Ancient Roman Joke Pen

While excavating for Bloomberg’s headquarters, archaeologists have discovered a ancient Roman stylus inscribed with (roughly) “I went to Rome, and all I brought you was this pen.”

The ‘Moon Selfie’: 11 People Took Pics with Toilet Paper Rolls and They’re Hilarious

Hey, this is pretty fun!

Every month there seems to be some kind of big “moon” even happening, so recently, r/JokeInks posted this photo on Reddit inviting others to join in on the fun of becoming one!

Photo Credit: Reddit, r/JokeInks

Did Reddit respond?

You’re damn right they did!

Here are the best moon selfies ever in the history of moon selfies!

10. Mean Moon

Photo Credit: Reddit, r/hedgelinghog

9. Full Moon

Photo Credit: Reddit, r/SisterResister

 8. Pensive Moon

Photo Credit: Reddit, r/laurasaurus

7. Sleepy Moon

Photo Credit: Reddit, r/UncleFishies

6. Happy Moon

Photo Credit: Reddit, r/Xenokiller101

5. Orbiting moon

Photo Credit: Reddit, r/Aeolyon

4. 246 days of Moon

3. Thoughtful Moon

Photo Credit: Reddit, r/flashmanMRP

2. Mustache Moon

Photo Credit:

1. Grumpy Moon

Photo Credit:

Want to try it out? Take a snap and post it in the comments!

You know you want to…

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