Glenn K. Tripp, a D.B Cooper copycat…

Glenn K. Tripp, a D.B Cooper copycat, hijacked a plane for a $600k ransom. He had his drink spiked with Valium by a flight attendant, and after a 10 hour standoff, lowered his ransom to 3 cheeseburgers and a head start on a getaway.

Brad Pitt tried to buy himself…

Brad Pitt tried to buy himself out of a movie, ‘Interview with the Vampire’. Upon hearing about the 40M$ exit clause he was forced to shoot the movie. It went on to launch Kirsten Dunst’s career and received 2 Oscar nominations.

Roman soldiers were given one…

Roman soldiers were given one pound of meat daily. For an army 120 sheep were killed a day just for the meat ration. Or 60 hogs. Huge flocks of livestock were herded and grazing alongside an army. Roman soldiers were a mule more than anything else. They carried very heavy gear, on bad roads.

These Photos of Awkwardly Sitting Cats Should Put a Smile on Your Face

All of our cat friends out there are a never-ending source of laughs for us owners. And if you’ve had a feline companion for any significant amount of time, you know that they like to sit awkwardly sometimes.

Are they trying to mimic us humans? Or are they making some kind of other, independent statement?

We’ll never know, but at least we can snap photos of them and they’ll make us laugh!

1. Sitting like a lady…not really.

2. Hangin’ out and hangin’ loose.

3. Can I help you with something?

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4. A little weirdo.

5. Oh my…

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Såhär kan man ju inte sitta.

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6. Don’t lean too far to the right.

7. Can I be a person now?

8. Care for some wine?

9. Taking it all in…

10. It’s been a long week. Time for some beer.

Funny stuff!

Share your pics of your cats sitting in weird positions!

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15 Funny Tweets About Horror Movies

Halloween’s come and gone, but I think all year is a good time for horror movies.

Even if you’re not a horror movie lover, you’ll probably think these tweets are on-point.

1. There is ALWAYS a scene like that.

2. Do a little dance.

3. That kid always gets it.

4. Oh no, not Chucky!

5. Maybe he just needs a good talk.

6. He’s slowing down.

7. Kinda blew it…

8. That’s what I need, too.

9. That is quite sad.

10. That way!

11. Don’t believe them.

12. He might be in big trouble.

13. On second thought…

14. No more of that.

15. Managed to ruin that one…

What are some of your favorite scary flicks?!?!

Share them with us in the comments.

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15 Hysterical Tweets from Women This Week

Ladies…are you ever gonna let up on the funny business?

I think we all know the answer to that one. It’s NO!

Absolutely not!

And here are 15 more examples of ladies bringing the house down.

1. That’s all I see, too.

2. Gonna be ugly this year.

3. That’s a pretty big bag.

4. I don’t think that’s gonna happen.

5. I feel you. BIG TIME.

6. Thank you?

7. A lot of Matts are causing problems out there.

8. Thanks a lot, parents.

9. Just go with it.

10. Gonna be an interesting Halloween.

11. This is hilarious.

12. On the offensive.

13. That person wins today.

14. I know I do.

15. We can all relate to this, right?

Ladies, keep on bringing that funny business to the masses!

Guys, let’s see if and when you can up your games!

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These Tweets Might Make Parents Laugh…and Cry

Parents, you have a tough job, and we take off our hats to you.

We also understand that you probably get a little (just a little…) fed up from time to time due to how much your little angels drive you up the wall.

So let’s enjoy some funny/painful tweets that should look familiar to all parents out there…let me know if you need a tissue…

1. Sick burn by Mom!

2. Not gonna happen.

3. Or where I am…

4. Don’t do it!

5. Thank you for that.

6. You showed them!

7. You’re doing great!

8. That’s not what I meant.

9. A slowwwww burn.


11. You made a huge mistake.

12. Gee, thanks a lot.

13. Something totally different…

14. Yes, it is.

15. Now it makes sense.

Parents…do these tweets look accurate, or what?

Do us a favor: share a funny or painful anecdote about your kiddos in the comments below!

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This Is How Google Flights Can Help You Travel Cheaper

Traveling can be very expensive, so looking for cheap flights is crucial if you want to save a little money. Unfortunately, some websites make it hard to find a good deal.

Google Flights just introduced an update meant to help you find the best price for a flight. If you’ve used it recently, you may have seen alerts that pop up and let you know about any nearby airports. These pop-ups were created to help you find cheaper flight options at airports other than the one you initially were looking at.

Photo Credit: Screenshot, Google Flights

Sites such as The Points Guy and Thrifty Traveler first made mention of the new feature, and those guys definitely know what they’re talking about. So, worth checking out.

Pop-ups appear after you click “Nearby Airports” and usually look like this:

Photo Credit: Google Flights

Often times another airport may get you a better price, even if it winds up being slightly less convenient. And with this new update, Google Flights will also advise you on the best itinerary if you do decide to switch to another airport.

In the past, Google Flights allowed you to search for deals by clicking on more than one airport, but this new update makes it easier to play around with options until you find the best one.

In the end, people in larger metropolitan areas will benefit the most because Google Flights will alert them to better deals nearby. It is what it is, big cities just have more airport options.

Additional updates to Google Flights will also give you a glimpse of other types of deals, especially if you have flexible plans.

If you’ve already checked out Google Flights, let us know if it lives up to the hype. We’d love to hear more about whether or not these updates were useful!

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