10 Photoshopped Pics That Should Make You LOL

Excellent examples of hilarious Photoshopped pictures are so satisfying for some reason.

You get to see reality tweaked in a way that looks totally foreign and the results are usually absurd and hilarious.

Here are some great examples!

1. Best buddies!

PsBattle: Man holding fish while bear stands behind him from photoshopbattles

2. A classic piece of art.

PsBattle: This cunning duckling from photoshopbattles

girl with a pearl earring

3. I’m a big fan of this one.

PsBattle: This Dad and Son cat from photoshopbattles

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4. There goes Mario!

PsBattle: These micro-mushrooms on a leaf from photoshopbattles

5. Look at that smirk.

PsBattle: This smirking dog. from photoshopbattles

6. Trying to finally solve the cube.

PsBattle: This fishing leopard from photoshopbattles

7. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

PsBattle: A hawk staring at the camera from photoshopbattles

8. Hunter S. Thompson wants to give you a ride.

PsBattle: This big dog in a sink from photoshopbattles

Let’s give the boy a lift.

9. Didn’t need to see that.

PsBattle: Dwayne Wade falling into Chrissy Teigen and John Legend from photoshopbattles

10. Jump around.

PsBattle: Kitten in midair from photoshopbattles

We know you have some great Photoshops that you’ve done yourself.

Share them in the comments for all to enjoy!

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15 People Share What They’d Say If They Were Able to Talk to Themselves 10 Years Ago

This question is probably going to elicit some very interesting and very painful answers.

AskReddit users answered this question:

“If you could call yourself 10 years ago and speak for 1minute, what would you say?”

What would you tell yourself 10 years ago? Share your thoughts in the comments!

1. Might not be there in 10 years.

“Enjoy that hair while you still can.”

2. That’s gotta hurt.

“For the love of god get your drivers license, if you don’t you’re going to get hit by a car.”

3. Don’t be scared…

“Oh god..I would say…”Dont be scared, get an education and find a good job.” Now I’m stuck in a miserable retail job.”

4. Just do it!

“Finish school, you asshole.”

5. Stay away from Susan

“Do not date Susan, she will ruin your life.”

6. Two major points.

“Invest in Apple and you aren’t marrying that girl you’re seeing right now.”

7. A rambler and a gambler

“Put all of your money in bitcoin. Oh yeah Patriots win Super Bowl 49, 51, and 53. Put your life savings on each one.”

8. Be in charge of your own life.

“Don’t live your life according to what your mom wants you to do. Do what you want to do.”

9. Take some deep breaths.

“Bro, you need to chill out, it gets worse.”

10. “That’s no way to go through life.”

“Relax and enjoy. You’re worthy of the experience.

About 10 years ago, I got my job at Google and the worst part of the experience were my insecurities. I was a 49-year old (ancient by Google standards), self-taught programmer. I got my non-programming degree from a back-woods school but, to make up for it, I got really, REALLY crappy grades. I had no big-data experience and, at the time, I hadn’t programmed in any of Google’s 4 development languages (C++, Python, Java, and JavaScript). Add all this to my normal insecurities and I really felt like I was outclassed by everyone else at the company. I spent every day expecting to be fired for gross incompetence.

That’s no way to go through life. The experience would have been _so_ much better if I’d just ignored my insecurities. I still would have been dumbest fucking programmer at Google but I would have, at least, been much, much happier.”

11. This is sad.

“Tell your dad he has to go to the doctor to check his heart – it will save his life.”

12. Let people know how you feel.

“Tell mom and grandma you love them! They won’t be here in 10 years.”

13. Don’t even start.

“For the love of god, don’t start drinking. It’ll destroy you.”

14. A lot to take in here.

“Don’t move to the coast – it ends horribly and you’ll get stabbed.

Put down the drugs, you’ll regret it in 5 years.

Go to the dentist, that shit is important.

Go see your Nanny. She dies in 2 years, and you’ll miss her more than you realise.

Don’t drink at your Mums wedding. She still loves you, but hot damn you hurt her.

Be nice to your sister. She’s going through a lot too. She won’t tell you, but she needs you.

Most importantly – go back to school, Eliza. Get your education. You’ll need it when you’re a 21 year old single mum struggling to support yourself and a toddler.”

15. Do something for yourself.

“Your friends will leave you. Your girlfriend will leave you. Your job doesn’t matter. Don’t waste your time and energy on people that will forget about you in 10 years. Do something for yourself. Do it because you want to do it, not because you hope other people will like you for it. Live like you mean it. Forget the haters.”

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15 Memes About Teaching That Might Make You Appreciate Your Boring Desk Job

Your day job may not be the best, but do you have to wake up early, drive to school, face classrooms of children all day, and barely have time to pee or eat?

Do you take your work home with you? Do you lie awake worrying about kids who aren’t yours?

If you answered ‘no’ to some or all of these questions, then you’re not a teacher – and these 15 memes might just make you glad for that fact.

15. Only four?

14. Teachers have lives too, okay?

13. I was told there would be magic.

12. At least one teacher in every school should be certified.

11. You might be a teacher if you feel personally attacked by this.

10. It’s an underrated skill.

9. So smart, you should teach or something.

8. And if you’ve got immunity to that one, we’ve got another.

View this post on Instagram

Every year! Who else? 🤒 😷 🤕

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7. There’s no expense account for that.

6. They link up, like uteruses.

5. There’s definitely not a lot of wild Friday nights.

4. Too much! Too much!

3. Wait for it.

2. They have to get their jollies somehow.

1. Seriously, we all have better things to do.

I know I’m thankful for the teachers in my life!

Do you have a funny teacher story? Are you about to buy your kids’ teachers a great gift? Tell us about it in the comments!

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15 Funny Tweets That Should Put a Smile on Your Face

Life got you a little beaten down at the moment? Why the long face?

Well, I have just the thing.

Tweets! Funny tweets! Funny tweets that are gonna make you smile!

1. That’s never a good sign.

2. Five very solid films.

3. Read the whole thing…

4. Here we go…

5. A total failure.

6. Sad but true.

7. Hadn’t thought about that…

8. I like the sound of that.

9. Can you please stop eating?

10. You’re good, keep going.

11. They don’t exist.

12. I think you nailed it.

13. Here I am!

14. Who are you?

15. It’ll be an interesting day.

Is that a smile I see?

Good, then we did our jobs today!

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These People Came up with Incredible Solutions to Tiny Little Problems

Are these people brilliant? Well, it certainly appears that way.

Because these life hacks are pretty darn impressive, if I do say so myself.

Take a look and prepare to be WOWED.

1. That’s pretty brilliant.

Guy at coffee shop shows off his solution to the $999 Apple stand. from funny

2. Give ’em the finger.

The HOA in my friend’s neighborhood recently threatened her neighbors with a fine if they didn’t hide their trash cans, even though they’ve been in the same spot for over a decade. This is their solution. from funny

3. Exactly what she’s saying.


4. Can I come?

5. That’s how it’s done.


6. No more dogs on the deck.

Started staining the deck and needed to keep the dog off the deck boards. Solution found. from funny

7. Whatever works, right?

When you don’t have a suit but need one. from funny

8. Either way, it’s gonna work.


9. She’s on to something…

10. A great movie that needs to be made.


11. That’s what FaceTime should be used for.

12. All kinds of options.

13. Hopefully a medic is on site.


14. Just keep changing it up.

Clearing up space to save more memes on my phone

15. Okay, this guy wins.

absolute madlad over here from tumblr

Do you have any awesome life hacks that we should know about?

Share them in the comments!

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Check out These Funny Tweets from Very Amusing Ladies

There are a lot of hilarious women out there in the Twitter-verse, and here are 15 more. Ladies, keep us LOLing on social media, please.

Try not to pee your pants, okay?

1. That sounds pretty good to me.

2. I’ve seen it many times.

3. Human in cat form.

4. Sisters being sisters.

5. Someone had other plans.

6. That is a show of confidence.

7. You were close…

8. I’m a big fan of this.

9. What language is this?

10. That’s very hot.

11. I’ve been here before.

12. Your new garbage boyfriend.

13. Their inner monologue.

14. Gritty is pretty awesome.

15. Man, that’s rough.

Ladies, we got our eyes on you. Keep up the funny business.

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These Tweets Show That Kids Are Pretty Hilarious Even When They’re Not Trying

Kids are pretty amusing even when they’re not even trying to be. It must just be part of the DNA of young boys and girls, and then once we get a little bit older, we grow out of it and become bland adults.

Good times!

Here are some kiddos that are downright hilarious. Do any of them remind you of your little monsters?

1. These kids have bright futures.

2. That is not cool.

3. Genius move, right there.

4. Wait, that’s not an emergency?

5. This kid gets it.

6. My kind of kid.

7. No honey, it doesn’t.

8. Always erase the history.

9. Newspaper was hacked.

10. We’re laughing with you.

11. Acting a fool.

12. Don’t say a word.

13. Would you look at that?

14. Speaking the truth.

15. I agree with him.

Fill us in on what your kiddos have done recently that made you laugh out loud!

We’d love to hear from you!

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Garbage Collectors Come Clean About the Stuff People Throw Away

The stuff people throw away can be truly shocking.

And it’s not just the amount of money we spend on things that we just pitch in the trash. People seem to think that garbage bags somehow shield them from being arrested… because A LOT of illegal shit gets thrown away for ANYBODY to find.

These 14 garbage collectors know this all too well, and they’re not shy about divulging what they found!

Let’s go!

1. So many different things in just 8 months!

I worked ~8 months while waiting to go to school in my small southern town.

Summary of interesting things I found go as follows: $20, bullets, a live snake, a fully working 400$ amp (which I now use for my speaker setup), and a small bag of marijuana, and a can literally full of adult toys and open DVDs.

2. Thanks history professor. Or should I say… history thief!

We used to pull the recyclables out of the dumpsters by our rental condo in California. Found a Naval officer’s sword, a nice set of cast iron skillets, plus a fantastic handmade leather chair. Still have those in my home. Lots of clothes with tags, pretty sure the residents one unit over were shoplifters and thieves; we took that stuff to the thrift shops.

Then there was Big Trash Day in Japan once a quarter. Fully working treadle sewing machine with a cast iron base, ceramic hibachi pot, marvelous glass and lacquer cases, a giant yellow quartz gem set in silver. A full set of WWII photos and albums, including a Kamikaze farewell party, but a history professor “borrowed” those to examine and never got them back to me.

3. Think of all the money to be made!

I lived in a campus town and every year, end of the semester, (especially the end of spring semester) the most amazing stuff would be thrown out.

Students (especially foreign students) leaving who had no way to take their stuff with them.

Uncounted couches, TVs, furniture, computers, electronics, etc just sitting on the curbs all around the campus.

They had to clean the apartment out and they had nowhere to put the stuff but on the curb.

4. Why do people throw away laptops?!?

I live in a town with 2 colleges in it and I like to go textbook hunting on move out week. I’ll usually pull 2,5-3k in 2 weeks. I’ve found around 8-9 phones of vary degrees of degradation, around 4 laptops with fixable problems and a closets worth of name-brand clothing. My daily driver timbs are trash boots.

My friend though, after two years of gathering now owns a small business selling and renting what he calls “dorm kits”, which usually include a couple lights, chairs, a mini-fridge, a microwave, an electric kettle and other odds and ends. He has a real job but makes about 40k a year supplemental, a lot in cash. (that he keeps in a cardboard box labeled “f— you money”) He will often find 2-3 of the kits he sold outright in the garbage that same year. I’m jealous of his work ethic, because those couple of weeks before/after the semester he works 18 hour days.

TL;DR- if you live near a college there’s gold in the garbage.

5. E.A. office… it’s in the trash!

The cleaning company I work for regularly gets rid of unwanted stuff from an Electronics Arts office.

We could keep the items they didn’t use anymore. Some of the fun things we got were: a classic guitar hero set, wii fit + balance board, sim city mouse pads (still using those), some kind of singstar microphones (use the now for talking online with friends), old sims disks with all the commercials they have ever released (some weird stuff was on there), battlefield bad company key chains, old games like need for speed and rogue galaxy for ps2 and lots of minor stuff.

This happens annually so i hope they got some fun stuff this year.

6. So much wine!

At my sister’s alma mater, she said the rich girls threw out a lot of good stuff when the dorms had to be cleaned out for the summer. She got clothes, shoes and purses.

I lived in Israel as an English teacher several years ago and since thrift stores aren’t really a thing there, perfectly good clothes would be thrown out. I got so many bags of clothes.

Once they were washed, they were perfectly fine. (Got hand-me-downs from my teacher, the teacher of two people in my cohort and a few friends in my cohort as well.) Never had to buy clothes (minus a pair of boots and my Purim costume) during my 10 months in Israel! Before Passover, people toss anything that isn’t kosher for Passover. I found more clothes and three unopened bottles of wine!

7. Snowboards?! Whoa!

I usually find brand new stuff still in the plastic. Haven’t really found anything illegal though.

My brother in law works for a recycling place and he finds all kinds of cool sh*t. One day he came home with 3 brand new dc snowboards. He said whatever company wanted to shred the last year’s model that didn’t sell so he took it home.

8. Lots of meds!

I was a janitor for my high school in the summer months and one of the first jobs of the summer was locker clean out. I was given the master key for all the lockers and had to go in one by one to clean them out.

I found so many bottles of ADHD meds (adderal, ritalin, vyvanse), relatively brand new shoes, nice north face fleeces among other random sh*t.

9. The $100 pick up

I worked on the back of a trash truck for one summer when I was younger. It was my girlfriend’s dad’s company so I rode with him pretty much the entire time. We never found anything truly odd but one of my best memories was when we used to go around to pick up trash at these multi-million and billion dollar homes.

There was this one house that we picked up trash at that always had four, five, six huge cans full of bottles and trash from their weekly parties.

The rule was, only two large cans were to be picked up. Anything extra would cost the customer more. Well, in order to avoid having to pay the company extra, every week there would be this old guy standing at the back gate with a $100 bill. He’d hand us the bill in exchange for us not telling the owner about the extra pick-up.

The owner, the guy who he handed the money to, always promised not to tell anyone about it. We always had a good lunch on those days.

10. Never pay for a bike again!

My dad was a garbage man. My brother and never paid for a bike as kids – he’d find bikes in various states of disrepair and bring them back home to fix them up from their usable parts.

Also, radios. My dad would find some incredible old radios – tons of 40s/50s era tube radio receivers, which we would fix up together.

As far as illegal, I remember him telling me that he found a big ziploc bag full of mary jane one time.

11. Guns & Ammo

I was a garbage man for a number of years in the early 90s. I live in a very small town that is mostly Italian, and one morning we were sent out to collect the dumpster from a trucks top on the outskirts of town. As the truck was pouring the contents of the dumpster into the back, I saw a wet box break apart and inside were a bunch of submachine guns and magazines of ammo.

I stopped the winch, told the driver, and we both decided to play dumb (not difficult) and pretend we didn’t see them. So I continued on and crushed it all as though I hadn’t seen them.

I just remember being afraid that they were dropped off for a pickup or exchange and if some saw me taking them or I was found with them, it’d be a really bad day for me.

12. Better living through chemistry!

In an old school, a forgotten high school chemistry lab from the 60s. Jars and jars of things like thermite, sticks of yellow phosphorous submerged in some yellow-colored liquid that had evaporated to the point where there was only 1/8″ of liquid covering the top of the sticks and the slightest movement would cause the top end of the sticks to be uncovered.

This was all on the same racks as a jar of mercury, about a pound of powdered asbestos, spools of magnesium ribbom, quantities of powdered sulfur, nitroglycerin, potassium permanganate, cans that had rusted through (they still contained – something –

but the labels were too corroded to read), acid nitric and too many other bottles to read as just being in that room for a couple of minutes gave me a splitting headache.

It had apparently been a well-stocked chemistry lab for high school students decades previously then one day the school closed so they locked the door and nobody had entered it (much less cleaned it out) for decades.

13. Casino cleanup

My uncle in Vegas was a trash man.

After work he would walk through the landfill and find casino chips, jewelry, other valuables and money – enough to buy a very nice home on his modest wages after only a couple years. Rich, drunk and/or stupid means a lot of disposed, as opposed to disposable, wealth.

14. You knew this was coming…

A severed arm with no hand.

At first I thought it was from an animal until I looked closer in horror that it clearly was a human elbow.

That last story… WTF?????? How do you ever recover from that? How do you go back to work???

Got any crazy stories of things you found which you can’t unsee? Let us know in the comments!

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Heartwarming Videos of Dogs Getting Picked up from Daycare

I mean, come on… this is one of the best posts of all time. Because you KNOW what’s coming next.

These dogs are going to be so god damned happy to see their owners… you just KNOW it!

Get ready for the most cute you’ve seen in one post. Ever.

1. Come on! We’re going home!

2. Sugar is so sweet!

3. She remembers her leash!

4. Hey Lucy!

5. Not a mutt anymore!

6. Aussies get excited!

7. I love that name!

8. Archer is a jumper!

9. Look at that tail wagging!

10. Hey Aunt! Hey Aunt! Hey Aunt!

11. Arthur is one happy doggo!

12. Well, not all of them are happy…

Alright kids… what did you think? Most heartwarming, wholesome roundup of tweets ever?

Let us know what you thought in the comments!

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Michael Buble’s Song ‘Forever Now’ Is About Kids Growing up and Parents Are Emotional About It

Beyond the bottle feedings and weekend soccer games, the unconditional love parents feel grows deeper by the minute. From the time your baby is born, your bond never stops expanding, even after they go off to college.

Michael Buble put all that into words with his new song “Forever, Now” and I’ll tell ya, it gave me all the watery eyes.

I’m not a mom, but I watch my friends raise their children and my heart swells. It’s no easy feat but what’s incredible is that everlasting love.

With lyrics such as these how can you not cry!

I tuck you in at night

Another day has passed

Every week goes by a little faster than the last

It wasn’t so long ago

We walked together and you held my hand

And now you’re getting too big to want to

But I hope you’ll always understand

Within a few lines, Buble has literally managed to span time from a baby to a grown adult, all through a parent’s eyes. OMG, please pass the tissues!

In an interview with Magic Radio, Buble admits that when he wrote it he never meant to make it personal, but after recording the demo it truly was. He also feels he’ll never perform it live.

“I did a vocal demo…and the truth is I never sang it again. And to this day I’d never sang it again…I’m not ready to handle it yet.”

Michael Bublé on his song 'Forever Now' | Magic Radio

For his new album Love, Michael Bublé wrote a song that he'll never be able to perform again.

Posted by Magic Radio on Saturday, September 29, 2018

Even the crooner heart-throb is affected by his own music! This makes me love him even more. Oh, and for all you parents of fur-babies? Yeah, he mentioned that you are parents too with a deep love for your pets. Gah! Does he get any better?

Whether you just had a child, are seeing one off to college, or they are having children of their own, grab the tissues and enjoy this beautiful song. Thanks, Buble!

Hopefully this video filled your heart and gave you tears of joy! I think Buble is out to keep Kleenex in business.

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