15 Things That Totally Scream “I Peaked in High School”

You know the kind of people I’m talking about – your still friends on Facebook, probably so you can feel good about yourself – but it definitely seems like high school was the best years of their lives.

And well, if you’re worried that might be you, you’d better check this list of 15 signs it could be.

15. Sad.

At my ten year reunion, the prom queen came wearing a tiara with a custom “Queen ’03” sash over her shoulder. I had to go outside I was laughing so hard.

But I’ll be damned if she didn’t rock that outfit the while time, so, respect.

Still sad though.

14. I can see that.

I dated a guy with his high school mascot tattooed on his arm. It was such a turnoff.

13. Or in real life.

Still bullying the “nerds” at your 10 year reunion.

12. Fast times.

Selling pot to teenagers and then trying to get them to stay and smoke with you.

11. #bossbabe

Want to earn money from home and set your own hours?

E: thank y’all for the hella love. And sorry you all have had that ‘bestie’ (read: distant acquaintance) reach out to you with a desperate sales pitch.

10. A permanent reminder.

Getting the score of the football game you won against the school’s rival tattooed on your shoulder.

9. It might be time for a new jacket.

A guy who graduated from my high school back in 2003 was arrested a few years ago for his 2nd DUI. He was wearing his Letterman jacket in his mugshot.

8. Bless your heart.

We used to play indoor floor hockey in a loft room in the big gym of my middle school. One game I scored three goals, one of them being a bank shot off the wall.

The next year I wrote about the game for an assignment in English class and the teacher read it to the class the next day.

I’m not sure which one was my peak.

7. Stay cool!

Sharing EVERY memory from Facebook talking about the “good ol days” and “wish we could go back” when it’s only been a few years since graduation.

6. Technology doesn’t help everyone.

Filming yourself running drills and throwing footballs off camera in front of your van/mobile home.

5. Why are you still here?

When I was in high school, this guy a year before me had a fearsome reputation. At house parties, people would fear him just by name alone. He would show up to parties with his cronies and start fights. He came from a decent enough family. Everybody wanted to be on his good side.

Anyway, he graduates high school, and most of us were still in 12th grade. I remember he used to come around lunctime to smoke with the people out front, shoot the breeze and talk about how much fun it is to just sleep in and do nothing and have all this freedom.

A couple of months of “Ohhh cool!” To, “Why are you still here?” as we awkwardly shuffled back to class.

4. It’s just creepy at that point.

Partying with high schoolers when you’re 30.

3. Peaking, indeed.

Billy Joel feels compelled to write a ballad about how you and your ex were the king and the queen of the prom, how the two of you married right after high school, and how it all went to hell from there.

Bonus points if your names happen to be Brenda and Eddie.

2. That’s quite a moment.


in a horrid realization,

in the back of my 92 Camaro,

while icing that knee I blew out at the championship game senior year,

reading through the divorce papers.

1. Nothing new to talk about.

Some of the popular girls from high school still get together very frequently, and you see updates of it on facebook. I also keep in touch with some friends from high school, and I think that that’s nice. However, one of those friends of mine once ran into them during one of their get-together. He said hi and happened to be sitting not too far from them at the bar.

He said that all they did for the whole night, was talk about high school. They looked up old classmates on Facebook, laughed at them, called them names, looked at their spouses and called them names too. They still thought themselves the popular kids, as if they still had some sort of influence on all these people. Everyone has moved on, done interesting things in their life except for them. They’re just rehashing old drama and old rumors.

One of those girls had a small bit of success as a photographer in high school. She won a couple contests that were aimed at teenagers and her photos aren’t bad. Her parents turned this into a very big deal, her friends all wanted to be in her photos, and she was dead set on going to art school and getting the recognition she deserved. I don’t know if she never made it into art school or if she dropped out, but she definitely did not become a photographer. Instead, you see her launching some new startup business selling asinine live-laugh-love shit about once a year.

I know high school wasn’t golden for me!

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11 Husbands Share What They Do When Their Wives Are Gone

To all the ladies out there: do you know what your hubby does when you aren’t there? Think he has a secret life?

These 11 men confess that when the women are away, they will play…

Find out more…

1. Awwww, that’s sweet!

Photo Credit: Whisper

2. Actually, pretty normal feeling…

Photo Credit: Whisper

3. There ya go!

Photo Credit: Whisper

4. Damn!

Photo Credit: Whisper

5. Naughty naughty…

Photo Credit: Whisper

6. You can’t watch when she’s in town?

Photo Credit: Whisper

7. Yep. Been married too long…

Photo Credit: Whisper

8. Iron will…

Photo Credit: Whisper

9. Dad FTW!

Photo Credit: Whisper

10. Okay, she’s either going to LOVE or HATE this!

Photo Credit: Whisper

11. Get high every day…

Photo Credit: Whisper

What do you think about these hubbies? Not so bad? Violations of trust?

Let us know in the comments!

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This Little Girl Wasn’t Impressed by the Birthday Cake That Called Her a “Loser”

To be fair, it takes quite a bit to impress a toddler, so “unimpressed” is kind of their default. That said, you might have a shot with the right, well-executed cake on their birthday.

Which was pretty much the opposite of what mom Melin Jones ended up with when trying to get a cute cake for her daughter Liz’s 2nd birthday party.

Editing this with a little more information -Some of my family & friends know about the cake mess up we had with Liz’s…

Posted by Melin Jones on Sunday, June 30, 2019

Here’s the full text:

Some of my family & friends know about the cake mess up we had with Liz’s 2nd birthday cake but I recently posted it in a Facebook group I’m in (Sad Sales, Stolen Goods, and Sketchy Services )and had a lot of people ask me to post it to my public profile so they could share  it – so here’s the story !

September 7th, sometime in the afternoon I had went to Wal-Mart in Desloge to get things for Liz’s birthday party, which we were having that next day.

We hadn’t ordered a cake or anything days a head like one should /would normally so I swung by the bakery and picked out one that was already made, and asked the lady behind the counter if she would write “Happy Birthday Lizard.”

Lizard is our nickname for Liz. She said yes and within a few minutes she handed it back.

She didn’t ask me how it looked and I didn’t check .

Remember, I’m in a hurry here as it’s the day before her birthday party and I’m just now picking the cake out and getting everything else.

Little did I know life lessons were about to be had! We get home, I’m unloading the car and quickly glance down at the cake and noticed that the worker wrote Loser , not Lizard . At first I was a little shocked and speechless but quickly started dying laughing.

I hurried and carried the cake and Liz into the house, put the cake down on the table and put Liz in the chair to send a picture to my husband of the cake .

Liz wasn’t told to look at the cake, she can’t read so she didn’t know what the cake said, we didn’t tell her what it said and she doesn’t even know what a loser is. She just happen to be looking at the cake when I took the photo.

My husband and I laughed about it together when he got home, enjoyed every bit of the loser cake (eat up , mom of the year ! you deserve it !) and later that evening I made another trip to Wal-Mart for another cake for her party.

I never brought it to the bakery’s attention because had I took the time to just look at the cake when she handed it to me I would have never walked out the door with it and also , I didn’t want her to get into any type of trouble or be mocked by her coworkers for writing loser on a child’s birthday cake .

It was a simple misunderstanding and I didn’t want her to get any backlash from it .

This is a funny story , it’s ok to laugh . Lizard got a new cake, the idiot that couldn’t be bothered to take a few mins to stop and check it also got a cake.

I promise you my now almost 3 year old didn’t have a clue what happen. She’ll go on to live a somewhat normal life….. as long as someone else starts picking out her birthday cakes.

The good news is that Liz can’t read, so even though she looks un-enthused, she “wouldn’t know what a loser is,” her mom told the Mirror back in 2018.

Editing this with a little more information because some of the news stations have really butchered it & have false…

Posted by Melin Jones on Sunday, June 30, 2019

She also said that while the cake might have called their daughter a loser, the family was the winner.

Because the cake was delicious!

Posted by Melin Jones on Monday, July 1, 2019

“I ate every bit of that loser cake,” Melin told People magazine.

Proof that happy endings do exist, my friends!

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15 People Who Texted Their “Number Neighbors” Share the Results – Good and Bad

This is important, so pay attention.

Do you know about this whole “number neighbor” phenomenon? It’s when you text someone who has a phone number just like yours but one digit off, and then you see what happens!

Well, it’s here, people like it, and you should jump on board.

Because the results are pretty hilarious.

1. This one started it all

2. Hey, that’s a win!

3. I believe in you

4. BFF

5. That’s how it’s supposed to work

6. Homies

7. That’s random

8. That was quick

9. Seems like a classy guy


11. Uh oh

12. Unsettling

13. I wasn’t aware…

14. Goodbye

15. Let’s end on a high note

I’m gonna dial up my number neighbor this instant!

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Take a Look at These Housing Design Fails Shared by Real Estate Agents

It’s amazing what kind of housing designs are out there…

Venessa Van Winkle is on a mission: she’s a real estate agent who is showing the world just how epic some home design fails are.

😳 Being in real estate I see a lot of weird and random things… 👀👀 These are some that my fellow agents have shared….

Posted by Venessa Van Winkle on Monday, July 29, 2019

They’re funny, surprising, and some of them are just downright WEIRD.

Have a look.

1. Careful getting out of the tub

Posted by Venessa Van Winkle on Monday, July 29, 2019

2. WOW

Posted by Venessa Van Winkle on Monday, July 29, 2019

3. His and Hers

Posted by Venessa Van Winkle on Monday, July 29, 2019

4. Interesting choices…

Posted by Venessa Van Winkle on Monday, July 29, 2019

5. Pee-wee Herman’s house?

Posted by Venessa Van Winkle on Monday, July 29, 2019

6. A palace

Posted by Venessa Van Winkle on Monday, July 29, 2019

7. Yikes

Posted by Venessa Van Winkle on Monday, July 29, 2019

8. Take a bath while cooking

Posted by Venessa Van Winkle on Monday, July 29, 2019

9. Nightmare

Posted by Venessa Van Winkle on Monday, July 29, 2019

10. Okay…

Posted by Venessa Van Winkle on Monday, July 29, 2019

11. Backsplash

Posted by Venessa Van Winkle on Monday, July 29, 2019

12. Just go down the long hallway

Posted by Venessa Van Winkle on Monday, July 29, 2019

13. Carpet…on the bathtub?

Posted by Venessa Van Winkle on Monday, July 29, 2019

14. NOPE

Posted by Venessa Van Winkle on Monday, July 29, 2019

15. Welcome!

Posted by Venessa Van Winkle on Monday, July 29, 2019

I have a feeling some of those houses are a pretty tough sell…

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A Mansplainer on Twitter Proved Just How Little Men Know About Periods and Tampons

The price of tampons and pads adds up over time. Here’s a bodily function that half the population has no choice but to pay for, and the other half doesn’t!

In news that will surprise no one, a man took to the internet to give his opinion on the price of tampons and pads and why women should “stop complaining.”

This man did some hilariously wrong math to determine that women only spend about £20 per year for tampons.

Anyone with a period immediately smelled the bullsh*t.

First of all, SEVEN tampons per cycle?! Only in a dream world, pal.

Second of all, he flubbed the NUMBER OF MONTHS IN A YEAR.

He almost certainly mixed up the period thing with the pregnancy thing.

Anyway, third of all, he also got the average volume of blood per period wrong.

It’s actually impressive to be this wrong!

Seriously I can’t with this guy.

Even well-meaning men are oblivious about periods and tampons.

The only solution is to teach ’em a lesson.

That will shut this guy up forever.

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15 Employees Share Stories About the Current BS They Have to Deal With at Work

If you’ve ever had an office job, chances are you have some stories to tell.

Would they be better than the tales of BS offered up by these 15 Redditors?

There’s only one way to find out!

15. No more questions!

“Do this task. What do you need?

– I need 30 computers and 20 USB3 flash drives.

– Here’s 15 computers and 7 USB2 flash drives.

– What? I need 30, where’s the other 15? And these flash drives won’t do, the system won’t even work with those.

– Budget cuts, sorry.”


“How’s this task going along?

– Everything is set to go, but as is it won’t fulfill the task.

– What’s keeping you from doing the task?

– I need 15 more computers and 20 USB3 flash drives.

– Ok, we’ll order more ASAP, they’ll be here in two years. Make sure everything’s running by September though.”

Are things like this everywhere or is it just at my job?

14. A massive hoarder

I manage all the tools, parts, and materials for a small electrical company. We have a ton of little fittings, couplings, and such that are very small and have multiple parts. We recently let one of our journeymen go, and I’m in the process of clearing out his van.

Turns out he was hoarding tens of thousands of fittings in his van, all mixed together with absolutely no organization. To top it off, at least 60% of them were completely disassembled before being just chucked in to drawers, boxes, and bags along with mixed bolts, nuts, fasteners, etc., so it is now my job to take these collections of assorted hardware and dump them out, separate them, and reassemble as many as I can before restocking them in my already overflowing shop.

13. Very suspicious

It’s my bosses birthday, not a lot of folks respect her. I’m new to the department and was asked by Don to collect money on Friday to get her flowers. He was going to bake a cake and bring it in. He was sick yesterday so didn’t come to work. I collected a measly 19$ from others, awkward af because no one even likes her, topped it up with my own 10 to get a decent bunch of flowers, bought yesterday evening and brought in this AM.

Don is in and says “I couldn’t find the money you collected, do you have it” I said “I used it yesterday to buy the flowers, wasn’t that the plan?” He replies with an attitudey “well no…” I ask why it matters and he says “well I couldn’t bake the cake because I was sick so I don’t know what we’re going to do now if the money’s used up, we can’t get a cake now”
Another girl nicely chimes in that she will run out and grab a cake and don’t worry Don it’s all fine. Don’s a snippy guy so I don’t bother asking him how I was to know he’s too ridiculous to go get a cake himself.

Others are running around asking me if I’ve seen the money because apparently Don’s making it well known that I was supposed to collect money but no one has seen the envelope (obviously, I took it yesterday), then I have to explain that I used all the money so I look stupid. Keep throwing in that I was doing exactly as was asked of me but Jesus Christ Don would it kill you to communicate your change of plans to people???

12. That’s not annoying at all

I work with a woman who cc’s her boss on all emails. Her boss follows up on all of the emails 5-10 minutes later. They looks like this:

Woman: “Hey Ganglebot, we’re starting this new thing so can you send us X, Y and Z when you have a chance – thanks!”

Her boss, 5 min later: “Ganglebot, as per [woman’s] initial request, we need these things to move forward. In our previous meeting on May 4th, at 2pm you indicated you could send these to us. I ask you to please send these along ASAP as our initiative depends on good information. Please confirm receipt and indicate when we can expect these documents.”

11. Show me the money!

I was offered a job at another location. I told my boss about it and my current company offered me a raise to stay. I took it. It’s been 2 months and I haven’t seen the raise in my paycheck yet.

UPDATE: I emailed my boss and asked for an update. They assumed I understood that the raise would begin at our new fiscal year which starts July 1. So it will be in my next paycheck.

10. Can you say petty?

Lately whenever the mother of one of my students pisses off the father (they divorced >4 months ago) he will send all three of their kids in mismatched clothes with shirts that have some variation of “I love my Dad” or “Daddy’s kid”.

I have not seen the same shirt twice and believe mom throws the shirts out and dad just keeps buying more.

9. Someone needs a vacation

Being scheduled on basically every day I was supposed to have off

8. It never ends…

A third party keeps insisting that an individual worked for my company. They did not. We have searched everywhere. We have punched in every variation of their name, birthday, social security number into our system. Dude didn’t work here, and “Well this other woman says he did” isn’t an argument.

ETA: As much as I appreciate all the replies, this is not my first rodeo as an attorney, and I wouldn’t be complaining if this had a simple fix like “tell them to fuck off” or “stop replying.”

7. It’s been 3 months!

Bar manager and 20% of the staff quit. Owner hasn’t hired anyone. It’s been 3 months.

No one can take unexpected days off or call in sick and inventory is at an all time low. (Except the kegs. So. Many. Kegs.) We keep running out of fuckin everything. I (and others) have offered to help over the summer and nothing has come of it.

The restaurant is expanding and we need more employees but my boss is too focused on having us dust (during construction), replacing glassware with crystal, and setting up public accessible training courses to bother with actual management.

Oh, and communication is non existent, so I regularly show up to work and have no idea where shit is or what the new procedures are.

6. That’s mature…

I handed in my notice at work and my boss suddenly stopped talking to me. LOL…

5. Who needs a system?

Everything is done in an improvised fashion even when it’s identical to something we’ve done a hundred times before. They refuse to create any kind of system or structure for doing anything and it drives me up the wall. Every single time, every question, every form, every action, everything, needs to be run through a hundred different people and approached as if it’s a brand new thing, even if it’s routine paperwork we do multiple times a week. It’s the most incredible waste of time.

Let’s say I traveled from Phoenix to Tucson and I need to be reimbursed for gas.

I’ll go pull out the exact same piece of paperwork I used last time. I’ll fill in the extremely basic blanks that I did last time. Name, travel date and time, mileage, gas receipt, sign and date. Submit the form.

A day later, I get an email. Oh hey here you put “Tucson” but you need to put “Tucson, Pima County, AZ.”

Make the change. Ask if there are any other changes. Nope, looks good. Resubmit.

A day later, I get a phone call. Oh hey here you put “Jay J. Jameson” but you need to put “Jay Jonah Jameson.”

Make the change. Ask if there are any other changes. Nope, looks good. Resubmit.

A day later, someone pops in my office. Oh hey here you put “Pima County, AZ” and “Jay Jonah” but it needs to just say “Tucson, AZ” and “J. J. Jameson” oops.

Make the change. Ask if there are any other changes. Nope, looks good. Resubmit.

It finally goes through.

Two weeks later, I travel from Phoenix to Tucson and need to be reimbursed for gas.

I pull out the final version that finally went through last time, just two weeks ago, after all the changes. I change nothing except the date/time and attach the new gas receipt.

A day later, I get an email. Oh hey here you put Tucson, AZ but now it just needs to say Tucson. Oh hey here you put Phoenix but you didn’t include the zip. Oh hey here you put J. J. Jameson but it needs to say J. J. Jameson Jr, Esq. Oh hey here you put that it’s 113 miles but we decided to start rounding to the nearest five so it should should 115 miles. Oh hey here you put 115 miles but an hour ago we decided it needs to be rounded to the nearest ten-thousandth of a mile. Oh hey we decided to do away with zip codes on these forms.

Every. Single. Time.

4. Let me check!

I have a vendor who gives me the same answer every day that I email him: “Let me check and get back to you.”

His shipment has slipped by over two months at this point and it’s driving me nuts.

He’s doing the same thing to other people in my office on other projects. He’s on a quick list to be blacklisted, but unfortunately, the clients love his stuff.

Edit: Furniture, he sells furniture. Why does everyone think it’s drugs?

3. What does that even mean?

my boss asked if I would be working tomorrow afternoon. When I said yes, he ominously replied, “interesting”.

Edit: Update!

Turns out my boss completely forgot even saying this to me. He was wondering if I would be working in the afternoon because he’s bringing his daughter in and knew I would want to see her.

Thank you all for taking so much interest in this. I’m a 23 year old woman working a college job. I found it beyond funny some of y’all were suggesting I was banging his wife or visa versa.

2. That’s a workman’s comp claim waiting to happen.

Trying to move this fuck ass 40ft fiberglass ladder on my own since everyone called in

1. There’s never anything important.

Girlfriend took the time off in advance to see a best friend she hasn’t seen in two years for literally one day. Work is currently telling her that they’re scheduling a mandatory employee meeting everyone needs to go to or else you get fired. Keep in mind there is barely anything important that ever gets announced at these.

Kind of makes you feel better about your own BS, doesn’t it!?

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15+ Tweets People Shared About Being a Hot Mess

Hot mess express, am I right?

A lot of people call themselves a “hot mess” but how many actually LIVE IT!? Because a lot of you all like to self-shame to get attention and show how humble you can be… but we all know you’re not REALLY a mess. So you’re just low-key bragging.

We see you!

For all those REAL hot messes out there, these tweets are for you!

1. No compromise

Photo Credit: Twitter

2. I have some too

Photo Credit: Twitter

3. Punish yourself

Photo Credit: Twitter

4. That was a bad move

Photo Credit: Twitter

5. Fix me

Photo Credit: Twitter

6. Who you honkin’ at?

Photo Credit: Twitter

7. That might do the trick

Photo Credit: Twitter

8. This is awful

Photo Credit: Twitter

9. Nap time

Photo Credit: Twitter

10. Come find me

Photo Credit: Twitter

11. Not OK

Photo Credit: Twitter

12. Failure

Photo Credit: Twitter

13. Shocking

Photo Credit: Twitter

14. Downward spiral

Photo Credit: Twitter

15. I wonder why?

Photo Credit: Twitter

16. There you are!

Photo Credit: Twitter

17. Vicious cycle

Photo Credit: Twitter

Hope you enjoy all the hot messiness that entailed!

Share your own hot messes in the comments!

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A Man Told a Woman to “Stop Speaking Spanish.” So Everybody Started Speaking Spanish.

The world can be a scary, sometimes confrontational place if you’re a minority. What makes those bad days worse, though, is when no one takes the time to stick up for you (or you know, be a decent human being).

That was not so on this day, though, when writer Jamie Primak found herself on the ugly end of a racist comment telling her to “stop speaking Spanish” on a flight.

Before she could gather herself and reply, the nearby flight attendant started to speak Spanish, too.

Everyone should have gotten up to dance – the flamenco or something equally Latin, just to top off the point.

Basically everyone on Twitter agreed, with most voicing a yearning to have been there…

….or to be in a similar situation one day…

…to put their own Spanish skills to work!

Seriously, in Europe and other parts of the world, people are celebrated for knowing more than one language! Imagine that!

Then again, it seems like some people don’t have that great a grip on what should and shouldn’t embarrass a person these days.

But more fun for us, right?

Just sayin… 😀

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15 Things That Really Bother Your Starbucks Barista

There are more than a few things that customers do that, after a few hundred shifts, really get under your skin if you work in the service industry.

Baristas serve coffee and delicious pastries day in and day out, and if there’s one making your mornings better (and more caffeinated), you’re going to want to make sure you’re not pissing them off by doing one of these 15 things.

15. Changing your order a million times.

Flat whites are my favorite drink to make from starbucks

You can’t just expect them to juggle ingredients and milks while you hem and haw.

14. Asking for ice water when you pick up your other order.

yes i have a venti water for free loader from starbucks

Just pay the 20 cents for the cup, loser.

13. Insisting they spell your name right.

Me: Ok can I have your name? Her: Sure, it’s Luci with an I. from starbucks

No, they don’t care.

12. Not using the trash can.

Anyone wanna tell me why another Starbucks made my gfs drink like this. She asked for whip and he dumped out her latte and put whip then a flat lid? She didn’t know any better to ask for a dome, there’s no way this could be policy right. from starbucks

Would your mother let you get away with that?

11. Acting like you’ve been waiting forever when you haven’t.

BOGO at Tarbucks with 1 espresso machine. FML from starbucks

There’s a system. We all need our coffee. Wait your turn.

10. Too many customizations.

Happy Sunday to everyone except Kate from starbucks

Seriously, you’re just trying to be difficult.

9. Getting annoyed if they ask you to repeat something.

When your SSV tells a car in DT it’s okay to place a 20 drink order… from starbucks

Big group orders are a pain no matter where you work.

8. Talking on the phone while you order.

This Starbucks has a TV screen menu??? from starbucks

This is so rude. Don’t do it.

7. Expecting them to interpret your mumble.

E-nunc-i-ate. Also it’s loud in here.

6. Not being ready when you get to the front of the line.

All of these drinks got placed in a mobile order 20 minutes before the 50% happy hour from starbucks

5. Pointing and ordering “that.”

Use your words, folks.

4. Asking “is that my drink?”

My name is Lucy from starbucks

Is your name on it? Then no.

3. Taking the wrong drink.

made a drink during my shift today that was so ungodly awful i had to make it for my friends and let them try it. it’s been accurately described as “pain in a cup” by another partner. from starbucks

Nope, still not your name.

2. Reaching over the counter.

My BOGO nightmare. All while our primary bar kept flooding the counter 😭 from starbucks

This is my dance space. This is your dance space.

1. Dumping your coffee in the trash to make room for cream.

View post on imgur.com

It’s called asking for “room” noobs.


I think I’m good!

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