Louise Fletcher…

Louise Fletcher (Nurse Ratchet in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest) was so upset that the other actors could laugh and be happy while she had to be so cold and heartless that near the end of production she removed her dress and stood in only her panties to prove she was not a cold-hearted […]

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Tumblr Users Roasted a Silly Loophole in How ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Treated the Curse of Davy Jones

Davy Jones’ Locker, or the Curse of Davy Jones… you know about those right? For most, Pirates of the Caribbean is THE intro to the topic, and that’s why people on Tumblr are debating a certain scene from At World’s End far past the point of credulity.

Basically, the curse is such… Davy Jones had his heart removed and captains the Flying Dutchman, a ghost ship never able to make port because he can only return to dry land every ten years.

Well, in the scene in question, he’s standing on a sandbar in a bucket of seawater.

Image Credit: Tumblr


The discussion that follows discusses the reality of a sandbar.

Image Credit: Tumblr

And points out that he’s using multiple failsafes in order to not get blindsided by the curse.

Image Credit: Tumblr

Then, we get into what might be possible – or impossible – and just how far we might go.

Image Credit: Tumblr

I’m gonna guess no…. wet shoes doesn’t count.

What do you think Tumblr?

Image Credit: Tumblr

OMFG… I both love AND hate this conversation at the same time. So much ridiculousness.

And, of course, this thread ends with the perfect reference to the two idiot characters who, very likely, approved this entire idea in the first place…

Image Credit: Tumblr

Are we sure these two didn’t write this thread themselves? Hmmmm… food for thought.

Did you like how the movies treated Davy Jones? Do you think their interpretation is off?

Let’s talk centuries-old sea myths in the comments!

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Mark Hamill Had Some Words for a Youngster Who Was Told That ‘Star Wars’ Isn’t for Girls

Stories – however they’re told – are for whoever connects with them on the other end. Men, women, children, non-binary people, literally anyone…if you like a book or a movie or a television show, then if someone suggests its not “for you,” they’re dead wrong.

My blood is actually boiling at the knowledge that a kid had the stones to tell a little girl that she couldn’t be part of a fandom that doesn’t belong to him.

Luckily, I’m not alone, and the great Luke Skywalker himself is on my side.

First, the post…

Kristal Foster’s 5-year-old daughter loves Star Wars, was wearing her favorite movie-themed shoes to school when a boy in her class informed her that she shouldn’t wear them because the franchise “isn’t for girls.”

She tagged Mark Hamill in the post on the topic, and he responded epically.

First, quoting Princess Leia…

And then he reminded everyone that the films would have ended midway through the first one had Leia not been around to rescue both Han and Luke from certain death.

Other people jumped in on the #StarWarsIsForEveryone – rightfully so.

Oh, I’m sorry… is the galaxy only filled with BOYS?

And Leia! Remember Leia!

Star Wars ladies unite!

And who was the main character in the last three films? Ahem…

The next time you hear someone try to tell someone else that some piece of art or media “isn’t for them,” you have my permission to summon Princess Leia (or Carrie Fisher) and give them a serious piece of your mind.

And maybe a middle finger. Carrie wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Teenage Brothers Spent 8 Years Recreating ‘Toy Story 3’ With Real-Life Toys

I’m not sure if Toy Story 3 is the best of the entire franchise, but I can say for sure that, as a parent, it definitely made me cry the hardest.

And let’s be honest, that bar was already pretty high.

Eight years ago, these brothers fell in love with not only the film, but with the fanciful idea that toys came to life when we weren’t looking, and a little bit with storytelling and filmmaking, too.

Image Credit: YouTube

Mason McGrew, the younger of the brothers, told Buzzfeed

“As soon as we saw Toy Story 3, it became our favorite film, and will forever be.

We’d always been such huge fans of Pixar and the Toy Story franchise that we eventually decided we wanted to pay tribute to the studio and film that we love so much.”

They’ve spent the intervening days and weeks re-creating the tale with their own toys, and y’all, the results are really something to behold.

Image Credit: YouTube

The brothers used stop-motion animation to create the movie, and it looks exactly like you’d imagine it would if the toys were alive in real life, and not animated at Pixar.

Image Credit: YouTube

Mason said that every 1 to 6 second clip could contain “more than 25 video elements.”

Morgan and Mason McGrew are from Des Moines, Iowa (please, no jokes about there being nothing better to do there!), and yes, they’ve remade the entire movie – shot for shot – with their very own toys.

They began working on it with Morgan was 15 and Mason was 12, and just finished.

Image Credit: YouTube

Mason said,

“Overall, the hardest thing about this film was staying disciplined.

It was very important to us that we finish what we began as kids.”

Image Credit: YouTube

The entire film is available to view on YouTube, and look at that! We’ve got it for you to watch.

You’re welcome…

Morgan is now 23 and has finished his degree in digital media/business at Buena Vista University. His brother Mason is 21 and in his final semester at the same school, soon to have the same degree under his belt.

Both of them hope to work with stop-motion animation as a career and honestly, I don’t see how anyone could turn them down!

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Allow Me to Introduce You to the ‘Taste of Streep’ Instagram Account That Pairs Meryl Streep with Food

There’s an Instagram page out there for everything these days, and this is one of the weirder ones that I’ve come across.

The folks behind this page Photoshop the one and only Meryl Streep into various food photos, and it is truly odd.

Take a look for yourself…

1. Totally tubular.

2. The pot pie queen.

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chicken pot pie high glamour

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3. It just feels right.

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🎄☃ 🎁

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4. An interesting choice.

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🦐 🍤 shrimp keychains back in stock! 🦐 🍤 link in bio !

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5. It looks like she’s having a good time.

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starring in: the laundroMAC & CHEESE 🧀

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6. Care for some pumpkin pie?

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happy thanksgiving!!!!!!🍁🦃🍽

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7. Time to cool off.

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summer forever

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8. Not good for you, but go ahead and dive in.

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wooo chili cheese fry-day

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9. Now I’m getting hungry.

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10. This might be my favorite.

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just sitting here with thanksgiving on the mind

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Okay, those images sure are odd…but also strangely compelling.

Have you seen any really bizarre Instagram pages lately?

Tell us about them in the comments!

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Danny Devito in “One Flew over the cuckoos nest” film

In “One Flew over the cuckoos nest” (1975) Martini (Danny Devito) was a pilot in the war, his plane was shot down and started to sink in the ocean. Whenever tension rises in the film, martini puts his feet on the chair as if the water started to rise, also as if he were still […]

‘Baby Snowdas’ Are Popping up and They Are Delightful

It’s winter, so you know that a lot of kids (and some adults) and playing out in the snow and trying to come up with awesome snowmen to impress their friends and neighbors.

Ladies and gentlemen…I present to you…the Baby Snowda!

You knew it had to happen at some point, right?

Here are some that might just inspire you to build your own in your front yard.

1. That is awesome.

2. A night shot.

3. Wearing a sweater and everything.

4. A lil’ green guy.

5. Holding a cup of coffee.

6. Towering above the plains.

7. Made some friends.

8. That is HUGE.

9. Keeping warm.

10. Go ahead and carry that one around with you.

11. I love it!

Those are awesome!

Have you made a Baby Snowda yet? Or any other kind of snow creature?

Share some photos with us in the comments!

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Dark Moments from Kids’ Movies That Come out of Nowhere

Have you been in this situation? You’re watching a movie with your kids or your nieces and nephews that is supposed to be family-friendly – and BAM! A totally disturbing and dark moment pops up and traumatizes everyone?

These people sure did, and they shared them with all of us. So take note if you have kids…you might want to avoid some of these flicks.

These responses come to us from the Buzzfeed Community.

1. Clayton’s death, Tarzan (1999)

“The scene when Clayton gets tangled in vines and is essentially hanged. That isn’t even the worst part…because then the animators decided to add in the shadow of his hanging body swinging in the trees in the next scene. In a KIDS movie. Who even thinks of these things??? I’m still scarred.”

2. The nightmare, All Dogs Go to Heaven (1989)

“When Charlie has that nightmare that he’s in hell and sees some scary-ass demons and shit. Like WTF…who is this movie for?!”

3. The scream-sucker, Monsters, Inc. (2001)

“Honestly? The big scream-sucking machine scared the shit out of me as a kid. No one thinks about it, but like…forcing kids to scream and then collecting it??? It’s dark. It still scares me. It’s horrifying.”

4. Hellfire, The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996)

“I recently watched this again as an adult and was horrified by Frollo’s whole song. The tone of the movie is dark from the beginning, but this really takes it to a different level. All the implications blew my mind…it’s a children’s movie. Ugh, I was disturbed.”

5. The shoe’s dip, Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (1988)

“The scene when Judge Doom dips the shoe in the ‘Dip.’ It still bothers me to this day. I hate it so much.”

6. Leslie’s drowning, Bridge to Terabithia (2007)

“Of course if you read the book, you already knew about it, but if you just went into the movie thinking it was a fantasy kids movie, then you were in for a shock. It really does come out of nowhere and in NO WAY did they advertise this ‘twist,’ which made it more difficult to process for me.”

7. The opening sequence, Up (2009)

“The opening sequence leading to the miscarriage. While small children might not understand completely what was happening, an adult woman who has gone through the same definitely does…”

8. The marionettes, Polar Express (2004)

“GOOD GOD, who let Robert Zemeckis make motion capture animated movies?!”

9. Todd’s abandonment, The Fox and the Hound (1989)

“My dad always taught me that, when you adopt an animal, you make a commitment to care for them for their whole life. It was traumatizing to see her drive him into the forest and just leave him there. His little face was so confused…it’s heartbreaking.”

10. Pink elephants on parade, Dumbo (1941)

“Nothing messed with me when I was a little kid as much as that part when he gets drunk and we’re subjected to ‘Pink Elephants on Parade’ song. Absolutely not.”

Yikes! Kids, cover your eyes!

Do you know of any really creepy moments in kids’ movies that caught you by surprise?

Share them with us in the comments!

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Some of the Best Tweets from the 2020 Golden Globes

Did you catch the Golden Globes this year?

They were definitely entertaining – Ricky Gervais really gave all kinds of celebrities and Hollywood in general a major dose of THE ROAST.

Here are some of the funniest tweets about that glorious evening.

1. Bring it on!

2. Yes she does.

3. I’m going with the saint guy.

4. Hahahaha. Very good.

5. Which do you prefer?

6. He’s aged well!

7. She is pretty good.

8. One hot take.

9. Oh yes he did!

10. I enjoyed this, too.

11. I’m sure he would’ve.

12. Seems like it, huh?

I love seeing those Hollywood celebrities get roasted, don’t you?

What did you think of this year’s awards?

Let us know in the comments!

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People Share What They Think Happens in Movies but Never IRL

Movies are inspired by real life…but they often exaggerate or stylize some situations, occupations, or people.

Often, meaning…basically always.

Perhaps these tropes weren’t so obvious when cinema and TV were brand-new, but audiences today are more sophisticated (or at least have watched a lot more TV and movies). A Reddit thread posed the question:

“What movie things are generally accepted as normal, but are totally unrealistic in real life?”

People some funny, insightful, and sarcastic answers. Let’s check them out!

20. This Medical Misunderstanding

“Regaining consciousness after receiving CPR.”—lexxeffect

19. Happy Hours Galore

“People having copious amounts of time to spend with their friends, not being tired after work.”—celesteshine

18. A Priest Clears Up a Few Things

“I am an Anglican priest.

We are never found lingering alone in candle lit churches late at night picking up service bulletins or books from pews.

Yet every movie shows priests and ministers puttering around dark churches cleaning up.”—Auto_Fac

17. Unrealistic Beauty

“8 hours of travel and the character’s hair and outfit is still perfect.”—SnippySky

16. The Inaccurate Portrayal of Bad Guys

“If you are being attacked by multiple bad guys they will each wait there turn to attack. This shit bugs the heck out of me.”—lilflow88

15. This Unsafe Driving Trope

“Weird nobody mentioned that in movies everybody always looks at each other while driving. And they move the damn driving wheel way to much while driving straight forward, pisses me off.”—JingleJangleG

14. Young, Hot Doctors

“Everyone is young, especially doctors / professors/ specialists they all seem to be the top of their field with years of experience and they are all like 22…. and hot.”—The_Amazing_Username

13. Unrealistic Living Standards

“People on low incomes, e.g. students, living in expensive homes. I’m not necessarily talking about mansions, more like a large apartment in a big expensive city with no roommates.”—BlackCaaaaat

12. Strange Coincidences

“Turning on the tv or radio that happens to be covering the subject the characters were talking about. Unless you are talking about Sept 11 that would never happen.

Never discussing a meeting location, like for dinner.”—jumpinleg

11. High Heels That Never Hurt

“Women in high heels ALL day long. Sometimes they run in them to tackle a bad guy or to get away from a bad guy. The next day they put their non-swollen feet back in them without complaint.

Oh, women never sweat their makeup off. Their faces are never have a greasy sheen in Miami in August.”—sunflore_7777

10. Knock Knock

“People opening their front door 3 seconds after an unexpected knock, like they’re just constantly standing behind the door, just in case.”—brad-corp

9. Hiding Behind Breakable Items

“When someone hides from bullets behind penetrable objects, like tables or a refrigerator door.”—-everst

8. Cool Haircuts Without Training

“Women in action movies who drastically cut their own hair to change their appearance always end up with a fabulous style.”—lascielthefallen

7. Exaggerated Recoveries

“Everything medical.

Being in a coma for weeks or months, waking up and walking around a day or two later? Ridiculous. We treat people that were in comas even for just “a few” weeks and it takes them forever to recover from it.

“his heart stopped beating” and “clear!” – don’t get me started on that.

In the rare cases when they do fake CPR – the actual CPR success rate is about 3%. Yes, 3%. That even goes for health professionals.

Spinal cord injuries: “a miracle, he can walk again”. No, no, no. Takes months and years, will stay severely impaired. It’s more like walking with crutches very slowly and not very far for the rest of his/her life.

Gunshot wounds, knife wounds never cause nerve damage. Nope. They do. Again: disabilities for the rest of your life.

No oxygen for more than 5 minutes (you can go for a longer time in extreme cold): permanent and severe brain damage. Can you guess it? That’s right: Severe disabilities for the rest of your life.

The good guy breaks a bone, is in a cast for weeks/months. Cast comes off – leg looks like new. Nope. It literally stinks (especially in summer), skin doesn’t look healthy and yes – massive loss of muscle mass and function. Good news: with enough training (we are talking weeks and months) – no disability!’”—cszar2015

6. All of These!

“Winning over a girl by making over-the-top, grand gestures (especially when she has already rejected you in the past).

Shattering bottles easily over someone’s head (don’t attempt it unless you want to possibly go to prison for murder).

In action sequences in general, taking an enormous amount of injury and then getting up with a few attractively placed bruises and cuts.

In particular, the trope of the bad guy who more or less needs to be thrown into a jet turbine to be destroyed, or he’ll somehow get back up again.

Characters who always have something witty to say and are never at a loss for words.”—lookoutforthebadger

5. Easy-to-Find Parking Spots!

“Finding a parking spot in front of the building you’re going into.”—marfou

4. Unrealistic Hero Treatment

“Hero always get the best seat in a busy restaurant/dinner!”—Eat_Train_Code_IN

3. Wasting Food

“Not eating the meal that is in front of you.”—PTretro

2. Unrealistic Lack of Pain

“How nobody in movies hurts their knuckles after punching someone, martial artist here and if you punch someone in the forehead like they do in the movies you’d probably just break your own fist,

hitting someone in the forehead is basically like punching a cinder block except the skull is actually harder…”—IShallPetYourDogo

1. Cutting the Palm of Their Hand

“So many movies and shows have the trope of cutting the palm of your hand when blood is needed for some sort of ritual. It originated because it was an easy place for them to hide a blood packet back when special effects weren’t what they are today.

However, if you’ve ever had a cut on the palm of your hand you would know that’s a terrible place to make a wound because you pretty much lose the use of that hand and it can take a while to heal.

There are much better places to draw blood from yet we still see it all the time, hell I just saw it yesterday in the first episode of the new season of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. And on top of that the characters are fine in the scenes after or in the case of shows like Supernatural and the 100, they are making fists and fighting with no problem.”—-eDgAR-

Though these tropes can get annoying, these posts are a great way to remember the importance of not taking all information on films and TV too seriously. They’re made to entertain us, but it would be nice if films and TV changed it up once in a while.

Do you have any comments on how you would change these tropes if you could? Feel free to sound off in the comments!

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