10+ Tweets About Pizza That’ll Make You Say “Yep, Same”

Holy Mother of God, I love pizza so much! It’s pretty much the greatest thing EVER.

1. I felt a great disturbance in the oven…

2. Pizza is the role model everyone should strive to be more like.

Photo Credit: Twitter: @BestProAdvice

3. Make. It. Happen.

4. It’s a cons-pizza-cy.

Photo Credit: Twitter: @feralgear

5. We know that feeling all too well.

Photo Credit: Twitter: @SheaSerrano

6. It’s the pinnacle of fun.

7. Remember to stay humble.

Photo Credit: Twitter: @pizzaminati

8. It’s an important decision.

Photo Credit: Twitter: @Logan__Holmes

9. Is it a mood if I feel that way all the time?

10. I’d complain way more about not getting to eat pizza.

Photo Credit: Twitter: @NataliePerk

11. Can’t have one without the other.

Photo Credit: Twitter: @SahBabii

12. Celebs are people, too.

Photo Credit: Twitter: @Sam_Posts

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How to Recap ALL 67 Episodes of “Game of Thrones” in Just 12 Minutes

Winter is here, b****es!

After almost TWO WHOLE YEARS of waiting, Game of Thrones fans will finally get a chance to see how it all ends! Who will sit on the Iron Throne? Will it be Daenerys and her dragons? Is Jon Snow the “Prince That Was Promised?” Will the Night King and his White Walkers destroy all life in Westeros?

We’ve spent eight whole years getting this invested in the eventual fate of Westeros, and a LOT has happened over that time. All told, there are 67 episodes to catch up on if you want a full recap, which amounts to almost 3 straight days of binge-watching with no sleep.

Photo Credit: HBO

If you’re like most working adults and don’t have that kind of time to set aside, however, don’t fret. The good people of ScreenCrush have got your back with this comprehensive recap that takes you through all of the show’s most memorable moments in less than 15 minutes!

For the throne!

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12 Great Marvel Moments That Were Totally Unscripted

Actors often ad-lib lines during filming, either in the interest of humor or character, without knowing whether they’ll make it into the movie people see in theaters or end up on the cutting room floor. Sometimes what comes out, though, is too good to cut out.

These 12 moments are so great, you won’t believe they were made up on the spot.

#1. “It’s not a hug. I’m just grabbing for the door. We’re not there yet.”

Image Credit: Marvel

The whole interaction was improvised, starting with the hug itself and flowing into RDJ’s awesome response.

#2. “Nobody would know.”

Image Credit: Marvel

He did all of the joking about shooting Quicksilver in the back on his own, and it’s now one of Hawkeye’s most memorable lines.

#3. “I am Iron Man.”

Image Credit: Marvel

That iconic line? Yep. All RDJ.

#4. “You’re supposed to move now so I can sit on the bed.”

Image Credit: Marvel

Tom Holland forgot his blocking so RDJ just stayed in character and made it work. Pro!

#5. “Please be a secret door, please be a secret door…”

Image Credit: Marvel

He also improvised the quiet “yay” afterward.

#6. “Help! Please…my brother, he’s dying! Get help!”

Image Credit: Marvel

Chris Hemsworth came up with the whole gag in the moment and Tom Hiddleston just went with it.

#7. “Blueberry?”

Image Credit: Marvel

Apparently RDJ is a notorious random snacker, and he was actually just noshing blueberries when he decided to offer Chris Evans one in character.

#8. “Why is Gamora?”

Image Credit: Marvel

The last scripted line is RDJ’s “Who is Gamora?” but Dave Bautista, the actor who played Drax, ad-libbed the final “I’ll do you one better: Why is Gamora?” and screenwriter Christopher Markus replied “Ok, you’re very good at your job.”

#9. “Try me, Beyonce.”

Image Credit: Marvel

In Doctor Strange, Benedict Cumberbatch made the Beyonce joke up in the moment, and then later, Wong can be seen listening to Beyonce “for research.”

#10. “I don’t wanna go.”

Image Credit: Marvel

The co-director of the film simply told Tom Holland to “act like you don’t want to go.”

#11. “Hey, Auntie.”

Image Credit: Marvel

Angela Bassett said during an interview that Michael B. Jordan improvised the cheeky line during their first meeting.

#12. “He’s a friend from work.”

Image Credit: Marvel

It was actually ad-libbed by a Make-A-Wish kid who was on set that day – Chris Hemsworth said, “We had a young kid, a Make-A-Wish kid on set that day. He goes, ‘You know, you should say, ‘He’s a friend from work!”

When it’s good, it’s good! (Also, Robert Downey Jr. does NOT stay on script…)

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Take a Look at These Photos of Celebrities Before They Were Famous

One of the biggest drawbacks of life in this digital age is that anything you post will stay online indefinitely. People can easily dig up the embarrassing photos of your youth, before you understood style and/or fully grew into your own body.

The digital age also makes it a lot easier to share embarrassing photos of days gone by, as long as someone else does the work of digging up those photos from physical archives. Which is what we did for you with these 10 celebrity photos from before they were household names. So, all you’ve got to do is enjoy and share.

#1. Elon Musk

Photo Credit: Instagram,elonmusk

Who comes to mind when you think of the most innovative minds in the world today? That list is bound to include South African businessman Elon Musk. The entrepreneur is the founder of Tesla, Inc. and SpaceX, and is one of the most successful and wealthiest people on the planet.

He was born in Pretoria, South Africa in 1971 to a South African father and a Canadian mother. He was frequently bullied as a youngster. Musk started on his career path early and taught himself computer programming at the age of 12. He moved to Canada to attend college at the age of 17. After earning his college degree, he started a Ph.D. program at Stanford but dropped out after only two days to focus on a career as an entrepreneur.

Musk has been the brains behind many projects throughout the years but it is his more recent work that has garnered him more attention. He launched SpaceX in 2002. His Tesla, Inc. endeavors promise to (hopefully) revolutionize the auto industry. Tesla’s designs for passenger cars as well as heavy trucks are revolutionary and aerodynamic. Time will tell if Musk’s various ideas pan out, or just remain the concepts of a very imaginative individual.

14 Employees Who Should Have Definitely Gotten Fired But Miraculously Didn’t

Somebody on Reddit asked this question: “What is the biggest “oh fuck, I’m dead” thing you’ve done at work, but nobody ever found out?”

Thousands answered, and we combed through the best to share them with you.

1. “I was essentially trapped at work…”

Had a truck turn up 15 minutes before the end of the day and in my rush/pure fucking anger to just get him unloaded ASAP so I could go home I drove through the roller shutter doors as they were still opening and “caught” them with the top of the mast.

I got the guy unloaded and on his way and tried to lock up hoping to explain it all away the following day.

The door was that bent it wouldn’t lock, as it wouldn’t lock I couldn’t set the alarms, I was essentially trapped at work and now an hour late from leaving.

In a moment of pure desperation I lifted the doors again and drove into them from the other side bending them enough to lock them up, set the alarms and get home.

I’d hit them a little too hard so they were now bent inwards and the bosses assumed someone had reversed into them during the night – the estate we were on was a notorious cruising spot for the local boy racers and there was always tyre marks or bits of car scattered round the place so they got the blame

2. “…the only way to activate a multi-million dollar security technology system.”

Lost a key dongle that was worth $32k.

This was 15ish years ago in a different state and career. The dongle looked basically like a USB thumb drive was was the only way to activate a multi-million dollar security technology system for a hospital in a big city.

The thing is, I was 100% sure I never had it and that it was missing from the packaging from the manufacture. Everyone I worked with also was not sure they ever saw it too. I was distraught and sick to my stomach at the possibility I screwed up somehow on something so stupid and cost costly but ended up being convinced we never received it.

The owner of the company I worked for and our lawyers had to get involved with the vendor to make an agreement with them to send us a replacement for a relatively small fee. I’m not positive after all these years on this cost but think it was around $5k.

No one was happy but we needed it and it was done.

Fast forward to years later. I’m living in a different state, now married and working for a different company in a different field and I decide I want to use the backpack I used to use at the old job where the dongle was lost. I still had some stuff in it so I clean it out, turn it upside down and shake it and hear something rattling around.

In the bottom of the big compartment of the bag, it looks like a solid piece. I dig my fingers around it and was surprised to find it was a flap. I open the flap and HOLY SHIT its the mother f’ing missing $32k dongle!

I was shocked and for a second, felt so damn guilty. But then I just laughed as it was already taken care of and years in the past. Still feel like a shithead thinking about it all these years later just a little bit.

3. “I left Gwar, Meat Sandwich, as our only muzak…”


Our muzak hold crap system was out of whack, so since I’m IT, I was tasked to fix it. Stupid proprietary audio files, stupid codecs, stupid hold music.

To pass the time, I ripped a gwar cd that I recieved as a gag gift a million years ago to the proprietary format and amused myself by throwing “Meat Sandwich” on loop for testing.

Finally got everything working, called it a night and went home for the rest of the weekend.

Monday morning, around 11am, I get a call. “Hi, Coyote? I think our muzak system is still broken. People are complaining about the songs and the sound?”

What? WHAT? Call my work into question? I tested it MYSELF. I personally made sure the audio format was working with my OWN MUSIC and…


….and fuck.

I left Gwar, Meat Sandwich, as our only muzak for hold for our entire company.

I ran to the Datacenter, put everything back to default and the told them that it was “crossing channels” or some bullshit and everything was fine.

But we open at 6am. So for 5 glorious hours, Meat Sandwich was the music playing after the soft voiced woman told you to “Please Hold”.

4. “It was made out of diamonds or gold or something else fucked up.”

It was university.

They had this really expensive piece of equipment and I can’t remember exactly what it measured, or how it worked.

What I remember is this: you completed a “circuit” to power the thing, meaning you plugged a wire into 5volts or whatever came out of the wall, and another wire into the ground, and plugged both of them into the device (alligator clips baby).

What you got out of the wall was wayyyyyyyy too much current, so you had to put a resister between the wire from the wall and the device

The thing cost something ridiculous like 25k at the time. It was made out of diamonds or gold or something else fucked up.

Anyways, I got really pissed at my lab partner, just took over the experiment. And plugged the thing directly into the wall without a resister…

I basically fried the thing in a second.

I smelt burning and could see smoke come out of it immediately and knew exactly what I’d done.

As I literally thought “Oh fuck, I’m dead” and started realizing the gravity of my actions, this dude in a huge ass trench coat thing walks by my lab table, gets his coat caught in it and pulls the thing off the table. It lands on the ground and smashes into a million pieces.

Dude was walking with the guy who ran the labs, and that dude loses it on him.

I just sat in silence. I felt guilty but like I dodged the biggest bullet of my life.

I didn’t know definitively that I’d broke it, but I knew definitively that that dude had.

And I was too much of a coward to say anything.

5. “…my hot acid puke punched right through the bag and into my lap.”

It was the night before I was scheduled to have a tense meeting with my boss and a client. The meeting was supposed to be a sort of “peace talk” because of tension growing between my staff and the client who was an emotional and difficult person to work with. The night before my wife and I opened a bottle of wine with dinner and managed to finish it off before bed. This didn’t seem like too much at the time but the next morning I woke up sicker than I have ever been.

I still had this difficult meeting so I got up got dressed managed to choke down some Advil and a glass of water. The minute I get on the highway to work I feel my stomach twisting. There is nothing between where I am now and where my office is except highway with almost no shoulder.

Half way to work I feel that feeling in my throat, like a tightening, and my bowels are starting to make terrible noises. I realize I am going to throw up and look around my car for anything to throw up in. I spot McDonalds bag is on the floor so I grab it.

Hoping I don’t need to use it I speed up trying to get to my exit so I can pull over and ralph.

No dice.

I held the bag up to my mouth going 85 MPH and throw up red wine into the McDonalds bag which had the strength of tissue paper because my hot acid puke punched right through the bag and into my lap.

By some miracle I had extra business slacks in my car. I stopped at a gas station and changed in the bathroom. I looked into the mirror and a haggard sallow man with flop sweat and sunken eyes stared back at me. Even with the wardrobe change I smelled faintly of booze and vomit. I went to the meeting and my boss noticed something was up. He rescheduled with the client telling me “I don’t think you’re up to it this morning”.

I for sure thought he was going to fire me for being a huge drunk but nothing happened.

I don’t drink wine anymore.

6. “Went home. Ate pizza. Couple hours go by.”

I was to supposed to meet a client outside of work to discuss a business opportunity.

Got permission to leave work early to go to an arranged meeting with the customer. I went on auto-pilot as soon as I started driving from work. Forgot about the meeting. Picked up a pizza. Went home. Ate pizza. Couple hours go by.


I didn’t have a phone number for the customer, so I never called or anything, just no-call no-showed on the customer.

Customer never said anything. Manager never asked about it.

7. “My life flashes before my eyes.”

Okay so I’m running a summer camp and half way through the day I’m comparing our bus attendance to the group attendance and I notice there is a little girl who was marked as being on the bus but not in her group. I go and check the group, no sign of her.

Other groups, nope.

No one has seen this six year old girl and we are out in bumble fuck nowhere and I am losing my shit. I have lost a child. We’re gonna get so fired and gonna need to call the cops and they’re gonna have to search the woods.

My life flashes before my eyes.

After fifteen minutes of oh my god my life is over my coworker pulls up with the news that she spoke to the girls mom and she did not come to camp that day at all, the bus attendance was an error. I was five minutes from calling my boss and instead I collapsed in the dirt with relief and tried not to cry.

Holy fuck.

8. “….we only have one kid.”

Summer martial arts camp, probably 10+ years ago. Several times a day, the entire camp would be called to line up on the gymnasium floor. Roughly 50-75 kids, probably in rows of 8, spaces with about 5 feet between each kid, all nice and orderly.

For the most part, everybody knew exactly where and which spot to line up on. It was pretty meticulous laid out, and we would spend 20 or 30 minutes on the very first day, making sure each and every person knew specifically which spot to line up on.

One day, lineup is called for lunch or something. Whistle blows, mob of kids come crashing from all around. Kids take their spots, settle in, counselors are talking, telling them what’s for lunch, somebody is probably walking through the rows of kids with a giant bottle of hand sanitizer spritzing each pair of outstretched hands. Suddenly somebody noticed an empty spot. They turned to the next kid over who was quite young (probably 7 ish) and asked who stands there. “Oh, that’s my brother”. “Well where is he??” “I dunno..”.

So they proceed to tear the whole place apart.

Swimming pool???!? Check. Bathrooms? Check. Girls bunk? Check. Kitchen? Check. Showers? Check.

You name it, they searched there, twice. Finally they have to call the parents and tell them that they LOST one of their kids.

How do the parents respond?

“….we only have one kid.”

Oh yeah, kid forgot to mention that his brother was IMAGINARY.

9. “…20 minutes later walking in the back to ankle deep water.”

I used to work for a big box pet store taking care of the animals that lived in the store. There was a rotation of the animals getting their accessories changed out and cleaned (i.e. water bottles, food bowls, plastic huts) every day. So each day the morning person cleaned that day’s habitats and the closer did the “dishes” in the sink and set them to dry and be put back in rotation for use.

It was sometimes difficult to complete any of these tasks while also dealing with customers. The sink we did dishes in was very deep and company policy stated that the dishes had to soak in a cleaning solution for a certain amount of time so it took a long time to fill up the sink with the solution to soak everything.

It was common to turn the water on to fill up the sink and go see if anyone needed help in the store while you waited.

Not long after I started working there I was performing this task and got pulled into a long conversation with a customer. Normally I’d duck in the back and turn off the faucet if I thought the conversation would take a while, but this night I just completely forgot the sink was on. Cue like 20 minutes later walking in the back to ankle deep water. The sink had overflowed and was filling the back space. The door had a rubber stopper at the bottom keeping it from going into the store

I took a squeegee thing and started herding the water into a drain on the floor on the back side of the fish wall but it took a long time. I was so frantic and still had to pay attention to customers out on the floor. Luckily no one else ever went into the back unless you worked in that department and I was working alone. So I managed to herd most of the water into the fish drain and the rest dried over night before the opener came in. No one ever knew I flooded the back space.

Few months later I realized flooding was a common occurrence and my manager flooded it at least once a year.

10. “We call it the doom button…”

I auto-archived 2500 records from our database with one button push. This removed them from active status and cancelled any associated reservations and services.

I had to click into each record and reinstate it. Took me 6 hours.

I admitted my folly at the next team meeting to ensure no one else had to go through the sheer butt puckering terror I did when those records disappeared. We call it the doom button now. Why there is a doom button I have no idea.

11. “…forklift tine and punched it all the way through her tailgate!!!”

When I was 18 I worked for Menards (like Home Depot). It was a small store with an outside yard that you couldn’t drive into so we would pick what you wanted with a forklift and load the customers out in the parking lot.

So this lady came in to pick up a bunch of special order bricks. I loaded two pallets of bricks into the back of her very nice new truck, she signed the paperwork and the transaction was done…. Until I sat in the forklift filling out my part of the paperwork and she backed into a forklift tine and punched it all the way through her tailgate!!!

I was 100% in the wrong as anyone who has ever driven a forklift knows that unless you are actively using the lift, you keep the tines on the ground if you’re parked, and a couple inches above while driving.

I had seen a guy get fired once for driving over a piece of cardboard instead of stopping to pick it up, so I was beyond screwed… but she just put it in drive and took off. She didn’t even look back at me. I expected that she was going to pull up to the front of the store to report it, but she just left. As far as I know she never reported it, and no one ever knew it happened.

That was 21 years ago and I think about that incident pretty often.

12. “…the captain made a wrong turn onto a narrow taxiway…”

When I was a brand new airline pilot we landed at an airport that required a long taxi back to the terminal. During the taxi the captain made a wrong turn onto a narrow taxiway that led to a small private hangar. As soon as he made the turn we knew it was the wrong taxiway, but it was very narrow with trees on both sides so there was no way to turn around. I had no idea how we were going to deal with this.

He thought for a minute, then said, “McGonogle, can you see the tower from here?”

I looked. “Nope.”

“Good. Then they can’t see us.”

With that, he reversed both engines and slowly backed onto the main taxiway. I guess the passengers thought it was normal because no one asked any questions and we never heard anything about it.

13. “…paperclip flew right over the small wall and hit a customer right in the head…”

when I was about 17 I used to internship at a bank through a school program. It was a small business bank so there wasn’t any glass like you see at big banks. The set up was 4 desks lined up next to each other with small walls separating them almost cubicle style but shorter. My desk was all the way at the end next to the wall.

Anyways, so I’m sitting at my desk bored one day with nothing to do so I grab a paperclip and start flicking it paper football style at the wall separating my desk and the one next to it. Ever ytime it bounced back I would flick it again.

Well one time I flicked it a little too hard and the paperclip flew right over the small wall and hit a customer right in the head that was waiting to be attended.

My heart sank and so did my head down to the desk as I tried to go unnoticed in hopes that they wouldnt know who did it. Looking back it was probably obvious that the 16 y/o boy was the one flicking paperclips and not the 40+ old ladies next to him.

Luckily I don’t think the customer knew what hit her and I was never blamed for it.

14. “I never had to fess up to my boss…

Working at a high end tour company, I backed a bus hitch into a guest’s BMW. Broke one of their tail lamps.

I picked up all the plastic remnants from the ground and taped a note to their window to find me when they returned from their tour to discuss the damage and go speak to the owner with me about insurance, etc.

I’d been breaking down my trip to make way for the next bus arriving, so I hadn’t had a chance to go tell my boss before they returned. The guest came and found me, laughing. Said someone had hit it a few weeks prior and it was already being processed through the insurance of the other person who had hit him, and not to worry about it.

He hadn’t realized that I’d done additional damage because it was the same tail light, nothing else was damaged and I’d picked up all the broken pieces from the ground, so it didn’t look that bad compared to what damage had already existed.

I never had to fess up to my boss about the incident and learned to never attempt to park the bus near the fancy cars again.


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10+ Memes That Will Definitely Make Your Day More Bearable

I don’t care what time of day it is, we need memes 24/7.

They lift us up, they make us laugh and they never let us down.

So tuck into these dozen, internet-generated LOLS and pass some along to your friends if you think they’re worthy.

1. Stop it apps!

Photo Credit: Someecards

2. Struggles all day, every day…

Photo Credit: Someecards

3. We all have worries!

Photo Credit: Someecards

4. If you’re dead, you can’t be embarrassed.

Photo Credit: Someecards

5. Some of us are great at improvising…

Photo Credit: Someecards

6. My girl!

Photo Credit: Someecards

7. Not before noon!

Photo Credit: Someecards

8. Can’t stop, won’t stop.

Photo Credit: Someecards

9. Where is this magical beast and how can I pet her immediately?!?

Photo Credit: Someecards

10. Why do you do this to me?!

Photo Credit: Someecards

11. OH! So that’s how science works!

Photo Credit: Someecards

12. I’d buy it!

Photo Credit: Someecards

Okay, you can go back to work or lunch or sleeping.

We’ll have more memes later. Promise.

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15+ People Who Are Not Sorry At All, Thank You Very Much!

Sometimes you do something and you really regret it.

Not these 18 people! They do not regret a thing, and it’s wonderful to read. Because when you’re truly wronged, you deserve a little retribution.

Or if you want a plum… go get the plum!

You’ll see…

1. Slowly…

Slowing down when someone is tailing me.

I only do this in the slow lane, I typically move if I’m in the fast lane.

2. This aunt needs to get her priorities straight!

My aunt was about to get married to this one rich scumbag who apparently treated her “right”. My brother and I did some investigating over the fact that he had lots and I mean LOTS of female friends.

A lot of sht went on, but in the end, we found out that he was a sleeping with and is a sugardaddy to some of of them. It was just three days before the actual wedding that we found out.

Told our aunt about it, wedding was cancelled, aunt was upset with us as well for some reason, and we regret nothing.

3. The right thing to do!

Sneaking pictures of my aunt into her fathers funeral slideshow behind her sisters back.

The two never got along and one sister was in charge of the funeral. She was adamant about leaving out any photo with her sister in it. My aunt (the victim in this case) was very close with her father. So I lied to my other aunt that the slideshow was done and I downloaded a secret folder of pictures onto the slideshow. She’s so bad with technology that she didn’t notice.

Not sorry.

My other aunt gave me a teary hug after the funeral and thanked me, she knew I had been the one to slip them in. She died last month of a sudden aneurism. I’d do it again, even if my other aunt never talked to me again. I sure miss her.

4. Be kind to yourself!

I’m not sorry for focusing on me and my needs. I used to be so concerned with taking care of all my friends and family to the point that I was I was sacrificing my needs for a lot of people who would not do the same for me. I’ve learned to cut toxic people out of my life and focus on my true close friends and family rather than trying to care for everyone.

Being liked by everyone used to be so important to me and honestly it’s so exhausting. I’m not sorry if people don’t like me anymore. It’s impossible to make everyone happy.

As long as you’re not being a complete asshole, you need to take your needs into consideration as well.

5. Time to grow up kid!

I love my daughter to death, but at 25, I had to cut her off financially.

I support everything she is passionate about, but if your passion is working for non-profits and wilderness retreats, maybe you should adjust your lifestyle so you can afford your bills.

6. Bully… watch your back…

In Elementary School, a kid named Patrick was my bully and he’d do shit like “accidentally” bump into me and spill my lunch and step on the backs of my shoes.

So one day, he was coming out of the cafeteria and I stuck my leg out and watched him trip face forward into the ground. We both got sent to the Principal’s Office, and he got whatever the Elementary School version of an In-School Suspension was for his repetitive bullying while I got a slap on the wrist.

Absolutely not sorry.

7. Completely fair!

Eating the snacks that my wife has forgotten about.

8. Facebook is not real life, people!

Quitting FB and having people complain that they don’t know what I’m up to. Fucking ask me!

9. Oh, this is a really good idea…

Cutting out my dad’s side of the family from my life.

They made my life a living hell while I was growing up. I was the youngest of the cousins so I would regularly get beat up or locked in rooms (my dad worked nights). They would smash furniture and TVs then blame me. As a young adult all they did was cause more drama by still break things in my dad’s apartment, or try to start physical fights. I’ve had so many fist fights with my cousin from defending my property to protecting my cat (no one messes with my kitty).

Once I moved out of my dad’s I cut all contact with them. I maybe see them once a year when my dad tricks me into seeing them (he has the mentality of always forgive family).

They know nothing of my adult life and I know nothing of theirs and I’m going to keep it that way.

10. Charities shouldn’t pressure like this…

I refused to give money to charity. Okay, but hear me out on this.

There was a lady who was claiming to represent a charity, but acted really shady. This was at a concert in a cafe/bar. She had a clipboard and was approaching people by saying “I’m taking donations for (whatever charity). Just write down whether you’re giving $5, $10, or $20.”

She didn’t ask if you’d donate, just told you to choose how much you were giving her.

I told her I prefer giving to charities I’ve researched, because some of them only spend a low percentage of donation money on the cause (Susan B. Komen ಠ_ಠ ). The lady got angry and raised her voice at me. She tried shaming and bullying me into giving her money, and we seriously fought about it.

Eventually she turned to my friend and started pressuring him lol. He said “Yeah uh…like my friend said…” and she stormed off. You have to trust me, there was something off about her. Plus, she waited until people were buzzed at a concert before approaching to tell them to give her money.

11. Fire in the hole!

Laughing at my friend in high school who stuffed her bra with tissue and then dropped a cigarette down her cleavage and she thought the tissue was going to catch on fire and dumped a beer on herself. I refused to stuff my bra and she said I was chicken, this was her karma. I felt bad when her parents smelled the beer and grounded her for drinking though.

12. YES!

Leaving my abusive ex.

13. Hey, it’s your wedding!

Not inviting my needy aunt to go wedding dress shopping with me. She’s begged me already and has been dropping hints for months, but I’m not budging.

This is the one time in my life that something really is only about me, and I’m not going to deal with her drama that day.

14. RIP Fido *sniff*

Creating a small “pet cemetery” in our parents’ back yard, despite my father forbidding it.

It felt like the right thing to do – no regrets.

15. Plums!

Eating the plums from the icebox.

They were delicious.

So sweet, and so cold.

16. Tips ARE NOT mandatory…

I’m normally a big tipper as I worked in the industry a long time but last week I left zero tip for my server that did a horrible job.

17. Don’t be a dick to the customers, please!

When we were in high school, my friends and I would always go to the same diner.

About 85% of the time we’d get sat with this awful woman who’d treat us like shit. She’d smile and be polite with grown ups, but the smile would disappear the second she got to us. She’d leave our food on the counter for 5-10 minutes while she talked to other tables, never refill a single drink, and roll her eyes if you asked for anything.

The first few times I just figured she wasn’t trying because she thought teenagers would tip like shit, so I tipped her really well. But the shitty service continued, and eventually I just tipped her $0.

Only time I’ve ever done that, but she really earned that $0.

18. Sometimes, this is necessary.

Telling the parents of a special needs child (think similar to Down’s Syndrome) that their daughter was struggling a lot with normal schooling (even with her IEP and own lesson plans) and she would be better off in a special needs school sooner rather than later.

They said to be honest with them and I was.

Sorry, not sorry!

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20 Women Who Asked out Their Crushes and Shared the Responses Online

Recently, British relationship blogger Oloni encouraged her female readers to take the leap – ask out that guy (or girl) you’ve been crushing on forever. For extra funsies, she wanted them to screenshot the responses and share them with #datechallenge (presumably to encourage others to carpe diem and all of that).

Photo Credit: Twitter

She may not have been prepared for the number of funny and/or downright insulting no responses that came in along the way, but we (as in, the internet) thank her and the women who participated.


#1. Okay, but he used the wrong “you’re?” So…

Photo Credit:Twitter

#2. IDK about having to cook, though.

Photo Credit: Twitter

#3. What an arse.

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#4. Wow is right.

Photo Credit: Twitter

#5. So…no?

Photo Credit: Twitter

#6. Yeah, buddy!

Photo Credit: Twitter

#7. This made me laugh so hard.

Photo Credit: Twitter

#8. For some reason this is super duper cute.

Photo Credit: Twitter

#9. Awwww.

Photo Credit: Twitter

#10. Smiley face!

Photo Credit: Twitter

#11. My stomach dropped, too!

Photo Credit: Twitter

#12. Both?

Photo Credit: Twitter

#13. Keeper!

Photo Credit: Twitter

#14. Yikes!

Photo Credit: Twitter

#15. I’d take that as a nope.

Photo Credit: Twitter

#16. Well, that was uncalled for. Cripes.

Photo Credit: Twitter

#17. Busted.

Photo Credit: Twitter

#18. “I miss you.” *melts*

Photo Credit: Twitter

#19. I like a man who’s to the point.

Photo Credit: Twitter

#20. Cop. Out.

Photo Credit: Twitter

We know you can choose a lot of sites to read, but we want you to know that we’re thankful you chose Did You Know.

You rock! Thanks for reading!

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15 People Ponder How Much Damage Someone Can Take Without Dying

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right? In video games, the most damage you could take before it’s “Game Over” is right around 99HP (maybe 98, if that particular game’s health bar tops out at 99 points).

These 15 people muse on what, if any, real-life equivalent exists.

#1. Terrifying.


They’re god damn terrifying

Edit: I’ve read a number of your stories. They all prove my point.

#2. Your life flashes before your eyes.

Missing a step while going down the stairs. And when you think you finished, but that last step came out of nowhere and now your life flash before your eyes


#3. My daughter was going to die.

Being told your child is going to die.

I’ve been told on three separate occasions that my daughter was going to die. As I write this, she’s upstairs asleep and she’s fine, but let me tell you – when you look into a Doctor’s eyes and they tell you your child is not long for this world ……-99HP

This blew up a bit, and thanks for all the well wishes. She has navigated a bunch of open heart surgeries with various complications from them but is doing great and has a great future prognosis.

#4. Is it game over?

Choking on food when no one is around belongs here as well, will I be completely fine in 15 seconds or Is game over for me?

#5. In the middle.

A car crash in the middle seat

#6. To the ankle.

taking a scooter to the ankle.

#7. My left everything.

I got T-Boned by a Semi.

Provided that you can’t recover from 0hp, it was a solid 99.9

Since somebody asked: Semi blew a red light as I was pulling out of the hospital I worked at. The ED crew ran out, shoveled me off the asphalt, and ran me inside. If it had been anywhere else I’d have bled out before an ambulance arrived. It broke my left everything, including ten ribs, many if which wound up in my lung, one of which is still unaccounted for. I was fortunate enough not to suffer any spinal damage, but I did lose my left leg below the knee. I’ve made a mostly full recovery, less the.leg and significant lung functionality.

Obligatory: I got spread across the road like so much red paint and all I got was this lousy silver gold showered with internet riches <3 <3 <3

#8. Loser, you.

Pinky toe versus the corner of the bed in the night.

#9. Short and sweet.

Nut shot.

#10. Severely compromised.

A severely compromised immune system.

#11. Giving birth.

I almost died giving birth. 3 years later and I’m only now back to where I started. We almost didn’t make it a few times during the pregnancy, but we got to term, and then a few major organs decided it was time to ntfo. During emergency surgery, I woke up twice and after, they forgot to drug me at all. I screamed and blacked out for an entire day. Mysteriously, I woke up to the nurse changing my iv in the night. But did it kill me? Nope!

#12. But barely.

This guy jumped on two grenades at the same time and lived, but barely. I think that qualifies.

#13. You’re still alive.

Shot in the head but you’re still alive.

#14. Betrayal.

You bite a pizza and the cheese slides off and burns your chin.

#15. The ability to create new memories.

Terry Wallis want into a coma in 1984 and woke up in 2003. He’s completely paralysed, brain damaged and thinks it’s still 1984. He’s lost the ability to create new memories.


I hope I never have to find out for real!

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Garfield Phones Have Been Washing up on a French Beach for 30 Years. We Finally Know Why.

If you’re a person of a certain age (ahem), then you, like me, might have owned a Garfield phone during the halcyon days of your youth. It had Garfield’s trademark bored/sardonic smile (no lasagna in sight, I guess) and the receiver was a fatty, curved part of his spine.

You remember.

Well, since the mid-1980s, broken pieces of the phone have been washing up on the shores in Brittany, France. No one knew or could find out where they were coming from – and with nearly 200 pieces found in the span of a year, the seemingly endless supply troubled environmentalists.

They, like locals, suspected that there might be a lost, sunken shipping container somewhere offshore, but no one had ever been able to find it. And the environmental group Ar Viltansou, along with its president, Claire Simonin-Le Meur, have been searching:

“We were looking for it, but we had no precise idea of where it could be. We thought it was under the sea. We asked people who were divers to look for it. We get a lot of submarines in the area, too – it’s a military area. But they said it was not possible the container could be there and nobody saw it.”

Then, Simonin-Le Mur caught a break – a local farmer approached to explain that 30 years ago he’d spotted a cave filled with phones while out exploring. Excited, the environmentalist and a group of journalists ventured out to the cave, where they solved the mystery!

Inside were more pieces of the phones and a broken, empty shipping container.

“I saw Garfield and container pieces all over the cave. But the bulk of the phones are already gone, the sea has done its job for thirty years. We arrived after the battle,” she told Le Monde.

While it seems the majority of Garfield phone pieces have already been washed away, Simonin-Le Mur hopes the story will generate interest in cleaning the oceans around the world. According to the Ocean Conservancy, 8 million metric tons of plastics find their way to the oceans every year, in addition to the estimated 150 million metric tons of material that’s currently circulating through aquatic habitats.

I miss my phone. I sure hope it didn’t end up in the ocean.

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