Parents Who Are Craving Some Alone Time: These Tweets Are for You

From the reports I’m hearing from various friends of mine, I’ve learned two things lately…

One: every single person with kids is about to lose their shit because we’ve all been trapped together with our families for months now.

Two: moms and dads really haven’t been able to have ANY alone time at all. And I’m not even talking about with each other, I’m talking about people spending time on their own, alone, enjoying a few moments of peace.

But, by the sounds of it, they definitely need it now more than ever.

Let’s check out these tweets from parents who could really use a little time by themselves.

1. That oughta keep ’em occupied.

At least for a little bit, right?

2. That’s a wild joke that will never happen.

Trust me on this one.

3. Problem solved.

You got nothing to worry about!

4. Not a good idea.

Next time, consider your options.

5. This sounds like paradise.

Am I dreaming?

6. Yes, you must leave.

And take your time!


At least for a little while.

8. It doesn’t exist anymore.

But you can hope for the future…

9. That is a good plan.

And you’re damn right! It sounds glorious!

10. Too late for that.

Any other ideas?

11. Now we’re getting somewhere.

Don’t blow this opportunity.

12. We all knew it wasn’t going to happen.

But we can all wish…

Parents, we sincerely hope that you get some much-deserved alone time very soon.

But before that happens, tell us how it’s going in your household right now. Are you losing your mind? Barely holding on?

Are the kids behaving or are they climbing the walls?

Tell us everything in the comments!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Hilarious Tweets From Parents Who Really Need Some Alone Time

Parents, are you craving a little quiet time right about now?

It’s especially tough to do right now because of this lockdown that has everyone crammed into close quarters with their families for months on end.

Two words sum up the whole experience: NOT COOL.

We all need alone time and parents especially need some alone time once in a while. But, as you know, it can be tough for them to get any kind of silence.

Parents, these tweets are for you.

1. Take over that fort!

Teach them a lesson.

2. Hey, that’s pretty good!

Pay attention to this mom’s advice.

3. The only quiet place.

You gotta do what you gotta do.

4. No more sunshine, please!

I can’t take this much longer!

5. Just do what you need to do.

And try to keep them occupied!

6. You’re not alone…

The baby in your stomach knows…

7. You’re preaching to the choir.

And, by the way, it’s not gonna happen.

8. Silence is golden.

And that’s the best reward anyone can ask for.

9. A vicious cycle.

But, what are you gonna do?

10. Words to live by.

You deserve it!

11. Here comes a meltdown.

I’m warning you!

12. That’s not a bad idea.

Give it a shot. See if it works.

13. A brilliant maneuver.

Why didn’t I think of that…

Okay, now we want to hear from all the moms and dads out there.

Are you going nuts right about now with absolutely no peace and quiet? How are you getting your alone time? Are you getting ANY alone time?

Talk to us in the comments.

Please and thank you!

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These Funny Tweets All Have More Than 100,000 Likes

These last several months have been awfully tough for everyone, but I will say that online humor sure seems to be thriving.

I’m not saying that is a good trade-off by any stretch of the imagination, I’m just making an observation.

And we have some great examples just for you!

These tweets have all garnered more than 100,000 likes in the past few months because they’re all totally hilarious!

Are you ready to dive in?

Let’s do it!

1. Thankful for this!

I was worried…

2. You’re freaking people out!

But…it is kinda funny…

3. Oh, boy…that’s not good.

What’s your screen time looking like?

4. Hahahaha. This is good.

Which character are you?

5. I’m always feeling this, too.

Time to start a new project.

6. WHO let the dogs out!

This might be the tweet of the century.

7. You have to stay entertained somehow.

Not a bad way to spend the time.

8. That is beautiful!

Isn’t nature majestic???

9. This is good.

If nothing else, people are being pretty creative right now.

10. All of these will work.

Which one will you choose for today?

11. Let’s not lie about it…


12. Let’s play a game.

You know the delivery guys will be coming by A LOT.

13. This is brilliant!

You have to keep folks entertained.

Those are great!

Okay, now we want to hear from you.

In the comments, please share the funniest thing you’ve seen on social media lately.

It could be a meme, a tweet, a joke, or a photo.

Thanks in advance!

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Tweets That Will Bring a Ray of Sunshine Into Your Life

Twitter is a great place for people to get out their thoughts and feelings in a brief manner and the best part is that we all get to enjoy it!

I’m talking about reading and laughing the random thoughts and observations of complete strangers. It’s a great way to keep yourself occupied if you have some time to kill.

But, instead of endlessly scrolling through Twitter, we’ve picked out some great tweets that all had more than 100,000 likes because they are pretty damn funny.

We want to bring some sunshine into your life.

And these tweets definitely all hit the mark.

1. It’s just easier, right?

And it’ll be this way for a while…

2. Think about that one.

Those poor children…

3. I needed this today!

More of this, please!

4. Nothing going on upstairs.

Hey, at least he’s honest.

5. Let this sink in…

People are really getting deep while stuck inside.

6. Maybe you don’t understand…

Or else you’d give them a break!

7. It’s a lot of fun, isn’t it?

I wonder what the hell this person is actually like…

8. We all do…we all do…

There’s no shame in saying it out loud.

9. It’s about time!

I wonder what this fella is reading…

10. That means it’s gonna be a while.

Just think of how many pigeons are out there.

11. Things are getting WEIRD.

Are we finally in the Upside Down?

12. Just do what you have to do for now.

Get through it any way you can.

13. Hey! Me, too!

We have a lot in common!

14. So beautiful…

I’m glad the river is back to its natural state.

Now it’s your turn!

In the comments, share some funny things that you’ve seen on social media lately.

We want tweets, memes, jokes, photos, all of it!

Please and thank you!

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Statues Nobody Will Ever Tear Down Because They’re Awesome

We’re going through a time of reflection brought on by the protests of Black citizens of the racism they face by law enforcement and in all areas of their everyday lives.

As we strive to have meaningful conversations about race, one of the casualties of the Black Lives Matter movement has been the statues of Confederate generals and early explorers like Christopher Columbus. There are further calls to keep toppling statues until every reminder of racism is removed from sight.

So is any statue safe? Sure!

On Twitter, author and historian James Barr asked a provoking question about the value of statues occupying public parks and streets. He got plenty of answers.

Here are 12 statues everyone seems to like.

1. Tokyo

A life-size Gundam!

2. Dublin

The Famine statues were presented to the City of Dublin in 1997.

3.  Sheffield, United Kingdom

Bronze sculpture by Martin Jennings that remembers the women of Sheffield who worked the steel factories during WWI and WWII.

4. Norway

By Gustav Vigeland. The babies are evil spirits.

5. Vancouver

Terry Fox was a Canadian athelete and amputee who ran across Canada to raise money for cancer research.

6. Vaxjo, Sweden

Whacking Neo-Nazis!

7. New York

By artist Paige Bradley to show a figure disconnecting herself from attachments.

8. London

Mary Seacole was a Black woman who traveled the world and helped people in need. She was best known for her work as a nurse during the Crimean War.

9. University of Maryland

Jim Henson and Kermit The Frog sit on a bench in front of the Adele H. Stamp Student Union Building deep in conversation.

10. Sao Paulo

Commerating Brazil’s essential workers.

11. Denver International Airport

Blue Mustang. Also called Blucifer. Actually killed his creator, Luis Jiménez.

12. Seaham, Co. Durham

Great War soldier by artist Ray Lonsdale.

Just as there are statues that commemorate people who are no longer considered heroes in the current context, there are many more honoring the lesser known men and women who changed the world in valuable ways. Other statues are artistic works and we need art to make us look at life in different ways.

Our history may be considered a source of misery, but we also need to remember the ones that made it as beautiful as they could–and still do. May we learn from them.

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Tweets About Being Married in 2020 That Are Too True

Marriage. Marriage is what brings us together today. 2020 has been a year when many married couples have found themselves spending a LOT more time together, for better or for worse.

And we get to watch all the exhilarating domestic fireworks in the form of that ever-present microblog Twitter, where husbands and wives of all stripes go to shine a light on the funnier aspects of their own matrimonial adventures.

Here are 10 recent tweets about married life that are sure to fully engage your heart.

10. Get in line

Absolutely ice cold.

9. Flex tape

But why wouldn’t everyone do this all the time?

8. Smooth moves

Well what the hell did you expect him to say?

7. Saving the day

This is a rush I would very much like to experience, actually.

6. You snooze, you lose

This will be entered into evidence regardless of relevance.

5. Sneak attack

There need to be protocols to prevent this sort of thing.

4. Nothing to sneeze at

Yes I’m allergic to diseases.

3. One man’s trash

There are no winners in this game.

2. To the Maxx

This conversation sounds exhausting.

1. Against the grain

I need more information on the exact nature of this dispute.

I’ve never been married myself so clearly I don’t know what I’m missing out on but if these tweets are any indication, it sure is a wild ride. Might give it a go one of these days just to see for myself. For the lols if nothing else.

What’s the weirdest thing about marriage to you?

Tell us in the comments.

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Funny Tweets From Parents That We Think You’ll Enjoy

Parents…we feel your pain right now.

Everyone has been crammed together for so long that we’re all going a little crazy. And the kids…oh, those kids.

Aren’t they just delightful when they’re not allowed to do anything with their friends?

We all know that the statement above is meant to be sarcastic, right?

Parents, read through these funny tweets and at the very least, you’ll realize that you are not alone in your madness right now.

1. That’ll show him!

You gotta mess with them a little bit. Trust me.

2. That is a brilliant strategy.

Now is the time to turn it around.

3. Just let him be.

Being a superhero takes a lot of work.

4. Dammit! Knew that was gonna happen.

Are we missing anything else?

5. I think about 85% of people on the road are doing this.

Are you one of them? Don’t lie!

6. Planting people all day.

Kind of cool name, though…

7. Why the hell not?

What do you have to lose?

8. It can always get worse.


9. Same here…

Do you think she’ll listen to you?

10. They are remarkable.

And you never know what’s next!

11. This is great!

Giving the mascot the third degree.

12. Pass the Farmer John, please.

Just go with it and don’t tell her until she’s a teenager.

13. You’ll learn this lesson. 

One way or another…

Are those accurate, or what?

I think we all know the answer to that…

Moms and dads: now we want to hear from you!

In the comments, tell us how parenting during the lockdown is working for you.

We want to hear it all!

The good, the bad, and the very, very ugly!

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Hilarious Tweets for Your Viewing Pleasure

We want to help you out during these trying times and the best way we know how to…with funny tweets!

Yeah, that’s right!

We could all use a little break from reality and we think these gems from very funny people on Twitter will hit the funny bone in exactly the right spot.

Let’s dive in and get our laugh on!

1. I think it’s safe to say you’re getting a divorce.

But it was totally worth it!

2. That was a close call.

Good thing Vader is a quick thinker, huh?

3. It’s like a drug deal.

A delicious, delicious drug deal…

4. Hahahahah. Wow.

It’s like a scene straight out of The Sopranos.

5. I’m on board with this.

Enough with the $15 sandwiches!

6. Ohhh, this is gonna be good!

I hope my RSVP didn’t get lost in the mail.

7. I think the artist nailed it!

Don’t you? I think you do, too…

8. We are now in another dimension.

Welcome to the future, friends.

9. It really doesn’t take that long.

Especially if you’re a total weirdo!

10. Hooray for Guy Fieri!

Welcome to Flavortown, baby!

11. That’s always very comforting.

But, where’s Luigi?

12. Now, go ahead and apologize to the parasite.

How rude of you not to clean up!

13. I honestly had no idea…

Well, how are you gonna break the news to your friends and family?

Those sure hit the spot…the funny spot!

Now we want to hear from you.

In the comments, please share something funny that you’ve seen on

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Tweets That Will Make Sense If You’re an Introvert

I think I straddle the introvert line pretty well in my life. I have a lot of good friends and I enjoy being social sometimes, but I really, really love my alone time.

Being alone refuels my energy and is the only time I truly feel relaxed.

And I know there are a ton of other folks out there who are just like me!

Or maybe you like to go even further and spend almost ALL of your time by yourself.

Either way, being an introvert is a lifestyle and these tweets capture the spirit of it.

Let’s take a look at these tweets!

1. In most cases, you mean…

Let’s just be honest about it.

2. Amen to this.

This perfectly captures the essence of my being.

3. Feel like I’ve been on stage all day.

And I need a break!

4. That’s a good sign!

Yes, things really are that bad.

5. These symbols define me.

Let’s just type it out, okay?

6. This is very true.

You’re now part of the group! Whether you like it or not…

7. It took you a while…

But here you are!

8. Congratulations! You did it!

I’d like to thank myself…

9. The more they stay the same…

No change here, really.

10. I can’t seem to find the strength.

But I will do my best…

11. Please don’t look at me.

Animals, on the other hand…

12. Treat yourself!

I earned this!

13. That’ll do!

That might actually be enough interaction for the entire week.

Are you an introvert?

If so, did these tweets speak to you?

Talk to us in the comments and tell us how you feel about living that introvert life.

We can’t wait to hear from you! Thanks!

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Funny Tweets That We Think Are a Real Hoot

Let’s get random and let’s get FUNNY! I mean, REALLY FUNNY!

We’re talking about funny tweets, by the way, and this installment is just as good as all the other funny sets of tweets we like to share with you.

We’re here to make you laugh and we take our mission very seriously. And we think these random tweets are a real hoot.

So what do you say? Are you ready to jump in?

Let’s do it! Enjoy!

1. Oh, that’s big news!

Now you can strut around town like you own the place.

2. Let’s just say it was a long day.

You’ll figure it out next time!

3. That doesn’t sound good…

Sorry to hear that…

4. Constantly. All day long.

Isn’t this fun?

5. I’d like to know this, too.

I have one friend. My mom…

6. Amen to this one!

I threw mine in the trash two months ago.

7. There’s no in between.

Sorry, but that’s just the way it is.

8. Gosh, I really miss that thing.

Remember when we DIDN’T get work done together?

9. As a man, I feel your pain…

That can’t be easy…

10. A good way to pass the time.

You have to be creative right now.

11. Didn’t need to hear that.

You’re a WHAT?!?!

12. Keep that thing handy at all times.

Just in case…

13. I’m 25-years-old, I swear.

But I can’t take off this mask, sorry.

No doubt about it, those are some HILARIOUS tweets.

And we hope they gave you some good laughs!

Now we want to hear from you.

In the comments, share something that you think will make everyone laugh.

A joke, a meme, a tweet, anything will do!

Please and thank you!

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