Women Also Abuse Their Boyfriends. Take a Look at This List to See How.

Abusive relationships knows no gender. It can happen in every single combination of people who decide they want to spend time together. That means friendships can be abusive, as well as romantic relationships.

For the purposes of our discussion today, we’re going to focus on the female being abusive towards the male in a romance relationship. Because according to the National Domestic Violence Hotline, “1 in 7 men (13.8%) aged 18 and older in the United States have been the victim of severe physical violence by an intimate partner in their lifetime,” AND “more than 1 in 4 men (28.5%) in the United States have experienced rape, physical violence and/or stalking by an intimate partner in their lifetime.”

So, it’s important to make sure that women also acknowledge their role in abusive relationships and make sure they try and break the cycle.

Tumblr user Exposing-The-Bullshit recently put this list together, and it’s worth a look…


The post got reblogged over 430K times and here are some of the best reactions…

1. Nothing wrong with losing “friends” over this…

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2. She’s seen this first hand…

Photo Credit: Bored Panda

3. Yep. It’s not really about gender or sexuality.

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4. Important stuff is important!

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5. Part one…

Photo Credit: Bored Panda

5. Part two…

Photo Credit: Bored Panda

5. Part three…

Photo Credit: Bored Panda

5. Part four…

Photo Credit: Bored Panda

5. Part five…

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5. Part six…

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6. Part one…

Photo Credit: Bored Panda

6. Part two…

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What do you think?

Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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15 Times People Realized They’re Too Tall for Japan

One thing I have heard about Japan, is that if you’re an American, you may stand out because of, among other things, your height.

And these people definitely learned that Japan is not really built for tall folks. These pics oughta give you a good laugh.

1. He’s REALLY tall

My 6’7" Stepfather is visiting Japan this week from pics

2. Stands out in a crowd

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#tallinjapan 📷 @fawnvu

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3. Ouch!

6’3” lived in a traditional Japanese house in Japan for two months. There was lots of exposed wooden beams from tall

4. Great memories

5. Watch out

I recently travelled to Japan. from tall

6. Shark bait

7. Friends who duck together…

In Japan, Tall Friends Duck Together from AccidentalWesAnderson

8. Giant

9. Cut off

10. Raise the roof

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We came, we saw, we raised the roof 🙌🏼😉

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11. Mind your dome

12. Be careful

Japan wasn’t build for me from funny

13. Tear it down

Stayed one night in this hostel in Japan. My head connected with this light 8 times. from tall

14. HUGE

Hotels suck. from tall

15. Come down a few inches

Watch your head!

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Funny Tweets Accurately Describe What It’s like to Be a Picky Eater

Are there picky eaters in your family? People who makes going out to dinner absolute torture? Perhaps that picky eater is YOU. Yeah, I’m looking at you.

Either way, these tweets really sum up the whole picky eater lifestyle.

1. I would hope so

2. Bad idea

3. That sounds like a lie

4. Flip ’em the bird

5. Too many demands

6. You’re not?

7. NoNoNoNoNoNoNo

8. That’s intense

9. Sounds like a cute kid

10. Here they come!

11. Why did I do this?

12. Looks like a lot of work

13. Fussy AF

14. At least you’re being nice about it

15. You passed up Walt’s Favorite Fried Shrimp? Idiot!

Picky enough for you?

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A Vet’s Office Thought They Were Treating an Exotic Bird, but It Was Just Covered in Curry

Some folks recently brought what they believed to be an exotic, orange bird to the Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital in England because they saw it stranded on the side of the road looking like it couldn’t fly.

Looks pretty exotic to me.

Posted by Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital on Monday, July 1, 2019

Ooohhhhh, I wonder what species it could be…

So the vets got to work treating the bird.

Posted by Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital on Monday, July 1, 2019

Posted by Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital on Monday, July 1, 2019

And what did they discover? The bird was actually a seagull covered in curry.

The Facebook post from the animal hospital read:

“This is one of the strangest casualty circumstances we have seen in a while! This bright-orange herring gull was rescued by kind members of the public who spotted him at the side of the A41. When they called to say they had picked up an orange bird, we had no idea what to expect – and would never have guessed at this!

He had somehow gotten himself covered in curry or turmeric! It was all over his feathers, preventing him from flying properly. We have no idea how he got into this predicament but thankfully, apart from the vibrant colour and pungent smell, he was healthy.

Our veterinary team bravely bathed the gull (now named Vinny after a Vindaloo curry) to clean off his feathers. He managed to cover them in curry water, but eventually did let us scrub him clean.

He is now looking much better and should be able to go for release very soon! As we say, we never know what will come through our doors next!

Huge thanks to the lovely finders who stopped to rescue him.”

Posted by Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital on Monday, July 1, 2019

Vindaloo, I mean Vinny, is now doing just fine. But he needs to avoid all Indian food for the time being…

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Here’s a Sneak Peek at the Trailer for ‘Top Gun: Maverick’

If you weren’t around for in 1986, it’s kind of hard to describe how popular Top Gun was, but trust me, it was HUGE. My older brother even entertained the idea of becoming a fighter pilot for about four days.

Like I said, it was HUGE.

Well, we’re all in luck again! Top Gun: Maverick is set to hit the big screen next summer and original stars Tom Cruise (Maverick) and Val Kilmer (Iceman) are reprising their roles. Joining them will be Jon Hamm, Jennifer Connelly, Miles Teller (who plays Goose’s son from the 1986 film), and Ed Harris. The original Top Gun was directed by the late Tony Scott, and this time around, Joseph Kosinski (Tron: Legacy) is at the helm.

Here’s a sharp poster for the new film.

Concerning the action in the new film, Jon Hamm said, “We’re shooting the movie in, I think, 6K. So it’s incredibly hi-def. The aerial footage is mind-blowing. And it’s mostly practical. There’s not a lot of CG. Those guys are really up in planes and getting thrown around in multiple Gs.”

We don’t know a whole lot about the plot yet, but from the preview, it looks like it will be fully locked and loaded with action.

Top Gun: Maverick hits theaters on June 26, 2020. Check out the trailer below.

I don’t know about you, but I am excited about this one! Let’s hope that we get another love scene set to “Take My Breath Away.”

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20 Tweets so Hilarious They Got More Than 100k Retweets

Have you ever had a really high retweet count? 100? 50? I think my personal best is 4.

I’m killing it!

But these tweets, right here? All of ’em got over 100,000 retweets.

And you’re about to see why.

1. Interrogation

2. Awwww

3. Thicc

4. Seriously

5. I can’t unsee this

6. Classic!

7. Epic

8. Three wishes

9. It needs to be done

10. Seeing stars

11. Naptime

12. High fashion

13. Eat more donuts

14. LOL

15. That’s amazing

16. Attack!

17. New slang

18. Howling

19. Very smart

20. Summoning spirits

Gold, baby! All of them!

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People Share the Traumatic Experiences They Had with Teachers

People love to share stories on the Internet because they can be totally anonymous. And Reddit seems like THE place to do just that.

Recently somebody asked the question, “What is your most traumatic experience with a teacher?” and the answers were curl your toes.

Get ready to be triggered because these stories certainly hit close to home for me…

1. The Tale Of The Tape

“In third grade I had a teacher tie me up to my chair and tape my mouth shut. I was a super smart and hyper kid who had just been prescribed medicine for my asthma. Which will make you crawl out of your skin. My original teacher died in the beginning of the year and we had 4 temps before Ms. K. She was 25 no degree and should not have been teaching. She screamed at me ‘punk rock kid’ and tied me up.

I then wouldn’t shut up so she taped my mouth shut. 28 kids laughed at me, one kid drew scissors from his desk and motioned to cut the chord. I remember making eye contact with Sean and shook my head no. Told my parents got switched out of the class and the teacher was fired. The other kids’ parents in the class threw the teacher a going away party because ‘that kid and his brothers were always trouble.’

Other than my 3rd grade class I’ve told maybe 3 people about that.

As I’ve gotten older it explains so much of some things in my life.”

2. The Most Obvious Teacher Ever

“I had a science teacher that didn’t particularly like me in 6th grade. Also my ears are kind of pointed outwards, something I am completely okay with now but back then was super self-conscious about.

Once in class, she got super annoyed by me and legit decided to stop class and draw a caricature of me on the board.

It was a human head with monkey ears and an arrow pointing at it with my name.”

3. The Worst Hygiene

“In 4th grade, I had wild Hermione hair and obviously my hormones were changing and I was ‘becoming a woman.’ I had good hygiene and brushed my hair and changed my clothes, all normal things fully expected from a normal human being. That wasn’t enough assurance for my 4th grade teacher. She got me a brush and deodorant insisting that I smelled and that I didn’t brush my hair.

She would ask me in front of the class, ‘Did you take a bath today?

Did you brushed your hair?’

She began sending me to the nurse insisting I had bad hygiene and put my desk at the back of the room away from everyone else.”

4. Predatory

“Back in grade 9, I had music class as an elective. The class was at the back of the school where no one really goes to unless they have to. It was half-way through lunch and I had nothing else to do so I figured I’d just go to class early and just watch videos on my phone. I walk to the classroom, open the door and find my teacher (who was married, later divorced) having relations with one of my classmates.

They immediately saw me and I just stood there for a few seconds before leaving and closing the door behind me. I didn’t go tell another teacher because I simply didn’t know what to do, I was that surprised.

So fast forward class ends and before I can leave, my teacher grabs my arm and asks me to stay for a few minutes. I said yes since I figured he was just going to ask my not to tell anyone and by that point I still didn’t know what to do.

But oh how wrong I was. For the next five minutes, he talks about all the things he’d do if I told anyone , fail me, accuse me of improper actions, get me expelled. I was so scared, I just nodded my head, I didn’t know what else to do.

The classmate on the other hand started a rumor that I had cornered her in the music room and tried to force myself on her and how the teacher had saved her and comforted her.

So everyone in the school though I was a predator. I tried to defend myself but with all the threats and bias against me there was nothing I could do. Only towards the end of grade 10 did a teacher catch them having relations in the same music room. The teacher was fired and my classmate was transferred to another school. Luckily people connected the dots and realized that I was telling the truth and I was no longer a social pariah.”

5. Not The Teacher’s Pet

“My 4th grade teacher had a reputation for making one boy in her class an unpopular scapegoat each year. Lucky me. In previous years, I’d been just another kid in the playground, but within two months the other kids wouldn’t play with me during recess. One day I refused to go outside for recess. She asked why and I foolishly told her that the other kids didn’t like me. When they came back in, she marched me to the front of the class, and asked for a show of hands, who didn’t like me.

Fourth grade kids (mostly) did what fourth grade kids do.

I broke down that night and told my Mom what had happened and what had been going on all along. She marched into school the next day, got a meeting that included the principal, and tore the teacher a new one. I was still stuck in that class, but the teacher moved on to a new victim. Funny thing how self esteem influences academic performance.

My school used to give us a Stanford Binet IQ Test every year. My score dropped ten points from third to fourth grade, then rose twenty points in fifth grade when I had a nurturing teacher.”

6. Sniff

“What is it with 4th grade teachers? Mine was named Mrs. Ganz, and she had a TA named Ms. Hardwick. One time, I noticed that my math homework was graded incorrectly, with several correct answers being marked as incorrect. I showed it to my parents, they confirmed that I was right all along, and told me to show it to the teacher. Well, this made Mrs. Ganz very mad, and she took offense at me trying to correct the TA’s mistakes.

She held my work up in front of the class and said ‘This student got a B, but because he questioned Ms Hardwick’s grading, now he’s getting an F!’ Apparently, this happened to several other boys in the class as well.

This same woman had an Indian student named Sanif who was picked on by the whole school. Sanif was called Sniff by practically every kid in the school. One day, Mrs Ganz had us do a spelling bee.

She specifically gave Sanif the worst possible word to spell; she told him to spell ‘sniff.’

The look on that kid’s face was heart breaking.”

7. Oh, You’re Special Alright…

“When I was 14 years old, I was accepted into an arts magnet school. It was a pretty big deal in the city that I grew up in. Prestigious artists came in to teach young students that displayed promise, I guess. I was accepted into a creative writing department, one of only four freshmen to be accepted. It was the biggest deal of my life. Within a few weeks this semi-famous and important 55 year old man began assaulting me.

In front of his classroom. In front of everyone. He didn’t even bother trying to hide it. I was young and stupid and for awhile I thought that the attention meant I was special, and when I quickly realized how awful it was I felt like I couldn’t do anything because everyone saw it and no one was stopping it.

He made me believe, as a freshman, a 14 year old child, that men touching a young girl in front of her peers was totally normal.

So I stayed quiet for four months. My fingernails fell out. I began having intense panic attacks. I finally spoke out and he lost his job and the school attorneys advised my parents not to open up a legal investigation because they said it would further traumatize me. When I initially came forward, the director of the school refused to listen to me. It was a nightmare. When I graduated school, I moved out of the city and he found out where I lived and began stalking me.

He ended up kidnapping me and taking me back to his home studio and showed me a shrine he made of me. He continued stalking me until my friend’s dealer called him and threatened him. It all stopped. I tried to move forward but it took seventeen years of suffering to finally go to the press. It was a complete nightmare.”

8. When Teacher Doesn’t Help

“In the 8th grade, I had book reports to do for 4 books all due on the same day that was way too overwhelming to do at the time. I had some serious domestic violence going on at home between my parents. Spent all my time taking care of my younger brother, cleaning up the house, cooking, and crying from all the stress. It was worth 20% of my grade and the day before it was due, I broke down and told my teacher everything; down to the time when my brother bled from his head from being hit by my dad, to the most recent attempted murder upon my mom.

If I had even received a B, my dad would’ve beat up my mom for giving birth to a stupid kid.

He called child services, my parents received the call, and gave me the silent treatment for 3 days. They told him I lied just to get out of the assignment. The social worker told my teacher what my parents said and made the rest of my year a nightmare.

He treated me with such pettiness after that and threatened to call my parents whenever I had either spoken too loud in class, or whenever I was distracted in gym.

He called my parents for my ‘bad behavior’. Home life got significantly harder after that, and my parents told my entire family continuously how stupid I was for telling him. They laughed at me when I cried or got upset about it.

Years later after repressing everything I was diagnosed with severe PTSD from childhood trauma as a witness and victim of domestic violence and it took me 3 years in therapy to get over it – it was quick, but it was tough as it was during my university years and I ended up having to take an extra year of school to catch up mentally.

I was ready to speak up about my struggles again when I couldn’t function anymore as the traumatic flashbacks occurred twice a week for hours at a time. I couldn’t do a single thing except tremble and live in fear. I was 18 by the time I was ready to reach out for help.

Mr. G, I really do wonder if being a petty 33 year old to a 12 year old child made your quality of life better. I hope that there’s proper procedures put in place to protect children from such experiences.”

9. No Excuses. Even Semi-Trucks.

“The one and only detention I ever received occurred in somewhat related circumstances. I was in third grade and had a math teacher that had this stupid policy that every math test, after she had graded it, needed to be brought home and signed by our parents and returned to her within 2 days.

During that school year, my mom got in a terrible car accident in which she got hit head-on by a semi-truck.

She almost died and spent several months in the hospital. We had a math test a couple days after her accident. My step-dad spent the whole week in the hospital by my mom’s side, no doubt stressed out of his mind and not knowing if she would pull through. He didn’t want to bring my brother or me to the hospital, as he didn’t know if we could handle seeing my mom in that condition. My brother and I were left home alone all week, with neighbors occasionally checking in on us to drop off meals.

Anyway, I hadn’t seen either of my parents in days, and obviously couldn’t get either of them to sign my test.

When I tried to explain the situation to my teacher, she cut me off and said she ‘didn’t allow excuses’ or something, and gave me detention the following day. Since I didn’t have anybody at home who could pick me up, I had to walk the 2 miles or so home from school after the detention.

A week or so later, when my brother told my step-dad about everything that had happened, he showed up to pick me up from school (which he’d never done before, as we took the bus to/from school) and absolutely tore the teacher a new one, almost bringing her to tears.

The teacher never apologized to me, or looked me in the eyes again, for that matter, and I forged signatures on every other test that year. Also, I had gotten 100% on the test that led to my detention.”

10. Protect This Child!

“I was a super overweight child (diagnosed with PCOS at 14, had WLS at 19, am now an incredibly healthy 24 year old). I attended an elementary school with 60 children K-4, and my class had 11 including myself. I was the only one that was overweight. I’m sure you can see where this is going.

My elementary school teacher constantly called me out for not being able to run as fast as anyone else, encouraged the others in class to pick me last for teams, asked why I was sweating like a pig when I wasn’t working very hard, would make me attempt to do sit ups and push ups while the others watched and made fun of me.

It was incredibly traumatizing. The school didn’t require the kindergarten class to have gym, so this started in first grade when I was 6.

We had gym class once a week and I would get so nervous that I would throw up. Every single week. I was also a really anxious and sensitive child, so knowing that I would have to go and be embarrassed for 50 minutes was way more than I could bear. I think the school nurse figured it out after a little while, sometimes she took mercy on me and let me stay in the office, sometimes she made me go.

But, no one ever asked why. No one ever told my parents this was an issue they were having with me. No one did anything to protect me.”

11. Awkward…

“I was bullied in high school for 4 years because I came from another country and had troubles with the language and the culture, but I was also very quiet. When I found the courage to talk about it, my mom sent a letter to my math teacher, who was responsible for my class. That guy hated me because despite my best efforts, I wasn’t good at math. When he received the letter, he made me stand in front of the whole class and said, ‘Who here thinks she is bullied?’

Of course no one raised their hand because they all hated me, and that was just so awkward.

The teacher then said, ‘See? You’re not bullied.’ And he said I should do better to concentrate on my studies because I would never graduate.

Thankfully I changed high school the next year and never saw him again. Also I graduated with an A+ in math. So HA!”

12. Completely Humiliated

“So when I was in kindergarten, I didn’t make it to the bathroom in time and wet myself. Went to the nurses office got new clothes but instead of panties, I had to wear a pull up, not a big deal. I guess it was a school policy for kids my age, I don’t really know.

When I get back to my class, my teacher loudly says, ‘Oh good, the baby is finally back,’ or something like that. She also knew about the policy and asked if I was wearing a diaper so every other student could hear.

I was 5 and felt a ton of shame and humiliated.

I started crying and trying to get out of school a lot because of it. My teacher often referred to me as a baby for the rest of the year. Also she would constantly ask if I needed to potty or if I was wearing a diaper, like I was a toddler or something.”

13. “The Talk”

“The girls in our elementary school were given ‘the talk’ before the boys. The basic puberty stuff, your body is starting to change, you might starting developing, sweating, all that stuff. They made a huge stupid deal about keeping it quiet.

Saying, ‘It’s the girls’ little secret. Don’t go spreading it around school.’ I really did not see the big deal at the time.

Anyway, my best friend was a boy and naturally, I skipped right off to tell him why suddenly half the class had an assembly all by themselves.

Somehow, my teacher heard about it, got me alone, grabbed me by both arms AND SHOOK ME. ‘Keep. Your. Mouth. Shut.’ It was so awkward and weird because I did not see what the issue was.”

14. What Is This Woman’s Problem?!?

“Mrs. F legitimately hated me.

You’d think that would be a weird thing to say. A grown woman hating a nine-year-old. But she did. I don’t know why. It doesn’t really matter. By the third week, she outright told my mother that I was going to fail that year because I was bad at math. My mother laughed this off since it made no sense. I was a straight-A student in Germany. I faltered with math sometimes, but my teachers always helped me.

We had recently moved to Louisiana. Just for a year since my father was between duty stations. Back then (and probably still now), schools were allowed to paddle children. Yup. Paddle. Disrupted class? That’s a paddlin’. Got into a fight? That’s a paddlin’. Lucky for me, my mother told them on day one that they were not to lay a hand on me. Unfortunately, I was not aware of this.

Mrs. F took every opportunity to threaten me with a beating.

For some reason, the classes were arranged in a huge circular building, separated by partitions. Whenever she paddled someone, she dragged them out into the middle, so every class could see. When she couldn’t paddle me, she would make me stand there and hold the paddle outright with both arms. That thing got real heavy, real fast for a 9 year old. And that was the mildest thing she did to me.

Shortly after telling my mother that I would fail, she started to sabotage me.

If I had a question, she wouldn’t answer it. If I didn’t have a pencil, she wouldn’t give me one. She moved me into the back of the class. Eventually, she turned a desk against the back wall and put me in it. Then she hung streamers so that she wouldn’t even have to look at me.

I stopped getting work sheets. There was no one to pass them to me. I stopped turning around to watch lessons. Why bother?

I just came in every morning, sat in my chair and daydreamed. Sometimes I told my mother some of the things that happened, but she clearly thought I was exaggerating. I just accepted it as normal after a while, I guess.

Once, I raised my hand to go to the bathroom, but she either couldn’t see me or didn’t care. It got so bad that I just got up and ran to the bathroom. When I got back, she threatened to beat me, then made me stand out with the paddle for the rest of the day.

The next time, I just sat in my chair with my hand raised until I peed my pants. I don’t remember how she reacted. I doubt it was much kinder.

Toward the end of the year, there was a pizza party. I don’t remember what for. I was mostly out of the loop anyway. My little ‘cage’ had been removed for it because my mother volunteered to help out and actually picked up the number of pizzas they asked for.

Mrs. F told everyone they could have 2 pieces of pizza. I ate my first one, went back for the second and she closed the pizza box in my face. Told me I had already had my pizza. My mother told her I had only had one.

It was bizarre standing there seeing my mother argue with this woman about pizza that she had gotten herself. Livid that I was being singled out. After giving Mrs. F an earful, she walked out with me and took me home.

I was sure I was in so much trouble. Then she asked me to tell her everything. I did.

I don’t know what happened, but those last couple of weeks my desk was with the other kids again and Mrs. F never said another word to me. I still failed. I hadn’t done any of the work. And that experience shaped the rest of my schooling.”

15. Cruel And Unnusal Punishment

“In daycare/preschool, this kid hid toy dinosaurs in my nap bag, and when I got caught taking them out, the teacher made me move to be by her desk. My parents picked me up early for a doctors appointment and walked in to find the teacher, head back asleep, with me under her desk while she used my back as a footrest. At the appointment, it was found that I had two deep bruises from her heels digging in.

I was 4. I never went back to that school and the teacher was fired.”

16. Jail Time…

“When I was in 4th grade, I passed a note to a girl I liked. It was a super tame note, just said something like ‘I think you’re cute, will you be my girlfriend?’ Typical 4th grader stuff, really.

Teacher saw me trying to pass the note and intercepted it before it reached the girl. She read it (not aloud) and pulled me into the hallway.

She said what I was doing was wrong, and that it was harassment.

She said it’s the sort of thing men go to jail for. She kept saying ‘harassment’ over and over in that little talk. I barely even understood what harassment even was, but I knew it was bad. Made me feel like such a creep, like a predator. Made me cry from embarrassment and fear of going to jail.

After I was done crying, she let me go back into the classroom.

Gotta admit, that really messed up my view of women for a while.

Made me think of girls as scary and unapproachable. Took me a while to break out of that, too.”

17. Nose Bleed

“When I was in high school, I got a lot of nose bleeds. Like a lot. So I got one in the middle of class and I asked the teacher for a tissue, she said she didn’t have any so I asked to go to the toilet to get one then she said no. Soon I asked again when blood what dripping from my hands and she yelled at me for ‘repeating myself’ which is apparently bad. Soon a puddle of blood was on the table then I got sent to isolation for ‘disrupting the class.’

I was then suspended for ‘acting inappropriate during class.’ She was then fired for putting my life at risk. I gotta say when you get a nose bleed like that, you really see how much blood is inside of you.”

Have any stories you want to share? Do it in the comments!

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These 20 Iconic Movie Scenes Brought People to Tears

We’ve all cried at a movie at one point or another. My personal experiences usually have to do with animals in sad movie scenes. People…not so much.

A Reddit user asked, “Which movie scene brought you to tears?” and here are the moving responses.

Here come the waterworks.

1. Coco

“”The ending of Coco, when Mama Coco recognizes the song that Miguel is singing despite her dementia because her father used to play it when she was a kid. Wow okay, I’m getting emotional just thinking about it.””

2. Gladiator

“The whole last five minutes of Gladiator: “I will see you again my friend, but not yet… not yet.”

3. 12 Years a Slave

“12 Years A Slave, seeing his grown children after he escapes back to the north. Seeing his granddaughter brought me to tears like a blubbering idiot.”

4. Guardians of the Galaxy 2

“I don’t do crying, especially movies. They’re not real people. But when the Ravagers showed up for Yondu’s funeral, someone was cutting a helluva lot of onions in the theatre…”

5. The Truman Show

“Final scene in The Truman Show where he turns to the camera and says, ‘In case I don’t see ya! Good afternoon, good evening and goodnight.’”

6. Good Will Hunting

“I feel like this movie has lost its hype but re-watching it last week and seeing Robin Williams breaking Matt Damon down into tears is just such a powerful scene. 10/10 movie would and will watch again.”

7. Up

“My grandmother had just passed away after an emotional week of ups and downs in the hospital. My wife and I decided to go to the movies just to take our minds off from recent events. Up was the movie we went to see. Other than the not having kids part, it was like watching my grandparents on screen. I doubt there will ever be a scene in a movie that will hit me harder than that.”

8. The Green Mile

“The execution scene from The Green Mile, Michael Duncan Clarke was the first actor that ever made me cry.”

9. 50/50

“50/50 going into surgery. This movie is so looked-over, but it’s honestly probably the best performances of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen.”

10. Schindler’s List

“At the end of Schindler’s List, when he’s looking at his few possessions left, and thinks of how many more people he could have saved if he sold the car, or whatever.”

11. Toy Story 3

“Toy Story 3 when the gang accepts their presumed fate in the incinerator and all reach out for one another, the worst being when Woody finally gives in and takes Buzz’s hand. I always thought this part hit harder than Andy leaving after giving the toys to Bonnie, that always felt more bittersweet than anything.”

12. Interstellar

“Interstellar when he watches the videos of his kids aging 25 years in front of his eyes.”

13. The Land Before Time

“In the movie The Land Before Time….. When Little Foot’s mom dies….made me cry as a kid when It first came out in 1988…makes me cry now.”

14. Inside Out

“I watched that when I was 38 years old, and I cried like a little girl with a skinned knee. Like straight up ugly-face, snot-bubble, breath-hitching sobbed.

The lady I was seeing at the time not only didn’t cry, but didn’t understand why I did. I’m not saying that’s the reason we’re not together, but I’m not denying that it was a factor.”

15. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

“The beach running scene from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. After what that movie put me through, I just lost it then.”

16. Ghost

“At the end of Ghost, as I was wiping away tears, I saw my-brother-in-law hand my husband a dollar bill. ‘Told you she would be in tears by the end.’”

17. The Pursuit of Happyness

“The ending of The Pursuit of Happyness got me. When he got the job, I had held it together up until then but I just let it out. It just resonated so much with me because my parents really struggled as immigrants and worked very hard to give my siblings and me a better life. Great movie.”

18. Pan’s Labyrinth

“The ending of Pan’s Labyrinth made me ugly cry for about an hour. Then I was irrationally angry at Guillermo del Toro for years after. He wrote and directed it and it destroyed me. Damn it, I’m starting to cry just thinking about it.”

19. Titanic

“That scene in Titanic where the old couple is lying on their bed holding each other, they’ve lived a long life and have accepted that it’s now the end. Idk it gets me every time.”

20. My Girl

“The funeral scene from My Girl. Doesnt matter what part of the movie I walk in on, it’ll always make me start bawling.”

What movie scene makes you cry? Share in the comments below!

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A Guy in Arizona Might Have the World’s Largest Hot Sauce Collection

I realized I don’t know sh*t about hot sauce after learning about a guy named Vic Clinco.

Clinco has 8,600 bottles of hot sauce in his Arizona home, and he’s still adding to his collection. The Guinness Book of World Records currently has someone else in the books as the record holder, but Mr. Clinco believes he has surpassed that collection because the other fella has barbeque sauces and salsas included in the count. For Clinco, it’s strictly about the hot sauce.

Let’s take a look at these photos of Clinco’s collection, shall we?

1. The man himself

2. That’s a lot of Cholula

3. CBD? Why not?!?!

4. Look at that collection

5. I’m blown away

6. Spicy shenanigans

7. Novelty sauces

8. Be careful with these…

9. Flasks

10. Those look scary

I need to make a trip to this guy’s house ASAP and pick his brain.

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These Posts Prove Why Cats Are Absolutely Perfect

Cats are such peculiar creatures, aren’t they? Independent, no doubt. But they do the strangest things that never need explaining. All in all, most of us can agree that’s what makes them amazing animals. Especially when they do the Brrrr, pffft, purr sound.

But I digress. Here are tumblr’s BEST discussions on cats. And they are puuuurrrrrfect.

10. All about the black cat


Photo Credit: Pleated Jeans

9. It’s his super power

Photo Credit: Pleated Jeans

8. Totally right. Brrrrrb

Photo Credit: Pleated Jeans

7. See, unexplained manners

Photo Credit: Pleated Jeans

6. Maybe he’s a dog?

Photo Credit: Pleated Jeans

5. “Stoned out of their kitty minds.”

Photo Credit: Pleated Jeans

4. Look at that face!

Photo Credit: Pleated Jeans

3. Love that sound…

Photo Credit: Pleated Jeans

2. The unexplained activity of a cat

Photo Credit: Pleated Jeans

1. Kitties will let you know when they want to be touched


Photo Credit: Pleated Jeans

See puuuuurrrrfect!

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