Why Do Roosters Crow?

My father’s a big fan of chickens. Once upon a time, my family and I lived on a farm. We adopted horses, goats, the fattest pig I’d ever seen in my life, and raised rabbits, ducks, and, most prominently, chickens. Life was a dream. Unfortunately, as with all things, it didn’t last. We were forced to move into the city, losing all of our animals in the process. However, this move proved only a minor setback for my father. It wasn’t long before we had multiple chicken coops filled in our relatively small backyard. Now, it’s as if we never

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Vampire Legends in History

There is a vast difference between Hollywood depictions of vampires compared to folklore legends. In films and novels, vampires are depicted as aristocratic, attractive and intelligent with a thirst for blood. They sleep in coffins and are well-dressed with long capes. They have strong mental abilities such as mind control, telepathy and can even transform themselves into animals. In folklore legends, however, vampires are depicted as unintelligent and peasant-like. They were cremated with or without being staked through the heart. In folklore, one becomes a vampire when one is bitten by another vampire or if they were once a werewolf

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