Relationship Memes That Are Really Too Sweet

Are you ready for some real cute relationship memes? Yeah you are. You’re a total sucker for that stuff. And that’s fine. We all are. No layers of irony here. Just heartfelt expressions of how cool and weird it is to be in love. Yanno, in meme form.

Enjoy these ten cute memes about the person of your dreams.

10. Miss you already

To this I can only say: boo.

9. Catch a flick

You’re about to find our real quick if you truly have the same tastes or not.

8. Your just desserts

Don’t get greedy – you gotta time that stuff out.

7. Over the air waves

What does sleep have that I don’t got?

6. Shifting dynamics

When the darkness meets the light.

5. Don’t let the bed hugs bite

The tightest sleep you’re likely to find anywhere.

4. Chicks, man


3. Time frames

Stupid work and its stupid face.

2. Sweet dreams

And then you gotta mumble all about it to your pillow until you fall asleep.

1. Change your tuna

This is wedded bliss and you can’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

That’s the good, cute stuff. Maybe send this list to your love to test their limits for how much sweetness they’re willing to put up with. I’m sure they’ll appreciate it.

If you could pass on just one piece of relationship advice, what would it be?

Tell us in the comments.

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Times When a Crush on a Guy Immediately Disappeared

Listen, just because you’re a crush doesn’t mean you’re going to crush it.

It’s amazing how absolutely infatuated we can be with someone and then experience that all melt away as soon as they reveal something distasteful about themselves.

Take this collection of stories on Reddit, for instance.

What did your crush do that absolutely killed your interest? from AskReddit

There are over 26,000 comments so we can’t go over them all, but here are some of the best (worst?) ones about guys specifically.

1. There was this guy, who did NOT turn out to be a cheap date…

This was in college, we were acquaintances and had a few classes together. He was cute, funny, and I totally had a crush on him. He asked me out to dinner and a movie.

At the restaurant he ordered the most expensive things on the menu. Apps, drinks, lobster, and even dessert. When the bill came he said “You got this, right?”

I was so embarrassed I paid. Then I said I’d skip the movie because I wasn’t feeling well and he asked me to give him $20 for gas and for wasting his time.

I didn’t and just left. Ugh!! After that he couldn’t seem to understand why I didn’t want to go out with him again.

– nancesans

2. This rebel without a cause, or a brain…

Bragged about drinking and driving.

He told me that he and his friends have a “nothing under 100” club, where they drink and then drive on the interstate going 100+ mph and have to send a full-length snapchat video of the speedometer to each other.

Two of my friends had been killed by a drunk driver 3 months prior.

– sarah_the_intern

3. Any guy who uses the word “conquest” for sex should be avoided.

Revealed his list of conquests. “Not even my brother knows how many women I’ve slept with.”

Then he offered to take my virginity in the back of his pickup truck.

I passed.

– LadyErynn

4. Talk about letting the cat out of the bag.

He talked about how he and his friends used to abuse farm cats.

They talked about one that was buried and then run over.

I did a quick 180 and absolutely hated him.

– Psychoapathy

5. No kink-shaming, but you gotta communicate, dude.

He tried to discreetly take photos of my feet… Nothing against people who are into that, but the way he was going about it was super creepy.

– [user deleted]

6. When you’re addicted to pretending to be addicted.

We were teenagers, he lived in a different province, and we used to chat on skype. He wanted me to think he was a “bad*ss” or something and would always talk about his drug use.

He ended up faking a heroin overdose when we were on chat together. I was hysterically crying and freaking out thinking I was watching someone dying and was trying to figure out how to call 911 in another province when he “snapped out of it” and told me he was actually okay.

I didn’t talk to him much after that.

– Shelvis

7. He shouldn’t just be off your list, he should be in prison.

His sister actually approached me and let me know that he was once arrested for locking their other pregnant sister in their basement, went on a coke binge while she desperately tried to get out, and went outside to beat their unsuspecting neighbors van with a golf club.

That was a big’ol nope.

– pale_moon_pixie

8. This guy’s future isn’t bright.

Tried to convince me to quit my job and put all my savings into gold bars; then demanded I let him read my Tarot cards to see if we’d be a good fit.

Nope nope nope.

– itsacalamity

9. Don’t be self-absorbed.

Talked nonstop about himself and his accomplishments and never asked me one question about myself

– toughrookie

10. This dude has got some serious hang-ups.

When I was a teenager we worked together as lifeguards. I adored him so much until one day he just starts talking about this random woman (that he didnt know and wasnt even there) that was wearing shorts.

He said he was fine until she sat down and had some cellulite on her thighs. And he kept being angry and talking about How she should be doing squats to be more appealing.

Like, his rant was angry and long and no one was adding to his conversation. Just silence.

After that I took off my rose colored glasses and saw that he was, in fact, a huge douchebag.

– Henchman32

11. We all know this person.

Blamed the world for all his problems.

Nothing was ever his fault.

– insaneklausposse

12. When every single person around you is incompetent, you’re probably the problem.

We work together and as I got to know him more I learned he talked badly about everyone.

Nurses that are amazing he’d belittle, talk about how certain people don’t know what they’re doing because they asked for an ultrasound IV as they were struggling getting a vein on a heroin addict.

The paramedics were worthless, doctors don’t know what they’re doing, who he thought was hooking up and it completely turned me off.

He’s in his early 40s and into gossip more than my teenage daughter.

– IComeFromDaOcean

13. Talk about getting trashed…

He picked me up for our first date and his car was disgusting. Not talking a few trash items, the entire backseat and floorboard was completely covered in piled up trash, even up front.

I had to step on empty McDonald’s bags, old soda bottles, wrappers ect to even get in. And all he said was, just move it around with your feet. No sorry or anything.

Made me feel like trash too. Like dang, couldn’t even clean up a little?

– Goblinqueen626

14. It’s lit. But it shouldn’t be.

Light the back fence of the school on fire to ‘impress a mate’

– That_cambot_is_me

15. I’d like to get “see ya later, boner” as a tattoo.

Told me he liked dating broken girls so he could fix them.

See ya later, boner.

– galaxyeyes47

I’m not sure what the moral to any of these stories is other than “Hey fellas…try not to be a train wreck.” Yeah, that seems right.

Do you have a story like this?

Share it with us in the comments.

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What Advice Can You Give a Single Father Raising a Daughter by Himself? People Shared Their Thoughts.

If there’s one thing that people who have kids understand, it’s that moment of panic that occurs when you realize you have no idea what you’re doing.

Most of us, though, will never stand in this man’s shoes; his friends died in a car accident, leaving him with sole custody of their 3mo daughter.

Image Credit: Reddit

He’s alone, he’s got a baby he wasn’t prepared for and, since he has no other children, has no experience to rely on – but don’t worry. The internet has his back.

Here are 18 people swooping in with some very good advice.

18. Just breathe.

I am a dad with two girls.

They love forts, jungle gyms, trampolines, Mindcraft, helping me in the garage just as much as anything typically concerned girly.

Just do things, ANYTHING, together and she will absolutely love you for the time and you will be surprised how much you love being with her.

3 months is young so remember to breath for this first year. Once she is walking and talking it gets easier. Don’t forget to ask for help and get rest.


Consider it your life’s purpose and you will live up to the honor that was bestowed upon you.

17. It’s as easy – and as hard – as that.

As a step-father (and someone who was adopted) all I can offer is love her for who she is, always let her know who her parents were.

A lot of it will come naturally, hopefully you have some friends or family that will help out

Raise her as if she was your daughter, teach her respect and values and she will turn out fine

16. Take her with you.

Take her places! Don’t stop doing the things you love, but include her if you can. Take her to the store, out to eat, go running in a jogging stroller (when she’s a teeny bit older).

Take her for walks and go on vacation with her! Kids soak up everything around them and activity tires them out so they sleep better. Good luck, Dad!

15. Just care.

All parents fail their children. You’re human so it’s inevitable to make mistakes. The difference between a good parent and a shitty one is if you care to try and improve and learn from your mistakes. There are lots of parents out there that just don’t care.

The fact that you care puts you ahead of a sizeable portion of people. You’re gonna be just fine.

Some fatherly advice… 1. They do sleep eventually 2. Crying is the only way they can communicate early on. They’re not screaming in your face just to piss you off. 3. Shower them with hugs, kisses and “I love you”s until the day you die.

14. This made me cry.

I have a three year old daughter. I’m a stay at home dad. This morning we watched some DC LEGO superhero movie (she said she loves Batman and Superman equally), and the day before she “pranked” me by painting my nails. Really she picked out the color and I did most of the painting, but she loves it.

When you’re able just spend time with her. When she’s having big feelings, let her. Let her know she’s allowed to feel whatever it is she feels, and let her know it’s okay. You’ll be there to comfort her. Love her and guide her. Always be kind.

At some point it will become old hat, and you’ll be frustrated and mad. That’s normal and okay. However you can’t take it out on her. When it happens to me, I explain what I’m feeling with my daughter and why. I’m frustrated with your behavior (never them, it’s what they’re doing) because you aren’t listening to me at the moment. That kinda thing.

Be honest. Kids are smart. And if you’re honest they’ll generally ask questions and just accept whatever you tell them. I have a nephew and two nieces that are adopted. It’s fairly obvious so it being a secret was never an option. However they are told (I assume they believe it) and treated like family. The fact they’re adopted means nothing for the most part. Might as well be bright red hair for all we care. They’re blood to us. That said we’re all honest about it if they ask.

If you have any questions or concerns my wife is pretty well educated on early childhood education. Between the two of us, I feel confident we can answer your questions.

Just being loving and kind will take you a long way.

13. Trust yourself.

It’s hard to imagine a more parental feeling than that fear that we’ll fail them. All of us feel that. You’ll be great because you want to be great and that will guide you.

I am so sorry for your loss. They must’ve loved and admired you very much to agree that you should take care of their daughter in their absence. Trust their judgement and your own.

12. Don’t worry about what’s girly.

Came here to say not to get hung up on what’s “girly”… I have three daughters, and they like all of the same messy outdoor shit, shooting, comic books/movies, etc. that I do.

Also, long hair (if she eventually grows it long) can be challenging. YouTube is your friend here.

You clearly have the love part covered, which is the most important part … you got this. As for feeling like you don’t know what you’re doing – no new parent knows what they’re doing.

We all felt the same way when we had our first kid.

11. Practical advice.

On the more formal side of things where I am there is a schedule of child health nurse & doctor visits, vaccinations etc. If that kind information hasn’t been transferred then it might be best to schedule a visit with her doctor to discuss what to do next. They will know what your local systems and have the most comprehensive records for the child.

For general parenting skills before our child arrived my partner and I took a 1 day class on what to expect in the first 6 months (further classes were available for 6-12, 12-24, etc). I found a few different non-profits operating in the parenting space offering similar classes in my area (these were very reasonably priced, with discounts available if the fees would be a hardship). Some people I have discussed this with say they took similar classes at their hospital. You will probably find that her doctor is able to make a few recommendations.

These classes are great at covering the essentials, and a few extra tips. But most importantly they provide the confidence that you know what the baby needs for everything to go right, and what to do when things go wrong. At three months old it can be hard to find a spare hour let alone a day but the value they would provide is immeasurable.

10. Sensible and true.

Keep her fed, but don’t over-feed.

Keep her clean and safe, but don’t drive yourself crazy.

Love her. Go absolutely nuts. You can’t love her too much. Hold her when she cries and set up her crib in your room if you feel like it will make things easier.

Be patient with yourself. You’re going to end up making mistakes. Kids are resilient. If you get to the end of your rope, it will do the baby no damage if you put her in your crib and go to the other end of the house with your headphones on for a few minutes to collect yourself.

The fact that you’re trying to figure all this out tells me that you will be a great dad!

9. Ask for advice.

Honestly, man, as long as you love her, you’ll never fail her.

Join some parenting groups on reddit and facebook. You don’t even have to post, but you’ll learn a lot by what you read. Having your mom along for the ride is already helping you a bunch because she raised you!

Never be afraid to ask her pediatrician, or, in the future, her teachers, for advice.

You’re doing a great thing and your friends would be so proud of you.

8. YouTube is your friend.

Sorry for your loss. Be as loving and open as you can, because she’s going to have questions you can’t answer but knowing you’re there for her will make a huge impact.

Also, look up YouTube videos about how to do hair and be ready to have a talk about menstruation around age 10. This includes having pads ready.

7. You can do it.

Congrats! You’re a dad.

Seriously, this is what being a dad feels like all the time. You just love them completely and want to make sure you don’t fail them in any way.

You’re on the right track. This is a tough situation, but you’re doing it. Just keep doing your best and letting her know you love her.

For some general tips…

Wipe front to back

Make use of that diaper cream. Use what works. I like the aquaphor diaper cream.

Get yourself a dad backpack. I like the one made by highspeeddaddy.

Amazon is awesome. Get their baby wipes.

Open up that next diaper pack only when you need to. Sizing up can happen quick, and you can return an unopened case of diapers.

Baby 411 is a pretty good book on baby stuff. PM me with your info and I’ll send you a copy. We got the pregnancy one and the baby one, it was great.

Don’t bother with an overly expensive baby monitor. I got a security camera on Amazon with baby crying detection for like $35. It’s awesome.

Honestly not much difference between boys and girls outside of wiping. And at toddler age, boys in my family are downright destructive beasts.

6. Talk about her parents.

You can tell her that her mommy and daddy died in a car accident but loved her sooo much and chose you to be her Daddy when she died. She will be hurt if this is kept secret and she finds out.

You can try to remember stories or qualities from your friends and record them or type them out so you won’t forget. When she is older you can give them to her, or tell them to her.

5. On girls.

Going along with wiping front to back, stay attuned if something goes wrong and she gets a UTI (urinary tract infection). It’s when bacteria from fecal matter ends up in the urethra. She’ll say she needs to pee constantly but nothing will come out. At that point take her to a walk-in and they can give her child-friendly antibiotics. (Also, anytime she needs antibiotics make sure she gets probiotics too – yogurt will be fine).

You can do this. The fact that you’re scared is a great sign that you will be a great father to her. Like many others have said, kids are resilient. Be open and honest with her as she grows up, learn from your mistakes and apologise when mistakes happen. You’ll be okay.

When you have rules and she asks why, take the time to explain it to her. Kids are more understanding and willing to follow rules if they know where it’s coming from.

This isnt pertinent now but as she grows up, remember that all girls face body issues and adequacy issues. When she comes to you with low self esteem, don’t brush it off and tell her not to worry about it, or that its silly to think about. Let her vent and keep telling her what a beautiful and smart and funny girl she is.

Girls also face growing up with misogyny. Luckily we live in a much better situation now where women are more respected than they once were, but she will still face it. Show her that how those boys treat her is wrong and that she doesn’t have to accept that from them. Show her that her opinion is just as important.

And when it comes to sex one day, have an open conversation with her where she’s not condemned for wanting it. Most girls have had parents tell them no sex before marriage, and so they felt like they couldn’t ask questions about it. They were shamed. Let her know it’s normal to want that but (if she’s young) she should wait because sex and emotions are tied together. Once you have that bond with someone as a girl/woman, it’s a lot harder to let the next person into your heart. Be open about all her questions, tell her how to be safe, dont condemn her out of fear of her getting hurt, but let her know the emotional toll sex can have.

4. One thing at a time.

Don’t think about all the future milestones. There are so many that it is very overwhelming if you do that. Luckily, nature makes it so that they usually only hit one major milestone at a time. Right now, focus on allowing her to try to roll over.

After that, focus on crawling (you can make it fun for her if you demonstrate crawling! That’s what my toddler did for the baby and it worked). After that, it’s tasting solid foods, then learning to walk, etc etc. Only focus on the milestones as they come.

By the time you need to teach her about menstruation, you’ll be more than ready and willing. You’ll be surprised how natural this parenting thing becomes (after the first very exhausting year). You got this.

3. It’s ok to be scared.

Just being scared to fail her is an indication you won’t.

I have an 18 month old daughter the only thing I want for her is to know love. That means to me always showing affection constantly.

Especially in the beginning it’s going to be hard I hope she doesn’t cry too much for you. But remember if she does and you feel like you’re going crazy just put her down and leave the room. She’ll be ok by herself for a minute while you collect yourself.

Give her lots of food I can’t believe how often this girl eats just like all the time.

2. Find your tribe.

First off I’m sorry for your loss, and you are a real life Hero. My advice is to look for any “mom and baby” groups in your area. It doesn’t matter that you are a single dad, you will be welcome to join.

I would start with community centres, gyms/yoga studios or even Churches if that’s your thing. Being around other people with babies will help you and your daughter. She needs to be socialized and you need to be around people who understand what you are going through.

Having a group of people you can talk to about baby things will be a huge help. Good luck!!

1. Take time for yourself.

Whilst alot of people here are talking about things you can do to look after her, something i would add is look after yourself also, your best-friend has just passed away, and looking after a child (especially a child that has just been handed to you without warning) can be very exhausting mentally.

There will probably be times when you break down crying and its ok to do so, just dont do it alone, be open with family and friends or a professional.

This is one of those times when you realize the world really is full of good people.

What advice would you have given this man? We can all use amazing parenting advice if you’ve got it!

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13 Petty Reasons Why Marriage Counselors Have Seen New Clients

If you have ever been married, you know that the littlest things, over time, can fester into much bigger problems. It’s also true that it’s easy enough to lose perspective when you’re inside a world of your own making for quite some time.

Those are both reasons that people seek out therapists, but listen….these 13 reasons for making appointments are still seriously petty.

13. Some things you can’t forget.

My mum still talks about the Christmas where my dad didn’t help her peel and prepare a bag of sprouts.

They were divorced and he’s dead and it still comes up from time to time.

12. How is this a thing people care about?

My ex-coworker once told me about an argument he and his girlfriend regularly have. Apparently, when you make a sandwich, some people care about whether the bread remains facing the same way it did in the original loaf or if one piece gets turned around relative to the other.

I don’t just mean top of the loaf remains facing the same way, I mean the cut sides of the slices remain facing the slice they were originally cut from. I told my fiance about this ridiculousness and he said “no, I see her point” and now I have to regularly have conservations about which way bread is facing.

11. To be fair, this might mean he’s a pod person.

There was a couple who fought because the husband stopped liking cheese for some reason

10. Why never bring it up?

My ex wife suggested we go to marriage counseling because she felt we needed to work on communication. I was slightly confused since we never really fought about anything and I didn’t know that much was amiss.

So I went with her and we had several sessions and it basically turned into just parenting classes since we didn’t seem to have any issues to work on.

Then one day she tells me she’s bi and is going to go sleep with a married couple she’s been friends with for a week because that’s the only thing that’s going to make her happy.

Would have been nice to know in marriage counseling that that was the real issue she was wanting to work on since I had no idea she was struggling with her sexuality. Guess there really was a communication issue.

9. “But not usually.”

There is no “stupid” reason to seek out counseling. What may seem trivial to one person can completely consume another person. What may seem insignificant to you might just be the last straw for a client. It’s our job to figure out why that “stupid” reason caused them to land in your care.

Sometimes it’s a lot of minor things that built up because they don’t have any good coping mechanisms. Sometimes it’s a major problem that they don’t want to talk about, so they start small. Sometimes it’s something they don’t even realise is a problem, but is causing them distress regardless.

There’s a lot of reasons why clients might present you with something that seems completely insignificant, but the fact is, they are in front of you, paying you money, so that you can help them improve their mental health. 99% of the time, that means that they believe getting help is worth their time and money.

He then proceeded to tell us a story about a woman who believed that Ashton Kutcher was her baby’s daddy, and she wanted a psychiatric professional to verify her mental health so she could file for child support and reconnect with him. As far as he could tell, she had never met Ashton Kutcher, or even seen him in person. So like. Sometimes people are crazy. But not usually.

8. Dodged a bullet there.

Because naps.

On weekends, I take a nap in the afternoon. Boyfriend was not ok with that and insisted I stop.

I’ll never forget the surreal feeling of his roommates watching me leave his house while he yelled at me.

7. That is a legit reason for counseling. And also divorce.

Vaccinate their child.

Dad say Go, mom says no.

6. Wow. Cold.

Nothing is really stupid in making the decision to come in for a couples session.

But the most startling session I’ve had was when the couple had barely sat down and one of them informed the other that the relationship was over, turned to me and said “thank you for supporting (partner) through this” and left the office.

5. Sh%t happens.

Not me but my buddy’s wife demanded counseling after he refused to “fix” his habit of leaving the seat up.

Apparently the straw that broke the camel’s back was he didn’t realize his poo ‘came back up’ and she fell into the toilet on his old, waterlogged shit.

4. That is definitely bizarre.

I had a woman come in for couples counseling. Over the phone she reported that her boyfriend (with the same last name- very confusing) was distant and was refusing to listening. When the session started it was just her that showed up. She went on and on about how absent he was and how he refused to see the progress she had been making in her life.

It turns out the “boyfriend” was an ex who had a restraining order against her and lived halfway across the country from her. She was delusional and was receiving treatment for her mental health issues. She just could not get her thinking away from him and legally changed her last name to his because it would mean they would be together.

She figured couples counseling was the way to work our their relationship issues.

3. It’s never about the spoon.

Not a counselor. But me and my ex had the biggest fight known later as the “spoon incident”.

We were both working over 60 hours a week and we’re stressed. Nonetheless we had one night off together so I made sure that I had cleaned the house and everything before she came home. She came back while I was unpacking the dishwasher and put the last cutlery in the drawers.

When I finally put a spoon in the drawer she said “that’s not where it’s supposed to go”. I asked her whether this is the way you want to treat me after I’ve cleaned the house and stuff? Never been so pissed at a GF, while it was actually fairly meaningless.

2. That poor therapist.

My ex made an appt for us when he got his side girl pregnant.

I was 26 and in grad school, lonely, stressed, and horribly gaslit, and went along.

At the time the therapist would say “if he hasn’t changed by now he’s not going to…..usually I’m trying to keep people together but I’m not sure I can now” and I would get mad.

Now I look back and things come on girl, run

1. Toxic masculinity comes from women, too.

I had a guy friend whose now ex-wife dragged him to couples counseling because he was “too nurturing” and she wanted him to be “more of a real man”. She actually complained about how when her female friends sat around complaining about their husbands, she couldn’t join in, cuz my friend wasn’t an emotionally stunted man-child.

Halfway through their first session, he told her he wanted a divorce and walked out, lol. That was right after she’d been telling the therapist about how she’d known he wasn’t an archetypal “man’s man” when they got together, but that she’d always thought she could change him into “a real man”. CHRIST, she was insufferable.

He’s now with an absolute Amazon of a woman, whom we all adore. They couldn’t possibly be more perfect for one another 💖

I recommend marriage counseling to literally every couple, because if you feel like you want to go, it can’t hurt – no matter your gripe.

Why did you first make that appointment? Tell us in the comments!

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People Share Stories About When They Caught Their Significant Others Cheating

Getting cheated on is one of life’s ultimate betrayals.

If that sounds dramatic, it’s because that’s what goes down when this sort of thing happens: it’s full of drama, crying, fighting, etc. DRAMA.

And it’s also very hurtful to the person who is the one that gets left in the dark.

People were asked to open up about how they caught their partners cheating and how it made them feel…

Here are some tales of heartbreak from people on AskReddit.

1. The nanny…and some weed.

“My ex husband and his family smoked a lot of pot, still do.

His sister, kids, and nanny were visiting from out of state for a few weeks. When it was time to fly home they left their stash at my ex MILs house because they didn’t want to take it on the plane. My ex asked if I would pick it up because I was nearby. Stupidly I agree.

I don’t smoke and I was willing to carry it in my car for him. To my surprise I found a note from the nanny to my ex saying she was in love with him and she was so happy for the time they had together. Obviously she thought he would get the weed instead of me.

While it was incredibly painful at the time I am definitely living my best life 15 years later.”

2. She confessed.

“My best friend was friends with my gf and her roommates. Word got to my friend about her bringing some dude home after a party and my friend eventually spilled to me.

She said “I really don’t want to tell you this and I know this will crush you, but I can’t keep this from you.” After she dropped the bomb I was like “Hell no! That would never happen!” and then I confronted by gf about it that night who broke down and confessed everything.

I stayed with that girl for another 7 months and God bless my friend for sticking by my side and supporting the whole way. When I finally ended things, my best friend was still there to support me and care for me.

Also haven’t dated anyone for longer than 6 months since that happened 7 years ago…”

3. A broken heart.

“I walked in the door to her coworker on the couch, obviously uncomfortable and clothes messy and her locked in the bathroom.

I wanted to pummel him then and there, but he was a trained MMA fighter, and I would’ve left the house that night with more than a broken heart. I just left.

They started dating the next day.

Sucks. It took a while for me to get trust back in relationships.”

4. I’m not dumb.

“Wife was acting unusual for a few weeks.

She would want to spend time by herself on the weekends and when she came home at night from work she would often sit in the driveway for 20 minutes on the phone.

I’m not dumb.

I bought a voice activated digital recorder and stuck it in her car. I knew what I needed to know in less than 24 hours.”

5. Round and round it goes.

“She confessed to her mom… Then mother in law called her other daughter and told her…

Sister in law then called me and told me, she let me listen in on a three way call to her mom and tried to convince mom to tell me but she refused which basically confirmed it.”

6. The last to know.

“June 1, 2018. Normal day. A Friday.

My husband had kissed me goodbye and gone to work. I was cleaning the house for company who was coming to stay the weekend. The doorbell rang. There was a man at my door who introduced himself as the husband of a woman who my husband worked with.

He was there to tell me that my husband and his wife were having an affair. He had busted them about six months prior and had told his wife that she had to end the affair. He thinks that she did end it…for about three months, but then they started up again.

When he found out they were at it again, he called my husband (because he knew if he confronted him in person, he’d be in a jail cell for what he’d have done).

On the phone, he told my husband to leave his wife alone or else he would come and tell me everything that was happening. Apparently, my husband thought that he was bluffing.

So I was literally the last to know. My husband never came home again. He got an air b’n’b and a lawyer. The divorce was December 21, 2018.

We had been together for 24 years. Still hurts.”

7. Where could he be?

“I owned a house with my fiancé.

I woke up in the middle of the night and he wasn’t in bed. I went searching. His truck and another vehicle were in the driveway. Then, I went upstairs and found the guest bedroom was locked. After barging my way in… I found him with another woman in bed.

That bed happened to be my childhood bed. He forced me out of the room… literally grabbed me by the neck and pushed me out and closed the door back. I knew I couldn’t do anything at that point, so I called his parents who lived a few blocks away.

His dad showed up and another fight broke out. I ended up leaving and staying at his parents until dawn. I moved out that weekend and let the house foreclose. 9 years later.. it’s finally off my credit report.

I’m happily married to an amazing man and we own a beautiful home together.”

8. What a creep.

“The husband of one of the women he was cheating on me with called me at work.

At first I didn’t believe him and hung up. How could the man i spent the past 8 years with, had 2 beautiful babies with, suffered together the loss of one of those children do something so hurtful?? Still a part of me had doubt. He had affairs in other relationships and we had a rocky patch early in the beginning where I suspected an affair but didn’t have proof.

I told my boss I felt sick and had to leave early and I called this guy back and found out that my ex and his wife along with one of their friends were all sleeping together for about a year. He had confronted my ex and told him that he was going to tell me but my ex convinced him to wait a month since my mother had just died.

I took my time coming home and confronted him and told him to pack and leave. Since I’ve pieced together a lot of what happened and all the lies he told me where if I was in a different headspace I might have caught on to the affairs earlier.

I also found videos hidden on one of our computers and found out he was having booty calls in our apartment while I was at work and he was watching our daughter.

At that point it put the headstone on any possibility of reconciliation.”

9. Unhealthy.

“Very unhealthy relationship. He was emotionally very abusive and I was in a terrible place with my mental health.

I found out at the ultrasound to determine the gender of our child. He was late and I was noodling on Facebook waiting to be called.

He was tagged in some photos in my news feed from a gig he’d been at on the previous weekend. Random lass was in all the photos of him and they were all over each other. Also they were making out in the background of one photo.

He turned up after I was called in. While the technician was printing the images I told him I knew. He went off and on about how I was making it up, he’d never do that, obviously I was lying to compensate for cheating on him and so on. When I pointed out there were photos he stormed out and left me there.

My Dad had turned up during the appointment (anticipating that he’d react badly if we were having a girl, which he did, that was scattered through the cheating denials) and took me home.

I considered us broken up at that point and stopped all contact except texts related to the pregnancy.

Mostly I was relieved. I had concrete evidence that it wasn’t in my head and I finally managed to escape that relationship.”

10. Business trip.

“He went to Hawaii for a business trip without his wife and kids. Like a good wife, I packed his clothes before he left and unpacked his dirty laundry when he returned home.

I found a tiny pair of white cotton panties (no lace) in his suitcase. He had recently dropped a lot of weight (>100 lbs) and played it off that he had bought them for himself …. they had no label and were simple bikinis so theoretically could have been men’s as well.

It did sort of explain the pretty brunette that followed him off the plane at the airport and kept looking at my kids and I at the luggage carousel (what an *ss to make his side piece come face to face with his wife and kids).

I made sure he wore those panties at least once a week for the remaining few months we were together (I set out his clothes everyday and he couldn’t protest).”

11. A sad story.

“I was married.

Out of the blue while at work I get an email that says (husbands name) ‘s wife.

When I open the email it lists off a name and says (husbands name) married to her. Check on Facebook

(English was not the first language, this was overseas)

So I do and what do I see? Tons and tons and tons and tons of pictures of a woman with my husband. The woman and her kids with my husband. The woman and her family with my husband.

I was stunned to say the least. It was October 6th 2017, 7 months after I almost died from an ectopic pregnancy. Yep we were trying at that point to have kids.

After work I went home and started throwing all of his stuff in the dumpster. He was out of town at the time so I had plenty of time to do it. Spent all of Saturday and Sunday throwing EVERYTHING he owned in the dumpster.

A month later I moved to a new apartment and waited until then to tell him I was divorcing him.

He then killed himself a few months later.”

12. An eye-opening experience.

“I was 8 months pregnant with our second child at the time and he wanted to go visit his brother for the weekend. I asked my doctor if it was safe for me to travel and she said it would be fine.

I told my husband I could go but he said he was really hoping to just have some time with his brother, I understood because a new baby really makes it hard to spend quality time but I asked if he could take our older son (3yo at the time) so he could see his grandma and cousins.

He said they were planning on drinking and whatnot and wasn’t sure it would be a good idea. (They’re country boys so think shooting, drinking and whatnot) I agreed and he left for the weekend. After he left I get a call from his best friend telling me that he’ll be in town for the weekend and he wanted to meet up, not weird he called me because my husband was terrible at answering his phone.

I told him unfortunately my husband was visiting back home, bad timing. His best friend then said ok, I’m going to call you back. And hung up very abruptly. Turns out my husband and his wife had been caught by him a few months previously and he gave them a chance to make it right…I don’t know why.

He didn’t tell me but threatened to if they didn’t stop. Well, they didn’t stop and he told me. I think the worst part was that my husband’s family knew and never once thought to tell me. These people were my family for 5 years and nothing.

It’s been almost 10 years now and I’m so much happier but it was definitely an eye opening experience.”

13. A strange look on her face…

“My ex was a big drinker and I wasn’t.

She would frequent this bar close to our place pretty often with friends. I rarely went because I just wasn’t a fan of bars or her drinking friends. One night she went out with a couple that I didn’t mind that much. I was bored at home so I decided to head over for a little bit.

As I walk in I see my ex sitting at the bar with the couple. The bar was packed and as soon as I made eye contact my ex she had this strange look on her face. She turns to this guy sitting next to her, and he immediately gets up and leaves.

I felt something strange right away, but I brushed it off as me being irrational. I stayed for like an hour and headed home. I couldn’t shake the feeling I had though so I checked one of her friend’s Facebook page to see if there was any connection that existed between my ex and this random dude. Sure enough he was friends with one of my ex’s friends.

I knew his name now and that I wasn’t as crazy as I thought. I sat on the information though. The next weekend she goes out drinking again and still had not returned home at 4 am.

I tried contacting her multiple times and I got no response. I woke up to her coming home at 7 am and jumping in the shower immediately. I decided to check her phone while she was in the shower, and she kept all of the messages with this same guy. Some pretty telling information in the text thread.

While she was still showering I grabbed a fresh pair of clothes and headed to my best friends house. 20 minutes later I get a phone call with her going ape sh*t about me leaving and not saying anything. I laughed at the projection, told her that if she wasn’t moved out by Monday the police would be there to force her out.

She wasn’t on the lease and her parents lived 10 minutes away from me. That was that.”

Have you ever had a partner cheat on you before?

What happened? How did the whole thing go down?

Tell us all about it in the comments.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Hilarious Moments from the World of Tinder

What’s going on with Tinder?

There’s dating and conversations and hookups, sure, but like, there’s also this entire weird culture around it. Flirting and game playing and pranking and…venmo panhandling? It’s a lot, so if you’re gonna open that app back up, be ready for anything.

Here are fifteen of the types of anything you might want to prepare yourself for in the world of tinder.

15. Duck buddies

Um. Are we just gonna ignore the plane and the building emojis?

I had an interesting experience from Tinder

14. 6’3

I don’t know if you’ve heard or not, but this guy is 6’3.

The trick to a good bio is letting people know a lot about you from Tinder

13. Crab onto opportunity

When you got the facts, you just gotta share ’em.

Fucking love crabs, man from Tinder

12. Evolutionary process

I didn’t think tinder would be the pinnacle of biological progress, but here we are.

Its shark week! from Tinder

11. A sense of adventure

Bringing out the big guns right away.

Is it even a date if no one dies at the end? from Tinder

10. A part of me

I mean, you’re not wrong.

I mean??? from Tinder

9. That adds up

Math nerds were made for each other.

She’s not obtuse from Tinder

8. You should pay, pal

I kinda wonder how well this is going for her.

She unmatched with me immediately from Tinder

7. Basic genetics

Asked and answered, I suppose.

He didn’t even get my joke 🥺 from Tinder

6. Waking up in Vegas

That embarrassing moment when you both show up to the party wearing the same name.

When you are a lesbian with a common name from Tinder

5. A horse of a different color

This guy is too hot to trot.

She said she liked horses and dad jokes. from Tinder

4. You blue it

This is what happens when you copy/paste the same line for all your matches.

My pictures show very clearly that my eyes are brown from Tinder

3. Dog-gone

Is your mutual disinterest in each other technically something you have in common?

we both matched with ulterior motives. from Tinder

2. Rhyme time

Not a perfect rhyme, but a solid effort.

The first creative thought I’ve had… from Tinder

1. It’s the pits

I’d sooner commit to a lifetime of matrimony than matching tattoos.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m pleased to announce I’ve beat the game. from Tinder

Honestly, I’d swipe right on every single one of ’em.

What’s been your weirdest tinder experience?

Tell us in the comments.

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Relationship Memes That Give Us All Something to Aspire To

All of us are out here trying our best to form lasting and meaningful relationships. It’s not always easy, especially when we have this vision in our head of what everything is supposed to be, or supposed to feel like. That kind of idealization can get in the way sometimes. Other times, it can clarify what we want and what we need.

And then there are memes.

I don’t know if these relationship goal memes are helpful, hurtful, or just stupid, but they sure do give me something to aspire to.

10. Ride on

This is either adorable or deeply kinky or both.

9. Serving looks

Find you a man who looks at you like Drake looks at everybody.

8. Alienating love

Yeah I’m your soulmate, you’ve just got a weird soul.

7. Love me through the phone

These iPhone sizes are getting out of hand.

6. Monkey business

Why were you sleeping in confetti though?

5. Lasagna love

Without you, it’s a constant case of the Mondays.

4. Order up

Yeah I’ll have uuuuuhhhhhhhh fulfillment.

3. Sleep with me

Say no more, I’ll bring my own pillow and everything.

2. Street style

I think I’ll just park myself right here for a while.

1. Fry do

I hear wedding bells and Taco Bells in equal measure.

If I didn’t know what I wanted before, I certainly do now. And it’s fries. I want a bunch of fries.

What are your relationship goals?

Tell us in the comments.

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Cute Compliment Memes You Can Send To Your Special Someone

Valentine’s Day is far off, but that’s no excuse not to send Valentines to the people you love. Or at the very least a sort of off-brand version where you just text them cute meme compliments about how much you like their butt or whatever.

Any day of the year is the right day for those kinds of adorable shenanigans.

In that spirit, here are ten cute compliment memes for the special someone in your life.

10. Sweets for the sweet

You absolutely knock me out.

9. Stark realities

I may not be a billionaire, but I’ll scare off danger with my mighty growls.

8. Happy little me’s

Just take those feelings of loneliness and beat the devil out of ’em.

7. Snack attack

How does this dog look so smooth and why can’t I deal with it?

6. Crash into me

Gonna crush so hard they call me the super nova.

5. Needed contributions

Together, we can reach these goals. Not me, us.

4. Let’s get this bread

Garlic may not be easy on the breath but it’s still pretty great for the mouth.

3. Lizard licks

When your man saves you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.

2. Pretty potassium

“Why is any of this?” – dog, probably

1. Reporting for booty

Your future looks very bright.

If you want to brighten somebody’s day, just send them one of these. Or the whole list. You can’t lose, really.

What’s your favorite thing about being in love?

Share it in the comments.

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Men Share the Moment They Realized She Definitely Wasn’t That Into Them

Relationships can be very difficult and that goes double for people who struggle to read a room, another person, or even their own reactions and feelings.

For a million reasons, it can be hard to realize when someone else isn’t really into you at all, so if you’re wondering that about someone right now, here are 16 guys ready to share what did it for them.

16. Maybe she DID like you?

When she used to give everyone hugs but only ever offered me a high five.

15. Or she’s really boring. Either way.

Had a dinner together, and the entirety of her contributions to the conversation were repetitions of “yep” “that’s cool”. and such.

Even when I tried to ask her questions and engage her in the conversation, she just had nothing to add or to say. Was pretty clear it wasn’t sparking.

14. But WHY though omg.

I went out to a restaurant/bar with four buddies.

Some ladies sent over a round of drinks.

To my four buddies.

13. Don’t have to work too hard here.

I asked her out

She said “ew”

12. That poor kiddo.

 I was with 2 guy friends at our mall one time (years ago in jr. High). A small group of girls started following us. So we stopped and waited to see what they would do. Eventually 1 comes over and says that her and her friends think we’re cute and can they have our numbers.

I remember feeling pretty bada$s just then – I didn’t realize yet that I wasn’t included lol. So one buddy says he has a gf (he did), girl looks at buddy #2 and he gives her his number. She says ok thanks and leaves. Didn’t even look at me. Ego did a 180 that day. Lol

11. Junior high is ROUGH, y’all.

Reminds me of a time in junior high school when I told some girl that I liked another girl and told her not to tell anyone.

Lo and behold, next class, I’m talking to the girl I like and she asks the group “hey do you guys know who jewfro667 is?”

Me, being the shy kid, have no idea what to do so I play dumb until someone points to me and I raise my hand a bit. The look on this girl’s face was not at all one of pleasant surprise.

Needless to say, it stuck with me almost 20 years later.

10. That says more about her than you.

When I a senior in high school, I went to a party one night where there was like 11 of us, 5 girls and 6 dudes. One of the girls there was very boy crazy and really into a good friend of mine. She kept begging him to go into one of the bedrooms to f%ck but he kept turning her down. Finally I guess she had enough of him telling her no. She proceeds to go around the room and basically begs each guy to f%ck her. None of the guys would give her the time of day and told her no. She finally gets to me, looks at me for a brief second, says ‘ain’t happening’ and storms off.

I don’t know if that was some weird way of her thinking she was saving face by not actually getting turned down by every guy in the room or if I was somehow already below her low standards. But I do remember that I let it affect me for a long time. I mean at this point in my life I still never had a gf or even kissed a girl and even though I would have told her no as well, it was still a huge blow to my self-esteem to be the only guy not asked.

But life is good and although it took some years after high school, I eventually had a very successful dating life and currently have an amazing and gorgeous gf. So I just kind of look back at it and laugh.

9. Why not just say no thank you?

After chatting for about a month, I asked her out (for the second time):

  • Wanna meet up and hang out somewhere?
  • Yeah yeah, I’d like to meet.
  • Cool, so are you free this day on this week?
  • No
  • How about another day next week?
  • No
  • So maybe the week after? Or after that?
  • No, can’t
  • Okay… So when can we meet?
  • Let me check and get back to you

10 months, 4 days and 5 hours since then and I still haven’t heard from her.

8. She definitely did.

When they couldn’t remember any conversation we previously had, and made the excuse that their phones text history resets every day.

Didn’t take a rocket surgeon to figure out she deleted them herself.

7. Rude.

She really only talked to me when she needed something.

This girl always called me more and more when she wanted me to drive her somewhere, and less and less to actually do stuff together.

One time she called me to meet up with her at the mall, so I went. When I met her there the first thing she asks me is if I could drive her to her friend’s place 40 mins away. My jaw dropped. I said I couldn’t, and I left her there. She texts me complaining how she had to take the bus, I never responded and stopped communicating with her. Haven’t heard from her since.

6. “Recoiled in horror.”

When I expressed interest and she recoiled in horror and told me I was embarrassing her.

5. That definitely could have gone worse.

I went to a chick’s apartment once and she had another girlfriend of her’s over and they spent a good amount of time rating dudes on Bumble.

And proceeded to get about 50 matches in the 1.5 hours I was there.

I was like “wtf am I doing here?” then got drunk and left via uber.

4. She just wants out of there.

Closed responses to leading or intuitive chatter. e.g.; just saying “yes”, “no”, “not really”, etc; when asked questions that could easily lead to more conversation.

3. That’s certainly a clue.

I once went on a date with this girl. Bought her dinner. Went downstairs to the bar/nightclub for a drink afterwards.

She ran into some girlfriends and just went over to their table, sat down and started chatting and drinking.

I sat alone for about 20 minutes, then just left without saying anything. Never heard from her again.

2. That’ll do it.

Caught her making out with my manager.

So yeah, I didn’t really think she was the one for me.

1. She’s not really laughing.

When every conversation is abruptly ended by “lol”

I really hate those three letters.

I’m never dating again. Just saying.

If you’re a guy, add something to the list here! I want to hear more.

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