Mumbai is Testing Traffic Lights That Stay Red if They Detect Honking

Police in Mumbai, Indian are testing red lights that won’t turn green if drivers are laying on their horns. It’s a perfect solution for a busy city where noise pollution is one of its biggest problems, right?

Photo Credit: Needpix

Last year, Indian authorities conducted a trial with sensors attached to traffic light poles that detected street decibel levels. If noise levels registered more than 85 decibels, the traffic lights were set to delay turning green.

Mumbai’s lights, like other Indian cities, displays a timer on each light so drivers can see when it will change.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

Police spokesman, Pranay Ashok, told CNN, the trial started with a run at several major intersections for 15 minutes a day. Police hope to roll the system out to the “entire traffic management system.”

A (hilarious) video posted to Twitter showed the effects of rampant noise pollution. In it, police describe the city as “the honking capital of the world.” Explaining what they call “The Punishing Signal,” they advise that if motorists want to keep moving, they should stop laying on the horn.

According to the TomTom Index, Mumbai has a serious problem with traffic congestion, ranking the fourth worst in the world last year.

The amount of congestion in the city translates to a loss of eight days and 17 hours per year for every driver and passenger.

It will be interesting to see if these monitored traffic lights make a difference. There are so many more pleasurable activities to do with that time than sit in traffic and listen to angry horns.

Don’t you agree?

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15 People Share What Their Ted Talks Would Be About

Ted Talks have been all the rage for quite soem time, but have you ever thought about what yours would be about?

Food? Sports? Crying?

No, wait, that last one is mine, so please don’t steal it.

People took to Twitter to offer their thoughts. Here are Ted Talks summed up in one simple tweet.

1. Is that right?

Photo Credit: Twitter

2. Survival

Photo Credit: Twitter

3. Passionate

Photo Credit: Twitter

4. Think about it

Photo Credit: Twitter

5. Okay

Photo Credit: Twitter

6. Bread bread

Photo Credit: Twitter

7. Thanks

Photo Credit: Twitter

8. The leader

Photo Credit: Twitter

9. Not sure about this one

Photo Credit: Twitter

10. Emojis, explained

Photo Credit: Twitter

11. True

Photo Credit: Twitter

12. See above

Photo Credit: Twitter

13. Wow

Photo Credit: Twitter

14. I like this one

Photo Credit: Twitter

15. Taking a stand

Photo Credit: Twitter

What’s your Ted Talk about?

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Enjoy These Funny Tweets About Marriage

When the honeymoon is over and you settle into the rhythms of everyday life with your spouse, shit gets real. This is what it’s all about, people.

Take a look and see if your marriage is reflected at all in these tweets.


Photo Credit: Twitter, XplodingUnicorn


Photo Credit: Twitter, iwearaonesie


Photo Credit: Twitter, TheBoydP


Photo Credit: Twitter,j unejuly12


Photo Credit: Twitter, WilliamRodgers


Photo Credit: Twitter, TheCatWhisprer


Photo Credit: Twitter, Lhlodder


Photo Credit: Twitter, TheUnderfold


Photo Credit: Twitter, PetrickSara


Photo Credit: Twitter, AnniemuMary


Photo Credit: Twitter, WorkingMom86


Photo Credit: Twitter, Steven37366100


Photo Credit: Twitter, LizHackett


Photo Credit: Twitter, FatherWithTwins


Photo Credit: Twitter, ValeeGrrl


Photo Credit: Twitter, moooooog35


Photo Credit: Twitter, AngryRaccoon2


Photo Credit: Twitter, simoncholland


Photo Credit: Twitter, sixfootcandy


Photo Credit: Twitter, Wine_Charmer

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These Tweets from Parents are Pretty Darn Hilarious

Parents make bad jokes, right?

Not these parents. These moms and dads are so full of zingers, you won’t know what hit you.

1. They’ve got their priorities right

Photo Credit: Twitter, simoncholland

2. Why are you smarter than me?!?

Photo Credit: Twitter, XplodingUnicorn

3. All in due time…

Photo Credit: Twitter, MyMomologue

4. Oh Emily…

Photo Credit: Twitter, msemilymccombs

5. Cheers!

Photo Credit: Twitter, adult_mom

6. They’re not going to pick themselves off!

Photo Credit: Twitter, Six_Pack_Mom

7. Solid plan

Photo Credit: Twitter, FatherWithTwins

8. …but they CAN pay off. Sometimes. Okay, always. Sort of.

Photo Credit: Twitter, TheBoydP

9. Truly tragic, Ally

Photo Credit: Twitter, TragicAllyHere

10. That’s not how it works, kids!

Photo Credit: Twitter, iwearaonesie

11. Yeah, open the blinds pls

Photo Credit: Twitter, Dadpression

12. Pure hell

Photo Credit: Twitter, KateWhineHall

13. Classic Reynolds bad parenting tweet.

Photo Credit: Twitter, VancityReynolds

14. What is a wine cooler anyway?

Photo Credit: Twitter, steveolivas

15. Glory dayzzzz

Photo Credit: Twitter, kellyoxford

16. Go for it kid.

Photo Credit: Twitter, Playing_Dad

17. Well, that’s not wrong…

Photo Credit: Twitter, FeralCrone

18. Jenny is in for it now

Photo Credit: Twitter, JennyPentland

19. Brian’s priorities = 💯

Photo Credit: Twitter, briangaar

h/t: smosh

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Deep Tweets from the ‘Thoughts of Dog’ Twitter Account

You should really be following this account on Twitter. Forget about celebrities, athletes, and politicians.

The Thoughts of Dog Twitter account takes you inside the brain of this adorable pooch, and, frankly, reading his thoughts is a lot more enjoyable than reading 99% of literature out there. Enjoy.

1. Truth

Photo Credit: Twitter,dog_feelings

2. Zooms!

Photo Credit: Twitter,dog_feelings

3. Gary is bae

Photo Credit: Twitter,dog_feelings

4. Hear that?

Photo Credit: Twitter,dog_feelings

5. Carpet pls

Photo Credit: Twitter,dog_feelings

6. Grrrrr

Photo Credit: Twitter,dog_feelings

7. Win!

Photo Credit: Twitter,dog_feelings

8. Slurp!

Photo Credit: Twitter,dog_feelings

9. Do not move

Photo Credit: Twitter,dog_feelings

10. Frens!

Photo Credit: Twitter,dog_feelings

11. Control

Photo Credit: Twitter,dog_feelings

12. Where shoe? Don’t know.

Photo Credit: Twitter,dog_feelings

13. ALL the things!

Photo Credit: Twitter,dog_feelings

14. You can’t catch me!

Photo Credit: Twitter,dog_feelings

15. Me need pats pls

Photo Credit: Twitter,dog_feelings

16. Good luck!

Photo Credit: Twitter,dog_feelings

17. Heheh, good boy

Photo Credit: Twitter,dog_feelings

18. Thunder!

Photo Credit: Twitter,dog_feelings

19. Pls give ball back. kthxbai

Photo Credit: Twitter,dog_feelings

20. LUVS!

Photo Credit: Twitter,dog_feelings

(h/t: smosh)

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Tweets From People Who Are Struggling with Adulting

Being an adult is kind of a drag. When you’re a kid, you dream every day about being able to drive a car, get out of the house, have your own money, etc. Then one day it happens and you realize it’s not that much fun, and also why your parents hate you and your siblings so much.

So on that positive note, let’s take a look at some tweets from people who are starting to realize that being an adult ain’t all that it’s cracked up to be.


Photo Credit: Twitter,CurvyLadyProbs


Photo Credit: Twitter,GeorgeResch


Photo Credit: Twitter,abbycohenwl


Photo Credit: Twitter,Stellacopter


Photo Credit: Twitter,marycreatesart


Photo Credit: Twitter,CollegeStudent


Photo Credit: Twitter,TechnicallyRon


Photo Credit: Twitter,JasMoneyRecords


Photo Credit: Twitter,AKransberger


Photo Credit: Twitter,DanOzzi


Photo Credit: Twitter,ktgonkt


Photo Credit: Twitter,mrsjohngoodman


Photo Credit: Twitter,mikefossey


Photo Credit: Twitter,danielhowell


Photo Credit: Twitter,ColIegeStudent


Photo Credit: Twitter,Daddyissues__


Photo Credit: Twitter,rohmontgomery

Just gonna go cry into my wine…

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Woman Edits People’s Toxic Exes out of Photos for a Cheap Price

Now this is a brilliant business idea!

A Twitter user who goes by the handle @hexappeal has become quite popular lately because she will perform a very important service for you for an incredibly reasonable price.

She’ll use her impressive photo editing skills to remove your terrible ex from old photos. For only $15 a pop, you never have to look at awful person ever again! She originally started out with a $10 fee, but as demand grows, you gotta do what you gotta do.

Here’s a little message about the price increase.


Here’s another great example of her work.

Boyfriend? What boyfriend? I don’t remember that guy. It’s like in Back to the Future when Marty McFly’s family is slowly disappearing from that snapshot. Except this time it can be permanent!

I’m sure a lot of us could do a halfway-decent Photoshop edit to try to remove those toxic folks from our memories forever, but this woman has some serious skills, so why not throw a little cash her way and she’ll do a bang-up job? Don’t be a cheapskate, okay? You’ll thank me later.

Sometimes, social media can really be used for good.

Is this a million-dollar idea, or what? Heck, it might even be a billion-dollar idea…

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Writing Is Very Hard: Stop Making These Common Grammatical Mistakes

Writing is very difficult.

I should know, and my editor knows I know [editor’s note: heeeeeyyyy]. Fortunately, I can count on him to gently correct my mistakes or shoot me a message saying, “Can you not use these words in those ways anymore? Thanks.”

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Recently, another editor with the patience of Job started a Twitter thread about some common grammatical mistakes.

Laura Helmuth is the health and science editor at The Washington Post, so she’s clearly seen some funky English in her time. Her list was not only fantastic, but many of her followers, grammar nerds in their own right, chimed in with other ways they see people butchering the English language.

Helmuth listed some good ones:

  • “Enormity” means something really bad, not something really big.
  • “Japanese/Brazilian/Finnish/Australian researchers discovered…” Science is the most international endeavor in human history. Any team that makes a discovery worth covering almost certainly includes people who aren’t citizens, so instead say: “Researchers in Japan/Brazil/etc.”
  • “Men and women” in almost all circumstances should be “people.” The world is over-gendered enough as it is.
  • “Famous” is a word you almost never need. If a person or event is known to your reader, you don’t need to tell them it’s famous. If your reader DOESN’T know something, calling it famous risks making your reader feel ignorant or unwelcome in your story. (One exception, as a follower pointed out, is to say someone was “famous in her time” if it’s someone who is relatively unknown now but was a big deal back in the day.)
  • It’s spelled “impostor” rather than “imposter,” which I learned only after being quoted in a story about impostor syndrome.
  • It’s fine to use “spawn” metaphorically in some cases, but keep in mind that it literally means fish or frogs ejaculating eggs or sperm. Think twice about “seminal,” too.
  • Avoid “so and so believes” because you don’t know what they believe, only what they say.

She finished up with:

Other editors and writers added their own grammar pet peeves.

  • Putting “The fact that” before something is never necessary.
  • Just deserts. Yes, it sounds like desserts, but it’s spelled deserts as in deserves.
  • Toward never needs an ‘s.’
  • “In order to.” Just “to” does the same job.
  • The use of “I” when the object pronoun “me” should be used. E.g. “He took Jean and I to the store.” The trick to knowing what’s right? Take out the other person in the sentence. “He took I to the store” just doesn’t sound right.
  • Trying to eliminate “actually” from my vocabulary, mostly speaking vocabulary. Adds nothing.
  • “And the reason why is…” is redundant. Just say, “and the reason is…”
  • Unique means one of a kind, it is absolute and there are no degrees of uniqueness. Very unique, more unique, most unique etc., are all meaningless.
  • I find the word “different” is often unnecessary—12 different people…

Many more goodies were mentioned – check out the thread for the rest. You will either feel smug or ignorant after reading it, but I bet either way you’ll learn something new.

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A Man Live-Tweeted the Awful Way He Found out His Summer Fling Was Married With Kids

This guy found out his ex-fling was married with children in the most “yikes” way possible — by running into him at church on Christmas Eve.

Dan, or @dxnielandrew_ on Twitter, reported the entire story live on Twitter, and it went viral for obvious reasons.

It all started when Dan went to midnight mass with his mom for Christmas Eve.

“Next to me was a man I hooked up with last summer….and next to him was his wife and children that I had no knowledge of,” he wrote alongside the perfect reaction GIF.

“Can I add we went on 7 dates before he told me he couldn’t be with me because his job was too hectic,” Dan added. “Never realised his job was stay at home dad xxx.”

If that weren’t bad enough, though, the ex then slid into Dan’s DMs because he apparently has zero shame.

Dan posted a screenshot of the DM, leaving the man’s identity anonymous.

Dan denied the man’s advances (good job Dan), replying: “No I’m not going to do that, have a nice Christmas.”

But the man simply doubled down.

“Let’s talk, I can give you Christmas miracle lol xx,” he wrote.

He didn’t stop there either. He wrote a follow-up message, “Dan please hear me out, when are you back in work? Let’s talk please I hav so much I want to say to you. I can’t stop thinking about you xx. Santa said you’re on the naughty list hehe.”

Dan wrote on Twitter to “please come to my funeral” because “I don’t think I’m going to survive Christmas.” Honestly, we can’t blame him.


Poor Dan.

But it’s ok.

Seems like Dan’s right because…

Words may fail, but Dan’s clearly winning.

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Enjoy These Funny ‘Today’s Kids Will Never Know’ Tweets

Oh, these darn kids today…they’ll never know some of the struggles or the joys we experienced back in the day, now will they?

I’m not talking about the old “I walked uphill both ways to school in the snow every day.” I’m referring to more recent stuff, like 1980s and 90s technology and culture and other stuff like that.

The Twitter-verse has caught on to this “today’s kids will never know” trend, and the tweets are quite entertaining.

Let’s take a look.

1. It really was epic!

2. This was not that long ago…

3. Nothing like it!

4. No one knows really. Just click stuff.

5. A very long time.

6. That was the big time.

7. Sh*t got wild.

8. A big letdown.

9. You’ve changed…

10. Discman 4 Life.

11. This might take a while…

12. It never ended…

13. Always a bummer.

14. A terrible tragedy.

15. Neighborhood meeting place.

Those are pretty funny, eh?

If you were going to write a new “kids today will never know” tweet, what would you say?

Share it with us in the comments.

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