These Cats Are All Confused About How to Be… Cats

You would think that they’d have the hang of this thing by now, wouldn’t you?

I’m talking about our cats and how they sometimes forget how to…well…be cats.

We can try to figure out what’s going on inside their heads, but you know that’s pretty much an impossible task.

They’re weird and they’re gonna do their own thing, no matter what us lowly humans try to say to them.

Here are some cats that are clearly having a few struggles…

1. You need to learn how to loaf properly!

You’re still not getting it!

My cat Luna doesn’t loaf properly. Instead she does… whatever this is. from WhatsWrongWithYourCat

2. She can wait all day if she needs to.

Well…you better get busy…

She’ll hold this pose until you pet her… from WhatsWrongWithYourCat

3. I think she had too much catnip.

Are you okay?

BEHOLD… MY CAT from WhatsWrongWithYourCat

4. A very unusual way to sit.

It’s like he’s from another dimension.

He’s sitting on the wall from WhatsWrongWithYourCat

5. She likes the warmth…

Of macaroni and cheese…

she doesn’t even eat it, she just likes the warmth from WhatsWrongWithYourCat

6. You’re a little too big now, buddy.

But you can still try if you want to.

when he was little, would crawl into my hoodie pocket and purr while i carried him around the house…. he still tries. from WhatsWrongWithYourCat

7. All kinds of weird poses.

He’s kind of like Gumby.

He always has a weird pose for his naps from WhatsWrongWithYourCat

8. You’re gonna hurt yourself!

Don’t bite too hard!

Chomp! from WhatsWrongWithYourCat

9. I need to know what you’re doing at all times.

I think she might be a little OBSESSED.

My sisters cat is obsessed with whatever she’s doing, ALL the time! from WhatsWrongWithYourCat

10. You touched his back…

And he immediately turned to Jello.

I touched his back from WhatsWrongWithYourCat

11. Whatever makes you comfortable.

Be careful that you don’t fall off.

Soup’s sleep spot of the week is the couch crack from WhatsWrongWithYourCat

12. Be honest with us…how much have you had to drink?

Or maybe you were smoking the Devil’s Lettuce?

Living the high life from WhatsWrongWithYourCat

Now we want to hear from you!

Do you have any cats under your roof?

If the answer is YES, share some photos with us and tell us about all the mischief that they cause. Thanks!

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These Cats Are Total Weirdos…There’s No Doubt About It

If you’ve spent any time around cats, you know a couple of things for sure: no two kitties are the same, and they’re all TOTAL WEIRDOS.

I don’t think they do it on purpose, but all cats seem to have one mission on this planet: to make their human “owners” question their actions and to completely confuse them.

Hey, it is what it is, right?

Let’s take a look at some pics of cats being WEIRD.

1. He’ll only drink it one way.

I love his name, by the way.

This is Earl. He insists on drinking from a bowl in the sink. from WhatsWrongWithYourCat

2. You can’t be comfortable up there.

I tried to tell you!

She eventually did fall from WhatsWrongWithYourCat

3. Maybe he was doing yoga?

And then he zonked out?

I don’t understand how he fell asleep like this… from WhatsWrongWithYourCat

4. Help! My cat is melting!

Are you okay, buddy?

Not my cat, but my sister’s. I think she’s melting. from WhatsWrongWithYourCat

5. What are you looking at?

I think you upset her. She doesn’t look pleased…

Blep from WhatsWrongWithYourCat

6. Care to explain what you’re doing?

You’re making us very worried!

I’m not sure, does he belong here? from WhatsWrongWithYourCat

7. Caught in the act.

I told you to stay out of there!

Busted from WhatsWrongWithYourCat

8. A nice place to take a snooze.

I guess you can use the hose outside if you need to wash your hands.

Seems the sink is a little clogged? from WhatsWrongWithYourCat

9. Is Santa here yet?

I hope you got a lot of catnip this year!

Just waitin for the big guy…. from WhatsWrongWithYourCat

10. They look like they enjoy being weirdos together.

But…which one is weirder…?

My favourite picture of my cats, Luna and Sirius from WhatsWrongWithYourCat

11. Are you sure that you’re comfortable?

Okay, if you say so…

Comfy? from WhatsWrongWithYourCat

12. I see that you’ve done it again.

How many times do we have to tell you?!?!

Halp! from WhatsWrongWithYourCat

Do you share your household with any kitties?

If so, please share some photos of them with us and introduce us to them.

We can’t wait to meet these furry little devils!

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Before and After Adoption Animal Pics to Make You Smile in a Big Way

I don’t have a dog right now, but (pre-pandemic), I would go down to Baton Rouge to watch my sister’s two dogs, Bea and Lily, whenever she went out of town for a while.

And let me tell you, these two rescue pups are two of my favorite pooches on the entire planet! I don’t know too much about their circumstances before my sister took them in, but I know that they’re now happy, well-fed, and absolute professionals at relaxing and snoozing on the couch.

My point: adopt, don’t shop! And enjoy these before and after photos of pets who are now in loving homes!

1. Oh, Mr. Biscuits!

He’s now living his best life! Yay!

Two months of love changed Mr. Biscuits from BeforeNAfterAdoption

2. Good work!

We’re glad you gave him a safe home.

My foster dog the day he was rescued from animal hoarders, and today. from BeforeNAfterAdoption

3. She’s not sick anymore.

And she’s turned into quite a beauty!

Before and after in three months. When I found her, I spent almost three days in a row without sleeping. She was very ill. Now she is OK. And her name is Eve. from BeforeNAfterAdoption

4. A big difference here.

What a cutie!

Few months can make a difference. She was caged almost the whole time before rescued from BeforeNAfterAdoption

5. Poor thing lost a leg.

But she’s feeling great now!

Hazel was a stray who was rescued after being caught in a steel trap for an estimated 5 days. She lost her leg but found her home with me! This is 8 weeks after coming home. from BeforeNAfterAdoption

6. Live out your twilight years in style.

Just take a seat on my lap and it’ll all be okay.

Moo was found on the street with a heart murmur, barely any teeth, and FIV! He’s now living out his twilight years as a lap cat. from BeforeNAfterAdoption

7. Loving this guy!

The best choice they ever made.

My girlfriend and I adopted Buck in August of 2019, he’s changed our lives more than we did his and has been the best choice we’ve made. Love this guy to death! from BeforeNAfterAdoption

8. Now he’s healthy and active.

Looks like he used to be in rough shape.

This Poor 10 y/o Little Man took a Year to go from brutalized to healthy and active from BeforeNAfterAdoption

9. Look at that big smile!

He’s come a long way, thanks to you.

I was told y’all would love this SURVIVORS BIG BEAUTIFUL SMILE! In order to really appreciate it you need to see what he looked like the day he was rescued. Best smile EVER❤💚💙 from BeforeNAfterAdoption

10. A love connection.

This is what happens when you rescue an animal!

Meet Sachi, we found each other 2 years ago, and it’s been love ever since from BeforeNAfterAdoption

11. Not abandoned anymore.

He looks very happy to be in your home.

Sammy was abandoned and brought to a kill shelter in Texas before being rescued and brought to Canada to rescue me 🙂 from BeforeNAfterAdoption

12. He got the TLC he needed.

And now he’s a happy boy!

Meet Butters. The runt of his litter found on the side of the road starved, abandoned, and completely deaf. My friends rescued him and gave him the TLC he needed to be a happy boy! 1 year before and after from BeforeNAfterAdoption

13. What a big difference love makes.

All you need is LOVE.

A years difference. Meet Dee Dee (originally Daisy) from BeforeNAfterAdoption

Wasn’t that adorable?!?!

You know it was!

And now we want to hear from you.

In the comments, please share some wholesome photos of your rescue pets and tell us all about them. Thanks in advance!

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These Photos of Animals Before and After Adoption Will Warm Your Heart

Nothing gets me choked up quite like seeing those commercials about neglected and abused animals that are suffering through the long, cold winter.

AND, nothing makes me happier than seeing the kinds of photos that you’re about to lay your eyes on in just a second!

I’m talking about before and after adoption pictures of animals that obviously used to be in bad situations and are now in warm, safe, loving homes for the rest of their lives.

It’s enough to make a grown man cry! Let’s take a look at these very happy animals.

1. That’s a HUGE glow up.

You look wonderful!

My foster dog’s 2 month glow up from BeforeNAfterAdoption

2. He’s doing great now!

What a huge difference!

This is River. At the shelter, he was shaved as his fur was extremely matted and riddled with flees. He had coccidia and conjunctivitis. After some medicine and tlc, he’s doing amazing! He’s the most loving and affectionate kitty ever, always snuggling up and kissing me! I’ve had him for 4 months from BeforeNAfterAdoption

3. What a beautiful pooch!

She looks absolutely delighted to be with you.

First day, and then 6 months later. Her dry spots are gone, the calluses on her elbows and knees have disappeared, and she GLOWS. ❤ from BeforeNAfterAdoption

4. Harvey is quite handsome now!

He’s a looker! No doubt about it!

Harvey was born the runt of a 12 puppy litter. The first picture is his first day with us at 3.5 pounds and lots of health issues. He’s now 32 pounds and getting quite handsome! from BeforeNAfterAdoption

5. From the bus stop to your house.

Looks like he’s doing just fine.

The guy from a bus stop who ate all of our food from BeforeNAfterAdoption

6. A happy little tripod.

We’re glad she made a full recovery!

We fostered Jester after her leg amputation at 6 weeks old. She was found with her leg and shoulder shattered and was terrified of everything. Now her incision has healed, she’s staying forever, and she’s the happiest little tripawd. from BeforeNAfterAdoption

7. New name. New life

And he’s living a good one!

Top: ‘Lobito’ at the animal shelter in Feb. Bottom: ‘Cooper’ on a hike today with me and da’ wife. from rarepuppers

8. She’s now a beauty queen!

And you ain’t lying about that!

When we got Hilda she was very underweight after having recently given birth; somewhere in the last 6 months she turned into a long haired beauty queen! from BeforeNAfterAdoption

9. Apollo is doing great these days!

What a good boy!

My Apollo when I found him vs. giving him lots of love, food and kisses. from BeforeNAfterAdoption

10. She keeps getting fluffier!

And that’s a GREAT thing!

UPDATE: I posted the two left pictures several months ago & many people commented on how much floof my kitty acquired in 4 months. I’ve had her for over a year now & she is fluffier than ever! from BeforeNAfterAdoption

11. A complete turnaround.

She’ll keep on flourishing with you!

The shelter sends us the dogs nobody else can handle to foster. We took in our foster Tulip a month ago, who was Code Red for being terrified of people and biting. She was also terrified of the leash, so it had to stay on. We officially adopted her on Tuesday and celebrated by learning how to swim! from BeforeNAfterAdoption

12. Nursed back to health.

Tell your cousin she’s doing a great job.

My cuz doesn’t have Reddit so posting on her behalf. She found this pup almost frozen to death on the side of the road in Long Island NY back in January and has nursed her back to the cutest health ever since. This is Ellie 🐾💚 from BeforeNAfterAdoption

Those pics sure warm the heart, don’t they?

How about you? Do you have any rescue pets in your home?

If so, please introduce us to them and share some pics in the comments. Thanks a lot!

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Do You Need a Pick-Me-Up? We Think These Photos of Rescue Pets Will Do the Trick!

If you’ve been down in the dumps, we have something special for you that we think is going to make you happy INSTANTLY.

I’m talking about photos of rescue pets who have found their forever homes and who are clearly living their best lives!

Oh yeah, you know that’s the good stuff!

Unless you have a cold, black muscle pumping in your chest instead of a heart, we think you’re gonna love every last one of these pictures of very good boys and girls.

Are you ready?


1. She stole your heart.

And now she has a new home!

I rarely adopt (I always rescue then adopt lol) but this little cutie that was born with a facial birth defect stole my heart the second I saw her adoption post on Reddit. Please say Hi to my new adopted kitten, Nala! ❤❤❤ from cats

2. These two will be best friends forever.

Hey, opposites attract sometimes!

This Cat Adopted a puppy from aww

3. I think he likes you, too.

No doubt about that!

My newly adopted friend. I think he likes me from aww

4. Adopting a senior kitty.

She looks like she has a huge personality.

We adopted this 11 year old senior, ShayShay, today from a woman who couldn’t keep her anymore. Her first photo matches her personality. We are so happy to have you, beautiful girl. from aww

5. One step closer to his dream.

Well, isn’t this cute?

Our son’s dream of becoming a k-9 officer got one step closer today. We adopted him at 2.5 after his parents passed away. His new best friend, a little girl named Jovi, was born on his biological mother’s birthday. Meant to be! 💗 from ProtectAndServe

6. Welcome home, Arnold!

He looks like a very good boy.

Rescued this very good boy, Arnold!! He looks so handsome in his sweater!! from aww

7. This cat looks amazing.

Like a beast straight out of the wild.

We adopted Nova 12 weeks ago today and I wanted to share with you all how much he has changed since he arrived! from aww

8. Take a snooze.

You’re safe and sound now, buddy!

I accidentally adopted a sleeping machine from pics

9. Her twilight years will be her best.

A new addition to the family.

Just rescued this sweet lil old lady, Chloe. She’s 12 and she’s gonna have her finest years yet! from rarepuppers

10. Awwww. This is very wholesome.

Just look at that face!

This is Dalton, the 13 year old diabetic dog my family adopted today from aww

11. You had to keep these two together.

And we’re glad you did!

Been telling myself the only way to keep them together is to just adopt them myself. It’s not my fault. I have no choice. from aww

Well, now I feel a whole lot better! No doubt about it!

How about you?

Do you have any rescue pets at home? If so, please share some photos of your friends with us in the comments.

We’d love to meet them!

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“Thoughts of Dog” Takes You Deep Inside a Good Pooch’s Mind

When I was a little kid, I was convinced that my dog Quincy was going to learn to talk one day

How could he not? We were so close and connected and he obviously understood what I was saying all the time, so what was the holdup?

Well, sadly, Quincy never did learn to talk and I’m still not over it all these years later.

But the next best thing is the “Thoughts of Dog” Twitter account that gives us human beings an inside look into what dogs are really thinking about when they’re chilling around the house or frolicking in the yard.

Are you ready to gain some serious knowledge about your pooch? Let’s take a look!

1. Thank goodness for you.

Holding it all together.

2. You should enjoy it!

Everyone wants to be your friend.

3. Just letting it all hang out.

Let your freak flag fly!

4. Time to load up on food.

We wish you well in your quest!

5. The small human neighbor.

You have a new best friend!

6. And they took you to “show and tell”!

How much fun that must have been!

7. Dogs really don’t like these things.

So be careful with them, okay?

8. You’re helping make a love connection.

How did it work out?!?!

9. Demanding a refund.

Well, that didn’t go as planned.

10. Nothing wrong with being fancy sometimes.

Hey, you do you!

11. You can never leave the house again.

I’m pretty sure all dogs feel this way.

12. I have a feeling you ate it…

It definitely sounds like something you’d do…

Do you have any dogs at home?

Well, you know we want to meet them!

Share some photos with us in the comments. Thanks!

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Wholesome Photos of Rescue Pets That We Think You’ll Love

A little love goes a heck of a long way. And that is especially true when it comes to rescue animals.

If you have any rescue pets, you already know that this is definitely true.

All these creatures want is to be loved and to have a safe place to live out their days and when a human is generous to make it happen, they reward them with a lifetime of happiness and companionship.

Here are some wholesome photos of rescue animals that we think you’ll love. Let’s take a look.

1. Look at how happy he is now!

From rags to riches.

I adopted this baby from the Dominican Republic 1 month ago- my mom didn’t believe me that it was the same dog. I named him Remi and he suffered from mange and malnutrition, not anymore! from BeforeNAfterAdoption

2. Head over heels in love.

Get a load of Brutus!

I adopted 12 year old Brutus a few months ago. He is sluggish, stubborn, gassy, hogs the bed and drools so much I have actually slipped on my kitchen floor. And I’m head over heels in love with him. from aww

3. I think you two are gonna make a great couple.

That’s a great-looking dog!

Reddit, this is Bella. First dog I have had in 20 years. from aww

4. Rescued from a feral cat colony.

She is absolutely adorable!

She was rescued from a colony of 30 feral cats in NE Ontario. She follows me around for snuggles, and will snuggle me for hours. I think this one’s gonna be a foster fail… from aww

5. These two are gonna be best friends forever.

I love this!

Four days since adoption and new kitten Charlie is loving his big brother Tipsy. from cats

6. Look at all this food!

Now she’s gonna be living the high life!

This is Bonnie. She is happier to see the food aisle than just recently being adopted from aww

7. Oh my God, I love this photo.

Make yourself at home!

Rescued a couple brothers this weekend from aww

8. She adopted you!

She’s not going anywhere.

After 3 long months of trying to get her trust. This cutie has finally adopted me!! from aww

9. The best part of your life.

You saved his life. Great work!

Our new rescue dog Patches. He is deaf and would have been put down if we didn’t adopt him. He is now the best part of our lives! I have cuter photos if people want to see!!! from aww

10. I think she’s fitting in just fine.

The look of pure joy.

Recently adopted a kitten, this was a pic of her first night home! from aww

11. This is just too much.

I love those jammies!

Our recently adopted old pup is enjoying his new rocket jammies from aww

12. Not being shy anymore.

Greyhounds are gentle giants.

We adopted a retired racing greyhound that was too afraid to interact with our other dog. A few months later and they’re over here smoochin from aww

13. Two peas in a pod.

Welcome home!

Adopted these two little beauties from the animal shelter. Say Hi to Loki and Thor 🙂 from aww

Do you have any rescue pets at home?

If the answer is YES, share some photos with us in the comments.

And tell us a little bit about them!

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Rescue Pet Pictures That Are Very Wholesome

There aren’t too many things that have the ability to make people all warm and fuzzy inside like stories and photos of rescue pets.

And we’ve got a great batch for you to enjoy today…some of them might even make you tear up a little bit because they are so sweet and wholesome.

Heck, you might even be inspired to go out and adopt your own dog or cat after looking at these adorable pics.

Are you ready to feel the love? Let’s take a look!

1. He’s definitely purrfect!

What a little cutie!

Frankie was born with four ears and an eye deformity but he’s still purrfect from aww

2. Wow! What are the chancees?

This is really awesome.

These two were adopted 3 years apart from different cities. A DNA test revealed that they are long lost siblings! from aww

3. You made the right choice.

And I love the name, by the way.

As a single dad, I had to put my foot down and tell my seven year old daughter that there was no way she was getting a dog for Chanukah, no matter how much she asked. Anyway, meet Waffle. from aww

4. He proved everyone wrong.

You gave him a great life.

He was a rescue. A runt. Probably blind, deaf, won’t make it very long, they told me. Well, happy 10th birthday, buddy. from rarepuppers

5. He knows he’s going to a good home.

Welcome to the family!

Old man Ed’s "I’m getting adopted!" smile is both handsome and proud! from aww

6. You knew he’d come around.

Just give him some time.

I just adopted Atticus this weekend. He was a stray and they told me he’s a very fearful cat. I slowly introduced him to my closet with some food, a bed I warmed up in the dryer, and some pets when he allowed. Just this morning he sat in my lap and purred. from cats

7. Who the hell would do something like this?

We’re happy you’re taking care of her.

Dandy had part of her face shot off (before I adopted her). I love her two derpy top teeth. from cats

8. Better check the fridge again.

Yeah, there he is.

We adopted a kitten last month… We now have nightly ritual of checking the fridge and other small spaces to make sure he’s not trapped anywhere before we go to bed 🤦 from AnimalsBeingDerps

9. Your new forever friend.

Climb aboard, kitty!

Went to the shelter to look at dogs, they didn’t have any there but once this lil girl saw me she started pawing at her cage. Now I have a new forever friend 🙂 from aww

10. Nothing wrong with a tripod dog!

It looks like he’s doing just fine!

Just look at this little tripod I adopted from aww

11. Oh man, this dog rules.

And that is the coolest name I’ve ever seen.

My sister adopted a senior dog – Meet Zombie from aww

12. Society is definitely wrong on this one.

Black cats for the win!

Society says black cats are considered less “adoptable”. Society is wrong. from aww

How about you?

Do you have any rescue dogs or cats in your home?

If so, please share some photos with us in the comments and tell us about them. Thanks!

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Funny “Thoughts of Dog” Tweets That Pooch Owners Will Love

You might think that your dog is just dreaming of chasing squirrels when they are chilling on the couch with you, but I’m here to tell you that there is a whole lot of deep thinking going on in those doggo noggins.

Trust me on this one!

And the “Thoughts of Dog” Twitter account is the perfect portal into what is racing through their minds day in and day out.

Are you ready for some deeeeeeeeeeeep dog thoughts?

Enjoy these tweets and maybe you and your pup should have a conversation tonight, because you’ll probably be looking at them in a whole new light.

1. That’s the one and only thing on the list.

What else do you need?

2. That’s all he’s asking for.

I think your owner is on board with this!

3. Let’s see if we can make this work.

Time to play a game of human/dog Jenga!

4. This is today’s to-do list.

Can you make it happen?

5. No sports, just snacks.

Sounds pretty good to me!

6. I think we can maintain this pace.

No doubt about it!

7. What’s the point of all this?

How am I not supposed to fall asleep?

8. You’re not going anywhere.

And that’s my final decision.

9. Words to live by.

You know it!

10. A little more attention, please?

What’s the hold-up here?

11. Why did you go and do that?

A lot of hard work down the drain.

12. These are all good reasons.

I think you’re on to something!

Do you have a pooch at home?

If so, show us some photos in the comments and introduce us to them.

We can’t wait to meet your furry friends!

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Enjoy Some of the Best Tweets From “Thoughts of Dog”

I gotta say, I’m a little annoyed that here we are in the year 2021 and we still haven’t trained our dogs to talk yet.

I don’t know if we’re to blame it or it’s all their fault, but either way, it’s pretty discouraging. I thought we’d have this down by 2015 at the latest…

So, because that is the reality that we live in, we have to rely on the “Thoughts of Dog” Twitter account to let us know what dogs and thinking about and why.

And boy, is it insightful…let’s take a look. You might never look at your dog the same way ever again…

1. Keeping an eye on the important stuff.

Well, someone has to do it.

2. I agree with this sentiment.

What do you think?

3. Here, here!

We’re behind you on this one!

4. This is how everyone should live their life.

Anytime can be bed time.

5. You better go taste that.

You have to taste all the leaves and sticks, ya know?

6. What is this ball I keep hearing about?

Can anyone explain it to me?

7. Let’s look at the data.

Time to crunch the numbers.

8. It doesn’t seem fair.

What’s the deal with the sticks, humans?

9. What’s the point of all this?

How can I NOT fall asleep?

10. I can’t help it, okay?

But you know they’re still gonna take pictures.

11. You’re not allowed to go back.

Work from home forever. Sound good?

12. Don’t rush me!

I need to take my time…

13. A ball of fury!

And of FUR.

Well, wasn’t that adorable…?

Do you have any dogs in your household?

Well, if so, you know we want to meet them!

Introduce us to them in the comments!

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