Issues From Third World Countries That People From First World Countries Can’t Comprehend

A lot of times, we get so caught up in our own lives, we can lose sight of the bigger picture. If you’ve only ever lived or spent time in a first world country, you might not understand just how different life can be in a third world country.

AskReddit users offered their real life experiences living in or spending significant time in third world countries.

1. I never thought I’d take a crosswalk for granted:

“I was in Egypt while it was under Mubarak, and I remember trying to contend with traffic in Cairo.

I had to ask the police officer who was standing there if the drivers obey the lights or the road markings.

He told me that those were there to make the roads look nice!”


2. I’ve gotta remember this one: 

“I walk with my cellphone hidden in my pants because it’s extremely common for you to get robbed.

I’ve been through a violent robbery while dinning, and very few people I know haven’t been through similar experiences, multiple times even.”

– alulugrace

3. And this:

“I learned this trick from a friend: a gang member tried to rob him, he told him to give him his cell phone, so he took out his fake cell phone and threw it as far as he could.

The gang member went after the cell phone and my friend used that moment to run. The gang member realized what was happening, but it was too late.

My friend managed to get to a store with security guards where they helped him and called the police.”

– EpicAlmond

4. Start clipping those coupons:

“Argentinian here.

You just go to the store expecting everything to be 5-10% more than the last time you went.”

– Alzusand

5. This is actually pretty similar to how Midwesterners give directions:

“I’m American but have worked in 70+ countries over the last 12 years. So let’s discuss Nicaragua….

There are no addresses. None.

Trying to get to your hotel? You’ll get a description of the general location using the rising or setting sun, lake shores and other prominent land marks which may or may not exist! Then the distance from that landmark in a unit of measurement that hasn’t been used for centuries. (The vara…which is about 2.5 feet).

It’s truly amazing that anyone gets anywhere in Nicaragua.”

– TinKicker

6. This sounds pretty scary…

“Having a sh*t ton of deterrence mechanisms around your house.

Burglar bars on all the windows, trellis doors on your front door and then probably one in the bedroom hallway.

Keeping your door locked. If you don’t have a fence you’re just asking people to break in and murder you.

South Africa.”

– liam_eras

7. I’m starting to feel the same way:

“I’m Canadian, and I’ve visited my South African in-laws twice now.

One of the biggest culture shocks for me was having to be locked up so tight.

Being able to safely be in an unfenced backyard or take a walk by myself at nearly any time of day is a luxury I no longer take for granted.”

– JByrde76

8. So much for man’s best friend:

“Stray dogs, which some of them are hostile, are everywhere.

It is not possible to roam in the streets around sunrise when they walk in groups or during night, without risking yourself being attacked by dogs.

I moved to Europe now but I am still unreasonably nervous around leashed dogs that people are walking.”

– hardware26

9. The next time you get annoyed while waiting in line to place your order, remember this:

“Having to stand for hours in bread lines, then for hours at the petrol lines, then for hours at the cooking gas lines, then coming back home to find that they shut off the electricity because there’s too much load.”


10. Accessibility to medical care is never something to be taken for granted:

“Here in Peru (specially if you are not from the capital) to get a medical appointment you need to wait 3 months. (For surgeries or actual medical treatments it can take over a year.)

So many people I knew got random appointments just in case something happens.

You’d better suffer the hemorrhage that day or you have to pray for the eucalyptus tea to actually work.”

– lStormVR

11. And I thought the broken washing machines in my apartment building were annoying…

“One aspect of living in a first world country is that it’s normal for things to work. In third world countries, it’s the opposite.

Technology, roads, institutions…there is a tacit assumption that none of these things work the way they’re supposed to, and that’s just the way it is.

When you live in the third world, your roads are full of potholes, your lights go out every week (if not every day), everything is on the fritz and politicians are incredibly corrupt (and yes, I know that there’s corruption in Europe and the US as well, but it’s not like our corruption).

– machu_pikacchu

12. At least the bananas are amazing?

“I don’t live there anymore, but I used to live in Guatemala. Here’s a list of some of the differences I remember:

You could pay people to watch your car if you parked it on the street to keep it from being broken into.

The bananas were amazing there though! The open-air market was one of the best things about living there. Bananas in the US where I moved back to taste like wax in comparison. :/”

– AvengerofSquids

I don’t know about you, but I feel pretty privileged to live where I live right now. Listening to the stories of what others are experiencing is a great way to gain perspective. Suddenly that 10-minute wait in line at the drive-through doesn’t seem too bad.

Do you live in a third world country? What issues do you deal with that people in first world countries can’t comprehend?

Let us know in the comments!

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Things That Exist Solely Due to Human Stupidity

Sometimes we come across rules or precautions that just seem so dang obvious, we wonder why on earth they even need to be stated. Perhaps it’s for legal reasons, perhaps it’s because at some point some person made a very stupid decision.

AskReddit users share the feelings on things that exist solely because of stupid people.

1. You would think it’s obvious…

“When my aunt died I ended up with my mom and uncle talking to the funeral home advisor.

When they were discussing cremation, the funeral advisor made my uncle sign a form indicating he understands cremation is irreversible.”

– cineboo

2. But apparently not

“When I was arranging for my mother’s cremation, both my sister and I had to sign the paperwork saying we agreed and understand it’s irreversible.

Apparently there have been numerous cases where one family member authorized a cremation and then afterwards, other family members got upset and wanted it undone.”

– ReadontheCrapper

2. As another user points out, he doesn’t get his powers from the cape:

“The warning on a Superman cape costume that warns product won’t give you the ability to fly.”

– blindgirlandherguide

3. I didn’t even think this was possible

“Do not iron this t-shirt whilst wearing it.”

– Fires_Of_Fury

4. Don’t make this harder than it has to be

“The signs on a stroller that says take the child out of the seat before folding.”

– immickolas

5. Lest we not forget the “Tide Pod Challenge”

“‘DO NOT EAT’ warnings on everything from washing pods to slug pellets.”

– LucyVialli

6. If it’s good enough for the animals, it’s good enough for me

“I went to a zoo, and in every animal exhibit there was a sign saying ‘Recycled water, do not drink.’

And you know that’s there for a reason.

Some stupid person broke into an exhibit to drink that nasty looking water.”

– 2lugz

7. I don’t envy this IT worker

“My job! – I work in IT. For the love of God if you depend on your computer for your job know at least a little about it. I would say that over 80% are for silly things. Some of the calls I have taken:

How do I keep my self from deleting my own files?

What do you mean you can not fix my broke laptop screen remotely?

I am not trying to connect to the internet, I am just trying to get my email.”

– tectuma

8. I like my Shamwow thank you very much.

“Anything an infomercial tries to sell you.”

– TheBlessedBoy99

9. Don’t be that person

“When I was in middle school my friends and I (like 15 12-year-old girls) basically took over a mall.

We were pretty rowdy and obnoxious. I know a few people shoplifted (not me lol), one of us threw up in the food court, and we mobbed a minor celebrity.

Now that mall splits up groups of larger than 3 kids. Oops. Sorry.”

– KTnash

10. Who woulda thought?

“At my workplace, there are giant containers of soap and cleaning chemicals.

On the cart, there is a giant sign that reads ‘Do NOT drink’ in three languages, all hand written.

Apparently, before the sign was put up, three separate instances were found where the cleaning cart was unattended, and an employee tried to drink the yellow cleaning solution, thinking it was a drink cart.

Let me add the fact that the cart also has a sign on it that says ‘Cleaning Supply Cart.’”

– Aarryle

11. It DOES look like a giant marshmallow…

“The tag on my pillow that says ‘Do Not Consume.’ Why is this an issue?”

– FaetFelicis

12. On that note…

“Former Pharmacy Tech here.

I was shocked that we had to put ‘unwrap’ and insert on the label for suppository prescriptions.

Alrighty, then.”

– Daffydil04

After reading this, I’m a bit concerned about the future of humanity. The fact that we’ve survived this long is astounding. Thankfully, we get to learn from the mistakes of the stupidity of the people who came before us.

What do you think exists solely due to human stupidity? Let us know in the comments!

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People Talk About Things They’re Bad at That They’ve Done Their Entire Lives

Is there anything that you’ve done pretty much forever but you’re still really bad at it?

Maybe it’s an instrument, a sport, or some other activity.

Or maybe it’s an everyday thing, like walking…let’s hope it’s not that, though.

We all have those things in our lives, right?

Let’s see what AskReddit users had to say about things they’ve been doing forever that they’re still really bad at.

1. They’re not easy.

“Video games.

In my mid thirties, have been playing since about age eight and I’m bad. Most FPS games are a whirling blur of colours and shapes. Anything post-2000ish has controls too complex for me.

I spend my time gaming online getting screamed at by irate 12 year-old French kids. Not quite how I envisaged my adulthood.”

2. Just can’t do it.

“Getting up in the morning.

I practice every day and yet I still always run late from sleeping in.”

3. A lot of this out there.

“My handwriting sucks.

My handwriting hasn’t changed since fourth grade. I’m also a huge letter writing fanatic, so I can only imagine how my pen pals feel.”

4. Indecisive.

“My big stressor is someone asking me what I want for dinner. An innocent question for most people but for me.. verge of tears.

I CANNOT deal with it. It’s not an eating thing, it’s a decision thing.”

5. Not getting it.


I was never good at it from the start so for the school days I kind of avoided it but now it is something I am required to do day in and day out.

It just doesn’t comes naturally to me.”

6. Might wanna work on that.

“Drinking water without coughing is my issue. Covid made me realize just how bad I am at swallowing pretty much everything because everyone is hyper-aware of every coughing noise.

I have multiple coughing fits a day keep having to swear it’s not corona.”

7. Not your strength.

“Things that involve time management.

I always procrastinate on completing tasks.”

8. Some people just can’t do it.

“Being happy and “living in the moment”.

Seriously. Anytime I’m having a good time my mind realizes it and forces me to think about other stuff.

“Oh, you’re having a good time? What about all your debt? Bills? The car needs repairs…””

9. Scary stuff.

“Speaking publicly.

I’ve been in programs my whole life where we would have to speak publicly or to an audience, I’ve trained for it and done exercises for it, been tested on it, and passed everything.

Yet when I go up there and it’s not for a grade, I shake and my voice wavers and I ramble. No clue why.”

10. Binge eating.

“Portion control. I overeat. I binge.

I have desperately tried to limit my food intake for as long as I remember. In preschool I’d limit myself to only eating half of the lunch provided…but then in the middle of the night I binge eat out of the fridge, eating 4 or 5 days with of food in 10 minutes.

I’m nearly 40 and am still doing this. I wake up in the morning and find I’ve eaten everything during the night.

I can not allow myself to have more than 2 days worth of groceries in the house. I tried meal prep and gained 60lbs because I ate a weeks worth of food every night in my sleep.”

11. Not a good test taker.

“Taking tests.

I can learn and know the material from top to bottom, yes. I can study for hours and absolutely know what I am talking about with other people. Presentations, debates, round tables whatever you want to call it.

Put a test on from of me and set up a timer and all of that knowledge automatically goes down the drain for some reason.”

12. Walking issues.


I trip over my feet even without socks on. It’s actually pretty sad.

I’ve taken enough spills in my life to know that I could never manage a track career.”

13. You’re not alone!


I just recently learned that I have dyscalculia, so I don’t feel too bad about it.”

14. Can’t sleep.


Never learned how to do it.

I just browse until I pass out from exhaustion and often wake repeatedly and still tired.

It ain’t fun.”

How about you?

What have you done for all or most of your life that you’re still bad at?

Spill your guts to us in the comments!

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What Are Very Comforting Facts? Here’s How People Replied.

We all know social media sure can be a bit of a cesspool.

It seems like it’s REALLY bad right now, too, with the country divided and people yelling at each other about their beliefs. It’s enough to beat any person down. And frankly, I’m a bit sick of it.

That’s why we’re headed to the other end of the spectrum today, the one where positivity and wholesomeness rule the day and where we can all leave with big smiles on our faces.

What are some facts that bring you comfort?

Here’s what folks on AskReddit had to say.

1. Wow!

“During the Second World War, a Muslim man owned a mosque in Paris. After France got captured by the Germans, the french Jews were being killed.

The Muslim man offered every Jew he could find shelter in his mosque and handed out fake Muslim certificates so they wouldn’t be questioned. He saved over 400 lives.

No one’s your enemy, except for the ones you make yourself believe are.”

2. Can’t have just one.

“In Switzerland, it is Illegal to own just one guinea pig because they are very social animals.

Its considered animal abuse to only have one.”

3. Isn’t that cute!

“Elephants think you’re cute just like humans think dogs and cats are cute.”

4. Boom!

“America had a black President longer than the Confederacy existed.”

5. Perseverance.

“Malala Yousafzai, the girl who was shot in the head by the Taliban for insisting on going to school, recently completed her final exams in the University of Oxford.”

6. Saving lives!

“Swedish blood donors receive a text whenever their blood is used to help someone.”

7. Never too late.

“Van Gogh didn’t start painting until his late twenties.

JK Rowling didn’t publish Harry Potter until her late

Samuel L Jackson didn’t get his first big role until his forties.

It’s never too late to get started.”

8. We all make mistakes.

“Don’t feel bad next time you mess something up.

Every single living thing is an accident! Evolution was just a series of some cell messing up.

It’s literally nature to make mistakes!”

9. It’s amazing.

“Every cell in our body contains molecules that were something else in the past.

Maybe they were in your parents cells, maybe in the food you ate, in the cultivated land, and so on. And you can do the same reasoning also in terms of time.

Maybe your cells contains molecules form an ancient Roman spear of a simple soldier. I find this amazing.”

10. Beautiful.

“The VAST majority of people are actually decent.

Also, we don’t need to find meaning, we literally create it ourselves.

Everything that matters matters to someone, everything that is beautiful is beautiful in the eyes of someone.

The universe does care: we’re the part doing the caring.”

11. Pure freedom.

“There is no inherent purpose in life. That seems awful, but think about it for a minute.

Any goal, any purpose, any achievement, any victory, any lesson, they are all yours. They are entirely yours. No one is handing you a half completed work of art and telling you to finish it.

When you face the end, you know that your fate and your victories belong to you and no one else.

You’re free.”

12. Miracles!

“You are a miracle.

The sperm that was first to your mother’s egg was one in a more than million!”

13. Respect the Earth.

“No matter how badly we mess up the Earth with climate change, and politics and nuclear warfare, etc., once human beings don’t exist, the Earth will repair itself, and life will carry on.”

14. Your pets love you.

“My boyfriend has a panic and anxiety disorder.

Whenever he gets a panic attack, one of our cats will sit on him and purr loudly. It always comforts him and calms him down. We always joke that she is our little support animal.

She is very attuned to our emotions and feelings. When my grandmother passed away and I was very sad, she would not leave me alone. She would just sit next to me in silence or occasionally let out a small meow to inform me she was still there.

So, as conclusion, even if you are having a s**t day, your pet still loves you.”

Now it’s your turn.

In the comments, share some wholesome facts that you think all of us will like.

Let’s see what you got!

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People Fess up to Pretty Disgusting Secrets

When someone posed this question to Reddit, I wonder if they thought they would get literal or metaphorical answers. They probably believed most people would confess morally gross secrets, but listen…there are a lot more people out there with actual nasty secrets than any of us probably realized.

Here are 14 of the best on the thread, of both sorts, so put down your snack and give them a read.

14. What a horrible way to live.

That there is someone on my Facebook who is lying about her dad passing of cancer whilst her eldest daughter (8 years old) is fighting a brain tumour.

It is all lies. Her dad is alive and well. Her daughter is completely healthy (one of the pictures she used as “proof” is her daughter lying on a hospital bed, from what I know she was just in for observation after a small fall).

She has 2 Facebook profiles. One for all her family and friends of the family. And the second one (that I’m friends with) is for old school friends, general acquaintances and anyone she dates etc.

There’s so much more lies but those 2 ones are the ones I know 100000% to be false.

13. That’s a doozy.

When I was 8, my 19 year old cousin tried to make out with me. I remember him rubbing my leg & kissing me in the kitchen whilst my mum was in the living room.

I didn’t understand what was really happening at the time, but I knew I didn’t like it. I kept nervous giggling and pushing him away. After a couple of minutes he looked disappointed and walked away. I don’t remember if he ever tried anything else.

He was killed in an accident 3 years later & I chose never to tell anybody as I didn’t want to add to my Aunt’s grief.

12. Time to get out.

I don’t trust my partner with money, I’ve been tracking how much he spends on weed per month and its a lot- i don’t know how to bring it up because we are saving for a house but 95% of everything we have so far, is from me, while he spends 500 a month on weed

11. Sisters are devious.

During lockdown my sister had a meltdown because she thought I had stolen a pair of nailclippers shaped like a foot that she owned. I told her (truthfully) that I also had a pair and that she had stolen mine. They actually WERE hers.

I found mine an hour later. Rather than tell her, I gave back hers and said “If they mean so much to you you can have them”. I then hid mine in her bag when she went back home after lockdown. She got there and found the two nail clippers and now believes that she was wrong and that the nail clippers she had a meltdown over were actually mine.

10. All of that is extremely gross.

A buddy of mine had a wife that used to be a stripper. She ended up leaving him for one of her patrons. Before she left him, she was impregnated by him (my buddy). She ended up marrying the guy she left him for and the newish dad is basically raising his kid.

I’m still friends with both of them on Facebook since I was cool with both of them and her son definitely looks like him. This was maybe 7-8 years ago. I just shut the fuck up about the whole situation.

9. I thought everyone did this.

I used to lie. Like a lot. I used to make up stories to tell people, just for the sake of it. I don’t do it anymore, although this leads me to telling the same stories over and over

8. I don’t know whether to be grossed out or give her a (distanced) high five.

My senior prom was in 2010. After prom I had a party at my parents cabin just outside of town. Later that night I found my boyfriend having sex in my car with my volleyball co-captain.

I didn’t confront them but instead went to his car (which was only 2 or 3 weeks old) and took a shit in the passenger seat. I wiped with some napkins he had in the glove box and put them in his cup holders. I went back inside and kept drinking.

7. This is so weird.

My one friend has no idea that I’ve known that he doesn’t have kids for months, also that I know he’s been saying this and lying to everyone for attention.

He tells a very convincing story. He goes into vague details, has a photo of the girl, says that she’s been showing him fake paperwork as proof for the children. If what he says is true would be literally extortion. Everything. Little does he know that I’ve been watching closely and also researching to find this woman. I know she isn’t real and that he’s lying and been lying this whole time for almost a year. Nothing he says makes sense and it just keeps escalating which also doesn’t make sense. I literally couldn’t help myself but investigate.

If everyone finds out that he’s been lying this whole time it will spread like wildfire. He doesn’t have many friends and the friends he did have stopped talking to him because of his compulsive lying.

6. How dare. That poor bun.

I dropped a bun in the self-service area of a convenience store. I didn’t pay for it. I just kicked it under the shelf and left.

5. That poor janitor.

In biology class we were dissecting a pigs eyeball and my hand slipped and the eyeball fell on the floor and me being extremely lazy I kicked it under a cabinet and it lay there for 2 years until someone finally found it.

4. The kids are not okay.

My friend’s kid eats PB+J with ranch.

I’m thinking of calling CPS

3. Oh man, this is ugly.

I secretly broke a 2500 euros printer, that is rare and precious, I just fixed it just enough that the second person using it got blamed for thousand almost expelled from school.

2. They’ll never figure it out.

I dropped a human brain once in prep class and put it back like nothing happened and everyone was wondering what kind of head trauma that person died of.

I was a TA (teaching assistant)to the professor for human anatomy and preparatory class. Part of my job (I studied biology and am a trained preparator turned mortician and am specialized in reconstruction) was to prepare donor bodies for upcoming classes.

I would receive specific orders from the professor, what kind of grossing tables, which body part, what kind of class etc. I am not a MD or even thought about being one. I’m just a basement dweller, that makes a living of off death and I am grateful to do so.

1. It’s a part of the school, now.

I drew a massive penis on the ceiling in my art classroom probably a metre long and its been there for years, i asked friends who have brothers and sisters there and they say its still there. Its been like 8years now

Humans are just too weird for words sometimes, right?

If you’ve got a secret like these, we’re all ears!

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People Share Facts That We Think Will Make You Happy

We can all agree that this has been a very crazy year with way more DOWNS than UPS and the continuous bad news has even bordered on the ridiculous and unbelievable.

But it’s all true, people…unfortunately…

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t time to turn things around and end 2020 on a positive note, know what I’m saying?

We still have some time to fix this mess!

So are you ready…?

Wanna get happy?

Then let’s take a look at these facts that AskReddit users shared.

1. Thank goodness.

“All those embarrassing/cringy memories that come flooding into your mind when you least expect it?

Nobody else remembers them.

Every last one of us has them, it’s part of this complicated process called living. While you’re busy remembering yours’, everyone else is remembering their own.

Its in the past, nothing you can do right now can make it any better; chalk it up as a lesson.”

2. That’s progress.

“About 65 % of America’s aluminum is currently recycled. Every minute an average of 123,097 aluminum cans are recycled. On average, Americans recycle 2 out of every 3 aluminum cans they use. The average aluminum can contains more than 50% post-consumer recycled aluminum.”

Its just aluminum but it shows that we CAN as a society recycle over half of the stuff we use and we can start keeping the world clean. That and a push to renewable energy would be nice.”

3. You’re far from useless.

“Your body is home to its own unique ecosystem, the human gut.

Sounds gross, but billions of little creatures living inside you are helping you digest things, dispose of waste, and survive natural toxins in the food you consume.

If you ever feel like you’re useless, or that your existence means nothing, that’s not true. You literally mean the world to your gut flora.”

4. Naps are good.

“Bees take naps in flowers!

So yeah, it’s okay to need a nap, even busy bees do.”

5. The great Mr. Lee!

“Stan Lee started creating the Fantastic 4, Spider-Man, Iron Man, around 40.

So even if you think that you can’t get anything out of life, you still can push yourself creatively and leave a lasting impact on the world at an older age.”

6. Yes!

“Pillow fighting is a real, recognized sport in Canada.

It was founded in Toronto in 2004 by the Pillow Fighting League.”

7. Three good ones.

“A penguin was once knighted in Norway.

Blind people can smile even though they have never seen one. It is human nature. 🙂

The voice actors of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse got married in real life.”

8. Live to fight another day.

“Think of all the worst days of your life.

You’ve made it through every single one of them and are still going strong.

There’s always another day on the other side.”

9. Use it wisely!

“It is estimated every 10 years, the cells in your body will have been replaced with new ones.

Therefore, you get a new body every 10 years making it so you do get a fresh start.”

10. We’re lucky.

“Despite the fact that the universe is roughly 13.8 billion years old , you managed to exist around the same time as Bob Ross and Mister Rogers.”

11. That’s nice.

“If only 1% of the world population liked you, that would still mean 70 million people like you.”

12. The chain of life.

“If you’ve lost someone, and you feel like that are completely gone from you life, think about the impact they have had on you, on your loved ones, on others, and think of how that impact continues to live on throughout all of life, that impact won’t die with them either.

The chain of life goes on.”

13. Animal affection.

“Since animals have evolved next to human for thousands of years, they have learned to show their feeling towards us.

Dogs will wag their tag, lick you, step on your feet, press their body against your legs, lay on you, etc, all in effort to show affection and be as close as physically possible to you.

Cats make eye contact and slowly blink at you to say ‘i am comfortable, I am pleased’, they headbutt you as their form of a hug, they groom you as they would a kitten to care for you, they rub their scent on you to say ‘this is my human, all mine’ and it reassures them of your bond.

Cows will also groom you, and enjoy being pet as it is relexing and they truly trust you.

Also elephants get excited and happy looking at humans because we are to them as dogs are to us- they think we’re cute, and want to play and pet us.”

Now we want to hear from you!

In the comments, share some facts with us that bring YOU comfort.

Please and thank you!

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Things Basically Everyone Has Experienced but Never Talks About

You know what I’m talking about: those every day human occurrences that we’ve all experienced but that rarely seem to come up in conversation. Maybe it’s because we’re embarrassed, maybe because they seem too random or insignificant to mention, but the truth is we can all share a laugh over these basic human experiences.

1. Guilty pleasures

Nothing else compares.

Meirl from meirl

2. So nonchalant

Oh, you know.

3. Not all heroes wear capes…

But they definitely wear masks!

4. Keep your eyes on the smize

Tyra Banks prepared us for this day.

5. My entire school experience

Tbh, if you end up like this guy, it probably wasn’t a very good book to begin with.

Me📖irl from meirl

6. Higher, higher…

Did you check the batteries?

who else does this?

Posted by Memes on Sunday, June 28, 2020

7. So sorry but something came up…

I just really don’t want to people right now

8. They’re called floaters

For most people, eye floaters are a minor inconvenience, not a cause for concern.

9. This one hits home

I can’t afford to be distracted!

Me irl from meirl

10. This is a test, isn’t it?

Uhh…the one about the little star? That twinkles? You’ve probably never heard of it.

11. Yes, I do this with my cat.

I wouldn’t recommend it.

12. Me when my best friend and I haven’t talked in over a week:

I need ALL the details.

meirl from meirl

13. Now I do the same thing with my headset during Zoom meetings

I totally meant to do that.

Please tell me I’m not not the only one who’s done these things. Particularly #9. It really does make it easier to concentrate!

Which one did you relate to most? Let us know in the comments!

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Awkward Work Mistakes Caused by Severe Laziness

We’ve all been in this situation. It’s 4:59PM on a Friday, and you’ve pretty much had it with your job. There’s one last task one your list, but it’s not quite right.

Then you wonder, is it really even your job to fix this? Nah, it’s not. Besides, it’s cocktail time! You and your team can just deal with it later.

Later turns into never, and now you’re stuck with shoddy work. Fingers crossed that it’ll get past your supervisor.

Here are 14 awkward work mistakes caused by extreme laziness.

1. Way out of bounds

Is this a new kind of trick shot?

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2. That’s one way to put it

I’m all for challenging the traditional education system, but this seems a little extreme.

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3. Just wow

This is just plain disrespectful.

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4. Now you’ve got it in writing

Someone else’s laziness just might work to your advantage.

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5. Quite the cover up

I guess that’s one way to save money on cutting grass.

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6. Hope you can swim

It’s a sad day for bikers here.

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7. I mean… I guess?

If deer are horses, then why can’t I ride them?

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8. Mixed signals

Who knew washing instructions could be multiple choice!

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9. Modern art

Your printing issues just might make it into the MoMA.

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10. Come on, guys

That’s not what I call accessibility.

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11. Look at this great deal

That’s one way to save, for sure.

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12. Spelling is irrelevant

Ah, yes. The beauty of the “SOTP” sign.

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13. Why?

What kind of deranged sociopath do you have to be to do this?

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14. This is just basic math

1 + 1 = 4… No wait, 3 – 2 = 5… Hold on, 7 + 3 = 6.

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This makes me feel a lot better about accidentally tweeting about Paris Hilton on a company account…. and following Miss Piggy.

But hey, we’re all human. Mistakes happen – we just have to work with each other to move past them. Have you ever made a super awkward mistake at work?

Tell us in the comments below!

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People Discuss Very Uplifting Facts That Should Make Us Feel Better About the World

If you turn on the news these days, no matter what channel it is, you’re going to see a whole lot of doom and gloom, and blood and guts.

And it’s easy to get sucked into that negativity, which is why we’re going to do exactly THE OPPOSITE today!

We’re only gonna focus on the good stuff that should bring all of us at least a small amount of comfort.

So, what do you say?

Let’s check out some uplifting facts from AskReddit users.

1. True!

“The world is more literate, healthier and well fed than at any time in human history.

The percentage of people starving to death has been on a downward trajectory for years.

You are less likely to be assaulted or robbed than your parents were.”

2. It could be worse.

“There’s probably an infinite amount of different timelines in parallel universes where you’re doing worse than you are right now, so be proud of yourself.”

3. This is so true.


I’ve worked in multiple industries and no matter which, barely anyone above management level has a clue what they’re doing and the ones that do are too afraid to poke their heads above the trenches.

Everyone is winging it, every job is a bodge and your best to learn on the job.”

4. True love.

“Male penguins search for the most beautiful boulder to give to their fiance as a gift and sign of love.”

5. Don’t even worry about it.

“The chance of a plane crash is 1 in 5,400,000, and 95% of the time they aren’t fatal.

Also know most accident happen while taking off or landing.

Once you are in the air, you have basically nothing to worry about.”

6. You look great!

“If only 1% of the world’s population finds you attractive that’s 78,000,000 people.”

7. The best therapy.

“The ocean remains the same.

You can sit on the beach, listen to the waves and forget about the world’s troubles.”

8. Getting better.

“Things in the world are actually getting better, not worse.

Check out “Factfulness” by Hans Rosling. Right now things are in the sh*tter, but we’ll get past it.”

9. Another day.

“No matter what happens- good, bad or otherwise- remember one consistent fact: the sun rises in the East and sets in the West. The sun rises and sets every day, and this won’t change for several million years.

The motivational part of this is usually, just as the sun rises and sets everyday, every day can be a new day for you.”

10. Part of the team.

“Cats like to sit on your laptop, computer, paper work to feel included. They see you’re doing something important and want to help too in their own way.

If you are doing something on a laptop and have a separate old one just for her, she feels important and would not bother you on the one you’re using.”

11. Time well spent.

“Time that you enjoyed wasting, was not wasted.”

12. Children of the stars.

“You have iron and other elements in your body that can ONLY occur in a supernova. Which means a star died so you could exist.

You are the child of stars.”

13. Do your best.

“Dont worry about death. Just be the best version of yourself.

Either God exists and you’re in heaven chilling or you are just gone and you never had have think or worry again.

The sooner you can get your head round this, the sooner you’ll make the most of life and enjoy the moments you can.”

14. Put it into perspective.

“Life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you perceive it. If you’re going through some hard times, try putting things in perspective and thinking from a different angle 🙂 !”

15. Your brain loves you.

“Your brain has your back!

No one truly understands the phenomena of your life flashing before your eyes when near death but the best guess is that it’s your brain trying to save you.

Experiences in your life are stored by your brain as lessons on what to do next time. When you start learning to walk your brain is learning how to shift weight around to keep you upright.

If you stumble as an adult, your brain immediately and subconsciously scans your experiences, finds the relevant data, and puts that into action to make your legs move the right way to keep you from falling. This happens hundreds of times a day for various things and you never realize it.

When you are near death, you brain does this same process, trying to find a relevant piece of data to inform your actions to get out of the situation. Obviously, in a fatal scenario, it can’t, but it continues to rapidly run through memories, dedicating more and more energy to the task.

This causes the normally subconscious process to be detected in parts of the brain that normally deal with conscious thought and so you become aware of it.

So even at the very last moments of your life, your brain is still at full-tilt trying to save you.”

How about you?

What are your go-to facts that really bring you comfort?

Tell us about them in the comments, please!

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People Share Their Favorite “Poverty Meals” They Love No Matter How Much Money They Have

Do you have a favorite “poverty meal” that has stuck with you regardless of how much cash you had in your pocket?

Maybe it’s peanut butter and jelly, maybe it’s plain tuna fish out of the can, or maybe it’s good old fashioned SPAM.

Whatever your preference, most of us do indeed have these culinary delights that stick with us through the bad times and the good ones.

AskReddit users shared their favorite poverty meals.

1. Some good ones.

“Lentil stew

Boiled potatoes with salt and a couple of slices of herring

Cabbage soup and crackers

Tea and toast

Steamed rice with furikake.”

2. Do it the old way.

“Pizza in Italy was originally only eaten by poor people who couldn’t afford proper meals, and so they used the basics of flour, tomatoes and other cheap items to come up with pizza.

However, instead of the meat and other things on modern pizza, the basic vegetables make the pizza just as tasty and I always enjoy eating it.”

3. An Indian dish.

“There’s a south indian dish called Kanji, which is pretty much just rice put in water and cooked for a really long time.

Sort of like rice porridge.Then you put different food items and curries inside for flavor.

I still make it all the time, especially when I’m sick.”

4. Give them a shot.

“Lentils! Great cheap protein and can be used so many ways. Lentils with curry and whatever cheap veg is around, usually spinach or cauliflower.

Also a baked plantain for a super cheap and filling snack.”

5. Nice and easy.

“Fried egg with rice and beans.

I was a missionary in Brazil for a few years and when I would eat at peoples homes they would apologize for that being the only thing they could afford.

I could not convince them that it was one of my favorite meals.”

6. Really cheap.

“Yellow pea soup.

500g yellow peas. Soak over night

1 onion. Halve.

Boil together until peas start to fall apart.

Add salt, thyme and marjoram.

Enjoy with mustard.

About 1 buck will give you ten servings. And gas.

But it’s one of my all-time favorite meals.”

7. I love these!

“English muffin pizza.

A jar of pasta sauce, English muffins, mozzarella and toppings of your choice. Fresh produce is dirt cheap.

The pasta sauce is the most expensive part, and if you make it, and the English muffins at home, each mini pizza is like 30 cents.”

8. Sign of the times.


Made a huge comeback in my house at the beginning of pandemic when we were scared, unemployed, and feeling sorry for ourselves.”

9. Listen to this person.

“I’m a chef. I own a restaurant.

I’ve eaten some of the finest foods on this planet.

Very few things taste better than box Mac and cheese with cut up hot dogs.”

10. A classic.

“Cuban style rice and black beans.

Sure, I’ll toss in some avocado now I can afford to, but the base dish stays the same.”

11. A delight.

“Peanut butter and honey sandwiches. Containers of both last forever.

Last year, we lost power for 13 days in the rural area I was living in and lost all food. I lived off those sandwiches on rye bread for those two weeks and bottled water. Never got sick of them at all lol.

I lost 12 pounds.”

12. Yum!

“In Ireland (specifically Dublin) we have a dish called coddle. It’s a salty white stew from the days of the poor tenements.

It’s made with leftover sausages, bacon, potatoes and variable other veggies and grain such as barley.

It is an ugly dish to look at but it is so tasty, wholesome and filling.”

13. The good stuff.

“Buttered Noodles!

Any pasta, a scoop of butter, and a dash of salt.”

14. Good idea!

“A gas station slushie mixed with gas station wine.

Poor man’s daiquiri.”

Now we want to hear from you.

What are some of your favorite cheap meals that you enjoy?

Tell us all about them in the comments!

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