People Talk About the Craziest Things They’ve Ever Seen Go Down at Parties

When I think about the stupid things that my friends and I did when we were young and, well, stupid, it’s kind of incredible that none of us got hurt really bad…or worse.

But what did we know? We were young and living in the moment!

But that was then and this is now. These days I’m usually in bed by 10 p.m. or maybe 10:15 if it’s been a wild night.

But right now we’re gonna take a trip back in time and have some fun!

Here are some crazy party stories from AskReddit users.

1. Jeez…

“Went to some girls house party who made the mistake of saying, when everyone was robbing her dad’s stuff: “Ok everyone can take just one item”

Obviously that didn’t go well her house got obliterated. She got kicked out by her parents not long after the party and ended up on her*in.

Very sad story and nobody knows for 100% certain but whenever we reminisce about it, my friends and I are pretty sure it’s that house party that sparked her downward spiral as she was a well educated girl and quite well off before that situation happened.

She also ended up on Kilroy (an old British talkshow) talking about the dangers of her*in and homelessness years later.”

2. Gross party trick.

“Drinking with a bunch of friends, one guys is smashed and spills his full drink all over the floor.

He grabs the mop from the closet and starts mopping it up while the rest of us give him a hard time for wasting alcohol.

Takes the mop, lifts it above his head and wrings it out into his mouth…”

3. Fight!

“So this was actually a neighboring party in college but we saw the chaos happen in real time. It was Halloween weekend and a friend and I were on his back porch having a cigarette and shooting the breeze when suddenly we heard glass break from the neighbor’s house.

A guy dressed as a ninja turtle was now fighting a guy dressed as a zombie in the side yard as others tried to stop them. A girl dressed as a fairy was crying and saying she didn’t cheat on the ninja turtle guy and it was a misunderstanding.

We just stood there watching this unfold and then someone yelled about the cops being on their way. Everyone panicked and scattered, some people demanded that we let them hide in my friend’s house. He said no and we both went inside. Later, we got the whole story from one of the guys who lived there.

Ninja turtle guy thought his gf was cheating with zombie guy and decided to pick a fight. He shoved him into a door that had a glass pane and busted it (which was what we heard) and then the fight spilled into the side yard. It was so bizarre to watch two people in Halloween costumes beating the sh*t out of each other.”

4. Time to go.

“A girl I know broke up with her boyfriend at a party. He was soooo mad(and drunk), that he took both his hands and formed a hammer , and smashed through the windows. Next thing you know, he is on his knee’s, pissing blood, with both of his arteries severed.

One dude that kept his sh*t together, teared his shirt apart, and tied both his arms, and carried him like a potato sack in his car, and flew to the hospital. He saved his life, in front of our eyes.

We were like twenty people who saw this, and nobody, but this guy, did anything, we all stood there like idiots.”

5. That’s weird.

“Host and their boyfriend having s*x in the middle of the room and everyone else just sitting around watching tv and not really that bothered.”

6. A quick recovery.

“My first ever week at uni a guy in our flat passed out in his boxers & socks after swigging tequila & Southern comfort straight from the bottle for an hour.

He was fully gone & couldn’t even stand or drink water.

We put him to bed, then not 10 mins later he knocked at my door fully dressed & apologized for ‘the incident yesterday’ & said he’d be more careful with his drinking. Just the speed of his recovery was honestly completely crazy.

He did then disappear all night as far as I’m aware but it remains a mystery to me what happened.”

7. Kids are dumb.

“I was at a party in high school and 30 or so people had all crammed themselves into the dining room. They had moved everything out of it and were using it as a makeshift dance floor.

This one song comes on that just goes “JUMP, JUMP, JUMP!!!” Everyone starts jumping in unison and all of a sudden the whole center of the f*cking floor caves in. Not just a little hole but like a 10×10 section just crushes inward and sends all of them smashing into one another.

I was in the kitchen, laughed my* off, and promptly peaced the f*ck out to avoid whatever fallout came. Another time I was a party with probably 75 to 100 people there. The house had a backyard that led straight into a hiking area / nature park kinda thing. Cops showed up and everybody goes scattering into the woods in the middle of the night.

A small group of people I kinda knew all kinda grouped up as we descend into the pitch black forest. We keep going for a bit and stop to kinda listen to what’s going on cause there were a bunch of other groups all around us, and we had seen police with flashlights poking around. One of the girls in the group I’m in sits on a cactus and screams and from above us we hear “shut the f*ck up”.

One dude had climbed like 30 feet up a tree and was just bear hugging the trunk holding on. As im picking the needles out of this girls but another groups comes running past us and tells us the neighbors had started shooting at them with bb guns and they were gonna grab some rocks and f*ck up their house…

Kids are dumb. I was dumb.”

8. Good catch!

“It was towards the end of the night and one guy was asleep on a living room chair, legs over one arm and leaning back against the other arm.

He woke up just as he was about to vomit and his friend literally dove in to catch the vomit with his hands (we didn’t want to mess the house being underage drinkers).

That wasn’t the crazy bit though… sleepy guy had caught his own vomit in his hand and said “it’s okay, I got this” and scooped it back into his mouth, swallowed it, then went back to sleep.

It’s been over 10 years since it happened and I will never forget watching that.”

9. Didn’t even notice.

“At my first rager, I didn’t drink but I smoked a considerable amount so I was very very high. Two popular girls from my high school who only knew me because I sat next to them in physics class approached me in the beginning of the night before I got high, and we chatted for a bit.

There was an NBA game going on during the party, and I was wearing a jersey of one of the teams playing. Most of the party was gathered around in the living room watching the game. That one single room was packed with about 100 people, so it was very hectic.

The team I wore a jersey of lost the game, so both because i was upset by that and in anticipation that i might be a center of attention because of what I was wearing, I decided to leave at that point, even though it was only about 12:30 AM.

As I was waking out, one of the popular girls, who I could tell was more drunk than the last time I saw her, approached me and asked where I was going to which I responded that i was leaving. She then stopped me and asked me if I ever considered her one of my friends. I knew in my head that the answer was no, but my extremely high self did not know how to answer the question, so I said “I guess.” Then I walked away.

I later found out the next day that that girl had a broken nose. I asked around to see what happened and one of my friends who saw what happened was confused because apparently I was there when it happened. I had no idea what he was talking about so I told him to explain.

Apparently, as I was turning around to leave, she came in to kiss me, obviously missed my face, and fell straight into the ground and smashed her face. I was so high that I didn’t even notice.”

10. Sounds like fun!

“We got so drunk once we took turns vomiting in a hollowed out stump in the backyard until it was full.”

11. Ouch.

“I remember being at a party and pointing out to a friend how clean a glass door was that it didn’t even look like a door was there. Not even two minutes later a guy dove through the door thinking there wasn’t a door there.

Blood everywhere, stitches were needed but he just rinsed himself off at the sink, threw some duct tape on the wounds, and partied on.”

12. PDA to the extreme.

“Field party when I was in high school there was a loud cheer going on about 50 feet away. Instantly I figured two drunks fighting.

Wandered over and some girl was lying on her back with her skirt hiked right up and some dude’s face was buried deep into her.

Even with the cheering and hollering he kept going and she didn’t care that everyone was watching.”

13. Became a legend that night.

“In college, our fraternity held an annual, massive outdoor rager outside of town on some farmland. 1500+ people show up, from a private school with an undergrad enrollment at the time around 12,000.

Extreme drunkenness ensues. One of the fellas has his High School Buddy come into town just for this party, and this guy is having the time of his life. At one point he gets encouraged, by a couple other guys who do the same, to streak through the party. Of course, their timing of the streak coincided with officers from 4 different law enforcement agencies (3 cities & 1 county) arriving to bust up the fun.

Like kicking over an anthill, full of entitled, know-it-all, drunken ants. People are scattering, and HSB gets nabbed, naked, by a couple cops. He gets cuffed with hands behind his back, and then the cops put some boxer shorts on him to cover the naughty bits. Don’t know where the boxers came from. Of course, the crazy fire drill is still ongoing, with college kids, cops, and escaping cars tearing through the fields trying to get out of Dodge.

So, the cops who arrested HSB turn from him to arrest another guy running by, and HSB sees his chance. He takes the opportunity to run into the crowd of escaping co-partiers. I, at this point, had my Jeep full of people and as I’m plowing through a field toward the highway, my headlights illuminate a figure that we pass: you guessed it, HSB, in boxers, hands cuffed behind his back, legs pumping hard.

Me, looking to my friend with a lengthy criminal history in the passenger seat: Did you see… Friend: Nope. Me: Should we… Friend: Nope.

So, I am ashamed to say, I did not stop to save our hero. But the story doesn’t end there. I learn later that night at a house party where we regrouped that HSB was picked up on the highway by a fraternity brother and his girlfriend who gave him a ride back to their house. Still in boxers, still cuffed.

When they got to the house, girlfriend called our university police department and tells them, “gee, I don’t know how to say this, and please don’t tell my parents I called you, but my boyfriend and I got a little kinky, and I put hand cuffs on him, and now I’ve lost the keys, and is there any way you guys could help us?”

Our university police department sent a couple officers over, and girlfriend answers the door in her nightie, with HSB in his boxers. Officers tease her and him, uncuff him, tell those naughty kids to be more careful, and leave. 20 minutes later they’re back, sirens blaring.

Fraternity brother opens the door, and when they demand to see the guy who they have now learned was arrested by one of their brothers in blue, he tells them he doesn’t know what they’re talking about. They threaten to ticket all the cars on the block for illegal parking.

He tells them that he parks in the garage and to go f*ck themselves. HSB shows up at the after party, still wearing only the boxers. The next day HSB returns to his own college across the country, after becoming a legend at ours.”

How about you?

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen at a party in your whole life?

Talk to us in the comments and give us all the details!

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