Do You Get Goosebumps Listening to Music? You Might Just Have a Different Kind of Brain

When you listen to music, do you connect to it on an emotional level? Do certain songs and certain moments in them send shivers down your spine and give you goosebumps? For me, there are a bunch of tunes that take me to another place and spark a specific memory in my head. For example, this is one of my favorite songs of all time.

Every time I hear it I get goosebumps, and I flash back to myself driving around Lawrence, Kansas when I was about 20-years-old. Experiencing these kinds of emotions from music is pretty rare. A study from 2016 examined this phenomenon to see how getting chills and goosebumps from music is triggered.

10 people who do experience the aforementioned emotions and 10 who do not participated in a study by Matthew Sachs, a former undergraduate at Harvard. Sachs discovered that people who connect to music emotionally and physically have different brain structures than those who don’t. These folks tend to have a denser volume of fibers that connect the auditory cortex and areas that process emotions, resulting in the two areas communicating better with each other.

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Sachs believes that a strong attachment to music means a person has stronger overall emotions. He is currently conducting more research that focuses on how music that causes certain reactions affects brain activity. Sachs’ ultimate goal is to use his research to help treat psychological disorders. Sachs says, “Depression causes an inability to experience pleasure of everyday things. You could use music with a therapist to explore feelings.”

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10+ Magical Facts You Might Not Know About Hocus Pocus

For 25 years, kids, and many of their parents, have made watching Hocus Pocus a part of their Halloween tradition. When it burst onto the movie scene in 1993, it was the culmination of almost a decade of work, but what fans probably remember best are the fabulous performances of Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy, and Sarah Jessica Parker as the Sanderson sisters. It might not have made a killing at first, but Hocus Pocus went on to become a cult classic that is sure to last for many more generations.

There are, however, some fun Easter eggs that even big fans of the movie may not be aware of. If you think you’re one of them, keep reading and see if any of the below surprise you!

1. The fountain Dani and Allison celebrate the witches’ death around is the fountain from Friends.

Photo Credit: NBC

Hey, both groups are still having a great time, right?

2. Each of the little witches who takes the sister’s brooms, look just like little versions of the grownup sisters.

Photo Credit: Disney

Okay, this one’s a little obvious, but still cute, right?

3. They made 7 statues for the scene where Bette Midler’s character turns to dust in the sunlight.

Photo Credit: Laughing Place

That’s a lot of creepy Bette Midler face.

4. How did Winifred know to ask Max about his driver’s license, as cars didn’t exist when she died?

Photo Credit: Disney

She JUST learned what asphalt was, for Pete’s sake!

5. Kathy Najimy watches the movie every year, and Midler said it’s one of her favorite films she’s ever worked on.

Photo Credit: Disney

Can you blame them? Look at those costumes!

6. Leonardo DiCaprio was almost Max, but he chose to do What’s Eating Gilbert Grape instead.

Photo Credit: US Magazine

I mean, the latter did get him an Oscar nomination, so I think it was a good decision.

7. Rosie O’Donnell was set to play Mary Sanderson, but she was worried the role would be bad for her image, so Kathy Najimy got the gig.

Photo Credit: factinate

Bet she’s kicking herself now!

8. The film was set in 1993, and while there is a full moon in the movie, there wasn’t one in real life. The next Halloween full moon isn’t until 2020!

Photo Credit: The Witch Next Door

You gotta have a full moon when creepy witches are involved, though.

9. Jason Marsden voiced Binx the cat, not Sean Murray. Producers thought Murray sounded too modern.

Photo Credit: Disney

I guess his costume and boyish good looks were distracting enough to make him believable while he was in human form.

10. Binx was portrayed by 9 different cats.

Photo Credit: Disney

You know, because cats have nine lives…I’ll see myself out.

11. The Zippo Max grabbed from the gift store to bring down the “burning rain of death” would not have had fuel in it. Just something to ponder.

Photo Credit: factinate

No matter how well you think you know a movie, there are always surprises!

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15 Good Guesses as to Which 2010 Songs Will Be Considered Classics by 2030

If the past is any gauge, one can never really tell what songs are going to have staying power. But it’s worth a shot anyways!

So, without further ado, here are 15 predictions.

#15. Seems like a solid list to me.

“Interestingly, Slate just did a series called the New American Songbook that attempts to answer which of the songs of the last 25 years will be considered classics in years to come.

The ones on their short list from 2010 or later are:

Let It Go
Get Lucky
Rolling in the Deep
We Found Love
Hotline Bling
Call Me Maybe
Uptown Funk
Seems like a solid list to me. I’d add “Somebody That I Used to Know,” but otherwise it’s tough to argue.”

#14. Adele.

“Adele – Rolling in the Deep & Someone Like You.”

#13. A long time.

“Gotye – Somebody That I Used to Know

One hit wonder that will last a long time.”

#12. Uptown Funk.

“Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars.

Edit: Apparently it’s Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars. I stand corrected.”

#11. Timeless and super catchy.

“Tame Impala – Feels Like We Only Go Backwards

Such a timeless song and super catchy. Wouldn’t be suprised hearing that song still playing in 20 years.”

#10. People will be blasting it.

“M83 – Midnight City

People will be blasting that shit like Toto’s Africa.”

#9. The Kidzbop version.

“Party rock, but the kidzbop version.”

#8. It’s just a good song.

“Daft Punk – Get Lucky

Song was everywhere for a while, and it’s sufficiently unique and catchy to be remembered 17 years post release.

Also it’s just a good song.”

#7. Shaking a**es in 2050.

“Despacito will still be shaking asses in 2050, much less 2030.”

#6. So many thoughts.

“Rolling in the deep

Someone Like You

Sombody i used to know

Get lucky

Midnight City


All i want

Little Talks

Superhero/ Hall Of Fame

Demons / Radioactive



Take me to church

elastic heart/ chandelier

And some of Kendrick, Post Malone songs

You better add more song in reply..”

#5. At every party, forever.

“Wake me up – Avicii gonna be at every party, forever.”

#4. Surely.

“Surely some of Lady Gaga’s classics.

I’m not quite sure which though!”z

#3. Wedding music.

“Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon will be played at every wedding for the rest of eternity, and IMO that makes it a classic.”

#2. For decades.

“Portugal. the Man – Feel it Still will be on the radio for decades.”

#1. I believe.

“II believe Ed Sheeran’s Perfect and/or Thinking Out Loud will be played at weddings around the world for many, many years to come.

And perhaps Versace on the Floor will be the same for the honeymoon.”

At least we only have to wait 11 more years to see whether they’re correct!

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The Most Unwanted Music

In 1997, three composers created “The Most Unwanted Song” based on an opinion poll of annoying musical elements. It includes bagpipes, a opera singer rapping about being a cowboy, children singing about Christmas shopping at Walmart, and much more. It is twenty two minutes long. They also recorded “The Most Wanted Song”. 00

The famous Jeopardy “Think!”…

The famous Jeopardy “Think!” theme was composed by the show’s creator Merv Griffin in less than a minute as a lullaby for his son. By 2005, he had made over $70 million dollars in royalties from that song, the equivalent of a Jeopardy contestant winning every game for about a decade. 00

12 People Confess What Song Always Brings Them to Tears

You know you’ve got one, too. For me, it’s A Drop in the Ocean by Ron Pope and Everything Changes by Sara Barellies. Check them – or one of these 12 – out the next time you need a good cry in the shower (or anywhere, really)!

#12. Too many memories.

“If It Means A Lot To You by A Day To Remember

Too many memories I don’t want to remember.”

#11. Someone I love.

“All I want by Kodaline

Remindes me of someone I love before.”

#10. Melancholy.

“I’ll Follow You Into the Dark by Death Cab for Cutie.”

#9. Hallelujah.

“Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley.”

#8. Tear trigger.

“Cats in the Cradle – Harry Chapin Lost my dad to a car accident early in my life. I have a wonderful life still thanks to my mom but this song automatically triggers tears and I can’t seem to quite rationalize why.”

#7. Heartbreak.

“For me its Terrible Things by Mayday Parade because my mom passed :(“

#6. But not the friends.

“Pictures of you by the cure. I have a few great memories and pictures but not the friends that go with them anymore.”

#5. It’s complicated.

“I Can’t Make You Love Me – Bon Iver….things are complicated right now in my love life.”

#4. A lot of pain.

“When i was like 7/8 I went to hug my sleeping dog basil who was about 14, he was a Rhodesian Ridgeback, anyway he bit me cause I think I must’ve woke him my mum took him to the vets cause she thought something was wrong and it turned out he had cancer, I can’t remember what kind exactly but apparently he was in a lot pain and we couldn’t even tell, so we had to have him put to sleep that evening. On our way back from the vets The Frays “How to save a life” played, it was first time I ever heard it now whenever I hear that song I always cry.”

#3. There were so many of us.

“Blink 182 – Adam’s Song

It’s sad, it’s emo, it’s teenage angsty bullshit. But there were so many of us that felt that way. And so many of us didn’t have anyone to talk to about it, and didn’t know how to properly cope with it. There didn’t really seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel.

This song made me realize how truly fucked up suicide would be, and the extent to which it would hurt everyone around me.”

#2. The best I’ve ever had.

“Maybe stereotypical and cliché, but Mad World.

“The dreams in which I’m dying are the best I’ve ever had”

#1. Relatable.

“How To Disappear Completely by Radiohead. Mostly while I was struggling with alcoholism and drug addiction. Since I’ve been clean and sober for 2 years now I only relate to it if I’m feeling particularly down or sad.”

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