Grandma Takes Incredible Boudoir Pics to Prove That #RelationshipGoals Have No Age Limit

Boudoir pictures are all the rage these days. If you’re unfamiliar, they’re basically just some racy photos one usually takes (often with the help of a photographer) as a sexy surprise for their significant other.

But sexy photos are usually the purview of younger couples. You know, the set that doesn’t have to worry about extra skin and stretch marks and saggy boobs, et al.

Then again, screw body negativity! Once your kids leave the nest, it seems like the perfect time invest in some sexy snaps!

Maybe that’s what Georgia grandma Lisa Bishop thought when her daughter Samantha, who takes boudoir photographs for a living, offered to photograph her. However, they decided to take the boudoir idea and turn it on its head – or knitting needles as the case may be.

She told Scary Mommy:

“I’m a boudoir photographer and my mom and I talked about doing a shoot. She said she’d only do one if we could do it in a bathtub full of yarn.”

And thus, this beautiful, hilarious idea came to fruition.

It may have begun as a joke but as they went along, Lisa really started to get into it. They started with the yarn, but then took things a step further…

Your eyes do not deceive you — those are Wether’s Originals pouring over her bare legs. This is how a legend is born.

Her daughter revealed that they didn’t even have to buy any of the props.

“She’s an avid crocheter, so we already had the yarn on hand.”

No word on the Werther’s, though I figure Lisa’s got lots more where those came from…

The good news is the last few pages of the photo album are blank, which means we can all cross our fingers for follow up shots.

You can see by her husband’s reaction that he’s hoping for the same.

“Oh good,” he says. “There’s room for more.”

Amen, Mike. Amen.

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