12+ Photos That Are Pretty Freaking Cool

The world has a lot of cool sights to offer, so let’s do our best to see as many of them as we can before we die!

And what better place to start than with this list of 15 photos.


1. “One letter license plate I found in my neighborhood”

Photo Credit: Reddit: whytho37

2. “Created a sculpture of clamps held to the table with a single clamp.”

Photo Credit: Reddit: saltyconfetti

3. “There were five different portraits of the Queen in my change.”

Photo Credit: Reddit: nenners7891

4. This huge hermit crab using a glass jar as a shell.

Photo Credit: Reddit: moopy1973

5. A lizard with two tails.

Photo Credit: Reddit: goodbyemylooove

6. A grassy number 1 growing through the bricks.

Photo Credit: Reddit: tibusorcur

7. This ice pattern on top of a car.

8. Speaking of ice, here’s a frozen “leaf.”

Photo Credit: Reddit: ge0dad

9. “Our local mall has priority parking for cancer survivors and people fighting cancer!”

Photo Credit: Reddit: spilon91

10. The difference between this ladder and its shadow.

Photo Credit: Reddit: bpcity81

11. An old church being used as a library.

Photo Credit: Reddit: giantppman

12. These two trees have grown together.

Photo Credit: Reddit: venomvortex11

13. Double strawberry.

Photo Credit: Reddit: saggy_flesh_Bag

14. The handy ink indicator on this whiteboard marker.

Photo Credit: Reddit: m3gafex

15. Broken TV or work of modern art?

Pretty cool, huh?

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Top 10 Wealthiest Countries in the World (GDP per capita)

The overall success of a country can be determined by many factors, such as citizen health, happiness, equality, military force, and government functions. However, the most used factor in these calculations is measuring GDP (gross domestic product) per capita. The measurement of GDP per capita allows an extremely useful performance measurement of each country. This is accomplished by dividing the total value of goods produced, and services provided, by the total country population. While there are nearly two-hundred countries existing today in the world, it would be a monotonous task to list each one (and read) in this article. Therefore,

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10 Interesting Facts About Italy

The country of Italy is well-known for its gorgeous rolling plains and long Mediterranean coastline. Having left an unprecedented mark on Western culture and cuisine, there aren’t many who are unfamiliar with the region. Italy’s capital, Rome, houses the Vatican City, in addition to well-known landmarks and other ancient ruins. Other major cities include Florence, containing such Renaissance masterpieces as Brunelleschi’s Duomo, and Michelangelo’s “David”; Milan, the country’s fashion capital; and Venice, the city of canals. But, how much do you truly know about the country? Brush up on your knowledge with ten factual facts below! 1. The Name that

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Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities in California

The state of California is known for a variety of reasons: scenic views, Hollywood, celebrities, the beaches, and Silicon Valley among others. California is on North America’s west coast and is the largest state by population and third largest by land area. However, with such a massive population and attractive qualities, ‘the Golden State’ also struggles with social problems such as crime. An analysis of FBI crime data revealed the following cities as the most dangerous crime hotspots in the California. 10. Nevada City Considered an epicenter of the California Gold Rush in the 1800s, this small town with a

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