Newsletter Item for (79188): How One Earthquake Erased an Empire and Changed the Course of Human History


How One Earthquake Changed the Course of Human History


On November 1, 1755, an earthquake released the energy equivalent of 32,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs, with Lisbon suffering the worst of it. Then the tsunami hit…

How One Earthquake Erased an Empire and Changed the Course of Human History

Newsletter Item for (25650): What’s in a Nickname? The Origins of All 32 NFL Team Names


How All 32 NFL Teams Got Their Names


What do newspaper headline type and the New Deal have to do with the Oakland Raiders and Philadelphia Eagles? Here are the stories behind the nicknames of the NFL’s 32 teams—and what they were almost called.Arizona

What's in a Nickname? The Origins of All 32 NFL Team Names

Site of the Infamous Horse Head Scene From ‘The Godfather’ Hits the Market

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The Hearst Mansion in Beverly Hills, California boasts two pools, a lighted tennis court, and a memorable appearance in one of the greatest films ever made. As The Wall Street Journal reports, the home, which has been used as the location for scenes in The Godfather (1972), is up for sale with a listing price of $195 million.

The 5-acre property is most recognizable from Francis Ford Coppola’s iconic flick as the home where Jack Woltz awakens to find the head of his prize thoroughbred in bed with him. The Hearst Mansion is also featured in the 1992 drama The Bodyguard.

Named for former owner and publishing heavyweight William Randolph Hearst, the estate was later owned by actress Marion Davies and visited by Jacqueline and John F. Kennedy during their honeymoon.

Forty years ago, the mansion was purchased for $2 million by its current owner, attorney and real estate investor Leonard Ross. He last listed the property for $165 million in 2007. This time around the price has been raised by 18 percent, and he’s enlisted agent Mauricio Umansky of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fame to sell it. A 4-acre subsection of the property that includes the mansion is also being sold for $175 million.

The six structures located on the Hearst estate feature 28 bedrooms and 38 bathrooms. Twenty-thousand square feet were added to the property during renovations in the 1990s. Bulletproof windows were also added, a feature that may be of some interest to future owners with enemies in the mob.

[h/t The Wall Street Journal]

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September 12, 2016 – 11:30am

iTunes Is Offering 10 Movies for $10 Today

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iTunes Movies via Twitter

To celebrate 10 years since iTunes began renting and selling movies, Apple is offering bargains on film bundles. The tech giant is offering 10-movie bundles for just $9.99 each, The Verge reports.

You can get selections of the top 10 movies from the biggest studios—like Warner Bros., Universal, and Lionsgate—which are a mix of comedies and dramas from various years. The Sony Pictures bundle, for instance, features a combination of cinema including The Monuments Men (2014), Captain Phillips (2013), Easy A (2010), Julie & Julia (2009), and The Social Network (2010).

Screenshot via iTunes

The other options bundle the top 10 movies of each year, giving you a cross-section of popular cinema from recent history. The packs take customers back to the days when movies like Wild Hogs (2007), 27 Dresses (2008), or Ted (2012) were some of the most downloaded movies of the year.

Check out the the film bundles for yourself on iTunes, only available today (September 12).

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September 12, 2016 – 11:00am

Bananagrams Releases Branded Beer

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Narragansett Beer

It’s never advisable to play word games while inebriated, but if you do, you might as well stick to a theme. Bananagrams, the portable word game that’s celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, recently released a Bananagrams Beer as a licensed tie-in product.

Weird? A little. But And it has a lot to do with their geography.

According to Bananagrams CEO Rena Nathanson, the company was presented with an adult beverage opportunity as a result of being near the Rhode Island-based Narragansett Beer, which has been issuing a series of tie-in brews under their “Hi Neighbor!” label. It’s not kid-friendly, but Nanthanson told that the board and analog game category is increasingly driving business from adult players at board game cafes and pubs.

“Indeed, the very notion of ‘family’ is such an evolving thing, taking on so many guises in the modern world,” Nathanson said. “While children remain at the heart of what we do, we recognize that ‘family’ for many is their extended friendship networks which may include no children at all, and that what we once saw as traditional ‘family time’ now often takes the form of get-togethers with friends at home or in restaurants and pubs.”

The 16-ounce oversized can of brew is a German variation with wheat malt and, according to Narragansett, “notes” of banana. You can find it in six-packs in and around New England, Florida, and as far as Tennessee.


September 12, 2016 – 10:30am