Here’s Everything That’s Coming in Marvel’s Phase Four

Marvel fans, listen up!

The Marvel Universe is hotter than ever right now, and fans all across the globe are anxiously waiting to see what’s next from the studio.

The hugely successful Avengers: Endgame was the final piece of Marvel’s 22-film saga that started with Iron Man in 2008. Fans (more like fanatics) have been waiting to get some news…and here it is.

At the San Diego Comic-Con in July, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige revealed what the first two years of Marvel’s Phase Four will look like.

Let’s take a look at the upcoming releases.

1. Black Widow

Photo Credit: Marvel

Release Date: May 1, 2020

2. The Eternals

Photo Credit: Marvel

Release Date: November 6, 2020

3. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Photo Credit: Marvel

Release Date: February 12, 2021

4. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Photo Credit: Marvel

Release Date: May 7, 2021

5. Thor: Love and Thunder

Photo Credit: Marvel

Release Date: November 5, 2021

6. Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3

Photo Credit: Marvel

Release Date: TBA

7. Black Panther 2

Photo Credit: Marvel

Release Date: TBA

8. Blade

Photo Credit: Marvel

Release Date: TBA

9. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Photo Credit: Marvel

Release Date: Fall 2020

10. Wanda Vision

Photo Credit: Marvel

Release Date: Spring 2021

11. Loki

Photo Credit: Marvel

Release Date: Spring 2021

12.What If…?

Photo Credit: Marvel

Release Date: Summer 2021

13. Hawkeye

Photo Credit: Marvel

Release Date: Fall 2021

14. Captain Marvel 2

Photo Credit: Marvel

Release Date: TBA

15. Fantastic Four

Photo Credit: Marvel

Release Date: TBA

These all have the potential to be GREAT. Even Fantastic Four, maybe.

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty excited.

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This Couple Rode Every Ride at Disney World – Without a Fast Pass

You’re probably asking yourself, ‘How did these two pull off this amazing feat?’ Well, we’re going to explain that to you right now.

If you’ve ever set foot on Disney World’s property, you know that you have to navigate a sea of humanity. It’s PACKED with people pretty much all the time.

But Shane Lindsay and Kristina Hawkins somehow managed to pull off the incredible achievement of riding all 46 rides at Disney World during a recent visit. And they did it all in 18 hours without FastPasses.

The couple knew the odds were against them, but they couldn’t resist. Lindsay started the Parkeology Challenge, a competition that calls for participants to ride every ride at the four Orlando theme parks (The Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom).

Lindsay and Hawkins documented their stop on every ride on Twitter. They began their quest in the Magic Kingdom at 7:51 a.m. on a Wednesday morning and completed their excellent adventure just before closing time at 2:00 a.m. on Thursday. They said their longest wait was an hour long for Animal Kingdom’s Flight of Passage.

The Parkeology Challenge was created in 2014 and since then only 6% of the 325 teams that have dared to try have completed the mission. Lindsay and Hawkins have completed the challenge before, but this was the first time they did it without a FastPass or a MagicBand, which allow you to skip over those neverending lines of people waiting to get onto rides.

Hawkins said of the experience and resulting viral attention, “It’s mostly just Disney street cred, I would say. It was almost like we broke the internet, the Disney internet, everyone was freaking out.”

Impressive! A job well done!

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10 Facts You Might Not Know About 1994’s ‘The Lion King’

And, as I’m sure most of you know, this summer saw a new remake version of the classic Disney film.

The original version of Disney’s The Lion King was released in theaters on June 15, 1994.

For the hardcore fans of the original, here are 10 facts about the 1994 version that you might not know.

1. Sean Connery was the first choice to play Mufasa.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

2. Tim Rice, who co-wrote the lyrics for the songs in The Lion King, wanted ABBA to be on the soundtrack. When they declined, he asked Elton John.

3. Can You Feel the Love Tonight was almost cut from the film because it didn’t fit the father-and-son theme of the film.

4. Disney wanted Patrick Stewart for the role of Zazu.

5. All the lion roars in the film were done by voice actor Frank Welker, who growled into a metal garbage can to get distinct sounds.

Photo Credit: Disney

6. Animators studied real lions for reference.

7. Nathan Lane and Ernie Sabella originally auditioned for the roles of Banzai and Shenzi, hyenas in the film.

Photo Credit: Disney

8. The artist who animated adult Simba wanted to give him a mane that looked like Jon Bon Jovi’s…then Matthew Broderick was cast and the plan was nixed.

9. Rob Minkoff and Don Hahn, the director and producer of 1994’s version, say that Scar and Mufasa weren’t actually brothers.

Photo Credit: Disney

10. The first part of the movie, from when Simba wakes up Mufasa to when he runs away after Mufasa’s death, takes place over two days.

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A Texas Movie Theater Lets You Bring Your Dog and the Ticket Includes Bottomless Wine

This is what I’m talking about! And I have a feeling I’m not alone.

In fact, I’m willing to bet that armies of millions are lined up behind me in their overwhelming excitement about this news: there’ is now a movie theater where $15 buys you a ticket to the show and you can bring your dog with you. Oh, and you get unlimited wine or four whiskeys with that ticket.


K9 Cinemas in Plano, Texas, is the name of the joint, and it opened in late 2018. There are only three rules people need to follow at the cinema: no more than two dogs per person (it costs $5 to bring an extra pup), you need to bring valid papers from your dog’s vet the first time you visit, and you need to clean up after your best friend. Also, you can buy snacks for yourself (obviously) and treats for your furry friend, too.

Eric Lankford, who founded K9 Cinemas, said, “I can’t believe we are breaking ground with a new niche nobody has done before — dogs and movies! We are excited to spread the smiles across your whole families faces, furry included, at a K9C near you coming soon!”

Lankford said about the business and beloved dog, Bear:

“Little did Bear and I know we would soon be published in every major publication you can name both nationally and worldwide. Turns out when you start a passion project with a decade of experience building businesses and turn that experience on to something you sincerely love, something special happens. I simply want to make other people as happy as Bear makes me. When our customers come through our doors it’s nothing but smiles and laughter.”

The theater doesn’t show first-run films yet, but instead screens one-off movies and hosts theme nights. And, of course, you better believe the theater has hosted Game of Thrones viewing parties.

Genius idea! I smell a franchise brewing…

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This Is How Much These Iconic Movie Cars Cost in Real Life

Think about some of the iconic movies featuring cars: Back to the FutureBullitt, heck, how about Herbie the Love Bug? A lot of times, cars play as big of a role in movies as actors do.

But how much do those bad boys cost in real life? The wait is now over! We have the answers!

Here’s how much 5 iconic movie cars would cost to buy today.

1. 1970 Dodge Charger – The Fast and the Furious

This baby costs a cool $85,000. The Fast and Furious franchise has really catapulted these muscle cars to the forefront. When they came out in 1970, they were only valued at $3,711. My, how times change…

2. 1966 Ford Thunderbird – Thelma & Louise

The actual car from the film sold for $71,500 in 2008. She sure is a beauty, ain’t she?

Just don’t drive it over a cliff, okay?

3. 1981 DeLorean DMC-12 – Back to the Future

Yes! One of the most iconic cars in cinematic history! The DeLorean driven by Marty McFly actually cost $25,000 when it was produced ($69,000 in today’s currency), and today the model is only valued at $32,378, according to recent sales. Kind of surprising, huh?

4. 1968 Ford Mustang GT 390 Fastback – Bullitt

The streets and hills of San Francisco have never looked cooler than they did in 1968’s Bullitt with Steve McQueen. The film is famous for its car chase scenes throughout the extremely hilly city.

These models originally sold for $3,500 and now can fetch $80,000. Timeless and TOUGH.

5. 1977 Pontiac Trans Am Special Edition – Smokey and the Bandit

Burt Reynolds’ finest hour? Perhaps…though he was also pretty amazing in Deliverance, you must admit. But many people remember Reynolds for Smokey and the Bandit. And why not – just look at that Firebird!

The car originally cost $5,456, and they go for around $22,000 today. Not bad, not bad at all!

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A Group of Heartbroken Scientists Wrote a Eulogy to Iceland’s First Disappeared Glacier

Scientists everywhere are in agreement that the climate of the world is changing rapidly, and that the results, should the problem go unchecked, will be disastrous. One of the first casualties are the world’s glaciers, like Iceland’s Okjokull (aka Ok), which officially melted away back in 2014.

Scientists at Rice University will install a plaque containing a eulogy for Ok, which will no doubt serve as a reminder for generations to come that there were those among us who tried very hard to do something.

Cymene Howe produced a 2018 film titled Not Ok that documented the glacier’s demise.

“This will be the first monument to a glacier lost to climate change anywhere in the world. By marking Ok’s passing, we hope to draw attention to what is being lost as Earth’s glaciers expire.”

Image Credit: Rice University

The plaque reads:

“Ok is the first Icelandic glacier to lose its status as a glacier.
In the next 200 years all our glaciers are expected to follow the same path.
This monument is to acknowledge that we know what is happening and what needs to be done.
Only you know if we did it.”

The plaque will also mark 2019 as the year the world hit 415ppm Co2 levels.

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Not Ok. ⁣ After a rocky climb to the summit of Ok yesterday, I stood amidst a vast field of newly exposed volcanic rock, staring at this icy blue puddle in the central crater. It was hard to fathom that just a few years ago, a glacier named Ok (pronounced ‘awk’) existed right here in the surrounds of this crater. ⁣ ⁣ In 2014, Okjökull was first Icelandic glacier to officially lose its glacial status as a result of human induced climate change, and is now considered only as a mountain. A new memorial plaque will soon be placed at the summit with the following words: ‘In the next 200 years all our glaciers are expected to follow the same path. This monument is to acknowledge that we know what is happening and what needs to be done. Only you know if we did it’.

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Not Ok‘s co-producer, Dominic Boyer, has high hopes that awareness can still be raised in time to make a difference.

“We wanted to create a lasting memorial to Ok, a small glacier that has a big story to tell. Ok was the first named Icelandic glacier to melt because of how humans have transformed the planet’s atmosphere. Its fate will be shared by all of Iceland’s glaciers unless we act now to radically curtail greenhouse gas emissions.”

According to the research done for the film, all of Iceland’s 400-ish glaciers could face the same fate as early as 2200.

Glaciers are the largest freshwater reserves on Earth and are also invaluable for the insights they provide into Earth’s atmosphere. The Arctic is warming twice as fast as other parts of the world, and record temperatures are being recorded all over the globe. Wildfires are becoming common from Siberia to Greenland and sea ice is decreases rapidly, putting different animal species in danger.

“One of our Icelandic colleagues put it very wisely when he said, ‘Memorials are not for the dead; they are for the living,” said Howe. “With this memorial, we want to underscore that it is up to us, the living, to collectively respond to the rapid loss of glaciers and the ongoing impacts of climate change. For Ok glacier it is already too late; it is not what scientists call ‘dead ice.’”

Here’s hoping that when people read the plaque 100 years in the future, it marks the beginning of serious, focused action to reverse climate change and not the beginning of the end of the world as we know it.

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People Share Things They like but They Can’t Stand the Fan Base

This is a tricky subject…

Have you ever gotten really into something and discovered that while you like that thing, you really don’t like other people who support it? It might be a band or a TV show or a movie or a sports team.

In this AskReddit article, people went on the record and shared something they like but can’t stand the fan base.

1. Anime


Every time I find one that I like. I mention it to other people and then they feel the need to shit on whatever I’m watching and say I should watch something else because it’s better.”

2. Nirvana

“Nirvana. Not the WHOLE fanbase, but primarily the ones who say you have to hate the popular songs and love the lowkey ones, as well as the ones who talk about it like they’re the last good band to ever exist. The ones who glorify Cobain’s suicide also get on my nerves.”

3. Short and sweet


4. No idea what this is

“K-pop. A few years ago, my friends introduced it to me and I thought the music wasn’t terrible so I slowly became a fan of random music from different groups. Many fans of these K-pop groups are toxic and like to start Fan Wars with other groups. It’s wayyyy too much drama, but I’m not trying to go against all the fans. It’s just that some of these ppl are way too obsessed.”

5. That’s kind of weird

“Doctor Who and Sherlock. I used to really casually enjoy these things, but the amount of weirdness around people who are obsessed with the two of these things, turned me off of it quite a bit.”

6. Wrestlemania

“Weirdly enough for me it’s the WWE. Especially with Raw and Smackdown right now. It seems that majority of the fan base want everyone to be over and no one to be over at the same time.”

7. Not a cult

“I actually really like CW shows. I know they’re stupid and they’re completely unrealistic, over the top, and obnoxious….but they are SO good for just escaping reality. The fans….drive me nuts. It’s a TV show….not a cult. Let’s just enjoy it and move on.”

8. Burton has legions of fans

“THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS (and other Tim Burton-esque films).

This fan base was larger back in the early 2000s when the emo platforms of old were prolific with fanfic, posts and badly-drawn art and low-res screenshots pasted with animated glitter love heart stickers.

Nowadays it’s not so prominently featured on social medias, but I know more than a fair few full grown adults that still fawn over Jack Skellington and Sally in the most cringe-worthy ways.”

9. Seriously…

“League of Legend. Seriously, can’t get a game without someone flaming.”

10. You’re a target now

“Tom Holland.

I don’t hate the fan base, but some fans are a bit creepy.

I like tom holland’s acting, he’s a good actor, and I am a fan, but sometimes I get creeped out by his fans. Like I’ll make an occasional joke but talking about him constantly is kind of creepy. Or following him around and taking pictures of him (when you’re not paparazzi) and constantly knowing where he is? Like that’s super stalker-y. I know that he’s a young actor that’s in a lot of popular movies, but don’t stalk him. Its straight up creepy.

Now I’m a target for a bunch of pre-teen/teenage girls. Fun!”

11. It is a big hit…

“Hamilton is so good, but the romantization of actual historical figures, the terrible memes, and the “I know everything about history because I know hamilton lyrics” bothered me so much.”

12. Don’t want to deal with it

“Magic the gathering. The stigmas behind what people imagine a magic player to be bothers me. The general player probably hates something in the game I genuinely enjoy, and the people I’ve played with outside my family have ruined me wanting to support my local game store because I don’t want to deal with the other people that play.”

13. They are pretty hardcore

“The band Tool. Their fans are called toolibans for a reason.”

14. Annoying

“The band Queen. On any YouTube video where anyone discusses a band or song they like that’s not Queen, there will be comments about how Queen is the best band, and how freddie Mercury is a Messiah or a God, and how every other singer should blow him. And when someone discusses a queen song and expresses criticism there are fans who act like it’s a personal attack on them and get way to defensive. They’re just annoying.”

15. Supernatural

“Supernatural. Great show with likeable characters, but it seems like all the people that watch it are wannabe emo or the kids that weren’t cool enough to join the anime groups.”

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Here’s Christopher Walken Dancing in over 50 Movies Edited into a Single Music Video

Christopher Walken is now 76-years-old and he’s cooler than ever. And he just gets better with age, doesn’t he?

Let’s run down just a small list of the movies he’s given great performances in: Pulp Fiction, The Deer Hunter, Catch Me if You Can, True Romance.

And let’s not forget about two highly underrated Walken films: At Close Range (as Sean Penn’s criminal father) and Biloxi Blues.

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#seanpenn #christopherwalken #atcloserange #movie #1986 #leyends

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Oh, and another thing: the man can dance.

A lot of people don’t know that Walken started out his career in the entertainment industry as a dancer. He actually started dancing at the age of three. Walken said,

“It was very typical for people—and I mean working-class people—to send their kids to dancing school. You’d learn ballet, tap, acrobatics, usually you’d even learn to sing a song.”

For a lot of folks, their first introduction to Walken’s smooth moves was from the 2001 music video for Fatboy Slim’s Weapon of Choice. The video was directed by Spike Jonze and a lot of people realized for the first time that Walken was a very talented dancer.

None other than Liza Minnelli said about Walken,

“I’d been around dancers my whole life, having watched my parents make musicals at MGM, and Chris reminded me of so many of the dancers I knew growing up. He’s talented in every way.”

That’s pretty high praise from a Hollywood icon who grew up in the industry.

Here’s the full video for your viewing pleasure.

The man is an American treasure.

No doubt about that.

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17 Tweets About Movies for All the Film-Lovers out There

Are you a cinephile? You obsessed with movies?

If so, then these tweets are for you! Just don’t look at them while you’re at the theater, cause that’s super rude!

1. Jack Black’s a funny guy

2. Chilling

Photo Credit: Twitter: @Flora__Flora

3. I believe it

Photo Credit: Twitter: @alex_hall2399

4. Stubert Little?

Photo Credit: Twitter: @defnotsally


Photo Credit: Twitter: @Ristolable

6. No one puts gat-ey in the corner

Photo Credit: Twitter: @thepunningman

7. But really

Photo Credit: Twitter: @adamgoodell

8. Solid point

Photo Credit: Twitter: @Jay_FrickinLynn

9. We all knew it when we saw it

Photo Credit: Twitter: @meladoodle

10. Gross

Photo Credit: Twitter: @ariscott

11. Carry the 1…

Photo Credit: Twitter: @vineyille

12. Uh oh

13. Let’s!

14. LOL

15. Let’s get it done!

Photo Credit: Twitter: @fivefifths

16. *Claps*

Photo Credit: Twitter: @JlTEAGEGE

17. I totally get it

Photo Credit: Twitter: @carlinspace

Now, off to the cinema!

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People Share the Movies They Consider to Be Perfect

What are some of your favorite movies? Movies you consider flawless?

I know which movies I would consider perfect. The WarriorsBack to the FutureSlap Shot, the original Halloween from 1978, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre from 1974.

AskReddit users shared what they believe are perfect films.

1. Dr. Strangelove

“Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.

The idea that all of humanity could come to an end because the people in charge are idiots still blows my mind. This movie was made 55 years ago.”

2. Little Miss Sunshine

“Little Miss Sunshine.

The characters, and the cast selected for them, absolutely brilliant. The storyline is really in depth yet relatable because the Hoover’s are like any other family; complicated. The writing is superb, all the characters have development and impactful scenes. And the camerawork…my word is it phenomenal. Time and time again each shot is symbolic.

Every character’s position in frame means something. Fantastic work. And don’t get me started on the soundtrack. If you’re not blown away by any of the sheer skill I’ve mentioned, the music throughout will definitely sway you. Touching and emotive, so fitting. It’s so lovely and I always get emotional by its beauty every time I watch it.”

3. Alien

“The original Alien. I’m 24 years old, born in 1995. First time watching was in the grandparents farmhouse in Ireland. Grandmother puts it on at 10:30 and says “enjoy lads, love you both” and leaves us with coca cola, crisps.. you name it we had it, all the munchies two twelve year olds could want. End of the film and I’ve never been so fucking terrified. Still scares me to this day and I practically know it word for word!”

4. Blues Brothers

“The first Blues Brothers.

It’s 106 miles to Chicago, we have a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it’s dark and we’re wearing sunglasses.”

5. The Thing

“John Carpenter’s The Thing

It’s the perfect blend of isolation, paranoia, bloody horror, practical effects, and a shapeshifting alien.”

6. Raiders of the Lost Ark

“Raiders of the Lost Ark is the perfect action movie for me. The intro to Indiana Jones in the jungle is perfect, even with little dialogue. The pacing is great, the characters are solid, the humor is natural, the environments are diverse, and the music is unforgettable. Just an awesome, fun time.”

7. The Hunt for Red October

“The Hunt for Red October.

Believable characters, believable tech even for the one bleeding edge thing that underpins the whole movie. Deaths are few and significant. Very little in the way of special effects so what is there doesn’t screw things up too badly.

It’s a repeat watch for me.”

8. What About Bob?

“What About Bob?

Richard Dreyfus legitimately hated Bill Murray on set. Julie Hagerty is a comic genius, Charlie Korsmo puts in a child performance for the ages, and for bonus a young Katherine Erbe from Law & Order!”

9. Back to the Future

“Back to the Future (the first one, though I do enjoy the other two). The dialogue is brilliantly tight, the acting is incredible and the story while bizarre is original and executed flawlessly and includes some truly iconic sequences (the skateboard chase scene, the insane bedroom scene with his mom, the parking lot knockout, the johnny b. goode sequence, etc).

Also, the whole aesthetic of the movie is one big masterpiece. The set pieces, the cinematography, the soundtrack – it all fits together as one. When I think of “movie magic” this is one of the movies that comes to mind.”

10. Prisoners

“Prisoners. It never had a dull moment and always makes you think- like if you’re in that situation what would you do? Or.. Oh he’s the one who did it, fuck nvm it’s her! oh it’s him for sure or maybeee it’s.. etc. Etc. The acting is only just the best acting can ever reach. Ugh everything was just genius from start, middle to end.”

11. Airplane!


This is one of those movies that’s the equivalent of the Ballmer Peak. If the comedy broke just a little, or the timing was off, it would be really bad. Instead it’s comedic genius from Mrs. Cleaver being the only one who could speak Jive to all the exterior shots of a jet that has propeller noises.”

12. Die Hard

“Die Hard.

Perfect action movie. Also, Alan Rickman.”

13. Children of Men

“Children of Men. Its cinematography is incredible. The acting and story flow of events is also perfect. Everything came together and its beautiful.”

14. The Prestige

“The Prestige

Has big names, good unexpected and believable twists, a touch of sci fi, and touches on some interesting moralethical dilemmas that humanity might need to deal with one day.”

15. Gladiator


Character development, the pace, the ending, everything was perfect.”

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