Oscar Mayer Is Hiring People to Drive the Wienermobile, so It’s Time to Update Your Resumes!

Do you have your resume up to date? If not, you better start punching those keys on the keyboard because this might just be your dream job.

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Got to see the #OscarMayer #Wienermobile

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Oscar Mayer recently announced that they are looking for twelve people to drive their iconic Wienermobiles around the country this year. The job listing reads as follows:

“Have you always dreamed of working with hot dogs? Well, look no further. All of your hot dog dreams just came true. We could say ‘drivers wanted,’ but what we really mean is WIENERMOBILE navigators ready to deliver unlimited joy to thousands of people every single day.”

Damn right you’ll be bringing people joy. Folks see that Wienermobile come around the corner, and they lose their shit. You’ll be A LEGEND wherever you go. The job is a one-year assignment with salary and benefits, during which you’ll be traversing the highways and byways of America in a 27-foot wiener on wheels.

Need I say more?

Those who are chosen to fill these illustrious positions will also attend a two-week training session called “Hot Dog High” where you’ll learn how to drive the Wienermobile, you’ll pick your official Hotdogger name (the possibilities are endless), and you’ll learn the ins and outs of the business.

Has there ever been a more desirable job on this planet? I don’t think so.

I just put my application in…I suggest you do the same, my friends. The deadline to apply is January 31, 2020, so don’t blow it! You can do this! We can do this!

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Helicopters Are Dropping Vegetables for Animals That Have Survived the Tragic Australian Fires

The bushfires in Australia continue to burn large swaths of the country and kill millions of animals, but the Australian people haven’t given up hope yet. They’re still doing absolutely everything they can to help – not just for their fellow humans, but for the animals that have survived the devastating fires, as well.

Our hearts are aching. Aching for this beautiful country we are watching turn to ash before our eyes. For the people…

Posted by Animals Australia on Thursday, January 2, 2020

One effect of the fires is that, even if animals do survive, they often don’t have any access to food because their normal forage is all burnt up. The government of New South Wales has decided to take an innovative measure to assist their starving wildlife. ‘Operation Rock Wallaby’, which is led by the New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service, is dropping literal tons of carrots and sweet potatoes from helicopters to help feed herbivorous animals struggling to survive in areas affected by the fires.

Energy and Environment Minister Matt Kean said, “The wallabies typically survive the fire itself, but are then left stranded with limited natural food as the fire takes out the vegetation around their rocky habitat. The wallabies were already under stress from the ongoing drought, making survival challenging for the wallabies without assistance.”

The food drops are scheduled to continue until the natural habitats of these animals once again regain the moisture and nutrients to sustain life. So far, they have dropped nearly 5,000 pounds of food to the animals.

Please click on THIS LINK to learn about how you can help out during this terrible tragedy. It will only take you a minute, please get involved!

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This Colorado Restaurant Charges Customers for Asking “Stupid Questions”

Service industry people are really going to love this story…and they’ll probably hope that their places of business will follow this restaurant’s lead.

At Tom’s Diner in Denver, Colorado, asking a stupid question will cost you. Every time a customer asks what the workers there deem to be a dumb inquiry, they are charged 38 cents…and they put it on your bill, too.

In fact, “Stupid Questions” are even listed on the menu for that very specific price of 38 cents.

Photo Credit: Zomato

Hunter Landry, the General Manager of Tom’s Diner, said, “It’s meant to be playful. It’s good to keep things light in today’s world. The majority of people really get where we’re coming from and understand it’s meant to be playful. Over the years, maybe a few people have been perturbed but the response is generally positive.”

Landry said that his uncle Tom Messina, who opened the diner in 1999, originally added the “Stupid Question” item to the menu. He added that some customers ask stupid questions on purpose to try to make the staff laugh. Two of his favorites that’s he heard are, “Are there any dues for the turkey club sandwich?” and “Does the ice have any water in it?”

So next time you find yourself in Denver, be sure to stop into Tom’s Diner. You can either tread very carefully so you won’t increase your bill, or you can push your luck and see how many extra charges you can rack up if you really want to be a smart-ass.

Posted by Jason Klimowicz on Wednesday, September 18, 2019

This is my favorite story of 2020 so far! Amazing!

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10 Food Charts for Reaching Healthier Eating Goals

Want to get healthier? Maybe need to change up your diet?

The best way to reach a goal like that is to start with a plan. A plan will help you stay on track and prevent you from having to make choices when you are hungry – cause that’s not when you want to be picking your meals out.

If you don’t know where to begin, these food charts are a great kick-start.

1. Deli meat Alternatives

One way to cut out processed food is to watch how much deli meat you are eating. This chart gives you tasty alternatives.

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Why I don't buy deli meat? I finally finished that blog article I promised…the one with allll the nuance. 😘 Link in bio "Why I don't buy deli meat and how you can make your own choice." Like this post before you head over there to let me know you've been waiting. 😁⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ The article answers questions about nitrates, processed meats, and even has a sandwich guide that shows you where to get granola butter and provides a zillion sandwich ideas. After you read it, come back and let me know what you think!⠀⠀ #kidseatincolor⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ . . . . . . .⠀⠀ #lunchbox #lunchboxideas #kidslunchbox #kidslunchideas #kidslunch #lunchideas #healthylunch #schoollunchideas #healthylunchideas #kidslunch #lunchtime #instalunch #lunchtime🍴 #healthylunchbox #packedlunch #lunchprep #easylunch #lunchideas #foodforkids #yumbox #schoollunchbox #kidsfoodideas #toddlerlunch #schoollunch #vegetarianlunch #meatlessmeals #meatlessmonday #veggielove

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2. Snacking at Work

Mindless eating at work is bad. Check out these more thoughtful choices.

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According to the oxford dictionary, the word ‘Snack’ (noun) is: ‘a small amount of food eaten between meals’. – – If one was to embark on a goal to lose fat, they will likely focus their attention on main meals consumed. They may be vigilant in ensuring consumption of calories aligns with their fat loss target. They may also believe that consumption of large quantities of food from main meals holds more significance to the outcome of their goal than that of smaller quantities of food. – – The problem is, sometimes there is no correlation between relatively small amounts of food and it’s native caloric worth. A 115g blueberry muffin represents 5-8 bites of food – and 420 calories. Coffee with milk and 2 tsp of sugar represents a drink – and 60 calories. 75g of fruit and nut mix represents 2 handfuls of dried fruit and nuts – and 360 calories. The Friday represents the day where one feels they deserve 1 or 2 (or 7) treats. The snacking pattern on the left demonstrates how easy it is to consume significant calories from small amounts of food. – – On the right side of this graphic, the weekly total is over 3000 calories less, yet virtually the same volume of food is consumed (minus reduced portions of nuts and custard creams). There is a balance of foods that require similar lengths of time to consume, foods that one may refer to as a treat and foods that are nutritious. There is also an element of intelligence implemented on the Friday by inclusion of a time consuming food (popcorn), whilst still engaging with colleagues and enjoying a Danish pastry. – – When we are hungry, we should eat. But when we are trying to reduce body fat, we should implement awareness and strategy. Adherence to balanced, calorie supportive, satiating main meals should be a priority, but so should adherence to strategically planned (and measured) snacks which also support one’s caloric deficit, satiety and still provide a disco on your tongue with each bite. 🤜🤛 – – #thefitnesschef #worksnack #snacktime #fatloss #fatlosshelp #nutritioncoach #eatsmart #diettips #diethelp #treat #caloriecounting #portioncontrol #fatlosscoach #snack #losebellyfat #cakes #officesnacks #officefood

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3. Refrigerator Storage Times

Spoiler alert: meat does not keep indefinitely in the fridge or freezer. Bone up on limits to keeping food in your refrigerator.

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Refrigerator storage times! Keeping your 🥩 food as fresh as your brand new 👟 Nikes! lol. _ I’ve posted about this before, but a couple people missed the post so I created a new graphic! It also includes freezer 🕑 times. _ You can go slightly beyond the times and probably won’t get sick or anything, but these I’ve found are the best storage times for ultimate freshness and taste. They’re also what foodsafety.gov recommends on their website! _ Which is your favorite meat for mealprep? #fridgegoals #fridgetimes #iifym #mealprep #mealprepping #foodstorage #healthyeating #healthylifestyle #foodpoisoning #foodpoisoningsucks #healthandwellness #meats #cookingathome #homechef

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4. Fruit

Not necessarily a low-cal food. Figure out how much fruit will actually help you meet your daily calorie intake goal.

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Tag a friend and hit save to stay informed on the calorie and sugar quantities within this extensive list of fruits. – – Most fruit proposes a plethora of vitamins and minerals to it’s consumer. And whilst the cringeworthy term, ‘nature’s candy’ is descriptively tragic, fruit is a source of sweet tasting whole food than offers micronutrients for overall health, fibre for satiety and water for hydration. – – As you can see, each fruit has a different macro-nutritional make up. Some have more sugar, others have less. Some have more calories, others have less. And (not displayed here), some have more fibre, whilst others have less. – – It is worth noting that sugar extracted from fruit will have the exact same metabolic result as sugar extracted from a snickers. But the combination of sugar and fibre consumed via a whole food (in this case fruit) makes it more likely to satisfy one’s hunger more than food comprising of sugar and minimal fibre. However, one’s attainment of satiety will differ from another’s. – – Fruit is a more nutritious, calorie sparse source of energy than confectionary. But it is important to realise that caloric values of any food count towards overall energy balance. Fibre density per calories consumed may make one ‘feel fuller’ and therefore aid adherence to overall energy targets – especially calorie deficits. – – Thus, consuming any item of ‘sweet’ tasting food is a valid option, but those which provide more satiety after consumption may support one’s energy balance more, whilst also delivering a host of nutritious advantages at the same time. 🔥 – – P.s. which is your favourite fruit? 🍓 – – #thefitnesschef #fruit #sugar #calories #berries #nutrients #snacktime #snack #vegan #caloriescount #eatsmart #flexiblediet #fruitsalad #micronutrients #avocado #fatlosstips #dieting #lowcaloriesnack #fruitbowl

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5. Low Calorie Swaps

Eat this and not that if you want to reduce calories but not taste.

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The point of consuming food is to remain alive. The point of controlling one’s intake of food is to manage physique and overall health. The point of consuming fewer calories is to reduce body fat across one’s composition. But one constant in all of the above should be one’s enjoyment of food. – – When an individual embarks on fat loss, each of the above are important. One must enjoy their energy consumption, be aware of energy intake in relation to their energy output, and consistently ensure that hat they are in a state of sustainable caloric deficit. To ensure progress, one may have to change and adjust their dietary habits. But instead of completely changing one’s diet, adherence may be more likely if one makes small changes over time. For example: consuming the same volume of lower calorie foods/drinks that are essentially the same foods/drinks. – – This graphic shows two groups of foods/drinks. One group contains over double the calorie amount of the other, yet quantity of both remains the same (apart from the freddo). Crucially, the lower calorie versions resemble the same taste/experiment as their high calorie counterparts (or very similar). – – Whilst consumption of lower calorie versions may not be immediately significant, they can be over a period of time. For example, if one swapped daily consumption of 300ml of whole milk for semi skimmed milk for 1 year, they would consume 17520 fewer calories whilst experiencing is minimally compromised. – – One must make an informed choice in the knowledge that lower calorie items may contain less of a particular macronutrient. And in the case of low calorie beverages, awareness that sweeteners are included. – – Losing fat is not straightforward. It requires a change of habits. But if an individual recognizes opportunities to make small changes which reap big long term rewards, it’s seems short sighted not to take them. 🔥 – – #thefitnesschef #fatlosshelp #fatlossdiet #fatlosstips #halotop #eatsmart #meat #lowcalorie #calories #caloriedeficit #caloriecounting #losefat #diet #dieting #smartchoices #flexiblediet #nutritionfacts #losebellyfat

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5. 6 Ways to Pizza

Pizza can be healthy. See all the ways here.

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Because who doesn’t love pizza?! 😜 Want a fun way to get your pizza on while still getting in more veggies? Try any of the options in the top row! . My personal favorite is the portobella pizza but all of these are great fun options you can make at home. Get crazy with it and add some fun toppings of choice! Info below: . Bell pepper pizza – 1/2 bell pepper, 1/4 cup marinara sauce, 2 tbsp mozzarella cheese + 2 broccoli florets. . Portable pizza – 1/2 Portabella mushroom cap, 1/4 cup marinara sauce, 2 tbsp mozzarella cheese, 2 basil leaves, 1 olive cut into slices. . Zucchini pizza boats – 1/2 zucchini, 1/4 cup marinara sauce, 2 tbsp mixed cheese, 2 cherry tomatoes. . Rice cake pizza – 1 rice cake, 1/4 cup marinara sauce, 2 basil leaves, 2 tbsp mozzarella cheese. . Pita pizza – 1 medium pita, 1/4 cup marinara sauce, 2 tbsp mozzarella cheese, 2 basil leaves + 3 cherry tomatoes. . Pizza pizza – Ordered from the doughroom in Culver City haha Because sometimes you can treat yo self to a damn real pizza. . How to cook the veggie pizzas: 1 – Preheat oven to 350F. 2 – Scoop out the inside of the mushroom, bell pepper or zucchini boat (you can cook the bell pepper or zucchini in oven before adding toppings or add toppings then cook if you don’t need it well done. Mushroom you can add the toppings right away & cook) 3 – Add 1/4 cup marinara, toppings & cheese 4 – Bake in oven for about 10 minutes then enjoy! . You can bake the pita & rice cake in oven or you can microwave xoxo. . P.S. make sure you check my 101 Healthy Snacks Ebook link in bio! (www.101healthysnacks.com) . . . #cleaneating #healthyeating #nutrition #cleaneats #mealprep #foodprep #fitfood #protein #weightloss #mealplan #healthychoices #mealprepsunday #healthyfood #mealprepping #macros #mealprepmonday #flexibledieting #iifym #instahealth #pizza #glutenfree #getfit #gains #meals #healthyliving #determination #healthylifestyle

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6. Muscle Meats

Portion control is an excellent way to healthier eating. Learn to eyeball your servings.

8. Meat

Make sure you’re getting enough protein with this chart.

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Tag a a meat eater and hit save to keep you and your friends informed on the calorie/protein values of this assortment of meat/poultry. – – Consuming fewer calories and/or moving more is the only way you can lose fat – aka creating a calorie deficit. And whilst it is not definitive, consuming adequate protein is heavily linked to a higher rate of satiety (feeling full). Thus, feeling satiated for extended periods may reducing the likelihood of consuming excess calories. I stress the word ‘likelihood’. Furthermore, protein consumption will help one maintain adequate muscle mass during the process of fat loss or muscle gain. Most sources of meat and poultry are protein dense. – – As you can see, there are lower calorie options available for the same or greater protein value. Whilst meat/poultry is just one component of a balanced meal containing carbohydrates and fats, it is an area where you can make a relatively small change which could help your goal in the long run. – – In terms of protein density per gram of food, not many food/drinks come close to meat. If you don’t eat meat, sourcing and consuming adequate protein for your fitness needs becomes more difficult, but definitely still possible. – – If you are vegan… This post is clearly not for you. – – #thefitnesschef #meat #protein #highprotein #meatlover #mealprep #dinnerideas #nutritioncoach #leanmeat #fatloss #muscle #musclegain #eatsmart #eattogrow #losefat #buildmuscle #calories #caloriecounting #steak

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9. Vitamins and Minerals

Don’t overlook the importance of these healthful building blocks.

10. Calorie and Protein Chart

Nothing can stop from healthier eating when you use this food chart for meal planning.

Planning, shopping and prepping will be your keys to healthier eating. Get educated and save these informative food charts as your first step to eating better and feeling better.

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Tiramisu-Flavored Oreos Are Coming Your Way

Here’s some breaking news from those crazy flavor developers at Oreo: a new cookie flavor is coming, and it’s one I’m already thinking about stuffing in my mouth.

Tiramisu is on its way, available early this year.

The packaging tells us only that the two traditional cookies will sandwich a double layer of creme filling. We’re guessing there’ll be one layer of the normal Oreo creme on top of a coffee flavored creme layer to make the tiramisu flavoring, since the beloved dessert is traditionally made of fluffy marscapone cheese over lady fingers soaked in coffee.

Photo Credit: Alexis Fam

People in other countries are already able to enjoy the sweet treat, and it’ll finally be our turn here in the USA.

Not soon enough, if you ask me.

Alert Instagram user @TheJunkFoodAisle broke the news when they posted an image of the packaging. The announcement spread throughout social media because Italian dessert + American junk food = fabulous.

One follower asked the question we all wanted to know the answer to: “Has this been fact checked? Don’t play with my emotions like this.”

Another announced, “Oh we will be fighting over these.”

Photo Credit: Angel caboodle

Delish says it is real, but you’ve got to cool your jets until April. That’s the supposed month the cookie will crumble. Er…drop.

We also have it on good authority that Most Stuf Oreos are coming back, too.

What do you think? Will you be making room in your secret snack drawer for tiramisu flavored Oreos? Let us know in the comments.

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These Old Recipes Illustrate How Our Tastes Have Evolved

People will always eat weird stuff, but it can be jarring to find out that people en masse – or at least, Americans en masse – used to eat very differently from today. Some of these recipes-past sound interesting, and not necessarily in a bad way.

And some of them sound downright horrifying.

Here are 17 things people used to think were delightful dishes – a good mix of interesting and horrifying, I hope!

17. Tuna Fish Mold


16. Party Potato Salad


15. SPAM Upside-Down Pie


14. Hamburger-Onion Pie with Bisquick and Cottage Cheese


13. Frozen Fruit Cheese Salad


12. Ham and Banana Hollandaise


11. Mexican Shrimp-Orange Salad


10. Hash Filet Mignon


9. German Pizza


8. Deviled Ham Whip


7. Zucchini Tomato Pie


6. Frankfurter Spectacular


5. Putting on the Dog


4. SPAM n Limas


3. Baked Tuna Ring


2. Frankfurter Pie


1. Patio Platter



Interesting or not, I don’t think I’m going to be trying any of these out on my family anytime soon!

How about you – any of these going on your weekly rotation?

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Gummy Pickles Are Here, and They Actually Taste Like Pickles


If you’re a pickle lover, there’s something on the market that you might want to check out. I count myself a pickle lover, and when I recently met someone who told me they thought pickles are disgusting, I decided I didn’t want to have any contact with them anymore because that is BLASPHEMY.

But let’s move on because there is a gummy pickle on the market that you should try.

NOT QUITE NEWS: A company called Vat19, clearly catering to the needs of the pickle-obsessed from around the world, have…

Posted by Mix 106.5 on Monday, November 25, 2019

These gelatinous gherkins come to us from a company called Vat19. Here’s a description of the product from the website:

“Previously, if you were a fan of brined cucumbers and delicious gummy goodness, snack-searching would put you in a real pickle. But with the Gummy Pickle, you get the best of both worlds.

This all-gummy “vegetable” is flavored like a sour dill pickle with the chewy texture of gummy. While still slightly sweet, the predominantly pickle flavor and realistic appearance will trick your taste buds into thinking you plucked it right from the jar.

If you’re a pickle fan, you’re sure to love this gummy treat—warts and all.”

Vat19 has a bunch of cool and quirky products for you to buy, including Pizza Cotton Candy, a Ramen Noodle Candle, and the World’s Largest Gummy Worm. Yeah, I think I’m gonna become a regular customer of this site…

WEIRD FOOD ALERT: Gummy pickles! They look & taste like regular pickles, but they have the texture of traditional gummy bears. Would you eat one – YAY OR NAY?

Posted by Hungry Girl on Thursday, May 3, 2018

Here’s a video to further convince you that you need this in your life.

What do you think? Are you gonna give these gummy pickles a shot?

I’m gonna go for it!

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People Shared Their ‘Controversial Food Opinions’. Let the Debates Begin!

We all have unique tastes when it comes to what we like to chow down on. But some food opinions might be considered controversial, and they may get people annoyed or even angry.

A guy on Twitter recently sent out a tweet that got all kinds of people talking about their beliefs when it comes to cuisine.

Here’s the tweet that got the ball rolling…

Now let’s get fired up and look at these tweets.

1. Hmmmm, I don’t think so.

2. Maybe?

3. No way, steak fries are da bomb.

4. Take it back!

5. No way, ma’am.

6. We can’t be friends.

7. I’m a fan…

8. Chicago people, let’s hear from you.

9. I’m not a huge fan…

10. Blasphemy!

11. Whoa!

12. Well, that’s not very nice…

13. Don’t say this out loud in the South.

14. I respectfully disagree.

15. Dude…not cool.

Hmmmm….some pretty dramatic beliefs in there.

We know you have some controversial food opinions of your own!

Tell us all about them in the comments and let’s keep these debates going!

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15 ‘Health’ Foods That Aren’t That Healthy at All

Eating healthier is a goal that almost everyone shares, but which foods count as “healthy”? It’s sometimes hard to tell. Some foods, like granola, are touted as “health foods” even though they’re packed full of sugar, which is definitely unhealthy. Other foods are seen as healthy until some new study comes out claiming the opposite.

People chimed in on AskReddit with foods that are typically seen as healthy even though they aren’t, from salads to smoothies.

1. Activated charcoal.

“Activated charcoal. It’s amazing if you’ve been poisoned but it absorbs good nutrients and medications as well. Im getting so sick of seeing it in everything.”

2. (Some) smoothies.

“I was a manager of a Jamba Juice for a year or so and people used to come in bc they got it was healthy but the most commonly ordered smoothie by This crowd “Apples and Greens” the small size has 44g of sugar. Most of the smoothies are packed in sugar.”

“Smoothies from smoothie shops. They use sorbets, ice creams, and juices with an insane amount of sugar in them. My sister worked at a smoothie shop and people would always come in after going to the gym. It’s not what most people think it is.”

3. Granola bars.

“Granola Bars. The one I was eating daily had the nutritional value of a Snickers.”

“Granola bars were always meant to be a portable, non-perishable and high-energy snack- which is automatically going to have carbs & sugar.”

4. Fat-free foods.

“‘Fat free’ doesnt mean ‘miracle weight loss.’”

“‘Fat free” usually means ‘shitload of added sugars.’”

“Besides that, your body needs fats. Fats aren’t some evil, bad, chunky boys; our body relies on them. As long as you don’t receive too much of it and it’s mostly unsaturated fats, you’re good.”

5. ‘Detox’ programs.

“Those stupid juicing detox programs … your body’s liver and kidney’s naturally detox your body so long as you drink plenty of water. This whole notion that you are detoxing your body with juice is asinine.”

6. Takeout salads.

“The vast majority of salads at restaurants. A handful of lettuce buried beneath fried chicken, cheese, and ranch dressing.”

7. Vitamin Water.

“It’s stacked with ridiculous levels of sugar and no vitamins.”

“I love that in the lawsuit against them for just this reason, their argument was something along the lines of; ‘no reasonable person would think Vitamin Water is a health beverage.”

8. Juice over soda.

“Getting lemonade or some other juice, rather than soda at a restaurant.”

9. The food pyramid.

“The Food Pyramid that was popularized by the USDA is a terrible idea. A lot of people today have realized this, but many older folks still see it is the ‘bible’ of good eating. And they are very fat.”

10. Gluten-free food.

“Gluten-free food is for people allergic to gluten. It’s not some dieting trick.”

11. Lazy keto diets.

“Doing a keto diet but only eating the foods you like that are “allowed”. Ie: someone I know eats bacon and sausages every single day and sucks down a can of whipped cream because she’s “going keto”.”

12. Green juice.

“It’s WAY too sweet to not be bad for you. I mean come on, it’s just as sweet as a glass of Tropicana. Do you really expect me to believe that it’s this detoxifying ambrosia that everyone claims it to be?”

“Back in college, I used to regularly have this juice called “Green Machine Boost” by Naked Juice. Looked at the nutrition facts one day and it contained 50+ grams for sugar per serving. Quit that shit instantly. I mean.. how do you even pack that much sugar in in such a small bottle, and how are you even allowed to advertise that crap as “healthy”.”

13. Non-GMO products.

“The non-GMO project label is on thousands of products and is used as a marketing ploy. Less than 30 varieties of plants (corn, wheat, etc) even have the potential to be GMOs as of right now. GMO products have been heavily researched and no difference between non-GMO products have been found.”

14. Subway.

“Yeah sure your four-meat, footlong, cheese filled sub is way better for you than a standard tuna butty you unquestioning bellend.”

15. Red wine.

“Wine and spirit manufacturers try to tell people that these are healthy in moderation. They are not. The Framingham Study of 5000 women revealed that women who drink 3 drinks per week raise their chances of getting breast cancer by 30%. Nine drinks of any kind of alcohol raise the chances by 300 Percent. This was a study that lasted 20 years and followed the women to see how many got breast cancer. The one factor in all of the breast cancers was the drinking of any kind of alcohol.”

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Paris holds an annual contest…

Paris holds an annual contest to find the city’s best baguette. Around 200 bakers each submit two baguettes (must be eligible) to be graded on quality, look, smell, taste, and crunch. The winner wins €4000 and a contract to supply the French president fresh baguettes every day for 1 year.