The Japanese repair broken pottery…

The Japanese repair broken pottery with gold lacquer to highlight imperfections. The process is called Kintsugi. The art of Kintsugi teaches that broken objects are not something to hide but to display with pride.

Japan’s rail workers use…

Japan’s rail workers use pointing-and-calling, a system of associating one’s tasks with physical movements and vocalizations to prevent errors. It is known to reduce workplace errors by up to 85 percent, according to one 1996 study.

15 Times People Realized They’re Too Tall for Japan

One thing I have heard about Japan, is that if you’re an American, you may stand out because of, among other things, your height.

And these people definitely learned that Japan is not really built for tall folks. These pics oughta give you a good laugh.

1. He’s REALLY tall

My 6’7" Stepfather is visiting Japan this week from pics

2. Stands out in a crowd

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#tallinjapan 📷 @fawnvu

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3. Ouch!

6’3” lived in a traditional Japanese house in Japan for two months. There was lots of exposed wooden beams from tall

4. Great memories

5. Watch out

I recently travelled to Japan. from tall

6. Shark bait

7. Friends who duck together…

In Japan, Tall Friends Duck Together from AccidentalWesAnderson

8. Giant

9. Cut off

10. Raise the roof

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We came, we saw, we raised the roof 🙌🏼😉

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11. Mind your dome

12. Be careful

Japan wasn’t build for me from funny

13. Tear it down

Stayed one night in this hostel in Japan. My head connected with this light 8 times. from tall

14. HUGE

Hotels suck. from tall

15. Come down a few inches

Watch your head!

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People in Japan are renting cars…

People in Japan are renting cars, but not to drive them anywhere. Car rental companies looked into it and discovered that people were using them to take naps, eat lunch, do work, change clothes, recharge cell phones, and store things (when storage lockers at train stations weren’t available).

Okinawa has some of the longest…

Okinawa has some of the longest living people on earth, and it has the highest rate of people over a hundred in the world. Two thirds of them are still living independently at the age of 97. Okinawans have also been found to have low rates of heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes. According to […]

Japan’s Wisteria Gardens Will Take Your Breath Away

Spring is in the air all around, and after a long and dreary winter, it’s truly a delight to see all of nature in bloom again. This time of year is truly a magical season, but it’s especially gorgeous in Japan.

There’s a natural tendency for most of us to think of cherry blossom when we picture springtime in Japan, but today we’re here to put the spotlight on something we think is JUST as magical (if not more) – wisteria vines.


Wisteria plants grow long, flowering vines with flowers of various shades including white, yellow, pale blue, pink, and purple. Throughout Japan, there are several gorgeous wisteria gardens with man-made canopies for the plants to spread out on.





One of the most popular wisteria gardens in Japan is the Kawachi Wisteria Garden, located in the northern end of Kyusu Island. This private garden is only open to the public during wisteria season (April-May) and the maple leaf season in the fall.





The garden’s most prominent features are two 330-foot tunnels draped by 22 different varieties of wisteria plants.








Ok, definitely adding this to my bucket list.

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