20 Tips to Help You Get Closer to Having Zero Waste

If you and your family are working toward a greener way of life, then chances are you’re looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint in your daily life. If you’re feeling green, here are 20 ways you can inch your household closer to zero waste.

#1. A compost bin on your countertop.

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You know you need to compost, but when you’re cleaning up in a hurry, you don’t want to make two trips – one to the trash and one to the compost bin/pile. This little bin is the answer to all of your concerned-but-lazy prayers!

#3. A solid reusable water bottle.

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This one even collapses so you can save on precious cabinet space.

#3. Re-chargeable batteries and a charger.

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Do you know how many batteries you toss in the trash? Don’t start counting; it’s just depressing.

#4. Ditch your dryer sheets.

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These dryer balls come infused with lovely scents, fluff your clothes, and erase static cling.

#5. If you love baking, silicon cupcake wrappers are a must.

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These are adorable, too – bonus.

#6. Toss your pads and tampons for good.

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Reusable period panties are all the rage for a great reason – they’re awesome.

#7. Glass storage and meal prep containers.

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You’ll literally keep them forever. As long as you don’t lose the lids.

#8. Toss your floss in favor of a Waterpik.

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Plus, you know. Actually start flossing!

#9. Ditch your bottles of body wash.

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Swap it for a rich lather bar soap, instead.

#10. Replace cling wrap with something washable/compostable.

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These beeswax wraps are a good option, but there are many reusable products on the market.

#11. Reusable shopping bags.

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A classic! You’ll love these so much there’s no way you’re going to forget them at home.

#12. Switch your plastic baggies out for reusable silicon baggies.

Bonus – you will feel so organized, too.

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#13. A washable puppy pee pad.

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No more tossing the ones they soil while you’re training them.

#14. A coffee cup you’ll love to reuse.

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This one comes with a cork “sleeve” to save your fingers, too.

#15. A reusable earwax kit.

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No more cotton swabs! (Be careful with these – they may be satisfying, but you really don’t want to damage your eardrum)

#16. A loofah that lasts.

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And doesn’t gather microbes like it’s its job.

#17. Stainless steel coffee pods.

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Stop feeling guilty about your Keurig today – just fill with ground coffee, and you’re golden!

#18. Ditch your parchment paper/foil.

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These silicone baking mats work even better.

#19. If you’ve got kids, these washable squeeze pouches are a must.

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We throw away so. many. pouches.

#20. Get rid of your single-use straws.

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Stainless steel, bamboo, or whatever – but make sure you’ve got good cleaning implements, too!

I know I’m going to give a few of these a try!

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