This Young Girl’s Basketball Stunts Are Pretty Incredible


Look out, Steph Curry! And keep your eyes open, Lebron!

You guys might have some serious competition in the upcoming years from a young basketball phenom named Karolina Ramirez, a 12-year-old from Stuart, Florida.

Check it out!

The youngster is a basketball prodigy and she now has a large following on Instagram with more than 65,000 followers!

You can tune in to her page to see Ramirez do all kinds of wizardry on the basketball court!

It seems like she can do it all, from dribbling to shooting to some tricks that you’ll see in a video at the end of this article.

Her dad Orlando says,

“It became apparent that Karolina was a talented player at 6 years old after playing and practicing basketball since she was 4.

She performs the trick shots by practicing for hours and challenging herself.”

This kid is the REAL deal. Check out these moves!

Her father added,

“It helps her get closer to achieving her goals.

Basketball is simply a platform that will open many paths in her life.”

Ramirez pulls off all kinds of great tricks on the court, including using a pogo stick! Yes, a POGO STICK.

Take a look at this video of Ramirez performing some of her great basketball stunts.

Wow! She’s not messing around! Keep your eye on this one! I have a feeling we might see Ramirez on the college hoops scene in a few years and maybe even in the WNBA sometime in the future.

Now we want to hear from you. Do you know of any other young sports superstars that we should know about?

If so, please tell us about them in the comments. Thanks a lot!

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Tweets That Parents Will Absolutely Understand

I grew up with two sisters and my memory of the early years is a little hazy but I’m fairly sure we were all absolute terrors.

At the time it was easy to look at my parents as killjoys who wanted nothing in this world but to engender my perpetual disappointment, but in retrospect, I think we’re lucky they didn’t sell us to a passing circus or something. Because kids can be…a lot.

To illustrate what I’m talking about, here are ten tweets from parents who know the struggle all too well.

10. Once upon a time…

And they never heard from her again.

9. Tips and tricks

“Clean enough” might as well be the name of my autobiography.

8. Beat the spread

For instance, my patience.

7. Get this bread

He wants to be a part of the upper crust.

6. Clean up your language

How about YOU do that.

5. A simple request

Oh well, guess we’ll try again tomorrow.

4. For the record

Plague be damned, no one can endure this sort of torment.

3. Killing time

Life before the internet was somehow weirder than life before the internet.

2. Coffee break

Come on in, pull up a shirt.

1. Making the rounds

When God opens a window, he also loses a lid.

To the parents out there dealing with the joys and pains of raising a kid, I salute you. From my bed. Where I can nap. Because I don’t have kids. Good luck!

Do you have kids? What’s the experience been like?

Tell us in the comments.

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Memes for Parents Because They Need a Break

Do you know how to raise a child?

No seriously, I’m asking. Because I don’t. And the prospect that I will likely someday have to is freaking me out a little more each day.

I’ve been trying to find advice on the internet but I just keep looking at memes. Maybe they can help?

Let’s find out with these fifteen parenting gems.

15. Tell me more

Wednesday will not be pleased to hear about this.

Via: Someecards

14. Forgive me, father

They mustn’t find out who I truly am.

Via: Someecards

13. Guffaw suppression

Just gotta hold it in for like 15 more years and then tell them about it then.

Via: Someecards

12. Clean up

I’ve had a few roommates like this as well.

Via: Someecards

11. Tattle tale

I’m sure he’s thrilled about it every time.

Via: Someecards

10. Take a break

It’s somehow more soothing than any white noise machine.

Via: Someecards

9. Butt of the joke

How any of those teachers are surviving this is totally beyond me.

Via: Someecards

8. Fruit on top

Just a refreshing 4,000 calories to get your day started.

Via: Someecards

7. Dolla dolla bills, ya’ll

Don’t spend it all in one place.

Via: Someecards

6. Time’s change

Humanity has never really had it together.

Via: Someecards

5. Potty training

Ah, nah, this is definitely not what I signed up for.

Via: Someecards

4. Secret meetings

There’s not much room but at least it’s quiet.

Via: Someecards

3. Blanket statements

Looks like that laundry is going…undercover.

Via: Someecards

2. Join us

It’s only gonna get crazier from here.

Via: Someecards

1. Silent perfection

You could only improve by being unconscious.

Via: Someecards

Parenting doesn’t look easy, but it does look…rewarding? I think? Or at least it produces good memes?

Do you have any parenting tips?

Share them with us in the comments.

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A Little Girl Didn’t Move a Single Muscle During a Dance Recital and People Loved It

Legends are not made, they’re born…is that how the saying goes? Or something kind of like that…?

Whatever the case, I think you’ll agree with me very shortly that a 4-year-old girl named Charlie will now forever be remembered for her hilarious and defiant attitude that came out in full force during a dance recital that was thankfully captured on video.

The little girl’s name is Charlie and, as you’ll see in the videos below, she stood motionless and refused to move a single muscle during the recital while wearing a tutu for six whole minutes while her fellow dancers got down to business.


Went to my niece’s outdoor dance recital and witnessed this legend. #dancrecital #legend

♬ original sound – Caleb

Charlie’s mother, Tiffany Cosby, didn’t realize her daughter become TikTok famous until a co-worker told her about it.

Tiffany asked her daughter why she stood motionless during the recital and Charlie replied, “there were a lot of people.” Well, she’s not wrong about that…

At the end of the recital, Charlie finally did give in and she decided to dance just a little bit when she was moved away from being front and center…I guess she just couldn’t resist.


With permission from this icon’s mother, @cosbyt8 , here is the only movement recorded during her 6 minute performance #dancrecital #legend

♬ original sound – Caleb


Tiffany said about Charlie,

“We were actually shocked she did dance in the finale.

I honestly think it was because she was in the back row.

She is really animated and outgoing if it’s in a small group of people she knows.”

This kid is a riot!

Have you seen any other really funny videos lately that you think you need to check out?

If so, please share some links with us in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!

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A Woodworker Made Dozens of Desks for Local Kids Who Are Learning From Home

To all the parents who are dealing with their kids learning from home, we salute you…because it can’t be easy for you OR the kiddos who are pretty much housebound during the pandemic that we’re all living through.

But out of all uncertainty and hard times, we occasionally get wholesome stories about everyday people doing great and generous things for other folks…and here’s a good one for you to enjoy.

A woodworker named Mitch Couch made a desk for his kids to work at while learning from home and he shared a photo of the desk on Instagram and remarked how cheap and easy it was to build.

A local business owner learned about Couch’s work and got in touch with him and asked if he would make more desks to be donated to local schools. Couch immediately said yes and got busy making 35 desks for kids in his community.

A local company in Lemoore, California, where Couch lives called Grocery Outlet generously donated the supplies to help out with this important project.

If you’re interested in building a desk like the one that Couch made for the kids, check out his website HERE for instructions. His website also offers advice on all kinds of DIY building projects.

What a nice act of kindness!

Now we want to hear from you.

Have you seen anything on social media or in the news lately that really warmed your heart?

If so, please share links and tell us about them in the comments. Thanks a lot!

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Parents With Multiple Kids: These Funny Tweets Are for You

Parents with more than one kid, we feel your pain, and we want to provide you with some comic relief.

You’ve been putting up with a helluva lot this year and we believe that is our duty to give you a break and make you laugh.

Let me paint a picture for you and you tell me if this sounds familiar: your house has become a war zone, with the kids fighting, which leads to you fighting with your partner, which leads to the entire household becoming a bubbling cauldron that is just waiting to explode!

Does that describe your household?

That’s what I thought!

So take a break from the madness and laugh at some funny tweets!

Let’s go!

1. Isn’t that adorable?

They really love each other!

2. It’s just not the same.

Parents, does this look familiar?

3. Don’t act like you’re shocked.

We know about the old days…

4. That’s a good plan.

But it could backfire…

5. Kids and dieting.

Some of the lessons are interchangeable.

6. Have you read the manual?

It’s all in there!

7. Sometimes, you have to pretend.

But you’re really impressed.

8. Oh, it’s on.

Who will get there first?!?!

9. Not really the same…

But keep telling yourself that…

10. Not looking good.

These kids are pretty smart…

11. A good tip.

Pay attention to this one!

12. Sick burn!

Feel free to use it.

13. This sums it up.

You fight just BECAUSE, okay?

Okay, now we want to hear from all the readers out there who have kids!

How are you holding up? Are you about to lose your marbles during these crazy times?

Talk to us in the comments and let us know what’s up!

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Enjoy These Funny Tweets About the Realities of Parenting Siblings

Oh, moms and dads…we can only imagine the trials and tribulations that you’re experiencing right now.

Especially if you have MORE THAN ONE KIDDO to look after during these unprecedented and turbulent times.

You’re trapped in the house with no escape and, as you can probably guess, the kids are at each others’ throats…and then that spills over to the parents who then lose their minds and turn on each other, etc.

The whole thing is just a huge fiasco!

But, at least you can laugh with some of these funny tweets from parents who are parenting siblings…let’s take a look.

1. Yeah, pretty much.

You know it’s gonna end badly…

2. You know that’s the truth!

We’ve all been there before.

3. This is gonna get ugly.

Let the crying commence.

4. Back and forth.

It’s a non-stop tug of war.

5. Please, stop! It’s gonna be okay!

Stop before Mom gets here!

6. An offer you can’t refuse.

I’d like to know the outcome of this.

7. You don’t have a choice.

You’ll do it and you’ll like it!

8. Maybe in the shin?

This is a tough one…

9. That doesn’t really help…

And that’s not what I meant.

10. Sounds delicious!

And delightful!

11. We’ll be back.

But let’s try to save time, okay?

12. Just stop it!

Didn’t really see that coming…

13. Fight to the death.

Just like the WWE.

14. Ain’t that the truth?

Happens every single time.

How about you, moms and dads?

Are your kids driving you a little bit nuts right now?

Talk to us in the comments and tell us how it’s going!

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Funny Tweets About Parenting Siblings

As someone who grew up in a house with four siblings, I can only imagine the daily hell that we put our parents through, now that I’m older and a little bit wiser.

There were certain days where all five of us kids were fighting, screaming, and threatening to run away. Good times! And I’m sure that my mom and dad were just delighted to be dealing with that kind of BS after working all day to put a roof over our heads and food on the table.

Mom and dad, I apologize and I’m still trying to make it up to you…and yes, I’m still the best child of the bunch.

Parents with multiple kids, these tweets are for you…enjoy.

1. That’s a long story.

Because we love them more than you…

2. It was an accident!

I swear!

3. Let all of them play.

Gonna need to talk to the city about this.

4. Stop it!

You are crossing the line.

5. Middle child gets it again.

It’s the “Jan Brady” syndrome.

6. It’s all mine now.

But I swear it was an accident.

7. Learn from your mistakes.

I mean…your gifts…

8. Not strange anymore.

Never thought you’d be here, did you?

9. All the small things.

Those can really set them off.

10. You’re just not ready yet.

But keep working at it!

11. Honesty is the best policy.

But still…

12. We’ll find him eventually.

Just don’t worry about it, okay?

13. I cannot tell a lie.

Well, they got you there.

Okay, parents, now we want to hear from YOU.

In the comments, tell us how it’s been going since the lockdown started with your kiddos.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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People Talk About the Harmless Things That Scared Them as Children

It’s true…I was a pretty scared kid.

And one of the things that REALLY terrified me was the dentist. I dreaded when my Mom told me I’d be going to the dentist the following week. That meant a whole week of not sleeping, worrying, and having nightmares about that appointment.

I don’t know when things changed, but now I love going to the dentist! You get those pearly whites cleaned and walk out there feeling like a million bucks!

So, basically, I eventually realized it was harmless.

Let’s dig into these stories from AskReddit users about things that scared them when they were kids.

1. Sharks!

“Sharks in the swimming pool.

Could be 3 feet deep and I was still terrified Jaws was just gonna leave only my trunks floating in the water.”

2. Run for it!

“Turn off the lights to the basement and then running up the stairs.”

3. Me, too.

“The concept of eternity.

I was raised Christian and was terrified of the idea of spending forever in either heaven or hell.

Forever sounded scary.”

4. Creepy…

“I know this sounds odd, but water heaters, boiler tanks, etc. in cellars and basements. I have no idea why.

They looked like monsters to me when I was little.”

5. Hahaha.


Like the people that dress up in those costumes that are fuzzy and have giant heads? TERRIFIED me. Literally I would crawl up my dad and bawl my eyes out.

One time at an amusement park a guy dressed up as yogi bear kept coming towards me despite my terrified screams, and my dad almost had to kick yogi bears *ss. True story.

I’m 25 and they still spook me. I keep my distance…”

6. Too many horror flicks.

“Could not sleep with my closet door open.

I saw way too many movies with scary things in the closet, so I figured a shut door guaranteed my safety.

I was a weird kid.”

7. Biggest fears.

“My three biggest fears as a small child:

  • Leaves. One came down out of a tree and hit me in the face when I was 3, and freaked me out.
  • “Heat Monsters”. My parents house had electric heat and the radiators would make these weird crackling sounds that I thought were monsters in the heater
  • E.T. F*ck E.T. and his stupid glowing finger and stretchy neck. I was especially frightened by white E.T. when he was dying.”

8. Logos.

“The Pep Boys logo.

Or really any mascot that included a stylized person with glasses but no eyes to be found behind the glasses.

Freaked me tf out!”

9. Snipers.

“As a kid, I was afraid of a sniper shooting me through the window.

I was afraid they would be able to see me through the gap on the window shade that allowed a thin band of sunlight into my room during the day.

I used to tape my window shades to the sides of the actual window to close the crack.”

10. Same here.

“Getting on and off escalators.

I thought I’d slip getting on and scrape myself on the edge and need stitches.

Or get my shoelace stuck at the bottom and trip and need stitches.

Also, stitches.”

11. Just couldn’t do it.

“Talking to adults, especially cashiers.
I begged my mom for ice cream once when I was about 6, sitting at McDonalds. She said Sure! I got all excited. Then she handed me a $5 bill and told me to go get it. I think that was my first ever panic attack.

My heart started racing like a hamster on crack and I just kinda sank back into my seat and said “actually never mind I dont want ice cream anymore””

12. That’s strange…


Instead of the monster under the bed, I thought that a million ladybugs would come out from under my bed in a wave when I came back from the bathroom at night.

I also thought they would crawl up the wall my bed was against unless I was looking at it.”

13. Slimmy little creatures.

“Slugs – still am terrified.

Poor things, they are the most “minding my own business” “harming no one” creatures that decorate the streets with their squished guts and it made me so sad seeing it. but they still terrify me.

I’d find them just chilling in bathroom n I’d need to scream for my dad so he can gently pick them up and put them in the garden.”

14. Don’t look at it!

“The moon.

I watched the Thriller video and was convinced that staring up at a full moon would turn me into a werewolf.”

15. I remember those things.

“The rubber chicken that had an egg in water when you squeezed it.

I always thought it would hatch one day and the baby chicken would eat me so I took it outside and tied it to the garage door.

Crazy times.”

What scared you as a kid? Talk to us in the comments!

We’d love to hear from you!

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Parenting Tweets for All the Moms and Dads Out There Who Need a Break

Hey, moms and dads, how are you doing?

Does this never-ending lockdown and the learning-from-home thing have you at the end of your rope? Or are you dealing with it just fine?

Either way you look at it, parenting is a tough gig and moms and dads all over the place know that those little angels have a tendency to drive you up the wall…even when they put on their sweetest face.

Parents, we have a feeling that these tweets will look very familiar to you…let’s take a look.

1. Let’s stop playing the Guessing Game.

At least for a few hours, please?

2. It’s like Maximum Overdrive.

The machines are rising up against us!

3. He’s catching on really fast.

You’re doing a great job!

4. Thank you, Captain Obvious.

Smart kid, right there.

5. It’s not working.

Time to figure out a new technique.

6. What a cute name!

This is why you don’t let kids name ANYTHING.

7. Things are about to get LOUD.

You need to stop this before it starts.

8. It’s all going in there, baby!

It really doesn’t matter anymore.

9. It’s way too early to deal with you.

Come back in a few hours.

10. That sounds awesome!

Aren’t you having a blast?!?!

11. We are all this baby right now.

Oh, what a year it’s been…

12. A creepy whisper.

Just give him what he wants.

13. What kind of sandwich, though?

That makes all the difference.

Okay, moms and dads, now we want to hear from you. Yeah, you!

In the comments, please tell us how it’s going in your household right now.

Are your kids driving you nuts or are you currently involved in an uneasy truce?

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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