People on Twitter Can’t Understand a Couple Who Claims They Don’t Have a “Side” of the Bed

What kind of monsters don’t have an assigned side of the bed with their partner?

The kind of monsters who are friends with journalist Jeff Stein…

In every couple, there is an unspoken agreement (and nightstand full of crap you rarely need) that sits next to the side of the bed that is “yours.” That’s just the way of things, and it’s the way it should be…except for this one couple who thinks they can just sleep willy-nilly on whichever side of the bed the feel like plopping onto on a given night.

Stein admitted that though it seemed like anarchy to him, maybe there was something to it.

Twitter was on my side, though, and basically thought those people should never speak of their strange bedroom practice again.

Because who would do this?!

It makes no sense!

Do you want chaos to reign in your bedroom?

What’s next? Cannibalism?

There really isn’t excuse for this…

They should be locked up…

Okay, maybe that was a bit extreme.

These are important questions, y’all, and idk maybe we need a follow-up interview or something.

Or maybe there are some things we just don’t want to know details on…

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These Tweets That Prove College Kids Are Pretty Damn Funny

Going to college is a glorious time in a young person’s life. New friends, new experiences, opening up your mind, etc.

But college kids can surprise us, too, and be downright hilarious.

And these tweets prove that beyond a reasonable doubt.

All of these students deserve an A+!

1. Prodigy

2. This is great

3. Calm down

4. Multiple choice

5. This is a great idea

6. Pretty much

7. #CollegeLife

8. Hahahaha

9. I’m Matt…

10. Right over your head

11. OMG


13. Good point

14. Oh, snap!

15. Not happy

Now get back to class!

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If You’re a True Crime Junkie, These Tweets Are for You

True crime TV shows are more popular than ever right now. Everyone and their mother is obsessed with the latest shows about murder, mayhem, and the macabre.

So in the spirit of all this true crime hoopla, let’s take a look at some hilariously accurate tweets about these television programs.

1. Weirdos


3. Dead as a doornail

4. In a trance

5. You can’t come in

6. Ellen!

7. Three types

8. The new thing

9. All the good stuff

10. Hahaha

11. We don’t believe you

12. That’s all you need

13. You got my attention

14. No clue

15. WAY too much time left

I have to admit…I am one of these people…

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12 of the Funniest Tweets from Women This Week

The advent of social media has proven what women have always known to be true – they’re f*cking hilarious.

The 12 ladies below are just the funniest of the funny. This week, anyway.

12. Props to everyone who listened and accepted.

11. Girl same.

10. A cult leader from the 70s, yes.

9. Fair.

8. This is the truest.

7. I mean one of them has Channing Tatum. Just saying.

6. Definitely.

5. Answer: it can’t.

4. You do you bro.

3. Good luck pretending not to hear THAT.

2. Real life.

1. It’s funny but also I want this.


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15 Funny Jokes for All of You with a Dark Sense of Humor

You know what I’m talking about – the kind that you know you shouldn’t laugh at, but there’s no way to stop it. If those are your bag (and you’re not worried about going straight to hell), these 15 are going to be right up your alley.

15. Did he mean like like?

14. More for me!

13. I feel attacked.

12. I would read some fiction from teenage Jesus POV.

11. Masterfully crafted.

10. Nothing to see here.

9. I don’t know why this is funny, but it is.

8. Amen.

7. Somebody had too much wine on Thanksgiving.

6. So say we all.

This bible verse always keeps me going from funny

5. *insert evil laugh here*

4. Just thinking out loud here.

3. Moved and seconded.

2. Infallible logic.

1. The inquisition.

I’ll see you in hell, friends!

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15 Funny Tweets About Sex

These tweets are decidedly NOT hot.

Why does everyone have to be so serious about sex? Have a laugh about it once in a while!

Like these folks did!

1. Wait, not like that

2. It’s true

3. Splendid

4. Shook

5. Seriously

6. Don’t mess this up

7. WTF

8. Think that’s what happened?

9. That’s a good one

10. Why not?

11. Hey o!

12. Which one was it?

13. Not gonna happen

14. That’s a dealbreaker

15. Practice makes perfect

Funny stuff!

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15+ Tweets People Shared About Being a Hot Mess

Hot mess express, am I right?

A lot of people call themselves a “hot mess” but how many actually LIVE IT!? Because a lot of you all like to self-shame to get attention and show how humble you can be… but we all know you’re not REALLY a mess. So you’re just low-key bragging.

We see you!

For all those REAL hot messes out there, these tweets are for you!

1. No compromise

Photo Credit: Twitter

2. I have some too

Photo Credit: Twitter

3. Punish yourself

Photo Credit: Twitter

4. That was a bad move

Photo Credit: Twitter

5. Fix me

Photo Credit: Twitter

6. Who you honkin’ at?

Photo Credit: Twitter

7. That might do the trick

Photo Credit: Twitter

8. This is awful

Photo Credit: Twitter

9. Nap time

Photo Credit: Twitter

10. Come find me

Photo Credit: Twitter

11. Not OK

Photo Credit: Twitter

12. Failure

Photo Credit: Twitter

13. Shocking

Photo Credit: Twitter

14. Downward spiral

Photo Credit: Twitter

15. I wonder why?

Photo Credit: Twitter

16. There you are!

Photo Credit: Twitter

17. Vicious cycle

Photo Credit: Twitter

Hope you enjoy all the hot messiness that entailed!

Share your own hot messes in the comments!

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15 People Share How Awful Airports Can Be

There are a few places on earth that most people could agree might be one of the circles of actual hell – the DMV, Walmart on a Saturday afternoon, and the airport all come to mind.

These 15 people tweeted from airports and honestly, I think they’re making an airtight case.

15. I mean you should have known better than to ask.

14. Just focus on comfort like the rest of us, Cheryl.

13. They’ve even managed to ruin the people watching.

12. Get it right, adults.

11. It’s a major commitment.

10. An accurate depiction.

9. Deep thoughts.

8. All you want to do is buckle in and get ready to hold your breath.

7. It’s like the rapture happened except you went to hell instead.

6. Someone was hungry.

5. Freeing up your hands is an art form.

4. Are we sleeping together? Then no.

3. If only Greek choruses were still a thing.

2. Gotta be prepared for those layovers.

1. That’s what you’ll look like in the bathroom mirror, too.

Here’s to short layovers in your future!

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12 Funny Tweets That Have Lots of Laughs

It’s been a long day…

But rest assured, these 12 tweets are going to stand the test of time and be there for you when you need them…

12. We’ve got seconds for that.

11. Wanna borrow it for the day?

10. I feel seen.

9. *snort*

8. Oh and here’s my cool card just keep it.

7. Very good advice.

6. Now tell your brother you’re sorry.

5. You know it’s confusing.

4. All valid.

3. Sick burn.

2. Goals.

1. It’s not the 70s, people.

We’ll see if I’m right in 5 years or more!

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15 Photos and Memes About Really Great Wives

Any of us would be very lucky to be married to any of these ladies. You know why? Because they go above and beyond the call of duty.

And that’s all we’re looking for. A little something extra.

Take a look at what these ladies are up to, and tip your cap to them while you’re at it.

1. She got to the coffee machine

Photo Credit: Reddit

2. Doing her part

Photo Credit: Instagram

3. I’m unclear

Photo Credit: Instagram

4. I like this

Photo Credit: Instagram

5. Stirrin’ up the drama!

Photo Credit: Instagram

6. Great gal

Photo Credit: Twitter

7. Life is good

Photo Credit: Twitter

8. Hahaha

Photo Credit: Twitter

9. Now are you paying attention?

Photo Credit: Twitter

10. Thanks for the help

Photo Credit: Reddit

11. The future looks bright

Photo Credit: Twitter

12. A real keeper

Photo Credit: Twitter

13. That’s me!

Photo Credit: Twitter

14. She nailed it

Photo Credit: Twitter

15. Can we talk about this tomorrow?

Photo Credit: Twitter


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