive disruption in some of the largest employment vectors, like transportation, that is going to put a lot of people out of work.”

13. No!

“Barnes and Noble.

They’re the last major chain bookstore, and they’re not doing well. The one where I am is going out of business after 20 years.

There will not be a bookstore in my city. (I’m in a suburb to LA, so not the middle of nowhere.).”

14. You’re being watched…

“Someone already said privacy, so I’m gonna go for freedom, it’s basically the same but it’s the effect of the lack of privacy.

People change when they know they are being watched.

This is already happening and will only get worse with time and technological improvement.”

15. Look into the sky.

“The night sky.

By that time, Musk, Bezos, and god knows who else, will have hundreds of thousands of satellites in orbit.

Our cities will have doubled in size, and urban sprawl will cause further light pollution. Stargazing will be something future generations will only hear stories about…”

Now we want to hear from all the readers out there.

In the comments, tell us what you think people will be nostalgic for in 40 years.

Please and thank you!

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