The Heavy Metal Knitting World Championships Recently Took Place in Finland

There are no doubt a bunch of funny/weird/eccentric competitions out there that you and I haven’t heard about yet.

But this is something you should probably acquaint yourself with…because it is EPIC. The Heavy Metal Knitting World Championships took place in Joensuu, Finland, in July 2019 – and by the looks of it, it was a helluva lot of fun.

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It’s pretty simple: knitters get onstage and a heavy metal band plays. So the knitters kind of become part of the band. Heavy metal is hugely popular in Finland, so it only makes sense that this unusual contest took place there. Finnish heavy metal bands that are popular include HIM, Insomnium, Children of Bodom, Amorphis, Lordi, and Nightwish.

Posted by Heavy Metal Knitting on Thursday, July 11, 2019

You know what else is really popular in Finland? You guessed it! Knitting! Perfect combination, right? A band called Maniac Abductor (great name, by the way) played while the knitters feverishly worked their fingers to the bone.

One competitor in the competition said, “Knitting is such a meditative activity, but now it’s energetic and it’s heart-pumping.” Another added, “It’s ridiculous, but it’s so much fun.”

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It's one week since the 1st Heavy Metal Knitting World Championship and we're still overwhelmed by all of this! There has been so many articles, interviews and media interest towards our newly established sport that we've completely lost track of how far and wide the information has spread. We checked the top 10 most viewed videos on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube – combined they have 24 million views and around 200 000 shares at the moment, and it's just the top 30 posts of these channels :O A month ago "heavy metal knitting" search in Google resulted in a few thousand results. Today the amount of results stands at over 500 000 🤯 There has been several tv-spots in Japan, radio interviews in Australia and UK, many of the contestants have been interviewed in their home countries. So amazing and crazy at the same time! Knitting is definitely no bullshitting. Thank you for making this all possible! We're currently drafting the outlines of the event for next year and will let you know immediately when we've agreed on the date of the competition 🤘 (The Knitting is no Bullshitting cloth was used in @antra.karkla final act 😉) (Picture by @tovarimarketing @joonakotilainen 😘) #heavymetalknitting

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This is how the event’s Facebook page sums it up:

“In heavy metal knitting, needlework and music become united like never before. On the same stage, accompanied by a million-dollar guitar solo, with hair flowing in the air, there’s heavy metal music and knitting, shaking hands.

Knitting to the rhythm of heavy metal music can be compared to playing air guitar — which is a Finnish way to goof around as well. In heavy metal knitting, the knitter becomes a part of the band, showing their best needlework tricks as the heavy riffs echo on the background. The knitter takes part in the jam while their balls of yarn and knitting needles swish through the air…”

And get a load of who ended up winning the championship.

Incredible. Here’s some video of the event you need to see.

I think I’m gonna have to go to this next year…Finland, here I come!

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The practice of playing music…

The practice of playing music for callers on hold began with a faulty phone line connection. A loose wire touching the steel frame of an office building caused it to act as a giant radio receiver, allowing callers to hear music from local radio stations while they waited on hold.

Here Are 10 Things You Can Get for Free at Disney World

It’s pricey to visit the Most Magical Place on Earth. So to help you out, we’ve got a list of some freebies you can pick up once you make it in the gate.

Scroll through these 10 things available for you and your family at Disney World. Hey, it won’t cost you a cent.

1. Celebration Buttons

Get these at the Guest Services desk at the parks and wear them to proudly announce your birthday, first time at the park or whatever you’re celebrating. Let the cast members make a fuss over your celebration too. That’s part of the fun.

Photo Credit: Pxhere

2. Maps, bands and passes

These are free and branded and collectable. Free souvenirs!

Photo Credit: Flickr

3. Visit Disney’s Boardwalk

It’s free, and fun, to stroll around in the evening and watch all the street performers.

Photo Credit: Flickr

4. See Disney Springs

Parking is free. Chocolate sampling is free at the Ghirardelli shop. Lego building is free at The Lego Store. Free stuff is the best stuff.

Photo Credit: Theme Park Tourist

5. Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

Pick up free spell cards at the Town Center’s Fire Station and hunt for villains at portals throughout the park.

Photo Credit: Flickr

6. Pixie Dust

Depending on how you feel about glitter, pixie dust is a fantastic freebie. In the Magic Kingdom, find Tinkerbell at the Town Square Theater for a dust dousing. Cast members at the Castle Couture shop in Fantasyland will also happily oblige.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Lynn

7. Magic Kingdom Fireworks

Disney World is famous for their free fireworks show. At showtime, stand near the Ticket and Transportation Center for the best view.

Photo Credit: Jorge Royan

8. African animal sightings

In an area outside the lobby of the Animal Kingdom Lodge, giraffes and zebras and their friends from the savannah roam freely…and viewing is free.

Photo Credit: Ahodges7

9. Boat and monorail rides

From the Magic Kingdom, hop on a boat or the monorail and visit the various lodges and hotels.

Photo Credit: Flickr

10. Free ice water

Okay, so maybe your kids won’t go gaga over free water, but it seriously beats paying a few bucks for each bottle, and this freebie will keep everyone hydrated – especially important in the Florida summer. Any counter service restaurant will give you a large cup of water with or without ice upon request.

Photo Credit: Pxhere

Did you have any idea there were so many freebies in Disney World? Now, the tickets to get in…that’s another issue.

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Here’s How to Use Apple’s New Music Sharing Feature for iOS 13

Apple recently released information about new iOS 13, and it looks awesome. According to Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering, “iOS 13 brings new capabilities to the apps you use every day, with rich updates to Photos and Maps, and privacy-protecting features like Sign In with Apple, all while delivering faster performance.”

But this is only a small fraction of the capabilities! One enhancement that has excited users is the ability to share music. But forget AirDrop for a minute.

This is more than sharing files with your best bro. It’s about sharing live streaming music.

iPhone users will be allowed to share music currently playing on their devices. All you need is an iPhone or iPad, and AirPods. The iOS 13 will sync two sets of AirPods, allowing your friend to jam out with you. This even includes sharing sound for videos and YouTube.

Not convinced? Think about that one time you wanted to watch a movie on your iPhone with someone, but you were in a public place. Turning up the volume would only be a nuisance. But with this upgrade, you can snuggle up—or whatever— through your own set of earphones. Genius!

Here is what you’ll need:

  • A pair of AirPods or Powerbeats Pro wireless earphones.
  • The iOS for iPhone or iPad.
  • And one of the following devices:
    • iOS 13: iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X, XR, XS, or XS Mini; or an iPod Touch (seventh-generation).
    • iPadOS 13: iPad Pro 11-inch; iPad Pro 12.9-inch (second-generation or later); iPad Air (third-generation); iPad mini (fifth-generation).

Here’s how to share:

Lifehacker did a spectacular job breaking this down. There are two options they mention to get you on the go.

Audio sharing by proximity

  • Put the two iOS/iPadOS devices near each other while one is playing media from an app like Apple Music or YouTube.
  • Both devices will get a pop-up; Tap “Share Audio”
  • You can now share media between the two iPhones or iPads. Both users have separate volume controls on their respective devices.

Multi-device Bluetooth pairing

  • Put both pairs of Bluetooth headphones into pairing mode (this varies by model—check your user manual or do a quick internet search if you don’t know how to do this).
  • On the iOS/iPadOS 13 device you wish to use for playback, go to Settings > Bluetooth
  • Tap the names of each unpaired device to connect both headphones.
  • Both headphones will now play the same audio simultaneously, but volume and playback can only be controlled on the iPhone/iPad.

The update goes live in the fall, which is right around the corner, so go snag your friend or family an extra set of AirPods.

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People Share Things They like but They Can’t Stand the Fan Base

This is a tricky subject…

Have you ever gotten really into something and discovered that while you like that thing, you really don’t like other people who support it? It might be a band or a TV show or a movie or a sports team.

In this AskReddit article, people went on the record and shared something they like but can’t stand the fan base.

1. Anime


Every time I find one that I like. I mention it to other people and then they feel the need to shit on whatever I’m watching and say I should watch something else because it’s better.”

2. Nirvana

“Nirvana. Not the WHOLE fanbase, but primarily the ones who say you have to hate the popular songs and love the lowkey ones, as well as the ones who talk about it like they’re the last good band to ever exist. The ones who glorify Cobain’s suicide also get on my nerves.”

3. Short and sweet


4. No idea what this is

“K-pop. A few years ago, my friends introduced it to me and I thought the music wasn’t terrible so I slowly became a fan of random music from different groups. Many fans of these K-pop groups are toxic and like to start Fan Wars with other groups. It’s wayyyy too much drama, but I’m not trying to go against all the fans. It’s just that some of these ppl are way too obsessed.”

5. That’s kind of weird

“Doctor Who and Sherlock. I used to really casually enjoy these things, but the amount of weirdness around people who are obsessed with the two of these things, turned me off of it quite a bit.”

6. Wrestlemania

“Weirdly enough for me it’s the WWE. Especially with Raw and Smackdown right now. It seems that majority of the fan base want everyone to be over and no one to be over at the same time.”

7. Not a cult

“I actually really like CW shows. I know they’re stupid and they’re completely unrealistic, over the top, and obnoxious….but they are SO good for just escaping reality. The fans….drive me nuts. It’s a TV show….not a cult. Let’s just enjoy it and move on.”

8. Burton has legions of fans

“THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS (and other Tim Burton-esque films).

This fan base was larger back in the early 2000s when the emo platforms of old were prolific with fanfic, posts and badly-drawn art and low-res screenshots pasted with animated glitter love heart stickers.

Nowadays it’s not so prominently featured on social medias, but I know more than a fair few full grown adults that still fawn over Jack Skellington and Sally in the most cringe-worthy ways.”

9. Seriously…

“League of Legend. Seriously, can’t get a game without someone flaming.”

10. You’re a target now

“Tom Holland.

I don’t hate the fan base, but some fans are a bit creepy.

I like tom holland’s acting, he’s a good actor, and I am a fan, but sometimes I get creeped out by his fans. Like I’ll make an occasional joke but talking about him constantly is kind of creepy. Or following him around and taking pictures of him (when you’re not paparazzi) and constantly knowing where he is? Like that’s super stalker-y. I know that he’s a young actor that’s in a lot of popular movies, but don’t stalk him. Its straight up creepy.

Now I’m a target for a bunch of pre-teen/teenage girls. Fun!”

11. It is a big hit…

“Hamilton is so good, but the romantization of actual historical figures, the terrible memes, and the “I know everything about history because I know hamilton lyrics” bothered me so much.”

12. Don’t want to deal with it

“Magic the gathering. The stigmas behind what people imagine a magic player to be bothers me. The general player probably hates something in the game I genuinely enjoy, and the people I’ve played with outside my family have ruined me wanting to support my local game store because I don’t want to deal with the other people that play.”

13. They are pretty hardcore

“The band Tool. Their fans are called toolibans for a reason.”

14. Annoying

“The band Queen. On any YouTube video where anyone discusses a band or song they like that’s not Queen, there will be comments about how Queen is the best band, and how freddie Mercury is a Messiah or a God, and how every other singer should blow him. And when someone discusses a queen song and expresses criticism there are fans who act like it’s a personal attack on them and get way to defensive. They’re just annoying.”

15. Supernatural

“Supernatural. Great show with likeable characters, but it seems like all the people that watch it are wannabe emo or the kids that weren’t cool enough to join the anime groups.”

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Ed Sheeran Has Spent Millions Buying Houses and Property from His Complaining Neighbors

This ma is living the dream. Ed Sheeran has all the money he could ever want, and he’s been using it to slowly buy up all the property around his farmhouse in Framlingham, England, supposedly to build himself a “mini-village.”

That sounds like paradise to me. No neighbors, no hassle, no problems.

No.6 went #1 today and Beautiful People went #1 in the singles chart, which makes it the second #1 from this project….

Posted by Ed Sheeran on Friday, July 19, 2019

And by “buying up all the property,” I mean buying OUT his neighbors. Sheeran bought a farmhouse and some land around it in 2012 for just over $1 million (we’re talking US currency here). He then bought the house next door for about $550,000. Fast forward to 2016 and Sheeran purchased another nearby house for $1.1 million. The following year, the singer dished out $640,000 for a bungalow across the street.

Not only is Sheeran buying these properties, but he’s putting a lot of work back into them and the house he originally purchased. Sheeran was granted permission to build a kidney-shaped pool on the condition that it would also be a natural habitat to attract wildlife, but his plans for the pool got his neighbors peeved.

Ed Sheeran's home in Framlingham, Suffolk.

Posted by Realty One on Monday, January 29, 2018

Neighbors were annoyed when Sheeran placed hay bales around the pool to block neighbors’ views, and they accused him of using the water for recreation instead of a wildlife attraction, as originally decided. His neighbors have also complained that the famous singer has plans to build a giant treehouse and a chapel on his property.

So, what to do? Drop some cash on ’em, of course! Then no one can complain! And that’s exactly what Sheeran continues to do. Because he can.

Today the Divide tour broke the all time tour record set by U2. It's now the most attended and highest grossing tour of…

Posted by Ed Sheeran on Friday, August 2, 2019

When you have that much cash, you can pretty do whatever you want, whenever you want.

Now I need to get busy designing my own compound…

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This Might Make You Feel Old. These 20 Songs Are Now Considered Classic Rock.

Are you ready to feel a little depressed? Cause that’s what happened when I looked over this list. We’re getting old, friends…it’s time to face the facts.

When I think of “classic rock”, I’m thinking Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, etc. And now, we have this…

But at least we have all the great memories, right?!?!

“Classic rock.” Ughhhhhh.

1. Foo Fighters – “Everlong”

2. Alanis Morissette – “Ironic”

3. Garbage – “Stupid Girl”

4. R.E.M. – “What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?”

5. The Smashing Pumpkins – “Tonight, Tonight”

6. Superdrag – “Sucked Out”

7. No Doubt – “Spiderwebs”

8. The Verve Pipe – “The Freshmen”

9. Ben Folds Five – “Brick”

10. Counting Crows – “A Long December”

11. Blur – “Song 2”

12. Veruca Salt – “Seether”

13. Green Day – “Basket Case”

14. The Wallflowers, “One Headlight”

15. Fiona Apple – “Criminal”

16. Hole – “Celebrity Skin”–E

17. Bush – “Glycerine”

18. Stone Temple Pilots – “Interstate Love Song”

19. Nada Surf – “Popular”

20. Gin Blossoms – “Hey Jealousy”

See you at the retirement home!

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Here’s Christopher Walken Dancing in over 50 Movies Edited into a Single Music Video

Christopher Walken is now 76-years-old and he’s cooler than ever. And he just gets better with age, doesn’t he?

Let’s run down just a small list of the movies he’s given great performances in: Pulp Fiction, The Deer Hunter, Catch Me if You Can, True Romance.

And let’s not forget about two highly underrated Walken films: At Close Range (as Sean Penn’s criminal father) and Biloxi Blues.

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#seanpenn #christopherwalken #atcloserange #movie #1986 #leyends

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Oh, and another thing: the man can dance.

A lot of people don’t know that Walken started out his career in the entertainment industry as a dancer. He actually started dancing at the age of three. Walken said,

“It was very typical for people—and I mean working-class people—to send their kids to dancing school. You’d learn ballet, tap, acrobatics, usually you’d even learn to sing a song.”

For a lot of folks, their first introduction to Walken’s smooth moves was from the 2001 music video for Fatboy Slim’s Weapon of Choice. The video was directed by Spike Jonze and a lot of people realized for the first time that Walken was a very talented dancer.

None other than Liza Minnelli said about Walken,

“I’d been around dancers my whole life, having watched my parents make musicals at MGM, and Chris reminded me of so many of the dancers I knew growing up. He’s talented in every way.”

That’s pretty high praise from a Hollywood icon who grew up in the industry.

Here’s the full video for your viewing pleasure.

The man is an American treasure.

No doubt about that.

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Sesame Street Characters Reenacted ‘Sabotage’ by the Beastie Boys. Take a Look.

When the Sabotage video hit the airwaves, it was a game-changer. Suddenly, the Beasties were back on top and firmly in the public consciousness like they hadn’t been in years.

The Sabotage video was directed by Spike Jonze and was a throwback to 1970s-style cop TV shows such as Starsky and Hutch and Baretta. It was a brilliant idea and executed perfectly. To be honest, music videos had become a little boring by the time the Sabotage video came out in 1994, and the Beastie Boys injected some fun and humor back into MTV, which seemed to be all doom and gloom with the explosion of grunge. Here’s a refresher.

I think people can argue that the Sabotage video set the stage for such later classic videos as Weezer’s Buddy Holly.


The Sesame street video was made by Mylo the Cat (aka Adam Schleichkorn) using footage from the 1985 Sesame Street film Follow That Bird. He’s previously gained fame for video mashups such as Barney the Dinosaur doing The Notorious B.I.G’s Get Money.

Is it silly? Yes. Is it goofy? Absolutely.

The mashup works well for these videos because, like the original video, there’s a lot of running around and people getting chased, this time it just happens to be Big Bird.

I think this is one of the better mashup videos I’ve ever seen, to be honest. Here’s the entire video for you to enjoy.

Oh, and, RIP MCA.

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A German Town Came up with a Genius Plan to Deprive a Neo-Nazi Music Festival of Beer

This might be the best story of 2019… so far.

Recently, a neo-Nazi rock festival took place in the small town of Ostritz, Germany. Attendees descended on the small town of just over 2,000 people for the Sword and Shield (SS) music festival to do what neo-Nazis do: get drunk, listen to terrible music, and find like-minded boneheads to act like idiots with.

But the far-right folks were in for a surprise when they found out that a court had recently ruled that no alcohol was to be served or consumed at the event due to the fear of potential violence.

Police kept an eye on the festival to make sure that the ban was upheld.

But the best part?

Locals even chipped in and bought more than 100 crates of beer to really make sure that the far-right festival attendees wouldn’t have any brewskies for the weekend.


A local activist named George Salditt said,

“The plan was devised a week in advance. We wanted to dry the Nazis out.

We thought, if an alcohol ban is coming, we’ll empty the shelves at the local supermarket.”

An estimated 2,000 people also gathered for anti-racist demonstrations in Ostritz during the weekend as well. An estimated 500-600 people attended the Sword and Shield festival and were outnumbered not only by protesters but also by police, who numbered roughly 1,400.

The mayor of Ostritz, Marion Prange, said,

“There are people here in Ostritz who do not tolerate the event, who stand for different values and who try to be role models,” Prange said.

Now this is what I call teamwork, and this is what I call community.


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