Futuristic Products and Gadgets That You Need to See

What year is it? And what planet am I on?

I keep forgetting because I continue to see gadgets and technology like the things you’re about to see in the photos below.

Are you ready to time travel to the future? And by that I mean RIGHT NOW.

Let’s get going!

1. This is good!

This airport bathroom has lights to show you which stalls are free. from mildlyinteresting

2. A wonderful idea.

These public benches are reversible, so you can choose to look at people, or boats. from mildlyinteresting

3. What would you like to talk about?

My Uber driver offered a conversation “menu” for his ride from mildlyinteresting

4. Especially useful right now.

This elevator at my university has feet buttons from mildlyinteresting

5. Why waste the paper?

Mango with label stamped into it instead of having a sticker from mildlyinteresting

6. Looks like fun!

My carwash lets people shoot passing cars with a suds gun. from mildlyinteresting

7. I really like this!

This furniture hardware is sorted by step rather than by type. from mildlyinteresting

8. Give it a test run.

Nail polish bottle has a swatch of the colour attached to the bottle so you can see how the colour looks on you. from mildlyinteresting

9. No more litter bugs.

My tour guide’s tool for picking up littered bottles along the trail. from mildlyinteresting

10. Up the wall.

My work continues the paint lines up the wall to help people park. from mildlyinteresting

11. Sound the alarm.

Emergency alarm chords running along the floor of the disabled toilet in Berlin Airport in case someone falls over and requires assistance from mildlyinteresting

See what I’m talking about? Pretty cool stuff!

Have you seen any nifty gadgets lately that really surprised you?

Tell us about them in the comments!

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People Share What the Smartest Folks They Know Do For Work

What does the smartest person I know do for a living…?

If I had to pick my smartest friend, he works for the Social Security Administration in the U.S. Government. A brilliant guy, really.

What about you? Have you thought about this before?

Before you do, here are some answers from AskReddit users.

1. Insanely smart.

“I used to know an astrophysicist. This guy was insanely smart (knew multiple languages, published hundreds of papers with science terms I can’t even pronounce) and was also a professor.

He had a gift for explaining things without making you feel stupid or inferior and genuinely enjoyed teaching.”

2. He’s killing it.

“Resident ER Doctor at a pretty famous hospital. We’re all like barely 30. That dude got picked on hardcore in high school because he was a “science nerd” but he straight up was like “I don’t give a shit, I like science, what are you going to do about it?”

And now ya… he’s fucking killing it haha.”

3. My twin.

“My twin brother is going to be a family medicine resident!! He matched!

He is also the smartest person I know, and compassionate in a way that agrees with the longitudinal relationships that a family doc forms.”

4. Grandma.

“My grandma was a psychologist for 30-40 years (not sure exactly). She began her schooling for that in her 30s-40s after my grandpa found out he was dying and decided to ditch her with three children. She got her degrees, worked her ass off, and retired in her late sixties/early seventies with 3-4 retirements.

She also wrote books on the side. Miserly guidebooks for hiking trails and stuff like that. Oh, and when she retired from her psychology job she became a professor for about ten years or so. On top of that, she got into real estate. She’s been buying and flipping houses since before I was born.

Some she sells, some she rents. She just sold a vacation home she had for 20 years at over 200k. I have watched this woman write a check for 50k and not even blink. She travels the world all the time, and she’s still pulling in serious bank. Pretty sure there’s some serious royalties from her books.

Long story short, I aspire to be my grandma. 80 years old and healthier than most 20 years old and loaded to boot.”

5. A great story!

“My father. He started as a janitor at a plant as a high school dropout then got his GED then worked on a Industrial Engineering degree so he later got a job as one at the same plant.

He later got a masters in accounting and passed the CPA test and worked his way up to CFO.”

6. Everyone is different.

“Dude drives a damn Uber. Guy is a mechanical genius – he can build literally anything as far as I’ve been able to tell in 20 years of knowing him.

Finally got his CNC and some other certifications a while back so he could actually start making money doing what he’s best at. Yet years later he’s still driving a fucking Uber.

Intelligent does not stable make.”

7. That’s unusual.

“He breeds snakes because it’s his passion. He’s extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of it and doesn’t half-ass anything or ever neglect the health and safety of his snakes.

He genuinely cares about his work and the snakes in his care, and makes a point to educate his audience as much as possible and answer every question anyone may have to the fullest extent. Before you ask, he may be a breeder but he’s not a scumbag about it and the money involved is the least of his concern.”

8. It takes all kinds.

“She’s got a Master Degree in Engineering.

And works in a Deli..”

9. I’d like to meet this guy.

“He works inspecting chickens for diseases at a poultry plant for the USDA. I worked for the plant after graduating high school and got put in the position to be assist the USDA inspectors.

Never met anyone even remotely similar to the guy in my whole life. He has an insane memory and spends all of his time he isn’t at work reading non-fiction books. He speaks 5 languages and had a deep knowledge on almost any subject I could bring up.

As somewhat of an introvert who has lived all over the world due to his parents being in the military and spending all of his free time intentionally educating hisself even after graduating from college.

He’s also a 43 year old virgin who has never moved out of his parents house and aside from learning his only other love is Star Trek.”

10. Sounds like a cool guy.

“He is a Benedictine Monk, and teaches theology in a university.

He is also a forrester and has done a lot to save and protect a large swath of forest in Indiana from invasive species and idiots on quads.”

11. Musical genius.

“Musical composer. This dude’s apartment is stacked floor to ceiling, wall to wall, with papers and notes and books of his past work. He has his own chalkboard.

His workplace in his living room is a standing desk behemoth of four computers, with a massive Apple machine equipped with a dizzying collection of very specialized software for composing, distance collaboration, along with a huge numerically labeled collection of all his projects spread across two external drives.

When you talk with him, and he asks a question, he often correctly guesses your answer before you can respond, and finishes your sentence better than you can. I’m decently smart, but this guy makes me feel fundamentally stupid.”

12. Ultimate sign of intelligence.

“My husband, he’s a programmer. He dropped out of high school, got his GED and worked his way up from nothing (literally, nothing) to software architect out here in the SF Bay Area. He stays updated on the latest tech and is always trying to improve.

He is also the only person I know where I can give him unfiltered criticism and get a legit response of “oh cool, now I know where I can improve.” Which, to me, is the ultimate sign of intelligence.”

13. Dad’s best friend.

“That person would be my dads best friend. I know him well enough to say that he’s an intelligent guy. He works as a doctor and actually told me that he was horrible in school and never really studied hard until he started university.

He began working as a doctor in his mid 30s. Don’t ask me what he did in the meantime.”

14. Behind the bar.

“He works at a pub in my town. The lad is an absolute genius and always out performed me through school without doing any work but he went off the rails with drink and drug problems towards the end of it so isn’t in the best place right now.

I hope he can turn his life around and get to university because he’s one of my best friends.”

15. Hard to say…

“It’s hard to say. Smart has so many dimensions. People I went to college with became doctors and lawyers and college professors. One guy started his own software company and made millions.

But the guy who had the highest SAT scores at my selective college got addicted to coke blew up his marriage and career as a consultant and is running a snack stand at a golf course. And he’s pretty happy about it.”

I guess there are brilliant people in all walks of life, huh?

Now it’s your turn and we want to hear from you.

In the comments, tell us what the smartest person you know does for a living!

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Americans Who’ve Left the U.S. for Political Reasons Talk About What Made Them Finally Get Out

After every presidential election, I always hear various people talk about how they’re moving away from the U.S. because they just can’t handle it anymore.


I’ve never met anyone who actually went through with this threat, but apparently it does happen.

People get so fed up with the politics and culture of America that they decide it’s time to move to a different country.

AskReddit users who’ve left the U.S. opened up and shared their thoughts.

1. A huge reason.

“Medical debt.

Paying 8k for a simple out-patient surgery even with insurance was so infuriating.

We left in 2012. We live in Taipei now, where a hospital visit is a couple of dollars and I can have a child without declaring bankruptcy.”

2. Much better situation.

“I wanted a master’s degree but didn’t want to accept more student loan debt. Applied to a few European universities and was accepted into my first choice, a well respected university without tuition fees.

But I guess the “moment” came while I was at my last job in the US. It was a decent job in tech paying 42k a year before taxes, located in a city with low living costs. I had been there for almost 2 years and my position was a permanent position but they refused to take me off a temporary contract. Because of this I received no health benefits, no paid time off, nothing…

Currently I work part-time at a restaurant but receive free healthcare, 24~ paid days off a year, paid sick leave, and double pay on holidays and Sundays. So I don’t think I’ll intentionally return to the US anytime soon.

I’m literally at the bottom of the work pyramid here but my work/life situation is so much better than everyone I know in the US. Recently my friend lost 40k from his retirement account due to the market drop but my pension is just fine.

I’m American for sure. From the middle of the country. Baseball occasionally makes me emotional. But the situation there is just so far behind everywhere else that I really can’t see my future children having a brighter future in the US than they would here. My parents did everything they could to give me a bright future so I intend to do the same for my children.”

3. Back and forth.

“In 2011. Lost job and house.

There were no engineering jobs in the US because of the recession. Got a job in Toronto and spent 6 wonderful years in Canada. Oil and gas crashed so I had to go back to the US. I wish I would of gotten my permanent residency and never left.

If anyone tells you Canadians pay more taxes its bull shit. I paid 27% down here and 27% up there plus healthcare, free prescriptions, barely any crime and the more I put in a tax free savings the more I got back on my taxes. I had my gal bladder out. It wasn’t an emergency.

From the time I went to the doc and had an ultrasound it took 4 weeks till I had the surgery and absolutely no bills. If I needed to see my doc I could get in the same day.”

4. Work/life balance.

“My wife and I left back in 2008 to experience the European lifestyle.

We have been living there ever since and one of the main reasons we are never heading back is the health care system. We have had two kids and we had to pay literally nothing for all the procedure (before, during and after) even with some complications for my wife.

Another good aspect is the cheap education system. When our kids are old enough to go to university they won’t have to go in debt to get a degree.

There is also a great work/life balance and the food is generally healthier.”

5. Home is where you make it.

“There really wasn’t a clear moment or answer. At first I went to Europe after university because I had the wanderlust that every 20-something feels. Then my grandfather, retired in the fatherland, got sick and needed a hand, so I stayed. By then, I had already done the hard work of losing close contact with my friends, plus finding a job and a loving boyfriend.

I don’t feel particularly attached to New Jersey, as most new Jerseyans can attest. So why bother to return? Home is where you decide to make it.”

6. O, Canada!

“Not me but my Dad.

This was in the ’70s. He left after his then wife had a miscarriage. He was a cop at the time and they had excellent insurance. Over a quarter of their income went into it. Their coverage did not extend to this. All expenses that this tragedy incurred had to come out of pocket.

Coupled with his growing uneasiness over the direction that the police force was going, which he saw happening Nationwide, they said fuck this and moved to Canada. He is now a Canadian citizen and remarried to my mom.

For the police, he said that they started focusing too heavily on punishment and not prevention.”

7. Good move.

“When Betsy DeVos became Secretary of Education.

I was in my last semester of college to become a teacher and began applying abroad.”

8. Had to leave.

“Working 4 part time jobs at once.

Had no healthcare.

Got hit by a car while on my bike 6 weeks before leaving the country to go teach debate at a private foreign academy.

Lucky all I got was a concussion.

Leaving was the best decision I ever made.

I still work crazy hard, but at least now I have something to show for it.”

9. North of the border.

“Moved to Canada about 15 years ago. Initially, I just came up here for school, but fell in love with the country within the first 72 hours and haven’t moved back since.

It’s pretty much everything. Healthcare is the single most important specific reason I won’t move back, but beyond that, the quality of life is just so much better – and people are just so fucking decent. It’s hard to put the importance of this last one into words.

Maybe I can sum it all up with an experience I had yesterday: I went to a few stores to stock up on some basics. I live in a very diverse city and the stores were packed with people from six continents, every imaginable shade of color. Everyone stocking up, everyone with heavy carts. The checkout line in one grocery store stretched across entire store.

And people were so. goddamn. friendly. Smiles. “Sorry”. “After you.” Patience. It was incredible. It was legitimately enough to bring a tear to my eye, and I’m an asshole.

And it put the bullshit xenophobia that so many Americans carry around into pretty fucking sharp relief. I know for a fact that the extremely diverse crowd in that store were far more civil than the extremely homogeneous crowd in the stores my family frequents back home.

For an American, living in Canada is like having these invisible straps loosened around your chest – straps you didn’t even know you had, but that are constricting most Americans every day they wake up. You can breathe. You don’t have the fear of losing it all at any moment. The fear of the person next to you. It just doesn’t exist up here, not remotely to the degree it does in the States.”

10. An American in Germany.

“American in Germany here, really, so many things. I came over with my German fiancee and I will possibly never go back. Work environment: 28 days paid vacation and pretty much unlimited sick leave, better work culture.

Cheaper groceries and services. Health care here is the same, but actually covered by my insurance. Public transportation is actually usable. Long maternal and paternal leave. You get a stipend per child to cover their expenses when you have them. I’m probably forgetting some key points, but yeah. I prefer it.”

11. Insufferable.

“I left because I speak a major European language, I had connections there to help me start, and I had grown sick of the ridiculous job market in the major American city I was living in. Also this is a controversial personal opinion, but I find my countrymen to be kind of insufferable. Even the good ones. I just think Americans are generally not very conscientious people.

I stayed for pretty much all the same reasons everyone else has listed. Near free healthcare, better quality of life, very straight forward interviews, and I’ve been able to get a master’s degree here for free. Even the dating scene is better. I have no plans on returning. I do miss doing outdoorsy stuff in the US though.”

12. Wanted an education.


I realized I could never afford it in the States and didn’t want to spend the majority of my adult life paying off a degree I wasn’t sure I wanted in the first place. Improved my foreign language, ended up switching my major at a European school twice and I’m on my way to graduating soon.

Will be the first one in my immediate family to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree and will have $0 in student debt when I am finished.”

13. A new life.

“Wow, a question I can answer.

My husband had two 3-year job offers: stay in the usa in a relatively progressive place, or move to Germany. Future unknown. This was in 2017 we moved, job offer in 2016. 2016 was a crazy year but before that, we always felt like things just were lacking in the usa.

We are very educated but wanted to live somewhere everybody has vacation days, not just us. Healthcare is a big draw. We want a family and we didn’t want to raise a child somewhere that there are so many ‘have’ and ‘have nots’ – or to pay that kind of college fee.

People here want everyone to have it, and they don’t mind paying for it. The retirement situation here is better, people are outside more often, and in general, in better health – minus the many, many Germans who still smoke.

It’s a slower pace of life with less strenuous job expectations. People here go on vacation for a month and its all good. Work life balance.

There are so many reasons, so we rolled the dice. We move to the Netherlands this summer….and look forward to more socialized and healthy living. It’s worth learning languages and making new friends. It’s worth me leaving my job. It’s worth less salary but more benefits/security. We just feel like people here ‘get it’ in a way that most Americans don’t, even people we love.”

14. Tremendous improvements.

“I had a kid.

I did the math on what it would cost to raise a child in the US and compared it against Europe.

Europe won.

While the decision was fiscal, I did NOT expect the tremendous improvements to my quality of life.”

15. Love the idea of America, but…

“Where do I even start?

I tried persuing the American dream, put myself through college, paid off that debt, worked hard for an insurance company in the same job for 10 years then moved to consultant for them while I built my own business. Got to about a million a year with 5 people, then Amazon comes along and took away 80% of our revenue overnight by removing our licensing…

This was when I had a 1 year old daughter at home, paying 1600 a month for “Child storage” where they fed her chicken nuggets and burritos and let her watch tv for several hours a day.

While being born in America, I had grown up in Sweden from the age of 6 to 18 and remembered what it was like to live in a socialist society where there where far fewer inequities and stress. I wanted my daughter to have that, I wanted her not to derive her identity from materialistic influences that seem so present in American society. It seemed the American mentality was that everyone was just temporarily poor millionaires.

I could go on and on, so I’ll just give a list of my motivations.

Trump is the personification of ignorance and greed, some of his supporters genuinely scare me with their level of hatred for others and their embrace of authoritarianism. And the ironic thing to me is that is so transparent that he goes against all of their interests yet they still love him.

Here in Germany daycare is incredible and free. I cried when we took a tour of the place, the contrast was so stark.

No more worrying about health care. When to the ER a couple of months ago with a nasty cut on my head. 15 minutes later I see a doctor that takes care of it and there was no paper work and the bill was zero.

I get 30 vacation days a year, 11 national holidays and 35 hour work week and I make almost as much as I did in the US.

Unlimited sick time with no judgement or pressure for using it.

Union to protect me and represent me in negotiations.

A real sense of community.

I have yet to see one homeless person.

No worries about the country being dragged into war.

Progressive politics that address issues I care about like global warming, non isolationaist politics, aiding refugees and so forth.

Rules are rules and seem to be enforced quite fairly, the society seems less corrupt.

Germany doesn’t have a foreign policy that I’m embarrassed and ashamed of.

Way fewer mass shooting.

Free college for my daughter.

I love the idea of America, I just don’t like its execution. Way to stressful of a place for me to live and raise my daughter. I’ll gladly pay 50% taxes and drastically reduce the chance of accumulating more money than I could ever need in exchange for a far more equitable and moral system.”

16. This is pretty interesting.

“My job.

The thing is, I am a tech worker. It is a relatively “cushy” job and I never felt like I was working paycheck to paycheck. But I preferred to be toward the bottom of the totem pole, so to speak. I don’t want to manage a team.

I just want a stable amount of work coming in, I want to work a normal workday and leave at 5pm, and go home and do things I enjoy or just relax. Frankly, I don’t care about making a whole lot of money.

The problem is that every job I had, no matter my insistence, I was expected to go above and beyond, work overtime, constantly seeking promotions, etc. Basically, making work my life.

The expectations became exhausting. I knew from frequent trips and a network of European friends through studying abroad, that the work-life balance in many European countries is better. Legally, there is more stability in my work: In the Netherlands, where I now live, my company can only fire me for serious reasons that have to be justifiable in court. And even if I were let go, I need a month’s notice.

Many of my colleagues simply do not understand why Americans tolerate the fact that we can just be fired. Businesses are expected to financially plan for this security for their workers.

Personally, I enjoy that my company does not have the kind of “brainwashing” that I’ve seen at prior companies in the US. My last job in the US was for a major national online food delivery platform headquartered in Chicago.

The CEO once said during an all-company meeting that he “knew we would still come to work if we weren’t paid, because work gives us purpose.” While I’m sure there are similarly deranged CEOs here, I have not heard anywhere near that type of assertion here.

Moreover, I have more time off, I am encouraged to use it, and most importantly, I am not expected to “check in” when I’m out of the office. It’s incredible how many entry-level office workers who really don’t have a huge impact on their department’s work are expected to use their paid time off to continue working.

You asked for the “big” thing, and it was stress from work. I took one sick day at my last job after a terrible series of events on a Thursday. I never took an actual sick day before that because I could work from home. However, I really just needed the day off to clear my mind and de-stress.

After emailing my manager around 11pm and not coming to work the following day, I learned that his boss instructed him to have me come to work on Sunday to finish a project that was not at all urgent. Thankfully my boss told him I really needed the day off. I think learning that piece of information, even if just one small event, was the straw that broke this camel’s back. After that, I started looking for work outside the country.

While I was still employed I learned that my coworkers would gossip about me leaving work at 5pm every day (I worked full 8 hour days) despite having all my agreed-upon tasks complete.

I saw therapists and psychiatrists to deal with the stress and the physical effects of it, ended up taking anti-depressants and at one point beta-blockers because the manifestation of stress was causing my chest to tighten up every day. It was just too much.

Now I am much happier because my boss has very realistic expectations of work, and I am encouraged to take time away from work. Plus my commute in Amsterdam is 15 minutes by bicycle and I pay similar rent to what I did in Chicago with a 45-minute train commute. It’s much healthier for me. I’m lucky because I’m skilled in something that is in-demand over here.”

These people are definitely pretty serious about their principles, there’s no doubt about that.

Do you know anyone who’s left the U.S. for political reasons?

Perhaps that person is you?

Please talk to us in the comments and tell us all about it.

We’d love to hear your stories!

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People Talk About the Most Terrible Things the U.S. Has Ever Done Around the World

This is a divisive topic that really fires people up.

As for me, I definitely love my country, but I’m also aware that there are a lot of bad things our leaders have done and continue to do.

This song called ‘Merican by the great punk band The Descendents pretty much sums it up for me.

Here are some very interesting responses from AskReddit users about what they believe are the worst things the American government has ever done.

1. A false flag.

“Hard to rank them but the Gulf of Tonkin incident was a US false flag operation to establish the pretext to invade Vietnam to “stop the spread of communism”, leading to the absolutely useless deaths of millions of military and civilians only to have the US pull out and cede control of the entire country to communist control.

The most fucked up thing about it is that our government knew it was an unwinnable war but we stayed there anyway throwing more bodies on the pile. The news media kept a daily running count of US dead. The US govt. measured success in term of number of enemy dead.”

2. A coup.

“We over threw a democratically elected government in Iran when the people didn’t vote for who we wanted.

Down with the military industrial complex! Great nations don’t fight endless wars!”

3. A lot of bad business.

“I think the CIA raping and torturing US citizens is up there, they also imported and distributed drugs to black and Mexican neighborhoods. The tests they did on people are known as MK ultra Im pretty sure.

The government also made an agreement with Japan to not hold them accountable for their crimes against humanity if japan gave the US the results of their horrible experiments (Japan raped and tortured their own citizens but the level of cruelty was beyond imagination.

Surgeries done without anesthesia, weapons testing on live subjects, dipping someone’s limbs into nitrogen oxide and smashing it while they were awake). This was called UNIT 731.

Many presidents have ordered the military to commit crimes against humanity too. Obama ordered an air strike on a hospital full of innocent people and so many people died.”

4. Planting dictators.

“The incessant need to overthrow democratically elected socialist leaders and/or assassinating them and then planting fascist dictators in their place


– Salvador Allende (Murdered by US backed coup in Chile)

– Patrice Lumumba (Assasinated by CIA in DRC)

– Thomas Sankara (Murdered by US & French backed coup in Burkina Faso)

– Jean Bertrand Aristide (Ousted by US backed coup in Haiti)

…. anyone care to add to the list? There’s lost more I’m sure.

Oh, and the US literally invaded the tiny island of Grenada in the Caribbean to take down a socialist government… sad.”

5. U.S. bombs.

“During the Vietnam War, the US dropped about 270 million bombs on the small country of Laos making it the most bombed country in the world. Millions of bombs did not detonate and still pose danger to the people living there.

Both of my parents had to immigrate from Laos because of this war. My dad told me that he knows civilian people who lost limbs and others who died because of the bombs. Over 90 percent of the people killed by these US bombs were civilians.”

6. A terrible history.

“I’m gonna go with not doing anything to stop the brutal lynching, rape and murder of African Americans up until the 1960s.”

7. There’s a movie about this.

“An entire town of black people was wiped out in my home state and nobody even knows about it.

Look up “Rosewood”, a white mob burned it down and killed most black inhabitants because of a dubious claim that a white woman was attacked by a black cab driver.”

8. Eugenics.

“The Eugenics movement, where disabled, ‘feeble-minded’, and the mentally ill were sterilized against their will to ‘improve the human race’.”

9. Trail of tears.

“Decimated the Native American population, and then gave them the worst land and doomed them to poverty.”

10. A terrible incident.

“The burning and bombing of the black Wall Street.”


11. Crack cocaine.

“Remember that time the CIA allowed a Nicaraguan cartel to sell cocaine in America to fund a civil war.

Basically started the 1980s crack epidemic in black communities.”

12. The Sandy Creek Massacre.

“500 Colorado cavalry were sent to track down natives that were attacking settlers. They ended up coming to a Cheyenne village that was known to be peaceful. Its leader, Black Kettle, was a voice of peace for the natives and had even gone to Washington DC to meet with president Lincoln and negotiate a lasting peace between Americans and Cheyenne.

Lincoln gave him an American flag and told him that so long as it flew in their camp, no American would harm them. Anyways, this asshole Chivington was leading the cavalry, and saw it as some kind of noble duty. After months of searching for aggressive natives and coming up empty handed, the government ordered him to disband his force and go home.

Chivington, now faced with the prospect of his crusade being an embarrassment, decided to attack Black Kettle’s village, basically just to say he did something. The Colorado cavalry attacked in the middle of the night in mid November, while everyone was sleeping. Eyewitness accounts are terrifying, and basically women, children, and men were run down as they tried desperately to flee across a frozen river.

Black Kettle ran into the middle of the battle waving the American flag and screaming that they were friends of America, but the Americans turned on him and he was forced to drop the flag and flee as well. The fact that Black Kettle survived is miraculous, but most of his clan did not, and the few that survived the battle mostly died of hypothermia and starvation from literally fleeing through a frozen river in the middle of the night.

Cavalry men raped live and dead women, including children, and cut off mape and female genitals and strapped them to their horses as decorations. Black Kettle and what remained of his clan ended up getting sent to a reservation, where they mostly starved to death, and Black Kettle gave up on peace as the younger generation flocked to warlords like Roman Nose and Crazy Horse.”

13. This is kind of scary.

“Did everyone forget CoIntelPro? or do you just know that it is still going on so you’re afraid to mention it? Cointelpro was the FBI/CIA/FED program to infiltrate and destroy any groups that were considered “left” on the political spectrum.

It involved not only placing people in those organizations, frequently as agent provocateurs, but murder, financing militias (inside the United States mind you), and putting people in jail for life (many of whom are still there). That’s the thing about Cointelpro, for all we know, it’s still going on.

In fact, given the findings of some researchers on the Antifa movement, in which police put agent provocateurs into the movement to ratchet up violence so that the police could respond violently, it absolutely is still going on.

Read – https://www.goodreads.com/en/book/show/421559.Cointelpro

The other thing to note is that CoIntelPro wasn’t a left or right program. It ran under both liberal and conservative administrations.”

14. A big one.

“Privatization for profit of our prison systems.

Turns out Crime does pay.”

15. Without their consent.

“A study by the U.S. General Accounting Office finds that 4 of the 12 Indian Health Service regions sterilized 3,406 American Indian women without their permission between 1973 and 1976.

The GAO finds that 36 women under age 21 were sterilized during this period despite a court-ordered moratorium on sterilizations of women younger than 21.

Two years earlier, an independent study by Dr. Connie Pinkerton-Uri, Choctaw/Cherokee, found that one in four American Indian women had been sterilized without her consent. PInkerton-Uri’s research indicated that the Indian Health Service had “singled out full-blooded Indian women for sterilization procedures.”

Wow. I had definitely never heard of some of those stories before.

What do you think?

Talk to us in the comments and tell us what you think are the shadiest things the American government has ever done.

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People Discuss What They Think Is the Sketchiest Thing the U.S. Government Has Ever Done

I’m a proud American, but I can also safely say that our government does A LOT of shady and messed up things around the world and has for many, many years.

Obviously, I’m not singling out the USA, as it’s clear that many other countries do awful things as well in the name of power.

Hey, the world is complicated and dangerous.

AskReddit users shared their thoughts on this interesting subject.

1. Scary stuff.

“Back in the 50’s and 60’s, the US military tested several different biological weapons on and unbeknownst to the public.

They specifically targeted low income and poverty-stricken areas.

They tested things from chemicals to viruses.

It wasn’t declassified till 10 years ago.”






2. Radioactive materials.

“They also sprayed carcinogens, nerve agents, and radioactive materials over US and Canadian cities.”




3. Never heard of this before.

“The CIA testing birth control on unsuspecting women in Puerto Rico.”

4. A lost chapter.

Operation Wetback

Along the lines / same ethics of the Japanese internment camps, but not as well known.”

5. The Ludlow Massacre.

“I mean, there was the time the national guard shot and killed coal miners and their families who were being horribly exploited by coal companies so they were striking.

See also: the Ludlow massacre.”

6. Regime change.

“The involvement in various Latin American countries during the Cold War was pretty fucked up”



7. All kinds of terrible things.

“Iran-contra, support of guerrilla warfare, Allende assassination, the complicity with South American totalitarian regimes in the Desaparecidos slaughter (aka Operación Cóndor), support of Noriega just to mention a few.

Basically the role of the US government has been pivotal in fucking up Latin America’s social and economic fabric.”

8. Did it really happen?

“Roswell, 1947.

Let’s say that myth about aliens anally probing us is purely projection.”

9. Deadly affairs.

“Agent Orange , depleted uranium Arms that polluted battlefields (people’s homelands) and left generations of people with birth defects after the war was “done”.”

10. Didn’t even know about it.

“The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment.

I worked in a library years ago and while I was putting books back, I read a spine with an interesting title. I picked up the book and started reading it. THAT is how I found out about Tuskegee. It was never mentioned in school, if I hadn’t been reading spines I literally wouldn’t even know it was a thing.”

11. This is a crazy story.

“The silencing, embarrassing, and killing of Gary Webb.

Gary Webb was an investigative journalist who proved that the CIA was selling massive amounts of drugs (particularly cocaine) to (typically black) poor neighborhoods all over the US. This was in order to fund an overthrow of the Nicaraguan government by US-friendly terrorists during the 90’s.

He was forced to resign, disgraced, blacklisted, divorced, and found dead with two bullets through his head in 2004. It was ruled a suicide despite the facts he owned no guns, and it being two bullets through the head in a suicide.”

12. Operation Northwoods.

“Operation Northwoods.

This was a proposed false flag attack on US soil that would justify going to war with Cuba. It was rejected by Kennedy, but approved by every man before him.

It’s stuff like this that makes the whole 9/11 inside job conspiracy sound a little less wacky, because this was essentially the same thing.”

13. Back in 1968…

“The Diego Garcia incident in the 1968, which is also one of the worst things the UK government has done. For the UK to continue purchasing nuclear missiles from America, they asked to rent out the British island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean to use as a naval base.

The UK then subsequently sent soldiers onto the island, forced all of the inhabitants off of the island, destroyed all homes and killed all the animals so US soldiers could then turn the island into a naval base. Any ex inhabitants who tried to speak out about the incident were immediately silenced and punished, and the details of the incident were only recently made public.

The island is still a joint UK/US naval base to this day.”

14. Shady business.

“Before and after the cold war! If you look at the averages, were involved with a Latin American coup almost every 2 years for 100 years!

And there’s a Spanish language college in Georgia called the school of the americas where we trained future military dictators and death squad leaders.

The dictator of Argentina and the head of the tonton malcute death squad in Haiti to name two.”

Some very interesting responses…

What do you think?

In the comments tell us about the things the American government has done that you think is totally shady or scandalous.

Please and thank you!

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People Talk About the Stupidest Answers They’ve Ever Heard to Real Questions

A pal told me a story about an ex-girlfriend once that I never forgot.

One time he asked her, “if you could time travel to any point in history, where would you go?”

Her answer: “the moon.”

Ouch…that’s pretty rough.

Want some more of that variety?

Here are some cringe-worthy answers from AskReddit users.

1. You weren’t wrong.

“Myself, I was crossing the us Canadian boarder with friends coming back from a weekend trip to drink. US guard asks where we’re coming from, myself being the driver I respond “Canada”.

There were some chuckles and ribbing, I mantain it’s an appropriate answer.”

2. Met with silence.

“In social studies class a few weeks ago, we were talking about the Holocaust and WWII. Teacher asks, “what was Hitler?” after we had just talked about different kinds of rulers (dictators, presidents, etc.) and was looking for the answer “a dictator”.

Girl raised her hand and says, “I read last night in the textbook that he was a bit anti-Semitic.” Whole class goes silent.”

3. Not a fan of fish.

“It was me who was the dummy: My boss (veterinarian) took our office out for lunch.

Told me (a trailer park college student working as a vet tech to pay for college) that I could order anything I wanted, even the fillet mignon.

I responded, “No thank you, I don’t like fish.”

4. Just have fun!

“Years ago, I was an intern at an insurance agency. One of their most successful agents passed away, but his wife (50’s, glamorous looking lady) was “helped” through testing, so that one of the other agents could work on her husbands portfolio.

But she was licensed. So one night at a company dinner party (i was serving drinks), I heard someone ask her, “So, what is your opinion on mutual funds?”

She paused for a moment, looked at him funny, and said, “Everyone should enjoy mutual fun!””

5. You’re right!

“There’s a girl at my school who was asked what the capital of North America was as a joke.

Her reply? “I’m not that stupid, it’s New York City.”

6. No cats, please.

“Many years ago I told a lady I was going to send her a cat 5 cable to connect her computer to her home firewall…..

She said that was unacceptable because her dogs didnt get along with cats….”

7. I’ll take a footlong.

“My teacher asked my friend during English class. “what’s the prefix of ‘sub’.”

He responded with, “way.””

8. No one knows.

“A teacher in HIGH SCHOOL asked the class if anyone knew how many feet there were in a mile.

Very seriously, a student answered “Nobodyknows that, it’s impossible; everyone has different sized feet”.

9. Well…are they?

“I worked at a place that served coffee and ice cream.

I asked a customer what she wanted to order and she replied with “are your milkshakes cold?””

10. She showed you.

“There was this woman on twitter who forced her cat to be vegan, I commented on her post saying that it’s very unhealthy for cats to be vegan because they’re carnivores. They’re meant to eat meat.

The woman answered, dead serious:”But what about diabetes?”

11. Wait, is that wrong?

“Teacher: Can anyone tell me what anthropology is?

Girl in my class: It’s the study of ants.”

12. Green grass.

“I used to work in a garden center and one of the staff had a few screws loose.

A customer asked if we had sod in stock and she said yes. Customer asked, “Is it bluegrass?”

She confidently answered, “No, I believe it’s green.””

13. Never mind…

“I am on a village board:
“How can we reduce expenses overall, in the Fire Department?”
Lady stands up and boldly and proudly states “We could START by filling our own fire hydrants!”


“I saw (neighboring town) filling our hydrants with their water truck when we have our OWN damn water truck!”

Ma’am…was that last week? We had a grass fire and (neighboring town) was assisting us. they were FILLING their truck FROM our hydrants to continue assisting us.

“OH…Never mind”

14. I’m no quitter!

“I once told my friend he should quit smoking. He instantly replied he’s not a quitter.

You could tell he realized his dumb reply by his face expression.”

15. This is REALLY bad.

“Some of my coworkers were discussing climate change in the break room one day and one of my coworkers said: “I think all these hurricanes we’ve been having lately are caused by all these wind turbines they keep building.

If you think about it, they’re just giant fans blowing air around, it’s probably making us have more hurricanes”. I didn’t even attempt to explain how that’s the exact opposite of how a wind turbine works.”


Probably not the finest moment for these folks.

Now we want to hear from you!

In the comments, tell us about your experiences that you’ve had like this.

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Are You Doomed if You’re Not a Great Student? 10 People Explain Why You Can Do Just Fine.

Students are feeling a lot of angst these days. Grades are king and high-schoolers are pushed to their limits with a full day at school, hours of study after school, and for some, holding a job. But you need excellent grades to get into a decent school to earn a powerful degree to get the job that will allow you a decent life.


Recently, a discussion of grades and future job prospects happened on Reddit.

It started with this question:

What are some decent paying jobs you can get if you were a C student in highschool?

1. Learning a trade almost guarantees you a steady job and paycheck.

Trade school can open up high paying careers such as welding and hvac

2. Well-paying federal government jobs often don’t require fantastic grades.

Postal service USPS always hiring you just gotta be willing to work.

But $18.56 starting ain’t bad.

3. If you’re willing to learn carpentry and plumbing, you’ve got a great career.

To risk sounding like my old man… the average age of people in the trades (carpenters, electricians, plumbers, etc) are all getting older, so there is a demand for young people.

They pay exceedingly well when you’ve topped out, and not too bad as a noob.

AND THEY DON’T CARE if you even graduated or not, so long as you’re willing to work.

4. Machining will always keep you employed and well-paid.

If you were decent with numbers and practical math look into machining i was a d student and am currently making 20 an hour in a state where the minimum wage is like 8 dollars

5. Know what employers are really looking for.

Employers typically want something more tangible than grades. You’re more likely to get asked about the projects and groups you’ve been involved in and the skill that came from those opportunities than being asked for your transcripts. They want to know you got your diploma or GED and then why you have skills for the job you’re applying for.

Also, side tip, if you’re looking at a job that says, “College degree preferred” or something to that effect, apply anyways. There’s no promise that an applicant with a college degree will apply, and the company may need to fill the position quickly giving you a higher chance of getting hired.

6. Assisting with IT issues will never go away.

I work on an IT Helpdesk.
Its pretty easy work and you can start around $18+ probably depending where you live.

7. Just be dependable, trainable and personable.

Your grades in high school only matter if you’re trying to get into college.

Employers don’t care as long as you graduate.

8. Good point, although you probably won’t get into medical school.

What do you call the person who graduated last in Medical School?

9. Air traffic controllers make a great salary and are in high demand.

Believe it or not Air Traffic Controller. My Uncle makes 155,000 a year full federal benefits and he was a high school drop out who obtained a GED.

The job is really about a set of natural skills that only about 40% of the population has.

It may be YOU!

10. Sales does not require stellar grades and the pay is high.

If you’re good communicator, get into sales, then upgrade into industry (btb). Motivation, flexibility and “bite” will bring you forward.

Automotive, railways or aviation – 70k at age 30, 100k at 45 …


What most employers want is a dependable, drug-free employee who is willing to work hard. Be easy to train and easy to get along with. Start looking for entry-level positions and you’ll never know where you’ll end up.

In the end, no one cares what you grades you made in high school.

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Artist Turns Bad Reviews of National Parks Into Creative Posters

It will probably surprise you that some people use the gloriousness of the internet to leave nasty Yelp reviews for Mother Nature.

Truly. There are people out there who claim Yosemite is “just a bunch of crappy dirt with some rocks sprinkled on it,” and that Yellowstone is “by far the worst place I’ve been so far. …the park itself is nothing grand, there are mountains, trees, and lakes. Nothing too spectacular. The one thing that makes this place different from other parks is the geysers. I was extremely underwhelmed.”

The same review said Yellowstone looks “SO much better in the pictures” and claims you can have a similar experience if you “just boil a pot of water at home.” Also, the cell service is terrible and “the food here sucks.”


Well, the good news is that in every dumb and awful situation, there are people out there willing to give it a silver lining. In this case, it’s designer and illustrator Amber Share, who has taken these 1-star reviews and turned them into stunning posters of the parks.

Here are 10 of my favorites!

10. Grand Teton National Park.

9. Yellowstone National Park.

8. Joshua Tree National Park.

7. Capitol Reef National Park.

View this post on Instagram

Bright side: at least this person wasn't confused about @capitolreefnps not being a coral reef in the middle of landlocked Utah? 🐠🌊 . Happy Friday friends! Going to order the first round of products this weekend so I can start fulfilling all of your orders as soon as possible, so don't forget to get your orders for the first 11 parks in today (To be clear, they're not going away, they'll still be around and I'll do my best to keep them in stock as often as possible! Preorders help me anticipate demand for future parks and fund inventory!). So far we've raised almost $50 for @goparks! It's not a ton, but hopefully will be the first of many donations. 🧡 Thank you all for being so amazing!! . . . #findyourpark #nationalparks #nationalparkgeek @nationalparkservice #capitolreef #capitolreefnationalpark #weareparks #passiontopaid #passiontopaid2019

A post shared by Subpar Parks by Amber Share (@subparparks) on

6. White Sands National Park.

5. Yosemite National Park.

4. Glacier National Park.

3. Bryce Canyon National Park.

2. Crater Lake National Park.

1. Grand Canyon National Park.

You guys, these are just priceless and honestly, I want to print and frame them. I hope she sells them at some point to mark this point in humanity’s decline.

What do you think? Clever or annoying?

Let’s talk about it in the comments!

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Here Are Some Reasons to Laugh About the Mess 2020 Is Turning Out to Be

Remember a few months ago when we were all anxious to see 2019 – and the last decade – disappear into the ether? 2020 was brand new, no bad memories attached to it, and a clean start was just what we all needed.

Then, like a pie in the face, 2020 decided to be even worse than the few years leading up to it. Instead of being anxious for something new, we’re all just anxious.

Which is exactly why these 17 posts are just what you need.

Because when there’s nothing left to do but laugh, you’ll want to make sure you do exactly that every chance you get.

17. Some people really know how to party.

16. Where is Katniss when you really need her?


15. An unexpected one, too.

14. And you’ve never braced for it quite well enough.

13. Important distinction.


12. There’s no arguing with that.

11. When your television viewing becomes research.


10. Fun fact: the apocalypse never ends.

9. So emo.

8. Definitely came out of the gate strong.

7. Also MLB is probably canceled.

6. We might as well give it a try; nothing else is working.

5. If you didn’t sing this, we can’t be friends.

4. Why is this so cute, though?

3. They’ll never believe it until it happens to them.

2. This is…not going as expected.

1. Except no one is laughing.

I mean, y’all. What on earth is happening here? Are we being pranked? Is there a glitch in the Matrix? Is there any way to get out of this timeline and onto a better one?

What’s your favorite way to cope with the stress? We’d love new ideas in the comments!

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10 Funny Tweets From the Boss Women of Twitter

There’s way too much good stuff happening on Twitter to keep up with it all. Luckily there are plenty of compilations out there of some of the best stuff that floats to the surface. Twitter itself has stated in the past that an astounding 500 million tweets are sent per day, and I’ve got like – an hour lunch break, so I need to be a little selective.

This particular round up features some of the latest funny tweets from the women of Twitter, across a broad spectrum of humor styles. Scroll through and have a laugh.

10. Coming to a house very near you

9. “funny”

8. Hey, we gotta protect ourselves

7. Kanye West ft. Kanye West

6. Why so relatable?

5. Disney+ probably won’t touch this

4. SO dirty…

3. Line up alphabetically by height

2. 4 Real

1. If the glove doesn’t fit…

Great, just 499,999,990 tweets to go and I’ll be all caught up for the day. I should probably hydrate.

Who are your favorite funny women to follow on Twitter?

Let us know in the comments.

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