15 Times People Realized They’re Too Tall for Japan

One thing I have heard about Japan, is that if you’re an American, you may stand out because of, among other things, your height.

And these people definitely learned that Japan is not really built for tall folks. These pics oughta give you a good laugh.

1. He’s REALLY tall

My 6’7" Stepfather is visiting Japan this week from pics

2. Stands out in a crowd

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#tallinjapan 📷 @fawnvu

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3. Ouch!

6’3” lived in a traditional Japanese house in Japan for two months. There was lots of exposed wooden beams from tall

4. Great memories

5. Watch out

I recently travelled to Japan. from tall

6. Shark bait

7. Friends who duck together…

In Japan, Tall Friends Duck Together from AccidentalWesAnderson

8. Giant

9. Cut off

10. Raise the roof

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We came, we saw, we raised the roof 🙌🏼😉

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11. Mind your dome

12. Be careful

Japan wasn’t build for me from funny

13. Tear it down

Stayed one night in this hostel in Japan. My head connected with this light 8 times. from tall

14. HUGE

Hotels suck. from tall

15. Come down a few inches

Watch your head!

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