This Guy on TikTok Tells You How to Get Free Food From Restaurants

We’re all feeling the strain right now, be it emotionally, physically, financially, or some combination of all three. It can mean that comfort food, though necessary, can feel like too much of a splurge, in one way or another.

This TikTok kid is playing up the role of “poor college kid,” and sharing his trick for getting free food on almost a daily basis with all of us.

Here’s a hint…

Image Credit: TikTok

Noah Wylie is 19, and what he realized is that there are a lot of restaurants who offer some sort of birthday freebie as part of signing up on their website, for rewards, or something similar.

It could be a drink, could be dessert, but there are also places that give you a whole free meal.

Image Credit: iStock

At least 365 of them, it turns out.

That’s right – Mr. Noah Wille made up a fake email address, then signed up for 365 different restaurants rewards programs with a different birthday on each one!

He had to make a spreadsheet to keep track of which place he would be swindling that day, but I mean…

Image Credit: TikTok/NoahWille

It’s kind of brilliant, and he explains it in detail in this video…


Free food year round #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #xyzcba #xyzbca #TodayILearned

♬ original sound – Noah Wille

He says he hopes he’s not the only person in the world who has stooped to this level, but if he’s not…well, I haven’t seen anyone else popping out of the woodwork to give him a high five.

Just sayin.’

As much as you might be tempted to try this, for one reason or another, remember that those negative effects of the world are hitting restaurants, too.

So, you know. Maybe just do this a few times and not every day.

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A Guy Accidentally Ate $420 Worth of Beef

If ever there was a cautionary tale about very carefully reading menus in restaurants, this is it! Because this poor dude thought he was making a frugal decision in ordering, but instead, he wolfed down some insanely high-end beef.

He posted the tale on Reddit’s TIFU (Today I F*cked Up) forum, and y’all… it’s a doozy.

It begins with him and his girlfriend heading to their first real night out in some time, in Atlantic City.

They chose Gordon Ramsey’s because of the outdoor dining option during this Covid-19 time.

Image Credit: Reddit

He was amazed to see the Kobe beef was cheaper than the Wagyu on the menu, so he ordered 12 ounces of the stuff, which he promptly scarfed down.

His girlfriend also had a lovely meal, they shared some sides and appetizers, as you do.

Image Credit: Reddit

It turned out that the Japanese A5 Kobe steak was not $35 for 4 ounces, but a $35 minimum purchase (and was $35 per ounce).

Image Credit: Reddit


Their bill was $600.

Yeah, you read that right… SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS!

Image Credit: Reddit

His biggest regret was that Gordon himself wasn’t there to make fun of him for his gaff. But I bet he wouldn’t have made fun of him… he would have thanked him!

But also, the server really should have said something when he ordered 12 ounces, don’t you think?

I guess if you gotta spend $420 on a steak, it had better be the best thing you’ve ever eaten – and he says it was!

So there’s that. Ha!

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Awful Tenants Ask Their Landlord to “Be More Professional” and Malicious Compliance Ensues

If there is a more tense relationship in the world than the one between landlord and tenant, I don’t know what it is. There’s a natural power imbalance, which some tenants make up for by destroying sh%t and ruining things for the rest of us.

Most of us are normal renters, though, but these people?

They went just a little too far.

It began when the landlord asked his tenants to comply with two (contracted) issues: adding a person to the lease who was living there, and having their new dog approved.

Image Credit: Reddit

He says he asked nicely.

Image Credit: Reddit

He also asked if they planned to renew the lease, and when they didn’t respond, he notified them he would begin showing the unit.

He says he worked as hard as possible to make it easy on them, one parent to another.

Image Credit: Reddit

They didn’t respect his requests for them to clear out during showings, and things got pretty crowded pretty fast.

Image Credit: Reddit

After some maneuvering, everything works fine – they leave, the showings are completed, etc etc.

Image Credit: Reddit

THEN, she gets a voicemail from one of the men – who is not even on the lease – telling her how unprofessional it was of her to bring her children, and also complaining about the short notice and about how they had to sterilize all of their newborn’s things after other children were in the apartment.


Image Credit: Reddit

So, she started to be extra professional.

Those violations? She sent official notices of them. She sent an official notice to vacate. She called their mother, who was their emergency contact.

Image Credit: Reddit

She. Called. Their. Mom!

They did take care of the violations, and moved out on the assigned date, though there was some damage to the apartment that exceeded what was left in their security deposit.

She threatened to take them to small claims court, and they said that didn’t seem fair.

Image Credit: Reddit

Professional was what he wanted, and professional was what he got. I bet he won’t ask someone to be that again.

I don’t know about this one, y’all. It’s not that she wasn’t justified, it’s that I’ve had a newborn and other life stresses and sometimes, you know, you just say things you normally wouldn’t.

What do you think about it? Tell me whether you agree or disagree in the comments!

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14 Wholesome Posts For You To Enjoy

The state of the country (and the world) has my anxiety lifting off into the stratosphere. The internet is the place to be but can often make things worse – unless you’re purposely filling your feed (and your eyeballs) with wholesome choices.

If you’re in need of that this morning, we’ve got some deliciously sweet posts lined up just for you.

14. Creativity points for sure.

Talk to me in 10 years. Lol.


we told my mom it was a tiktok trend to get dressed up for dinner just for fun, but she had no idea she was getting engaged! 💍#engaged #wedding #fyp

♬ Married Life Harp Cover – Hannah Stater

13. When you find your bff you just know.

They were meant to be.

12. Why doesn’t this guy have a gabillion followers.

He has at least one more now.

11. If the unicorns are doing it, it must be cool.

Mask up, people. It makes rainbows.


Making the most of our first indoor Target trip……🤣🤪 #fyp #qurantinerun #unicorns #Target #wearestartingtoloseit 😂🦄

♬ Sunshine, Lollipops And Rainbows – Lesley Gore

10. If this doesn’t bring a bit of joy to your life.

Who knew there was more than one way for Starbucks to make you happy?


whh I love #starbucks #funny #coffee #tiktok #summer #1m #viral #fyp #foryou #work #bored #food #featureme

♬ original sound – Nicki & Ryan

9. We definitely don’t deserve dogs.

Even when they’re chewing up our things.

8. Good data is important.

It’s also important to be a good sport.


#throwback to when I tried to continue my data collection after classes switched to online last semester #fyp

♬ She Share Story (for Vlog) – 夕依

7. This is not a surprise.

You know cats only care about cats.


Please someone explain does he comprehend that he is watching cats? #catsoftiktok #vetstudent #vetsoftiktok #pet PremiosJuventudChallenge

♬ original sound – The_Average_Gatsby

6. These two are my favorite.

Such joy!


shake it 😁 @number9ok5 #fyp #foryou #UnitedWeDance #HiddenGems #dance

♬ Shake It – Metro Station

5. “Why would you do that, mom?!”

This is live footage of what I would like to be doing right now.

4. Everyone loves a love story.

Especially when it’s against the odds!


a quarantine love story? #couplegoals #quarantine #CheckMeOutChallenge #Rags2Riches #SNOOZZZAPALOOZA @curtiswalljr15

♬ Stunnin’ (feat. Harm Franklin) – Curtis Waters

3. This guy.

I want to hug him. Bless his heart.


Check out the size of his coke!!! See if your bf remembers that you are thirsty and wants water!

♬ original sound – Georgie&Zac

2. When life gives you lemons…

Be like this guy.


Kieran sank his kayak and we got attacked by swans. The straights came to the rescue. Rough day.

♬ original sound – Stupididotpeepeeface

1. Always pet the dog.

It’s the only way to live your life.

Ah, it feels good to just take a deep breath and smile, doesn’t it?

Which one of these got you in the feels the hardest? Tell us in the comments!

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Cinematic Burns That Were Perfectly Delivered

Everyone wins Oscars and other awards for serious, dramatic portrayals, but anyone who has ever spent any time around actors will tell you, 100%, that comedy is the harder genre.

Comedic timing can’t be taught, but it can be perfected, and when you see it come together in a flash of brilliance, there’s nothing to do but laugh (and maybe cheer).

Below are 16 movie burns that would not have required quite so much ice had the delivery not been as perfect.

16. Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl

Image Credit: Disney

Norrington: “You are, without a doubt, the worst pirate I’ve ever heard of.”

Jack Sparrow: “But you have heard of me.”

Jack Sparrow speaks in nothing but comebacks, so it’s a good thing Depp has the chops to pull it off.

15. Legally Blonde

Image Credit: MGM

When Warner says to Elle, incredulously: “You got into Harvard Law?” And she, perfectly innocent, replies: “What, like it’s hard?”

Reese Witherspoon proved her mettle as a comedic actress for all time.

14. Clueless

Image Credit: Paramount Pictures

Tai: “You’re a virgin who can’t drive.”

Best. One. Liner. Ever. Ahhhhhh.

13. Black Panther

Image Credit: Marvel/Disney

Agent Ross: “Is this Wakanda?”

Shuri: “No, it’s Kansas.”

She’s the queen of the comeback, and hits every single delivery like a dance.

12. Mrs. Doubtfire

Image Credit: 20th Century Fox

Stu: “Your accent’s a little muddled.”

Daniel: “Really? Well, so’s your tan.”

I don’t know for sure, but there’s a good chance Robin Williams ad-libbed that one, too.

11. Bridget Jones’ Diary

Image Credit: Universal Pictures

“If staying here means working within 10 feet of you, frankly, I’d rather have a job wiping Saddam Hussein’s arse.”

She definitely deserves the applause she gets as she exits.

10. The Avengers

Image Credit: Disney/Marvel

Loki: “I am a god, you dull creature.”

Hulk: “Puny god.”

Hulk just about made the last, interminable 20 minutes of that movie.

9. Spider-Man: Far From Home

Image Credit: Disney/Marvel

Spider-Man: “But I’m just a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.”

Fury: “Bitch, please, you’ve been to space.”

Samuel L. Jackson can drop a burn like nobody else…as long as he can curse.

8. Pride & Prejudice

Image Credit: Focus Features

Darcy: “So, what do you recommend to encourage affection.”

Elizabeth: “Dancing. Even if one’s partner is barely tolerable.”

That burn. Man. It just makes that movie even more perfect.

7. Easy A

Image Credit: Screen Gems

Nina: “Perhaps you should embroider a red A on your wardrobe, you abominable tramp.”

Olive: “Perhaps you should get a wardrobe, you abominable twat.”

We were all cheering for Olive standing up for herself, and Emma Stone is a comedy icon.

6. Addam’s Family Values

Image Credit: Paramount Pictures

Amanda: “Is that your bathing suit?”

Wednesday: “Is that your overbite?”

Wednesday Addams is the queen of the comeback and I wish Christina Ricci was still working.

5. Crazy Rich Asians

Image Credit: Warner Bros.

Astrid: “It’s not my job to make you feel like a man. I can’t make you something you’re not.”

Takes your breath away just reading it, right? And the delivery is *chef’s kiss.*

4. Sleeping Beauty

Image Credit: Disney

Merriweather: “It looks awful.”

Flora: “That’s because it’s on you dear.”

I mean. Ouch.

3. Avengers: Infinity War

Image Credit: Marvel/Disney

Tony: “You’re from Earth.”

Peter: “I’m not from Earth, I’m from Missouri.”

Tony: “Yeah, that’s on Earth, dipsh*t.”

Setting aside the argument on whether it is or isn’t, RDJ kills the line.

2. Pretty Woman

Vivian: “Hi, do you remember me?”

Bit*hy Sales Lady: “No, sorry.”

Vivian: “I was in here yesterday, you wouldn’t wait on me.”

BSL: …

Vivian: “You work on commission, right?”

BSL “Yes…”

Vivian: “Big mistake. Big. HUGE.”

BSL: …

Vivian: “I have to go shopping now.”

This scene had us all pumping our fists.

1. Erin Brokovich

Image Credit: Universal Pictures

Rude Lady Lawyer: “I think we got off on the wrong foot here.”

Erin: “That’s all you’ve got, lady – two wrong feet and f*cking ugly shoes.”

It doesn’t have to be a comedy to come with amazing comebacks, and Erin is full of them.

Reading through these makes me want to watch these movies again!

What’s your favorite example of perfect comedic delivery? Share it with us in the comments!

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We Might See a “Robust” Invasion of Stink Bugs in the Near Future

If you think fall and cool temperatures mean more pleasant, less-buggy time spent outdoors, think again – Penn Live reports that the brown marmorated stink bug is expected to make a “robust” invasion this fall.

The new study comes from Penn State entomologist Greg Krawczyk, and predicts that our mild winter, followed by our hotter-than-average summer, will result in two new generations of stink bugs flying about this fall instead of one.

Image Credit: iStock

You’ve probably spotted these bugs – which generally keep to themselves – outdoors this summer, but as the temperatures drop, Krawczyk and his team say you’ll be seeing them indoors, too.

The bugs, native to East Asia, has been present in the United States since the 1990s. They can be found in 43 states, so chances are, you’ll see them in and around yours in the coming months.

Image Credit: iStock

The good news is they don’t bite, and they’re not harmful to humans in other ways, either. Y

ou can even avoid their “stink” but not threatening or squishing them – you can either try to gently trap and escort them out, vacuum them up, or try luring them into dishes of soapy water before disposal.

Image Credit: iStock

I take a pacifist attitude toward bugs, myself, but if a bunch of these start invading, well…they’ll get the tiny ant treatment. No prisoners!!!

What about all of you? Have any tips you want to share about dealing with these stinky critters? Ever been attacked by a bunch of them?

Share your thoughts in the comments!

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A Veterinarian Weighs in on What Items to Avoid at Pet Stores

If you’ve ever had a pet, you know there are an overwhelming amount of choices when you walk through a pet store. Toys, supplies, supplements, training, leashes, food…the list goes on and on, and honestly, most of it can feel superfluous.

I mean, people had dogs and cats and birds centuries ago, and I doubt they had this many options.

So, if you’re wondering what exactly your pet needs – and not only that, what items could actually be harmful to your pet once they’re in your home, this veterinarian has a few thoughts.

Image Credit: TikTok

The main points of advice from Dr. Hunter Finn’s first video were mostly treats and chews to avoid.

First up, rawhides with double layered ends – apparently they are choking hazards.

Image Credit: TikTok

I definitely am guilty of buying these!

Next, he says to avoid fatty treats like pig’s ears, because they can upset doggie tums, and in rare but serious cases, can cause pancreatitis.

Image Credit: TikTok

Dr. Finn also says that both raw and cooked bones can break teeth and cause intestinal issues, as well, so it’s best to avoid them.

Image Credit: TikTok

His advice is that if you can’t easily make an indent with a fingernail, it’s too hard.

Image Credit: TikTok

Jerky treats, especially those that originate outside of the US, can also contribute to renal disease in pets.

When it comes to cats, Dr. Finn says to avoid giving them stringy toys when you’re not able to supervise, since they can get lodged and tangled in cats’ digestive tracts easily.

Image Credit: TikTok

If you’re wondering what dental treats would have the best shot at actually combatting your dog’s (or cat’s) terrible breath, Dr. Finn says to check the packaging for the VOHC (Veterinary Oral Health Council) stamp, and buy accordingly.


#petsoftiktok #veterinarian #vettech #veterinarylife I’m on vacation, but promise to make more videos if y’all like these. Cats next.

♬ Send Me on My Way – Guy Meets Girl

Our pets are family, after all, so you can’t be too careful.

Make sure you’re following Dr. Hunter Finn on TikTok for more tips and tricks for the future!

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10 Times Disney Movies Handled Serious Subjects in a Beautiful Way

Disney is known for its magical amusement parks and children’s movies. I myself am a BIG Disney movie fan. (I still have some of the originals on VHS tape!)

But Disney movies aren’t all singing candlesticks and beautiful princesses. Many Disney movies tackle real issues, with characters experiencing universal emotions like loss, grief, remorse, and heartbreak.

Some of these moments stick with us more than others. Grab your tissues, folks. You’re gonna need them as we revisit some of the best instances where Disney movies handled serious subjects beautifully.

1. Quasimodo is dehumanized and ridiculed because of his appearance, The Hunchback of Notre Dame:

Image Credit: The Hunchblog

Disney’s animated interpretation of Victor Hugo’s novel is ripe with serious subjects, but the most painful moment to sit through is the scene in which Quasimodo is attacked by a mob.

His guardian/jailer Archdeacon Claude Frollo sits by as a crowd of malicious revelers tie Quasimodo to a spinning wheel and hurtle tomatoes and the like at his face.

Only when Esmerelda steps in does this horrible assault halt.

There’s a lot going on in this moment. It shows the fleeting nature of celebrity and humanity’s capacity for cruelty, but in Esmerelda we see bravery and compassion.

2. Riley’s depression, Inside Out.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

Riley and her family have just moved to a new city, away from Riley’s school, her friends on the hockey team, and pretty much everything she’s known.

Moving is a major life stressor for anyone, but especially children, who have no real control in situations like this.

In the climax of the movie, Riley is unable to feel any emotions at all. Audience members see this as Riley being in a state of depression.

Depression is another common ailment that can be hard to talk about, even more so with kids.

Inside Out provides an example of how in moments of crisis like this, reaching out to the ones you love is the best step to take for your own health and safety.

3. Jesse’s abandonment, Toy Story 2

Image Credit: Tumblr

I told you to grab tissues. Cue the Sarah McLachlan. Who could forget Jesse’s heartbreaking song, “When Somebody Loved Me,” about the child who loved, and ultimately, left her?

Abandonment is another universal experience, regardless of age, and like every difficult experience, it can be even harder for children to process.

Luckily, we see Jesse chooses to put herself out there again, despite her fear, and learn that not everyone who loves you will leave you in a box by the side of the road.

4. When Coco remembers her family, Coco

Image Credit: New York Times

In Coco, protagonist Miguel travels to the Land of the Dead, where he uncovers lost secrets about his family’s tragic past.

In this tender, emotional ending scene, our hero Miguel bravely defy his abuelita’s wishes, and sings “Remember Me,” to his great-grandmother, who at this point is almost completely non-responsive.

Little does his family realize, this is exactly the song Coco needs to hear to remember herself and her family.

5. “Lost,” Lilo and Stitch

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

Lilo is a great example of a child dealing with grief. Having lost their parents in a car crash, Lilo and her sister Nani struggle to rebuild their family unit.

Stitch (who is very much an alien, not a dog) is also dealing with difficult emotions of his own. He has no parents, no family, and vocalizes that he feels, “Lost.”

Together these two navigate their anger, loneliness, and strong desire to find “ohana” by creating a new, found family.

6. Mufasa’s death, The Lion King

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

Few Disney deaths hit so hard as Mufasa being trampled to death in The Lion King.

Worst of all, we the audience know that his demise is not an unfortunate accident but a deliberate plot on the part of his brother, Scar.

We then see Scar convince little baby Simba that he is to blame. Not only do we see Simba processes the loss of his father, we also see him grappling with survivors guilt.

That’s a lot of one little cub to handle.

8. When Sully says goodbye to Boo, Monsters Inc.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

There’s “good-bye” and then there’s “good-bye.

In this tear-jerker scene, we watch Scully give a final farewell to Boo, the little girl he’s grown to love as if she were his own.

Never has the word “Kitty” wrecked me so hard.

7. Ellie’s inability to get pregnant, Up

Image Credit: Galley Roulette

The story of Carl, Ellie, and their life together within the first ten minutes of Up is one of the most beautiful executions of animation and music I’ve ever seen.

We see the couple decide to try getting pregnant, prepare for a baby to arrive, and suddenly we see them receiving devastating news from a doctor.

While we can’t hear what he’s saying, the message is clear: Ellie will not be having a baby.

It is the only time I’ve seen a woman’s reproductive health addresses in a children’s movie, and for those in the audience who can relate to that moment, I’m sure it meant the world to feel seen.

9. Marlin loses almost his entire family, Finding Nemo

Image Credit: Virality Today

Another Disney/Pixar classic with a heartbreaking beginning.

After being introduced to Marlin and his clown fish family, we very quickly have to say goodbye when a predator attacks.

From this scene we see that everything can be taken from a person, in the blink of an eye, but in the face of incredible loss, we can still find a smidgen of hope to latch onto.

10. Andy says goodbye, Toy Story 3

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

There are plenty of moments in the Toy Story saga that have left us in tears, but Andy saying goodbye to his childhood toys is the most heart wrenching of all.

Saying goodbye and moving on to new phases in life is an essential part of growing up, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Thankfully, Pixar gave us the most satisfying goodbye imaginable.

Image Credit: Vox

I don’t know if these emotional moments hit me as hard when I was a kid, but as an adult they slay me. I think Disney’s ability to tackle real human emotions is one of their greatest strengths. Instead of talking down to their audience, they create relatable characters who—although they might be toys, monsters, or animals—deal with very human problems.

Which of these serious Disney moments pulls at your heart strings the most?

Let us know in the comments!

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Classical Art Memes Everyone Can Enjoy

Hey, classical art isn’t just for the elite. Nor should it be reserved for museums and fancy homes. The best kind of art is accessible art.

And what’s more accessible than a meme?

You don’t need an art history degree to appreciate these 14 pieces of classical artwork, just a sense of humor!

1. To make a long story short…

…and then this man started painting my portrait.

Image Credit: electricmind

2. Welp.

At least she’ll never have to worry about STDs?

Image Credit: electricmind

3. “Pssst. Frank. Hey Frank…?”

“It’s ok everyone! He’s just super hungover.”

Image Credit: electricmind

4. I bet he has a great personality:

Or, you know…some other good quality…

Image Credit: electricmind

5. It was for the best:

She’s better off without him.

Image Credit: blackwolfrise

6. #YOLO

Especially if you’re THE EARTH.

Image Credit: renaissancerubbish

7. “Squirrel!”

At least he has a sheild?

Image Credit: u/29065035551704

8. “Here kitty, kitty, kitty…”

I genuinely want to know the actual context for this one.

Image Credit: u/Androman777

9. My old nemesis:

You’re late. Or am I early? I can never remember which way it goes.

Image Credit: u/joeychuckles

10. I got your nose!

Err, here, let me just…find some glue…

Image Credit: u/picatostas

11. At least He’s consistent:

Death actually looks pretty happy to be choosen!

Image Credit: electricmind

12. I knew it!

Excuse me while I set out some baskets…

Image Credit: electricmind

13. Hey now, let’s not be hasty…

You really want to walk around naked for the rest of your life?

Image Credit: electricmind


It’s called social distancing for a reason.

Image Credit: blackwolfrise

This is the type of artwork I’d love to see on display. I feel like I really get what the artists were going for. So modern. So old. So…art.

Haha, just kidding! Which one of these artistic memes amused you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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People Describe How Old They Are Without Using Their Age

I recently tweeted that I was “one of my girlfriends (named Karen) just lamented the closing of a local Olive Garden” years old.”

That’s just one example of how one could describe their age without giving away the exact number, and honestly, there are people out there doing it with way snappier humor than me.

If you’re up for that, here are 13 people who had some pretty hilarious takes.

13. It’s how we saw the Challenger explode.

I’m willing to bet under-funded districts still use these.

12. We never did feel very sorry for those ducks, huh.

I guess maybe violent video games doesn’t make you a murderer.

11. This is the eating area of a Taco Bell, my friends.

It distracted you from the lack of cleanliness.

10. That game was impossible.

Don’t try to tell me it wasn’t.

9. We admit the skipping was a problem.

The CD, not school. The latter wasn’t a problem, per say.

8. Just this picture gave me nostalgia.

I can almost smell it.

7. These seemed like miracles.

Colorful, pocked-sized miracles.

6. They were seriously so cool, too.

We were shocked and awed.

5. We all know nothing has changed beneath the surface, right?

Man, that slide burned the crap out of your legs.

4. No, we’re not talking about the television show.

We’re talking about your FUTURE, JESSICA.

3. You think we like cereal this much for another reason?

There were TOYS.

2. This seems like it was a brief moment in time.

It was annoying, not sorry it’s gone.

1. To be fair, these shows are still on PBS Kids.

The new ones aren’t as good, though.

I think I could ballpark most of these people’s ages, couldn’t you?

Give your own age-without-the-number a shot in the comments!

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