People Share the Interesting, Dark Facts About People’s Favorite Cartoons

If you think cartoons are all rainbows and sunshine, think again, friend.

There is some pretty dark and disturbing material embedded in those seemingly innocent and fun TV shows and movies that might surprise you…or even shock you.

Let’s get weird with folks from AskReddit.

1. That’s a little weird.

“There was a Smurfs PSA that was made for UNICEF.

I believe where their entire village is carpet bombed.

It. Was. Nuts.”

2. Don’t tell me that!

“Ren and Stimpy was an absolute nightmare for the people who worked on it. John K ordered them not to make the same face twice. Pretty, but it was hell for the workers because they were constantly drawing things.

John K was a nightmare boss. One of the producers had a sign on his wall labeled “John’s knees” and invited people to kick it. By the time he left it was reduced to a hole.

They made several episodes that were just the animators ranting about how much of an *sshole that John K was.”

3. Great idea!

“The pilot of The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy called “Trepanation of the Skull and You” tells kids that because of a mistake in evolution our skulls are too small for our brains, and that you should drill a hole in your skull as to grant the brain more space.

Which is then followed by Billy doing exactly that.

The whole thing looks like some cursed forgotten video tape.”

4. Creepy.

“Some of the earliest versions of Little Red Riding Hood end with the wolf raping Red and then eating her.

The literal moral of the story was for girls to not trust strangers.”

5. Whoa!

“The creator of Skeletor was inspired by a corpse in a haunted house that he was 100% sure was real.

Turned out he was right.”

6. Awful.

“The studio had to get someone else to sing “Soon You’ll Come Home” in All Dogs go to Heaven because the voice actor, Judith Barsi, had such a traumatic home life because of an abusive, alcoholic father that she couldn’t sing the song without having a breakdown.

She and her mother were murdered by him before the movie was released in a double-murder/suicide. She was only 10.

She was also the voice of Ducky from Land Before Time. Her tombstone reads, “Yep! Yep! Yep!””

7. Poor Donald.

“Donald Duck fought in WWII and has PTSD.

In an episode he wakes up and thinks he is in a Japanese mine field and he is in a lot of WWII cartoons.”

8. Creepy.

“Sleeping Beauty is only 14 years old in the original story and Prince Charming is around 30.”

9. Witchcraft?

“Adventure Time is full of occult references

My favorite one is in the episode “All The Little People” in which Magic Man says “Do what thoust will be the whole piece of law” which is taken from Aleister Crowley’s “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.””

10. Apocalyptic.

“The premise of Adventure Time is actually really dark.

Its the aftermath of a literal nuclear war that killed most of humanity and caused evil mutants like The Litch to wreak havoc on the planet.”

11. Oh, no!

“There was a Tom & Jerry episode where Tom dies and goes to heaven.

While waiting in the line of counter they show a wet sack with baby kittens inside it coming out and running towards train. Ticket counter guy notices it and says ” what some people won’t do”.

He’s talking about old times when people use to tie up small kittens in the sack and let them drown in river.”

12. Let’s eat!

“In the Peppa Pig universe, characters eating each other is slightly acknowledged when a couple of the characters are stranded on an island.”

13. Not good.

“The Carmen Sandiego reboot is animated by Top Draw Animation.

They’re a sweatshop and they fired an animator for asking for minimum wage compensation.”

14. Nuclear fallout.

“Bikini Bottom is called so because of the Bikini Atoll.

In the 1940s and ’50s, the US held nuclear tests there.

All the characters on SpongeBob SquarePants are like this because they’re radioactive creatures.”

15. Makes sense.

“The reason Mickey and other characters where white gloves is because it allows their hands to be seen better.

This is a reference to actors when they did black face they wore white gloves so the audience could see their hands and fingers moving.”

Do you know any weird or dark facts about cartoons?

If so, please share them with us in the comments.

We’d love to hear from you!

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People Discuss Their Favorite Movies They Had in Movie Theaters

Remember going to a movie?

It would sure be a lot of fun to do that again, wouldn’t it…? Hopefully, we can do it again sometime soon.

But until then, we have to hunker down in our houses and watch everything on our own TVs. Sure, things could be a lot worse, but it would be wonderful to go to the theater, grab a snack and a drink, and see some movie magic on the big screen.

People recently took to Twitter to share their favorite experiences from watching movies in the theater.

It’s a lot of fun, let’s check it out!

1. This introvert was proud.

Erupted with laughter.

2. That’s pretty funny.

That guy got ’em with a zinger!

3. What a great movie.

It never gets old!

4. The Sixth Sense.

There goes the popcorn!

5. Hahahaha. Hilarious. 

Ritalin should cure her head from spinning around, right?

6. Didn’t realize it was a musical.

Do your research!

7. The books are awesome.

And so are the movies!

8. Burst into tears.

Wonder Woman to the rescue!

9. What do you think you’re doing?!?!

People got fired up!

10. The place erupted.

What a great flick!

11. A classic piece of cinema!

Right? Right?!?!

12. Horrified silence.

Followed by…this…

Now we’d like to hear from you.

Do you remember your favorite memories from going to the movies?

Tell us your stories in the comments.

Please and thank you!

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Recreated Movie Scenes From a Very Creative Couple

Let me tell you, this is a ton of fun!

And we think it might inspire you to be very productive and creative during this never-ending quarantine that we find ourselves in right now.

Aylia Caulwell and her husband Dan have been spending their time recreating iconic scenes from movies and I think it’s safe to say that they’re doing a bang-up job.

Now, this is what I call “time well spent”.

Let’s take a look at some of their creations. Enjoy!

1. An excellent adventure!

Bill and Ted forever!

2. Home Alone.

Time to defend the house.

3. The famous shower scene.

Psycho is a masterpiece.

4. A little Lord of the Rings action.


5. Are you a Twilight fan?

Just admit it…

6. Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze.

Let’s get dirty!

7. Gotta go back in time!

A timeless classic!

8. Are you ready to dance?

I sure hope so!

9. A good one!

Have you seen this underrated gem?

10. The Matrix.

All kinds of action about to break loose.

11. Here’s lookin’ at you.

An old classic.

12. How to Train Your Dragon.

This is good.

13. Yes! Heeeeere’s Johnny!

I love the homemade axe.

14. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

This one is all in the family.

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Those are pretty awesome, don’t you think? I told you this was a great way to spend your quarantine!

Now we’d like to hear from you.

In the comments, tell us what you’ve been up to during quarantine and fill us in on how you’ve been spending your time.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Predictions We Got From Movies and TV in Thirteen “2020 as Told by” Memes

As 2020 grinds on, one thing we can all seem to agree on is that it’s been UGLY. And SAD. Not to mention very difficult for a lot of people out there.

But did we see it coming?

Some folks sure seem to think so, and here’s the proof: the “2020 as Told By” memes.

It looks like movies and TV shows might’ve had a bit of impressive foresight into how crazy this year was going to be.

So maybe it would do us all a lot of good to pay close attention to movies and TV shows so we can predict what pitfalls we’ll experience in 2021.

Enjoy these memes…and try to stay positive!

1. As told by Marvel.

Did you see this coming?

2. Up Schitt’s Creek.

We should have listened!

3. I guess it’s not always sunny…

They were right!

4. Of course they got it right.

Mulder and Scully for the win!

5. Good luck with that.

Parks and Rec was right…

6. “That was boring…”.

You have no idea.

7. Time to mask up!

Hey, it looks good on you!

8. This is pretty good.

They nailed it!

9. Doom. Indeed.

All doom, all the time.

10. Mamma Mia!

Who says musicals can’t be prophetic?

11. A flu virus…

Also, Earth is cancelled.

12. As told by Mr. Woodhouse.

Next time, listen to this guy.

13. Listen to John.

All the hits and more.

Those are hilarious! Don’t you think so?!?!

Have you seen any other good “2020 as Told By” memes?

If so, please share them with us in the comments!

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This Married Couple Recreates Movie and TV Scenes and the Results Are Great

If you need some inspiration about how to keep yourself busy during this lengthy lockdown, look no further than a woman named Aylia Caulwell.

Caulwell and her husband Dan have spent a good deal of their quarantine time recreating memorable scenes from movies and TV shows and I think you’ll agree with us that these interpretations are totally spot-on!

In other words, these two did a great job!

Let’s take a look at some of their handiwork.

We think you’ll be impressed!

1. Scully and Mulder.

They’re here to solve some mysteries.

2. She nailed the Patrick Stewart look.

Space…the final frontier…

3. Definitely an iconic movie.

This one is really good.

4. Black Swan.

Now, that is a creepy movie.

5. I’ll be back.

I need to revisit this one soon.

6. The ship’s going down.

But my love will go on!

7. Breaking Bad.

All kinds of shady stuff going on here.

8. Save me, Spider-Man!

He won’t let you down!

9. This is very cool.

And it should please all the Star Wars fans out there.

10. A Star is Born.

I can already hear the singing.

11. A very important TV show.

Do you remember getting Lost?

12. Be sure to get the ring!

You can’t lose that thing.

13. Excellent! Totally excellent!

I can’t wait for the new Bill & Ted movie!

Aren’t those photos awesome?

I think they nailed it!

Tell us what you think about their photos in the comments.

What other movies and TV shows would you like to see these two recreate?

Talk to us in the comments!

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People Talk About the Small Things That Ruin TV Shows and Movies for Them

You know you’ve been in this situation at some point…you’re watching a movie or a TV show, you’re enjoying it immensely, and then…you see something that totally ruins it for you.

Isn’t that annoying?

I hate it!

What strikes you as totally ridiculous when you watch a TV show or a movie?

This is what people on Twitter had to say.

1. Seems very light…

Is there anything in here?

2. Let’s back up.

Where the heck are we meeting?

3. Boy, that was lucky.

No one got hit!

4. So, what do you do?

I can hear perfectly in here!

5. That was quick.

Right down the hatch!

6. Not in pain anymore…

The magic of the movies.

7. No shortcuts?

Look it up, people!

8. Parking will not be a problem.

We all know that ain’t the truth.

9. Let’s keep it real.

Can we at least get that right?

10. Hahahaha. Always.

That’s not how it works.

11. Time to hang up.

No goodbye? Seems kind of rude…

12. Turn it off!

No need to watch further…

What things drive you crazy in movies and kind of ruin them for you?

Tell us in the comments!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Enjoy a Bunch of Photos of the Famous Chalkboard Joke From “The Simpsons”

Even people who aren’t necessarily fans of The Simpsons probably know by now that one of the running gags of the show is in the intro where Bart writes a different phrase on the chalkboard during detention during EVERY SINGLE EPISODE.

The show is in its 31st season, so you can do the math and figure out that Bart has written A TON of messages on that board.

And we’re here to show you a bunch of funny ones from the history of the show.

Are you ready to have some fun?

Eat my shorts, man!

1. Bart’s at it again!

You really shouldn’t fake rabies…

Photo Credit: Fox

2. He thought he could, though.

Or, at least that’s what he said.

Photo Credit: Fox

3. A little young to be drinkin’.

He probably stole it from Homer.

Photo Credit: Fox

4. Doesn’t taste like chicken.

The ONE thing that doesn’t taste like chicken.

Photo Credit: Fox

5. Marge would never cheat on Homer.

No way. Never!

Photo Credit: Fox

6. Oh, yes he will.

Dammit, Bart! What did I say?

Photo Credit: Fox

7. Love that script.

Bart has good penmanship.

Photo Credit: Fox

8. A big mistake.

What were you thinking, Mr. Simpson?

Photo Credit: Fox

9. Too late for that.

Wayyyyy too late.

Photo Credit: Fox

10. Now it’s Homer’s turn.

How many times has he strangled Bart over the years? Way too many to count.

Photo Credit: Fox

11. You little thief.

He’s definitely a juvenile delinquent.

Photo Credit: Fox

12. It’s not called Assbook.

But maybe someday. You never know…

Photo Credit: Fox

13. Open up your eyes!

You’re missing all the good stuff!

Photo Credit: Fox

14. That’s a cool one.

Getting very creative.

Photo Credit: Fox

15. I know exactly what Bart is referring to here.

Do you?

Photo Credit: Fox

Now we want you to sound off!

In the comments, share some of your favorite moments from The Simpsons with us and tell us about your favorite chalkboard gags from the show.

Please and thank you!

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Use These Codes to Watch All Kinds of Television Series on Netflix

We’re still stuck inside, so we’re gonna need to be entertained, right?

Lucky for us, Netflix is so loaded with great TV shows and they have them broken down into categories that you can tap into when you use the codes we’re about to show you.

To access each of these individual categories, sign into Netflix and replace the “xxx” in this web address ( with the corresponding code number below OR just click directly on the links we provided.

Let’s take a look at all the great TV shows that Netflix has to offer!

1. British TV Shows (52117)

Photo Credit: Netflix

Unless you’ve been spending time living under a rock, you’ve probably noticed that there are A TON of great British TV shows right now.

Use this special code and you can watch such shows as Peaky Blinders, Marcella, and Broadchurch.

2. Crime TV Shows (26146)

Photo Credit: Netflix

Crime programs are everywhere these days! There’s no doubt about it.

When you tap into this code, you can watch such crime TV shows as Ozark, Reckoning, Dark, and the always-popular Forensic Files.

3. Cult TV Shows (74652)

Photo Credit: BBC

Let’s get weird using this Netflix code!

You can watch such cult shows as The Twilight Zone, Supernatural, and many others. when you take advantage of this code.

4. Food & Travel TV (72436)

Photo Credit: Netflix

Travel the world and try out different cuisine when you use this code.

You can watch programs like Dark Tourist, Somebody Feed Phil, and a host of others.

5. Kids’ TV (27346)

Photo Credit: Netflix

Just because it’s labeled as Kids’ TV doesn’t mean that people of all ages can’t enjoy it.

Use this code to watch shows like What’s New, Scooby Doo?, Liv and Maddie, and Goosebumps.

6. Korean TV Shows (67879)

Photo Credit: KBS2

Korean film and TV are hot right now and Netflix has a lot to offer.

This special code lets you watch such shows as It’s Okay to Not be Okay, Kingdom, and My Sister.

7. Miniseries (4814)

Photo Credit: Paramount Network

Miniseries abound on Netflix!

And when you punch in this code you can watch such critically acclaimed series as Waco, Becoming Champions, and others.

8. Military TV Shows (25804)

Photo Credit: History

Take a deep dive into history when you use this code.

You can watch military-themed shows like Turn: Washington’s Spies, The Tudors, and many others.

9. Science & Nature TV (52780)

Photo Credit: Netflix

How about we actually learn some stuff, huh? Doesn’t that sound good?

This category allows you to watch such science and nature shows like Ancient Aliens, Our Planet, and Exhibit A.

10. TV Action & Adventure (10673)

Photo Credit: Netflix

If it’s action and adventure you seek, then you shall receive.

Use this code to watch Narcos, Black Summer, Hell on Wheels, and many others.

11. TV Comedies (10375)

Photo Credit: Netflix

I don’t know about you, but I need some good laughs!

A lot of good laughs!

Use this Netflix code to watch TV comedies like Trailer Park Boys, Dead To Me, and Toast of London.

12. TV Documentaries (10105)

Photo Credit: Netflix

If you haven’t seen Tiger King yet, then what are you waiting for?

You can watch that crazy documentary and others such as The Devil Next, The Staircase, and many others. when you use this code.

13. TV Dramas (11714)

Photo Credit: Netflix

Netflix really does have all the drama TV shows you can handle, which is great!

Tap into this special category as you can watch series such as The Woods, Bates Motel, and The Valhalla Murders.

14. TV Horror (83059)

Photo Credit: The CW

Are you ready to get creeped out? Me, too!

Take advantage of this code and watch horror shows like The Haunting of Hill House, Hannibal, and Penny Dreadful.

15. TV Mysteries (4366)

Photo Credit: BBC One Wales

Netflix has so many mystery shows that it can be hard to keep up!

Use this special code and you can view such mystery series as Bordertown, Safe, The Sinner, and Hinterland.

16. TV Sci-Fi & Fantasy (1372)

Photo Credit: Showtime

Do you like your TV series to be in the science fiction and fantasy world?

Check out this code and you can watch such programs as Black Mirror, Dark, The Order, and Outlander.

17. Reality TV (9833)

Photo Credit: A&E

Reality TV is still a huge hit after all these years.

Some of the ones you can watch when you use these Netflix codes include Floor Is Lava, The Great British Baking Show, and Selling Sunset.

I think it’s safe to say that these shows will keep all of us busy for quite a while, don’t you think?

Now we want to hear from you.

In the comments, tell us which shows have been your favorite in the past year or so! Thanks in advance for the recommendations!

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Enjoy All the Anime Movies and Shows You Can Handle With These Codes From Netflix

I’m pretty unfamiliar with the world of anime, so these codes from Netflix have been a big help in getting acclimated to all the different types of movies the genre has to offer.

And now we want you to enjoy them, as well.

To access each of these individual categories, sign into Netflix and replace the “xxx” in this web address ( with the corresponding code number below OR just click directly on the links we provided.

Are you ready to get your animation on?

Let’s take a look!

1. Adult Animation (11881)

Photo Credit: Netflix

Adult animation is great!

Use this code and you can enjoy such R-Rated animation programs as F is For Family, Big Mouth, and Paradise PD.

2. Anime Action (2653)

Is anime action more your speed? Well, step right up!

Use this code and you can watch titles like Hunter X HunterB: The Beginning, Saint Seiya, and others.

3. Anime Comedies (9302)

Photo Credit: Netflix

Let’s get our laugh on! Anime style!

When you use this Netflix code, you can check out series like K-On!, Aggretsuko, and Pop Team Epic.

4. Anime Dramas (452)

Photo Credit: Netflix

Now you can get dramatic in animated fashion.

When you tap into this Netflix code, you can watch movies like A Whisker Away, A Silent Voice, and In This Corner of the World.

5. Anime Sci-Fi (2729)

Photo Credit: Netflix

There are quite a few science fiction films in the animated category that you can check out.

Use this special code to enjoy titles like Sword Art Online, 7 Seeds, and many others.

6. Anime Horror (10695)

Photo Credit: Netflix

Now we’re talking!

Horror is great in any form, including when it’s animated!

In this category, you can watch Devilman Crybaby, Vampire Knight, and all kinds of others!

7. Anime Fantasy (11146)

Photo Credit: Netflix

If you need your animated fantasy fix, Netflix has you covered.

When you utilize this code, you can watch such series as Attack on Titan, Beastars, Black Butler, and others.

A lot of great movies and shows to watch in that category, no doubt about it.

Do you have any other recommendations for animated movies or TV shows?

If so, please share them with us in the comments!

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