Satisfying Loops That We Couldn’t Look Away From

We really hope you’re bored because these looping GIFs are going to hold you in place for a long time. The longer you look the harder it will be to break away because these get better the longer you fixate. They also look like they were really fun to make!

Are you ready for such mindless entertainment? Then find a comfortable place to sit and enjoy these 10 hypnotizing loops.

1. Good family fun.

Pops is on fire.

That perfect slide from BetterEveryLoop

2. Like a school bus leaping out of the ocean.

Show off.

Nature cannot be beat! from BetterEveryLoop

3. Wanna dance?

No? Okay, I’ll just crawl back to my drink.

Dance till i fall down from BetterEveryLoop

4. Starts off slow.

Then it becomes a propeller.

Staff Spinning technique tutorial from BetterEveryLoop

5. Man’s fluffy, adorable best friend.

See the toilet paper wall get higher?

Nothing can come between us from BetterEveryLoop

6. I can’t believe what I’m seeing.

But neither can the guy sitting on top of the car.

Crash Level Expert from BetterEveryLoop

7.  Oh my gosh, these kids.

They’re like puppies.

Look at different child every time from BetterEveryLoop

8. These ladies are so excited.

You won’t see excitement like that when you spend money at the Buy-n-Large.

When you buy from a small business from BetterEveryLoop

9. This one is oddly calming.

You know he’ll never fall.

Round n Round n Round n Round…. from BetterEveryLoop

10. Wait, what?

No worries. You’ll get to see it in a loop forever.

The greatest defense ever from BetterEveryLoop

Aren’t these loops great? It’s almost a meditation.

Now get back to work!

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Use These Codes to Watch All Kinds of Television Series on Netflix

We’re still stuck inside, so we’re gonna need to be entertained, right?

Lucky for us, Netflix is so loaded with great TV shows and they have them broken down into categories that you can tap into when you use the codes we’re about to show you.

To access each of these individual categories, sign into Netflix and replace the “xxx” in this web address ( with the corresponding code number below OR just click directly on the links we provided.

Let’s take a look at all the great TV shows that Netflix has to offer!

1. British TV Shows (52117)

Photo Credit: Netflix

Unless you’ve been spending time living under a rock, you’ve probably noticed that there are A TON of great British TV shows right now.

Use this special code and you can watch such shows as Peaky Blinders, Marcella, and Broadchurch.

2. Crime TV Shows (26146)

Photo Credit: Netflix

Crime programs are everywhere these days! There’s no doubt about it.

When you tap into this code, you can watch such crime TV shows as Ozark, Reckoning, Dark, and the always-popular Forensic Files.

3. Cult TV Shows (74652)

Photo Credit: BBC

Let’s get weird using this Netflix code!

You can watch such cult shows as The Twilight Zone, Supernatural, and many others. when you take advantage of this code.

4. Food & Travel TV (72436)

Photo Credit: Netflix

Travel the world and try out different cuisine when you use this code.

You can watch programs like Dark Tourist, Somebody Feed Phil, and a host of others.

5. Kids’ TV (27346)

Photo Credit: Netflix

Just because it’s labeled as Kids’ TV doesn’t mean that people of all ages can’t enjoy it.

Use this code to watch shows like What’s New, Scooby Doo?, Liv and Maddie, and Goosebumps.

6. Korean TV Shows (67879)

Photo Credit: KBS2

Korean film and TV are hot right now and Netflix has a lot to offer.

This special code lets you watch such shows as It’s Okay to Not be Okay, Kingdom, and My Sister.

7. Miniseries (4814)

Photo Credit: Paramount Network

Miniseries abound on Netflix!

And when you punch in this code you can watch such critically acclaimed series as Waco, Becoming Champions, and others.

8. Military TV Shows (25804)

Photo Credit: History

Take a deep dive into history when you use this code.

You can watch military-themed shows like Turn: Washington’s Spies, The Tudors, and many others.

9. Science & Nature TV (52780)

Photo Credit: Netflix

How about we actually learn some stuff, huh? Doesn’t that sound good?

This category allows you to watch such science and nature shows like Ancient Aliens, Our Planet, and Exhibit A.

10. TV Action & Adventure (10673)

Photo Credit: Netflix

If it’s action and adventure you seek, then you shall receive.

Use this code to watch Narcos, Black Summer, Hell on Wheels, and many others.

11. TV Comedies (10375)

Photo Credit: Netflix

I don’t know about you, but I need some good laughs!

A lot of good laughs!

Use this Netflix code to watch TV comedies like Trailer Park Boys, Dead To Me, and Toast of London.

12. TV Documentaries (10105)

Photo Credit: Netflix

If you haven’t seen Tiger King yet, then what are you waiting for?

You can watch that crazy documentary and others such as The Devil Next, The Staircase, and many others. when you use this code.

13. TV Dramas (11714)

Photo Credit: Netflix

Netflix really does have all the drama TV shows you can handle, which is great!

Tap into this special category as you can watch series such as The Woods, Bates Motel, and The Valhalla Murders.

14. TV Horror (83059)

Photo Credit: The CW

Are you ready to get creeped out? Me, too!

Take advantage of this code and watch horror shows like The Haunting of Hill House, Hannibal, and Penny Dreadful.

15. TV Mysteries (4366)

Photo Credit: BBC One Wales

Netflix has so many mystery shows that it can be hard to keep up!

Use this special code and you can view such mystery series as Bordertown, Safe, The Sinner, and Hinterland.

16. TV Sci-Fi & Fantasy (1372)

Photo Credit: Showtime

Do you like your TV series to be in the science fiction and fantasy world?

Check out this code and you can watch such programs as Black Mirror, Dark, The Order, and Outlander.

17. Reality TV (9833)

Photo Credit: A&E

Reality TV is still a huge hit after all these years.

Some of the ones you can watch when you use these Netflix codes include Floor Is Lava, The Great British Baking Show, and Selling Sunset.

I think it’s safe to say that these shows will keep all of us busy for quite a while, don’t you think?

Now we want to hear from you.

In the comments, tell us which shows have been your favorite in the past year or so! Thanks in advance for the recommendations!

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Enjoy All the Anime Movies and Shows You Can Handle With These Codes From Netflix

I’m pretty unfamiliar with the world of anime, so these codes from Netflix have been a big help in getting acclimated to all the different types of movies the genre has to offer.

And now we want you to enjoy them, as well.

To access each of these individual categories, sign into Netflix and replace the “xxx” in this web address ( with the corresponding code number below OR just click directly on the links we provided.

Are you ready to get your animation on?

Let’s take a look!

1. Adult Animation (11881)

Photo Credit: Netflix

Adult animation is great!

Use this code and you can enjoy such R-Rated animation programs as F is For Family, Big Mouth, and Paradise PD.

2. Anime Action (2653)

Is anime action more your speed? Well, step right up!

Use this code and you can watch titles like Hunter X HunterB: The Beginning, Saint Seiya, and others.

3. Anime Comedies (9302)

Photo Credit: Netflix

Let’s get our laugh on! Anime style!

When you use this Netflix code, you can check out series like K-On!, Aggretsuko, and Pop Team Epic.

4. Anime Dramas (452)

Photo Credit: Netflix

Now you can get dramatic in animated fashion.

When you tap into this Netflix code, you can watch movies like A Whisker Away, A Silent Voice, and In This Corner of the World.

5. Anime Sci-Fi (2729)

Photo Credit: Netflix

There are quite a few science fiction films in the animated category that you can check out.

Use this special code to enjoy titles like Sword Art Online, 7 Seeds, and many others.

6. Anime Horror (10695)

Photo Credit: Netflix

Now we’re talking!

Horror is great in any form, including when it’s animated!

In this category, you can watch Devilman Crybaby, Vampire Knight, and all kinds of others!

7. Anime Fantasy (11146)

Photo Credit: Netflix

If you need your animated fantasy fix, Netflix has you covered.

When you utilize this code, you can watch such series as Attack on Titan, Beastars, Black Butler, and others.

A lot of great movies and shows to watch in that category, no doubt about it.

Do you have any other recommendations for animated movies or TV shows?

If so, please share them with us in the comments!

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Memes That Will Make You Laugh, Which Is the Best Therapy

You ready?

Cupcakes are muffins that believed in miracles and if that made you chuckle, you’re likely a person with an amazing sense of humor. If you didn’t crack a smile, you may be in need of some medicine–the best kind.

Heal yourself with these 12 hilarious memes.

1. Can we just send love and light to brunch servers?

Bottomless mimosas must be a special kind of hell for them.

Memes that made me laugh

2. NASA is not onboard with this suggestion.

And counters with a suggestion of their own.


Photo Credit: Imgur

3. This is someone who has problems sleeping at night.

And now I won’t be able to sleep tonight.

Photo Credit: Imgur

4. You can also leave a message.

Which I won’t listen to.

Photo Credit: Imgur

5. Yeah, we thought that guy was bad.

I kind of forgot all about him.

Photo Credit: Imgur

6. I’d love to meet Eminem!

Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?

Photo Credit: Imgur

7. I’m in touch with a few of these emotions.

You forgot lazy.

Photo Credit: Imgur

8. You will stumble over this word for ever after.

Just rain? Just snow?

Photo Credit: Imgur

9. That’s false advertising.

People need to do what they say they do.

Photo Credit: Imgur

10. Awww. I love this one.

It’s free to look for the good in every day.

Photo Credit: Imgur

11. What did you not understand about the name of the group?

Perhaps you were looking for Christian Carnivores.

Photo Credit: Imgur

12. Waters is so stupid.

You never find martinis sitting around in bottles.

Photo Credit: Imgur

Hopefully, this dose of laughter made you feel great. And if you share it, then you’ll feel even better. So think of a pal that could use some chuckles and send these on over.

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A Person Mashed Up ‘Lord of the Rings’ Scenes With Headlines from ‘The Onion’

The movies that make up The Lord of the Rings franchise have kept millions of people entertained as we were shut inside for most of the past few months. Re-watching the movies and re-reading the books have helped us pass the time. By now, many of us could recap plots and quote lines without blinking an eye. Another source of immense entertainment joy are the satirical articles published by The Onion. The headlines alone can start the most bored of us laughing.

Twitter user Lauren used her downtime wisely and came up with a series that combined our passions for epic fantasy movies and satire by matching film scenes with headlines. The results are hilarious.

She told Bored Panda that after making the first one she kept seeing perfect headlines for LotR scenes.

So, she kept creating memes.

She thought maybe a few people would see and like them.

She was pleasantly surprised to see her thread retweeted more than 27,000 times and liked by 105,000.

Obviously, she’s a big fan of the movies and know all the characters.

Samwise Gamgee is her favorite one because he’s such a good friend to everyone, especially Frodo.

Like the rest of us, she’s looking forward to The Silmarillion movies. Hopefully, she’ll get another thread going with more scenes and headlines.

Will some think these headline/scene combo are real? There are people who don’t get The Onion’s satire.

Lauren’s happy she could bring a smile to so many people. It’s amazing what a person can do with Photoshop and some imagination!

And she even inspired others to post their creations. She kept a lot of people occupied for a few hours.

Isn’t it nice when we can play nicely together?

The combinations are endless. It’s like LotR and The Onion were made for each other.

What else can we put with Onion headlines? Harry Potter? John Wick? I’m a little excited about this.

What do you think of these matches? Have you made any of your own? Post them in the comments!

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11 Facts About ‘The Goonies’

If you’re a person of a certain age, there are formative “growing up” movies that probably stand out in your mind. And if you’re my age (late Gen X, Xennial, early Millennial), those movies include classics like E.T., Stand by Me, the Sandlot, Now and Then, The Princess Bride, and yes, The Goonies.

The kids never said die as they navigated first crushes, found allies in unexpected places, relied on each other’s individual strengths, and supported each other’s crazy dreams – all reasons, perhaps, that our generation came to be who we are as adults.

Or maybe I’m giving too much credit to Hollywood, again. The best art, after all, is a mirror and not a map.

Either way, if you love The Goonies as much as I do, you’ll enjoy these 12 fun facts.

11. It was Josh Brolin’s film debut.

Image Credit: Warner Bros.

Now an Oscar-nominated actor, Brolin’s role as the slightly-dumb but still handsome and useful Brand was the first time he appeared on the big screen.

10. Who was Chester Copperpot?

The photo is uncredited, but most believe it’s American actor Keenan Wynn, who was originally set to play Perry White in director Richard Donner’s Superman movie.

9. There’s a small goof in the final cut where Mikey (Sean Astin) calls Josh Brolin by his real name.

Image Credit: Warner Bros.

It’s in the scene after Chunk breaks the water cooler in the basement of the abandoned restaurant.

Have you noticed it before?

8. No, those “bats” weren’t real.

They were bow ties and wads of black papier-mâché blown out of air cannons.

You could kind of tell, right?

7. Jeff Cohen (Chunk) never acted again – but he is still in the movie business.

Image Credit: Warner Bros.

He left acting and, as an adult, pursued a law degree.

He’s now a founding partner at a high-powered entertainment firm in Los Angeles.

6. This little Easter Egg…

Chunk calls the police, but they think he’s pranking them due to him telling them stories about “little creatures that multiply when you pour water on them” before.

It’s a reference to Gremlins, which Spielberg also produced, and that was also written by Chris Columbus. Corey Feldman also appeared in both films, so we must believe the two movies exist in the same universe!

5. The “One-Eyed Willy” speech is basically improvised.

It wasn’t scripted; Donner told Astin the story moments before the shot and then Astin re-told it from memory when the cameras were rolling.

4. The Goonies reaction to the pirate ship is real.

Richard Donner never let his actors see the full pirate ship as it was being built, so the moment they walk into the cavern and see the ship, they’re all seeing it for the first time.

It’s meant to resemble Errol Flynn’s ship from The Sea Hawk.

3. The treasure map is speckled with actual blood.

Image Credit: Warner Bros.

Production designer J. Michael Riva was worried the map didn’t look old enough – it was supposed to have survived over 300 years – so he spent an afternoon aging it.

He cut his own finger and dripped blood along the edges as a final touch, so he definitely bled for the craft!

2. No, you didn’t miss a scene with an octopus…well, not really.

At the tail end of the film, during the interview with reporters, Data mentions that “the octopus was very scary.”

If you’ve fleetingly wondered what in the heck he’s talking about, you’re not alone – a scene involving a tussle with an octopus was deleted during editing.

1. The actor who played Sloth was an actual tough guy.

Image Credit: John Matuszak

John Matuszak was the first overall pick in the 1973 NFL draft and won two Super Bowls with the Oakland Raiders. You might have noticed (or will now) him sporting Raiders gear early in the film.

This is definitely a movie I can’t wait to watch with my own boys in a few years – fingers crossed they love it, too, and the adventure can live on!

What’s your favorite movie from your childhood? If you’ve showed it to your kids, how did they react?

Tell me all about it in the comments!

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Film Industry Workers Discuss What Work is Like When Everyone Knows They’re Making a Terrible Movie

Have you seen The Disaster Artist?

It’s a movie that came out in 2017 and it’s about the making of a film called The Room, which was released in 2003.

If you haven’t seen The Room, I encourage you to check it out because it is unintentionally one of the funniest movies ever made. It’s totally ridiculous, over the top, and has gained a cult following simply because of how bad it is.

The Disaster Artist perfectly captures the feeling of the people who worked on the set of The Room and it is pretty hilarious because they all know it’s going to be awful.

Here are some amusing stories from folks on AskReddit who worked on sets for projects that everyone knew were going to turn out bad.


1. I love Roger Corman!

“I worked on a few Roger Corman movies in the 90’s so we knew were were making cheap throwaway films. Most of the people there were working to get experience and have a few things to put on resumes.

Things that would drop off quickly when better things came along. Just about everyone worked as hard as they could and had a great time busting our ass to make “Carnosaur III”.”

2. You can have some shitty days.

“I’m a camera operator.

It entirely depends on the mind set of the director and producer. In the entertainment industry, you’re working on people’s personal art in a lot of ways which can make those who created it take criticism personally. Much yelling and insults are thrown about when those in charge are having a bad day.

That can make for a REALLY shitty day if you’re the one they’re taking it out on. Those who say no one cares and it’s all for a paycheck don’t work closely with the creators.”

3. Uh oh…

“I recently worked as 1st Assistant Director for a short film and it was literally the director thinking that this script was all great but it had shitty dialogue and a terrible story that was unoriginal.

The producer had the same train of thought and cared for little pre production which made my job harder. Basically I had to convince the director and producer to get this one shot outside before sunset which they thought they could get later on.

Afterwards the DP thanked me and the director/producer turned around from their angst about moving from the location we were shooting a few scenes at to get this one shot.

This does not translate to every film job but it just shows how much pre production needs to be as big as a focus as production.”

4. Boring…

“My husband was a character actor for many years in movies. (Yes, you would have seen him) With very few exceptions, everyone is very professional on big movies, because that’s what it takes to get that far.

Someone is putting up a lot of money to pay all these people and everyone is serious about it. Sure there might be some eye rolling or lighting truck banter about some corny scene or whatever, but most people are just paying attention to their jobs, there is so much to do. Except for the actors.

The one time I went on the set, it was for a B movie he was essentially doing as a favor, had some ex-big stars in it, the call was for 7 am and he didn’t shoot until 3:30! We sat in a trailer watching tv all day. I don’t know how they do it. Gah! The boredom!”

5. Different experiences.

“I was in a movie for ScyFy.

Going in to it you know it’s not Shakespeare. Most people have the same attitude about it and that can make for a looser atmosphere. There is a ton of goofing around and generally not taking anything too seriously.

The pressure is less for a movie of that calibre. Because of that there is room to improvise. There is something fun about being in something terrible…sometimes. On the other hand, I have been in a bad TV show for ABC and it was not such a good time.

The pressure from the execs was palpable and it made everyone stress. The amount of money and resources that goes in to a show like that is mind boggling. When you have two weeks to shoot one show with huge set pieces and a large ensemble it makes the work less about getting it right and more about getting it in the can and off to the Studio.

We still had fun, but the pressure made for some interesting days.”

6. No clue.

“I was just the lead in a feature where the director really had no idea what he was doing. In almost every scene he broke some of the most basic rules of narrative filmmaking. In the very first cut of the movie he broke the 180 degree rule.

As the lead, I was in 90+ of 116 pages of the script and was filming 14-16 hours a day doing everything I could to try to make this film the best it could. Every time I caught him breaking a rule, I called him out on it.

He didn’t HIRE A CREW to help him make this movie. He hired a sound guy and figured he could do the rest. I’ve seen some of the footage and I think he was misled by his ego. The camerawork is unrewardingly ambitious and distracting.

Luckily for him he hired a great cast (not trying to say anything about myself, just the rest of the team). We, as the cast, became the crew. Every night, I helped hammer out the schedule for the next day, figure out what props we need, what scenes we didn’t get or need to reshoot, etc.

It was a headache after you’ve just filmed for 14 hours and am doing something that should have been done months ago.

All in all, we had hope that it’ll turn out alright. None of us really saw much of a future for it, but there might be some decent scenes to pull from.

It’s probably going to come out this summer and because my face is in almost every single scene, I can already tell I’m going to cringe almost the entire time watching it.”

7. Hard to tell.

“I have found its hard to tell if the film is really that bad. I mean I bet there were crew members on the original star wars going, “what the hell is this?!”.

I think its a bit of the opposite, every show/film is a gig and you’re working your position maybe trying to get moved up on the next show if the crew stays together.

But sometimes when you’re on something great you realize this. I saw this with my dad who was a production recordist. Worked show to show but then got on some no name show called “Seinfeld”. He rode that out year after year because he knew he was apart of something once in a life time.

Also the producers of Seinfeld were incredibly giving to their crews.”

8. A shoulder to cry on.

“I do Craft Service for a living and if things are going poorly I’m the first person everyone comes crying to, there’s comfort in snacks.

The crew, above the line people excluded, could care less whether the commercial/music video/ movie looks bad.

All they want is good pay, good food, and coffee.”

9. It depends…

“In my experience it can vary depending on who you’re around. Some people will realize what’s going on, then there are those who are going to believe in the product until the reviews come in.

For example, working on Pompeii the wardrobe department had made up pins that said stuff like “I wish a real volcano would hit this set” and you’d see a few people in the crew wearing them, but making sure not have them too visible down at the set because Paul w. S. Takes himself very seriously despite the amount of campy shit he puts out.”

10. Complete shit.

“I worked as a PA on a really low budget film in the 90s. Wasn’t in the industry, just that it was being filmed near my house and my friend was PA on the crew and offered me something to do for the summer.

The morale was complete shit. Nobody wanted to help anyone else. I had to argue with the producer to get $10 to buy nails so I could build a wall for the set. He wanted me to look around to see if there were any in the sawdust in the shop floor first.

The AD was getting the dick from the DP in a remote area of the location every day, and then she went OTR or something and started fighting with him openly on the set. Nasty, vicious stuff.

Oh and the food sucked.”

11. If…

“If the film is terrible but the production is smooth, that’s one thing; you can make fun of what’s going on, kind of just kid around on set, and deal with it. If the film is both terrible and terribly run, then you’re really in for a shitty ride.

If the crew isn’t really cared for, then a shitty project makes it all the more unbearable to keep trucking for. Of course, one keeps on trucking anyway because it’s still a credit.

But there have been times when I’ve dipped out of a project because it’s unpaid, poorly managed, and a total piece of shit on the other end–no upside at all.”

12. Won’t do that anymore.

“I did a few straight-to-dvd movies when I was just starting out and honestly I was optimistic it was just my inexperience leading to thinking it was bad …. and that the shitty script would get taken care of by good acting, and the bad acting would get fixed with good editing and the bad editing was when I gave up.

It was all around bad from the start, but I thought some saving grace would swoop in and save it at some point. And that’s why I don’t do indie (or low budget, straight-to-dvd) films anymore.

Why am I gonna bust my ass 22 hours a day for someone else’s shitty art?”

13. This is funny.

“Kind of a funny story about the filming of Super Mario Bros in 1993. Read this in the IMDb trivia… I personally love that movie:

“In his 2007 autobiography John Leguizamo states he and Bob Hoskins hated working on the film and would frequently get drunk to make it through the experience. Both men apparently knew the movie would turn out bad, so they simply tried to make the best of it. He also stated he felt one of the biggest reasons the movie turned out the way it did was because the directors wanted a more “adult” movie while the studio, considering the source material, was looking for a children’s film.”

14. Interesting…

“I saw a documentary that interviewed crew from the first Star Wars movie. A lot of them thought what they were going was laughable and ridiculous.

They thought the movie didn’t have a chance in the theaters. I can only imagine their attitude on set. When the movie came out the discouraged crew members were quite humbled, proud that they worked on the movie, and felt sorry for not working harder for Mr. Lucas.”

15. Don’t have much input.

“At the moment I am working as a camera assistant on adverts tv and film. The most common problem I come across is, that the camera man knows that a shot the director wants looks like shit.

But unfortunately, the camera man is not really allowed much input. The shot keeps on looking like crap and the director blames the cameraman saying he is doing it wrong when really the shot would never work in the first place.

Spent many a shooting day on one shot that is scraped on edit.”

Have you ever worked on a film or a TV show and you knew it was going to be a piece of garbage during the production?

If so, please share your stories with us in the comments!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Guy Replaces People in Famous Movie Scenes With His Dogs

Looking for something fun to do while you’re stuck at home during this whole shitshow that’s going on around the world?

Well, perhaps you’ll be inspired by a guy who lives in Perth, Australia who Photoshops his dogs, Summer and Apollo, into famous movie scenes. Think you’re about to see Princess Leia? Think again, that’s Summer…or maybe it’s Apollo, I’m not really sure.

The point is that these photos are quite hilarious and we think you’ll get a kick out of them. This is called using your time wisely, people!


1. Jurassic Park.

Which animals are more vicious?

View this post on Instagram

The taming of the shoobs. #jurassicpark #velociraptors

A post shared by Summer & Apollo (@miloki_samoyeds) on

2. Harry Potter.

Who wore it better?

3. Love Actually.

You are perfect.

4. Aladdin for the win!

Under the moon.

5. For all the Star Wars fanatics out there.

I hope you don’t think this is blasphemy.

View this post on Instagram

May the Fourth be with you! #starwarsday #lukeandleia

A post shared by Summer & Apollo (@miloki_samoyeds) on

6. The Temple of Doom.

Dr. Jones!!!!!!

View this post on Instagram

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Shoobs

A post shared by Summer & Apollo (@miloki_samoyeds) on

7. The Hangover.

Gives the movie a new storyline.

8. Dirty Dancing.

Nobody puts Baby in a corner.

9. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.

About to take flight!

10. Lady and the Tramp.

A very famous scene.

11. I’ll be back.

This is amazing.

12. Gettin’ sexy in Ghost.

This scene was such a huge deal. Those were the days…

Those are great! And I don’t think I’ll ever look at Titanic the same way again.

Have you been doing anything creative since you’ve been locked inside your house?

If so, please tell us all about it in the comments.

And share some photos with us, too!

We’d love to see what all of you are up to!

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Movie Fans Talk About the Villains and Evil Characters Made Them Turn Against the Hero

Sometimes you root for the bad guy in a movie.

I used to think I was maybe the only person who did this, but it looks like I’m in good company with a bunch of folks who occasionally get enamored with the villains in movies and forget about the good guys and gals.

Do you do this, too?

AskReddit users weighed in on the movie villains that made them forget all about the heroes.

1. Interesting…

“Rumpelstiltskin in the “Once Upon a Time” TV series.

Depending on your viewpoint, his plans failed because 1) In that universe, Good Guys Always Win™ or 2) suckage of writers.

He was smart, tricky, beautifully manipulative, had a solid backstory that justified almost all of his actions (except for a few bits due to reason #2), and was one of the few who saw through the massive BS built around the show and its characters and could plan around it, only to have his plans fall through at the last minute, usually because of a hand-of-God last minute random thing (again, reason #2).

He should’ve been able to get everything he wanted and live happily ever after; he certainly worked harder than anyone else in that show.”

2. Oh yeah…

“Shere Khan in the live action Disney remake.

He wants to murder Mowgli because he’s afraid Mowgli will burn the jungle down. Mowgli then burns the jungle down.”

3. Hook.

“Captain Hook in the movie Hook, particularly at the end when he tries to get the kid to stay instead of going home with Peter Pan.

Like, I get it, dudes a bad guy and he’s just trying to steal the kid away when he says, “Remember how your father was never there? Look at all the things I’ve done for you.”

I came from a very neglectful home, and in rewatching this movie I remember how I would have wanted to stay with Hook so bad as a kid. In fact, if we didn’t know Hook was a villain, he looks like a much better father figure than Peter Pan until that point.”

4. This might cause some debate.

“Top Gun, Ice Man.

He’s right, Maverick is dangerous.

As I’ve gotten older…the more Maverick looks like a villain.”

5. The witch.

“Wicked Witch of the West.

We hate her cause she looks a bit gothy. But ditzy Dorothy killed her sister and went on to meddle stuff that’s none of her business. I’d be annoyed too.”

6. A great movie.

“Roy Batty in Blade Runner.

Batty wanted to gain his freedom and lead the other Nexus-6 models to safety. Instead, his dwindling ranks were hunted like rats. Although the Nexus-6 Replicants had a pretty bad reputation, Batty never gave any clues that he meant harm to the human race.

There may have been blood on his hands, but Batty only went for those directly involved with the Replicants or that were pursuing him. At the end of the day, he was just looking for answers from his creator.”

7. Poor guy.

“King Kong.

Dude’s minding his own business, living on a tropical island, and men show up, capture, and enslave him.

Fuckers deserved everything they got.”

8. A different take.

“Dinosaurs in Jurrasic Park.

The villain of Jurassic Park isn’t the dinosaurs; they’re just nature doing what comes natural. The villains are the creators, who put desire for profit and accomplishment above others’ safety. (“Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should” isn’t just a meme, it’s the message of the movie.)

By the way, I used to roll my eyes at the sequels because it was unrealistic that people would put a desire for profit and fun above the safety of other people and of their own family.

Recent events have made me change my mind. People would take their children to the park that killed a large percentage of those who go, saying they “refuse to live in fear” and “have a constitutional right.”

It turns out the cheesy dinosaur movies understood human nature better than I did.”

9. Give Benny a break.

“Benny from Rent

He offered all his friends, struggling bohemians in NYC, free rent in-exchange for cancelling Maureen’s protest.”

10. He’s a villain, no doubt.

“Q from Star Trek.

Not that I hated the heroes but you just gotta love Q.

And he certainly is a villain, he kills members of the Enterprise crew and tortures entire species.”

11. The evil one.


In the 90s version with Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder.”

12. Gremlins.

“The evil Gremlin.

He knew how to run a gang and party. Gizmo was a frigging pussy!”

13. Never thought I’d see this.

“Principal Rooney.

Ferris Bueller is a dick.”

14. A great villain.

“Hans Gruber from Die Hard because Alan Rickman was hot (RIP) and because Hans was so much smarter and more sophisticated than any bad guy I’d ever seen.”

15. Definitely a victim.

“Frankenstein’s monster.

The poor guy was literally born yesterday when his college-dropout, god-complex father abandoned him. Everyone hated and feared him and he had to learn everything from basic survival to human speech to reading on his own.

He was, unlike the movies, a genius and decently handsome, minus the dead eyes and paste-y complexion. He was still like 8 feet tall, and his height and haunting gaze were apparently enough to terrify everyone who saw him into a murderous frenzy.

He hid under a family’s house, and listened to their interesting and enviable life stories. He got sick of listening to people’s happy lives while he hid in fear, and befriended the family’s blind grandfather.

And then, he was attacked by the family of the man whom he had been able to call a friend for only a short time, getting shot for trying to find a friend. Then he immediately met the nephew of his father, who threatened and mocked him.

He snapped, because he realized no one ever did anything but hate and hurt him, so why should he do anything different? He killed the nephew, and framed the nephew’s maid for the murder.

What does our hero, Frankenstein, do? He lets the maid get executed because he doesn’t want to face consequences. Yeah, some hero.

Now, the monster doesn’t take it farther, he just asks Frankenstein to give him a wife/friend/someone who loves him. He knew he might have happiness and was more concerned at that point with being left alone to have a family.

What does Frankenstein do, when he hears his monster will leave him alone and they can both be rid of the anger and fear he created by playing God in the first place? He gives up halfway through and destroys the monster’s half-made wife.

Frankenstein’s Monster goes apeshit, as could reasonably be expected, and killed Frankenstein’s friend and his wife as revenge, and then fled to the north pole and offed himself because life is cruel.

So yeah, not the best guy, but between the fake doctor who has more ego than spine and systematically let all his friends die, and the monster who didn’t choose to be born and wasn’t given a bit of kindness that didn’t stab him in the back later, I pick the big guy.

The Monster wasn’t a good guy, but at least his bad actions had a reason, besides “I don’t care about other people,” and “I’m afraid of owning up for my mistakes.”

Well, there you have it.

Now we want to hear from the readers out there.

In the comments, please tell us about movies where you ended up rooting for the evil characters.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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Elmo Is on Instagram, With Mom and Dad’s Permission of Course

Parents are looking for ways to entertain their kids right now. As the parent of two kids under four, I can tell you that we’re definitely on the hunt for age-appropriate entertainment…and also that we’re way more willing for that entertainment to come to us via a screen than we were a few months ago.

And listen. I know Elmo can be a little grating and he’s a Muppet and all of that, but toddlers love him. All of them, no exception, and do you know why?

Image Credit: Instagram

Because Elmo is them. Unapologetically. And everyone loves to see themselves on television right?

I’m guessing that’s also going to hold true for social media, and that kids everywhere (with their parents permission) are going to love following Elmo’s exploits there, too.

Image Credit: Instagram

As of today, you and your kiddos can follow @Elmo, though so far he’s only posted six pictures…that added up to one big picture of his face.

“Yaaaaaat Elmo’s first picture is done! Elmo is excited to be on Instagram!”

Elmo is the first of the Sesame Street friends to join the social media platform, and we can expect to see him connect with loved ones and celebrities all over the world.

He’s also expected to post about his new talk show, The Not Too Late Show with Elmowhich is set to premiere on HBO Max at the end of May 2020. On it, Elmo will interview celebrities, play music with his friends, do comedy sketches, play games, and highlight Elmo’s bedtime routine.

Don’t worry – if your kids ask why Elmo is allowed an Instagram account and they’re not, his bio clearly states that he’s running it “with the help of Elmo’s mommy and daddy.”

I think we all know how well things would go if three-year-olds ran Instagram.

I mean…probably not that different than it is now. If we’re being honest.

Have fun following @Elmo – I know we’re going to!

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