Aka Manto is a malicious…

Aka Manto is a malicious spirit from Japanese urban legends that kills people in public bathrooms. In one version, it first asks its victims to choose between red and blue toilet paper: if they pick red, the victim is sliced to pieces, if they pick blue, they’re choked to death.

During the 1936 Berlin Olympics….

During the 1936 Berlin Olympics, two Japanese pole vaulters who tied for second place refused to participate in a tie-breaker. Upon returning to Japan, they cut their medals in half and fused them to one another so each athlete ended up with a half-silver, half-bronze medal.

Dr. Seuss drew anti-Japanese…

Dr. Seuss drew anti-Japanese cartoons during WWII. When he met the survivors of Hiroshima, he realized “A person is a person no matter how small”. He later created Horton Hears a Who! as an apology, dedicating it to a Japanese friend.

Check Out this Nutella ‘Slot Machine’ in New York, with 20 Flavor Combinations

Earlier this winter, people in New York City were gambling away at a new slot game… and everyone was a winner!

The machine in question was made by Ferrero, the parent company of Nutella, and it was filled with – yep, no surprises here, Nutella! All it takes to play is hitting one single button and, depending on how the slots land, you end up with one of 20 possible variations on a Nutella breakfast snack, with choices like sliced bananas, pistachios, or cherries, served on toast.

Photo Credit: This is Insider

This promotion debuted in late November, and Ferrero has since (tragically) closed down the machine. But don’t fret, my Nutella nuts, because Ferrero recently opened a whole Nutella café in New York City. There you can satisfy your sweet tooth with Nutella smeared between a brioche bun or in a bowl of pound cake, fruit, and a generous drizzle of Nutella.

I’ll Nutell-ya, this looks like heaven. YUM!

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Two Japanese Cats Keep Trying to Sneak In to this Museum – Every. Single. Day.

They say that art knows no bounds. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, or who you are. Art lovers can come from all walks of life, but the one thing most of take for granted is that all art lovers are humans. Well, get ready to shatter that illusion because these art enthusiasts are cats. The adorable one on the left is Ken Chan. The cute orange-y little girl is Gosaku, sometimes called Go-Chan

Photo Credit: Twitter

Their mission for years has been to visit the Hiroshima Onomichi City Museum of Art. However, since they are cats, they are unable to purchase tickets and are therefore prohibited from viewing the art. Also, being cats, they probably shouldn’t be near priceless and irreplaceable works, especially the textiles.

Still, this sort of narrow-minded thinking by management has not stopped Ken Chan and Go-Chan from trying to get a paw in the door for years.

Photo Credit: Twitter

Go-Chan is not as naughty, but every once in a while, she will try the door. Certainly, at Ken Chan’s urging.

Photo Credit: Twitter

The security guard, however, has a job to do and that is to keep two silly cats from pussyfooting around his museum.

Photo Credit: Twitter

Everyday is a stuggle for Ken Chan and Go-Chan.

Photo Credit: Twitter

Especially for Ken Chan, who loooooovvvvves the art. Please let me see the art.

Photo Credit: Twitter

Oh, Go-Chan. You too, again?

Photo Credit: Twitter

When will they ever learn?

Photo Credit: Twitter

Such willful little things to never give up on their dreams. Ken-chan and Go Chan, we hope you find a door left open accidentally soon. We’re cheering for you!

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Japanese Emperor Hirohito, in his…

Japanese Emperor Hirohito, in his radio announcement declaring the country’s capitulation to the Allies in WWII, never used the word “surrender” or “defeat” but instead stated that the “war situation has developed not necessarily to Japan’s advantage.” The Emperor spoke an ancient version of Japanese that the common folk were not familiar with. Immediately following […]

A Japanese rail company has…

A Japanese rail company has apologised after a train left a station 25 seconds early. The operator said, “the great inconvenience we placed upon our customers was truly inexcusable”. 00

The Japanese never ate salmon…

The Japanese never ate salmon sushi until the 1980s when a Norwegian businessman, hired by Norway’s government to offload excess salmon, made a deal with a Japanese company to sell the fish in its grocery stores, leading to its popularity today. 00