Bowie Is Instagram’s New Favorite Cat

The online world loves cats, and we’re always ready to embrace another adorable, unique, funny kitty when they leap insistently onto the screen, but there are just so many of them!

That said, when you’re as funky and cool as this cat – right down to your musician-inspired name – everyone is bound to give you a few more than your five minutes of fame.

Meet Bowie, and be prepared to fall in love.

In 2018, Bowie was abandoned and ended up in a veterinarian’s office in Spain, but he didn’t stay there for long.

His person, Maria Lloret, fell in love with the cat with the unique markings and different colored eyes – one green and one blue – the instant she saw him.

Bowie comes complete with an ivory coat, patches of russet and black all over his head, neck, and torso, and grey stripes on his tail.

You could say he’s the best of all worlds.

As Maria began obsessively photographing her handsome good boy (as one does), other people started to take notice of Bowie, too.

Maria also blogs about her life with Bowie and advocates for animal adoption and generally spreads happiness and awareness about living with a lovely pet.

I think we can all agree that he’s quite the specimen – I could scroll through pictures of him for awhile without getting bored.

He’s a star!

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