BTS, a seven-member South Korean…

BTS, a seven-member South Korean boy band, brings in more than $3.6 billion to South Korea’s economy each year, and were the reason one in every 13 foreign tourists visited the country in 2018.

15 People Who Met Celebrities and Had NO Idea Who They Were

This is a classic, classic move and if you’ve pulled it off before, I salute you.

Here’s a fun game: if you ever meet a celebrity or are in their presence, act like you have absolutely no idea who they are. It’s really fun!

That’s what these AskReddit users did. Bravo!

1. That’s nice

“This happened yesterday! My wife took my son to the zoo, and he wanted to read every little plaque in the reptile area. My wife was distracted for a moment, so he asked the nearest stranger to read the plaque for him. My wife turned around to see Scarlett Johansson happily reading the info to him.”

2. On with your day

“My dad met Robin Williams in an elevator. He got in and they rode a few floors in silence. They stopped on a floor and s bunch of fans ran in and started getting pics with Robin. My dad said he was gracious and took pics with everyone.

The doors closed and they rode a few more floors and my dad turned and said “does that ever get old?” and Robin smiled and said “Nope. Never.” Then my dad got off on his floor and they nodded to one another and my dad went on with his day.”

3. Hahaha

“My mom is a big sports fan. One time she was shopping at and saw a really large, fit looking man who she didn’t immediately recognize but seemed familiar.

She thought it must of been a professional football player or something, so she went up to the only other person in the shop, who was this smaller wierd-looking guy, and asked him if he knew who the athletic looking man was. The short guy looked at my mom and said “That’s my bodyguard, I’m Elton John.”

4. Shaq Attaq

“I (almost literally) ran into Shaq at a small restaurant in LA. He was standing in the doorway. You know how some people are so tall you don’t “see” them? So I’m exiting the doorway, and say “excuse me man” and he stepped aside so I could leave. He is one large human being.”

5. No cuts

“My mom yelled at Pierce Brosnan. She and my dad were at a ski resort getting lunch. My mother gets quite hangry (an unfortunate trait I inherited) and was waiting in line to order. Right as she’s about to order a guy tried to cut in front of her and interrupt her.

She snapped and told him to go to the back of the line like everyone else. She got her food and went back to my dad sitting there mouth wide open in shock.

“Do you know who that was?”


“That was Pierce Brosnan. You just yelled at James bond”

“Well he shouldn’t have tried to cut me”

6. That’s who that was…

“I was 10 years old in 2002 when my mom took me to the Bronx Zoo for the first time. It was a rainy day so we practically had the whole place to ourselves except for 3 British kids running around, chaperoned by a woman. My mom quickly befriended the woman while I made like a kid and joined the hoard, looking at spiders and scorpians and sharing in the awe and excitement of the animals.

After about an hour when we said our goodbyes, my mother told me that the kid, Daniel, who I had been hanging out with had played Harry Potter in the movie that came out last year.

I had thought he looked familiar.”

7. You don’t know Jack

“My cousin rode a ski lift with Jack Black in Vail. Just the two of them. Her husband and I were in the lift behind them, freaking out. When we got off the lift they’d gone their separate ways. We made our way to her she was like “wow, that guy on my lift was so nice.” We were like NO SHIT THAT WAS JACK BLACK. She was like “THE SCHOOL OF ROCK GUY?!?!”

She was so embarrassed. She said she rambled on about living in Iowa for most of their conversation. We laughed our asses off.”

8. I know you…

“I worked at a movie theater in Albuquerque at the time they we’re filming the first avengers film. Captain America was about to come out, I remember because we had the huge standee of him in the lobby. I was reading in the box office when three people came up. Guy asked for 3 tickets to Bridesmaids.

It was dark out and he had a green baseball cap and sunglasses. He paid with a credit card. Christopher Evans. I stared at the card after I swiped it. Handed it back. “I need you to sign the receipt” he did. And then he walked in.”

9. Oh, Mom

“My friend’s mom (over 70yrs old) owns a small asian grocery store. Post Malone came walking in with his girlfriend and his mom had no idea who he was. A few cute things happened:

She was nervous because of his tattoos, but happy/not worried once he bought a lot of food. She had no idea he was a celebrity.

She gave him a free snack for buying so much food and told him to come back for lunchtime for cheap and tasty gyoza (he did come back the next day!)

She was worried he would get mugged going to his car because of 3 big men outside so she followed him outside (they were his bodyguards)

She really liked his “cool car” (it was a lamborghini)

She told my friend about the encounter that evening and he pulled up a youtube video based on the description – it was him. When Post Malone came back the next day for Gyoza she got a selfie with him (it’s on my friends phone so I don’t have the picture available right now). Whole thing is adorable with how innocent his mom is.”

10. Curb your enthusiasm

“I was a student athlete in college and was required to “volunteer” a certain number of hours per year. One of the options was to help freshmen move in, which I obviously chose so I could scope out the new talent.

I just finished helping move a kid’s stuff and head back to the loading area, and a black SUV pulls up. Out hops Larry David, his ex-wife, and their daughter who was starting school. I immediately recognized him but played it cool, he wasn’t getting a ton of recognition since I’m guessing not many college students are fans of Curb/Seinfeld.

I introduced myself to them all and he introduced himself and said “Hi, I’m Larry,” and mentioned they were from LA. I replied and said “I used to live in LA, and you look really familiar. Did we meet?” To which he replied “No, I’m just one of those faces,” and gave me a huge wink.

He was cracking jokes the entire move and introducing himself to everyone just as Larry. Just as funny in person as he is on TV. After finishing the move he was nice enough to take a pic with me. Great guy, and the only major celebrity I’ve ever met.”

11. Nice tip

“I used to be a server at a Mexican restaurant right outside LA in the late 90s. One day Leonardo DiCaprio came in with who I assume was his mom to have lunch. This would’ve been post Titanic so really at the peak of his breakthrough mega celeb status.

He was wearing a ball cap, sunglasses and unshaven but I recognized him anyway. I didn’t let anyone know and I wrote something like “your movies are awesome, I hope you liked our food” on his receipt when I dropped it off at the table.

After he left, I swung by and picked up his payment and he had left me a note back that said “thank you so much for not blowing my cover” with a $100 tip. Shit was awesome I was only like 19, I went and got some Playstation games with it after my shift ended.”

12. Chris Rock

“In the Mid 90’s I was a cab driver. Our service was like a cross between a limo and a taxi, and we serviced some fancy resorts. As I dropped off my passenger at a resort, another guy asks if I’m a taxi, and I say yes, so he tells his friend their cab is here.

His friend got in the car and said “this ain’t no cab, smells too good to be a cab” in that unmistakable Chris Rock voice.

He and his friend just bullshitted with each other for the ~15 minute drive to a local night club. There was a white kid trying to talk to a yellow-cab driver ahead of us in the parking lot and Chris Rock started imitating the kid, like “I need a ride, yeah, I’m drunk, but I need a ride”, and I was trying really hard not to laugh out loud.

He wasn’t nearly as famous yet at the time, but I had seen his stand up routines on Comedy Central and knew exactly who he was, but didn’t go fan-boy on him.

10/10 would drive Chris Rock again.”

13. What should I say?

“I was at IKEA in Vancouver and noticed this lady in a low hanging hat had dropped something. I helped her pick it up and noticed it was Sarah McLachlan. Didn’t let on that I knew who she was because I couldn’t think of anything to say.”

14. JT

“I met Justin Timberlake and had no idea it was him until someone told me afterwards. Went to a basketball game with my dad and we stopped by the bar area in the arena first. The game had just started so it was pretty empty except for the bar itself.

My dad goes to the restroom and I walk up to the bar to order a beer. There’s only one seat at the bar next to a guy in a baseball cap and sunglasses. I politely ask if the seat is taken and he just says “nope, it’s all you, man.” We shoot the shit for a couple minutes.

He’s sitting on my right and eventually he says he and his wife are going to go to their seats. He extends his hand and asks my name. I tell him and ask his name. He says, “Justin. Nice to meet you dude, have a good night.”

He and his wife leave and the bartender comes up to me and says, “You know that was Justin Timberlake, right?”

I immediately did a double take and couldn’t believe I didn’t recognize him even with the hat and sunglasses. I told my girlfriend at the time who was a huge Justin Timberlake fan and she couldn’t believe I met him without knowing it was him. She wouldn’t let it go for like a month.

EDIT: To answer some questions, this was a Memphis Grizzlies game and no the bartender wasn’t messing with me because during one of the timeouts, they showed him on camera and had him come on to the court to wave at fans and hype the crowd up etc. I don’t think he expected them to do that and didn’t like it because he left at halftime. Probably just wanted to go to a game without being hounded by fans or something.

EDIT 2: I never got a good look at Jessica Biel. She was wearing sunglasses as well but she didn’t say anything at all during our conversation and since I didn’t even realize I was talking to Justin Timberlake, I wasn’t about to gawk at this random beautiful woman while talking to her husband. 😛

EDIT 3: I’m aware JT is a part owner of the Grizzlies. I’m not sure if I’m right about why he left at halftime in my first edit above. That’s just a complete guess given that 1) he left, 2) I’m assuming he didn’t want to be recognized with the hat and sunglasses and 3) he obviously goes to plenty of Grizzlies games and usually he isn’t trying to hide his face, assuming that’s what he was trying to do this time around. But who knows. He could’ve left the game early for any number of reasons.”

15. We’re from California

“I helped Steven Spielberg move his daughter’s bags into her college dorm.

I was working a shift helping first-years move in and I see a guy in a hat and sunglasses who is unmistakably Spielberg. I strike up a conversation, ask if he needs help with the bags, etc. First names only — “We’re from CA. My wife, Kate, and I sent all our kids to East Coast schools though.” Stuff like that.

Later, when his daughter opened the door for the first time, he whipped out a camcorder and, wearing the biggest Dad grin, recorded the whole thing before turning the camera on my friend and me to ask us about the city.

So, I have a supporting (the luggage), speaking role in a limited release (home movie) film shot by Steven Spielberg.”

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Behold the Octobasse: an Enormous Stringed Instrument with Sounds Too Low for Humans to Hear

How familiar are you with all the stringed instruments out there? Sure, you probably know violins, guitars, cellos, and basses. But I’m betting few of you are familiar with the granddaddy of them all – the octobasse, which genuinely sounds more like a legendary monster than a string instrument.

The octobasse is a string instrument that can create sounds so low, humans can’t hear them. What is the point of that, you ask? Maybe to feel the vibrations? Unclear, but it’s pretty metal.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Though this totally sounds like the invention of a bored millennial, the octobasse was built in 1850 by the French instrument maker Jean-Baptise Vuillaume. The octobasse is quite a lot larger than a human and not very practical to transport; also, there are rumored to only be seven in existence. But there is a playable replica at the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, Arizona. The octobass is in use by exactly one (1) orchestra in the world: the Montreal Symphony Orchestra.

Playing an octobass is different than playing other stringed instruments, because it’s too big for musicians to use their hands on the strings. Instead, there’s a system of levers and pedals that create each note.

Watch some musicians experimenting with the octobasse in Phoenix:

Is it amazing or is it terrifying? Maybe a little of both.

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James Jamerson, regarded as…

James Jamerson, regarded as the greatest electronic bass player ever, recorded Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On, while being flat on his back as he was too intoxicated to stand upright. He was the uncredited bassist on most of the Motown Records hits in the 1960s and early 1970s.

In 2008 and at the age of 45…

In 2008 and at the age of 45, Flea, bass player of the multiplatinum rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers, enrolled as a freshman at University of Southern California’s music program to learn the academic side of music.

5 Popular Love Songs That Aren’t Acually Romantic At All

Ah, to be young and in love. Isn’t it great when you hear a love song and the lyrics just seem to describe your feelings perfectly? There’s nothing better!

Well… you may wanna change your mind about cranking the volume too hard on these 5 tunes, because even though most people think they’re romantic, the truth is that they’re just… not.

#1. “Leaving on a Jet Plane” by John Denver

Image Credit: Wikipedia

Setting aside the fact that Denver, you know…died on a jet plane, the song was never meant to be a love song. Instead, Denver penned a heartfelt farewell from an unfaithful lover.

And who wants that person to come back, really?

#2. “Always” by Bon Jovi

Image Credit: Wikipedia

It starts out all mushy, talking about how the singer will “love you, always” but takes a quick turn into the tragic with lyrics about the bleeding, abandoned heart of a man left behind when his lover moved on with someone else.

#3. “More Than Words” by Extreme

Image Credit: Wikipedia

It sounds like a song about telling someone you love them, but singer-songwriter Nuno Bettencourt is quick to point out that it’s actually about how words can’t fix everything, and that “I love you” so often isn’t enough.

“People use it so easily and so lightly that they think you can say that and fix everything, or you can say that and everything’s OK.”

#4. “Here Comes Your Man” by The Pixies

Image Credit: Wikipedia

This isn’t a cutesy romance song, like the twanging and purrs would suggest – it’s actually “about winos and hobos traveling on the trains, who die in the California Earthquake,” explained frontman Black Francis back in 1989.


#5. “Got to Get You Into My Life” by The Beatles

Image Credit: Wikipedia

You might not believe it, coming from the wholesome Beatles, but Paul McCartney said that fooling “square” parents was the point.

Because the song? Sir Paul said “it’s actually an ode to pot.”

There are plenty of real love songs out there, so I’m sure it won’t take you long to find some great replacements!

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Here’s the Mystery Man Voicing Freddie Mercury in ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

Rami Malek is the talk of the town all around Hollywood thanks to his recent Oscar win for Best Actor, portraying the legendary Freddie Mercury in “Boheminan Rhapsody.” But you’d better believe taking on a role like that took a LOT of hard work learning to sing… and another vocalist.

Marc Martel is a Canadian singer who plays a prominent role in the hit movie Bohemian Rhapsody – but you wouldn’t recognize his face if you passed him on the street. The film relied heavily on Martel’s uncanny ability to mimic Freddie Mercury’s voice in order to get the perfect soundtrack for the film, while still allowing star Rami Malek to portray the Queen vocalist onscreen. Malek’s voice and master recordings of Mercury, who died in 1991, were also used in the film, but Martel played an important part in the process.

Martel is credited in the film with providing “additional vocals”, but he signed a nondisclosure agreement, so he can’t get into too many details about how much his voice was actually featured.

Martel has previously gained notoriety on YouTube for his ability to imitate the iconic singer. His audition tape for Queen drummer Robert Taylor’s tribute band went viral in 2011.

Martel tours with his tribute band Ultimate Queen Celebration and has released an album of Queen cover songs. And though Malek is a bone fide star, Martel’s YouTube videos singing Queen songs have made him a minor celebrity in his own right.

Martel previously fronted a band called Downhere, and it was the bass player in that band that originally commented on his ability to sound like Freddie Mercury. Good thing he spoke up!

Learn how Rami Malek “sunk his teeth” into the role of a lifetime

Rami Malek also got a lot of help from dental technician Chris Lyons, who’s given actors like Meryl Streep and Tilda Swinton their chops. Learn all about about Malek’s teeth transformation:

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7 Little-Known Facts About The Beatles’ Famous Debut on “The Ed Sullivan Show”

Whether or not you’re a fan, there’s simply no denying that The Beatles are right up there amongst the most iconic bands of all time. Their debut on “The Ed Sullivan Show” in 1964 was a total game-changer that sparked a musical revolution.

Here are 7 things you might not know about The Beatles’ first trip to America.

#1. Seeing it live was like winning the lottery.

Image Credit: Wikipedia

Only 728 lucky people were chosen to attend, out of 50,000 fans who requested tickets.

#2. One of The Monkees was there that night, too.

Image Credit: Wikipedia

Davy Jones was on the show to promote Oliver! on Broadway, in which he played the Artful Dodger (and was nominated for a Tony).

#3. They got paid for their appearance.

Image Credit: Pixabay

While most acts appeared on the show in exchange for mere exposure, The Beatles would only agree to hop the pond if The Ed Sullivan Show agreed to not only cover their travel expenses, but to pay an additional $10k fee (around $80k in today’s dollars).

After getting an agreement for 3 appearances and not just one, a deal was struck and history was set in motion.

#4. That said, it was a bargain.

Image Credit: Wikipedia

Close to 74 million people – an astonishing 40% of the country’s population – tuned in for the band’s first U.S. performance.

#5. The “very nice” telegram from Elvis Presley wasn’t actually from Elvis Presley.

Image Credit: Pixabay

The telegram reportedly wished the Fab Four “tremendous success,” but it was actually sent by Elvis’ manager, Colonel Tom Parker, because he thought it would make The King look good. Elvis was notoriously jealous of The Beatles, and the feeling was likely mutual – Harrison responded to the telegram backstage with a mocking “Elvis who?”

#6. They weren’t the only act that night.

Image Credit: Wikipedia

Don’t feel badly if you don’t remember Brill & McCall – few do. They followed The Beatles performance and recall that they couldn’t hear each other during their sketch because of the screaming still going on.

Still, McCall doesn’t regret it, saying “we were there when the world changed.”

#7. The show’s musical director didn’t think much of the band.

Image Credit: Pixabay

His comment to The New York Times? “The only thing that’s different is the hair, as far as I can see. I give them a year.”

Keep on rockin’!

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