A Girl With Tourette Syndrome Made a Video of What Her Eating Dinner Looks Like

Sophie Adams is 16 and was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome after seeking help for some tics when she was nine. The tics, which are repetitive and involuntary, are often characteristics of the disorder, and may look like rapid eye-blinking, shoulder movements or blurting sounds or offensive words.

Sophie uses social media to spread awareness about Tourette Syndrome, as well as dispel myths and also to show what living with it is like. Recently, she uploaded a video to TikTok of her eating dinner. The video has been viewed nearly 7 million times.



♬ original sound – sophie.adams04

In the video, Sophie is having dinner with her friend, who also has Tourette Syndrome, and some other people. Their different tics show how challenging it is to do something as simple as eating dinner. Sophie eventually reaches across the table and pushes some drink glasses over. Ice and liquid spread across their dinner table.

Another video shows the mess and cleanup after the glasses are overturned.


Aftermath of my tics

♬ original sound – sophie.adams04

Sophie hopes her videos show others how varied the tics can be and she says even though some accuse her of faking her tics, it won’t deter her from using TikTok to educate people.

People living with Tourette Syndrome have unique tics. In her videos, Sophie encourages others to not be afraid to show their differences.


#tourettesawareness #tourettes

♬ original sound – sophie.adams04

That’s a lesson everyone should hear.

To learn more about Sophie and her life with Tourette Syndrome, follow her on TikTok and Instagram.

She’s a pretty wise teen with a great outlook on life and a positive attitude.

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George Floyd’s Daughter Paid Tribute to Her Dad, Saying He “Changed the World”

The murder of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police touched off marches across the U.S. and abroad. Black citizens have taken to the streets demanding accountability within law enforcement and a review of racist policies and treatment.

Out of the shouting, chanting and singing from the streets, a small but meaningful voice reminded us recently of whose life was given so this metamorphosis could begin.

Floyd’s 6-year old daughter, Gianna, was recently filmed declaring her “Daddy changed the world.”

The poignant video was captured by director, Skrptz, which he captioned with, “‘My Daddy Changed The World!!!’ When You Remember George Floyd Make Sure You Remember This Beautiful Soul That He Left Behind.”

Earlier this year, a video recording made by a bystander, as well as police bodycam footage, showed Officer Derek Chauvin kneeling on Floyd’s neck, ignorning his pleas that he couldn’t breathe. Footage also revealed that Chauvin continued pressing his knee against Floyd’s neck for two minutes after Floyd became unresponsive. Medical responders transported Floyd to Hennepin County Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

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A post shared by Skrptz (@skrptz) on

An investigation found that Floyd died during his arrest for a complaint over an allegedly counterfeit $20 bill.

The video of the incident spread as did the collective horror at Floyd’s treatment by Minneapolis law enforcement. Soon after, marchers descended on city centers demanding change and abolishment of police brutality.

Roxie Washington, Gianna’s mother, made a statement at a press conference in Minneapolis.

At the end of the day, they get to go home and be with their families. Gianna does not have a father.

He will never see her grow up, graduate.

He will never walk her down the aisle.

If there’s a problem she is having and she needs her dad, she doesn’t have that anymore.

Floyd’s friend and former NBA player, Stephen Jackson, was filmed later walking with Gianna on his shoulders. “My daddy changed the world,” the little girl said, too young to even understand the details of her father’s death.

Officer Derek Chauvin has been fired and arrested for the murder of George Floyd.

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This Police Department Takes a Hilarious and Sweet Approach to Social Media

Police departments tend to take things very seriously. But not all of them.

The New Zealand Police is earning quite a reputation for being downright hilarious on social media.

They post funny pictures, share stories and even make witty puns, like this recent post:

First day on the job and our officer got to meet one of the locals, Steve the Goat from Takapuna Beach. I kid you not 🐐

Posted by New Zealand Police on Tuesday, June 16, 2020

They also share some pretty adorable snaps of their “staff:”

Police pupper in training/part-time lumberjack 🌲 #fridayfloof

Posted by New Zealand Police on Thursday, June 11, 2020

They’re funny, and yet they still get their point across:


Posted by New Zealand Police on Tuesday, June 9, 2020

They’re hip with the times, too, participating in TikTok challenges like this one:

#WipeItDown challenge

We made it to Alert Level 1 🎉Let's keep up our good hygiene practices and not go backwards!#SaferCommunitiesTogether #WipeItDown

Posted by New Zealand Police on Monday, June 8, 2020

They even do regular “story time” reading sessions — how sweet is that?

Story time 📚

Posted by New Zealand Police on Sunday, June 7, 2020

They even take time to chat with local children who want to be police officers when they grow up. How sweet!

Constable Brody Norris dropped by to make a budding Police officer's fourth birthday extra special! 👮William wants to…

Posted by New Zealand Police on Tuesday, May 26, 2020

The police department’s posts are so popular that people in other countries have liked their page just to keep up with the entertainment! Now that’s some serious positive outreach.

To these boys in blue, good job connecting with the citizens you serve. We hope you’ll keep up these funny and heartwarming Facebook posts for the foreseeable future.

What do you think about police posting on social media? Should they stick to policing, or is this a modern way for them to connect with their constituents?

We’d love to hear from you!

Let us know in the comments!

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Anthony Hopkins Did the TikTok ‘Tootsie Slide’ Challenge at 82 Years Young

The brains behind TikTok must be loving its new quarantined audience. TikTok users have exploded in number in recent months, probably due to limited access to live entertainment and socializing.

Whatever the reason, we’re loving the video platform and all the cooking demos, tricks, hacks and, especially, the dance challenges. On TikTok, nothing is too mundane that it can’t be turned into a challenge. We’re competitive even when ordered to wear masks!

Here are a BUNCH of those TikTokers doing the Tootsie Slide… on YouTube. Because that’s how things are these days.

And, as the title of this post clearly states… we had an unexpected celebrity take on one of these crazy challenges.

The latest famous person to make a splash in the TikTok dance challenge pool was Anthony Hopkins who recently uploaded a video where he tried his hand–and footwork–at the viral Tootsie Slide dance challenge. The 82 year-old star of Westworld showed us all the groovy ways he can still move in his adorable clip.


He also challenges fellow veteran actors, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone to upload their own dance videos by quoting their lines from Terminator and Rocky.

Yes! We need to see Arnold and Sly take this on. It’s to save the world, you guys. Come on! Do it!

Photo Credit: TikTok

And Sir Anthony, we’re so glad you got bored enough to join the TikTok nation. Welcome!

Have any fave TikToks you’ve been dying to share? Leave those in the comments, fam!

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Internet Trolls Share the Biggest Sh*t Storms They’ve Caused Online

Online trolls are everywhere. At this point, they’re just a part of the fabric of social media and they’re not going anywhere.

And they get a big feather in their caps when they start fights and arguments online that spiral out of control.

Seriously, this is what some people do for fun…

Trolls opened up on AskReddit and talked about the biggest shit shows they created online.

1. That’s actually pretty funny.

“I got into an argument with some guy on an Australian friend’s Facebook status (I do not live in Australia). It escalated and he ended up private messaging me, saying he’d beat me up and so forth.

I looked at his profile to see where he lived and worked, and looked on Google Maps to find a supermarket or something in that area. Told him to meet me there and settle it like a man.

About 20 minutes later he starts asking where I am and cussing me out for being a pussy and not showing up. I’m sitting in bed (it was like 10 pm my time) in an entirely different country laughing my ass off”

2. Cheap Potions.

“Back in my WoW raiding days I was in a guild with weekly donation requirements for raw materials used in potions/food. The guild would then hand all of us consumables on raid night.

The idea was to prevent people from being cheap on raid night by making sure people actually used them. The problem was that the potions we received most of the time were the cheap ones.

I figured they were selling the materials for gold and then selling the gold for money. So I logged into my brothers account and sent the GM a message about buying some gold from him. He sent me his Skype info and I took screenshots of the whole discussion.

I dropped the bombshell during raid night in Ventrilo with the screenshots and 50+ people in attendance. People were LIVID and you just saw “so and so has left the guild” as well as 30+ minutes of the GM and his wife being berated.

The GMs wife yelled at me in Ventrilo and I said “that’s what you get, you cheap potion having ass”. We made a new guild called “Cheap Potions”.”

3. Causing trouble.

“When I was in middle school, I made a fake facebook account of a pregnant teenager. I added a ton of people who went to this one random ass high school in Indiana (I’m nowhere near Indiana) and ended up with maybe 400 friends from there. People kind of just assumed that I was from their area.

I posted regular updates (headless belly pics I found on the internet) and would make statuses about the progress of my pregnancy. I even posted a baby picture at the end of all of it and got soooooo many comments congratulating me. Even the high school gym teacher commented saying she couldn’t wait to meet my little one.

But this is the sauciest thing that happened from all that…. This one guy who had a girlfriend messaged me that he’d never been with a pregnant chick before, wink wink, and so I forwarded that message to his other half. She broke up with him.

A real-life couple that was together for one year broke up because of a bored 13-year-old more than 700 miles away lol.”

4. Fighting penguins.

“When I was an edgy little 14 year old I’d put my dad’s laptop beside the family computer, log into different Club Penguin accounts on each one, and have my two penguins stand on opposite sides of a room having an argument with each other. Gradually, other penguins would join in.

Eventually I could leave the room, play some games, and come back to find the argument still in full swing without either instigating penguin.

This was especially entertaining during the 2008 presidential election.”

5. Fake spoilers.

“Before Star Wars Episode III came out, I posted some BS “spoilers” on TheForce.net message boards. I found some German magazine site online article about the movie, linked to it, and made claims about battle scenes on Kashyyyk, a scene with Chewie delivering babies, etc.

I got on IMDB and looked up the name of some production director for Episode II and said he was the guy who provided the magazine with the info, as well as Peter Mayhew himself.

I guess nobody on that site actually read German, so everyone just believed my BS.

Well it got so much attention that it got posted on the sites’ home page, and then got referenced on other Star Wars sites. Then, in some interview with Rick Macullum (EW I think), they asked him about the rumors and he got really confused and defensive.”

6. It doesn’t take much.

“I once commented on a neighborhood facebook page on which someone named “Jose” was flexing his salary and pickup truck. All I said was, “No way Jose” and it collapsed into racists death threats that got 25 users banned, the group admin quit and the cops called.

Thats a lame joke for such good results.”

7. Started a war.

“Back when I was around 12 years and roblox wasn’t that big. So I was in this Germany nation group (basically a robloxian group where you can role play as being a citizen of Germany) which had like 10k members.

I had a pretty high rank in the group. There was tensions between Germany and another Italian group but things were settling down.

I eventually decide to go to the Italian’s place and begin killing everyone.

I started a full scale war which lasted for around 2 months.

Would do it again.”

8. Try to keep up with this one.

“A few years back I came across a UFO/alien abductee survivors forum whilst at work. A couple of co-workers and I had a good laugh at some of the stories and blurry photos of frizbees believing it was all BS. Later that evening I decided to set up a troll account.

I made up a story about mystery UFOs flying over my home town and posted it in the forum. I decided to play the long haul game and spread it over a few days, then drop the act and reveal the hoax.

The next day at work props were made and the following evening blurry out of prospective photos were taken. I worked at a small brewery at the time and brewery equipment can make some rather convincing sci-fi props.

It was then decided (at thus point it grew into a team effort) that some fake social media accounts needed to be made for even further “proof”. Wikipedia pages were made, threads on random boards like mums-net were made, and photos galore were posted.

People starting joining in the fake accounts. People we didn’t know started “seeing” these imaginary UFOs. The lie suddenly just took off.

Then a local news website caught wind and posted an article which escalated the hoax to the next level. We had bona fide proof!

After around 10 days I was ready to drop the bombshell on the original community. The problem was they didn’t believe me! Apparently I had been “gotten to” by some MiB types, or had been “re-programmed” following an abduction, or some other equally ridiculous conspiracy.

The joke had gone full circle. No matter what proof I posted that I had made the whole thing up, I was seen as the idiot who didn’t believe the truth. The photos I had saved of the actual props in real perspective were passed off as fake, the fake social media accounts were seen as suddenly hacked, it was crazy.

I could do nothing but walk away. I learnt a good lesson though – don’t try and troll the truly insane people.”

9. Sounds kind of legit.

“I made a website called twotowersprotest.org which protested the movie the two towers saying that it was disrespectful to the victims of the twin towers collapse.

That generated 1 million views and thousands of angry emails as well as interview requests from many reputable news outlets. It’s amazing how gullible people on the internet are.”

10. All fired up.

“One time my friend and I posted a lengthy post on The Walking Dead subreddit about how Judith doesn’t contribute to the group and doesn’t deserve to survive if  she doesn’t help more.

For anyone who doesn’t watch, Judith is an infant and was born during the zombie apocalypse. People were PISSED and stating the obvious again and again like…WTF IT’S A BABY SHE SHOULDN’T HAVE TO WORK SHE’S AN INFANT.

I’m still cackling.”

11. Got everyone fighting.

“Not me, but one of my (American) friends is a world class troll. He told me he went onto a Youtube video relating to an election in Alabama a few years back and commented something like “Americans! This is not your country! Stay out of Albanian politics!”

Then went to sleep. He said he had 500+ notifications, mostly people saying “fuck you, you commie” but also plenty of people saying “hey leave him alone- he made a mistake! English isn’t his first language!” Then those people started arguing with each other and so on.”

12. People got arrested.

“When I was in college I invited my entire friends list to a party that randomly showed up on my news feed a mutual friend was going to. I also said to bring friends!

Apparently a horde of like 30 dudes rolled in and started drinking all the beer and the host flipped out when he realized he knew like no one at the party at his house.

Apparently they tried to throw out my Facebook friend horde and they in turn threw him out of his own party. Dude then called the cops and like 7 people got arrested.”

13. A divisive subject.

“I questioned whether or not The Wizard of Oz was a musical and someone created an entire subreddit to discuss it (and make fun of me).”

Jeez…that’s why I don’t engage with trolls EVER.

I don’t even want any part of it.

Have you ever had a bad experience with a troll online?

Heck, maybe YOU were the troll?

Tell us all about it in the comments, please!

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Funny Times People Didn’t Realize Who They Were Talking To

Some people have their favorite story about the time they ran into a celebrity. But probably not many of them proudly tell the story of the time they ran their mouth off without realizing who they were talking to and got burned.

When it happens IRL, we have to rely on reports from those who experienced the interaction. When it happens online, the embarrassing message in question usually ends up getting deleted. But sometimes, out of either negligence or a simple acceptance of their fate, they’ll leave their infamy intact for all to see.

Enjoy this gallery of 10 times people had no idea who they were talking to.

12. “You a good skater?”

Tony Hawk is literally the most famous skate boarder in history.

11. “The title hasn’t been announced yet”

Dude apparently didn’t realize he was talking to the official Star Wars Twitter account.

10. “An old white male’s mansplanation.”

Ed Solomon wrote Men in Black (and a bunch of other movies).

9. “You’re pretty good”

Meredith Strömberg is a stand up comedian.

This is apparently the joke in question, btw:

8. “Get bent, Cleese.”

John Cleese is…well, everything he mentions here.

7. “hey cool shirt!”

Mark Hoppus is the bassist/co-lead vocalist for Blink 182.

6. “Here for the conference?”

David Chilton is a finance author.

5. “Stick to feminism”

Mona Eltahawy is a journalist and social commentator.

4. “I came across your music”

Annie Lennox is a 4-time Grammy winning artist.

I think I'm in with a chance ??!!!

Posted by Annie Lennox on Thursday, June 29, 2017

3. “Instantly becomes a political expert”

Tom Morello, in addition to being a member of Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave, also has a degree in Social Studies from Harvard.

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Tom Morello (@tommorello) on

2. “Who’s lab are you in?”

Linda Columbus is a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

1. “Oh, thanks.”

Mara Wilson is the actress who played Matilda.

If you happen to run into someone famous or noteworthy, here’s hoping you get like, a nice picture out of it, instead of an embarrassing story.

What’s your big celebrity citing story? Did it go well for you?

Tell us in the comments.

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Here are Some Incredibly Annoying Interactions With Social Media “Influencers”

This whole “influencer” culture absolutely baffles me.

These people are famous for what?

And we’re supposed to follow them why?

Plus, apparently a whole lot of them are totally annoying. Are these people serious?

Let’s go to the evidence…

1. Free tickets needed.

"Influencer" wanted free tickets to a CHARITY event from ChoosingBeggars

2. Free rent, please!

Bachelorette contestant wants free rent to be "live-in influencer" from ChoosingBeggars

3. That’s kind of sad…

World-famous model will promote your club for a $25 bottle of vodka. from ChoosingBeggars

4. Gimme gimme gimme.

If you give me your products for free, I will write good reviews because I’m a social media influencer (This person wrote that instead of an actual review. They thought the review section is where you can solicit business) from ChoosingBeggars

5. Shaming.

A beauty influencer posted screenshots of her demanding PR for a $17 eyeshadow palette in an attempt to shame an indie brand, instead she just came across as catty and childish from ChoosingBeggars

6. Thanks, but no thanks.

Makeup Brand DMed beauty guru about sending her their product for free and in turn she would post a video using the product on her page. The company replied rudely when she told them she has a fee for doing that. from ChoosingBeggars

7. Sounds like a scam to me…

An ‘influencer’ I know from ChoosingBeggars

8. I’ll give you exposure!

My friend does nails from home and entitled “influencer” wants to trade exposure for free nails, takes to insulting her job and kids when her offer is declined. Will post backstory in comments from ChoosingBeggars

9. “Oh boy” is right.

"Influencer’s" Agent asking for a free wedding package. Oh boy. from ChoosingBeggars

10. What a deal.

I sell spaghetti themed merchandise on Pinterest and some CB wanted me to pay for social influence. from ChoosingBeggars

Have you had any infuriating interactions with so-called “influencers”?

Tell us all about it in the comments. Ugh!

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A Miner in Russia’s Arctic Circle Takes Beautiful Photos of Foxes During Breaks From Work

In the north-eastern Chukotka region of Russia’s Arctic, one photographer finds the animals living there and captures them with his camera on his breaks from mining.

Posted by Kislov Ivan on Friday, May 11, 2018

The environment is bleak, and sparsely populated with ethnic Russians, Chukchis, and other indigenous peoples.


Posted by Kislov Ivan on Saturday, September 23, 2017

There are virtually no roads and people here survive mostly by hunting reindeer.

Posted by Kislov Ivan on Friday, September 22, 2017


But wildlife thrives and Ivan Kislov has no problems finding it for his fantastic photos.

Posted by Kislov Ivan on Monday, September 18, 2017

Kislov lives in the north-eastern port city of Magadan and works as a mining engineer in Chukotka.

Posted by Kislov Ivan on Monday, September 18, 2017


He told Bored Panda that he likes to take “relaxation from routine,” go on “hikes to inaccessible places, raftings,” and walking to “observe the wildlife.” 

Posted by Kislov Ivan on Monday, September 18, 2017


He enjoys these activities on his breaks during long shifts at the mines.

Mining for oil, natural gas, coal, gold and tungsten is a major part of the economy here.

Posted by Kislov Ivan on Monday, September 11, 2017


He often finds bear, deer and wolves, but it’s the foxes who let their natural curiosity keep them from retreating.

Posted by Kislov Ivan on Monday, September 11, 2017


Kislov says they will let him get close-in so he can shoot with wide-angle and telephoto lenses for amazing shots.

Всем огромное спасибо за поздравления!!! Очень приятно.Снежный лис.Чукотка.Ноябрь 2014г.

Posted by Kislov Ivan on Tuesday, August 15, 2017


His photos show all the playfulness and beauty of these animals against the stark environment of the Russian Arctic.

What an absolutely wonderful hobby? But we want to know what you think! Would you get so close to take these beautiful pics?

Let us know in the comments!

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Funny, Random Posts That Should Make You LOL

We believe that these posts are gonna make you laugh. Period.

There’s nothing that unites them. No common bond at all. They’re just funny posts that are designed to make you chuckle the day away.

You ready? Let’s go!

1. This is amazing.

2. Some prankster did this!

3. Both solid entries.

4. WTF is going on here?

5. Best tweet I’ve seen in a while.

6. Too late for that.

7. King of the mountain.

8. Good old “Todd”.

Photo Credit: Ruin My Week

9. Thanks for letting us know.

Photo Credit: Ruin My Week

10. Nobody wants that.

Photo Credit: Ruin My Week

11. This needs to be a t-shirt.

Photo Credit: Ruin My Week

12. Not in a good mood, apparently.

Photo Credit: Ruin My Week

13. The famous Cheez-its incident.

Photo Credit: Ruin My Week

Those sure hit the old proverbial spot, huh?

Have you seen any hilarious posts lately that made you LOL?

Share them with us in the comments, please!

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