Romanian sewer workers accidentally…

Romanian sewer workers accidentally discovered a cave which was sealed for 5.5 million years. Movile Cave is filled with evolutionary distinct exotic creatures (albino crabs, worms) which feed off sulfur-producing bacteria. Here are more details about the ecosystem and insects.

Parachuting beavers were a real thing in the US following World War 2

Idaho Department of Fish and Game officials struggling to manage a growing beaver population in the 1940s and 1950s struck on an unusual solution. The rangers took advantage of a surplus of parachutes following World War II to launch a program to trap and air drop beavers into the remote the Frank Church-River of No […]

Pre-Infected Tissues

The company Vaev claims to be selling tissues that have already been sneezed into. For about $80 it seems that you get a box containing one infected tissue. The idea apparently is that you can infect yourself with a cold, and this will somehow strengthen your immune system, thereby protecting you from further colds or […]