Here are Some Incredibly Annoying Interactions With Social Media “Influencers”

This whole “influencer” culture absolutely baffles me.

These people are famous for what?

And we’re supposed to follow them why?

Plus, apparently a whole lot of them are totally annoying. Are these people serious?

Let’s go to the evidence…

1. Free tickets needed.

"Influencer" wanted free tickets to a CHARITY event from ChoosingBeggars

2. Free rent, please!

Bachelorette contestant wants free rent to be "live-in influencer" from ChoosingBeggars

3. That’s kind of sad…

World-famous model will promote your club for a $25 bottle of vodka. from ChoosingBeggars

4. Gimme gimme gimme.

If you give me your products for free, I will write good reviews because I’m a social media influencer (This person wrote that instead of an actual review. They thought the review section is where you can solicit business) from ChoosingBeggars

5. Shaming.

A beauty influencer posted screenshots of her demanding PR for a $17 eyeshadow palette in an attempt to shame an indie brand, instead she just came across as catty and childish from ChoosingBeggars

6. Thanks, but no thanks.

Makeup Brand DMed beauty guru about sending her their product for free and in turn she would post a video using the product on her page. The company replied rudely when she told them she has a fee for doing that. from ChoosingBeggars

7. Sounds like a scam to me…

An ‘influencer’ I know from ChoosingBeggars

8. I’ll give you exposure!

My friend does nails from home and entitled “influencer” wants to trade exposure for free nails, takes to insulting her job and kids when her offer is declined. Will post backstory in comments from ChoosingBeggars

9. “Oh boy” is right.

"Influencer’s" Agent asking for a free wedding package. Oh boy. from ChoosingBeggars

10. What a deal.

I sell spaghetti themed merchandise on Pinterest and some CB wanted me to pay for social influence. from ChoosingBeggars

Have you had any infuriating interactions with so-called “influencers”?

Tell us all about it in the comments. Ugh!

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15 Memes About the Broomstick Challenge

Internet fads come and go – some are destined for lasting greatness, others are doomed to become obscure punchlines.

Luckily, the internet is forever, so even the more niche trends get permanently archived, like in this #BroomstickChallenge compilation.

This all started, apparently, with a viral twitter video claiming that “NASA said” your broom could stand up on its own today only (because…gravity? I guess?).

For the record, that’s not how anything works. Getting a broom to stand up on its own is just a balancing trick, and no special circumstances are required.

But it was one of those ideas that creates an itch in the human brain. A feeling of “That’s dumb…I wanna try it.”  And thus… a meme was born.

Enjoy how people made fun of other people on the internet.

1. Twitter got in on the fun

2. Then historians chimed in

3. Retail employees everywhere were deeply annoyed

4. The “Nobody:” meme got used in a big way

5. Demons were summoned

6. Interventions were held

7. Walmarts were ruined

Source: someecards

8. The 1% sneered at us

Source: someecards

9. Salem was unimpressed

Source: someecards

10. People were distracted

Source: someecards

11. Judgement was passed

Source: someecards

12. Some good came of it all

Source: someecards

13. Contrarians talked about how they weren’t talking about it

Source: someecards

14. Classics were invoked

Source: someecards

15. Reality peeked back in

Source: someecards

Where does the #BroomstickChallenge rank in the great memes of history?

Tell us your scholarly opinion in the comments.

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Christmas Beard Lights Are Here. Go Ahead and Embrace It!

Trends come and go throughout the years. What’s hot one minute is considered pretty lame a minute later. It can sure be hard to keep up, am I right?

Well, here’s one trend I hope sticks around for many years because 1). It’s pretty hilarious, and 2). It’s quite festive! A company called Firebox sells Christmas lights for beards, and I have to say, this may be the best idea I’ve seen in quite a while.

Not enough room in your living space for a tree? Make your face fuzz festive instead and bring Christmas with you…

Posted by Firebox on Monday, November 19, 2018

The lights can be nestled comfortably into your bushy beard, and the battery pack is small enough to fit in there and not cause you any issues, so everybody’s a winner here!

Firebox also has some other fun accessories for your beard, such as the Disco Beard Kit, the Snow Beard Kit, and the Christmas Tree Beard Kit.

Photo Credit: Firebox

The reviews don’t lie, either:

“Absolutly [sic] hysterical and was one of the main talking points during Christmas in our house. Lovley [sic] bright LED’s, good functions and apparently the clips were comfortable!”

“Bought as a joke gift for Christmas for my daughters husband who has a very bushy beard. Thought the kids would love it.”

“Brilliant product, bought for my hairy son. Lit up his night shift!”

Also, there are some other companies out there that sell similar products if you want to shop around. One thing fellas: you gotta grow your own beard, so get going on that, okay?

It really is the most wonderful time of the year! Are you gonna get in on this trend?  If you do, you’ll be “lit”. Get it? If you do this, let’s see your photos in the comments!

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People Are Growing out Their Toenails for Fashion. Prepare Yourself.

Fingernails? I get it. You want them to be pretty and you want to show them off to the world.

Toenails? Yikes. Especially the really long ones. They’re nightmare fuel. Also, how is this practical? Seems like you would constantly be tearing them or breaking them. Ouch.

Are these toenails real or fake? We’re no 100% sure, but we can say with confidence that we are pretty creeped out.


1. Wowzers

2. My eyes!

3. Please be careful

4. Hmmmm

5. Gross

6. Ugh

7. Why?

8. Something might start living under those

9. Horror show

10. Another angle

11. OMG

12. This takes the cake

13. Just puked

14. Large and in charge

15. Okay, we’ve all had enough

View this post on Instagram

One word: BRIGHT! #toes #feet #longtoenails

A post shared by Empress Alexa (@thebarefootempress) on

Okay, time to bleach my eyeballs.

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15 Trends People Followed as Kids That Make Them Cringe Today

Remember the days when you were young? What was the “cool” trend back then? For me, it was playing with POGS, listening to West Coast gangsta rap (RIP Tupac!) and wearing FUBU jeans.

AskReddit users bravely went on the record and shared the trends they got wrapped up in as youngsters that now make them cringe.

1. ’80s?

“In my day, we put as much gel in our hair as we could and angled it up like a ski slope. Hair was solid as a rock.”

2. Hahahaha

“Wearing skirts over jeans 🙁

3. Those were HUGE

“Big Johnson t-shirts…. damn I was a douche.”

4. This is amazing

“I grew up on a farm outside of a small town (population was just over 500) in the Midwest. The nearest hot topic was two hours away, but I wasn’t allowed to go in it anyways. Ever seen an emo kid on a horse sorting cattle? Wore knee high converses instead of my boots. And the eyeliner…oh god the eyeliner.”

5. They were EVERYWHERE

“The Ed Hardy T-shirts.”

6. Punk rock

“Studded belts. Studded belts everywhere.”

7. I remember…

“Late ’90s when everything had stripes on the side. Shirts, jeans… Yeah that and the ball chain necklace.”

8. She did you a favor

“For me, JNCOs. I wanted a chain wallet, but my mom wouldn’t let me have one. I now understand why.”

9. Preppy

“Nothing said suave like a popped collar on a Ralph Lauren polo shirt.”

10. The point?

“Early 2000’s when wearing two belts was a thing for a bit. Neither in the belt loops, totally nonfunctional.”

11. Glitter everywhere

“I used Bath & Body Works roll on glitter religiously (Cucumber Melon obviously). But I used so much of it that instead of having a little sparkle under my eyes, my skin was tinted green and caked with glitter.”

12. Your role model

“I used to wear those black button down shirts with fire at the bottom, like the kind Guy Fieri wears. I don’t know if it was an actual trend or not but it still makes me cringe.”

13. You had your time

“I mean really looking at it now. Crotch chopping and telling people to suck it was really my generation’s version of “The Dab.”

14. Breakin’

“Those nylon breakdancing pants with all the zippers. Those zippers hurt.”

15. Pure ’90s

“I bought into the classic ’90s trends that immediately come to mind. the butterfly clips, frosted lips and eyes, platform shoes… all very spice girls. i am having to relive it because my 12 year old is now into the same things. except instead of pulling back strands of hair with butterfly clips, she’s clipping them haphazardly throughout her entire mane. i cannot wait for the trend to die!”

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“Jean Panties” Are an Actual Thing That Nobody Asked For



Everyone: …

Seriously, this is not an exaggeration. It’s pretty much exactly how it played out when fashion brand Sense came out with these truly baffling Jean Panties, which I’m calling Janties.

They look like a denim diaper, except that they are intended for adult women to wear.

Photo Credit: Ssense

Is it underwear? Is it shorts? IT’S BOTH, says the company. Janties can be worn either under or over your pants. They also cost $315, so…yeah. Here we are.

People on social media are very confused and upset about the denim panties situation. They must be so uncomfortable! The chafing! 🙁 🙁 🙁

Seriously, these things can’t possibly be good for your vajeana (haha get it?).

And also, when and where would you wear janties?!?! I can’t think of a single appropriate time.

Although at least one person is kinda into it.

And others have pointed out that CERTAIN celebrities will probably actually wear these, ahem.

For better or worse, this is the world that we live in now. A world where janties exist, somewhere in a warehouse, waiting to be shipped to Kendall Jenner.

At least jean panties make for a lot of good puns.


The janties are SOLD OUT.

What. Is. This. Life.

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Here’s Why All of Twitter is Tossing Their Vans in the Air

One of the fun things about the internet is that it allows a lot of people to come together and revel in their shared insanity. You can put up a crazy theory about literally anything and you’ll probably find scores of other strangers who want to play along.

Well, that’s exactly what happened with all this Vans business. It all started when @lanacutherlip posted this little gem:

Of course, everyone else needed to get it on the action:

And a new meme was born.

Naturally, parents just didn’t understand.

But neither did anyone else.

Some people even took the challenge to new heights…

While others thought they had it figured out…

And of course, everyone else tried to debunk the theory (yes! science!)

It just didn’t work every time

But this is Twitter after all, so we had to up the ante somehow…

But the Crocs theory seemed to hold up…

Oh, Twitter… sometimes I worry about you. But you do keep me entertained…

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The Latest Viral Meme Trend? Moths

Figuring out what’s going to go viral is a seemingly impossible task. The ways in which an idea/theme/meme somehow manages to captivate the internet is a mystery to most us. Take, for instance, the latest trend of moth memes. Why in the world did it get so popular? There’s simply no telling.

It all started with this Reddit post:

Photo Credit: Reddit

Seems innocent enough, right? Probably something people would casually scroll by and not think twice about. But then someone responded.

Photo Credit: Reddit

And for some strange reason, people were inspired by this, and now the moth/lamp memes are EVERYWHERE. Here is a shining example.

Photo Credit: Instagram

You might say that people “saw the light” (c’mon, good one, right?).

Photo Credit: Twitter

Photo Credit: Twitter

And they just keep coming.

Photo Credit: Twitter

Photo Credit: Twitter

Photo Credit: Instagram

Photo Credit: Twitter

Why are people so obsessed with the moth memes? We really don’t know – it’s just one of those inexplicable viral trends that just happens sometimes.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Photo Credit: Instagram

Wow, that’s a lot to take in. Let’s see how long this particular trend lasts before something even weirder takes over.

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