The largest electric vehicle…

The largest electric vehicle on Earth, a monster dump truck, never has to recharge because it moves uphill empty but downhill full, and regenerative braking with a full load provides enough electricity for it to go uphill again.

The Italian Mafia is involved…

The Italian Mafia is involved in nuclear waste trafficking: they have bought nuclear power plant waste and dumped it in Somalia. The Camorrah in Naples do this too. Except they dump it in Naples.

A family-run restaurant in Bangkok…

A family-run restaurant in Bangkok has had a the same giant pot of soup simmering for 45 years. When it runs low, they top it off. It’s a beef noodle soup called neua tuna. It simmers in a giant pot. Fresh meat like raw sliced beef, tripe and other organs is added daily. But any […]

Sesame Street Characters Reenacted ‘Sabotage’ by the Beastie Boys. Take a Look.

When the Sabotage video hit the airwaves, it was a game-changer. Suddenly, the Beasties were back on top and firmly in the public consciousness like they hadn’t been in years.

The Sabotage video was directed by Spike Jonze and was a throwback to 1970s-style cop TV shows such as Starsky and Hutch and Baretta. It was a brilliant idea and executed perfectly. To be honest, music videos had become a little boring by the time the Sabotage video came out in 1994, and the Beastie Boys injected some fun and humor back into MTV, which seemed to be all doom and gloom with the explosion of grunge. Here’s a refresher.

I think people can argue that the Sabotage video set the stage for such later classic videos as Weezer’s Buddy Holly.


The Sesame street video was made by Mylo the Cat (aka Adam Schleichkorn) using footage from the 1985 Sesame Street film Follow That Bird. He’s previously gained fame for video mashups such as Barney the Dinosaur doing The Notorious B.I.G’s Get Money.

Is it silly? Yes. Is it goofy? Absolutely.

The mashup works well for these videos because, like the original video, there’s a lot of running around and people getting chased, this time it just happens to be Big Bird.

I think this is one of the better mashup videos I’ve ever seen, to be honest. Here’s the entire video for you to enjoy.

Oh, and, RIP MCA.

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Sausage of the North

When British sausage-maker Heck announced that it was going to construct a gigantic sausage statue as tall as Big Ben alongside the A1(M) motorway in England, most people assumed they were joking. Especially since they made the announcement on the day before April Fool’s Day. But it turns out, they weren’t joking and appear to […]

The last recorded sword duel in history

The last recorded sword duel in history took place in France in 1967. One member of the National Assembly told another member to “shut up, stupid”, and so the recipient of the insult challenged him to a duel with swords.

Romanian sewer workers accidentally…

Romanian sewer workers accidentally discovered a cave which was sealed for 5.5 million years. Movile Cave is filled with evolutionary distinct exotic creatures (albino crabs, worms) which feed off sulfur-producing bacteria. Here are more details about the ecosystem and insects.