Teach you, I will

In 2017, Saudi Arabia accidentally printed history textbooks that showed Yoda presiding over a committee at the founding of the United Nations.

South Dakota on Meth

South Dakota reportedly paid an advertising firm $449,000 to develop its new anti-meth campaign. The firm came up with the slogan, “Meth. We’re on it.” The public reaction, so far, hasn’t been kind.

Alex, the parrot

Alex was a grey parrot with a vocabulary of over 100 words, the ability to identify over 50 different objects, and the ability to count quantities up to 6. Before he died in 2007, his last words were “You be good, see you tomorrow. I love you.”

Mount Athos, Greece

Mount Athos, Greece, is an entirely self-governed peninsula inhabited only by Orthodox monks. Female humans, chickens, cows and goats are banned from entry, but female cats are explicitly permitted.

Sound Baptisms

On Sundays, San Francisco’s Church of St. John Coltrane holds ‘sound baptisms’ — three-hour jam sessions, and their general advice is ‘If you ain’t happy, you ain’t listening to enough Coltrane!’.

Serbian artist Uroš Predić…

Serbian artist Uroš Predić made a painting of drunks in his village returning home from the pub at dawn. He hoped the painting would convince them to change their ways but instead they ended up loving it. Some even complimented how accurate it was.

Umbrella fitted with lightning conductor

In the late 18th century, Jacques Barbeu Du Bourg, Benjamin Franklin’s French translator, invented le parapluie-paratonnerre, the lightning rod umbrella, which is said to have become fashionable among Parisian gentlemen.