A Man Smuggled His Dog into the Hospital to See His Dying Wife and Now We’re All Crying

There’s a reason this story has been going viral on Reddit and other social media sites: it’s absolutely heartbreaking, yet incredibly sweet at the same time. It also goes to show just how incredible the bond us mere humans can be lucky enough to have with our precious dogs.

The Reddit user shared his personal story about his wife and dog, Bella.

Photo Credit: Reddit

Uggghhhh. The man’s dying wife wanted to see her dog one more time, so the husband decided to sneak the pooch into the hospital in a suitcase.

Photo Credit: Reddit

Seems like Bella knew she had to be quiet so she wouldn’t alert the hospital staff.

Photo Credit: Reddit

The dog made it into the hospital and got to say goodbye to his mama before she passed away a few days later.

Photo Credit: Reddit

Where are the tissues? This story calls for at least a whole box.

As has been said over and over, we don’t deserve dogs.

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This Guy’s Duck Story on Tinder Is Easily the Greatest Way to Score a Girl’s Number

Dating these days is… well, let’s just say it’s not like it used to be. Thanks to Tinder, manners and charm have seemingly gone out the window. Welcome to the world of the insta-date. Swipe right, swipe left, match, get the number, set up a date, sleep together…then what? Lather, rinse, repeat, I suppose.

Well, this guy has all the other Tinder men beat with his funny and intriguing story about a duck – all to get the girl’s number. His creativity charmed her, and I bet he actually made her laugh enough to hand over the digits.

Photo Credit: Reddit, u/mattythegee

Photo Credit: Reddit, u/mattythegee

Photo Credit: Reddit, u/mattythegee

Many people applauded his creativity and are thinking of trying it out for themselves.

Photo Credit: Reddit, u/LUCIEN

Photo Credit: Reddit, u/drkrogue

Photo Credit: Ruin My Week

Photo Credit: Ruin My Week

Take note gentleman (and ladies)! This is a game changer.

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10+ Dog Posts Guaranteed to Make You Smile

If there’s one thing that’s a surefire cure for those times when you’re feeling blue, it’s gotta be dogs!

I mean, really, who doesn’t love dogs?

Trust me, these posts of dogs living their best life are going to make you one happy human.

1. Robber stopping doggy

Photo Credit: Twitter

2. Big ‘n little

Photo Credit: Twitter

3 There he goes!

4. Happy birthday!

5. Treat time

6. This is the best thing EVER


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*edited* For everyone who found joy in this video, thank you so much for sharing and passing on pompom’s happy awwra. I’ve spoke with the owner and turns out her daughter has created an Instagram account for Pom and their other dog Pixel (a maltese). Do give them a follow and show them some love. . PLEASE DO NOT REPOST THIS VIDEO. Thank you. . Instagram: @Pom_and_Pixel . . So much Zen in such a tiny body. PomPom the Pomeranian Groomed by: Me 😁 Instagram of groomer: groomer_andrea . #dogs #dogstagram #dogsofinstagram #doggram #instadogs #insta_dogs #friends #petgrooming #pet #petsagram #petgram #grooming #groomer #work #friendsatwork #instalove #instadorable #sgig #igsg #shiroro #petgasm #Homegrooming #homegroomer #onlypomeranians #pomeranian #pomeranians#pomgram #pomeraniansofinstagram #pomstagram #bootcutjeans

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7. Where could she be?

8. Cuddle puddle

9. Classic cocktail

Photo Credit: Twitter

10. I need this dog in my life

11. Loophole

Photo Credit: Twitter

12. Superspy

Photo Credit: Twitter

I don’t know how you feel, but I’m I’m in a much better mood now.

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New Study Finds that Bigger Dogs Make Better Pets

Small dog owners beware: you may not lie to hear this.

Recently, a study published in Applied Animal Behavior Science sought to answer whether big or small dogs make better pets. The researchers examined a variety of criteria, including obedience, aggression, excitability, and anxiety.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Going into the study, they believed they would find that smaller dogs displayed less obedience and more of the negative behaviors like aggression and anxiety, and their findings supported their suspicions: bigger dogs do in fact make better, more laid-back pets.

However, that could be our own fault. Owners of small dogs reported treating them differently than their larger counterparts. They didn’t engage in as many training and play activities and also reported fewer uses of punishment and reward tools when training smaller dogs.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Owners who used positive reinforcement and reward-based training with smaller dogs saw an increase in obedience and a decrease in anxious and fear behaviors.

The paper concluded that owners of smaller dogs would do well to spend more time training and playing with their dogs and correcting unwanted behaviors with rewards, since punishments can reinforce fear and fear-related aggression.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

So while it is true that small dogs tend to be more anxious and prone to aggressive fear responses than their larger counterparts, it’s at least partly because people are more likely to treat them like babies and not animals. If you have a small dog, it’s important to remember that it needs to be played with and trained like any other canine, and that the responsibility is yours to reinforce behaviors positively to soothe their natural anxieties.

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These Paternity Test Results from a Zoo in Switzerland Are Straight out of “Jerry Springer”

When we think of paternity tests, particularly ones that cause drama and scandal, we tend it to think of them as a uniquely human problem. It turns out, however, that we aren’t the only species to wind up with some truly surprising paternity test results. This time, it was the orangutans in the hot seat.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Padma was born about five months ago. Her parents were thought to be Maja and Budi, a male and female who were matched specifically because of how little overlapping DNA they shared. Orangutans are part of the Endangered Species Program, so, when they are bred at zoos, increasing genetic diversity is a top priority.

But when the results of the paternity test came back…it turned out Budi was not the father.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Instead, the zoo’s dominant male Vendel was the other half of the parental equation – even though he lived in an entirely different enclosure. One that had an open border somewhere, since that was where Maja went to get what she needed from the male orangutan of her choice.

Apparently, Vendel has something that Budi does not: cheek pads. The fabulously extravagant face flaps, also known as flanges, are to female orangutans like dimples or cleft chins are to human females.

Which is to say, irresistible.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

The paternity testing is standard procedure, even though this is the first time a test has come back with unexpected results – at least in Basel. The Loveland Living Planet Aquarium in Utah can sympathize, though, since they recently had some test results reveal that their usually-monogamous Gentoo penguins were sharing partners for funsies.

Which just goes to show, once again, that humans aren’t as removed from the animal world as we would like to think.

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Most female cheetahs go…

Most female cheetahs go their entire lives without raising a single cub to maturity. The species is dependent on “supermoms” that are particularly adept at raising cubs. One such supermom, Eleanor, has mothered at least 10% of all adult cheetahs in the southern Serengeti.

You Can Now Get Slippers That Look Exactly Like Your Dog (Or Other Pets)!

Do you love your dog to an extreme? So much that you want to have them immortalized in the form of warm, fuzzy slippers?

Well then, Custom Clones has the answer for you! For the low cost of $199, they can “turn your favorite buddy into one of our most loved products in a matter of minutes.”

The likeness is actually pretty uncanny.

Photo Credit: Instagram, @pugoulou

They specialize in slippers, but they also make an array of other products, such as jewelry, stockings, and golf club covers.

And don’t worry if you feel your brand new fuzzy slippies don’t resemble your pet – Custom Clones offer 100% money back guarantee. But they do pretty spot-on work. Just take a look and see for yourself:

Photo Credit: Instagram, @thebrokedog

Photo Credit: Instagram, @lularoe

I can’t even tell which is the real dog!  **Runs to order slippers**

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This Autism Service Dog’s Mischievous Antics Have the Internet in Stitches

Dogs are man’s best friend, but that doesn’t mean they don’t stress us out now and then. Take Arwen, a Husky/Kelpie mix, for instance. According to one of her adoptive family members, she is “a little asshole.”

Photo Credit: Tumblr

In reality, Arwen is a trained autism service dog and highly intelligent. Where was she trained, you ask? Why, in prison, of course, as part of an inmate rehab/service dog program. Certainly, time in the cooler can teach a dog a lot about life.

So, now that she’s adopted, Arwen seems to get herself into all sorts of shenanigans. In fact, Tumblr user gallusrostromegalus decided to share with the world all the trouble Arwen causes.

Which is a lot.

At first, Arwen’s new family calls her shenanigans a “learning curve.”

Photo Credit: Tumblr

Prison AC?

Photo Credit: Tumblr

Why did it have to be snakes?

Photo Credit: Tumblr

Another prickly situation.

Photo Credit: Tumblr

Arwen sometime starts fights with her cousin over who gets the recliner.

Photo Credit: Tumblr

Shenanigan bonus time!

Photo Credit: Tumblr

Arwen could be part monkey.

Photo Credit: Tumblr

Arwen can’t help herself. She’s got a mind for shenanigans.

Photo Credit: Tumblr

Whatever the background to her mischief making, Arwen’s tails – make that tales – has got the internet crazy for this funny dog and her adventures. She may not always be a good dog, but she’s certainly an entertaining one.

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The scientists who first discovered…

The scientists who first discovered the platypus thought it was fake. Although indigenous Aboriginal people already knew of the creature, European scientists assumed an egg-laying, duck-billed, beaver-tailed, otter-footed, venomous mammal had to be an elaborate hoax.

Physicist Wins “Ig Noble” Prize for His Research on Whether Cats Should be Classified as a Liquid or Solid

The Ig Nobel Prize, awarded by Improbable Research, is a prize that celebrates the lighter side of science by awarding prizes to real, scientifically valid research that probably won’t actually advance mankind at all… but is hilarious nonetheless.

For example, physicist Marc-Antoine Fardin won the Ig Nobel Prize for his research paper on the rheology or deformation and flow of matter…of cats.

Photo Credit: Sad And Useless

A material must be able to modify its form to fit within a container. The action must also have a characteristic duration. In rheology, this is called the relaxation time. Determining if something is liquid depends on whether it’s observed over a time period that’s shorter or longer than the relaxation time.

So with regard to cats, clearly they can adapt their shape to their container if we give them enough time. In conclusion, based on the above theory, cats are a liquid if we give them the time to become liquid.

Photo Credit: Bored Panda

But are cats really a liquid? That remains inconclusive, but Fardin does believe that cats can be a solid or a liquid as he notes in Rheology Bulletin in 2014.

And, for any creature-conscious readers out that, he also mentions that no cats were harmed during his research. Even though they may look a little panicked in those containers, that’s just their faces. Whew!

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