These Groomzillas Put Demanding Brides to Shame. Yikes.

Everyone’s heard of bridezillas, but what about the guys out there who take wedding plans to the extreme, too.

Oh, you didn’t realize that guys can be overly invested in their weddings? Well, they are.

And these 11 guys spared no expense…and no one’s feelings…

1. This really should be a day for BOTH people…

Photo Credit: Whisper

2. Well, you’ve met one now!

Photo Credit: Whisper

3. You expected something less?

Photo Credit: Whisper

4. Lock that shit down, quick!

Photo Credit: Whisper

5. Oh boy. Three against one!

Photo Credit: Whisper

6. This woman! Somebody marry this woman immediately!

Photo Credit: Whisper

7. Yikes!

Photo Credit: Whisper

8. Yeah, he should really help… but do you want that?

Photo Credit: Whisper

9. Agreed! Good for you!

Photo Credit: Whisper

11. Yeah. Nobody should be expected to spend that much money to go to a wedding…

Photo Credit: Whisper

11. Gotta be assertive now, otherwise that marriage is gonna be ROUGH!

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If you’re the bride-to-be, are you asking yourself… “Do I still want to say ‘I do?’”


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10+ Tweets by People Who REALLY Shouldn’t Have Hit “Send”

The internet is full of stupid people, and that stupidity is often entertaining. So enjoy it!

1. This tweet is STILL up two years later b/c Gwen Stefani does not give AF!

2. If you feel a pin prick in your neck… don’t worry…

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

3. Don’t we all…

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

4. Why? WHYYYYYYY????!?

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

5. I’m sorry… WTF is going on here?!?

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

6. This boss printed his employee’s tweets out as a warning to others…

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

7. Annnnnnddddd… you’re fired.

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

8. That’s so… not… deep…

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

9. Oh shit. Cashed out!

10. Rule #1 on social media… don’t be a dick.

11. Damn Wendy’s! That’s cold…

12. Celebuzz is swimming in waters too deep and they gonna drown…

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

You’re welcome.

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11 Women Share Their Shocking “Stealthing” Experiences

“Stealthing” is the term used for an incredibly disturbing new trend of men sneaking off their condoms mid-intercourse without informing their partner.

Yeah, that’s seriously f***ed up. Here are 11 women who have been “stealth-ed,” but we warn you – these aren’t easy to read.

1. Hmmmm… this is strange…

Photo Credit: Whisper

2. Maybe he wants a baby? But not like that!

Photo Credit: Whisper

3. Lots of raw emotions here!

Photo Credit: Whisper

4. Yeah, it’s sexual assault in some countries.

Photo Credit: Whisper

5. Boom. Taking control of your life FTW!

Photo Credit: Whisper

6. Absolutely devastating.

Photo Credit: Whisper

7. Hopefully you can accept yourself for who you are. Herpes is pretty commonplace.

Photo Credit: Whisper

8. Isn’t that rape?

Photo Credit: Whisper

9. What a POS!

Photo Credit: Whisper

10. Reverse stealthing?

Photo Credit: Whisper

11. Yeah, get out of there!

Photo Credit: Whisper

There is absolutely no room for this insane behavior.

If somebody EVER stealths you, leave them IMMEDIATELY. They can’t be trusted.

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10 People Who Love Their Career, Even If Their Parents Disapprove

We all love our parents, but let’s face it: they can be really judgy sometimes.

“Why do you have to have those tattoos?”

“Why aren’t you in grad school by now?”

“Is that really what you’re gonna do the rest of your life?”

I’m grateful that, although my parents certainly don’t stop asking these questions, they still support my choices at the end of the day.

These 10 people, however, aren’t as lucky.

1. Well, that’s a fucked up reason. Jeezus…

Photo Credit: Whisper

2. Those are SUCH different fields. Choose wisely…

Photo Credit: Whisper

3. I mean… he may be proven right, but why not try it first?

Photo Credit: Whisper

4. Because he’s not happy with his own life. Otherwise he wouldn’t be focusing on yours.

Photo Credit: Whisper

5. Yeah, can’t argue with that.

Photo Credit: Whisper

6. Boom! Artist!

Photo Credit: Whisper

7. Yeah, what does dad know anyway?!

Photo Credit: Whisper

8. You might gain lots of money if you save….

Photo Credit: Whisper

9. Omg… don’t do this to yourself!

Photo Credit: Whisper

10. Do. What. You. Love.

Photo Credit: Whisper

Parents… keep your nose out of your kids adult business.

Love them. Period. End of story. That’s it.

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15 People Who Are About To Be in a World of Trouble

Let’s face it: sometimes life just doesn’t go our way. When things start going wrong, though, one way to handle it is to lean into it until you can find a way out. These people are about to have some troubles of their own, but I’m sure they’ll make it.

1. Just trying to catch some Zs. Heck, they’d even settle for one Z.

Photo Credit: Twitter: desiraeexo

2. Short and simple.

Photo Credit: Reddit: hobbit890

3. Someone woke up on the wrong side of life.

Photo Credit: Reddit: drshaba7

4. This father kept track of how many times his three-year-old asked “Why?” in one day.

Photo Credit: Reddit: 2legitportu

5. No, thanks.

Photo Credit: Reddit: shanadar

6. “My nephew wrecked his ‘girlfriend’s’ car.”

Photo Credit: Twitter: radricadavis

7. “No idea how to fix it.”

Photo Credit: Reddit: McCDaddy

8. Eat up.

Photo Credit: Reddit: parmaqqay

9. Ah, to be a middle child.

Photo Credit: Imgur: LeButtman

10. “We threw a gender reveal party for my brother and SIL. My niece really wanted a little sister.”

Photo Credit: Reddit: themissnguyen

11. Hope they aren’t in a hurry.

Photo Credit: Reddit: xumix

12. “A family member uploaded this Easter picture of my cousin.”

Photo Credit: Reddit: imnotfunnyAMA

13. You do you.

14. “Please be a boy, please be a boy…”

Photo Credit: Reddit

15. Don’t put all your eggs in one egg machine.

Photo Credit: Imgur: ShadesOfBlue3836

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15 People Reveal the Conspiracy Theory They Believe To Be True

Are there any conspiracy theories that you believe in? Personally, I am convinced that there are aliens out there – though I’m not sure the government is covering it up. I just think they are actively avoiding us because humanity sucks.

Somebody on Reddit asked the questions: “What conspiracy theory do you believe to be true? What evidence led you to this conclusion?”

And lo, the people delivered!

1. The real conspiracy…

I’m starting to think that the really stupid conspiracy theories (vaccines causing autism, flat earth, lizard people, etc.) are intentionally spread by propaganda groups and troll farms.

They don’t care what stupid shit you believe, but they are very interested to know that you’re a gullible mark who will believe anything with no evidence, and won’t do research with authorities on the matter to find the truth.

If you want to spread misinformation, look for the people who do it as a hobby.

2. Oh snap….

The 10 year challenge all over social media is actually a way to record and gather more facial recognition data

3. The strange killing of John Lang.

The Fresno Police killed John Lang.

It’s been a while since I’ve read the story, so forgive me if I get something wrong. John Lang was a journalist who was very critical of the FPD. He wrote an article about how the police went into poor parts of the city and pulled cars over that parked in free parking lots or something like that. Eventually, he started noticing people watching his house, “FBI style.”

One night he asked on Facebook if he could stay in someone’s home for the night, as he knew the police were going to kill him that night. After no one let him, his house caught on fire.

4. F is for Fake

I’ve always speculated that a lot of priceless artwork and historical documents are actually replicas or copies.

Obviously a painting by a world-famous artist using a very specific technique would be very hard to fake, and I don’t think that every art scholar in the world is paid off in some grand conspiracy.

Rather, I just think that either the national treasures never left their vaults or that some national treasures actually were lost to history but they were copied.

5. The OJ theory…

O.J. Simpson didn’t do it, it was Jason Simpson.

O.J. didn’t do it: Nicole Brown was nearly decapitated and Ron Goldman was stabbed 20+ times and had numerous defensive wounds. The prosecution claimed the injuries were consistent with two knives being used and produced a stiletto knife -good for stabbing but not cutting- and a Swiss Army knife -not really good for hurting anyone other than yourself. O.J. had only a small cut on his hand with no other evidence of having been in a fight. The only blood found in his home were a few drops of his own blood which were contaminated with a preservative used in blood draws.

Jason did it: Means: Jason was employed as a sous-chef and had his own knife set, and also owned a double-edged combat knife.

Motive: Jason was cooking alone at his restaurant that night and had specifically invited Nicole to come see him cook. She stood him up and went to Mezzaluna where Ron Goldman worked. Jason was known to be bothered by Nicole seeing men other than his father.

Opportunity: Jason’s timecard that night was handwritten for a time much later than when the restaurant shut down. His alibi changed multiple times, but the last time anyone can definitely account for him is around 9:30 that night.

The kicker? The day after the murders, O.J. retained one of L.A.’s top criminal defense attorneys for Jason and did not hire his own defense attorney until several days later.

6. Michael?!?

Sony killed Michael Jackson.

He owned the rights to the Beatles discography.

After he died, Sony had remastered versions of every Beatles album available days after MJ’s estate sold the rights to Sony.

There’s no way they could have remastered the albums and published the CDs in that short amount of time.

7. The art market…

I believe that modern/minimalistic art exists solely for money laundering. It’s just a way for rich people to move money around. There’s a reason why paintings of plain geometric shapes sell for millions of dollars, and it’s not because the buyers are really into shapes.

It’s actually more of a loophole than a conspiracy. All countries, and most cities have “free port” zones. Free ports are areas, usually near a port where goods can be stored duty free because they are ultimately bound for another country.

HOWEVER, these “free ports” can also be used to store art. Art with incredible value, crated away never to been seen again. These free ports become untaxable, untraceable banks for the ultra wealthy.

This is a real thing.

I wanna be an oligarch, i hate having to play by the rules

8. This insane one about the Titanic

The Titanic/Olympic conspiracy.

It has credibility because there is photographic evidence. It’s really one of the only conspiracy theories I put much belief in.

The sister ships (and their third counterpart, the Britannic) were owned by White Star Line. The Olympic was put into service in June, 1911. She collided with another ship, the HMS Hawke, in September of 1911 and both ships were badly damaged. The accident was a financial disaster for White Star Line, as they were found to be liable for the accident and had to pay for the damages to both ships and legal fees for court cases associated with the accident. Repairs on the Olympic took nearly two months and parts intended for the Titanic, which was still being built during this time, had to be given to the Olympic instead. Only a few weeks after being returned to service, the Olympic suffered another minor incident where one of the propellers broke off and pieces intended for the Titanic were once again cannibalized.

At this point, the Olympic was looking like more and more of a money-drain for the White Star Line, though its achievement in not actually sinking despite a major accident that should have sunk it cemented the Olympic-class liner’s reputation as “unsinkable”, but I’ll get back to that in a moment.

The Titanic was finally finished and ready to leave port on her maiden voyage on April 10, 1912, having been delayed while new parts were made and delivered to replace the ones needed for the Olympic, and from there we all know the story. She went first to France, and then to Ireland, and then began her trek across the Atlantic to New York, during which she struck an iceberg and after nearly two hours, sank, taking 1,500 souls with her to a cold, watery grave that would not be seen again by human eyes for nearly a hundred years.

The Olympic went on to have a 24-year career as a successful ocean liner. She served during World War 1 where she earned the nickname Old Reliable for her impenetrable hull, and then in 1919 she was re-outfitted to be a civilian passenger ship and served as an ocean liner until 1935, when she was retired from the fleet. Her ownership changed hands several times and she was eventually dismantled and sold for scrap metal.

But what if it wasn’t the Titanic that sank? What if it was actually the Olympic? What if it was a ploy to remove a faulty ship that was costing them more money than she was bringing in for White Star Line and cash in on her million-pound insurance policy?

So here is the conspiracy theory. At some point after the Titanic was completed, they switched the identities of the ships. The new “Titanic” was actually the Olympic and the “Olympic” was actually the brand-spanking-new Titanic, fresh from the construction yard with zero problems and zero history. They intended for the “Titanic” to suffer some sort of failure that would result in the destruction of the problem ship so they could collect the insurance money. I doubt they intended to also cause the deaths of 1,500 people; the events that transpired which led to the sinking of the “Titanic” possibly happened purely by chance and the iceberg wasn’t part of their plan (i.e., they didn’t hire the captain to specifically ram the iceberg to sink the ship or anything like that). They probably had another plan involving the repairs that had already been made on the ship when it collided with the HMS Hawke.

In any case, it wasn’t really the Titanic that left port on April 10, 1912 — it was the Olympic.

After the sinking of the “Titanic,” White Star Line received a tidy sum of £1,000,000 in insurance money (or £89,289,575 in today’s money). This, of course, ruined the insurer, Lloyd’s of London. There’s an additional conspiracy theory that American financier and banker J. P. Morgan was in on this whole scheme; his company, J. P. Morgan & Co., financed the International Mercantile Marine Company in the hopes of becoming rich off of sea travel, but this turned out to be a bad investment because of the unpredictable nature of sea travel and travelers themselves. J. P. Morgan or one of his associates may have schemed with White Star Line, who was a subsidiary of this IMMC, in order to bankrupt the IMMC and allow J. P. Morgan & Co. to withdraw from the IMMC without breaking a contract. I cannot provide evidence for this beyond speculation.

However, I can provide evidence that backs up my claim that the two ships were switched and it was the Olympic who sank, not the Titanic.

This is an image of the RMS Olympic in drydock (I am currently unable to locate a picture of the Olympic while under construction with the name clear so you can be sure it definitely is the Olympic — I can only assume such a photo doesn’t exist):

Check out the very top row of portholes in the white railing. Count them. Look closely at the grouping of the last five portholes and how they are clustered with two close together, one set apart, and two more close together.

This is an image of the RMS Titanic being built:

Look at the top-most portholes in the railing on the Titanic. Count them too. Look at the last five portholes and see that they are evenly spaced apart.

This is a picture of the “Titanic” before leaving on its maiden voyage. Check out the portholes in question:

Here is the “Olympic” in New York after the sinking of the “Titanic”:

There is no reason why the ship builders would have changed the portholes on the Titanic when they were nearly done building it. That piece was not one of the pieces cannibalized from the Titanic to repair the Olympic that would have needed to be replaced by a different piece. The only answer is that the ship in the final picture, which is the ship that left port on April 10, 1912, and was met with a terrible fate near Newfoundland, was not the Titanic, but actually the Olympic. You can find pictures from newspapers further supporting this, as they clearly show the name of the ship and the wrong number/orientation of portholes.

I doubt we’ll ever know one way or another, since the wreck at the bottom of the Atlantic is quickly being covered with sediment and will be completely buried and inaccessible soon and pieces of the ship that was retired in 1935 and dismantled in 1937 are both difficult to find and difficult to authenticate, and anybody who might be able to either confirm or deny this theory are all dead.

9. The never-ending war…

That the USA deliberately gets into an armed conflict every decade or so for the purpose of ensuring that at any given time, they always have a critical mass of soldiers with actual combat experience.

They get in a lot of conflicts, and it seems highly probable that the leadership of a country that spends so much on national defense would highly value the institutional knowledge that comes from that kind of continuity of practical experience, even if it comes at a high human cost.

10. The Unabomber was made by the government?!

When Ted Kaczynski (the unabomber) was at Harvard, he participated in a brutal psychological experiment led by professor Henry Murray. The experiment lasted for three years and by many accounts they seemed to have an extreme impact on Kaczynski’s psyche. I think this experiment was part of the CIA’s MKUltra project and destabilized Kaczynski enough to where he eventually went on his reign of terror of sending bombed packages around the country.

During the MKUltra project, the CIA collaborated with university professors on these mind-control experiments but a lot of the documentation was destroyed when people started to look into it.

TL;DR: The unabomber participated in an experiment that was a part of the MKULtra project that eventually led to him becoming a mass-murderer.

11. They’re listening….

All my devices listen in on me.

The other day I was arguing with my Dad about some chicken I thought had gone off (it was frozen for about a month so we weren’t too sure but my Dad was insistent that it was still edible).

Dad decided to ask Google, and low and behold the related searches even from the first letter were: “Is chicken edible after being frozen for a month” and “How long can you freeze chicken before it goes off”.

Also, my Mum and I use this tactic where if we need to ring up a company about something and it puts us in a queue, we swear at it. It then puts you on a priority list and you don’t have to wait as long.

Kinda sketchy on the company’s behalf.

12. The YouTube conspiracy theory crowd is out in full force…

Marilyn Monroe was murdered by the US government.

She frequently attempted suicide and then called someone via her landline next to her bed to come save her. When she died, no traces of it were found within her stomach and her colon had been extremely cleaned.

A theory is that she was murdered via enema poisoning. I haven’t brushed up on it or researched in a long time so I am probably remembering facts incorrectly.

Search it up on YouTube- it’s quite interesting.

13. Disney, what you up to?

Disney made Zootopia partly to replace the Song of the South characters from Splash Mountain.

Splash Mountain is really the only thing that still exists in the public eye from Song of the South (along with the song “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah”), since Disney wants to pretend that movie doesn’t exist. So they created a movie featuring fox and rabbit characters that could replace Brer Fox and Brer Rabbit, and re-theme the entire ride to be Zootopia themed, while leaving some things (like the name, and the songs featured in the ride) from Song and the South.

There’s also that Disney loves re-theming things to their IP now (getting rid of Maelstrom and bringing in a Frozen themed ride), so it would make sense for them to re-theme a ride to a successful recent movie than keep a ride based off an old, mildly racist movie they’re trying to forget.

14. What goes on up there?

I believe there is a ridiculous amount of pedophilia among the upper echelons of society.

Whether it is uncovered in the Catholic Church, British parliament, Hollywood, Washington DC, Saudi Arabia, the mainstream media doesn’t seem interested in shining a light on the networks and procurers who allow this practice to thrive.

Remember when Sacha Baron Cohen inadvertently uncovered an underage sex service in las vegas? Imagine the demand required for this heinous practice to exist. Offered by the concierge no less.

Who is the mystery party requesting secrecy in Jeff Epstein’s sex trafficking suit?

Why was Johnny Rotten banned from the BBC for attempting to expose Jimmy Savile for sickening crimes against children?

These types of stories are far too common, and they do not receive the attention they deserve.

15. Flight 370

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 wasn’t an accident.

There were definitely external forces that catalyzed its disappearance.

The flight path was diverted many times and there was a lot of shady stuff about some of the passengers and the pilot of Flight 370.

We may never know unless the plane is found.

If that last one didn’t satisfy your thirst for conspiracy theories, I don’t know what will!

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These Alternate Endings for “Game of Thrones” Are Easily Better Than What We Got

Game of Thrones was one of the greatest television shows ever made, both in terms of story/cast and in terms of the sheer scope the money spent per episode.

It’s last season, however, was… disappointing to say the least.

Let’s face it: season 8 was pretty universally terrible, so let’s see what the internet had to offer by way of a more satisfying ending.

The Wire + Game of Thrones = 🔥🔥🔥

The comedically short ending!

This is legit the ending I wanted. If Dany is gonna go mad… GO FULL TARGARYEN!

No. I can’t do this to Arya’s epic win.

Maybe it would have been better with a John Hughes ending?

And a lot of people wanted this to happen, but Jon wasn’t fireproof like Dany. Sorry fan family!

Didn’t we actually get this ending, though?

Oh shit! Power couple FTW!

George! You holding out on us?!

The Kingslayer indeed

The Newhart ending!

The Night King was trying to kill himself? Nahhhhh…

And Ghost is the best doggo in the Seven Kingdoms!

Good job everybody. I’m officially impressed.

Now then… what will the Game of Thrones spinoff series be? Arya on the high seas? A prequel set thousands of years in the past?

Tell us HBO! We want to know!!!

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15+ Kids Reveal the Shocking Reasons They Were Disowned by Their Parents

Can you imagine ever having such a horrible fight with your child that you’d disown them? Even if you don’t have kids right now, it’s pretty hard to imagine, right?

Sadly, it does happen. Sometimes the kids might actually be at fault, but more often then not it’s the parents who simply cannot accept something about their child.

These people were disowned by their own parents, and these confessions explain why.

The reasons will shock you.

1. Reach out to them if you think enough time has passed. You never know…

Photo Credit: Whisper

2. It’ll never be easy.

Photo Credit: Whisper

3. Wow.

Photo Credit: Whisper

4. Yes. That is absolutely a shame.

Photo Credit: Whisper

5. Grrrrrrrr….

Photo Credit: Whisper

6. Yes. There’s no reality where a loving god would be okay with that.

Photo Credit: Whisper

7. Wow, that came out of nowhere!

Photo Credit: Whisper

8. Yeah, that’s a reversal I didn’t see coming.

Photo Credit: Whisper

9. Yay!

Photo Credit: Whisper

10. Don’t feel guilty AT ALL.

Photo Credit: Whisper

11. Oh snap!

Photo Credit: Whisper

12. Come on parents…

Photo Credit: Whisper

13. Maybe forgive her?

Photo Credit: Whisper

14. Worth it!

Photo Credit: Whisper

15. Don’t regret things like this, ever.

Photo Credit: Whisper

16. You’ll see them eventually, and everybody will blame your parents. Guaranteed.

Photo Credit: Whisper

17. So sorry to see stories like this.

Photo Credit: Whisper

18. Jeezus… what kind of monsters disown somebody for THIS?

Photo Credit: Whisper

19. Well, best they’re not around you and your family then.

Photo Credit: Whisper

Listen, many parents aren’t people we trust or respect, so not having them in our lives in any meaningful way won’t hurt us.

Still, it is nice to have somebody in your corner when you need it, and a good, loving parent or parents can really help out.

What do you think?

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Snapchat’s Gender Switch Filter Is Being Used for Shenanigans, and We Love It

Snapchat is all about the fun filters these days, and the latest feature allows users to see a gender-swapped version of their own face (side-note: I tried it and now I know that I’m GORGEOUS in either gender).

Naturally, it didn’t take long before the internet came up with fun new ways to utilize the feature.

This guy used it to create a Tinder profile…

Yeah, you know A LOT more than two guys did this…

But you know that’s not all. So many more shenanigans are afoot with these filters.

I mean, can people really even be expected to contain themselves with THIS much power?

This guy made a video…

OMG! You are your brother!

Even Miley Cyrus got in on it…

Naturally, none of this has made us feel particularly good about ourselves…

Because we’re still us, right? Right?!?

This account made George Constanza into a lady…

Okay, this isn’t fair…

Why do these look soooooo real?!

I don’t know what’s real anymore.

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6 Years Later, the “I Don’t Know Who Needs to Hear This” Meme Is Still Going Strong

It started in 2013 with this seriously religious tweet (don’t worry, this isn’t a religious post)…

And TBH a lot of the early “I don’t know who needs to hear this” tweets were religious.

But then the internet did its thing and took it into a new direction… just like a good internet should…

So then…

I’ll have to check it out!

Life officially got easier!


So everybody then?


Twitter! Behave yourself!

Some legit good advice!

Good advice is coming in hot!

You’ll save so much money!


Double truth

Serious… save! yo! money!

And finally… THANK YOU!

See, they don’t all have to be for the cynical, cold and dead inside crowd!

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