These Tweets Show, Once Again, That Women Are Funnier Than Men

The ladies of Twitter are out in FULL FORCE in this article, bringing down the house with laughter once again!

Check out these 12 tasty examples of what happens when you give a woman a phone, a sense of humor and A LOT of time…

1. Watch out Spidey!

2. Okay… I can see that…

3. Bitchy stopping face…

4. Gurrrrrllllll…

5. I got that green dumb…

6. Can’t tell the difference!

7. Yes. That is true.

8. When he right, he right…

9. Perfect

10. #HotGirlSummer

11. Define “safe”

12. She’s fine boys!

Ahhhhh… now that felt good.

*le sigh*

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People on Twitter Can’t Understand a Couple Who Claims They Don’t Have a “Side” of the Bed

What kind of monsters don’t have an assigned side of the bed with their partner?

The kind of monsters who are friends with journalist Jeff Stein…

In every couple, there is an unspoken agreement (and nightstand full of crap you rarely need) that sits next to the side of the bed that is “yours.” That’s just the way of things, and it’s the way it should be…except for this one couple who thinks they can just sleep willy-nilly on whichever side of the bed the feel like plopping onto on a given night.

Stein admitted that though it seemed like anarchy to him, maybe there was something to it.

Twitter was on my side, though, and basically thought those people should never speak of their strange bedroom practice again.

Because who would do this?!

It makes no sense!

Do you want chaos to reign in your bedroom?

What’s next? Cannibalism?

There really isn’t excuse for this…

They should be locked up…

Okay, maybe that was a bit extreme.

These are important questions, y’all, and idk maybe we need a follow-up interview or something.

Or maybe there are some things we just don’t want to know details on…

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These Tweets That Prove College Kids Are Pretty Damn Funny

Going to college is a glorious time in a young person’s life. New friends, new experiences, opening up your mind, etc.

But college kids can surprise us, too, and be downright hilarious.

And these tweets prove that beyond a reasonable doubt.

All of these students deserve an A+!

1. Prodigy

2. This is great

3. Calm down

4. Multiple choice

5. This is a great idea

6. Pretty much

7. #CollegeLife

8. Hahahaha

9. I’m Matt…

10. Right over your head

11. OMG


13. Good point

14. Oh, snap!

15. Not happy

Now get back to class!

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If You’re a True Crime Junkie, These Tweets Are for You

True crime TV shows are more popular than ever right now. Everyone and their mother is obsessed with the latest shows about murder, mayhem, and the macabre.

So in the spirit of all this true crime hoopla, let’s take a look at some hilariously accurate tweets about these television programs.

1. Weirdos


3. Dead as a doornail

4. In a trance

5. You can’t come in

6. Ellen!

7. Three types

8. The new thing

9. All the good stuff

10. Hahaha

11. We don’t believe you

12. That’s all you need

13. You got my attention

14. No clue

15. WAY too much time left

I have to admit…I am one of these people…

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12 of the Funniest Tweets from Women This Week

The advent of social media has proven what women have always known to be true – they’re f*cking hilarious.

The 12 ladies below are just the funniest of the funny. This week, anyway.

12. Props to everyone who listened and accepted.

11. Girl same.

10. A cult leader from the 70s, yes.

9. Fair.

8. This is the truest.

7. I mean one of them has Channing Tatum. Just saying.

6. Definitely.

5. Answer: it can’t.

4. You do you bro.

3. Good luck pretending not to hear THAT.

2. Real life.

1. It’s funny but also I want this.


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15 Photos That Captured Very Interesting Coincidences

Okay, these are pretty odd…

There are weird things that happen and then there are weird things that happen.

If you’re someone who gets freaked out by a good coincidence now and then, these 15 moments definitely fall into the second category.

15. Witch.

down you go from CatsAreAssholes

14. It’s a trick question from the future.

13. I don’t believe it.

I wouldn’t have believed it from nevertellmetheodds

12. Seriously, WITCH.

The police Facebook page posted a picture taken by a speeding camera. The bird saves the day from nevertellmetheodds

11. That poor fish thought it was escaping.

The cat knocked my daughter’s fish bowl off the dresser. from nevertellmetheodds

10. First off, can we talk about how he was at a winery and somehow still noticed this?

9. I think I saw that in an episode of Fringe.

This is how the newspapers were stacked up at my job [x-post /r/mildlyinteresting from nevertellmetheodds

8. Cue Twilight Zone music.

The serial number on this pizza cutter from nevertellmetheodds

7. Still staring at this tbh.

These two people positioned their faces perfectly from nevertellmetheodds

6. Yeah, I’d get out of there if I were you.

Dropped some change in the donation box. from nevertellmetheodds

5. I would have some serious questions for my parents. Maybe in separate rooms.

4. I could not drive around and have people thinking I’d picked that.

Image Credit: Reddit

3. Try not to swoon.

Married couple discover they were in same photograph 11 years before they met. from nevertellmetheodds

2. Um, God? U there?

That should be easy to remember. from TwinCities

1. Grumpy Cat died the day before. These calendars are printed WAY in advance. Spooky AF!

Seriously, what are the odds?

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A Mansplainer on Twitter Proved Just How Little Men Know About Periods and Tampons

The price of tampons and pads adds up over time. Here’s a bodily function that half the population has no choice but to pay for, and the other half doesn’t!

In news that will surprise no one, a man took to the internet to give his opinion on the price of tampons and pads and why women should “stop complaining.”

This man did some hilariously wrong math to determine that women only spend about £20 per year for tampons.

Anyone with a period immediately smelled the bullsh*t.

First of all, SEVEN tampons per cycle?! Only in a dream world, pal.

Second of all, he flubbed the NUMBER OF MONTHS IN A YEAR.

He almost certainly mixed up the period thing with the pregnancy thing.

Anyway, third of all, he also got the average volume of blood per period wrong.

It’s actually impressive to be this wrong!

Seriously I can’t with this guy.

Even well-meaning men are oblivious about periods and tampons.

The only solution is to teach ’em a lesson.

That will shut this guy up forever.

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15+ Tweets People Shared About Being a Hot Mess

Hot mess express, am I right?

A lot of people call themselves a “hot mess” but how many actually LIVE IT!? Because a lot of you all like to self-shame to get attention and show how humble you can be… but we all know you’re not REALLY a mess. So you’re just low-key bragging.

We see you!

For all those REAL hot messes out there, these tweets are for you!

1. No compromise

Photo Credit: Twitter

2. I have some too

Photo Credit: Twitter

3. Punish yourself

Photo Credit: Twitter

4. That was a bad move

Photo Credit: Twitter

5. Fix me

Photo Credit: Twitter

6. Who you honkin’ at?

Photo Credit: Twitter

7. That might do the trick

Photo Credit: Twitter

8. This is awful

Photo Credit: Twitter

9. Nap time

Photo Credit: Twitter

10. Come find me

Photo Credit: Twitter

11. Not OK

Photo Credit: Twitter

12. Failure

Photo Credit: Twitter

13. Shocking

Photo Credit: Twitter

14. Downward spiral

Photo Credit: Twitter

15. I wonder why?

Photo Credit: Twitter

16. There you are!

Photo Credit: Twitter

17. Vicious cycle

Photo Credit: Twitter

Hope you enjoy all the hot messiness that entailed!

Share your own hot messes in the comments!

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15 Things That Really Bother Your Starbucks Barista

There are more than a few things that customers do that, after a few hundred shifts, really get under your skin if you work in the service industry.

Baristas serve coffee and delicious pastries day in and day out, and if there’s one making your mornings better (and more caffeinated), you’re going to want to make sure you’re not pissing them off by doing one of these 15 things.

15. Changing your order a million times.

Flat whites are my favorite drink to make from starbucks

You can’t just expect them to juggle ingredients and milks while you hem and haw.

14. Asking for ice water when you pick up your other order.

yes i have a venti water for free loader from starbucks

Just pay the 20 cents for the cup, loser.

13. Insisting they spell your name right.

Me: Ok can I have your name? Her: Sure, it’s Luci with an I. from starbucks

No, they don’t care.

12. Not using the trash can.

Anyone wanna tell me why another Starbucks made my gfs drink like this. She asked for whip and he dumped out her latte and put whip then a flat lid? She didn’t know any better to ask for a dome, there’s no way this could be policy right. from starbucks

Would your mother let you get away with that?

11. Acting like you’ve been waiting forever when you haven’t.

BOGO at Tarbucks with 1 espresso machine. FML from starbucks

There’s a system. We all need our coffee. Wait your turn.

10. Too many customizations.

Happy Sunday to everyone except Kate from starbucks

Seriously, you’re just trying to be difficult.

9. Getting annoyed if they ask you to repeat something.

When your SSV tells a car in DT it’s okay to place a 20 drink order… from starbucks

Big group orders are a pain no matter where you work.

8. Talking on the phone while you order.

This Starbucks has a TV screen menu??? from starbucks

This is so rude. Don’t do it.

7. Expecting them to interpret your mumble.

E-nunc-i-ate. Also it’s loud in here.

6. Not being ready when you get to the front of the line.

All of these drinks got placed in a mobile order 20 minutes before the 50% happy hour from starbucks

5. Pointing and ordering “that.”

Use your words, folks.

4. Asking “is that my drink?”

My name is Lucy from starbucks

Is your name on it? Then no.

3. Taking the wrong drink.

made a drink during my shift today that was so ungodly awful i had to make it for my friends and let them try it. it’s been accurately described as “pain in a cup” by another partner. from starbucks

Nope, still not your name.

2. Reaching over the counter.

My BOGO nightmare. All while our primary bar kept flooding the counter 😭 from starbucks

This is my dance space. This is your dance space.

1. Dumping your coffee in the trash to make room for cream.

View post on

It’s called asking for “room” noobs.


I think I’m good!

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15 People Share How Awful Airports Can Be

There are a few places on earth that most people could agree might be one of the circles of actual hell – the DMV, Walmart on a Saturday afternoon, and the airport all come to mind.

These 15 people tweeted from airports and honestly, I think they’re making an airtight case.

15. I mean you should have known better than to ask.

14. Just focus on comfort like the rest of us, Cheryl.

13. They’ve even managed to ruin the people watching.

12. Get it right, adults.

11. It’s a major commitment.

10. An accurate depiction.

9. Deep thoughts.

8. All you want to do is buckle in and get ready to hold your breath.

7. It’s like the rapture happened except you went to hell instead.

6. Someone was hungry.

5. Freeing up your hands is an art form.

4. Are we sleeping together? Then no.

3. If only Greek choruses were still a thing.

2. Gotta be prepared for those layovers.

1. That’s what you’ll look like in the bathroom mirror, too.

Here’s to short layovers in your future!

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