People Say That These Things Haven’t Aged Very Well

One of the most fun parts of life is how we are completely unable to guess, for the most part, the things that are going to not only catch on with people, but endure.

Our world is constantly changing, updating, and the people who live in it are adapting as well as we can (some faster than others), so that’s probably why these 12 things haven’t aged well.

At all.

12. Pop culture references are always risky.

Sex and the City.

There’s legit an episode where Samantha encourages someone to go to a party because ‘Harvey Weinstein will be there’.


Plus everyone is whiny and crap.

11. Yeah, don’t say that.

In my country, parents use(d) to tell their children “eat all of your food or there will be bad weather tomorrow” (to avoid leftovers).

Today we have overweight children and a climate crisis…

10. She’s always right.

My “not needing” to buy new underwear for 10 years.

I didn’t know cotton breaks down!

Now I have to admit to my wife she was right

9. This is so full of awkward cringe.

I exchanged emails with a few of my elementary school teachers when they left the school mid-way through the year.

I emailed my favorite teacher often, and I’d ask him about how the new school he was at was etc.

A few years later, I found out he was jailed for child molestation. 13 year old me sent an email to him asking how prison was at the time.

My siblings never let me forget.

8. It’s a sad story, really.

Kony 2012.

Anyone else remember that?

The dude ended up getting arrested for being naked in public.

7. The cast might be cursed.


Well, the teacher in charge of Glee Club isn’t nearly the great teacher he was made out to be. His behavior around the kids was creepy (inappropriate dance routines, pressuring them into wearing less clothes than they were comfortable with (worse, because the girl had an eating disorder and was very insecure about her body), that sort of thing). His relationship with a fellow teacher was portrayed as ‘relationship goals’, but was in fact not that healthy either.

Then there were a few comments about bisexuality that really wouldn’t fly today, and they weren’t shown to be ignorant either.

And there was an episode about a school shooting, that didn’t go over well, one might consider it tone deaf, what with how quickly everyone got over the scare (there was no actual shooting).

Finally, in the first season, Quinn, the cheerleader, was pregnant. She was big on saving yourself until marriage, and had convinced her boyfriend the baby was his, through some biologically impossible idea. What actually happened, was that another jock got her drunk and slept with her. It was never addressed how shady that was, especially with her being president of the abstinence club and already having a BF, so it was clear he wouldn’t stand a chance with her sober.

Said jock was played by Mark Salling, and was portrayed as being very into sex. That feels a bit weird, knowing now that he was arrested for possessing kiddie p and killed himself before it could go to trial.

6. We’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg.

Unvaccinated kids.

5. The face I’m making just thinking about it.

The “Special barbecue sauce” scene from The Cosby show.

4. That’s a metaphor if I’ve ever seen one.

The large American flag (made in China) on the town green’s flagpole.

It was less than 2 months old and already in tatters.

3. Little did he know…

My comment from a few years ago on a YouTube video where I said “How could a virus take down an economy? Lol”

Damn that comment aged poorly.

2. Anything with Bill Cosby.

Bill Cosby wrote a book titled Come On People.

So, yeah…

1. We’re all chuckling at that one.

Teachers saying you would not walk around with a calculator in your pocket.

Or the entire teaching style of teaching kids to memorize stuff they could look up in five seconds.

A few teachers understand students have access to the internet and instead teach them better ways to utilize the tools and creative thinking and problem solving

but sadly it seems most teachers still just teach kids to memorize stuff they can look up in five seconds

I’m sure I could think of a bunch more things to put on this list if I had the time!

What would you add? Tell us in the comments!

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