Here’s How the 50/30/20 Rule Can Help You Budget

Budgeting is a really hard thing to master. That said, all of us will need to tackle the skill at one time or another.

If you’re still looking for a method that works for you, consider the 50/30/20 rule to get you going.

The rule was first popularized by Senator Elizabeth Warren and her daughter Amelia in their 2006 book All Your Worth, and, while no strategy works for every single person, experts agree their rule is a great starting point for most.

The duo calls it the “balanced money formula,” and they agree that sticking to this rule of thumb should keep your finances healthy.

“It’s the right place for most people most of the time, and it is a good place to aim for in your lifetime money plan.”

If you want to follow the rule, you’ll need to budget 50% of your take-home pay for necessities (housing, utilities, loan payments, food, and tuition; perhaps also clothes and transportation).

The next 20% of your take-home pay should go toward savings or retirement goals, or paying down debt, building an emergency fund or saving for a vacation.

Your last 30% is for your wants, or lifestyle choices – shopping, entertainment, gym fees, pet expenses, and the like.

There you go. Simple, right?

It’s a new year, and if one of your goals is to get yourself on sound financial footing, the Warrens and their tips for working toward financial freedom could be just the ticket you need to hop on the train!

What’s your favorite financial tip? Share it with us in the comments!

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Robert Irwin Got Emotional as He Talked About the Destruction of the Australian Bushfires

As we’ve seen, bushfires are causing major devastation to both the vegetation and animals that are unique to Australia.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Robert Irwin, son of the late, famous Aussie animal advocate Steve Irwin, also has grave concerns about the long term impact of the fires. As his mother, Terri Irwin, discussed the horrendous loss of hundreds of thousands koalas with the television program Sunrise, Robert struggled to contain his tears.

The Irwin family has already helped 90,000 animals, but it is being widely reported that nearly a billion animals have been affected by the fires. Veterinarians and other experts from Australian zoos are among those leading the effort to rescue and treat injured animals.

Terri told Sunrise, “We’re able to offer a safe haven for wildlife needing help.” Robert also spoke of the many different injuries they’ve seen not only in koalas, but platypuses, possums, birds and other species coming through their facility.

As he listened to his mom speak about the hard hit the koala population is currently taking, 16-year old Robert’s eyes filled with tears.

To escape the smoke and flames, koalas are retreating to even more dangerous and populated areas. Some are getting hit by cars or attacked by other animals.

Photo Credit: Twitter

Others are retreating up into highly flammable eucalyptus trees. Terri explains the horrific danger in this:

Koala instinct is to go up, as safety is in the top of the tree. Eucalyptus trees have so much oil that they ignite and actually explode in a fire. That means being able to treat and help koalas is few and far between because they’re basically incinerated.

Anyone can see the thought of these koalas suffering so is heartbreaking to Robert.

It’s become increasingly likely that koalas will soon have to be listed as endangered.

We can feel the weariness of the Irwins and the rest of Australia, and we look for an end to these devastating fires. Unfortunately, as climate change causes weather patterns to change, Australia may be in for less rain and more heat, making an already incendiary situation much worse. This fire season has been horrific, but it may also be closer to the new normal.

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These Lovely and Wholesome Photos Might Just Restore Your Faith in Humans

Life can beat you down, trample right over you, and spit you right out. But we all get up again and keep moving forward! Because that’s what life is all about.

Here are some nice and wholesome things that should make us all feel a little bit better.

Let’s restore our faith in humanity, shall we?

1. That was very thoughtful.

I made a Braille cookie for a friend who’s blind. from mildlyinteresting

2. The ‘Giving Machine’ is a great idea.

People lining up to donate items to people in need using these vending machines instead of buying something for themselves from mildlyinteresting

3. The t-shirt discount.

I was given a $0.04 discount because the cashier liked my shirt from mildlyinteresting

4. I see you!

My neighbor cut holes in his gate so his dog could see out from mildlyinteresting

5. What are the chances of that?

I found a mussel with natural goggly eyes from mildlyinteresting

6. Help yourself and God bless.

Food bank/rummage shelf at the end of this house’s driveway from mildlyinteresting

7. Thanks for the ride!

In Finland, there are buttons to thank the bus driver from mildlyinteresting

8. Come and knock on our door.

This three story dog house I saw that someone built. from mildlyinteresting

9. Awwww. That is sweet.

This dog blanket I bought has a dog with a wheelchair. from mildlyinteresting

10. This is great.

This doggy house entrance one of my clients built from mildlyinteresting

11. Wow! I wish all pizza places did this.

The inside of the pizza box was a tuxedo. from mildlyinteresting

12. Let’s go tubing!

My town shut down one of the downtown streets and turned it into a snow tubing park tonight. from mildlyinteresting

13. Kick-starting their Etsy career.

I got a note from a seller on Etsy after I was their first customer! Made my whole heart smile 🙂 from MadeMeSmile

Well, that made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

How about you? Did that restore your faith in humanity maybe just a little bit?

Tell us what you think in the comments! And if you have had a very nice or wholesome encounter lately, tell us all about it, please!

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People Open up About the Worst Dates They’ve Ever Had

Have you ever had a truly terrible date? One that was a disaster start to finish and made you never want to go out with anyone ever again?

I’m sure you have…and so have these folks on Twitter.

This is the question that got everything going.

Let’s take a look at the responses.

1. Get outta there!

2. Won’t be a second date.

3. Still haunted.

4. Mama’s boy.

5. Sounds like a catch!

6. No way.

7. Ouch!

8. Okay, this is the worst ever.

9. Homicidal maniac.

10. Yeah, I’ve had enough.

11. Maybe he was a nice guy?

12. That’s weird.

13. We don’t want you to be hysterical.

14. What a story!

We’re begging you! Tell us about your awful dates in the comments!

These kinds of stories give us LIFE!

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These Funny Reusable Grocery Bags Help the Environment and Will Make You Laugh

We should all take reusable bags with us to the grocery store when we go shopping. But instead of those bland, humorless bags you’ve been toting around, consider some of these funny bags made by the clever, artsy people on Etsy for your shopping needs.

Here are 10 that I think you might want cause they’re awesome. If you feel the same, you can buy directly from the links underneath the photos of the bags.

Happy shopping!

1. Make no mistake.

Photo Credit: Etsy

2. All kinds of healthy shit…

Photo Credit: Etsy

3. Ouch!

Photo Credit: Etsy

4. Booyah.

Photo Credit: Etsy

5. N’ Shit…

Photo Credit: Etsy

6. Sounds like a plan!

Photo Credit: Etsy

7. Not in love just yet.

Photo Credit: Etsy

8. Organic, healthy food.

Photo Credit: Etsy

9. You should know the difference.

Photo Credit: Etsy

10. Don’t mess with this one…

Photo Credit: Etsy

Aren’t those great? Here are a bunch of other awesome bags you can buy from Etsy!

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Donnie Wahlberg Gave an IHOP Server a $2,020 Tip

If you’ve spent any time in your life waiting tables, you know what a rollercoaster trying to estimate your monthly income can be – mostly because, no matter how good you are at your job or how many shifts you work, you can never predict what sort of tips folks are going to end up leaving you.

And (in America, at least) servers live off their tips, not the $2 and change they get paid per hour otherwise.

So, I imagine that this woman’s day was significantly improved on New Year’s Day, when Donnie Wahlberg and his wife, Jenny McCarthy, sat down in her section.

Jenny posted a picture of the receipt, with this caption:

“…starting 2020 off like the amazing man he is.”

People are loving the gesture – ad rightfully so. We all know that a little kindness goes a long way!

On the receipt, Wahlberg wrote “Happy New Year” and “2020 Tip Challenge.”

I hope you’re having a great start to the year yourself, and that if your income depends on other people, there are more with the means out there who want to rise to this challenge themselves.

Spread the love when you’ve got plenty to go around, my friends!

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Anti-Jessica Tweets for Anyone Who’s Ever Had Bad Experiences With a Jessica

We already gave the guys named Matt out there this treatment, so now it’s time for the Jessicas to answer for their past transgressions.

Jessicas – no matter how you spell your name – your time is now.

Let’s take a look.

1. All of them…

2. Ouch! That one burns.

3. It’s just so true

4. Hmmm. Think about that…

5. You can’t trust them.

6. This is very accurate.

7. I’ve witnessed this personally.

8. Looking for his soulmate.

9. That is not cool.

10. Isn’t that cute?

11. Might be time to change your name.

12. Jessica wrote that!

13. Any takers on this one?

14. Let’s hit Daytona Beach!

15. Mom, let’s have a talk.

Wow, some of those are pretty harsh!

What do you think? Have you had some bad experiences with Jessicas in your life?

Let us know what you think in the comments…and you’re one of the good Jessicas out there, we apologize…

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These Funny Tweets Went Viral for Good Reason

These tweets all went viral recently for one very good reason: they’re funny. REALLY funny.

So let’s take a look at some of the best of the best, shall we?

Okay, let’s do it!

1. I’m really doing it!

2. Oh…him again…

3. This is gonna be good.

4. It’s like a house/plane/car hybrid.

5. Exactly what I wanted.

6. Can we just enjoy Christmas for two minutes?

7. You can’t win…

8. Here come the waterworks.

9. How could you?!?!

10. That sums it up.

11. She was not “woke” enough.

12. Why is that?

13. No remorse.

14. If one isn’t working, try the other.

15. What the hell am I doing with my life?

Have you seen some absolutely hilarious tweets lately that left you laughing?

Well, don’t be selfish! Share them with us in the comments!

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These 5 Riddles Will Tease Your Brain

If a riddle doesn’t make you think, make you want to tear a bit of hair out while you struggle with it, then make you feel like a genius when you solve it, is it even worth riddling?

We don’t think so, and neither does the mind behind @BRAINTWISTER on Twitter – so here are 5 of his or her best!

5. What you cannot see.

4. A real stumper!

3. One, two, three…

2. I need to figure out how this works!

1. Can you guess the question?

Continue reading when you’re ready to check your answers!

People Share Ridiculous Things That Scared Them When They Were Children

For a lot of us, childhood is full of fear and uncertainty.

We think monsters are lurking around every corner and that the world is a very unsafe place…which is kind of true, but as kids we have a lot of irrational fears as well.

Let’s take a little trip down memory lane.

AskReddit users shared their interesting childhood stories.

1. That is pretty weird…

“I used to have this repeating dream that scared me to death. I was always in a skyscraper made of windows, and a giant toddler would walk through the street. If the toddler saw you, you died. Weird fucking dream, but I dreamt it repeatedly for years.”

2. My mom used to tell me this, too.

“Escalators. My mother told me that they will catch my shoestring or pants hem and pull me down and cut me into shreds. I still think if that every time I step on one.”

3. Stay away from drains.

“Drains. Showers and tubs and pools. Especially unfamiliar ones.”

4. Beware of gators.

“I thought an alligator would climb up the wall of our house like a lizard and come through my window and eat me in my sleep.

I lived in Mumbai. We dont have alligators anywhere. Also, they can’t do that.”

5. The stuff that nightmares are made of.

“Willy Wonka.”

6. Ghost dust.


Uncle told me it was left by ghosts.”

7. That’ll scare the hell out of you.

“The windows XP startup and shutdown noise.”

8. A lot of fears.

“Rats, snakes, roaches, etc climbing up the pipe to the toilet and biting my ass.

My grandma’s cocker spaniel jumping on me and knocking me over. He just wanted to lick me and was excited, it turns out.

Other people driving. This one is weird because I trusted absolutely nobody but my mom—if it was anyone else, ie her friends, babysitters, or even my dad, I was absolutely convinced I was going to die.”

9. Not as uncommon as you might think…

“Ceiling fans.

Bro, same. My sister convinced me they would detach and fly across the room. Didn’t help that the fans made weird noises at high speed.”

10. Clapping can be dangerous.

“If I clapped my hands above my head, the nightmares would start. If I clapped them up there again, they would stop. (This didn’t actually happen; it was what I was afraid of.)

Consequently, I had to make sure I only ever clapped my hands above my head an even number of times. If I accidentally clapped them, I had to clap them again.”

11. Scared of balls.

“Balls. Literally any round object was fucking terrifying to me apparently. According to my mom, if she wanted me in a room but didn’t want me to go anywhere, she’d put a ~hand sized red ball in the exit. I was apparently too scared to even go to that side of the room.”

12. The orange glow.

“On a trip to London as a ten-year-old, I woke in the small hours of the morning due to jet lag and was horrified to see an orange glow outside the windows.

I convinced myself that a nuclear explosion had occurred and somehow I had managed to sleep through it.

Nothing happened for an eternity of terror.

So I mustered the courage; I slid out of bed and crawled across the floor, to peep over the window sill and look out on the devastation, the city burning

The street lights were orange, for fog. They don’t have them where I’m from.”

13. Run for it!

“As a child, I used to be scared of the 20th Century Fox themesong. I would run out of the room screaming each time it would come on before or after a movie.”

14. That is kind of creepy…

“The live action Grinch scared my brother when he was a toddler. If he didn’t go to bed on time my parents would threaten him with the VCR tape of it & he would race to bed.”

15. Hyperactive child.

“I was a very hyperactive child, I use to eat and walk around the house and mess it all up, once my grandma told me that if I will keep eating while I’m standing all the food will go down to my legs and feet and they will become so fat I wouldn’t be able to wear shoes anymore.

I stop eating and walking until today.”

Those are pretty darn funny, if I do say so myself.

What were the things that scared you as a kid? Share your memories with us in the comments!

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