Hilarious Reactions to Chuck E. Cheese Going Bankrupt

I know it’s not funny that the current state of the world is forcing companies to declare bankruptcy, and that our kids might grow up without all of the wonders of the world that we did, blah blah blah, but that doesn’t mean humor isn’t still one of the best ways to cope.

A fact you’ll surely agree with me on after reading through these 15 hilarious reactions to people learning that Chuck E. Cheese, childhood staple and bane of parents everywhere, is struggling financially.

15. Just reminiscing about the good old days.

I mean, they weren’t great but they were better than this.

14. When you think about it that way, maybe this is for the best.

I mean. Who thought this branding was great?

13. It would be nice if we could be sure there were better days ahead.

Something tells me that’s just not true, though.

12. Perhaps this is truly when things went downhill.

Although kids love all “monies” it doesn’t matter the color.

11. Only $1? I thought it would be more, because no one eats the salad bar.

Salad bars are gross at the BEST of places, y’all.

10. Back in the 80s we ate creepy characters for breakfast.

This new rat looks too nice. He’s probably hiding something.

9. We reap what we sow, people.

But I mean, I think it’s clear Chuck E. Cheese doesn’t have a bangup marketing team.

8. Everyone already assumes it’s full of germs so there’s that.

He’s just saving America, one disgusting business at a time.

7. 2020 is determined to take it all away.

They can’t have Betty White. They just can’t.

6. They just might be the currency of our impending dystopia.

I mean, you never know.

5. No one in their right mind over the age of 11, anyway.

Which is maybe redundant?

4. This animatronic band was terrifying.

And also it plays at a local bowling alley so come to Kansas City.

3. Now there’s a rat-owned business I could get behind!

I’ll take the specialty, please.

2. American rats are always looking for handouts.

It’s sort of pathetic looking, isn’t it.

1. There’s nowhere to go but up.

I’m sure there will some day be another restaurant looking for a rat representative. Ahem.

Listen, I hate Chuck E. Cheese (although the addition of alcohol lessons my ire), but I still hope they pull through and I can teach my kids to play skeeball.

Parenting is one big contradiction after another, isn’t it?

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LEGO Makes Pop Culture Art Kits for Adults Now. Yay!

Just about everyone loves LEGO…I mean, except for the parent who accidentally steps on one (or several) when they least expect it.

Many a child has spent their time happily building with the toy blocks, and the company knows it. Now, they’ve decided to release a brand new product that’s for adults LEGO Art.

The LEGO Art sets feature famous faces you probably already love, like Marilyn Monroe, The Beatles, Iron Man, and Star Wars characters.

LEGO explained more about the sets in their press release:

The LEGO Art sets offer adults a new creative experience to help them relax and recharge as they transform a blank canvas (or in this case, small interlinking base plates) using LEGO tiles.

The art kits are designed to be easy to rearrange so that it’s easy to display a brand-new version of your kit in your home. After all, you’re definitely going to want to show off your hard work!

LEGO also says that each kit is super easy to hang up:

All four new sets come with a signature tile unique to the set that is worthy of any true work of art, and a new hanging element to make them easy to hang up and switch around.

The art sets are also a great way to relax and unwind during this extended time of turbulence around the world.

Each set is priced at $119.00, and the art is truly stunning.

Photo by Fleur on Unsplash

The customization options mean that you can decide how you want your LEGO art to look. For example, you have the option to recreate Andy Warhol’s famous painting of Marilyn Monroe exactly, or you can mix up the colors and put your own spin on it.

Beatles fans will love being able to recreate the Fab Four’s liner note portraits from the White Album — and you might even want to buy four separate kits so you can display all four Beatles on your wall when you’re finished!

Don’t forget to let us know which set you plan to buy in the comments!

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Satisfying Loops That We Couldn’t Look Away From

We really hope you’re bored because these looping GIFs are going to hold you in place for a long time. The longer you look the harder it will be to break away because these get better the longer you fixate. They also look like they were really fun to make!

Are you ready for such mindless entertainment? Then find a comfortable place to sit and enjoy these 10 hypnotizing loops.

1. Good family fun.

Pops is on fire.

That perfect slide from BetterEveryLoop

2. Like a school bus leaping out of the ocean.

Show off.

Nature cannot be beat! from BetterEveryLoop

3. Wanna dance?

No? Okay, I’ll just crawl back to my drink.

Dance till i fall down from BetterEveryLoop

4. Starts off slow.

Then it becomes a propeller.

Staff Spinning technique tutorial from BetterEveryLoop

5. Man’s fluffy, adorable best friend.

See the toilet paper wall get higher?

Nothing can come between us from BetterEveryLoop

6. I can’t believe what I’m seeing.

But neither can the guy sitting on top of the car.

Crash Level Expert from BetterEveryLoop

7.  Oh my gosh, these kids.

They’re like puppies.

Look at different child every time from BetterEveryLoop

8. These ladies are so excited.

You won’t see excitement like that when you spend money at the Buy-n-Large.

When you buy from a small business from BetterEveryLoop

9. This one is oddly calming.

You know he’ll never fall.

Round n Round n Round n Round…. from BetterEveryLoop

10. Wait, what?

No worries. You’ll get to see it in a loop forever.

The greatest defense ever from BetterEveryLoop

Aren’t these loops great? It’s almost a meditation.

Now get back to work!

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Use These Codes to Watch All Kinds of Television Series on Netflix

We’re still stuck inside, so we’re gonna need to be entertained, right?

Lucky for us, Netflix is so loaded with great TV shows and they have them broken down into categories that you can tap into when you use the codes we’re about to show you.

To access each of these individual categories, sign into Netflix and replace the “xxx” in this web address (www.netflix.com/browse/genre/xxx) with the corresponding code number below OR just click directly on the links we provided.

Let’s take a look at all the great TV shows that Netflix has to offer!

1. British TV Shows (52117)

Photo Credit: Netflix

Unless you’ve been spending time living under a rock, you’ve probably noticed that there are A TON of great British TV shows right now.

Use this special code and you can watch such shows as Peaky Blinders, Marcella, and Broadchurch.

2. Crime TV Shows (26146)

Photo Credit: Netflix

Crime programs are everywhere these days! There’s no doubt about it.

When you tap into this code, you can watch such crime TV shows as Ozark, Reckoning, Dark, and the always-popular Forensic Files.

3. Cult TV Shows (74652)

Photo Credit: BBC

Let’s get weird using this Netflix code!

You can watch such cult shows as The Twilight Zone, Supernatural, and many others. when you take advantage of this code.

4. Food & Travel TV (72436)

Photo Credit: Netflix

Travel the world and try out different cuisine when you use this code.

You can watch programs like Dark Tourist, Somebody Feed Phil, and a host of others.

5. Kids’ TV (27346)

Photo Credit: Netflix

Just because it’s labeled as Kids’ TV doesn’t mean that people of all ages can’t enjoy it.

Use this code to watch shows like What’s New, Scooby Doo?, Liv and Maddie, and Goosebumps.

6. Korean TV Shows (67879)

Photo Credit: KBS2

Korean film and TV are hot right now and Netflix has a lot to offer.

This special code lets you watch such shows as It’s Okay to Not be Okay, Kingdom, and My Sister.

7. Miniseries (4814)

Photo Credit: Paramount Network

Miniseries abound on Netflix!

And when you punch in this code you can watch such critically acclaimed series as Waco, Becoming Champions, and others.

8. Military TV Shows (25804)

Photo Credit: History

Take a deep dive into history when you use this code.

You can watch military-themed shows like Turn: Washington’s Spies, The Tudors, and many others.

9. Science & Nature TV (52780)

Photo Credit: Netflix

How about we actually learn some stuff, huh? Doesn’t that sound good?

This category allows you to watch such science and nature shows like Ancient Aliens, Our Planet, and Exhibit A.

10. TV Action & Adventure (10673)

Photo Credit: Netflix

If it’s action and adventure you seek, then you shall receive.

Use this code to watch Narcos, Black Summer, Hell on Wheels, and many others.

11. TV Comedies (10375)

Photo Credit: Netflix

I don’t know about you, but I need some good laughs!

A lot of good laughs!

Use this Netflix code to watch TV comedies like Trailer Park Boys, Dead To Me, and Toast of London.

12. TV Documentaries (10105)

Photo Credit: Netflix

If you haven’t seen Tiger King yet, then what are you waiting for?

You can watch that crazy documentary and others such as The Devil Next, The Staircase, and many others. when you use this code.

13. TV Dramas (11714)

Photo Credit: Netflix

Netflix really does have all the drama TV shows you can handle, which is great!

Tap into this special category as you can watch series such as The Woods, Bates Motel, and The Valhalla Murders.

14. TV Horror (83059)

Photo Credit: The CW

Are you ready to get creeped out? Me, too!

Take advantage of this code and watch horror shows like The Haunting of Hill House, Hannibal, and Penny Dreadful.

15. TV Mysteries (4366)

Photo Credit: BBC One Wales

Netflix has so many mystery shows that it can be hard to keep up!

Use this special code and you can view such mystery series as Bordertown, Safe, The Sinner, and Hinterland.

16. TV Sci-Fi & Fantasy (1372)

Photo Credit: Showtime

Do you like your TV series to be in the science fiction and fantasy world?

Check out this code and you can watch such programs as Black Mirror, Dark, The Order, and Outlander.

17. Reality TV (9833)

Photo Credit: A&E

Reality TV is still a huge hit after all these years.

Some of the ones you can watch when you use these Netflix codes include Floor Is Lava, The Great British Baking Show, and Selling Sunset.

I think it’s safe to say that these shows will keep all of us busy for quite a while, don’t you think?

Now we want to hear from you.

In the comments, tell us which shows have been your favorite in the past year or so! Thanks in advance for the recommendations!

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Enjoy All the Anime Movies and Shows You Can Handle With These Codes From Netflix

I’m pretty unfamiliar with the world of anime, so these codes from Netflix have been a big help in getting acclimated to all the different types of movies the genre has to offer.

And now we want you to enjoy them, as well.

To access each of these individual categories, sign into Netflix and replace the “xxx” in this web address (www.netflix.com/browse/genre/xxx) with the corresponding code number below OR just click directly on the links we provided.

Are you ready to get your animation on?

Let’s take a look!

1. Adult Animation (11881)

Photo Credit: Netflix

Adult animation is great!

Use this code and you can enjoy such R-Rated animation programs as F is For Family, Big Mouth, and Paradise PD.

2. Anime Action (2653)

Is anime action more your speed? Well, step right up!

Use this code and you can watch titles like Hunter X HunterB: The Beginning, Saint Seiya, and others.

3. Anime Comedies (9302)

Photo Credit: Netflix

Let’s get our laugh on! Anime style!

When you use this Netflix code, you can check out series like K-On!, Aggretsuko, and Pop Team Epic.

4. Anime Dramas (452)

Photo Credit: Netflix

Now you can get dramatic in animated fashion.

When you tap into this Netflix code, you can watch movies like A Whisker Away, A Silent Voice, and In This Corner of the World.

5. Anime Sci-Fi (2729)

Photo Credit: Netflix

There are quite a few science fiction films in the animated category that you can check out.

Use this special code to enjoy titles like Sword Art Online, 7 Seeds, and many others.

6. Anime Horror (10695)

Photo Credit: Netflix

Now we’re talking!

Horror is great in any form, including when it’s animated!

In this category, you can watch Devilman Crybaby, Vampire Knight, and all kinds of others!

7. Anime Fantasy (11146)

Photo Credit: Netflix

If you need your animated fantasy fix, Netflix has you covered.

When you utilize this code, you can watch such series as Attack on Titan, Beastars, Black Butler, and others.

A lot of great movies and shows to watch in that category, no doubt about it.

Do you have any other recommendations for animated movies or TV shows?

If so, please share them with us in the comments!

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10 of the Internet’s Most Epic Burns

Y’all ready for this?

The internet will always have an abundance of at least three things:
• Cats
• Uninformed opinions
• Sick burns

Certain corners of the internet are basically just the whole world roasting itself and frankly, we’re here for it. It’s entertaining as hell. Which is why we think you’ll enjoy these 10 insults, clap backs, and and general bits of supa hot fire.

10. Soul mates

If you can’t take the heat, get out of the internet.

9. Cool as ice

No disrespect, Tupac, this is just funny.

8. Rated PG

Tony Hawk’s new career is just people not knowing who he is at airports.

7.  No offense

I’ve been told this and I don’t even have the advantage of BEING him.

Source: NBC

6. Transparent

I, too, have invisible friends.

5. Game STOP

They didn’t have to do that, but they did it.

4. Swift justice

This is mostly just a reminder that we pay pro athletes way too much money.

3. Smoke ’em if you got ’em

His dignity disappeared in a puff of joke.

2. Growing pains

For real, you’re perfectly attractive, but stop it with this nonsense.

1. Biology

Don’t think he’ll be making any bonds tonight.

Damn! I need to head to the freezer and see if I can find an ice pack to recover from all those burns. Remember kids, if you get burned on the internet, it lasts forever, so stay careful out there.

What’s the best burn you’ve been witness to lately?

Tell us in the comments.

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Check out This Facebook Group Where Millennials Pretend to Be Boomers

A lot of hay has been made about the “war” between Millennials and Boomers. But in the end, it’s really all about the memes. At least that seems to be the philosophy of a private group on Facebook called a group where we all pretend to be boomers.

It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like, and it’s rapidly gaining popularity, with nearly 15k members at the time of writing and likely far more by the time you see this. The bit is simple: a bunch of people young to youngish people do an impression of the online habits and styles of their older counterparts. That’s it. That’s all. And it’s kind of hilarious.

A thread on this latest lob in the generational war picked up a lot of attention when Twitter user @manhattanna posted a series of screenshots from within the group alongside commentary explaining that she might actually die from laughter.

Here are some examples of the kinds of things she unearthed. (All screenshots are from @manhattanna’s thread here and were presumably taken within the Facebook group. Names and faces have been removed to protect the innocent.)

10. Dinner With Tom

The vicious face at the end of the comment thread is what kills me here.

9. A Trip to the Mall

I know it’s a joke but I genuinely feel sorry for the pretend person that posted this.

8. Off Color

WHY oh WHY do Boomers love minions so damn much?

7. Twinkie Time

The classic “Boomer shares a dirty meme without realizing it” bit.

6. Red Lobster Dates

So many of these are about death and loss and I shouldn’t be laughing but dammit I kinda am.

5. Engojis


4. Ant Man Returns

The way this person never uses a period correctly is just masterful.

3. Custody Battle

This was one of a series of “really tragic post on inappropriately lighthearted background.”

2. Ghost Phone

I have seen legitimate listings like this I swear to God.

1. My Dinner with Bob

Just type that text into whatever box, I’m sure it’ll get where it’s going.

If I’m being honest this sort of stuff fills me with a mix of unbridled joy and deep guilt. I know full well that, if I’m lucky to live long enough, I will eventually be totally baffled by whatever new thing society throws at me. And when that day comes, a group of kids will get together and make memes about it which I will also not understand. And then I’ll just get in my rocket powered recliner and go to my moon retirement estate, I don’t need this mess.

Which of the posts is your favorite?

Tell us in the comments.

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People Share the Things That Get a Lot of Unnecessary Hate

I’m gonna say it: I LIKE GUY FIERI.

I think he’s super nice, super positive, he obviously loves what he does, and he does a lot of good work for charities.

I think his TV show is good, too.

So why all the hate?

Some things and people just get hated on. It’s a fact of life.

AskReddit users weighed in what they think gets a totally unnecessary amount of hate.

1. Don’t hate on it.


Most of the videos are made by kids or teens. Let’s admit it, most of us would be making TikToks too if it had existed when we were 13. Instead, we had marquees and wacky-colored cursors on MySpace.

Those kids are doing the cringy shit we did, they just do it on video.”

2. I wish I did it!


Sure it’s intense compared to your average gym session, and without doubt there are a handful of shitty coaches out there, but it’s a great social activity, teaches people to move well (yes, yes, there are shitty coaches) and understand the mechanics of their body.”

3. It’s very popular…


It’s just another genre of music but in a different language, yeah fans can be cringy but pretty much fans of anything can be cringy, and kpop groups tend to get even more hate than western artists just for being asian, even though most kpop idols are less or even not problematic at all.”

4. Not your business.

“Not wanting or liking kids. If it’s none of your business, spend your energy on something positive rather than useless judgement.

It is a little frustrating how many people’s responses to a post about lessening your judgement… is to judge and complain.

You know you guys are proving my point, right? Like super explicitly. I hope it’s helpful to readers of the thread.”

5. Thank you!

“Guy Fieri.

He seems like a genuinely good person.

In 2017 and 2018 he cooked for thousands of victims and first responders affected by the California wildfires.”

6. She’s just a kid.

“Billy Eilish.

People who talk shit on her are literally talking shit on a kid. Do you have nothing better to do? I get you don’t like her music, I don’t necessarily favor her music either but that’s no reason to attack her personally.”

7. Look into it.


Yeah there are a lot of vegan idiots you hear about, but you don’t hear about all of the vegans with completely normal lives. Veganism is simply food without chicken, cow, pig, fish, eggs, or dairy.

You can find protein and vitamins from other sources. But some people go extreme with either raw vegan, fruitarian, low carb, etc.”

8. This one is very weird.

“Greta Thunberg.

People hate her with a passion and it’s ridiculous.

A girl with a lot of foresight: “We should save the planet, make a future for our young”

Some asshole: “I wish you were dead, little girl”

I genuinely don’t understand that train of thought.”

9. Unions.

“Labor Unions.

Since the vast majority of people are working stiffs that would benefit so much from being in a union, it’s amazing that they’re unpopular at all.

Groups of worker who essentially band together so they’re able to bargain for a more fair share of the profits their labor produces. Throw in some great health insurance for you and the family and a pension so you can retire in dignity.

Seriously, what’s not to like?”

10. Furry alert!


Like, yeah, sexualizing anthros are weird and like mmmmmake me uncomfortable. But children who role play as warrior cats? Neuro divergent teens who find comfort in it?

Yeah, I think spending thousands of dollars on a fur suit is silly, but their out here living their best live sooooo. Cringe culture is all about making fun of children (well mostly adults who are into kid things) but like why??

Their life doesn’t affect you in any way???”

11. Good point.


Feminism is female equality. I feel like we all agree that women should be legally allowed to vote and given constitutional rights. So why hate on feminism?

Bunch of right wing propaganda masquerading as memes about fringe wackos who want men to donate their paychecks or some stupid shit. You can’t achieve equality by reversing injustice.

Those people aren’t feminists, they’re angry assholes.”

12. Politics as usual.

“The other political party:

I’m just being honest. Due to the structure of algorithms and confirmation bias, people on both sides are fed straw-man arguments of the people that are different from them.”

13. Live and let live.


Not “smoking”. I think that smoking receives the appropriate amount of hate. Smoking sucks. Smokers get a lot of shit though, just for having an unhealthy vice. I’m not trying to throw stones though, I have a few unhealthy vices myself.

I have a friend who got irritated when some second hand smoke wafted past them in a movie theater parking lot. The lot was behind the theater, the smoker was far way from all the exits and not anywhere near a high traffic walking area.

My friend said “Ugh, gross. Isn’t that so inconsiderate?” I said “…no, man. This guy is like…as far away from people as he can reasonably be, and the wind just happened to carry a little of the smoke the 40 feet between you two.

Where do you want this guy to go to have his smoke, Mars?”. My friend was then annoyed with me.”

14. Capitalism.


I want to be rewarded for working hard. If I’m not incentivized to work hard, I’m not going to. I’m not a billionaire. I’m not a millionaire. I don’t hate poor people. I don’t like Trump or Bloomberg. I think our healthcare, education, and housing is fucked and should be socialized.

I just think it’s stupid how much reddit hates capitalism. The world is a cruel place. People are assholes. Life isn’t fair. The government can’t create a system to change that.

Socialism only works if people love their jobs and never want more in life.

If someone told me that no matter how hard I worked, I would never be able to attain X because things are supposed to be equal, I would either say fuck you and go and attain X because I can, or I would be spiteful and do 0 work and actively look for opportunities to fuck the government.”

15. To serve and protect.


Yes, we need to reform how police forces are trained and be able to hold them accountable for their actions. But the broad sweeping generalizations that people make about how all cops are horrible and you’re afraid you are going to get shot when a cop pulls you over for a tail light is ridiculous and makes for an unproductive conversation.

I do honestly believe there are good cops out there and there are people who go into the job wanting to serve their community even though it is a high stress job.”

Now we want to hear from all the readers out there.

In the comments, tell us about the things you think get hated on way too much.

Please and thank you!

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People Talk About What Gets an Unwarranted Amount of Hate

A lot of people are haters.

It’s sad but true.

Some people hate on things because they don’t understand it. Other things get put down because they get too big or popular.

And some people hate things just because they’re negative and they like to be, well, dicks.

But some things out there get a lot of hatred and it doesn’t seem warranted.

Let’s take a look at what AskReddit users had to say.

1. Looking for some respect.

“Robert Pattinson. Sure, he got famous for the “Twilight” movies, and no, they’re not very good; but all of the weird independent films he’s made after that really scream that this poor guy just wants to be appreciated as an actor.”

2. Grosses some people out.

“The word ‘moist’.

I’m just describing this nice cake I’m eating and you’re acting like I’m reciting ancient curses from the Satanic bible.”

3. Remember them?

“The most celebrated Canadian alt-rock band of the mid 1990s, the Barenaked Ladies.”

4. Don’t hate the player.

“Basically anything that everyone under the age of 15 is into.

The irony is, the majority/plurality of people that hate on it; the thing that they were into at that age was the thing the Internet hated at that time in the same way.

“fortnite bad minecraft good”? I remember when Reddit (and the Internet in general) didn’t like Minecraft because it was full of “cringy pre-teens” in the exact same way that Fortnite is “hated” now.

I guarantee you, in 5-7 years time, Fortnite will be seen in the same way as Minecraft is seen now. It happened with Minecraft, it happened with Call of Duty, it happened with Runescape, it happened with Halo.

Heck, the likes of World of Warcraft and Dungeons and Dragons always used to be stereotyped as “that game that only loser nerds in their mom’s basement play” (which was a dumb assumption to begin with), but now anyone and their dog can say they have an account/campaign and no-one bats an eye – you’d be raked over the coals for admitting that a decade or so ago.”

5. I love ’em!


I eat them regularly since I was a kid and it just blows my mind that there are people who take eating vegetables as punishment or they need to “learn” to like it or cook it because somehow they find it disgusting in raw state. I cant imagine not eating at least one kind of vegetable once a day.”

6. Nothing wrong with it.

“Shitty Beer.

Look, no one is making you drink bud light or coors. You can also choose not to drink if the beer that is provided to you is that bad.

I say this as a person who drinks way more than I should and chooses not to drink shitty beer.”

7. Don’t worry about it.

“Pop music.

Don’t like Taylor Swift? Don’t listen to her music. It has literally never, in the entire breadth of human history, been easier to find music that fits your taste.”

8. Yeah, this is weird.

“iPhone/ Android hatred.

Who the f cares what phone other people have!? I like my apple.

Why do people have to tell me their Android is superior and my phone is trash when they see that?!”

9. Another shot?

“People who have been in jail.

I mean they already paid for their crime. Can we let them have a regular job and  join society again without spitting on them for the rest of their life?”

10. Girly?

“Probably late to this, but I felt I should add, Men who are into “girly” things.

Like any male who likes something “girly” instantly gets criticized by the entirety of society, including their own parents, like wtf is up with this?”

11. Bang your head!

“Most metal bands.

Worst thing is, people who don’t listen to metal couldn’t give less fucks about these bands.

It’s the damn metalheads always criticizing bands for changing their sound too much or always sounding the same, or for sounding too much like other bands, or not sounding enough like their genre, or switching genres, or changing their aesthetic or not changing it, or being posers, or the feared going mainstream.

It’s like metal bands get a free pass on their first album and from there on it’s the shit avalanche.”

12. Teen stuff.


Especially teenage girls who dress similarly and act similarly. It happens in every single generation and will happen until the end of time. Everyone that age is impressionable and wants to fit in. You probably were too. It’s a part of life.

Grow up, stop gatekeeping everything, and stop trying to make them feel even more insecure all the time, especially if they aren’t even doing anything to you.

I saw a grown man the other day refer to a teenage girl wearing leggings and a generic “teenager-ish” outfit as an “abortion that should have been” and she didn’t even interact with this person, or really do anything at all. What kind of psychopath says that about a kid??

If you don’t like them, who cares. They’re teenagers. If you let teenagers just existing piss you off, you have a problem.”

13. I love Florida!


The Florida weirdness is a result of a transparency in government law that releases police report data to the public almost immediately (scrubbed of identifying information to protect privacy IIRC). That’s why you get all the “Florida Man _____” headlines where other states don’t have them. The state police were required to issue a bulletin and the news wires just babysit the feed waiting for interesting stories.”

14. I’m not a fan…

“Pineapple on pizza!

It’s actually weird cause so many people eat weird things together, but pineapple on pizza gets hate for some reason.”

15. Have some fun!

“Old people doing young people trends.

They just want to be a part of the fun.”

16. They do get a lot of hate.


The only explanation I ever heard for all they hate they get was that they were on the radio all the time.

This maybe due to the (done zero research on this) Canada having to air Canadian artists for a certain % of airtime. Heard the same of Bieber.

A reason the US hated on them is they also had an insane amount of airtime on radios because their music (studio/producer/whatever) was cheaper than most. And, like other commenters have pointed out, they are pretty talented.

So they were just hard to escape if there was a radio nearby.”

Some very interesting replies there…

What do you think?

Talk to us in the comment and let us know what you believe gets too much unwarranted hate.

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A Person Mashed Up ‘Lord of the Rings’ Scenes With Headlines from ‘The Onion’

The movies that make up The Lord of the Rings franchise have kept millions of people entertained as we were shut inside for most of the past few months. Re-watching the movies and re-reading the books have helped us pass the time. By now, many of us could recap plots and quote lines without blinking an eye. Another source of immense entertainment joy are the satirical articles published by The Onion. The headlines alone can start the most bored of us laughing.

Twitter user Lauren used her downtime wisely and came up with a series that combined our passions for epic fantasy movies and satire by matching film scenes with headlines. The results are hilarious.

She told Bored Panda that after making the first one she kept seeing perfect headlines for LotR scenes.

So, she kept creating memes.

She thought maybe a few people would see and like them.

She was pleasantly surprised to see her thread retweeted more than 27,000 times and liked by 105,000.

Obviously, she’s a big fan of the movies and know all the characters.

Samwise Gamgee is her favorite one because he’s such a good friend to everyone, especially Frodo.

Like the rest of us, she’s looking forward to The Silmarillion movies. Hopefully, she’ll get another thread going with more scenes and headlines.

Will some think these headline/scene combo are real? There are people who don’t get The Onion’s satire.

Lauren’s happy she could bring a smile to so many people. It’s amazing what a person can do with Photoshop and some imagination!

And she even inspired others to post their creations. She kept a lot of people occupied for a few hours.

Isn’t it nice when we can play nicely together?

The combinations are endless. It’s like LotR and The Onion were made for each other.

What else can we put with Onion headlines? Harry Potter? John Wick? I’m a little excited about this.

What do you think of these matches? Have you made any of your own? Post them in the comments!

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